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The German society for eolouixin"
Jewish peasants and engaging them in
farming in Palestine 'and Syria has !
proved a great success. There are
twenty-four farming settlements, cul
tivating 50.000 acres of land, and with
a population of 5.0)0. These are all
now self-supporting. Other colonies I
of Russian Jews are to be established. !
embracing many who are now em- j
ployed as laborers in and near Jerusa- !
lem. One of the objects of the society
is to prevent the emigration of Jews |
to other countries, as they are driven !
from Russia and Germany by the des- ]
potism of their governments. I
PKltrV JONE*. Publisher.
W. S. Gilbert, the English comic
opera librettist and sarcastic writer,
has fixed the commercial value of
interview with himself at f 110. This
English idea will never be generally
adopted by- American public men, for
most of them are only too anxious to
see their names and views •-in print."
Chin a's god of war has 3,000 names
and nearly 400,000,00.) worshipers.
Think of all these devotees taking all
these names in vain daily through a
protracted war! In trying to con
ceive of such DbnjiJable profanity the
imagination stretches and recoils
vainiy as a measuring-worm on a
picket-fence reaching for the belt of
Everybody has heard of the "Little
Church around the Corner" in New
York, which came into view years ago
through the tolerant Christianity of
its rector in regard to an actor's
burial, and will be pleased to learn
that the }»rish has been very prosper
ous of late years and that the Rev.
Dr. Houghton will be enabled to carry
out many- long contemplated improve
A Chicago woman sued the park
commissioners of that city- because
one of them shot her dog. '
that she sustained a
shock, with damage at §10,000, for
which amount she claims judgment.
If the nerve which she has now has
been damaged to such an extent, be
fore her poodle was shot that same
nerve must have been worth going as
far to see as was Katisha's left elbow.
She says
severe nerve
to prevent diphtheria and croup should
be imported to America at once,
Figures show that in the great hos
pitals of Paris the death rate from the
disease is reduced from i 51.70 to 24.83
per cent by the Pasteur process. The
demand in France for the serum necos
sary to the inoculation is so great that
e Pasteur institute cannot supply it.
but it would be easy to import a suffi
numbei ' of horses, previously
l w *!a e 8Ure ° f *-' nou * h
enuntr t0 T the Wan . tS 01 the whole
country. A course of five years of
KIT 1at8 ,P rove , s the h °™ tobe
Icrttm medmm for P^Paffating the
SerUm -

1 he French system of inoeuiati
Ihe didn't-know-it-was-loaded actor
who destroyed the eye-sight ot a fel
low member of his company by play
fully pointing the too familiar pistol
at him, is reported to be suffering
keenly- from remorse. Doubtless he
It does not follow, however, that
he should receive no further punish
ment for his act. fennorse ivili ,'lpt
bring back the eye-sight of his victim.
**?!i ber wil1 it restore his shattered
skull to its tonner condition,
more important still—the whole tnbe
of didn't-know-it-was-loadecl fools will
never lie brought into control by deal
ing leniently with the members who
are allowed to escape because th
are suffering from remorse.
Rut I
I HE agricultural department a'
Washington has reports from Europe
that there is a great increase in the use
of American corn for feeding horses
and cattle. This is not what is wanted.
1 ite value of corn as stock feed ha
always been admitted, but the mass of
European peoples believe that it is fit
for nothing else. Indian corn is a bat
ter food than a large proportion of the
people in Central Europe are using,
and if they will substitute it for their
present rations it will increase the de
Just now, however, it is not
needed to have a larger demand for
There is a, short crop in this
country, and its price for another year
is likely to be as high as the price of
man I.
A report of the insanity of Q
Liliuokalani of late obtained
slight circulation, but it 'has not be
verified, and what
soia i
called her
faculties are, doubtless, much as th -y
wero before her deposition. The
Sandwich island intellect at large U
not of the highest order, not even
that of its sovereign, and the shock
of losing her throne may well have
disturbed for the time being the men
tal equipoise of her dusky island
But she ought to' be com
forted and restored by the conscious
ness that neither her throne, crown
nor sceptre was ever worth the havirm.
being always at the mercy of foreign
intrigue or domestic violence, and she
is much better off without them.
ui ■<•
When New York has
annexed as '
many of her neighbors as possible she I
will have a population of a,900,000.
And when Chicago, in due course of |
time, overtake* that numb.ir New I
York will feel obliged to annex and ;
take a census ot the oyster beds in 1
the Atlantic ocean. !
_ I
A trolley car runs through the 1
streete of Jerusalem. Jeremiah must
have had Home idea of this when ho !
up his voice and predicted the I
judgments which the future reserved
for the punishment of Israel. 1
.... , , , • , .. v ,
fJmMi , C T P ;
on Fi«h nv !' ' T„7 n ,nZr
on Fifth avenue, and Mrs. Donder
the Four Hun.lr > 1 *" "^ L
Of coarse her record must h? nnft „
sauiwe ^d h Jr»Xl.er«,Ufaetor.
satiable ana her peu«grtee satisfactory,
or proud old Van Gessner would never
have trusted her to chaperone his
daughter. She was an acquaintance
of Lulu's, made during a visit to a
school friend in another ettv, and
Mr Van Gessner trust •<! imn'icitlv r.>
Mr. van Gessner trusted implicitly to
! the ladvs credentials and his daugh
tor's good taste in the matter, and !
Lulu ' an Ressner, young, talented
! aristocratic, was apparently ,
"ore thau satisfied with her some
"hat eccentric companion.
"With that old woman to watch her I
Lulu will stand very little chance of
""king a 'eatch' this season.'' Flossie
Hobertson said a little slangily, and
stately Miss Giles, from the Imperial,
""bent sufficiently to say sweetly,"So
much the Letter for the rest of us
when the charming duke appears, my
' ,e ® p -'* . :
Flossie pouted and blushed with j
true rosebud modesty.
"The duke may prefer young ladies j
under striQt surveiilanee and pay I
court in true Spanish fashion by ask
»ng the old lady first,' she said slow
1 - v ' " You kn °w our American inde
P enden <-'e and easy chaperones are
sub i»»cts of much contempt to for- ;
signers who think women incapable i
care of themselves."
Bnt strangely enough the 'dis- j
agreeable old woman" whom Lulu j
'an Gessner had chosen for a chap
er " ne dnrin ? her first summer, did j
r.u PrOVO . a "ouster after all. !
the CODt ?7' f he 1 rem *' ne<l in h« p !
t°om a great deal and only appeared. ]
»s a good chaperone should, at mo- j
™ en s " hen the young men of the j
«l! l h We u ?atI T n ' of
Hnton th arge8 a ' r . •
.*k r ^, e t ° c< r" slom u was P»
noticed that the o,d lady s eye 8 blazed
he curls of her, in
the curls of her unmistakable wig |
f nln 6 « 1 ! t'u retired with j
'but fortunatei y °f hC ÏT y ? lte . - j
tWnishtj fo taIj ' f ° r t UU ' - he ' m "
tmgu.shed foreigner, whose visit was | or
ap pèa ranee ' •'"* ! CO
1»PP pon the seen* until a |

■ get
/ 7*f A\ v , j
if !
'/ ; W«||| ;
,/« .'•'■(I j j
; lo
j in
v f{f T jw
her chaperone ;
were just pass- j
ing the hotel and i
the group of
seated at one
anda postponed j
all conversation ;
to watch them
/ ;
end of the ver
But Miss Van Gessner seemed per
fectly content with her angular dnen
with breathless interest
"What a disagreeable old woman!"
Miss Frelinghuysen murmured feel
ingly, and all the other "rosebuds"
whispered in unison, "Yes, indeed!
What a dreadful woman for a ehap
erone! Poor girl, why couldn't she
have chosen some one younger and
more attractive.
na; in fact there was a sympathetic
bond between them that was unusual
to say- the least where such extremes ■
' <!
r: !
j li
Ti VjÄ.
, i il ,
jréTÂ Sffiî
.L, pljyZX !ta !
gutter of Jus proud position.
very opportune day.
Gf course, the other rosebuds trem
bled more than ever now that. Lulu
was without the watchful eye of a
guardian and quite at liberty to do
all sorts of unmaideniy tilings, which
the duke, man-like, would take ad- !
vantage of, and thus, almost before
his trunks
decided that Lulu
Like many another, Flossie believed !
that beneath the watchful eye of a '
guardian a young woman was safe in
her very fancied inaccessibility bût !
was constantly looking for dire re
suits from a momentarily unwatched
weakness. ^ u I, watched
were unpacked, they had
would be his
And so Lulu astonished them all
with her
'«manly dignity and de- i
a bud of twenty, ig- !
nored the wealthy duke with a de- i
courtesy that I
even put to shame the I
' ffree of well
I amazed and
strictest duenna there.
| But from the first Belle Graham did \
I not intend that the duke should
; tice Lulu or her demeanor nur '
1 ticularly, and her regard for Mr*'
! lJeuche, was iXÄ " rs ' ! 4 .
I ablv wl?»n !i. < ' htene 1 ,i insider- i
1 and the charra^n,»' 1 Lmntkunan B di, I c <1y i
» tender tete-a-tete in her own "prb !
! vate boudoir, , *
I "U was only to pave the wav fm-I
)'°u, my dear," Mrs. Deuehes whi !
1 usuu.es whis- |
1 ;
petvtl, generously, aud confident in
that lady's ability to ''work" thing's
to their mutual liking. Miss Graham
closed her lips discreetly anil voted
.,er chaperone more of a success than
I For two delightful weeks the duke
: shed the snnshine of his smile upon
this beautiful boutonniere at the sen
was happy when he
1 »»? positively wretched all the
; time." ahe said timidly. "Just think !
?, T 3 dan *™ Apollo in |
.he very house, and not even a !
*? * fan . J * on! "
*! n * strangely sympathetic ex
P ressl °n crept into her eyes a* she;
'"«T'S T ' !
*lhe duke did not trv to m-tlcf* in»u
to any of von did he oirU'»" ^
Gf courée the girls were highly in '
dignant at this chargeand nmoneof
them noticed in "the momentarv
agitation ho,v much th..'r Hu . .
>' „ , , .. t ' lelr h ut,l f
dentals seemed to relieve their timid t
! For two of the voting ladies, at '
least, had swallowed secret!, a bit
, ter pill that rankled^a'nd^ Ä' h „
tender stomachs. The pill* ware i
sugar-coated, to be snre but now that
I the "catch" of the season ha.l
away uncaptured thev questioned
their methods of procedure in verv '
bitterness of soul, and iust in the ,iê. ,
greo that thev renut... I » i, •_ 1
forwardness they 'resented Tu^u"
adamantine virtues The am« thev
thought of it the more mystified thev *
: were at her behavior, and finally the ' '
j scheme to injure iter was set oti foot'
by those who felt themselves most
j shamed by the dignity of ber ex- i
I ample. * "
Mrs. Donderdecken's ears were a, ■
sailed by inane wily tongues before '
she had fairly rested from her horn..- f'
ward journey and deeds nossiW
; and impossible, were laid ' at r
i doer by the wagging instrument, of i
malicious envy. ;
j !
8»de and if oue or two of the buds ex
panded to full blown roses beneath
; his exotic warmth there were no visi
j ble symptoms upon their faces until
i the hour of his depart
... , .
smllel i '"to his handsome face;
are going." she said quickly, and if
j sbe had added, "and I am so glad,"
; no one could have been morj amazed
j That day Lulu turned suddenly aud
.i . .•
than they were at her expression.
Flossie Kobiuson could hardly credit
her own senses as she stood wet-eyed
and bitter hearted, watching the
farewells at his departure.
Belle Graham stayed in her room
that day, aud was sadly cut of sorts
with her agreeable ehaperone. Mrs.
Deuehes, but it was quite apparent to
them all that the duke had behaved
badly with her young heart also, and
gone away without a single promise
of better conduct in the future,
Lulu alone
■ had gone,
j "She was so sly so distant en.,* !
j natural, you know, dear Mrs Donder '
decken; we really were forc-d to he
j suspicious," even" Mrs. Denches whi,
! pered at the earliest opportunity
p ! But Mrs. Dondcrdccken made „„
] commente on her charge's behavior
j that could possibly satfsfy the d *
j turbed young ladies, and by the Deals
of laughter that emanated from Ä
chamber a little later it
P» p ent to the disgusted listeners that
she was not rating that young ladv
in an ^ particularly disagreeabte man |
| ner. ' "
j And the duke did not return to !
j ameliorate any of the existing cond^b t
tions of i ealo "*y among his adorers ! '
| or to prove what they had a ast :
! CO "* 8 to belic -' 'hat he had secretly i
| aspired to Lulu's hand. $ 0 u f i( .~ r !
much precocious reasoning the two *
■ cruelly crushed buds decided to for- j
■ get their unpleasant failure and con- I
; jure a less dangerous method of cap- | a
j turing the second wealthy nobleman !
expected at the beach. j
* And it was during the excitement '
i preceding this arriva! that Lulu Van
j Gessner and her chaperone took their !
j departure.
! No onn "issed them particularly
; after they had gone, for Lulu was a
j strangely quiet girl, and her devotion
; lo th e "disagreeable old woman,"
! made her but an indifferent comrade
j in their midst, but one day, even the
noble Englishman's presence was for
' gotten for a time, while Lulu's mar
; riage to the duke was read and dis
[ cussed in the hotel parlor,
j "What became of her chaperone, I
—onder," Flossie Robertson said
wearily, when the subject grew rir,>t.
! i".f ton"" "
1 hpv ,Anrft married before they
came here, you know, young ladies'"
lie said, solemnly, ' but as her father
of lier elopement,
ait until she was -J 1

was not aware
they decided to
But his sentimental beginning was
too much for the excited listeners and
the buds interrupted him by chiming
in eagerly:
! ,'' Ant,did that disagreeable old
' 'T* '° r h ' lr l "
n'.'L âa" *1 j " St to «' v " th< >
! H .Opportunity to spend
'lu,?'' ' th h ', S , ne " "»<!« bride?"
f here was delight as well as disap
pomtment in their flushed, young
faces now, and the Englishman, dense
as was Ills brain, was sorely puzzled
how to answer.
"You see,
young lad!-*, the disa
I ^11 '^ W ° man d ' d " 0t
n ^ !!* >aUarT -
! 4 . ° n 1,10 "«»■» Fompeii are advci
i tmemento which are shown to tondsts
i marks in the cata
! v"urs showinr^i'nscr^? 2,000
, * f ri - f * Option« of records
tisimr U P '' OVC
I-j-'Lc He ' !' ntf W ' S,IO,i anli
Leather Recorder.
go away
hhe couldn't, don't you know,"
he added almost painfully, "for «he
was his highness all the time, only
; doing a bit of masquerading."
• My dear E. : Ilore we are prison,'rs
of liar, taken captive by the rebel
steamer Alabama, which had been
cruising in the vicinity of « uba watch
ing for us since last Wednesday. We
had a beautiful smooth *ca all *atur
dav and passed one of the Guano is
l al ',d s in the evening. It cotttinu.il
, ts-autiful and calm all night, anti Sun
dai issed Cuba and Hav
! ti .' , hore had been a good deal of
| excitement on Friday at the distant
! appearance of a steamer, which many
declared to be th- Alabama Nothing
nas seen of her yesterday, however,
until noon, when she tame toward tt*
! i« all her fltrv. M e were going as
* .. ,*■ . 4 , .
^ a ^ ' ,r *; w "l* " n
' Y™ *!?*. «*ed. Mtc had up the
L'T? ,
' "''"t *« *?'' *
. "CccsMon. >b<, tired into ua the ».*.•
otui time, bringing down part of a
t !na * t '
' . ^ ^ the iatli-sand (
were all ordered i* low \ou
^ imagine the seen ■ of distre - and
i eonfu! * iwl whl '' h ttun f»ro v »»«d. ITmre
'"' rw * v '' r - v IlumU ' t ' of !"*
'''"h" - ' - * on boavil. and the deck at the
thv,t was filled with |.mpl
' a,,talu •»**«"' '»Wig-4 to .sur
, " ,,<1 " r tvsistctu-e was and
wo till only hav.- rati*, d our imuu-duite
W " *-' a 'd"d by
^««»fwlorat» offitwrs. the flag w*» tor
Uovl n ' th "- v t "" ' t»**-— ***»«- of the
' annon ' »«»munition and alt the trees
M * nt our '*"! >ta »'» on Utard the
Aiaban '" anii pbwwd
thf ''" B » raantl of a » onfedcrate
'We are wholly in their po
offieers assure us that „» ladies
' hiitir *'U will be injured
f' <w ' <t ' ssion - H disturbed. '
l,r ' i " ,anl an,i military offle.u-t
'Limned ami aiiow-d'to go on parole.;
lh '- v int " n,i to destroy th- ship.;
ail, l ****y they will land th**
*ub-ly on .some
AM J^terday afternoon, last night
" mi t0 ~' la > w " l»» v '*» remained in great
®"*I* !a! * 3 as tf > our fate. It was ex- '
P"vtcd last night that she would run •
us 1,1 »» th *' '"rren side nfl ',,1». but
to,la . v w '' have left fut» in the dis
tUn ' V ' , ' his ' ,ab ' " f »hing» la.!
,mtU atH>ut 1 ''''''-"'k towlav. wh-n
b °* t *■"» »'«ming from the Ala
,,ama wi!t > -aptain and
° m * ws 0,1 hoaril. Great bop»« were |
now »hat they would do!
,h ">" »"d take ,,, into some
port—San Domingo.it was thought
' Vp 're re di-appoinUxl. however.
" Th,, .V "re lying in wait for the!
' ham P ion - ir » hopes of getting her to- i
ni =' ht ' <,f they will gain more !
b > her. They want and any !
property belonging to the l uited
'h'V "»sh to destroy. They
don 1 "»•'»« that we shall get away, !
however, so they have taken down i
a b onr sai ** an ' 1 thrown them over-!
boar, L ,-ut down our mast, taken away i
Jhe pumps and machinery, and left us I
*" a ,otab F disahied
arn,,rul on '-lie water,
ma,n * '' ainl we *
for a day or two.
81,0,1 w »
Order ,<• »"reveal Eseape Ms.ts Were
lulu the Sea
lut Down. Sollt Hums
und tlio Machinery DUabletl %ll Sj»cul
o Nicht of tear.
The exciting times of the war, when
the Confederate cruiser Alaltama rav
aged the high seas, destroying vessels
Hving the United States colore, are
brought vividly back bv the following
letter, written'by a lady of this city,
board a vessel captured by the
Her relative, the recipient
of the letter, gave the New York Com
mercial Advertiser permission to pub
li*| t ft.
••On Isiant Steamship Ariel.
"Dec. K, ls»K.\

ship under
officer. !

The mariner
re re ail
bland in the vUdnitv

stuf-, drifting
If the
sea re- i
sltail probably I». * a fc
Hut if
high wind i
and the trade winds
pretty high at this season
knows what, will
have no power to help
passengers all s
good spirits, and
bearing it admirably.
750 passengers
arc i
God alone
nil's'll ves. Tin
■em to l»i in pretty
very cheerful,
W- have «is,ut
on board, witti at
nighty children, and quite a numb»!
our lnarhinnry anrl j
" l ""'
•This i* the first time a ( alifornia
steamer has
ever Is'eii attacked. I
do not believe any bid the Alabama
would over
dare to touch them, but !
she says she is afraid of nothing but !
the Vanderbilt. she would elear out of
the way if that made its
The officer in
•omniand on hoard told !
ns they were on the lookout for the j
t hampien, I hey should give her up
if she did not make her nppearan. e ;
He assured us, however, i
last night.
that they would return this
and bring back
take us into some port
Ssr th.X'Sä irisas :
many were afraid it. might blow over j
hut I don't know a* it, -euld. On/.
n-ar to the
hick was full of
one thought, of
going to tied; some looked anxious but
cheerful. Some tried to sing. A f,! w
•songs were sung and a strong atteumt
I™'" U> K-'t «P »ho "Star Spangpid
Hanner, but it was m. „so. they
could not sing that, there was no
heart font with our dismantled ,| H g !
lying in sight and the Confederate 1
colors floating over us. ,
"Almut II or 1" o'clock the Ala- I
huma carne alongside and wo saw our !
commander coming toward us ||i
inanity had at last prevailed T hey j
sä 7 '"L;;,!
not take us Into any but i, f„ r Xn
|s.rt They say their intention is ul ?
land the passongers with their effect* "1
Ihe latter part of .ho io.ter w« <
side, however, was down
water's edge,
people. Hardly any
j un her wav to Asplnwall, amt tlio
' - 1
It is the skeleton, the corpse at her
fe«»t. which come* in like that ghastly
intruder of w hich some one tells u* in
; «he • C'orres 1 iondeuw of Mme. Mere du
' Hegen».'' Everywhere they were
dan mg at the that.i, in the town,
at court Hut for a moment these
pleasures were intertupt.il by an uu
expected Men». It « as a masked lull;
'.her., caiuu in »U masks. Uu carry lug
ton he*, the other a Utter on whirl,
lay a man with a mask and domino
They put down the Utter in the tnkidlo
of the room and went out fmm.sU.
ately the gay crowd surrounded tfie
nmskttl figure upon the Utter and
>»Vg*'d him to dance, but he mad. no ;
„ , , ,» , ,
n f*' 1 ,' V, 1 » »'«'■■h.td »* his mask.and
Mioid 1 was a corps.- Ifa. horrible
" r .* *"?"**•■"* th *' m * 1 r "' ,l ' w
ph a- in. Hut that was in the days
of the regency, and the world grew i
more «»t*r V-t «titi the e, •.« .
7, ?.. , in. grt m dan«
( '^threads u* wav amid *««- i
l ••».mal an I |K>wd. r -1 I he
«r , d* d Vc.,o.. ; ,u 1 .11* If
ht* memoir*, of Mm- du Prie, who
, a**» tat.- tt not a frt.-nd,
Mm " 111 tj! • Ma nt in',
Ma ***«'"
, .. , w
. "* . M,M * r '
' J ' r ' ra ' 11 ' r
-nth .-nv.r.. wh. • a*. IlnnU.g
">th«>utth„ at ! ..f human hand* did ,
'*** * u J *»'
*»"'« did
I writer of the letter reaehod her binth
The cap
er In California In safety.
tain of tlio Ariel gave a boiul that he
would deliver up the vessel if the fon
federate states won their imlepend
Carrying >■>» Ilea«,. Eu .Mask lulu th.
Miil.t ot th. Nl.rry liait tor*.
The terror of the future forever
; haunts that brilliant little French
woman. Mine, du iteffand. "As (or
j me," she says over and over again,
; have but oue feeling, one grief, one
misfortune, ami that is the misery of
having been bom. There is no part
that one might play on the theater of
the world w hich 1 should prefer to ex
inconsistent a» it
tinetion; anti yet,
may seem, if i could receive the most
conclusive evidence that i must suffer
il, I should not the least dread death.
great, iron arh«*-i
a a . but
•t only drive
look in and turn ihr
*aw " Dr John Ik-«*
which dUl a|.«i
logs onto th**
• must
a similar mill at
■■! •»* a mill
r» th«
lam i s
nave ■»■••ii
Prague. Of it he
»t Fragile of * hi-'h I
Itevil hin
rtiy bel
if was master *
II* |*«|«
' hair
• Artist V-• r t, ' t ,,
thing .,,, ,t ? PU *
II* |*«|«
lUrfs-r'« i
surveying his
g very thin, sir
Tes. I've been tr«-a
1 never !ik«d
v ictim » our
»out i
■ Wiiat ,ii,| «he ,,v>"
"She s../ se, i, ' Il
on ver ,,w " " ' vou *»> * b »' f
Hn. s|sni*tt,ilily or on th- re- [
sponsibiilty of yer mistress'' and I !
hu ui «m
i A rti.it,
hair in sfk ttin
V ictim
i th an U fat
\ ictim Sf> ( do every moraine
Artist May ! a«k «hat?
V'ictlm My hat
fhe roat w»# sllcn»*-'

A «.rt.nt Who a
"Did you tell hcr I *a* out
ll.r I I*,,
my mistress', tor sure if# !
ud I*, doing anything <
own i-*|M)n»ibUlfy,"
not nut w
ui my
fn l)or«ht Uhmk f.itti
I l*>r Father
Suppose you marry my
daughter, c»n you kc-p her.
Her Adorer I t an provide her with
f""d nti'i clothes, hut I don't know
ulseit evading the divorce law.
Th. M«f |a Do ||.
Ho*,>r II tss. le »■' r rn, t. ? m ,
II* onljr prtulrnc *uht
on, .oiiltl build hi* <>tt*:rve*
To regularly advertls.
i .
^ up
« Ink
' "f the first bal. i w
diaries I and hi* j
■ be told at sne- !
f Jerusalem i*
Tl.e Yankees are run P
nmg street cars there, an I there are
j 13'» liquor ftatofiim with har« to
...' »»Mhrmalleal book |„
A «
nothing for art.
Bachelor Don't they? VV-tl,
, don't know much alsmt
t onnoisseur
Women a* a rule
woman's make
Kdge.hill, th"
! t, ' - '"' tw een King
! P» r H»mcnt, L* soon t
tio "'
see in
Palmer lia*
! from
j beautiful book,
the world's fair,
; The upbuilding
i still going on.
government a
: w r'i *p* *«- »»• ».«,
j rontains'a rub. WnU " n in Exv t' 1 -
In , 7' uarin F a circle.
, ,n ' 1 'cvcland. G|,| 0 , consisted of
one of ,0 " r inhab,tan *»
tba was known a*
Inhn P \o"! ' an<1 hept |,y
, ' StVl "' am ' bl * wife.
r ' ,0 l, " ! '''»•»■'»sed value of .South
^ »•«••«aO.QOO. while
v!"/ ' a '" 8 nb "' 1 " Man.! and
Î ! ,7''' V ,,£ -'gvegate,l *FM,fHK.,oo).
! ' „ tl,( .*" r l fc eomtdned values In
1 »«''• Now Jersev
, amounted t,„ asns.ooo.ooi, nn ,|
I oofi'wio'^ ' S ' , " U ' ' arollna was » 1 st,,
! One , t ,i ,,
i,I„V 0 ' I " R '' P 1 ''"'''' of wrought
j "k„ nn" n hi it
Äir'.? . ' .
' vI, ."' h KJn ff Fucus pre
? th " Ur " at This bar. which is
fl . „ . k nv " »"tlqiiity, j* * t |||
< '«'a Nat. Turk
11, ma
ns steel,
filed to Alex
list an? ffi iplr}.
ior repsirlôg**^ ''"a,
scratched élisante/*' *
glass by rubbiujf
cotton, taking ca» L* w,i f v
•S of duat.nl £££*>
lanot done urr£Z.
sppcar arouui"».^
'' lt . h * point of » l-.Ç**» I
back of another look 1 ' ' fV '1
but a littio lear», ..*H
drop of mercury™., j-P 86 s j
pin's bend wUlVw,S>
face equal to the ,£!, 1 *■
mercury spreads in,
tratet the amalg, m T.«i Ti
off with the kuif, m
piece may now L
to the place to be re p J» l) ' M J til
nsoht difficult pun of ii ^
v«* ^ tt* fes
tio.i. » lib C„i, uu ,„4*,**"*^
the tame appeeranee u ,IrfeJ
The .
The HoriingtoaKoaletT.
In tbU country haa t*L 3*2<
»«m. Hbaebee» eteeSe^Sg^tai hem
»»'»a.faw'Sl, ft ot
iiulî«,, Uoat sïïïÂfiN
At HUirsge, rearértiTT J»^ i be
www I'aciHr Baiba* mgS
o? claMnTi«", < T****t|
proywrty «t«a»tn 4 , r*«J*Sii
P"*°t to and from »•«, «Ï3
252^ **•»*■•
gmaha, KtM«»Cttr. h ÆîV
Malm «mi I-,..-, *—
the way hoa »to 173 ^2
va*t iom* of nmatrv u,«
Swtiw, ^ STdoTZ
»Hb Uu, UdjjZfr
*** «I
«H «.Um Utwsea Onrte M |
SSt tut;*» Utt Ma 'saslwegi,
i Wl mites tst.Mn csmW^J
M atllw teMwaOaSTJSS
«» mita» twlem OnXSe
au»t •atoteatiet maaMr ta
»k. * mtaUeStaMMraaf Æ
ion ig«»«,
1».^# whoae eytolea k««|j
lb* tram <«rtt.w wu «wmgl
Pa'a.. •*:*•,>*»* (kn, (N
•••«• frew . act Wat .laot k i rkg i
ernb«, GuuOa^W^
As a RcmMb Komm. Attelé
, kKh rant
L i;Mt
It I*
of ,
«T cauie
re »deep
r Ti;-'
g" jSJiwii
I the
■ ■■■!
In *t»i

Th. rfc-h far»« of munal m
b«»«, »I» wjf. •imnti'jmejti
•hat I» M*m H»««aa It
dar» lin. ««tarailax Xttnta m
iHtkola; IL. rao< a, i«at, mi
m. *.!.,» tatsL of Uw li'aA tUhtl
ilwfal -Owlt • Toww iHing
Irko* of aiirth.ra Sjgalg
He*. •*. Ik* piclarwuaa matMi
Lit 1 * I'ht Horn lb. tLtttm >«jo
*r.«e from todlaa II.rsikeii
i «Em
»• *«m from ih* rar mmbw.
C harmed hf »
hnnkaa trav.l a goad Jm a|
rrpuiation. They wn Wnbctj
an>ma!* »> they beouSM ke;mu
*11 know thw lo be a faet. um
i when they gel m a Ugbtptmd
man they try to ran a till *1
A lawyer in our town MKaattu
•nahe down in th. mark»Mild
expcrlmen«, or rather to!«!Oti
e* périment, to •»* if tk*r» M
Gong in the snake rbanaar J
He said that lb* *nak«'**J | «*f»i
er and brighter, »ml hbwmM
glistening, and hi* My >*m
aweii up a iiltie thtekif, »•d'H
outfit became so eogro*u*< a
finally ran away fro«» lb* •**»
* car » »*"* «»WnT
giuwl white after II« WH "j
f waa bin belief that If bstastwf*
[ pa.,y with that snak* aw* *§
I ! would bar* lost hia wi»-F*
7 Mini
pf tlH
! Stream
t wit <>«■ for fdf
B>t( r|.)« iasMa ot Hi* <**v*!i
«'••'it hoaiwl
of the ( hi-ngo, Mlt*aa»«* t HWj
« ay and you *fi| tw a» «•»*• "3
ntui rbmrfui as In root
ls>a.lolr. To trar.l "»"»'tJ
Faul amt Minn.apU» rw J
Omaha and Sloui C«J la ibMMJ
appointad (rain* I» a
and. a« Iba •»im.wbat »ao*w^3
m.xii u*«d lo read, "for farlwff^S
w. »mail bill. teraO W» "j
-n*. also) will be arr.pt«,}"
•Ireplng car Urki-t* by aD ''■•» j
agsnt» For d.lallwl !nfor®»***T|
fia . H HeaffoM. gs»«ral i*'"* ]
tk ket ag.nt, Cbirego. lU
1 1'r.it.)
i lui*
"•M *l.,l lh, i
Though nirkd was nwdfar
centuries before I hrist, It J* *
ntly that I lie <U*e0f*V*Zi
witli steel ha* brought It brt?"
commercial prominence- To*
i strength of this alloy—
greater than that ot orolMo
i while Its difficulty rrm»l«*"*'
i w ill iloubtless cat»«* it
j mon steel in many nlac**
! strength is required
American Atlantln liner W*.
supplied With asi»areieP|f» liq '. L i,
•>f tin* niiov. It.s.^.1 tW®»« P»'H.
i iiiff liain «trpoift«® 1
Ooo pound«, tbiiÄ IravW
isl. or German steel sh^Vf
spectable distance III * w ^■
P r 7 l " rHon ? nlC ^,« 1 Ä toM P* r *
10 • v ' , " r * trom ''TiilhefS*^
to 0 »®r fi.OOOIoni, while s _j
â^y ote ^jgJM
crease has lieen In the
nicket steel, ostensibly f'> r *!
and guns, but tt I* not
use will stop here, rl' »SU
prlr'o tends steadily d°
of Steel.
r May
[i* eity
ri'üi Gov,. STOVE HE *
Write nt me , >«;' ,mgDwt a,!l
Omaha Stavefter.a,' 1
kö axj&o
i», a* o"", 1 '''j,. »fl
"•«» • o»*«' 1
. 1319 ft'l '*'* 1 '' s
" r
f'ntAlOftitp, eonminin«
l or UU>
M. HARuYâiO.
mow «»f'l'ff J" rf ibln«» p *^
r„rn«m*l < n„di* ^
fur l'rufRMUinals *i>«f An»»
*■ l'a.,1

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