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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, January 12, 1895, Image 8

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ÄÄt'JJl ... ~ '.' ^ --'I ■
''The Blackfoot News
One Year....
Six Mouths..
Three Months
AUvertislu* rates furnished ou implication.
Entered at tbe poatoffice at Blackfoot, Idaho.
second class mail matter
for transmission
The Republicans are in full power
in many .states this winter, and the
ice crop promises to be excellent
Bill Cook, tbe notorious outlaw is
said to be dvia*. This is the most
respectable aud law abidiog business
in which he has be^n engaged for a
long time. The officers should not
jPiolest him in carrying out his design
their negotiations for peace with |
Japan. It is evident that China wants
to continue the case for at least one
The Emperor of Japan is coming
into civilization with astouishing
speed. He is said to have announced
that he is willing to marry his son,
the Crown Prince, to an American
heiress. This is a better proposition
than any that we have received from
The Chinese have employed an
American lawyer to represent them in
hundred years.
Gov. McConnell is clearly for light
ening the burdens of tbe people of the
state as is shown in his message. Now
if he will stand fixedly on that rock
and resist all measures of extrava
gance and additional burdens that may
come from the legislature, forcing that
body to his terms, he will be entitled
to and will receive the lasting grati
tude of the people.
Austria's protest against the 9ugar
schedule is mild in language and
courteous in form, as diplomatic
usages would require, but still the
talons are in the velvet paw. There
appears to be a good deal of collusion
between several nations of Europe on
this matter and some arrogance. There
is a semblance of assumption that
they can dictate what our tariff policv
shall be and what it shall not be. This
cannot be »ilçwed.
To all appearance 1894 was a year
of fate in Asia. In the eastern part
of the continent Japan suddenly be
came the dominating nation, while
the reign of a new Czar made Russia
and England friends instead of jeal
ous antagonists facing each other
alopg the Damirs. Russia has just ar
ranged concessions to England there
that mean a partnership instead of a
rivalry in dividing up Asia and deci
ding the future of Turkey.
The Loudon Times' annual review
of British trade takes a more hopeful
view of commerce with America than
with Australia or South America,
which continue to suffer from infla
tions arid booms that lacked a suie
stantial foundation. The new Amer
ican tariff is referred to hopefully.
Our Euglish friends must not forget
that their population now is Imt liait
that of the United States, and that
their old industrial supremacy is r.ow
slipping away from them year by year.
Senator Morgan is winning laurels
and permanent fame by his splendid
advocacy of tbe proposed Nicaragua
.canal. This subject is of vital interest
to tbe American people and with bis
high standing as a thorough American
and high minded statesman, Senator
Morgan has proved a tower of strength
to the project.
This proposed public
improvement is rapidly assuming the
proportions of a national issue and it
will not be long until every member
tif the national legislature must take
r stand on the question.—Miner.
The year just closed has been
pecially noteworthy for the lowest
prices of wheat and cotton on record.
Both KtiffT from unprecedented accu
mulation of stocks, the crops being
large. Outside this
country wheat
production has not increased enough
1" justify a price of 60 cents at N
York, and the accumulation is largely
flue to false reports of yield intended
e— sa*
More g;oods for less money than any other store in Bingham county.
Everything in Dry Goods, Groceries and Provisions.
head and pocket book. Boots and Shoes is one of our specials, from 50 cents
Overshoes and Rubber Boots tor men and women.
fc' -3.W 2fc\f
Clothing going at Cost.
Hats and Caps to fit everybody's
we are strictly in it.
1.0 03X1.1: discount for cash on all dress goods, flannels and muslins over ten cents
discount on all dress trimmings, embroidries and buttons.
per yd. laperez
to frighten buyers and raise prices, j
The same influence has been felt in \
eotton, which is also affected by world j
wide depression in business and de
crease iu the consumption of goods.
ln ftthpp nroiliH'P tbp upor liim
in omer produce marseis me \car uaa
h^en le«w 4 imnortflnt_Diinn'a Rt»vit*w
been less important. Dunn s Hewew. j
. ... u . .
The senatorial fight which is on in
the Idaho legislature, grows hotter i
— rlav tv... limo annriu.hiia f,. r
caul (.lay .is me unit approatues lor
tl.o fir-t ; .int
me ursl JOIUI uatioi.
At the hr.nr » an tr> nroaa the
■ al lue uour ne go 10 press tue
respective friends of both Senator
| Shoup and Congressman Sweet are
claiming the advantage. Both par
»«» have »greed to submit theirL
claims to » caucus of the Republican
members but neither one can com
rnand a caucus at his bidding or fix a
time and place for one. \\ bat the re.
, .. ... ,
suit of tbe election will be, no one at
.. . _. _
this distance can foretell.
The Work He Hoes.
How much doe9 a newspaper man
write in a year? An old newspaper
worker has sat down and figured it
out. He figures that he writes an av
erage of a column and a half every
day, except for his Sunday paper,
when he contributes three columns,
This makes 12 columns a week, 52!
weeks in a year, in which time he
turns out, aod allowing for a week's
vacation, he has 50,840,000 word».
An ordinary book of short stories con
tains about 40,000, therefore hisjr
year's labor is equivalent to 20 books.
Hate To Give Up.
Sacramento, Cal. Jan. 9.—There is
every probability that before to-mor
row night the Republican members of
the legislature will Lave declared their
intention, aud Governor-elect Budd
will know just what opposition he will
have to encounter in order to become
governor of California. The Repub
licans of the assembly held two cau
cuses, to-day at which a concurrent
resolution providing for tbe appoint
ment of a non-partisan committee of
five members from each boose to in
vestigate the recent gubernatorial
election and providing also that Budd
be prevented from taking tbe oath of
office pending such investigation, was
considered. At tbe morning caucus
this resolution was knocked out by
adjournment by a yote of 43 to 9. I
the afternoon caucus the assembly
men appointed a committee to
tbe Republican senators to enter a
joint caucus to be held to-morrow for
the purpose of taking final action on
on the gubernatorial question. A res-1
"lution that the vote for governor be
canvassed was voted down. The Re
publicans in the senate voted down
similar resolution.
Gov. McConnell read his biennial
message to the joint assembly in the
Columbian Theatre, Boise, Thursday
In the main the message is counted
a strong state paper.
«rally endorsed throughout the state.
The recommendations
It will be gen
therein are
alon« the line of retrenchment and
form. Tbe governor strongly favors
a reduction of expense in state and
county affairs, and very particularly
in county affairs.
In some counties
warrants have depreciated almost,
half their value and because of this
counties have to pay double
price for what they buy. This matter
tbe governor considers one of the!
most important which will come lie
fore the legislature.
1 ouch ing taxation lie favors a re
ductioQ of the state leyy froja 85 to «
j 60 cents on the $100. He also favors
\ a new fee bill which will conform to
j the present conditions its brought
by the hard times. 1
He recommends improvements hr !
npnitPiitiHrv mul iiiPTPABÎniy
me peniienuar} anu increasing me |
••fiimritv nf th« irmnnp imvlnm II«
j capacit} of the insane asylum He
compliments Dr. Givens, mealical su.
IHrrinten,lent, and the hoard of direc
torsof the asylum for their good man
i agement of that institution, aud re
r . . , . . I
; news his recommendations of two !
years ago in the methods of transport- j
• 1 ..
ing patients from the several counties !
j to the asvlum . |
He speaks favorably of the state ,
; university and urges the location of
site an d selection of tlw groamto
for lbe g tale agricultural col
! | ?1>e He reviews the management of ^
lc B c - tie m tens me tuauagitueui 01
I the state w-toon road and recommend.
vue staie ag u sonci nau rccuuitucuud i
; „ committee of investigation before
a committee or investigation otron
further appropriations are made for
rr r
t lie road. Other im iiortant measures
luj^o.aiiv lu.as or.
are touched upon and tbe same reconi
mendations for .ightening the bur
uens resting upon the shouiiiers of th**
people ana favoring the betterment of
Now if the legislature will
I follow io toe lines nuuvea out by the
- , , ,
i governor for neefletl retrenchment :in<l
, *
! reform great gOO<I w ill follow from
.1 t a .< .
the work of the session. |
state and county affairs permeates
! them alt.
Advocate» of the legislative caucus
Senators are doing much to force the
early adoption of a sixteenth amend
_ . , . ,
ment to the Federal Constitution.
i- c 4 i l
making Senators elective by the peo
J v
pie of the states.
year. In that state the people ex* :
pressed their opposition to railroad
, ,
government by the defeat of ihe rail- *
ri.nd ti
road cafHliiiati for governor. The
i.t-t fl. f.l ,mg i .1 4 .i
caucus has just declared that the gen
ornl Mfdifitf.p tl.o f „ i,
Tal S flicltor Of the I Dion racine
«hall <rn to the Î Initod a Q
snail go lo me l mua States Senate
West Virginia will soon elect Steye
Elkins. There is talk of Elkins' de- !
feat, but it will result in nothing, Mr
mu» i. P ,.u% . u. m.
tioo ... 31.«« „I Neva.I.
h. .ns success,
mud. as was .be span he was driving
and for which he had paid a fancy
^ _ I
i« i . .
first told the slorv which lias tias-cd -
|w.m . . ...
i ,M « 8tea,i "»< «*" • i"'>' of men
i who have had some of the pork. i
How long can this condition cop- !
tinue? Englishmen are agitating for !
the abolition of the House of Lords
ta-ing an obstruction to popular
government. But the Lords do not
buy their seats in the expectation of
selling putilic rights to private inter
> a9 a means of electing United States
The betrayal of the people in Ne
braska is the first lesson of the new
from Nebraska.
when, just before his first election to
the Senate, he was asked to explain
bis tvident confidence
Stewart said the election was hi- ns
1 price.
It is as true now as when Lincoln
ests as a means of making office pay
more than it has cost.
It is strange
that any honest American, in view of
past and present experiences, should
defend the senatorial auction block
st. Louis Republic.
Till« Hotel Iihn b"on K"*onrin"rl for
the Accommoflfition or the Public.
The (»nintf Room will bo
fSoard $5 Per
« " T < v
1. ». M'jHRISON, pKoi'itir/roH.
MpmI« will t.c furnished ut sriy „ml
all hours. G.ssl Itis.ms Hml
Give us a Trial ii-itl you will
Trustee's Sale.
wber oa*. Andrew J. Nei»n . D .l ct»r* M !
1 ?mi «'uV' huh..! b 5«.vït"î{
! *5 iînuil .mm"' r'nBoJp
l t«h» tlit'ir ivrtiiKi tlwtl of tru«t twiifluil thltf
| of the Mrj#t (i f A i» i*k*auü re
wrUed ln ibe Köeorulsr's office, of Iltfi#bam
L, uu ty «forbid, on iw. m UK> k
*r«>r mu«*»***« on i*** *5 1 *> ..r the rvoir.J
books of Mid office, which mu! «Mol tru»i
«. «I&SU7ÂÏ
o»e prinejjgü bo^o. •**£•
payable ou the Urstüay of <ic«oî»-r. a n i't/r!
I » itb Interest Ih. fw.ti at the raiforNli.fi»
! percent per annum, from tbe .laut thereur uit>
i til paid, aatd Intontac payable aeinbaon unity,
j and .aid interval ivideneed by ten iiunm m
leteat notes (or the »uni of Ptfty Sl* Ib.llar»
! and Seventy cents, tô» Tl» eavn, and whieft
| rÄÄ^Ä'Tbi.'ESi,KL
, datYoTiaYiTi'Y'päiT.ud'Y/, lYte-'a*"!'uuui
•^YLd P bunVi',' < !ir f iH!t.'a > »ere oYeveiYd'ot'iiîh
aSSHS? f t §2ii£l^^Ts*l2^
^ R" 1 h 'i ,ul !' r "" u ' urorot,*. that it »uy pun ..r
(he principal, or Interest l* not |mld att m.tu
ntf - 11 * h " 11 '"'""d thereuficr .t the
i lt f Twelve per uent per annum. pnyaMa
«•■nbi*i>n""Hy. »,'d that ft any lut. reat remain
U np«td thirty.uy. arter d p«i
Û^'n^^ œ at11to uMtSi'ïdrîïh.ùîto^Zt I
'fit nutlet at tnei.ption of tile hol.let, and ..d
* al ' i "'des ar* - payuni.* at tb.*.vmeneun '
j,*tionuHlan!t ut Sait balte City, Utah.hoth
principal and Intermit twin« payable hi United
! States gold cum ur It. equivalent. * III. current
rateuf excliamre un New Yerk t 'tiy.
Slid died o( KriMK li oo lb* foUuvIni (toMtlb
e«l i»remi*n «ttuat» to It»«* county Of HintfU» 4 m
tkiui ftrttf i>r icluho; w>-wit; -W**t halt »►fell*
. t imrt* r. *»n*i nh** -n*t hair n A..«»th
w»-t .|ut»rtvr, an I D»t.H ihr •» Ï, »n.J four l
S*ctiori »Ufhti'.-n lH . an*l iM.rlhwfAi . t uarr» rf»r
the nnriheiMt ««uarter tim! n<>rtb«tii*i »itmro-r
Of the n«rtbw»-At .ju»ru*r.»r rim.i.i n.
l * I t*WMwhlp
Uoim m
d»?«erilM*d prnp*>rty kM*liur 1 « '»%*«> n.*hlp thrr#-.
*■ »*'«'«»> •»? run*** tbirt> «Girht w* »a-r. ib.i*.*
MiîriUlan. toother with »II t**n«?m* nt.w b» r«*.l
llament». privlU tftn «ml th.
untu twW>n*intf. tinr*tb«r with »II w»t«ir rtkhu
| <>wn*«l by mUI irrm.iior# In HttkJ dml.Pi cru«!,
I or any or either of them, or mir t*». or |
with, o
: thereof
' turn lari v (J« , *crll»«ti ** tolBtww
<>r any part
■v nt r« p«.r -
lurry two
****»«.•«. aimpuntinir to CO Inub.-fl In th*' llurkr*>«»i
Canal and Irrt ira tton i •• •npun,. of II bam
I county. Idaho, an tno.>rporat*'.i comiMirty. amt
r " r wht.-h «aid triHtc h -I » .rrcl .*•* ot
And »h.-n»«, it I* ain.xi« other thlnn pwr
»-*•*•» «>r ip.i.-, that ir
, any im.-r.-t r-nmir. nniml.l thirty . lay. stt.-r
,h ;' pnu.-ipui»hulli »4 -,-r... .. .....
table* at om-c, wirbLtif, nufir»-. tu tu»- '»pfDmof
SK^i^r: *«*i m «aid d««*j nf tru«t it in pr»>
vid»-d. amoo# other tbliqr», in un b» unie« ai
to lb** effect, that In cha«* dcfaule«baU UMii t >
, in the paymr-nf ,,f lifhi-r f.r rn- *.» d N, n »l.
note* indfbti dni M or «if»n«*yi» «i r ,r* *mtd. ««
cured by «aid ..I ot tru«r. or th" t»v-'»r
•Sr™**«}*™.™?**™«.'* 'n «•««" or
th«J brwich of any of th** rov«*nanta thendn
: «»"t ,| i n ^. to b* k"pt and perform".! by -«id
i niaker* of *»UI «li i fi of tru«t. fh**n th" «aid
tru*t«*?or hi« *ucc.-*«or*»ii tniAt.^hmi -i: ,»od
dh|K»afi of «aid prcnil.«# « a d ovwry purl tb«*r,
* V r *'i" , V l '"'k 1 wmt ? r r| *t ht- * and «h th» o^bt.
1 . t " ri, nt ♦•«|Ulty of ro«l"inptlol» of th"
«aid makeraof «aid d"* ,| of tmut, Ih"tr b"ir«
Hid fln r- i i ; , . . , r ;
at the front door of th" t ourt M >u«e in th"
c,MJI, ty of llinirhiun and In the «tat« of Idaho.
or«»n «aid pretni.«"«orany |,»irf tbcrrof.ii« may
jjeapetrinod In th" noflw ,»r <ueh .for th"
hi*rhe«t and l."*t prfc" th«- »« «. « ll hrtnv in
ctaah. thirty «lay« prfrvlou« notice of «,,ri» ««)«,
havlnjr U*"n iriv»-n hy publlcathm »»»any new»*
! n ' , '* w «- r ..
wA&u^oY'i-"" A, ' ,lr, w , •' N< l««.n nn.l ( Ur,,
gsg»5Ç» «R» i
•U ilium ti ini H"r!ntV cm.?«' J, u ,»!,*.
h., y», aiMt rniui .» , »»ou. urn)
z H z! y 'iï 'r:: îü.'x ' !: T?:- !
Mil.I ,lntn< 4 II Bill - -..« ih>- I'
ynt fniro ul.l Hlrnrham uuunty .t.iY.'.rVi»
- '"V. 1 " l ' r " <!, ''' 1 *" H.iv.-rn..-. ij „art .-..„V ,
.'tÄlSS^HrJ'»» anri
ti *'Z "V? -
i * a, '* Jam"« ll. hac#»n, aa afore«« Id! trill
! ,2,h ,,il,r of f, « l » p "« r r. A. It. Is».*,, I
! Ä » hoûîej !
Âï 1Î5 «f rrt.h?.'wHi'tV.en
?i"én' 'Anïî.y
"ilYl. t M.Y,Y, , ; i .. r ,Yt r .."V." r^.Yi.Ym. n ;!i7 11 «'.C ,'ÎV !
«' 11 'YS
«"mty, ,, |tm\Y!li'!'YTriYVr,' l YY I m,.nLme!î
'e.itr B o r f T.';':.m'.!ti', h Y TT »mi i
I inj or r<*n< mprion t,f th,, Krt j,| Anflrcw l 1
Nelw.ii hm.I ( lnrn M N, l„. » , . ,7,., r
a»"'S"»Jli"r<-lt. > 111.11 lii-re,o f.,revel i
for the nurisMe i.f puylni, siil.l |.iirxiluiil |j
*.r ni.te, «ml bhI. tw.. im, ! i
«me .,., the tiret ,l„y "f A, I r, IM ,'ï
S3£3;r w - w ''' B, œ
tax ««I«-m iiii.M.. r ir ' l W ,n tb"«miiM I roru
the h,,!," r "I «„hi i,„i',!hi,.,lm'Y. l un,'i n.r'iu.'.r
eiinriii't'hl, r !'',ll,T, "»nYYni'mHÎe Y."'.' Yf,
knnwletlve mill deliver b. i
piirctiasers ,»r s>ihl i, ri . n ,, ,. I' purt.liiiier ,»r
. lent deed Yr Ä!!' 11 u '""' l ,l "' 1 Mini
«mi »ui i„.i K „ „i .üm rf'/S'
DiUed this 2 Sti, day .,f Irit „. r . ,, „
»»A«VK v M liA'A.
ImiirBouiKi» A kTuv! ,u'm' ..
uimmI »>n «aid pr"ml««<
tl water riirhta
• •V
ff the pwrchiumr
i»orrow a lurjre part or n»„vh,
year« time, «HtI«ractorilv .. ,
purcbaacfj, of t.»*« » 1 . 44 ,.
V" no no,
prie", on flv«'
_ on fhc in 1,4
r of tiK* In4"bi"4„c-w 1
1. M*« B 'Hvar M ifAroM
I lot «70, «ult Ukc i :\ty, I
Notice of Trustee's Sale. Notice of Trustee's
'»• m.îwilim «mniTlStaY
Y,!- £h i
* ' Uit Ir cvrlAin (ro«( 4«*t**l f>«*ariit|f 'Uiu i
ör*t »«> uf Uwvntwr, i u imc. «t*i
which »ui4tru»f deed w a* rreortlwl tu ihr !t*v
k ?$*£?&** *2*^ *5t
M m . /'f
.Yr «rSET uîîïÏÏ *.! !! ~!. D**"*" 1
YY 'Ä, "uöÄ :
,, " h " llrr " t n»n»ii u il» m> ui »>tn «
per .fill per annual, payable «tail annually i
»' . .i.l. iuasl l.y t«n int«re»i eoup,.». iu H bl j
a«« UHM Hfiib bout »r nuu ouwM. auo i
»hieh .aid ttu.l deed «a. yi.rn on.u the h.l j
hr»try duaertbed pretufre« .Ituaise m l.e tiien
county -r Bum ham aud atate >.f l.iat... i.... .
fc Ä.i ni ?»5K.'"»*5'WÏ
\u',X'XllZ" JY bÔL VrYf*n'
tôaù !.. Y.Y.. ' Y, *'Y'nuùdrY.'i in. tY.
ÜÛ Y;',..Y'Y.:YY:Y,Y:YY.Y
Lu^.'uw'tl. '^ui*:, r Y^on-up««"
' ,r ban thercr, *n.j
w h.-r.u. It t. provided m .«Id trust deed!
fin.»..* filler thin*., (hat 11 , lW defnuii be
made In the payment *.t either ,,t .aid t.uut
note ih.I. btedn... ..r m.in. v. ..c .,.,1 h> *»ej
tr..t .ie.d, ..r tn- >..., ....
I rSIlSTrj^T* "»•»••» »Wrt 1 *. «» •» casa.d tiw
MMIlul any of tbr vurenaul. lu Mdd tru.t
' .bs-.i eontaitMoi, r.. bêkept ami perf»^me*t foy i
the .«M William E Earr. and Anna »arr then ;
1 to.ell aud dl.yaiae ut «ahl pretulaeaurany par*,
thereof and . aid »»ter rich!., t»<f*the> »uh
all the rlKht. title, t»..,rat arvd rouit, «,f re
•aid w diiam f
J' 4rr «w* 'mm V*r r. ih«** r
aim! tbf'rtMn f*»r**rrr. etcher m
Nnru« ib- ^ .tr f «»r b..t«i
«r»c.r •** »! fH.m! aim! tu,tr+ m*y l^rr^r. «t p«b
,w ' •u , *U» , n *ti lit« Irwii of «h*- r«mrt
in tb*^^<M»untjr of lliofbaoi *i>4 «U 1 « ol
I4*bo. .r ♦»»» «*i*l * 0 ? |»*rt in.wf,
tfh*«t «mt br»» i»n*r a,*, ««me «m
»»liriir Ui cu»h. ftftrr thirty «)•>• E,rtm
ou* r*ntu**<>f «.„ r» b»
n.w n >,»io r
count»' ..r lllnirbatn an .11
W km,tN«'*ii ( |(Wiwfb. a.
purvh^rl mi much "JS « xLl «il»
| 5ee*l or d- ed# ut lu
>r the
mbtlcsiM» In an,
lt.IUh.-d In the «kl I
r u-4 .ur .im!
-tmu-f -,t
■ I>fn.-i4-.,t
•O Ilf»»
«y a««* t or I ho j>rr
**»« . an<! i
- Wl»*«r*-a.to if t* al«'. pn>vWI«tt in *«M tr<y«r ilmt
»»"♦»«« • fthings, (nat
man * 1 in th<* I«$ym.^ntof any *>r *u«h*r •: r.
UMlobtrUn. a« .. r
wtmtbrrof t»rfn« ir.«i ,»» . , „ » . .
d of ihSc^vrnanU l ^
r,| th-rrt v .h.ll .,i».n ..,. t. .Yr .",!, .. .C '
ir ,,r th. r i, -à .»ut i„ i.-M.d .,Yr. 4 ' i
Immsdlilelvdtfo .ndti!u.hta ÎIY,
.„i,, ,. r ,n YY Y„t .a Y./Yj !
taln« ( d to lb** contrary m»t w ■* f \ «• «/, * W - Y*
. v . r nmauho«mi»r»a am)
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! i
/ 'ft / /»•'.>• Remedies,
Shiloh, '.v Remedies,
If 'arner's Re midies,
i'iet'ce's Remedies,
( lover Root Remedies,
I food s Remedies,


Ayer's Remedies.
Stanton's JfeadaelR
Steam's Hondo
t>r. King's Cough Remedies,
Bine Stationery, Tobacco, Cigars,
IlcUtîN lot' 18
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^ ill Be Better riian Ever.
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