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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, June 15, 1895, Image 7

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wtnHi Cu Not It* Cors4
pplli-atiun*, u they can not reach
■b.c-,1 portlou of tha
Hr way to cur* Ilea/U
Thera U
eu end that U
remediu Deafueoa ia
Ï r ao inflsnnsl comiiliou of the
luiujj of the Buatachiau Tube,
j^gpiw tubs gela Inflamed you bare a
_! sound or Imperfect hearing, and
entirely closed Deafness is the
VMUHKkiud uuleea the luflammatlou can be
and this tuta restored to tu nor
hearing will ba dastrured
m <•; ( nine rasee out of ten are caused
t alrrh, which Is uothing hut an iu
nionewdonditlon of the mucous surfaces.
vive One Hundred Dollars for
or Deafueu icaused by catarrh)
btasaJHHl "" l *'* ,url ° by Haifa Catarrh
"Cure, h' cd for circulars, free
J CHUNKY Sc CO , Toledo, O
Hfl by DruggisU, 7ic.
hi 1 a oil* puis «V
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peril I Is**« >*.
~ * *•> BurUojrtun"What
_f 8 *"'
The Jpril Keview of Hev.ew* on the
of the Winter Just pMsed.
outhera Istituiie of uur o«s
sod in the Hriliab Isles The
of ■ mow statue of Washlne
ew Orleans ,»te in Kebruarv
od »Bk freezing over of the Thames
on<lon tlruige in the same !
re two eveuts which fully jus
_ Kevlew in pronouncing Um I
fWof a most unu.ul one for
AeëîSyeara. au«l a rebuff to the "old
H^Kt„sn, d WiU.hl.ul 0 .of "old
comfort and iinprov««m*nt and |
P c, *21?*^ * n j o y B J rn J w b' >n
rightlym«-«!. Ih<« many, who live K*t*
Iftutür hr nu!« "i^.'nTlIv
« «rtd'a U'«i' r nnllort. to
- ,,»,v.ic.t I 11
L-alth of the pura l.qmd
principle* embraced iu the
IlMKHyrupof Figw,
it duo to Ita prraenting }
% tlie form ni.et acceptable and pie»- ;
e-psant to th« lute, the ref reahing and truly
he a i fi fi i -'« properties «>!_ a |» rfect lax
vc|*tWtua!ly cleansing the system.
UPR colds, lira-inch«-* and fryer*
^invM titly curing mnatipation.
vrtt *aU«fnrtion to mlllionaand
h the approval of the medical
u-m and it i* P«rfectly free from
»birrtioimble aubtiUnc«.
p of Fig» i* for sal«« by *11 dro 's
M.a ndfl Htt r * h(lf H —**
Htrrd by the California Fig Syrup
^■y, wh'ow name ia printed on every ;
He, alan the name. Syrup of Fip,
■ing well informed, you Will not
■anycubaUtutelf ofAmd.
■ llir Travel* of llvrr llrt ».
York Tribune: The die
fern«-« wliii-b derelict« traverse ie much
grrstaijlhop is generally «up|>o«ed. A
JJarefullrecord of obkervation» has re
aoited [in the preparation of a chart
^^^Bliuw«« that the hulk of a sehoon
minie K Woliton. ha* drifted.
•*ka,i^iirhjBlic ®® re than
I lit* calmilation la based
f MX report* of Ita having been
Another derelict, which lie
.iV?,'' d " ,U ' d
mileh up to the tun«* it win
ram.lhiitltiii. whtD it iuid be«ii üHout «il*
nioays^'he W L White, another float
If-ng ufkik-r «>f the *es. roamtHl over the
«North Ktlantic for 310 day*, covering
tbstpnne about ß.ooo mile*.
fti.a Tina Vbb Uo Whi
Tatetfc«» Hurllngtoa Koate'* "Blai-k HiUa
.1 b*Bt train to the Black Hill«,
At turning, tho Y*itoHi,tune Na
rk, Heîvu* Butte. Spokane, Seat
kro DIB
» tune table etc , apply to the
t aient or write
(on f
■<« trau wal k e d , but Done have
w tMe • ured of their love for mud
\k- A
1 atUptf tt,
Many man
[of many minds
say that
all otlmr kinds
jsfpuîix Plug is much
the liest chewing tobacco
oiide. It'sLorlllard's.
1 he Man With a Memory
.in«! before Khcrinan advanced on |
iiin (leorgiit campaign, a man sup
poHed to tie a reliel spy was one day
nmsted in a rets*! camp. He wuh in i
a Föderal unilorm, but las look and
his language were unmistakably J
Southern, He c laimed to Iwloiig to ;
a regiment in another camp about !
two miles away, and he was sent to
file guard-house until his assertion 1
could Is; verified or disproved. J was ;
officer of the day at camp that day,
and that is how I came to learn
.. ho i
umny of the particulars of the affair
I am relating. It was in thecamp of
a Wisconsin regiment that tlie spy,
who gave bis name us Georg«* Swift.
w as arrested. He had come there
than I
.. h nd !
was not so much against him, I
for at that time we bad plenty of j
1 vnne.sset' and Kentucky men with j
«-onilliaful do you U-loiig •
to?" I asked.
"Tin*-tli Illinois," lie repinsl
1 ask.sl what brigade and division.
w |,o W|IH hfatt'aniain arel various i
. .. aptatn aiei vaunts
"'her tilings, atld be ri-ttiriiisl what
* ** !*•* st.j.igbt answers to
y quest ion When 1 ask« «' who
Im* had «mile to visit in Wis« onsin
r«-giiiiciit be was lame. II.« i n
Homd the name of « man no one had I
ever heard of It was on this .stint
alone that I held him A iin-s- ic««-.
. . J L.;„ after Us ilMnoh
i upturn nam.-tl, m»<l in alunit an
hour heapiMuired. Tin* Htipiaie«*«! spy
was taken to the tent of t Ik- ling. ul.«
Hcnenil, and as soon as brought fat«
to face with the Captain It«« saltit<«<|
iin.l Mttiil
anti Mil l
"I «plain Morton, the twople here
seem to think I am a n«l*«l spy."
"Aujfwho are you?" queri.si the
( aptain. plainly aatonislnsl.
"Do your ask that'" n«prou«hftlll V i
inqttiml the mini "Who nluuild I
Is* but (»««org«- Swift ot your own !
coinjiany?" _ t
"I«»n cant Im». I never saw you
Is.fon« in my lif««." j
"M'hy. l aptain Morton!"
Tin* two men looked at ««a«b other |
ns if doubting th«*ir «iw» wtiws, iiml
the (Senernl iiskinl of Swift:
"llow long have von ■!s«««n with his
»nvpatiy"" i
"ronr months, sir. I « time down
as a recruit from I'«sin"
"Who is your •<! «ieriv Sergeant?''
"Sergeant White, sir
'V 1 ".' ! "'" . v, '" r '•onittiission.sl of
"< aptain Morton. First l.ictit ti ant
'.i.'nl.«n..nt llayis Tin*
I»'*';r «" home on furlough
mtitiv ni<*n in lin* «ninp.m y''* '
"Wtty oifflit. Hir/
««" - v "' ,r *«'"* '
t»s«ar In« k-ai. I nomas I at • «*r
nn«l .l«»hn IVhlgrtin. '
"Well. I'aptain'.'" queried the (Snt
mil, as lie turned to I aptain Mor
TheCaptahi wa* ••lean Is-ut He ;
was d««inl sttre that no mich man I*' :
11 - H" I"-*...;
* had annweml .«\«*r.t question
auHtriiigllt iih ii Htrilitf. ;
"I'll »take my lift* that 1 iu>vi*r saw
*^1» ninn before." theCttPlaln finally
answoivtl. "ami I know ««wry man in
»V company by name."
The ap.v was,»rdere.lt«« strip to his
shirt, i.tt.l for the tirst time bis- «, ml
neaaarame<i to desert him Here
pixtaelied the I aptain for permit Hug
this indignity, but slowly disrolvil. |
In one ot his boot legs «vas a pm iiet. '
and in this pocket w«> found a pafs-r ]
lM*aring figures ns follows:
«rin, fnnr „r liv.. «„u
in ti t tom a it si is on in s, j
<n«'in«»i-aniia. running ti-oin ^ one Jo .
" b'"' a ski'll to explain t In* !
meaning ol t iiem, in« sai.l .aev
some cxampli - in algi-Jit-ii he •'»•*!
li«*en working out with t In*; boy - »
it lew inimités «ve «yen* satisfl«*d t .i.-it
the pa pet rem I Aitilleiy in Jiis,
Ostensibly to « isit friends, but
„{ Hie Isivs had s«*<*iihini slyly taking
"'des, alal lie bad ask«il stu b «pi«*s
tions as no private Federal soldier 1
wotilil have anv use f«ir. It w.is
iI'*IM*rillly UllU<'rntuu«l timt tllü
( 'ou f<sl««rates were using ev.-rv«'M>r
, ...i , rw
«•'•» to secure knowlei lg.« ofhhertnan s
strength a nil movements, ami tin«
Imivh hail no sootier got tin* idea
that the strung«^ was a spy
tlM*y ga «I* .I. ' informa tiontoin«
1 l' ut him I saw at a I
I glrtiee that he was of Sont hern birth,
• «
." Titcii
iliviRion tWf-ntv-HPven pi*
"I" stood for infantry nn.l " for
cavalry. Wc wor«* Katiaflctl, ami yet
««-t* «v««ri* not. for ns soon n* wc mail**
it out tin- way I hav«> given it to
you, Swift sai.l:
"({«'lierai, ('«ptiiin Mot ton «loosiiot
s's'iu to Im« a good hatul to roimun
lier fairs. Will you please send for
the Orderly .Sergeant and my tent
mat*»'.' If! ean't show by them that
I have Im-cii with eompany tl four
months you can order me hung ns
« spy."
Th.* cool
if ion st aggered t he
(letteml. Hn«l we «lis.'overe«) tin* |m
|M«r in the man's poeket instead of
Ids boots he wouhl have Iwn allovv
«*d to walk off. That «liseovery look
ed suspicious, and In* was onleird
buck to tin* guard-house it mi the
persona sent for. Two hours lafyr
lie was confront «*<1 by tl»' Orderly
"Sergeant, do you know this man?"
iiskml ths (leneral.
"No, Sir."
"Isn't he a member of your eom
"No, sir."
"You nr«> «l<'nd stnx* of tliis?"
"I am, sir."
Swift m-tually grinned an if it wan
a good juke, and said:
"Perhaps I have changed skins
with Homebody since I came out ol
camp this morning. Sergeant White, j
.V<»ur given mime in Thomas. You
!' a, . ne froul V ? u , have !
J,.' 'von bull week. ' You got'LT.O.-U
tors from your girl in (ialewburg. i
You are thirty-two years old. You
*'. av '' 11 I "'other Hen a Company K. j
« t h«ro!l of ourcompany: ;
wriglit. Henierit, lieumer. Bust wick, 1
Carter, Corliss, Costigau, Crawtord j
— !
forty or fifty
i l( , KHV * them ail eormt, too. Tlj „
Sergeant lookcil from his Captain to !
the prisoner, and then pinched him-j
»*'ir to see if ho was awake or asleep. 1
„Jj^ 1 'iîut »!.Tm^t tî^
long io t lie company." :
"Yes, lie certaiuiy must," added 1
tlie Cajjta'n.
Well, take him back to camp with
you, sergeant, «aid the Ueueral.
"Hold on, though, didn't wesend for
his tent matt«?"
"They are here, sir."
"Well, we'll see
The three men were brought in and
inside of five minutes Swift was a !
doomed man. He had come into j
<amp four or five days previous, j
claiming to belokingforn friend, and |
hud hrilied the hoys to let him into the
*?>'*■ He made hisest-urnimi through
«he division from this. point, lie
»I"" h «*** man with a wonder- i
lui memory, and bad gamisl «scans
information with out s»-««iiiing to ,
pump anybody. He tried tohrave it
out against the three imm. but other
WMnbers of the company tret» «ent
f*' r , and his nerve at last gave wav. 1
. ■ , ..a,,,,. |
• , A . , I
four «lavs after las capture fMiiltb
was hung \\ lille lie «lied gan>«'and
wouhl admit nothing,it wassatisfa«-
»orily w«ttl««d that he came from
Johnnton'a army an«l that he was ,
»»l«l ill the busill««ss. 1 was at t be fo.it
of the gallows as lie mounted it, and
«b. n tin- a..,., was put over las
I ni*arcl Inin wiy.
"H«*ntl«*iii#*ii. it s a <1 «I fine morn*
'*ig to start on sin li a journey as
mine.'—N««VV ^ ork Sun.
if they twognize
Ssi*er«tltloBs Abeut Insects.
I nan tl«.- N««« t «irk <lm|«hi<
The koran sa vs all flies shall js-rish
WIV e one. the Inn* fly. |
|j is r<-gar«lc<lasa<li«ath warning in
i Hcritianv to h«*ar a cricket's erv I
The Tapuya Indians in South
! America any the devil assumes the
t |,,riu of a fly. j
Rain is. in s«mt«* parts of our own ?
j count rv. <«x|ms' 1 «mI t«> follow tmtisttal- j
|y |«m<f chirping of crickets. j
| ' Kli««s an* sometimes regarded as
furnishing prognostications of the
n<*atii<«r, ami <*ven of other events. |
Hp.inianls, in t lie sixt«s«nt It century,
i ls*liev«sl that spiders imlicatcd gold, '
when« th««y wen« fourni in abundance.
Although a sa«n««l insect among
the Kgyptians, the lss«tle receives
hut lit 1 1« notice in folk l«»n*. It is un
In« ky in Knglainl to kill on«*.
In Hertiinuv it is sai.l to indicate
a ,,o.| hick 1«! have a spider spring his
«tel. downward tonard ,V«.U. but l«.d
lurk wlwii h<* rise* toward von.
Thf* ?rriiv»1u>|>iM*r in a nuftiwntlv
tinwidrnitM* vmitrnit of lliinnolf in thin i
«•-mntr«. Imt in (i. rmnny bis ptvs. no
is furl h.-r sai.l to atinotimv strange
A Welsh tra«lition savs l»s*s .'«tut««
from I'aiadis««. I. aving the gard«'ll
wh.'it man fell, hilt with Hisl's bl.«ss
; j n g. so that wax is n.svssarv in the
: ivlchntlion of the mass
. ... . :
llml th««re was a «los.« «-onrns-tiou In*
twwn hin und tin* homI. Porphyry :
sts-aks «if "thorn* souls which tlie an
«-tents railed ls*es
It i« >.-ti«l that upon the ha<-ks ot
tha seven ymt ItM ust there soin. -times
apts-iu- marks like,, letter <»f the
nlplmlmt When this looks like:,
\v' it is Uiought that war isimmi
nent >
(ierm.in tribes reganled stag beet Ich ]
as diabolic, and rill bis-tles are de
tested in Ireland, ttt.m« ««stssinllv n
bronze variety known as "gooldie." !
It is also Mieved that to sts* a Iss-tle
will bring tin a rainstorm the n«*xt
d "Y- I
There arv said to Is* tu* spiders in j
Ireland, ttor will spiders spin their ;
IV eb |n mi Irish oak nor on a eedat
roof. A spidt«r is sai.l to have savetl '
M(tlumini«*«1 from his ptirsm-rs In
spinning Its web across u cave where |
l„> sought ivluuv. The same is said
tii'David in the Cave of Ailiill.-nn |
, , ., I
A. 1«. . until, who lives about three
mil.-s from town on the Athens ron.l,
Jtnt it serums encounterwitliadersey
bull a short tune ago. Mr. Smith
t\as ''"Iking through las pasturi*.
when the bull made a dash at him,
knix-Ktug linn down, and w hen ho j
arose the hull tlowned hint again. |
This time, however, Mr. Smith suc
ceeded in getting up, when he junt|»«<l
fence that was close by and tints
esenp«*d from the enraged animal
Mr. Smith examined himself nn.l
found that he had received n broken
finger and several bruises in the on
counter. He then seized a fence rail '
and jumped the fence, when the bull
ittade another wild rush at him, Rut
wit It a well aimed blow he felled the
animal to the ground and belabored
him to such an extent that when he
arose.Mr; Smith says, he was com
nletely* compteml. The hrnises which
Mr. Smit h tvwtvcd in the encounter
an* last healing, and he is receiving I
Hi«' congratulations of his manv
fi-i.jmls as the champion "bull-,
ol t hi« wM»t ion
A light With a Hull.
Waf kiln
ill*» Knn>r|iHar.
Kegato'* Gliadi) Table.
j Rician, announced that be had dis
covered a way of petrifying the hu
! «>«» body so a» to preserve its form
^thout change; of appearance. He
i submitted specimens of his work to
the grand duke of Tuscany, who
j thought well of the discovery, and
; offered to buv it from Segato. The
1 I ,h Y 8,cmn refused the offer, and while
j b* waited for» higher bid died, either
Fifty years ago or thereabout*'
Oitueppe Segato, a Florentine phy- i
! suddenly or after a very short illnws.
He never revealed his process, and
*» 88 ®<'-ct was bnncj with him.
! T,,< ' following description of Sega
to's best known specimen, first pub
1 lislied about a year age in a medical
i ourn,U - ,,u « «■**» appeared in almost
: ever ->' neu ' 8 l ,u I* < * r in l,,e country:
1 In the l'itti palace, at Florence, is
a table which for originality in the
matter of construction, uud gliast
! ,m P rPW "o n °* » 'urious mosaic ol
j marbles ofdifferent shades and colors,
j for it looks like polished stone. In .
| reality if is composed of human J
niusdes and viscera. Xo less than a ;
hundred bodies were requisitioned'
fertile material, "nie table is round
i and about a yard in diameter, with
attedesfnl an«l tour clow feet, the
, whole Ix-iiig fern»*«! of |s>tritfe«i
humum remains. The ornaments of.
the pedestal are made form the in
testines. tb.-.-laws with hearts, livers
1 and lungs the natural color of which
.J . , "ortiiwiiiin
I w pre»»'r\ e«l. llietuble top is con
structed of mtiscl«*s artistically ar
ranged, and it is liordered with up
wards of a litindnsi eyes, tlie effect
ol which is saiil to Is* highly artistic,
, since they retain all their luster, a n«l
seem to'follow the observer, film to
di««ti altout 50 years ago He ob
tain,si bo.fi«, from the 1,offals and
indurated them by impregnation
with mineral Kalte. i
Curiosity led the present writer,
wb««lt in Fiiirelic»- ns-eiltiy. to obtain
a view of this curious piece of furni
bat saw was s«> entirely
«ilffetvnt from what he had lss-ri led
! to ex|ie«-t. that he is mpv«.*«! to tell
| the readers of tlie Sun about it.
In the first pliuv. tin* "table is,
I not iu the l'itti palace, but in the '
«uatomical collectio of the new St.
-Mary's Hospital: then* tlie present
j writer had an opportunity of ex
? amintng it, in company with Dr.
j Stanislao Hianchi, who is in charge
j of tlie collection.
The "table" is oval, of what looks j
lik«* mahogany; it is about 18 inches
| long by 12 wide, and «-onsists of a
t«»p only, if has no appearance wlmt
' ®Tt»r of ever having had a pe«lestal. ]
1'l"' human putrilm tions on it «on
sist or thin of small sect ions or slices j
alxttit 1-<t4 of an inch think, which'
»re vene.-r.sl upon it: some
mond shtt|sd. some oval, others
square. with surlace like fine
grained wood, all arranged in asvni
m,*tHeal rectangular oblong d«*sign;
there is a hor.ler around it. present
iliff at-flrnt nifflit the nppearance of «
i «'heedvor board. Soill.* of thwo vo
n«*.*rs*. by tin* «-ffots of dampness, |
have Usttme «letache.1: one or two
have fallen off altogt*tlier. l'rof.
»h«ii. liipoint«| out that these were
small hits ofolgailisms ofthe human
Iwsly. stn-li as tlie loins, kidneys, liv
er. spleen, lungs, skin, all of natural
color, ami flint prohahlv, in order
;«■ *■; v™■;< »»■
been t.ik.n front Inns «adaters.
1 nnreuniv, however, no hmnnn ovos f
in the Ismler or anywhere else.
Dr. Hianchi showed otln-r S|s*« i. ;
mens of Segato's process—a female
s.-alp of perfectly natural color, with
hmg fl«.wing hair attached; a worn
ana breast, fair an.l white. ,s*rf,stl V
hfc-Ukc. In tln*se cases the parts pré
served were like medium pnatehoara in
thicknena an«l flrnitn»as. He showed
also pet rifled reptiles, fish, and sepa
rat«* parts ofthe human body, all
prepared bv S«*gat«. atttl doubtless
st.hn,itt,*«l by him when he offeml to
ni- ; , ,i -,
sell Ins secret to the Tuscan govern
It was diftieult to get an expression
of opinion from the dootor altout the
vtvltie of Segnto's pnsvss. and the
consequent importance to science of
its lose. "It has notbeen discovered
sin«»; it ia it pity that it still remains -
unknown," was nil that the kind and
courteous professor wouhl say on the
subject. "Segato ask«*«l rather
large price, iterhaps, but he knew his
own busin«>ss, doubtless.
The "table" is not seen by innnv
visitors to Florence, or evenbvninnv
Florentine«; the custodians of Segâ
to's sjtecitnens. even if thev do not
no upn*nt «'nthusiasm for the objects
of their cnre.-New York Sun.
lin<-ss in conception, is probably
without n rival. It was made by
! Huisep(ie Segato, who passed several
years of his life in its manufacture.
To the casual observer it giv«*s the
are «lin
contentious humor that is rarely
,Ml1 * "* ar,> " ,08, familiar to the pub
He, A correspondent says that he
' remarked of Rhode Island that "it
was settled bv the Dutch; the Yan
kees settled the Dutch;" and of cer
tain t'hrist inns who landed in New
England: "Thev praised Hod and
fell upon their knees—then thev fell
upon the nhorigi-nese." The ox
Secretary also sent to Bancroft this
I "Prar Rnncroft: I nra v««r.v gimt to mut
yea two pnaftn-t* <»fmy pen to-tluy— « b*r>
" uUw
A Humorous Senator.
Senator Kvart* has a command n
hinted at in such of his oblong |n*ri
i %
:• f
is the purest and strongest
baking powder made. It has
received the highest award at the U. S.
Gov't official investigation, and at all
the Great International Expositions and
World's Fairs wherever exhibited in
competition with others.
It makes the finest, lightest, sweetest,
most wholesome bread, cake and pastry.
More economical than any other leaven
ing agent
n in ruder Water i
ni,. , h /
logical g£^ ea i* fed, the fish are
thrown into the water, and the bird, !
which cannot fly in air or swim on the
surface of the water, at once plunges
s* 1 ' 1 is transformed into a swift and
beautiful creature, beaded with glob
quicksilver, where theair clings
I? ,be i. ^ , * e »tners. and flying
through the clear sDd waveless depths
with arrowy speed and powers of turn
ing far greater than in any known form
of aerial flight The rapid and steady
strokes of the wings are exactly simi
lar 10 tiiose of the air birds, while the
floet straight out, level with ita 1
unuse ^ 1oT prppuKton ,or even as
rudder '- and ,? s lut i e ,^, et ' ded -,J I L
"e ^.°Th?%whU «d
turns necessary to follow the aciire
little fish are* made wholly by the f
strokes of one w.ng snd the cessation
of movement in the other; and the fish
» rec based, caught and swallowed
»»bout the slightest relaxation of
„ ^ in a su b raar ine flight which is
_, lite as rapid ^ that of most birds
which take theic prey in midair.
j- : -
Lik« a Machine, _
Which keptiuoracr runs smooiuly and regte
TnYm^tg^ '
",hon Jonn,,,. M . l«.( R«a«r
u the characteristic title of a profusely
Illustrated boo« containing ever one hun- i
^'T^mmer'îCm '"'the «oTntra
north and west of t bi«a«o. 1 be reading
rnatfer is new. the illustrations are new.
and the informal ion therein wtu be new to
* T£, P v of' -Short Journev» on a Ismg
R«, ad " wtu te sent free to anyone who *11
sadoseten «ent* ito pay postage* to Geo.
.Ä 1 *
Chlraio. ni natiway.
k —---—
, . "??* *'• ?** r . .
l-ondon Daily News: from Lemberg
railway station at Rawaruska. Amen
agerie was being conveyed by rail and
when the train stopped at the station
a great noise was heard. The guards
"ent to the wagons containing the
w, ! d ""J* ? nd foun ,' 1 , l, 'f wo ? den f* r '
hv^as hroken doTn and theT
!m a T* eng^e.î Tn rattle "oc ^Searwäs
missing, the lions had eaten him. skin
and all. They had bitten another bears
paw off and a hyena lay dead on the
fioor - Two lions in a neighboring com
part ment remained calm. No one dared
until the owner arrived in a sledge and
separated them—not before he had
been bitten by a bear, however. He
claims damages from the railway ad
ministration because the partitions
Tun, infer*, ot course, that
in« surest recourse
wor* my oracr
tne> T are out of oroer
then is to Hostetler * ntomach Bitters, a laxa
uvr mild buteneedve, »men Is ai*o a remedy
He always doe* hi* tat who alwavs does
all be,-an. ' '
lor uy»pep»ut. rutuoikUhUi, oervou»
béa* ktiiU fekduey irouoic.
7 he less blood there is in a sermon the
more compliments the preacher will get.
"Hanson's Marie Corn Balvo."
Vtn*m*l » CBIB Ot ItfklMMd. Sft* JO
frufÿU. for it. Price li cents
It is veil to have a nolle purpose, bat oh!
l*erform the doing of it.
cave tv ay.
***" TILL IllC ILLd ITini * l"I* viln DHIfltl
e • • • •
• • • • CURE IS KING; /WKe with ACHES io Everythin*.
Perhaps you may think that Scott's Emulsion is
only useful to fatten babies, to round up the angles and
make comely and attractive, lean and angular women,
and fill out the hollow cheeks and stop the wasting of
the consumptive, and enrich and vitalize the blood of
the scrofulous and anaemic persons. It will do all this
—but it will do more. It will cure a
Hard, Stubborn Cough
when the ordinary cough syrups and specifics entirely
fail. The cough that lingers after the Grip and Pneu
monia will be softened and cured by the balsamic heal
ing and strengthening influences' of this beneficent
food-medicine, namely, Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver
Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda.
Refuse substitutes. They are never as good.
Scott & Bownc, New York. All Druggists. 50c. and ft.
station is credited wilh the following:
! It is not advisable to sow white clover
alone on land for hog pasture, buta
mixture of several grasses, such as two
bushels of blue grass, one bushel of
orchard grass, one peck of timothy and
four pounos of whit* clover seed. Sow
this on three acres of groun«f. with a
very light seeding of oats and bariey,
or. better still, without any grain at
all. It is suggested that the land be
not pastured until the sod is well
formed, and if the grass runs up tall
that it may be cut for hay. Xo stock
1 should be turned in on the field until
the second season, unless a few weeks
fa l l . whl e ^ ground is dry.
Mmk# T ® or ° wn Bltt#r * !
f ^^ ^ 8
Bitter« T <jne °wck\g^*tnak m
one gallon beg tonic known Cureastom
ach. kidlney disease, and i* a erewt appe
tuer and blood purifier. Just the medicine
needed for spring and summer 2Sc at
your drug store -Address Gao. G. Sr«
sxtex, Grand Rapids. Mich.
If a woman has » nice looking pocket
book to csutt. she doesnt care« bather she
has any money or not.
j, wW
What an ordinary man eats
and the w-ay he eats tt would
be enough to give dyspepsia
gt ^
ff — ' s:?t his digestif
ß Æ iSâS$jÊ^ from time t > time
j" e ig c i ent
combination of
jl vegetable ex
tracts. Such a
3t preparation is
W W Dr. Pierce's
ff n.r' excellence
those who
«S' sometimes eat
the wrong things and too much. They
stimulate action in all of the digestive
organs. They stop sour stomach, windy
helchtngs, heartburn, flatulence and cure
Är^vt Ml £* U ?T 'a lB J
A Word About Whit« Clover.
Drs. H. H. Green & Sons of Atlanta
Ga., are the greatest dropsy specialists
in the world. Cure more patients than
the entire army of physicians scattered
over this beautiful land of ours. A val
uable discovery outside any medical
book or published opinion. A purely
vegetable preparation. Removes all
dropsical symptoms rapidly. Ten days'
treatment mailed to every sufferer. See
advertisement in other column.
Only a t rave man is afraid of a ghost of
a murdered opj-ortunity.
11 the Htbjr is CattlUf Teeth.
that old and well-tried remedy. Ma
WiüRLöw * 6 ooTMUf« SrKvr for Children Teetainc
Bright things are not always good thing«.
S* rare end
Once used they *re always in favor.
Ely's Cream Balml
I Price SO Cent*, j
Apniy Balm into each noatril.
Elt Brno«., A 6 Warrwn 8 t., K. T. I

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