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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, November 02, 1895, Image 7

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Lu «•*•* 1,11 ^„.tü^nruT'tAa*
* " r * * "" U " !
,, . . - „
® mla, whM * •tory la funny, H
, yecple »hould ramember «kn I
rr, htm
I lhil Ol* »hu#
„» 4 , «ttb tb. harness en In this |
w. losemotlv. n*.r Wlsblngtou
" ' *
t»m, *v. nun in Mrtrdkm
lor * part of the dutanc*
^Bitks rats of 10* mil*, an hour
nsf on th. north wall of the
tuest station of tbo Fannayl
^tailtuf to 1'blladolphla to lltwo
^Kttesn« II* feet Iona and la said
'.rtMi n.si. in lb. warte
Stt.isrgsM m.p in tbo world
i scones from tbo London dally j
asrvthus put down Dally Tale- 1
t IDS.OOP, Times. llJb.OOv, Stan- j
mm. Morning Feet.- Mi. «00;
Chronicle. 1*0,000. and Dally
i (M.SM
sueeaaa nnlaaa there
i. ihre« away.
' 1 * -le drag along nnUI It
* to dla.
awfully gaod WuB te
u ȟble* appear.
m for
W 11* «
knows what Is naming
in Biiir
Tssu right on « hta.
" [7on, thing I« tha eradlt of aid
* oeeumulata no hin.
sn stop« amohlng. and ba
' bs fais mighty ahaaplah
•Itk « futur« lan't aa interaet
.sls ss • woman with n paat
,,u s*b • hoy how hla boll la, be
iktsft tbs bandog« and show you.
poopls ims-tns that ns soon ns
gHwnrrisd. tbsy must kiss In
*ao «»pert» W amount to any
taust accomplish It In «plia «I
uieo ara beginning to ve
ry is*
tkst vetnen bava toe much Idle
„ (Mir bands
lots of men who are pretty
£ 0 , put who are as absolutely
, u dried currant«
««osa should glvo way to grief.
, itrf ber hair frlsxed. and avary
come around nil right.
I) ail tb* women rants tbs»«
they will simply hava to quit
sen ara aby enough as It Is
«s people Ilk* to bear aacrata
v ,, t Ibr grestret sümlraMon for
» bo have never told them
I lav* noticed that when n man te
w-ked about advertising, bs says
Think about It.'' nr ''nea yon
Jk t MM.
is estimated that >0 par earn «f
M manufactured by T.noeeM.
*««tsid, of tbs southern stelae It
*ts te th* favorite Iron with pip*.
tad Met* makers Is th* *eal and
•wta* wslsht betas ttcetrh till
. . V° „ h
*, '*•■» P°uDds, Kngllsh.
■Mil. Irish. IS* t pounds
I tsttl Wheat crop of Nsw Sen
hr tkts >**r la 1 *11.000 bushels
»•*• lies than for Ut# previous
It Is satlmated that tbs colony
te»* to Import 500.000 hnabols te
ï It- swa r#qulr*m«nts
tte feur ost louai It Is# making up
testation of (lr«U Hr liai n and tre
te« ketch are th* henvlaet men.
lot the good of otbM** led!
'*»«**» * 1*01 our 0 »B good
"In in» irnto
Ms ol
•K*; t th*
fl MM
te*ri»#rl mtUwosd -en le om»I te
Its *•*•! i f*td> « I n* oil
[wlsrt «m ma t, of plan»
Wwm '
comfort and improvement and
P to nersonal enjoyment when
[Jv Ra. The many, who live bet
ten other» and enjoy life more, with
**pcndiIn re, by more promptly
JPI 'he world's beat pnxlucts to
r?'* of physical being, will attest
lvalue b> health of the pun* liquid
PJ5 principle« embraced in the
py. syrup of Fig«,
f 1 '»'•»lienee is due to ita presenting
|te lirrm most acceptable aud pleas
I'JWicteate, the refreshing and truly
P r '«l properties of a prrfrct la«
Pf,.*"**tually cleansing the system,
rottig colds, headache« and lèvera
U *rma nentiy curing constipation,
[tefteen satisfaction in millions and
t*'.th the approval of the medical
bocaux* it acts on the Kid
U and flowels without weak*
rj '»cm «nd It I» perfectly free from
pobjectionnhle sulistnnre.
P! u, '"f P>g* Is for sale by nil drtrp
L, m % and «1 bottle«, but It ia mnn
W" 4 ^ lh " fCalifornia Fig Syrup
K.!?' , ** ««me is printed on every
n «me. Syrup of Figs,
P*'"* well informed,you will not
Wany substitute If offered.
J^opiTABLti dairy work
ten »ia * Ww,, ' ltoh *d with th* very lx*»
H» appllanc«*.
t on ihn _jy* Cream Heps
101 mure 1 f* rm I 00 * ro
kvhlln »'»1 h" tier
IWl,/ th* iklmmcd
kiM-r*wtti gfflP* f«*d
b* got » \n|A make nom!»
h ,r »U)<i Davla. Kent,
Hritxa entalogiin
Agants wanted
BLDO. * MFO. 00.
<,l ' h * Dsarboin 9la„ Chlcaga.
1 " Ul * , »»»«l«*t» wul and iinifir
^.CourtvU I vi a» by a m,Ä
K "fV "»*'1 line bi* waltet uni«
| nt|| oiy luuoc*ut ln*art In
« HK »TH.
Easterly wiuda why do they wblatle
And .ear the green leaves from hé
tree.. rrom the
And shred and strew the heads of
t blatte«" 0t
All (lowers are Item .nd i.mL. iil
le Is nl and broke like
O hesrk.n .... S .
The .isthJh. * 'if, •• < rowl,n **
me daylight psle will ukiu appear,
nut n my grave I'm nothin* knowing
ir it im* day or darkuess drear.
C firmnnonnin....
ii on ii h mu ii lasaio'uv,
I.KT tu t L V| t 1 ■
r. v ir- J [
f H ftWNAtetew««
doubt of that. She had never antlel
paled that he would die so soon, while
aud the nightingales wer* awake in
the coppice, and the sun had the glow
aud tb. shadow, the cool wlcrace
- •» .. «>■ - -
ïï."t âï "'üi'ïïîr^
Ui*! Uv au ai au *uue »»ut*
«'drihwte ."wü U of k r ,y «.ow
*^e ml\dc, » fh .h T«vu,.uc« of
H 1 ?'ÏJKl ,L ,l.f her ^eut <
sf brr
future Ui ilK* » unlug np* ot Uer
trf . lllU | oUfc p* m*1*&mI uiouth Ami be
, m ., u,. u , m ,„g ^ terrlhl, .troug
The Iruu of hi. gn-at gnu. might have
held op a world, .he thought Ills
voice ws. the Voice of the ruler In
ht. e,.-. a threatening ivuminand
1|.... vud now he was dead
SMTSS „„l s.rd,
km * it HU mighlV fraim*
streu bed out In the rtstm helow
gardeu iuuui where she g«*nerally
mi at rvootug; the garden room, to
whh-h one sometime, came a. evening
fell Bui she did not thluk of that
ittUDMUairlf. That the world would
>>n âU ».* m,
< , lir lM . r 1M -cur to her
1(lau |,„j | M ^.„ |„. r hustwiid.
.nd be ... deed Hhe could ouly
A km r la nil bind, with Bllver lacet,
Of rosemary and camomile.
Of mint and rue aud
vvatc ivresses.
And hang It In the ebun-h s aisle.
O. when my love o' Munday morning
lloth come aud worship iu the pew.
lie'll think of me with thoughts uu
That he was false aud
wai true.
The news of hla death came upou
ber as a blow, There could Is* no
th# rose bushes were all In flower
think of that at lirsl.
lias »lie luid tinted him!
lie bad Is* tig lit her as the wife hr
Ko. »urriy. he must hsve
Hut hr had never
She had fra red him terri
^.u .'.
^ llM1 , lrr j jay. when they
w*ut away together from the church,
down the Oet. gray road by th* «Im»
houses, where tb* eld women etood
te.td.tu* Hi the rain, over the village
green haunted by wandering g.-ese,
whose feather* were blown the wrong
wsy that stormy day of their mar
Ils must hsve once desired
How Ik- had stared st her In
the Shadow of th* Shut i-nnlage while
Hie hoofs of the bur»»*# »pushed In
the puddle* <*f the country road Ills
eyes ne»« r h*ft her They were slight
*> l>l'**d»l> <,, " ml l*»».Ms*il eXclKil »«
they trntsled over her f«ce. sud Ids
f„y iq,. mo\<»l under Ids hlaek mu»
ta -lie Hut te- «aid nothing
||ow- she bail hateil hlui!
The morning after tte-lr w<*»ldlng
ate* had tried t" wape fr»ui him She
of the great Isird Waiden
lover tn tile gray dampness
i„ r
*ll|i|Hol mil
tedel al I
of ihe dawn when lie »vas «Im ping
Tte* sullen »•*«. wbkh tl»-» were to
,-piss presently, rixiiwl III her ears,
anil the sen gulls cried fo her from the
fo im flocked |H*hhlr« of the steeply
The hull of n «ten nier
curving teen h
!■«. Hied on (he ragged bori«»u. aud
the rail, drove over tlx* shilling as
phalt ways
hanging about,
drawn down nteive tlielr wet fare« and
huuehed shoulder*. |H*< retl at her a«
she crept front the hotel, a grain of
humanity swept by tlm whirlwind.
Ilow -old I» »»«« and how desolate.
In the wind )inne to her the strangled
wlilatle of an engine, and then »lie
knew she was !•«> late The train »va»
Hashing away as she struggled on
against the temi«*»». Hhe returned to
Ills enihrai-e.
Hon ahe had listed him!
And I her traveled together,
snow I »ilk» of Kwllerland: the green
valleys, where Ihe chalet» rested on
the stoop «lopes, as If tin» I and pain*
lug Inti for a moment; the blue lakes
of Italy; III- old. sail eitle«, with their
»irectK full of echoes of dead voice»;
the weary ruin«, passively enduring
shrill calling tourists: tlx* vineyard»,
w her»' life ««« laughter and
song she had seen them all with him.
(the haled them nil. Even the flat
ho« of the venerable Nile ami llu*
< gardens if Damaacns were loath
She had watched the
wind aw«y
Two or three sailors
»vllh |»*aki*d caps
She had
11 »
some to her.
fin hip bill© Him* ut .Vint
lietipnlli the flume blue nky.
henrd the tinkling lx*lls of enmyaua
and the wild chant of the sailor»
j from the ixtllld gray-gfeen
bushes, and »he had old.
And now
sweep up
alckened ami longed to die.
he wits dead and she could lient* the
flute, let
nightingale» te*giiuilug I
she w«a glad.
They had eon»*
People envied her.
hl» name a* ahe pn»»«d by.
mured I» In itdmlnitlnn, »»bile
bhxxl flu me. I In her cheek»
thought Hist »he wn» hl». 1 lie great
world took her for « while, took J»''
nud gave to her only auch profound
»vearlnesa lit the p«rk. it» her vic
toria stood «gal"*' 'he railing» In Hm
hot sun. and the murmur of soelel.t
rippled ground her temeath the tree»,
ami the queens of society and the
courtesan« who were the recognized
fifteens 'ho sinner Incognita und
,incognita passed her by. a t*
sickened ugnln and llu tight or »1»'
flume blue line of the Aral)», and won
ilcreil If 'he world eoitld give to Im
nothing. If his shadow must It*' «Pf»"
evorvthing' HI"' the shadow of fate
brooding black over Ihe plensnunee or
f P She Wondered In a malady of
jà"!aa , wr^s*'[ K .«
hack to England.
Women murmured
in Ui
fathered altoul the <lty, and tried U*
nuab |t all In valu. Sin* dreaded the '
rullillK Of night HK ('llildron dread tlio |
Km vp.
How alii* bad lulled hlui.
InÄ^Ä" ', hr . , Hd I
One in tin. ,,, ÙT' yo,,n ?
he t ire eèe . . !' Ml,d
he . nudesH. deiHtetd lhat she was
staved êfü!hi| U of despulr, and
»WhUe otHalde the gratin* of
dew r h whl ? per of ,0 ">fort. The
dew fell upon the poor, paw-bed Bow
er, and she opened her |s*tals to re
* "ut so secretly, so secretly,
«»rely, uo one else knew. Outside the
aarden room, iu the dark, he came
1,11 was quiet. The jailer was
away. He came, and he came again,
aucj lit* la light her to see the ntars
through the gnu lug of her cell, and he
told lier of the rising of the moon,
And when lie came il seemed to her
thal ihe nightingales were always
And now the Jailer had gone away
forever. The prison doors were ojien.
Hhe stepped out into the starlight and
the moonlight. He lay dead in the
roow below her. She had not seen
hint ''osd She must go down Into
'hat silent place where he lay in si
| W|W ghe thought only of Aim. Her
M "'"ll f«ce was very white as she
walked softly down'the stairs. She
sa» the merry motes dancing in the
clouds of gold dust thal the sun hud
shed obliquely through the leaded lal
lie«* of the liait, and ahe turned her
eyes away from them and wished the
sun would go down. With the dark
"''ss, her strange constraint of calm
might fade a wav. She longed to feel
more tuitural She passe,I through the
door very quietly, and dosed It liehlnd
her and locked it. He had been lain
upon the w ide ,-ouch where she sat
u " ».. «i ...«
l l4 r «** ,,*•*.„ % „f <ivin»
llKb ' »"«"> where the lied was.
" hen she drew back .. the
™V shone upon the gray, swollen face,
«"«• which She gared for a while.
The upper lip was drawn hack from
J', l# t _ tl . „„.„, 1 ,
l,u * 1 i, UMiwtli
**}\ .'T'!
,bfl * low» wutl of the diad
«J»" "•* l«udhlng sonwwhere, afar
•£* «"« the l.aly, which Iu life had so
often ols*yed the spirt, with the weak
'"*** «•uatum. still me«-huulcally
'-««> '<• 15 »HI. -till rerwiM out
« « tint whh h waa no longer pria
»n<*d within Yes. as she looked at
the nioiith. she felt thal the d**ad
man s soul was laughing.
I*™* wondered why. and s. she stood
wondering, over the smooth shaved
I»»». I*«t the sun-dial and the leap
tng »liver of the fountain, one .«me to
the garden room the man who under
«i'sal her and had striven td comfort
lie <!U1 not know yet He «tote so
softly Imm miiko lie believed lier husbaml
was living, and not iHs-nitse he knew
he was deud.
|ierrd her mime, and as he spoke n
rush of joy swelled through her heart.
she left the dead face uncovered and
crossed to him
presw-d his Itps to hers.
, "How I lore you!"
round from him and looked tsn-k into
(he slowly darkened room,
"When will you give yourself to
me -'' her lover whis|M*red "1 linve
waited so long! Gome, leave your
prison house. I^>t the Jailer find t'e
door o|H*n when he return«, tin*
pris<iuer •■scaisHl."
\ #tmnge. horrible fancy s»>lx)*«l her.
,k|,,. thought she heard the dead matt
she answered him;
"He w ill never return to Hud me."
He held her closer to Ids heart.
"You have resolved it« dare all. then;
to dare all for my sake?"
A wild triumph shone Iu her white
girl's face, a wild triumph flirllli*! ill
her sweet girl's voice, as she replied:
"The prison house has crumbled to
tte* tlust. The prisoner Is free."
Hi* strained her yielding laxly ill
Ids arms.
"You mean that you will iwme, that
you will leave him to lung for you?
Voit will forsake hlm? I love you!"
itut she shrank from him again ami
trembled. She looked behind her into
tlwt still, shadowy room. The warm
lilood In her young texly «rented to
fri-exe. Surely she heard the dead
man laugh again In the gathering
"Ton will leave him? You will
lie skxxi at ihe window and whis
"Is he gone?" he asked.
"He Is gune." she answered. "Ki»s
He raught her iwssionatelv and
"Ilow I love youT' he murmured.
As he saifl the words she turned
"There Is no need." she Hit Id.
He kept her In hl« arms. I7is ki»».*»
never left her fm-e. lie wlils|H*red:
"Ile I» dead."
Ile hxixeue.1 his iinn» from nhnut
her. Ill» mouth left Iters.
She pointed Imcktviml Into the mum
which »vu» no»» quite dark. "He is
there, lying .lend. And you love me.
und 1 um free."
She llfuil her face tu hin. und her
eye» were full of happy tears. Knt
he looked ill her and muttered a ettrae
ted »»-ecu Ills teeth. The love died from
his face und left It hard und wild
»vltll Impotent dlsilp|Hilntment mill dc
Then he turned «way. He turned
away und went out into the t»viligld,
across the anionth-shaved tew it, past
the sundial «nd the leaping »liver or
the fountain, and Iteyoml Into the
a« p n »»alc.
Michael Ollbooljr tlale acipieduet
,. (> „t n ictofl Any more visitors to-day,
Mary Ann?"
yjnrv Ann tlllhooly Nn»v; lint we
hov got an Invite to Mrs. Elite's lawn
Mt( . h „,,| Gllluxily A laundry party, I
r Alt. »Imre! Now I kin
sftîAÂ 1 :!
n i K | lf ,
lle had been the dead man's life
long enemy. He bad lx*en close upon
his revenge, and now the soul lie
hated had passed beyond hl» power to
through all the years. Why should
he stn.v?
She sank down by the window wlth
She could not understand.
And In the alienee and the clone
darkneaa the dead man laughed. •
lie could never »vrong him
ont ii ory.
I'r*lt* of Their Werk Compered With
terunce to a few striking educational
truths in a recent addreaa delivered be
{cre 'he surviving soldier, of hi. regi
n-ent at Elmwood, I1L He said:
"We spend more for schools per head
than any nation in the world. Great
Britain spend. »1.30 per head on the
common schools; France spends 80
cent«; Austria. 30 cents; Orrmany, 50
cents; Italy, 25 rente, and the United
states over *2.50. 1 tell you the school
house is the fortress of liberty. Every
school house is an arsenal, filled with
weapons and ammunition to destroy
the monsters of ignorance and fear,
Ab I have said ten thouband lime*, the
school house is my cathedral. The
teacher is my preacher. Eighty-seven
percent of all the people of the United
States over ten years of age can read
an< i write. There is no parallel for
that in the history of the wide world.
Over 42,000,000 of educated citizens, to
whom are open all the treasures of lit
erature. Forty-two millions of people,
«hie to read and write! I say. there is
do parallel for this. The nations of
antiquity were as ignorant at dirt
»hen compared with this great repub
lic °f ours. There is no nation in the
world that can show a record like ours.
"e ought to be proud of it. We ought
to build «of* «chools, and build them
betUr 'ter teachers ought to be paid
mor ®. sad everything ought to be
' an l?ht in the pnblic schools that is
W ?fi iÎL» 0 "'" 8 !',. . .u uo ,
"1 beiieve that the children of the
"® tuatter whether their
,, lher ®," re " c " or P°° r - ou lT ht
""T" 10 drinb at ttae fountain of ed-
tT ThLte
äseäs, ää äs
"Have we kept up in other ways?
The postofBee tell, q wonderful au»*.
I» ^t«rland. going through the
Pos'offic. m each year are letters, etc
f »*• proportion of 74 to each inhale
I 1 ""'- 1» England the number is oO.
in (»ermany 53: in France. 39; id Aus
tria. 24; in Italy, 16. aud in the United
"tmen. our owi, home. 110.
jt | n on j„
For«l|h C'ountrl«M.
Colonel Robert G. In^ersoll KBve tit
'i lliuk of
cents paid per
head for the support of public schools,
aud only sixteen letters And this is
the place where God s agent lives,
would rather have one good school
master than two such agents"
**!»»■ 1 1 Fry Kaindlcr«.
^otue of the Dicanett of the-».* «re they who
mm* l* to trade upon «nd uotke ranitml out of
i lie repu I «tl« hi of the (rattled of Am« i l« , au
ionic«. l!oj*t«*tter't* sumiach Hitters, toy loii
latlnir it»out w ard guise. Heputahle druz
lil*t*». however, will never foist upon you «*
zeuuine «nuriouf* itnit«iion« of or i«uh*ti>
lute f*»r tbit sovereign remedy for ma aria,
rtmumntlsm d>K|>e«si«, eonttnmption. liver
vom pi a I nt and nervousnetts. Jieniund. and
tf the dealer be honest, you will gel the gen
uine article.
Other Vlrttro« Cam» Kmrller.
The occasional contributor walked
into the oftice of the editor and bowed
to that dignified but busy personage
"I would like to see the proofread
err." be said. "1 have a trifling affair
to adjust with him."
"Very sorry." the editor replied,
"but several other gentlemen have ap
plied ahead of yon for the privilege of
shooting the proofreader."—t'bicago
I'BTsd With Mol»,nr».
i'erhaps the oddest pavement ever
laid ia one just completed at rhino,
l al. It is made mostly of molasses,
and if it proves all of the success it is
claimed to be, it may point a way for
the sugar planters of the South profita
bly to dispose of the millionsof gallons
of useless molasses which they are said
to have on hand. The molasses used
is a refused product, hitherto believed
to be of no value. It is mixed with a
certain kind of sand to about the con
sistency of asphalt and laid like as
phalt pavement The composition dries
quickly and becomes quite hard, and
remains so. The peculiar point of it is
that the sun only makes it drier and
harder, instead of softening it. as might
l-e expected. A block of the composi
tion several feel long, a fool wide and
one iueli thick was submitted to severe
tests and stood them well.
No migre* Work.
I>ean Hole tells of an old-fashioned
cathedral verger, 'lord of the aisles."
who oiie noon found a pious visitor on
knees in the sacred building. The
verger hastened up to him and said, in
a tone of indignant excitement. "The
services n this cathedral are at It) in
the morning and at * in the afternoon.
■ nd we don't have no fancy prayers."—
Tongue and Doctor liol a Keel.
•Mv doctor." said a somewhat vol
uble Indy, "»vas »» riling me a prescrip
tion yesterday. I generally ask him
all sorts of questions while he is writ
ing them. V
and sat down to »»rite something. I
kept talking. Suddenly he looked up
and said; *llo»v has your system been?
Hold out your tongue.' I put out that
member and he begun to write. He
»»-rote und I held out my tongue, and
when lie got through he said; 'That
»»ill do.' 'But.' said I. *y
looked at iL' 'No,' said he, 'I didn't
care to I only wanted u> keep it still
w hile I wrote the prescription.' "
estrrduy he examined me
Ha'I 1» Draw tlir Une.
IVx>le. the tailor, »vas an accommo
dating gentleman, and was often in
vited < to the houses of "the great."
When staying w ith a certain nobleman,
he was asked oue morning by bis host
»» liai lie thought of the party w ho had
assembled the night liefere. "Why,
very pleasant indeed, your grace, but
perhaps a Utile mixed." "Hang it all.
I'oole!" responded the jovial peer, "1
couldn't have all tailors!"
The msn Is very poor who can put his
riches in an iron safe.
The best remedy
for all diseases
of the blood.
The Only
The best record.
Half a century
of genuine cures.
Permitted a World's Fair.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov't Report
absolutely pure
Baby's Head.
Two children of John F'ehr, residing
near Straustown. Germany, had a
thrilling adventure with a swarm of
bees The inaecta left the hive in a
large, black, and variegated ball, as
usual when swarming, and alighted
upon a 2-year-old child who was play
ing in the yard, totally unaware of the
danger. Another child, Merton, aged
14 years, fortunately realized the dan
gerous condition of affairs, and having
learned that swarms will vacate cer
tain places when noise is produced, at
once secured tin kettles and hammered
upon them with great energy. The din
and confusion caused the bees to leave
the child unharmed, and in a few mo
ments more the swarm alighted upon a
pine tree, where the owner subsequent
ly captured them in a hive. Neither
of the children, singular to relate, had
received a single sting.
We will give $100 reward for *07 case of
tuturrh tb»t can noi be cured with Hall'«:
Catarrh Cure Taken Internally.
F J CHENEY A CO., Propra. . Toledo. O.
Whole Wheat Bread.
A New York physician gets around i
the eating of bolted wheat flour by
eating unground wheat. The objec- j
tion to the bolted flour is. of course. 1
well known—that it is deprived of eer
tain necessary nutriments to the I
human body, lienee the reason for
eating graham flour,
however, does not stop with graham
flour, but eats the grain whole, and !
says his family does not tire of it after ;
its use for three years.
This physician,
„ , ... ,, , , .
If the cooking is well done there is
an agreeable nutty flavor of the wheat j
w hich corresponds to the bouquet of
grapes. I his flavor seems to be lost
when the wheat is cracked, crushed or
ground before cooking. If tins flavor
is not desired, the cleaned whole wheat
may be pounded in a mortar or run
through a coffee mill. This will short
en the time of cooking to four hours or
less, the lime required for whole wheat
l emg eight or ten hours.—Good House
MeUhl Wheel« for Your Wagon«.
The eeason for cutting corn fodder
being close at band, it may be well for
farmer* to get a set of these low metal
wheels with wide tires. They can be
had any size wanted from 20 to 56
inches in diameter, with tires from 1
to 8 inches wide. By having low wheels
enables you to bring the wagon box
down low, saving one man in loading
fodder, etc. It is also very convenient
for loading and unloading manure,
grain, hogs. etc., and will save in la
bor alone their cost in a very short
time. These wheels are made of best
material throughout, and have every
possible advantage over the high wood
en wheel* with narrow tires, and will
outlast a dozen of them. There will
also be no resetting of tires necessary,
and consequently no blacksmiths' bills
to pay. Wide tires save your horses
and prevent cutting up your fields.
For further information write The
Empire Manufacturing Co., Quincy,
III., who will mail catalogue free upon
-Ht M»f«ri«*rv fo Him
"No. Mr. Northside." said Miss Du
kanc. w ith decision. *1 cannot accept
you. To be perfectly frank, you are
really the last man iu the world 1
would think of marrying."
"That suits me precisely." replied
the suitor.
■'How so. sir?" demanded the girl.
with some asperity. **l)id you propose
from a sense of duty, hoping I would
reject you, or had you a wager on the
su bjei-t?"
"Neither. I assure you. Y'ou said I
am the last man in the world you
would think of marrying. Now I sec
no reason in the world why you should
think of marrying anybody else after
This cheerful view of the matter so
charmed Miss Iiukune that she accept
ed it herself. The two will be married
in September. —Pittsburg Chronicle
billiard tahe. second-hand, for sal*
cheap. Apply to or adnress. H.C. Akin.
Till K. 12th Kt.. Omaha. N*ti
Tomato feoup.
One can of tomatoes, oue pint of soup
stock or beef lea. two tcaspoonsfula of
Hour, oue cupful of milk, one teaspoon
ful of butter, sugar, salt, one-half tea
spoonful of scia Melt the butter in
the soup pot, add the tomato and stock.
Boll until the tomatoes ars thoroughly
cooked, then strain through a sieve,
l'ut back over the tire, jand when boil
ing hot add the milk, flour, sugar, salt
and soda rubbed perfectly smooth to
gether. As soon as thickened take
from the stove and serve with small
squares of toasted bread.
Th* doing right alone leaches the value
of meaning right.
Webster's International
uppiVaUon. Dictionary
ftnwraor ctfthr " l'nafiridçm,
Specimen )»agr».e:c. ( »rnl
fttattiidurd of th« Supreme Court.the VA 0 ®r*t Prinun«
nearly all Schoolbook*. Commended by all State Superintendent« of Scboels.
It is easy to find the word wanted.
It is easy to ascertain the pronunciation.
It is easy to trace the growth of a word.
It is easy to learn what a word means.
V. A C.' Merrlam Co., Pabltaher*, gprlngfield, Man.
Lac, Froas Bark.
The department of agriculture, for
estry division. Washington, has a col
lection of rare trees and plants only
second to that belonging to the famous
Kew gardens. London. A recent addi
tion to this dendrological museum is n
"lace bark tree - ' from Jamaica. Tba
inner bark of this queer tree is com
posed of many layers of fine and intri
cately woven fiibers which interlock
with each other in all directions. Capa,
ruffles, and even complete suite of this
curious vegetable lace have been made
It bears washing with common laundry
soap, and when bleached in the sun ac
quires a degree of whiteness seldom
excelled by artificial laces made of cot
ton, linen and silk. This intricate web
of this unique bark makes it compare
favorably to the last mentioned pro
ductions for both beauty and dura
liegeman'« Camphor lee wilt* Glycerine*
Cure*Cn»jypc<i Head**od Face. 7 >q<W or äore Feel
Cbilbl»ln*, Pile*. Ac. C. Q. Clerk c«.. New Haven. OC
Charge« Just Hie Seme.
Clerk—Mr. Petersbe's watch that ho
brought in to be lixed I find has sine*
begun to go all right of its own accord.
Jeweler—When he comes in tell him
Hie mainspring is broken and tha fly
wheel is off its lever, but that we can
bave it ready by the end of the week,
Charges, $2.50.—Judge,
F.Tfrj Hiolhrr should alMuyi h*T« *t k**é
« t>. tl of * arfcer'» Gin.er T< nie Soihl-.* «is« •*
coo I for pain, weakne»*, cold«, m.d slee^lou
Ammunition Wasted.
Hogan—Oi have a joke on Houghlig
han. They was a felly kem into hi*
pi ace an ' took '.hree drinks in rapid sc
ceS8 j on aT his whisky an' thin pulled a
gun an - shot himself,
(irogran—Oi think the joke is on the
man . * wat for did he go to the troubla
a v usin'a gun afther three drinks av
Houghlighan s whisky? — Cincinnati
cr-n fon u, ihe f.ei.
\ow I« th« time to care your Cora«
with Hin 1ère j
It takes t
A&k your dr :*Ri»t for li. 16a
O it perfectly. flw»
The Table« Turned.
A Scotchman once neatly turned tb*
tables on an Englishman who had been
alluding to the number of Scot» in
London. "Well," replied the Scot, "I
know a place in Scotland where thera
are 30,000 Englishmen who never go
back to their own country." "Why,
wherever can such a crowd be?" said
the Englishman, to whom the Scot dry
l.v remarked, **at Bannockburn."
FITS—A11 Fit, stooped free by Dr.K tine's Ores*
F-erve Kestorer. ko Flteafter tue ur»td»>', u»w
narvwoutcum^ TrestteesntlSXtrlslUottlefreets
tiles»«». beu<ltsl>r.KllBeA*lsrcaSt..FUls.,ra.
IfDorant Interviewer«.
Speaking of the ignorance of *om*
newspaper interviewers. Henry WaV
terson relates an incident that happe li
ed in New York, when a young mam
was sent to the Fifth Avenue hotel to
interview Rutherford B. Hayesonaome
matter of prison reform. When the In
terviewer had gathered all the facta,
he shot a last question at Mr. Hayea.
"By the way. Mr. Hayea," he said,
••what were you president of?"
entirely cured of hemmorrhsge of
'ungs by i'iso s Cure for Consumption.—
Lot Isa f.iNDAMANS, Bethany, Mo , Jan. 8,
'r^,u cou.
— —
Golden opgsirtunities do not fly inctrcl«*.
Advertising extremes don't always
work. One enterprising restaurant
keeper in town surprised his customer«
ami many others a few weeks ago by
displaying in his window this sign,
"Our ice cream is hot stuff." He
worked in his slang all right, but won
dered why trade fell off.—Syracuse
Post ■
"Hanson's Magic Corn Bale*."
a little row and then
iu removing offend
ing matter from the
stomach and bowel*
and you thereby
avoid a multitude
of distressing de
rangements and die
eases, and will have
less frequent need
of your doctor'*
. service.
i Of all know»
1 agents for this pnr*
rpose, Dr. Fierce'»
Pleasant Pellets ars
the best 0»c*
used, they are al*
in favor.
Feilet« cure
biliousness, sick
and bilious head
ache, dizziness, coa
tiveness, or consti
pation, soar stom
ach, loss of appetite, coated tongue, indi
gestion. or dyspepsia, windy belching»,
.' heart-bum, " pain and distress after eat
ing. and kindred derangements of the
liver, stomach and bowels. *
HrMQIOM JOHI * w. hormis»
(jcndiun Washington, D. c!
■ Ijm a last war, 16 a<] udicaUac elalma, «tty «laaa»
; IA A A A U PWA R DS easily tna I« with anal 1 rap«~
II WWW mi by »afe method of nynUimBttc *>|»eculaUoa
arain. Book an I full partictiltm free Nal'l Baato
Uefercnc««. Pattisok A Cu.. #16 Onuha lUdg , Chioaia
W. N. Im Omulin—39, ISM*
\Vta«n answering edvertlaetnente kindly
mention thi«« paper
tn time. Bold by drumrUU.

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