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Fourteen Mistakes.
The following fourteen great mis
takes that may be treasured iu the
memory with profit to all: It is a
gteat mistake to set up our own stan
dard of right and wrong, and judge
people accordingly; to expect uuifor
mity of opinion ia this world; to look
for judgment and experience in youth,
to endeavor to mold all dispositions
alike; not to yield to immaterial trifles;
to look for perfection in our own ac
tions; to worry ourselves and others
witb what cannot he remedied; not to
alleviate all that needs alleviation, as
far as lies in our power; not to make
allowances for the infirmities of oth
ers; to consider everything impossible
that we caunot perform; to believe
only what our finite minds can grasp:
to expect to be able to understand
everything. The greatest of mistakes
is to live for time alone, when any
moment may launch us into eternity.
The Last or Pugilism.
It seems reasonable to believe that
pugilism is rapidly nearing the point
of extinction in this country, so far as
public demonstrations are concerned
The spirit of civilization is clearly
against the kind of science that fights
for gate receipts, and brings together
great crowds of the worst elements of
society. There can be no doubl ahout
the drift of public sentiment in this
respect when prize-fighters are denied
protection or indulgence in one state
after another, and no place can be
found where the law will permit them
to give one of their brutal exhibitions.
Tbere was a lime when pugilism was
represented by men who, with all their
faults, had a certain order of manli
ness, and were not mere bruisers and
dead-beats. The change from that
class of champions to such as we now
have is sufficient to disgust all decent
people with the business, and to ex
plain tbe activity of the public author
ities against it. When men like Cor
bett and Fitzsimmons are put forward
as the best representatives of an art
that once commanded the respect and
patronage of reputable people, it's no
wondet that a loud demand ensues
for the suppression of the fistic con
tests as a form of popular amusement.
These degenerate successors of the
heroes of pugilism arc in themselves
a conclusive argument against prize
fights of the present day.—Ex
Thgre is No Excuse
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service, for not being posted on all
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educator. Everybody admits that.
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The Discovery Saved His Life.
Mr. G. Caiilouette, Druggiät, Beav
erviile, Ili., says:
Discovery I owe my life,
with La Grippe and tried ail the pby
cians for miles about, but of no avail
and was given up and told I could
not live. Having Dr. fling's New Dis
covery in my store I sent for a bottle
and pegan its use and from tbe first
dose began tn get better, and afrer
using three bottles was up and about
again. It is worth its weight in gold.
We won't keep store or house without.'
Get a free trial at B. H. Fernish's
drug store.
To Dr. King's New
Was taken
To The People of Blackfoot.
Unscrupulous persons have been
representing that I have gone out of
tbe coal business and my agencies
This is not tbe case, I
. still handle Hard and Soft Coals the
same as ever. Do not be humbugged
into buying inferior coal when
can get a superior article for less
money. Orders left at the Express
Office will receive prompt attentif«.
Rock Springs Lump Coal delivered
at $7.00 per ton.
F. W. Vogler, Agent.
CASH PAID for J2,000 pounds of
Oats, at once, at »be Blackfoot mill.
Hinkle & Whittier, Receivers.
Parks' Tea is • great lilood purifier
and cleanser. A pleasant herb drink
which moves the bowels without pain,
griping or discomfort.
It's just as easy to try One Miuute
Cough Cure as suy thing else. Its
easier to cure a severe cough or cold
with it Let your next put chase for
a cough be One Minute Cough Cun
Better medicine; better results; better
try it.—Hull & Greene, druggists.
Hayden Bros., Dry Goods, Omaha
It is a truth tn medicine that the
smallest dose that performs a eure is
the best De Witt's Little Early Ris
ers are the smallest pills, will perfoiui j
Hull & ;
a core, and are tbe best.
Greene, druggists.
Don't Go
Coughing around. You can stop it if
you want to by using Parks - Cough
Syrup. If it doesn't cure your cold
you can get your money back.-Sold
by Hull A Greene.
Land Office at Blackfoot. Idaho, I
October Mb 1SB5. f
Notice Is hereby given that Fred S. Stevens. p
for and in behalf of heirs of Fred A. Stevens.
deceased, of Blackfoot. Bingham county. Ida. ,
has Sled notice of intention to make proof on *
his desert land claim No. 1422. for the SE l * :
SEV, and lots 8 and 9, Section T and lots 1, Sand I
4 SWt, SWc, Section 8, Township 3 S. Range
35 E, before the Register and Receiver at '
Blackfoot. Idaho, on Tuesday 19th day of No
vember. 18». He names the following wit
nesses to prove the complete irrigation and
reclamation of said land :
James M Steveos. William Johnson. Adolph
Johnson and A. W. Thompson, all ot Black
foot, Idaho.
John G Brown, Uegisier.
Notice is hereby given tbst the following

Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Blackfoot, Idaho,
October liSth, 18Du.
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of bis claim,
and that said proof will be made before tbe
Retristerand Receiver at Blackfoot, Idano, on
November 26th, viz: William H. Perkin*, j
Homestead 2H11. for the EH 8H\ and SH SEH
Section 23, Township 11 South. Hange 31 East, !
H. M. i
He names the following witnew, to prove
bis continuous residence up.iu uud cultiratloo
of, said land, viz : |
George Stuart. Isaiah Stuart. Brigham Hart- j
ley, Claudius Frodsbam, all of Kockland, ]
John G. Brown, Register
Notice I« hereby given that Edward A. Bead
rteker, of Howe, Idaho, bus flled notice of In
tention to make proof on his Desert-land claim
No. 444. for the SV4 SEI,. Sec. JU. Tp. « North.
Range 29 East, before Fred S. Stevens, Com
missioner of tbe V. S. Circuit Court. District
of Idaho, at BlacKfoot, Idaho, oq Tuesday, the j
28th day of November. 1S95.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his complete irrigation and reclamation of
sa,d ,and : 1
f. j

Desert Land, Final Proof— Netiee foi
rotted States Land Office. I
Hailey. Idaho. October Uth. 1SW5. f ;
John R. Rodgers, Edward Ireland, John W.
Kyle, Michael Fallen, all of Howe, Idaho.
W. H. BKODHkAD. Register.
Desert Land, Final Proof.-Notice for)
C.siTkD Statbs Laud Omo* i
Hailey. Idaho. October Uth, 13S5 (
Notice la hereby given that John R. Rodgers
of Howe, Idaho, has flled notice of intention
to make proof on bis Desert-land claim No
443,fortbeSWisSEI»8E 1 4 9Wq.tlec 24,.NW> t j
NE* Sec. 25. Tp. « North. Range» East, he- ;
fore Fred S. Stevens.Commissioner of L\ 8
Circuit Court for District of Idaho, at Black
foot. Idaho, ou Monday, tbe 25th day of No- !
He names tbe following witnesses to prove !
his complete Irrigation and reclamation of !
said land : ;
Edward A. Readricker. Edward Ireland
John W. Kyle, Michael Fallett, all of Howe
Idaho. '
vember, 1895

W. H. Brodhead. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Laxd Orne* at Haioüt, Idaho, I
October Uth. 1395. (
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has flled notice of his Intention
to make float proof in support of hi, cialm.
and that said proof will be ma dc tiefore Fred
S. Stevens. Commissioner U. 8. Circuit Court
for District of Idaho, at Blockftjot, Idaho,
November25th. 1M6. viz :

H E. No. 955, for the 8'/, NB'*, N|/, SE! 4 , Sec.
24.Twp. 8 North. Rangez» East.
He names the following witnesses to
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said land, viz :
Edward A. Readricker, Edward Ireland,
John W. Kyle, Mlcbael Fallett, all of Howe.
W. H. Brodhkad, Register.
• 7
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In

All kinds of Vegetables,
Pish and Game in Season.
Plow work a specialty at G. W.
Benjamin's Brick Shop. All work
warranted to give satisfacti-iu-for the
least possible amount of inouey.
G. W. Benjamin.
There are good many reasons why
you should use One Minute Cough
Cure. There are no tessons why you
should not. if in need of help. Tin
only harmless rem**d\ Ural
immediate results .-Hull & Greene.
Buck lea's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world f--r
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Teller, Chapped
Hauds, Chilblains, Corns ami nil.
Skin Eruptions, and positively cures ;
Piles, or oo pay required. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refund«!
cents per box. For sale by Beu. H
Price 25 !
Notice of Assessment.
Location of principal place of business. :
Blcckfoot. Idaho. Notice is hereby given that
at a meeting of the Beard u! Trustees held on !
Saturday. September S-ib, IM, an assessment
No. IT, of Two Dollar« and Filly Cent* fci 30»
. , .
p * r ,h * re - *'** * evled U P°'' the capital stuck
ot tb ''' r eor »" Jr * tio "' P"J r » bl « to Juhu Mont- ,
*° uier - T ' s * cretar J r aIltl Treasurer. East Mam
* wl *'** ho Biackfix.t, Idaho Any
8,oclt upon which this assessment shall be us
I * ltl 00 Tuesday the 5th day of November, i
" 111 be delinquent and advertised fur sale
** pUb,iC • uc ' iob ' a " J nnl *" »»|
***""'• ^ u ' >ugb of " u;b i *** rl f'' of •*" cb W "J **
*" U1 ,JQ s * lurll »i the Jbth day of November.
,SW '* Ub «** ut » ,t- i
vertis.ng and capcnsc of saie
Sec y and Treas Eastern Idano Water Co.
Blackfoot. Idaho, September »th, 1SU5
Delinquent Nulle«
*" ld 1,0 î<UVB, * bCT '*1 -
! ,0 ® 5 - •» Btockfoa '. I,laho - to P"T [h * Uel '"
quent assessment, cunt of advertising and el
pense ot sale :
Of Assessment No. 5 of the East Branch of the
Blackfoot Irrigation Company
Notice is hereby given that the following
stock ot East Branco of the Blackfoot Irriga
, .
j ttocar Cane* . 3
Berryman A Hoirera . 9
! ? J} • Hopkins 3
i J, " . Keeney.... .... 9
No. o Shares
.... 2 .
11 :v
^1 23
ft! Oi
9 75
C. Berryman H ,
F. J Jonnson .... I
| j?. A . R*-bet hau
j James Hackle.,
. 3
L'has. H Wicks,
Secretary and Treasurer,
i Blackfoot, Idaho, October 9th. 189ft
Notice foe Publication.
LanuO men at H wear. Idaho, i
October lith. lr*r>.
. Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has flled notice of her Intent., m
to make final proof In support of her claim
and that said proof will be made lu-fore Fred
8 . Stevens. Commissioner of tue V S. Circuit
Court Tor District of Idaho, at Black Toot Ida
0 n November Mth im viz
j Z jy ± RE ' K THICKER
widow of Fletcher Ireland.' del-cased, H E
ix#, for the 9EV S-c. 3B. Tp. » North Hange
ja» East ... g
1 She name, the following witness to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva*
tion of, sahl land, viz :
j John K. Rodgers, Edward Ireland. John W.
Kyle, Michael Fallet!, all of Howe. Idaho.
W. H. Bkodhiad. Register
Notice fur Public,
* "
Land 0tBcP '«*»•>"• '
**., 1r * by «f 1 ' en that ,b,! f°»o»'ng
, d «''tier bas Bled notice of his intention
j t "" al ', na pr,,uf ,n * upport °* hl " etalm
; <ald pn " f w,a b " i ma ' ,e btr,,re *«•
' gl'ter anri lteeelver, at Hlstkroot. Idaho.on
4tb - *«• vl * : O*"'«" » Wmtle.
! «»- f " r '»e Lnt #. NE', SWt*. Nl,
SB's, Sec. I), Tp. 3 South. Kan„e 35 East. B M.
! K1 H ® Damr * th,! ïollowln» witnesses to prove
! . c ™ ,ln,J " u » residence upon and cultivation
; or * Hld l " u ' 1 - rlt :
I' pwi * ^ Wilson, Ezra l> Wils<,n, Samuel F.
, Jobn "utchlson. all of Blackfoot.
Idah0 - Job« O. Bhowx,

To Chicago and the East.
Passengers going east for business, will nat
! a " y Mnvlute to Chicago, as the great corn
I*«««»«!™ re.vi.it!!,™
u» "takeln'' ('hk^go'^JJ,"^"^,**.^",
'hat the -Short Line • ,
excellent tacillues to reach thél? d?,'ti,îlSïîîl!
lb * l aa "P e . r «hat will be sure lo give the up
"H satisfaction.
,, A reference p> the time tables will indicate
the routes to be chosen, and by >t»kmg any
princlpa! agent west ot tbe Missouri Id *
. A OM.. H a Ät 'Î.I n 7' O^'t'he' C h»;V; Mi"
obt-erOdly f^mih.^woi;'^
5fsRi e .k U,e î2 <K, i ,necr wtt? » tb«? lx it r«-Mt nun «
%£ ïüsar ,h .. «' "-Trim
etc r please call J ,ar * ic,, l" r *' ,ln ie tables, maps
iiniicv We have 1,1 p ,vs *' nt * )lel 1 1
Munt! l .v of Money to Loan on
T« well-improved farm».
Farmer» make your »p
plication a» *>--n «■* P"«»i j
Idaho Falls, Idaho ;
Cmliturs Native.
Bstate of Km ma DrtMOl]. deceased
Nolle» U hvivby givt-n ihni tott* ®»»f Admin* j
DrimMk d ,fc
lAtnitlon on the »'tut
ecus« U, vitfi *rr»iiiliM ihn uimIv r#irfii *1
Pro!*.!* Court
ssch day of aukuai. I** i»y ihi*
of Burnham roumv AH pi
j »KHUist »« tl ««täte «tv requtml lo < «tutti
them to me tor alh*waitoe *t »uv
B luekloot. Idaho. within four
thu dato of thl* n**lic*'. or h ,» »bail **
* bMVourthtiuiA
. m. ■ I
t* r
ever barred
Thin :»lh -lay «il Soprenilu r. I I»
w a wiainiN. \.i niio.i
; The Blackfoot irrigation Company. a corpora
! lion liaiatlott ut pi I net pa I ptnee of business,
Blackfoot. Bingham i-ounty. Iitaho.
! Notice there is delinquent upon the follow!,i*
! described stock on sc.ount or assessment No
15, levied on the tth day of September lath, the j
several amounts set opposite the names of the
respective stockholders as folio vs:
Or. No. No- Shar**, A»t
9 'i 30
Peter J. Johnson
Berryman A Roger* IM
Berryman A Hegen lïi
: j^.ph \ Heciley
\ Ueerley
! \| , J f, ou ,.
And „«x-rdanoe with la* and the unter of
tw>ar<J of trust»«*« of th«? corporation mail«
10 (JO
t bal IUU
„„ saiUTCi day of September, I-Art. u many
, „hares () f each parcel of slock a* may be imm
ury Wl || „qu ttt publie auetlno at the -ffiee
of ctm.pany In lliacktuol, Umahamoouhly
Idaho, on Friday the lûtb -lay * f November.
i at * o'clock p m.topajdcliimuetuasses*
coat of advertising and expense of
Set-retury Biackt.s.t lrri»ata.n Co.
Blackfoot. Idaho. Ucl 25th, IMJA
Notice.-Ih*H4»rt Lth4 Kiitry.
t'smci» Sr kfiesi L muOrriCK, i
Blacktoot, Idaho, June Uth. I^AV 1
Complaint huv in* been enter«!] at ituOflce
by Albert G. Wiuks Jultu* M Kauf-;
man for fahur« to comply with taw
©rt Entry No UW, UatiNl October »tb. WUM,
- 1 South, Hange 37 East. Iu Bliigbam County,
Idaho, with a view to the cancel tat am of said
te ties
entry, contestant alieving that Julius M Kauf
j mau has failed to Irrigate or cultivate any
describe«! ti*ct of land.
Ko having been made to comply with
the Iiasert taad act. cae MStd parties ar« here*
• umUM>ntH * to appear atthis Office ou the 1*1
«lay of September. UW6 at 10 o'clock, a.» t**
respond and furnish testimony concerning
said adc*ed failure
p*»rtu»n of the ats
that it remaius in its original »lesert condition.
John G Duow.*, Krgister
Notice.-Ih-M-rt I .ami Entry.
V. S. Land Office, Hiackfnnt. I.laho,
September 2iit. IWft
Complaint having (wun enter. -I at this -fficc
by Andrew Beckman agaltMl ElUalieth York
for failure to comply with law
I-and Entry No. IliM. dated August tilth. tsW).
To-'^hi'-.-N mh'Z' *
^ K " n *'- 17 ,n ,l,n *' h *"'
^uunt). Idaho, with a view to the cancella
î^l '1 '".".k "' ntra ' anl ,b *'
" Wltu " b « ,h r ° ,k •>« «•»•■MJ' failed tu e».
f p * mI lh<? »«««mo* P**r acr*. required
1 bV ** W for lrr '«' lt,n «f * m * reclaiming the land
* mbr " CT ^ ,n *'»* ">»« «'<J '»"•I -
" n * ,tTB - ,rW " ,M| »esrrt cundltlua. The
said partie* are hereby summoned to appear
; "" 4 * h " a,, 01
to I>*«rrt
to respond and furnish
testimony concerning said alleged failure,
Jno. W. Jifsks,Receiver.
Notice of Assessment.
Ww ' nrn "' h r » n » 1 «niupany Prinei|s«l
place of business. Ulackfoot, lllngbam Co Ida
NOTICE I» hereby ,,ven that at a meeting
of the lewnl or trustees held on niurs-lar
17th -lay of October. M». an assessment N-. -i
j o' 50 t ents per shat.- was levied uwm the , „
Ital stoch of thelronrpo ration, payable to J-din
Montgomery, m-cretary and Treasurer., -ruer
,,f Main and Idaho Streets. lllacklDoi
j Idaho. macklooi.
j Any suck upon which this assessment shall
■ »* unpal-l on Tuesrlay. November Hath. I-Wf>
**" »* delinquent and advertised for sale si
public auction, and unless payment ia made
j ,H (, -re. enough of each parcel of sKx-k will la.
, ,, ' ld ' " Saturday. iH cemlier 21st, IH95. p, |H ty
,aW Msessmem. together »lib cost of adver
Using and expense of sale
Secretary and Tteas. West Branch
Blackfoot, Idaho, Ocbiber IUh. Is9f>.
< 'anal Co.
East, West. North, Siith,


m m
h i

! ?
I ii
Solid Vestibule Trains. Free Chair
The Great Through Car Line lo Chiearo
Operating through cars to Chicago vis «•
ml lllolts and C. ft N W Ry f
Chicago or St. Louis vl„ Kansas City c * s
Portland vi.1 G. M. ft N fv, „
cisco, Dm Angele, arid Fort Worth Kr """
j PejlMch Light. Htearn Hr-al r n i„„ im. .
Dining Care and l,„„c" ,„„„I?
■^MSSfRSSS br * bB
Paclflo Syslnui apply to°
J. A. COLLINS, Agt. Blaekfw.t, Maho
K. DtrKIvsoK, f)mai,», s u b.
Gen MnninrHr.
k I-. tains*.
0-n 1- A T A irt
The healingpropertiesof De Wilt'«
Witch Htixel Salve are well known.
It eure« ec»MM, »hin atTeetiou» and i»
ply « perfect remedy for pile» —
Hull & Or- eue, ilruggin»
•»> pi 8 . ■,< * 1 31 I S
Tobacco A: rlti-ti s.
. „ J II,ill |. HII-; ti a tii I
■In., fruit and confectiollerv »lore
call lie bad at un place
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t t a r r iff T* T W T-« f'v
Orehsstrn sM Band M ole HVet Nu« far and
•mi Mini*' IPwtlk«. fj*rgeMi in l uhsi
Al*w Eine Watchea amt Jewelry ftu»*
tNittery. lioik*. KUnk M** h* and
8eh«»>4 ii»»»M. i'uttary. Nation*
CW»f«wtbWM»a T*»ta«vn, ' \(in.
Machine Needle», Etc.
THni.rt V-llla
k «altO T all 3 , -
Agent lor Tie Neman Droitiers Organs.
This flotrl Has Iw-en Be-«,jwns-«! for
the A-r->miti.»i»ll.in of the public
Th« tuning R-«,m will tw
Mesls will ta- furnished at snr and
all hours I lb»,ms and Mesls
Give us a Trial a-ul you wilt return.
Board $5 Par Weak.
T. S. MORRISON. rniiraigTos.
The Blackfoot, Houston
And Challis
■J !
The cheajH-st ,he Short... and m-sst dlreei
rollle between (he N„ r t h |r»„ , n(|
ssp9i ami the pointB uau)f»<|.
I Alfjlng Mull, I'ussengers nml Express
iréÆ '"r, 1 ;:""'"""« »* » * m for the Big
! , " H-'iSI-ti, I hsllls. Ib tianM.
n. * u»t**r. Autrm ami lln>h«»ray>
* sssengers Sre e.rrl-I In flrspel.,., mwcl.e.
•fill arlvfr*.
Kmmg houses on the line are
tor further Information
v w Vogler A»e,,i
driven l,y ,-a
Hpplf to
. S
L.-.V ■:*
»1.00 liottloffi
One cent mlnsn
ÊhTlo ZSAtäuägfLS,
Herman A. Ho»
Watchmaker & Ji
-Does all
kinds of kesash«.
*» wm wimitci.
oPPICK—In Curas' IUre»srs|^
Biscuit and Mauri
Successor* to
Utah Cracker Fa
Manutacturwra of tt*
These « - -is are soM by ah ito .
l.r*«era la flak «end » y w ,
'7 K Thin! St SALT UMLI
w midto i
ills iUUll 1 U U
~~CO*t>t'CT8t» ST TO
Sisters of The Holy
w'tu<iira fur Boar- lern aw! (Ht I
will I« rrwutncl Br»l Tw*i»;
Trums Modérai
! 4 cim! reference Fuf
ail-lrrsa m »Une
THE MORftllta j
For fini? by HULL * «BI
»BICE. *2 A
Na«*i i«t a nh I #**ffho* 4
«* » llhMl
Il ÿtittr h*v* (iiinH.
nrf «ri> Oft
kfo« *1 »I r.'idi -Tf g»
Hflfc Mff < -ate«» ( uf* »«*** "
*«» {» Cur# th# %*t* »I*
purify IS*. Mew«! Impra* th«
If » «Hh ki-lnty.
««* Dr c, W Show
Iti *n CM«« f*k* «*»• rtf Dr 0 w
«« r«» m f»iu% *t f*9tM»* tt
mi l»#i> aiiui «r »»•!>» (*
f«»r hi* n#W tvmp'ii* H*t ^
•»«»*♦■1 *f»4 f«t **r#ft tr **. muai I
G- « * -MsAres' TsiM aM
unj MifiSffi* th« Wm4.
s'i'"t ru»«** 4v*r«P«l* »»9 •*' ***
U Mff MrttlF M ^ U*
Ur t», w 5fc«r««* JJJ 0t
«II 1 <*#•*«» tl! th« ktJtMty** B
Hr* <V W snores- C»«fh C«J^*2s .
r-(Js sn.| broixhial sflsri»"*.
*r**rm>«tic errmt» K««p • m
N.tn#* a . m Ann«
Ot. <1 w. •Khar««' 1*«H»«****JX.
•Mf«« r «I» tn .m# minui*. rnf
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t»fnatty Privant* «nJ !
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