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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, January 12, 1895, Image 3

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M.d« «»7 BeUfc
f talm that prior to a
inspection bv
10 » the men manufacture»! cannon
h .'t,i of (Slav, painted then» black
inejicction with this bogus
inmenL A Yokohama paper prints
î S'o« ' he I** 1 ' 0 * 1 M*cech of
llrosius of i'eunsylva
• i La»*e c"* 1 merchants of Japan
«charge»! with furnishing coal sup.
r-ttoih« t hincse navy. I he gold
!otj and coin» captured by the Jap
'ZTst I'ing Yang amount to 700,000
h!; taunt uvuma. the war minister,
r, , au »d s proclamât on urging troops
t\t,uiv every Uiudueta to fliiuese
loouiie»!. that they, ■ should not be
I I aB iious to display carnage tiiau
Lttt hi.c Japaurs.- naval expert»
Ciorueilo boats proved a failure at
El Yalu naval battle. A Japanese
E»L recently beheaded in Tien Tsin,
iMjpnosr.l to be one of two studenu
"rwaderd by the Ameriean consul. I
A rt— ii#v»si«t»i.
Chksgo Tribune: "1 w ish you hadn't 1
Uyoar hair cut •»■' short, Harold," ex
C ^ t i,e young woman, turning
L, from bia'i involuntarily.
Hiist c.lt-frin e cm-» it make, dear
-»^<1 Harold, will, teuuer aux
;.r " 7 r"Uv""
-Vo* dein I think I M.. poet. 4W
a.Ci»ra, because I wore my hair
I Tfcru wbat illussiou have 1 destroy
■■c m tleutaude.L j
ÏTrr sf» 1 »bouSil nut say. Harold.'
l»*a»»vrr»M w.ib (ear* m ber voice. or
Elu jim have uinonwtuus.y rtmlMl
KkI l ne»rr vu»|»rctc«i. »liar. Y our I
tm»? tea'e»
"\o 1 never i»»|iei'trti you ot being . fox
Muery a f ta» Meats. ]
■ laMistm* lailtd up« «b» ! c *
srMrr»»« rtwmt d!*|iaf»»U. ! •*»
**» • «e» »»4 <t'" ><>*»• vast «■ by j
ten» bob!) j
ItiUr-r*. Hrarl
pv «rrre-M
: and
Is betsrmg ...» the rtll»jr at the roya. U
iUutb»a, . wioii WtnUr, r rot***»
esu W Judd the.Ml known Kng ïf
» fto g st, slluded to «be changes
■«»•» -h .ertain kind» of glass
-Hwxrto wt.en e»p.»sed to light tiie
(U»< t>4im m Um rmwtvalorl««
gradually » haug* through the U
>! jrciiow to a purplish hue un- ji
ks! Hteiat
• HI
At Itie pit of th*
«■fc-x-o «f UM) «Mtv it dun» tu I
lit* per
X « rriMYik i by l hi* J»W I rr
Witt » At*. - C4AÜUMI of IfefiO PI
lim II I* prtti» vt I*
> al io« m
t IWîi »Pt HUB »ad
U A »UtriUh« Mw « bft

• irUnt «1U b* I<k»4 m • i
tfcr »ttiiljr lu U»d M
ua.4lk tM«tik «imI lu»
M ?.« 1-:tm tr
t'u» I* Itf ns»
t*ni u» mt ti»
Offf Uhl rth*
U»» «*4 Ukftr» U m
!**»»#» ®t IiUh
' fr
|»t lioo.ii r»b« lorn green and on
_Ksf «t».o their «riglMl «tot The
g .« val
§ ,n.
«MteW n- i wu.r«>M'
' •»»'«w winntjw "*' ** ,# * '
i«.vt wal
n«-4f 4 auMit» #wi •ni*«
r I*.
'»•»»• «* Oil'*»« »si n,eT«a»B .,
i «hl*
tu» cion, ladiu. red
^^K»at of the figure» lined for cigai (front
»•e* » ?::« which formerly were m»«l*
are now made of »Inc. and 1*1 b e
Çsm^ ' ihr.* are indlnna
th, -mal nustei o»t )l 'OQ or
Wt They are made in various »Dee tor
«*<»! i ii -urc (hit r»n I» bought "*•
• fcot «U up A good »even fo»»t
«•»'M to iHiugiit for JiOO. ; left
i it;
:--,-- , . j
joy today who U worry* j ^
, . .... !
i«*« nrulifiwl
..s— «»••*. to j „
'* K»i'.len ri.loid anjoymeot j
L r larsUm Iw.
r •
tars«» Sn
Iv. w.
w*. :« ,
ii«. n*
»*■1 . t
t»l » •
• • uar.aiu* a*us» Mu»

j^«N.>.»y », „ )mt when th*r
ther ar. *»t. h«st
^Hfhs',.fTs; Lw har» Usn talon .'»*1 foet
«»!o r
ran I,,
>*»'•« a
! tho
* towpl. Package (4 ta J
>r * Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets
»>■ <***•>. Si.. BUn-ALO.N.Y. to
^ M ffl"hnces!
J,6T»PM*M*,Leb#i an, Ohio. Ion
0 one undtng name and add ten ia
0,1 « pouml card.
*ce usnn
ohjed in ituding IhrtH oh!
**01 lr,||/
T ?"'' nlwnttiirly
( " 1 """tipation, Coatril Tonga*, Poor
f *' v »fvp«j a .iint kindred ftnnpi
*" of file Slimiacli, Liver and Rowrl*.
mtr Kick llradarhr. Bll
■« , "oc/V some substitute said to be
substitute cads the dealer less.
«Mts yon A not IT the same.
" !s profit
>s in the " just as good.'
fut It,
** HAUn.R,
* (H'Wnury Medical A«*iKl«<lon.
the game op golf.
To Imf
*'•* Vour
Ink# DeiumuU a
*»u* H««ch of Territory — Tlie
Tliu »»suie r.t ..»tt. '
fashionable craJf il » 'm w now the
gin, although a 'si!rirt°I ori ' 1
ft was liret"i»lat»sl in UnlT^ a /**'
towards the mid.il . R Wtts
wntun lw« ,l,
^u o a natters . " wnlly be
it uos vert w II A * V. mt *' mo i
LHi . ' kn * wn m Fnglai.d, !
I celebrated li'nk»"ttt*s/ a') * Ul1,
toeTfowntox?! „ ? co1 -
V" l" ,uJ hu f ha» a
1 . "r cliarm of If. own. and this Is
probably due to the Act that it is a
gntue for the young and old. can he
playeil quietly or violently, bv a until
l*er .,f ,» i,, „
truite n »treteh of country is required
' AJiffi,"
^er« i»n be no growing crops in the
tfruund '* v « "hieb the links jiass,
I which of itself distinguishes it from
su I
tbslr f.e. ||,„ Ci» »lily
"ho At-euiupsut., m. l|», er .
v j
.Neitherran it Ui played |
j Dw implement, with which you
" rw oum,-rou *' l,ut the four j
j principal one» arc suffl»-ient for an
ordinary player. l'h.-Mi clubs, as they
or " col lad. aiv used for different pur- 1
pow* "1'Uo longe.t. which is ov»-r
I four fwt in length and D all wood, is ]
called a driver. The ■ defter
. fox hunting.
ill a wood.
] sloping piece of iron on the end : a
! c * a * s ' 1 hx> a straight Mafioti of iron on
! •*» termination, and a putter U a ,
j »hört, heavy wooden Mirk, A little
j circular piece of rubber b called the i
tee. and the bait, whi»*h I» slightly j
i more titan an inch in diameter, made j
of gutla peis-lia and ;*U!ited white, is j
I Jacob on this when making the lir»t I
shot front each Ur-iug-gm » ml j
lbe noune usuaily eonsists of nine '
Unk», »ay» the 1'liiladeiphia l imes, '
: and a link is the distant» front a toeing :
ground to a hole, A teeing ground is j
a whitewashed ground, ten foet long, !
and i* the beginning of a link. The
Unk« vary in length from Ab.i to ti<Kt j
yard» At the en»t of each one i» I
what is called a putting green. 'Hi b
U «me thirty feet s iuaiv. of smooth
w A i« ik
ïf 1 ' h ,*, *"**" ! > ° U } n f n >* r
T,>0 U ,o r d, ^P "»'> '>>rec
hole is an iron ffagMalf about four
feet high, with a r-»l ffag, on wliit'li
U painted in white tho number of the
ji n g
in diameter,
In tho middle of tills
Tho objwt of the gam« is to go
fr m. I. ■■ ■ .■ ,-r -ii : . 1 1 s r >i«i
^re putting gn-on In a. few stroke.
, n>U U . " hv ™ U> °
"Vhnrm of golf oomm in.
plaver .tarts from ÜM first taoiug
ground ho plaone id» rubbur tee on
U»o ground Within tho whitewashed
ine«, toll» hi* "caddy." a young
servant who «-arri»*» hi* club* ami
wal ' ,M> * wh,-r " ,!i " ,wlu b®- """i «!■«>.
ihouj'h not rntlrcls tKVMiairjr. odd»
much to the pleoMiro of the gain«, to
bring him hi* "driver." tirasping
., . ,. .
«hl* *ttek firmly like a croquet mallet
the player take» a look to sight the
red flag in the putting green fur in
(front of tho toeing ground. Then
standing at rigid angles with tiie l>a!i j
b e "addretoto" it. that i». h» lavs the
h-nd of tho club pon «h- g . im
«imliatoly Udr.nl tiie tia'; on the i it*- j
tor to,, i wiii. h .-levâtes il about half I
"*• imdi almvo tin* turfi »iraws back j
over hi* right shoulder, rising on hi* j
left foot at the same time, bringing il
liiiwn quietly In the rame circle i:
came up. to tlm hall without touching |
it; having aimed, swing, hi* club up J
again, keeping Ills eye on the l«ai! the
enilrc time, and ootnw down »m th<
^ k||H for.*,, hitting
M«»'" *" teiiidle if lie ho»
|»i'Ojw , rIy If Id* It* Hip j
„ m> u,e toll sliou! I go at fi-n-i I'»'» |
yard«, rising in the air to a height »>!
Iw. nty or thirty f« d.
••caddy" should then j
his master i
The player's
run to tho twill and give
the next club needed. The nature of
tho around iletermln«» witat that club
shall lev If rough the loiter should. J
Is- 11 s»*d. If fairly smooth, the clock i
Both of tin
what ill" same |
is the pit»per club
club* are u*wi in »»»me
manner a* the driver, with the cxeep- j
tlon that there should to less aiming. !
The player Iwgln* to progre
straight a »llroetlim us |K»**ll>le for the
issl Hag. An "approach" i* Hi» 1 nain»' 1
of ll»e stroke wh'eh brings the play.'i ,
nc ir the hole. When t!i-golfer sends
his tmll on the putting ..oho should |
then use the putter in the same man ■
a croquet mall -t lo gel in .
He should then pi.'k his
o the
in uh
nur u*
tb»- hole,
bail out
xt taring ground, which 1* never far j
f the hole and walk
off. w Imre lie «muitoneo* on a
link to send tie- ball into the next j
with nny stick j
totals tor ea.di hole uro put !
»lown 0.1 a curd and added at tho end !
lltie game Thu player who makes ,
to fravst strokes in .ill the link* «le
feat* his cmipMlwm. "H««ard*"
SÏÂd , m'rtoM M '..f , The*; îîtouÂ
ca« h link. The hull must to' hit
rnrtitom. 1« order not to lose »trokes,
audit is while near Uwm that tho
Itemeilt of tho game is felt. In ,
s s, i.oul and England a match is j
„„„.'times won bv "holm.." that is. it j
u not the grand total of all tho holes
which counts, hut whoever wins tho
m*1 out Of the nine .. Many
golf eon rues are eighteen link- long,
an when this is the case it Is a walk
f over four mile*. As the links .-an
cross ami recross ea»d. other, It »at.
3y bo seen that it does not need
1 mueh ground as it appears to at
tost sight The pleasure of ^olfiios
to the toct that It furnish..* »Ui«
YimtiM iicniiN »troÄins and
With tho oeenpatlou of »con
Ion " "•
Each stroke
eimiits one, whether it i* good or bail,
and the

test at the same time. The game,
although played abroad for over a
hundred year«, lias only been intro
ducod Into this country within the last
few year».
° nm **•», Tiro («Au« And a Gbostl/ Vota*
All In On» Kiproi C'a«*«
An express agent running between
-Topeka and Smith Center hud a thrill
experience one night u short time
ago, says the Topeku Mate Journal,
'••f 10 ni tf ht waM dark and cloudy. on»l
lh '! WUI ' ff°»ng about forty-live
miles an hour. The agent had locked
lllmKelf in hi* wr and was preparing
to chock up the bundles. He was not
k*ng >*> noticing that two long boxes,
containing cofflns. were among tha
° ther e, P w " matter cheeked for Man
hattan. All was Mill in the ear except
the rumbling of the wheels and the
soughing of the wind.
It was only
natural. th»*refoi-e, tliat the agent
should jump about six feet into the
air on hearing a voice apparently in
one of tiie coffins say ing, "Letmeout!"
Tiie express ag -nt drew his revolver,
prepared for anything, and inquired
"Whew are you?"
*'!>*t aie out!"
••Well, where are you?"
''D't me out," was all tho answer
he could get in a tone like a voice
from the tomb.
Hhj ex pi
sUUous but ho was, by this time,
thoroughly alarmed. Ho unlocked
'l*" rear door of thocarand summoned
'be conductor, brake men and porters.
'It was his intention «»open the caskets,
H necessary, and comply with tie- n
»juest of tho mysterious voice. One
coffin was placed at one und of the »-ar
*'>d the other coiUu at the other end.
Then the express agent i nquired:
"Where ur
you now?"
*'1>'I me out'" said the voice, noi
from cither cotl'u but fi-oin a pile of
luitcuilantotit express matter where
they hud been. Stealthily and with
gruve fears the crow begun further in
vestigatiou. exjs-cttng to lin.1 anything
llbis a highwayman to u wild man.
I hey did not lini either, however, hut
down toward the bottom of the pile
they located the voice—it was a par
r° !
i».-,„.i„„ »a,
» » br » . »rroi for H» Af- i
iiu ir.i v»(c. 1
I have known two parrots which
had Uv.mI loift'UuT for vearn, when
ill,» femt.Lv Uriim,- u. Ak an«] her l »tr
? .... ' 1 ttn 1 1 r * .
»Welled. lhcMi wore of
gouts * 41*0*0 to which all bird* of
thU family are »ubiect in Knclaud »a\>
the ZoologiM l> b.-. u.m' im,».»Mi;i.
» __ . , # . 1 ,
for her to d^nd from her jnn-h. or
take her tood a» formerly, but tin
mol* wh most aaniiiuous in carrying it
to her in hi* U-ak. lie »•ontinuiwl fevd
ing h»*r in thi» nianuer during four i
months, but the infirmities Of hi* com
■»anion incr»>awd from »luv to »ia» «o
»i »»i »I .. i»«.
M I tn the * r -I M , n.n a ,.Hl ,! «
wlfonth» 1 » v < Slu n main«I cow
.•ring down in th, bott.im of the cage.
making from time to time Ineffectual
effort» to regain th<< perch. ,
The male wa» ulwavs near her,
and with alt hU strength aided the
feeble effort* of his dear totter
Seizing tho ,»K.r invalid bv the
took or the upper pari of the wing.
be triei to rail«, her. and renewed his
sev. ral time. His conManev.
his gestures ami hD c.nlinuod soliel
! lude all should in this affectionate
j effort*
j bird th»> most anient d»-sire to n-lievi
I the snff. rings ami assist llie weakness
j of his companion. But the Miene bî
j , mm e still more intere-ting when the
female was dying
jh-r nnhappi spotten moved wound :
| |,er ineessantlv, his attention and ten- ]
J ,i,. r , redoubied. He even tried to
0 |* n lier touk to give her some nour
uttered Uioiuoat plaintive cries, then!
w |j*| |,j s f«\i * ilxo ! on hor,
mournful sil. nee. At l.-ngtli hi .
pauton breatlied her iu.t: from that
II« run to her. then return -d
Vt interval* he
wilh a tnmbUsI look.
te.pt a
tint ' he pined away and died in Die
« 0111**0 of a few we k*.

(.«ondoaleh to button my glove lust
night his hand trembled so that it to»ik
him a minute «»r two. 1 wonder if he
»..Hi Tell N.iwsil.v«,
Ltinr.i Mamma, win » I a»Uod Mr.
is in love?
-what, going to make n tour of
vfl .| cn '. Whv. man, it's 10,1 degrees
j|( (||( , si, a ,|c there." "Well, suppose
j fc . jp s necessary for me to
|r0V( ,, jn lhc Kha lo is ; tr
Mrs. Figg I don'! know. IVrhaps
he might have toon out lat»' the night
Wool 1 didn't t ike any vacation
didn't need one. Van
worked hard, didn't
thin year; I
Vlt—Rut you
Wool Yes but yon sop I save 1

myself a good deal by not lairing any
last. year.
"1 wonder," sold Mr. Weddrrfo.d,
*Hf there is any.hmg in the theory
that imi.llght will eure baldness.* I
have half a mition to try .1- ' don t
believe there ,* anything in U, re
lm»rë been H g lit In the glare of the
footlights for
.yen™, and the closer you sit the
balder you got
Rev. Dr. Fourthly, uccompnntcd by
Mrs. Fourthly, was making a pastoral
call at the Sclmckelfor.l dw elling, and
had unconsciously prolonged his stay
until the afternoon was low in the
sky and tommy Shook-Hord had
begun to grow hungry. Hunting with
righteous Indignation and moved by a
strong sen*.» of personal ill-treat
menl,'iommy .troda Into the parlor.
"Maw." ho said in a high-pitched
voice, "yen.1 better get a gal «...
you. If paw oomaa Homo and finds
sapper ain't ready again he'll raise
tho darndcit row jroii over ivrnt
through anywhere!"
more than ten
Tha Old Fanner Wanted a Settlement
With tho IlMrlbraaker.
"I» this the place where people
some to relate shameful cage»?" he
asked a« he walked into the Central
station at 10 o'clock the other night.
The sergeant raised hi« head and
sized the caller up a« a man on the
downward side of life from a back
township, say» the Detroit Free Press,
and quietly answered:
"Yes, we listen to shameful as well
as other kinds of cases. What have
you got to tell?"
"My hull family has been shame
fully treated by a feller named Bill
Hoyt, and I want him arrested."
"Well, what did Bill Hoyt do?"
"He cum along to my place last May
a-sellin' wire clotheslines and
tooken sick. My wife she 'tended him
as if he had been her own brother, and
I sot up with him and waited on him
as I would my own father."
"I see."
"Bill was sick and layin around foi
three months, and all the money ho
ever offered me was |10. He "had
chicken soup and custards and mashed
'taters and the best in the bouse, and I
told him lie needn't worry about what
he owed.
T'other night when I was
milkin', he came out in the barnyard
and asked for the hand of my darter
Mary. He'd fell in love, he said, and
he wanted to marry her right off."
"I am listening," said the sergeant,
as the old man paused.
"Wall, he talked so smooth and nice
and made sich promises, that I told him
to go aheud. He said he was u leetlo
short o' cash; and I lent him $30 to
go ahead with. Next day he started
for Detroit to git his clothes, and wo
hain't seen hide nor hair of him since. |
We've heard of him, though.
••What did you hear?"
••I've got three gals—Mary. Sarah
and Jane. The blamed scoundrel
was engaged to marry all three of
"True as you live? There are fivo
other jjaih in the nuyburhoo i and ho
hmi three of 'em on the hook as well,
milkin'hix frais ho wan in» tr» m ay*
Kin six gals he "u goin to ma.,
"He w as a hustler, " said the ser
..Y„s hnvn Yaatewt.,. »if.
*r®. nP was. I» M< Ida. my wile
owned U Ph»' tried to coax her
Into elopin' with him, and the wife of
one of my n.ybu ? says he writ her
^°' e lettens.
"Well. I declare! M
"And we sunnoct he w-k «U en
^ huhjkxx ne wusaisoen
to t * l< ' »chool teacher, in love
two girls and had his plans !
»'1 lai.i tocateha Widder. Isn't that a
ahamefui ooae?
lneres sign in ana wee pin and!
^ «nî u ** 1
i * nd down the road, but Bill Hoyt ;.o
oometh not.
"And you want him caught?"
"Ves. I want you to ketch him. 1
* lnk be ' 8 here in town and en
. , , j different woman
. e .' f t
• . , 1
to bo Itskod in a room with him fur
•bo»" «'teen minutes.
"^ 0r ^ h "' pe "°"' » ,
" Fur th « re * 8 °. n 1 want ,ak °
° ff ."V.«» 1 - *P" , on , nl > and
" ak " * 8 f7 b ' 1 w " n « * a - v , W
'»«» Hoyt durnyer pictcr. you ve ,
«?* ,0 I >rodu t ^ tbcm - vou
? or ™ , harnmor - ve *' ,hin an
n ' , r ,', , .. ...
"But about hl« love-making? asked
the sergeant.
••Wall. I dunnn.
Sometimes I
kinder think I ortor li»'k him fur
bustin' the hearts o' my throe gals,
and agin I feel kinder sorry fur a poor
cross-eyed feller who lias never known
a mother's eare.
It will sort o' do
pend. I guoss.''
"Depend on what ?"
"If he hands me over them and
about $2 fur my trouble, and sorter
cries and says he's sorry and wishes
he hadn't done it. I'll probably let him
off. but. sir—but. sir-—"
••But what?" asked the sergeant, as
tin» old man pounded on tho desk with
his fist.
"But, sir, I shall give him to em
phatically understand that the next
time he asks on») o' my gals to marry
him—one o' my gals, sir—the very
next time. sir. he's either got to walk
up to tho rack or—or—"
"Or what?"
"Or I'll hunt him down and tako
him by the throat and make it post
him at. least #24 to settle tho ease.
Yes. sir. I'll do it, sir. and good-night
%nd ketch him if you kin, sir!"
On lh«* Front PI at for in.
Passenger—Do you have any funny
experiences on the front platform?
Motorinan—Well. I guess so. Only
tho other day I hit a man who was
trying to cross tho track ami threw
him clear through a plato glass win
dow. There was a policeman riding
on the platform, and 1 thought he'd
die a laughing.—Boston Transcript.
|"i*rly l.ewfton«.
Watts—A fellow never quite forgets
the lessons he learns at his mother's
Potto—That's so. 1 often laugh
when I think of how short a time it
took me to learn to stuff my hut in my
knickerbockers when 1 had toon
swimming without permission.
AcmtiMtt«? »Ia|>«.
Every Japanese barrack has a gym
nasium, ami the Japanese soldiers rank
among tho tost gymnasts in tho world.
In half a minute they can scale a four
teen-foot, wall by simply bounding on
eaeli other's shoulders, one man sup
porting two or throe others.
Albino Uni».
An Albany, Ga., dame, who tried to
rid her premises of rats by soaking
hominy in arsenic water says that tho
entire trito of rodents now inhabiting
her place arc of snowy whiteness, but
still alive mid frisky.
The latest investigations by
the United States and Cana
dian Governments show the
Royal Baking Powder supe
rior to all others in purity and
leavening strength.
Statements by other manufacturers to
the contrary have been declared by the
official authorities falsifications of the
official reports.
Something About Hosiery.
A cotton stocking is preferred by j
many women to a lisle thread, as the
twist of the thread in the lisle ones irri
tates the soles of the feet- Dark-blue
and black stockings are liked for street
wear, except where tan shoes are worn, i
and then, of course, the stockings match \
the shoes The navy-blue stocking is '
usually chosen by those who find that
the dye from a black stocking affects
their skin. This is by no means com
mon, but the very minute it is discov- j a
ered one should cease wearing the black ;
and select another color, or else wear
white, for one never knows to what ex- J
tent a skin disorder may go. With gray '
or scarlet shoes or slippers the stock- \
ings are chosen to match, and these
may be gotten in silk at a much lower !
price than is given for black ones
llpafnm Can Not Be Cored
Ioca1 applicationE, af they can not reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure Deafness and that i»
hy conelitutiotsal remedies. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition of the
mucou* lining of the Eustachian Tube,
" ben this tube get* inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfert hearing, and
when it le entirely closed Deafness is the
"d unless the,inflammation can I«
forever : nine cuf ea out of ten are caused
by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mueoim surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollar« for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
! tljat can not be cured by Hairs Catarrh
Cu "' y'j 1 CHEN^EY & CO*Toledo O
»—e.iÏL- h,, 1WWP ' u -
^gS&ST ÎBfiÂ? 8,
«all » lamffy Pflis. 25c.
ri.e ri.h-. Power.
1 A fish exerts in great propelsive pow
er with its tail, not its fins. The pad
die wheel was made on the fin theory
of propulsion, and the screw propeller a
hud its origin in noting the action of a
the Uik It is now shown that the fins
of the tail actually perform the evolu
rions descrilved by the propeller blades,
and that the fish in its sinuous motion
through the water depends on the tor
sional action of the tail to give it pow
* r -
Departing Audience of tho Broadway
Theater Photographed—»w Develop
ment of the Wonderful Art of Photo
Mr. Rookwood. the well-known Photo
grapher, has i-onceived and successfully
carried out a new departure in his Art.
which seems to be a defiance of all previous.
photograi hie conditions. As good pictures 1
can now be made at midnight os in the , *
tiare of the noon-day sun. A photogTa; ii
of the audience of the Broadway Theatre. ,
v as recently taken between eleven and
t »» elve o'clock at night as they were leaving
the building. The means for accomplish
ing this result is a new pyrotechnic com
pouml which Mr. RooKwocid has just intro
duced. The possibilities of the morning
papers publishing in picture form, the
events of the pre.-e<ling day and night are
now manifest. Mr. Rookwood prophesied
this some years ago and now sees his
dreams accomplished. With tho resources
of this Art it w ill be well for the young man
atout town to I e sure that he goes to tho
theatre with his own girl instead of some
otber fellow s sweetheart.
A robin redbnmst in a cage puts all heav
en in a rage.—William Blake.
Avoid temptation by keeping out of ba»i
<x) 111 puny.
Imraorial custom is transcendent law.— |
1 »04. Kormer price, »»O.OO; on, price, SI 7.SO, hu Fine TW« B.rrete I,»te»t Improved Actio»,
Cure H.rdcncil Prime. Walnut stock. >-;,iol tïrip. HsnlwoM Runt Slide, Rusher Butt ri.tc, Det.clitbl«
B«rrel »nd M situ Inc. Will «end C. O. I) to »nr point In the United Stute» trllh privies« of elimination, a»
receipt of »3.00, lo Kii.rsnlee expre»* eliarsva Send lor »nr (11' N < A T A t,o<: l V. A®. —: "
J. F. »( MMKI.7.PR A NO*S, Ml and Ml Mala St., ILaaaa. «Hr. Ma.
or Twenty Years
Scott's Emulsion has been endorsed by physicians of the
wholo world. There is no secret about its ingredients.
Physicians prescribo
Scott's Emulsion
mmm nnnnirTi»ii'" dagBgwgMMmm inmnmF
because they know what great nourishing and curativo prop
erties it contains. They know it is what it is represented
to bo ; namely, a perfect emulsion of tho best Norway Cod
livor Oil with tho hypophosphites of lime and soda,
lor Coughs, Oclds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Consump
tion, Scrofula, Anæmia, Weak Babies, Thin Children, Biok'ets, Mar
asmus, Loss of Flesh, General Debility, and all conditions of Wasting.
Tho only genuine Scott's Emulsion is put ia salmon -
colored wrapper. Refuse inferior substitutes !
Send for pamphlet on Scoi.-'t Emulsion. EE EE.
Scott &. Bowrto, N. Y. AR Druggists. 50 conta and SI.
j Lieutenant James II. Minor of tho
police force, says the Florida Times,
was presented with a gold ring yester
day by Captain Harry H. Haywood,
who, at the time of coming into posses
i sion of the ring was in command of the
\ Nova Scotia bark Alice. Captain Hay
' wood says that while the bark Ai 1 C«
was on her way from New York to Ha
vana he frequently passed the lime in
fishing, and on June 14, 1S92, he caught
j a large bonito fish, which on being cut
; open was found to have a plain gold
ring inside. It was the common belief
J of the sailors on the bark that the fish
' had bitten off the hand of a man, who
\ either fell overboard or went down
with his ship. Captain Haywood has
! taken a great fancy to Lieutenant
Gold King In a FUh.
Minor, and gaTe him the ring as a token
of bis friendship
steketeo • lirj Bitters.
One package of Steketee's Dry Bitters
will make one Gallon of the best bitten
known : will cure indigestion, pains tn the
stomach, fever and ague. Acts upon tha
Kidneysand Bladder; the best tonic known.
Sold bv druggists or sent by mail, posiag*
prrpMd. Price » ca. for «in,ie. or t>ro p*ck*(M for
" '**■ c 8 ,ta " p * " kM ,n
relations with trance not in order to
make war on Germany, but to forma
counterpoise to the triple alliance and
I'^ent France from embarking on a
pohev of adventure which might have
dragged Russia against her will into
war Now that Kussia is sure of the
pacific intentions of France, she isbind
mg Germany to her by ties of interest,
Thus she holds in her hands the policy
of two great nations which for nearly
a quarter of a century have maintained
a hostile attitude. If it is Alexander
III who personally directs the foreign
policy of his empire, it must be admite
ted that he is endowed with admirable
diplomatic resources, for the game haa
been played so quietly and so surely as
to be worthy the eulogium of future
historians -Paria Herald,
DUkfl Your Own Bitterst
ÖEO. O. bTLktTtt. Grand BiipldA. Mick.
('rar Air zander*« Diplomacy.
Bussia needs peace in order to develop
her internal affairs. She entered into
A Child Enjoy.
The pleasant favor, gentle action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when
in need of a laxative, and if the father
or mother be costive or bilions, the
most gratifying results will follow ita
use; so that it is the best family rem
edy known, and every family should
have a bottle on hand.
, , „ ... , _ .
1 ™>' o' discontent is solf-love.-J.
, * Liarlte. _
p^», jfcmedv for Catarrh is not a liquid or
, tnu ff. j r quicklv relieves Cold in the Head,
Headache, &c., and really cures Catarrh. 50c.
The first step to knowledge is to know
that we are ignorant,
Love is the only thing that can lengthen
burdens by tidding to them,
B*mr* »mlu»» that old and welltnod ramody, Kaa.
W'tssLowsS oothingST avr for< 2 hlldr«a Ttcthlag
«'linncon's .Magic Corn *olv#.**
ltiviiev rvfuadeU. Aik to»
druggi&i for It. Prie« 15 wuu
It the Baby I» Cutting Teeth.
The only real courage is that which come»
from knowing we are right,
Billiard Table, second-hand. For sal«
Apply to or address, H. G Akts,
Sil S. 12th St., Omaha, Nah.
| If yon are leading a child, it may be that
you "are commanding a great army.

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