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NO. 33
^HELATESL local news
0*11 Indian ' school now has
oils In regular attendance.
pupils eutered *.he public
or new
I( (ut Monday.
ttfiie Berryman ha* a position a*
fcrptr with c. Buotiug A. Co.
Cdu-on silver |*oli»h, tbei
' ■'L »j, mule, at Feruish drugstore
(*. Prank W. Beaue is expected
P S. Dietrich, was a busi
krwitor at Idaho Falla, Wednesday

Dawson held «ervicew al !
iPork, Wednesday
n, William Howard and children I
lagt rxpectciI home from California
U arxt w»nUi.
It and Mr» J A. Beuue'.t are in
They are not expelled
L tur several weeka
fkse band knit wool sk.rts for on ,
Il M »I Buntings. Ihm t miss
t&f 00 *
SShcifiM » «».Hit the hew, tepre
">"» >■ *■ ^ ■» ^ «**»'
. .
m^HMoatnrlier i* the only town of over
1 Sm. la A. 0IM. Uwl M.)
f *'
J*jV K |iu Agent Teeter »a* allgbtl)
of bis guu.
Vigitr .-r left Tuesday afii-r
visit to thi* sou Frank in
|a oe s
pliai Oregon.
Wanen and lion C D
j^^pik have tjeeu nominated for I'nttnl

KnsWtors from Wyoming
9i M of .„Id vert* and drawer*.
Ai» »».I misse», »mall aiXM, for half
<Sw Buntinii's
Mr Bull, of Hull A Greene, ha*
WU the Burrell residence, next
porto C W Berryman
V Atom! danre will la- given at the
^KKkfwit H"U»e, thi*. Friday, even- j *
to which all are eordiailv invited
Aitwrt Anderson made ficud
■JibwUmu r claim near town la»l
^Hlobn .»ill, well known to many of
|ja>opie, »»» bailly hurt
» runaway team, near Challi* la*t
kV »r<> le adipiarter* for lailica and
■«I) L» it* mid *h<„'* aiui have some
sir'-* ami clone out cheap.
C Hunting A Co.
l<**t tear waa not favorable to rad
^■**•1 building In tbirtv four State*
■•»I Tiiritoriea, only 1,319,13 mile*
^Harre tiniIt Idaho was one of the»talea
•kich did not build a aingle mile.
An*., î, a I,.,: with 19
I The (s-naion roll, nhow 45 aurvnrorn j
I of the war of 18J2, 15 of whom are
|«tr 100 years old. There are 12
pensioner* of ihe Revolutionary war, j
foil they are nlj widows.
fbir.rT Music only 10 cento a sheet ;
*t Ben H. Kentish's drugstore.
Congressman Edgar Wilson lias
for recovered from his serious illness j
** h* la* able to sit up in bis room and
** e *ivo callers and frienda.
Attorney N. M. Ruk k, chairman of
the Populist State committee, Is nlHiut
t° remove from Hailey and locate In
Boise City,
The Kparnrth League will have a
song service nt the M. K,
^'Urcli on Sunday evening, the 20th
ttlU. ,,,(,( ro , M î,, (he league will
I'arl i,f the program.
Hundreds of families in the drouth
•birken district of Nebraska are siif
f°riny for
! "LHo appeals have lieon made for
th, ' r relief, and some of the States
ar « responding nobly. Georgia is send
">R liberally of her big orop
Tl >e publisher ol The News ac
knowledges with thanks an annual
I'M* over the Blackfoot, Houston and
''hnllis stage line from Geltend Agent
^ Vogley at Blackfoot.
of life
the necessaries
Can you »pare a sack of flour? If
•o givo it to the drouth sufferer* in
Nubiuki It will bring glulucw to
the home of a poor family.
Senator Pettigrew I« returned to the
I utti-d Slate» Senate from Dakota.
The latest Washington new» i» un
favorable to the passage of the Car
lisle currency bill.
A snow Storm reached as far South
"* Louisiana, this week. The poor
warm South.
Kd Montgomery of Logan, visited
k" parent* in Blackfoot this week.
A hill has been introduced in the
legislature at Boise City to abolish
the lax on merchant* and liverymen.
8HKKT MUSIC at B II. Fernish's '
drugstore, now only 10c a sheet
Call or scud for catalogue.
S'ate Treasurer Taylor of Bouth
Dakota is reported missing aud with
him aUmt 1300,UUO of the Bute's
Deputy Sheriff John Montgomery Jr , '
of Salt Lake City, spent Monday at
his parental home in Blackfoot
Lee Mantle, of Butte City, w.„ ""
nominated for the abort term in the
, (m ^ St . naU . , Q ( ., ucu , of , b ,.
y| lH|(|U)a | t ^i»( t i urt . last Wednesday
night. j
^ . . tiU|ti(mal , n|tI1 ,. ol f>vor . 1
jpg „ suffrage will, moat likely, '
. , , . . .
be one of the lvcommeudsti- 0 » of the
legislature. I
' -■ _._
w«*s »»•*••**«« «•*■!••« «*«*••••
Dr Schumacher, the dentist, ha*■
decided to remain in Blackfoot until
...... I
the Lrtth Id.l
The legislature seems to la» I.» a
muddle to decide which is the bigger
,, , .
man In joint session, Lieutenant t»ov.
„ ' . . ,
Mills or Speaker Coaler; In other *
. * . „ , ,
word«, who sliali preside at those
Send lu your orders for Diamond
fille Coal, best in the market, will
last one-third longer than Rock Springs ]
land burns.ip dean, no nak. or
John Mokoomkht, Agent.
,.|j nbrr *
„ lt „ „ .
Mr* I» H Biel ban entertained •
iHcken* party at her residents* on >
(• n i V( , nM(v Avenue, Satunlay after
,,f lut week, which was one of
lb( , ln(wt rn joyal>lc parti«'* ever given !
in the town.
.. „ ...... u II
Gov. McConnell right when he j
no further appropriation, should |
say a
be made for the gute wagon road un- J 1
til an investigation is made. It
that the money already *|ient has Iktu ;
worse than wasted, so far a* Idaho
seems ;
are eoticerneil.
II. C. Shaver, editor of the North
|,( llbo haa been arre«te.| on a
charge of criminal libel. Thntroubln
grew out of article* in l,if * re '
fleeting, as claimed, on CUV Treasurer
Williams who wa* also cashier of the
«mied Farmers' bank.
j »"»I«
Violin, Guitar and Banjo String» »I
; Feruish drug store
Help the Nebraska Sufferers.
Rev A H Lyons,of Pocatello, has
(nested by the Relief C.omiliit
loiul of
j | KH ,
ii re.
lee to try and secure
flour from Idaho for the drouth suf
ferer. in Nebraska. The railroad com
pany offers to trans|»ort the ear free
of charge. He has requested all the
along the railroad in the
a car
large towns
State to nssist in making up the car
load, which will cousis* of 699
Blackfoot lins been asked to donate
50 sacks, m.d B II. Holbrook Sr , has
be, n appointed by ltcv. Lvons to see
•umlHTcan Im* secured.
|e in the drouth stricken
if that
The peop
district of Nebraska arc In dire need of
provisions and much suffering among
them la reported. This la the first op
portunity of this kind our people have
I,ml to show tlielr ay in pathy for a suf
fering community, and they will no
doubt contribute liberally.
Holbrook will wait on tlje citi
subscription paper next
11 whom he
with a
rimrsday, and we hope a
pproneb will maku ?t donation.
Idaho caught the following fourth
das» Democratic postmasters this
week : Custer. Custer count}', Theo
Glendennin; Rigby, Fremont county,
A. A. Cordon; Sand Point, Kootnai,
county, H. M. Hixson.
The first social dance of the New
Year will be given in the commodious
dining hall at the Blackfoot, this
Friday, evening. All welcome.
The recommendation of Governor
McConnell to reduce the State tax
levy from 85 to 60 cents on the flOO.
is timely and to the (joint. The legis
lature cannot aflord to ignore the
Oue of the first bill* introduced in
the House was one to divide Kootnai
county and make Bonners Ferry the
county scat of the new county.
T. S. Morrison, late of Houston, has
taken charge of the Idaho House,
Blackfoot, and is prepared to acootn
modale the public with good rooms
and good meals. Give him a call when
Misa Pby lis Bailye left for Boise jj
City, Thursday morniug, to enter up
"" hir ,,ut " !8 " 888i8Uo ' enro,l ' n *
derk in "** *® w,, , icb ' K,sit,OD
»be was elected last Monday.
Representative Davis. Democrat, of
Oneida county, voted with the Popu
»« >*"' organization of the House*,
' ,n<l Stn8, '': U
tura*. voted with the Republicans in ;
the organization of the rvenate.
IS» a ...
fl,r,MMI ' - ir
*' j it u pi
A. Doud; See y and Treat.. Miss Clara
Houck Librarian, Charlie Fisher; As
Libr . riaU| Blaine Houck
Miflllne illustraW'd lectures an.i
..... . ,,
pictorial exhibition will be given at
ihe opera house, i$. nek foot, Saturday
evening Jan 12th,
of comic and movable views will be
nmusin>r lo j„„ b old and young. Ad
The new B.mrd of County Comm.v
jalooer» did well in electing C. W. Ber
Mr. Berryman is a
The exhibition
mission 25 and 15 cent*.
ily damage to the auditorium was to
the heating stove and desks. Miss
Vccsy, teacher, was very slightly hurt,
ry man. chairman.
#ucceMfu , ,, usines roan, always dili
I gent in his own business, and he will
I Ik* careful, conservative and eeouom
! ieal in the management of the affairs
I of the county.
Basalt, so report comes, bad a mar
j ^ w> ^ a , wh|cb tbe
| ^ ^ ^ g , jghUy previ .
! ous. He w as one of the newly elected
I precint officers, but had not taken the
oath of office. How tightly the matil
monial knot Ii<h 1 in this manner binds
the couple together, this deponent
saith not.
J 1
The girl that gives way to a desire
to gad nlHiut the streets, to cultivate
the acquaintance of young men, and
net simpering, is laying the founda
tion of a useless after life. Then,
two to one, when mairied. she will de
velop into a slnttering gossip, if no
greater misfortune iK-fall her.
the girl that loves home and helps her
mother that wins the model man and
becomes an ornament to womanhood.
The girl that doea this and devotes
some of her spare time to reading and
strives for the graces of mental cub
commands the respect and
It is
esteem of everybody, while the gad
ding street ornament only wins the
admiration of those whose admiration
is not worth having.-Goshen Democrat
Might Have Been Serious.
The Riverside school building, west
side of Snake river, threatened a very
jetdent, Wednesday of this
While school was in session
serious a<
the top of the building began giving
„way from the heavy pressure of earth
and snow, and the crocking noise it
made, alarmed the teacher and pupil»,
who seeing threatened danger, made
Scarcely had the last
for the door,
one escaped when the top fell in. The
Both House* Meet Promptly at Noon
and Perfect Organization.
The third session of the Idaho leg
islature began promptly at noon last
Mouduy. As is usual at the opening
of sessions the galleries and lobbies
were thronged with Interested specta
tors. But little enthusiasm was shown
among the members in the organisa
tions as the mutter of selecting em
ployes hud been agreed upon in the
respective caucuses the week previous.
The Senate met in the Senate cham
ber at 12 o'clock noon. Lieutenant
Governor Mills in the chair.
The members were sworn in by
Justice J. T. Morgan of the supreme
bench. The first order of business
was the election of officers and the
same resulted as follows :
1president pro lern. 1 ic Bierbower.
Secretary, tapL J. M. Wells,
AssiaUnt Secretary, J. H. Hutchinson.
Clerk, 0. M. Sain.
AsaL Eng. Clerk, Miss Mamie Jacobs,
jj nro ||i 0 g Clerk, J. W. Keif,
Aggl Knr << lerk Mlgg p bj j ig ßailye
Journal Clerk, T. D. Cage,
Chaplain, Rev. R. B. Wright,
Sergeant-at-Arms, I. P. Peterson.
Committee Clerk, S. Sim|>son.
Doorkee|>cr, John McGinty.
Janitor, J. W. Stevens.
Z*' r „ " l ,
; The following are the chairmen of
the respective committees :
'...n-.-rv ftaw,
Affairs, Houuds; Privileges aud Eleo
^ Agriculture and Live Stock.
StnUl1 ' ,,ublic Land8 - ®*Ji Lnmigra
lion and Labor, Watt; Coiporations,
lions, Parkinson; Irrigation and Wa
! ter Bights, Cunningham; Education,
Robertson; Miuesand Mining, Dewey;
Roads Bridges and Ferries, Myer;
Counties and County Boundaries.Park
iuson, Military and Indian Affairs,
Smith; Public Printing Golden; En
grossing and Enrolling Bills, Rounds.
Tlu* House met at the same hour as
the Senate and was called to order by
S|»eakcr Miller of the last session.
Secretary of State read the certified j
list of the members elect and Chief j
Clerk Reed of the last session called
the roll.
The organization was then proceed
ed with in accordance with the plans
of the caucus. The following ate the
officers elect :
Speaker, R. V. Cozier.
Chief Clerk. J. H. Gwinn.
Sergeant-at-Arms, J. D. Flenner.
Chaplain, T. P. Howard.
Assistant Clerk, Walter Hoge.
Enrolling Clerk, Joseph Britnm.
Asst. Enrolling Clerk, II. H. Bangs.
Engrossing Clerk, Carl Brumycll.
Asst. Eng. Clerk, Miss May Miller.
Committee Clerk, A. K. Warner.
Journal Clerk, George Peck.
Doorkeeper, William Ainslie.
Janitor, Robert Louis.
Pages, J. Cheesright and J. Leonard.
The Senate was then notified of the
organization of the House; a com
mittee of three was appointed to wait
ou the governor and the House then
adjourned to 10 o'clock, Tuesday.
Speaker Cozier appointed the fol.
lowing chairmen of committees :
Rules and Regulations, Crane; Ju
diciary, Wyman; Privileges and Elec
tions, Smith; Ways and Means, Crane;
Miuesand Mining, Brown; Railroads
and Corporations,Johnson; Education.
Verbeck; Agriculture and Livestock,
Daly; Immigration aud Labor, Me
Millon; Public Health. Bennett; Pub
lic Lands, Monroe; Irrigation, Clark;
Ronds and Bridges, Rowton; Military
and Indian Affairs, Hunt; Public
Printing, Gamble; State Affairs El
Engrossment, Davis;
Young; Mileage, Henry;
Fair, Baxter; Fish and Game, Henry;
Comity Lines, Cowden; County Offi
cers, Thomas.
Tlie time of the week following the
rganiKation of the two brandies will
be taken up in putting the machinery
to (bt , j wo j ( . s p, perfect working
order and the introduction of hills
and joint resolutions,
Public Buildings, Thompson;
• >
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