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VOL- 9.
NO. 24
dress of The Nbwh,
(,#. the new
j^n has something new today,
•d it: it may be to your advantage.
ait Lake Clly elected a Republican
and a majority of city councllmen
f0 y Kerulsh has the finest can
is Black foot.
Mlly »hipped a car load of bog» to
Omaha market this week.
wf cattle are In good demand at
cel, and several of our »tockmen
.*,19 at highly satisfactory prices.
i applicants for teacher»' certifl
taking the examination at
duet thi* week.
I thermometer touched lero. Wed
» morning for the tiret time thie
■0(4» Democrat, did their full duty
Ug, They elected Hy Hpencer
L<r b> a handsome majority.
I (taster, crow at midnight three
Lb to t'hrutma», but Democratic
Lit have nothing to crow fur one
L* »her the November'» election.
I Eighteen yard* of L.L Factory for $1
L V. A. Bull*».
IfMegrspher Fowler late of Black
L. h»» located permanently In St.
lithe hw not been a »tonn center in
Utk* thi* year, but »he will be dur
kg ihr «immer of KaH. The cloud* are
Mhcrtcg now.
i Rear) «'»pp», the man who killed W.
Ik Oiweller, near Bobet'lty, last week,
w> been held to appear before the dis
rwtcourt without ball.
The Edmund» Tucker act ia stirring
if the DDtrlct of Columbia. Two ca»ea
ader It. hare lately been tried in the
oaru. What if it should touch a sen»
er er congn-wman.
TV» VY. C. T. L*. will give • Tariff
trial Tuesday evening. Nov. 19th.
0 cordially invited. A more com
«•notice next week. By order of
Hay and Potatoes may bn at low
u«r »ark in tho home market this
1L but hay and potatoes «rill com
•ad better price* before the winter is
! flersmor MKonncll has appointed
K- 8 Hramwell, clerk of Fremont
NmSy. a delegate to the Tran*-Mlswiw
pPP* tongrews at Omaha, Nor. 25.
A barret of good t>n»gon Cider just
iwmved at Bull's.
°9» of !h» richest vein* of gold or*
*wr found in the world has been
up »I ( ripple Creek, f 'oloradn.
Tbs iw. r , run a* high os MO,000 to
<b* ton.
Bisrkfnot freight and ticket office did
»•plendtd busIncM In October. From
*g»Bt Collin« we get the following
■nr*« :
flight and ticket receipt* 810,034.23.
freight... 1.550.614 pound*.
What ia the use of trying Durrani
Jw the murder of Minnie Williams?
»«ran only hang once, no matter how
""•ny murders he ha» committed. Lad
•bs Blanch« Lnmont ea*e have the
kw "n the gallows and pa»» the Min
•Is William» ease.-San Francisco Call.
Billy llopaon, of Pocatello, I* on
itslt to hi» old Kentucky home. Bid
ding goodbye to hi* Pocatello friends
bs laid: "I go where they elect Dem
«cratie governors: if they fall this
Mme, I return on the flr»t train; good
tye." lllliy I* coming and with the
ntcre i* something in the atmos.
Pbcr* of this free WcsU-rn world that
make» men aspire; there are possibili
t鮫 that never enter into tho live*
•be average Englishman, that kindle
here courage and determination, and
*b»t lead men to fix their eye» upon
tbe higher places of trust- among the
!** > l»l®. from which no lowliness
nr povorty can debar them if they
"* v ® 'h»t within them which makes
The American boy I* nlways
® orc °r loss influenced hy this, nnd
bl* father was a wood-chopper or the
v ® r y humblest day lnlmrer, It is no roa
" >n "hy his ambition should not
rod and his determination to fill some
*r higher place be fixed and change
TA ('»tern people, particularly those
n 'he Pacific «lope, think nothing
J" D,{ bTast, even to tho Atlantic, but
s, 'ty-fHne out of a hundred of Eastern
spproachod on the matter
^ this coast a visit, think they
, hardly over go that far." They
• re proud of their own hill*
*" d '>'»11», and our Pacifie beauties
®*l" and soil are to thorn a long,
"*y off. Too far to go,
Oiuiih» cuttle market U active but
receipt» ere limited.
The »now »term of Monday wa» gen
eral through southern Idaho, Utah und
The American turkey begin» to read
of wars and rumor» of war» for hi» race
this month.
The Governor should count up hla
militia again. There i» some talk of a
railroad »trike in the north.
He who talk» after an election talk»
longest and wi»u»t. Hut there
who have nothing to »ay.
Hoi »»• and lilackfoot will be united
by tenderer tie» in December than they
are to-day. That'» the whispering of
our little bird.
Little Wondall G agon H*eriously ill
aa we go to près». He D suffering from
tonsllitia, and D unconscious at this
Dr. Moore'» little girl has been quite
lit this week from congestion of the
Another lilackfoot wedding 1» on the
hoard for the early spring, or just an
•uun after —.
arc some
Judge "Kentucky .Smith is a very
sick man. and his friends have de
»paired of his recovery, He is suffer
Ing from a complication of diseases -
Bright's disease, rheumatism and Jicart
trouble». Hi" Idaho friends may not
be surprised to hear of his death at
any moment.
Try a bottle of our own «yrup White
und Tar Cough Cure, and ntop
Governor Bradley, the newly elected
Hepublican governor of Kentucky U
now a presidential possibility with
chanres latst for the second place.
Dun'l forget that wu are sole agents
for the celebrated Fuji Tea. W. A. Bull
Every teacher in Bingham county
should attend the Teacher»' Associa
tion at Pocatello, Thanksgiving week.
They can count on bulb a pleasant and
(•roUtablc time.
grv»m&n Alf Ta, lor. bothers of Ten
ue**cr, have gone into the show busi
new*. and are making a t ,ur of the big
eitle* of the country. Their posters say: i
"It 1» Yankee Doodlu and Dixie, or the
Eloquence of Fun."
j Twenty-five jmund» of Ost Meal for
H ®' " W. A. Bull's.
j The weather of the week ha* been ^
unusually favorable for an ineroased
attendance nl Fort Hall Indian school,
i Snow storms do more to arouse Indian
'enthusiasm f«tr indoor school work
than all the lectures of educators in
** nd
j At the Methodist church next Sun
j day morning the p**U»r will speak on
"A Woman's Logic."
In the evening t
a lecture on "Man or Beast Which." j
All invited, especially young men.
! There will be A I .oaf Social given by j
the Epworth league, at the Methodist
i Church, next Wednesday evening,
i November Pth. All are cordially in
No admission fee. Collection
: a short literary and musical
^m j-amo». and a word contest.
j w jgi prise*.
Mexican Amole soap I* the host soap
i ln jjiackfoot. Three large cukes for
Call at Ben II. Fcrniah'* drug
tl4 , rt , nnd get sample cake and be con- '
vine* si.
The New» call* «pedal attention of
j It* homo reader* to It* Baltimore letter |
j n They will remcmt>er
wlth j,i c4wUr c Its author. Little Kay-1
mon(1 Givens, and will be pleased to '
| know that he Is to write to us again. '
{{•ylOOIxl was a
pupil of our lilackfoot
school at it* last term, and The News
1» always proud of the succès* of the
lilackfoot pupils, and is pleased to hear
from them wherever they may go.
Pino I-
coughing for 50c, at Ben H. Fernish ».
The politics of Latah county have
simmered down to a square fight for
self-preservation on tho part of tho ,
More than 840,090 of money
of iutttth county
paid in by taxpayers
has disappeared within twelve months,
«ml the end Is not yet, "Our" gov-j
command" a largo |
ernor will have to
»mount of eavalay If he silence»
of tills county next time. 1 rom
i*«s won't do it. Republican* must see
to It tliat the old gang 1» thoroughly
repudiated, elso they will not deserve
confidence of the pooi>le,—Double
to Scnutor Dubois,
of The ''estoru Vnion toUirraph^^^
pany paid Senator Du J 1 di p,
compliment n<?»«' wit h his
' BlnekfiKit « eloctUm n"
of I instrument to give nin t the
I turn* a* thoy «en
different states.
Republicans Win Nearly Everywhere
By Large Majorities.
Which Were Counted Imprégna
hie. The Results u General
Surprise to Everybody.
The smoke from Tuesday's battle has
been lifted and the Republicans are
camping on the fields where they
The Democrats are nowhere In sight.
say that the results are surprising
the mildest way of expressing it. In
complete returns make the following
Republican plurality for state officers
elected by over 65.000. Legislature
Republican over two to one. Tammany
elected a full Democratic city ticket.
New Jersey, a northern Democratic
stronghold, surprised the country by
electing the Républicain ticket by a
plurality of over 36,000 votes.
Kentucky, heretofore an impregna
ble fortress of "the unterrifled," elects
Republican governor and a Republi
can legislature. Senator Blackburn
fails to succeed himself.
nesday evening.
W. D. Trego is reported on the sick
thi» week.
a, M. Kanter left Sunday for Utah,
w jj ero cast a vote for Statehood.
s niotrich H)KÏIlt « few hour in
Waho Fall. Weto«duy.
Hr. D. . i umni , '
T" 1 Frid " y W ' th ' D 0 "' e
( "*• -
"Maryland, my Maryland." always in
line, broke ranks Tuesday and gave
the field to the Hcpublicans by a plu
rality ol 39,000.
Massachusetts, where only the ques
tion of majority was considered, has
increased her usual majority and gives
. ... .
lhe * WU ' ,hv bj
Utah, our neighbor Utah, cast her
first vote for statehood and in favor of
Hepuhlicanism. The Republican state
ticket is elected by pluralities running
from 1.009 to 2,000
Ohio, coneoded to the Republicans
rx ' m *^ c beginning but at a reduced
majority, surpr.sed both parties by
rutin ing the Republican plurality over
90,000 iu the shade.
Iowa returns show heavy Republican
gains and the plurality may be 70.000.
Mississippi and Virginia were true
to first principle» and remained where
j JC y a | wa yg belonged, in the Demo
oratlo rang*. Roth states went com
fortably Democratic. The elections in
other states are along the line* as
shown in the states above. Co nting a
the returns appear, it is a Republic, n
victory almost everywhere, but the
victory wa» not won on the party's
Personal Mention.
Special Land Agent Sadler has gone
to Halley.
p,. W. West came down from St.
Anthony and Sundayed with his family.
Hon. Mart Patrie bas gone East for
a few weeks,
Senator Dubois leaves to-morrow
morning for Washington.
ftijUir ku, of tho Pocatello Tribune,
, n lh() dty Wednesday.
Assessor Bassett, of Bannock county,
s|H<nt a few hours in the Grove City,
Tuesday evening.
C. E. Thum left for Boise City Wed
School h'eport.
The following is a report of the school
in Gray's district, for the month of
ScpteinlHjr :
U)U i m,
Average daily attendance; girls 8,
Number enrolled; girls 12. boys 7,
i^ys 5, total 13.
Highest standing on general average:
Harry Matthews 90, Bertha Cain 88.
Gertrude Pierce. Teacher.
It Will Continue Good Until Jan
uary, 1897.
Lieutenant Governor Bierbower re
turned to Idaho last week from a trip
through the East, During his absence
the lieutenant governor was a litllo ap
to tho health and well
j )ro hen»ive as
being of Governor McConnell, and took
m-easlon to inquire several times by
I letter if the governor is well. These
| Inquiries were always duly appreciated
| and courteously replied to by His E^
cellency to the effect that the govern
or'* health wan in a normal condition.
When Mr. Bierbower returned to
Idaho he went directly to the capitol
to call upon the governor, but the chief
executive wa» aiment. Later in the day
however, he returned to hi» office, and
upon entering a»ked hi* private secre
tary if any one had called.
"Ye»,', »aid the secretary, "Lieuten
and Governor Bierbower was in a short
time ago."
"1 am sorry I was out," returned the
governor. He wanted to see me partic
ularly, did he not?"
"Yes," replied the secretary, "he in
quired about your health."
"The villian:" exclaimed the govern
'he has done nothing but inquire
about my health ever since he took the
oath of office as lieutenant governor.
Does he suppose I'm holding this office
for my health?"
"I don't know anything about it" 6aid
the secretary.
"You may write him a note," said
the governor, "and tell him my health
is good and will continue so until Jan
uary 1st, 1897."—Boise Sunday Topics,
A Letter From Baltimore,
Baltimore. Md., October 26 1895.—
Dear Mr. Editor:— One of the things
I have noticed in this city is what is
called Mount Vernon Place. This is a
small square in the centre of which is a
tall monument with a statue of George
Washington on top of it. Extending
for a block on each side of this square
are plats down the middle of the streets
laid out in grass with cement walks,
and statues of various subjects, such as
Peace. War and Industry, and also
statues of Chief Justice Taney, and Mr.
Peabody. The Washington monument
is hollow and has a stairway inside and
has a stairway inside, and for ten cents
a person can go up to a platform and
get a fine view of the bay and the sur
rounding country. The day I was up
there a fog hung over the bay so that I
could not far see in that direction, but
to the north could be seen the green
fields and hills of Maryland. This mon
ument was erected by the state of
The statue of George Peabody stands
in front of the library he gave to the
city and which bears his name. People
cannot take books out of this library,
but anyone can go there and read. It
is mostly for students. There is an
other, the Enoch Pratt free library, out
of which you can take books by getting
some good citizen to vouch for you.
This library has six branch libraries in
different parts of the city. There is
one on Broadway, near where I live.
Baltimore's largest park is the Druid
Hill Park on the north side of the city.
There is a lake in it from which the
city gets wa.er. It is a very beautiful
park, especially now while the leaves
on the trees are of all shades of yellow,
red or green, and some are yellow with
red edges, and they make a very beau
tiful picture. On ono of the drives you
can look through the trees and see the
lake beyond. This is another lovely
picture made by nature. It is called a
There are dromedaries in the park.
They look like camels but have only
one hump. There is ono sea lion there
all alone, just a-wagging his head as if
he was nearly dead of lonesomeness.
The city is very hilly and the boys
have coasting wagons made like small
btickhoard8. with a brake and shafts to
steer with. The boys pile on to these
wagons and rattle down the streets
Hckety scoot!
Down the middle of Broadway arc
plats of green grass with flowerbeds
and winding walks. The children are
not allowed to play on the grass but
they do lt - The >' 00,1 P la F on the Brass
in ( h . park.
' In my next letter I will tell you about
e the markets and my school.
Raymond Givens.
Don't Want Any More Elections.
I ilon't want any more elections.
I don't like them any mo'.
They all como wron* end foremost.
Even here In Idaho;
I don't like these Republican vic'trle»,
They are too hi* In their way,
I don't want anv more of them,
Hut It looks like they'vo oonie to stay.
Notirc for Publication.
Oummutod Homestead.
Land Ofiiec at Hlackfoot. Idaho. I
Nmcml'Cr Stl>. liSft I
Notice 1» hereby slvcn |h»t the following
n*m<-d iM-tllcr h»s «lcd no^l«• of hi* Intention
to m»ke fln*l îuwtf In »u|<poM of his claim
and that «»Id proor Will !»• <n»de before the
Realster and Receiver *t Blsckfoot, Idaho, on
December Hth, »i el*: Edward J. Hancock,
HnninMcsd Entry 4109 for S'* SE 1 » NKi« SRI4.
«ndSK'sNE 1 « SiTllon 4, Townuhlp 1 South.
It« 0*0X1 East.
He name* the following wltneeen* to prove
hi* continuous rvsldi'nce upon and cultivation
of, suld land, vis :
John W. HarlWft, Holier T. Child, William
D. G noil and John K. Shelley, »II of Shelley,
Illushsui county, Idaho.
jous a n»ow*, n«iu«tcr.
300 PAIRS 300
At Less Tlian Cost.
They must be sold before we move.
ini at Living Prices in tie Following:
Perforai Soaps, Wot Melos, PATENT MEDICINES,
The Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars & Tobacco
Paint*, Oils, Colors, Paint Brushes, and a large supply of popular remedies
such as King's New Discovery for Consumption, Shiloh's and Shore'*
Remedies, Clover Root, Park's Tea, Garfield Tea, Pierce's Remedy,
Warner's and any others you may want.
Prescriptions Care fùi I y Fr'iled Pay or Night*
Why can I sell as cheap or cheaper than any
one else in Idaho? I sell large quantities of
goods and I buy large quantities and get lowest
prices. I manage to get my goods in at lowest
possible freight rates.
I stand behind the counter and in that way find
out what the people want I buy only such as
people want and have no dead stock to pay for.
I have no rent to pay. I am content with a
smaller profit than some people.
People are talking about the big business I am
doing. People are talking about the prices I am
selling at. People are buying where they can
get the most goods for tho least money. My
trade is increasing every day.
Join the Procession—A Few Prices:
Eighteen bars White Russian Soap 1.00
Four bars full weight Kirks' Sav
on Soap.25
Six Can6 of Fruit. 1.00
Tomatoes 10c., Corn 10c., 5 gallon
keg Pickles. 1.25
Fine Oalfornia Pears.124
Walker's Family Soap, best laun
dry soap on earth, 20 bars..
Men's all wool fine suit, last year's
price $15.00, now
Black Clay, worsted, heavy, good,
Twenty-five pounds Oat Meal... .$ 1.00
Coal Oil by the Case.
.. 3.00
Don't Forget you can save money by trading with
lilackfoot, Idaho*
all wool, frock or sack, last
year $18.00. now. 12.50
j A heavy wool Ulster Overcoat..
; Fascinators 65c., 85e., 1.15 and
j 1.50, can't be beat.
Ladies Fur and Plush Capes at
two-thirds prices marked,
All Wo>1 G ;rmi:ntjwn Yarn tYc,
aud 75c. pound.
Ladies 4 Wool Underwear, suit 1.35
Ladies good, All Wool Hose.
I Men's extra heavy All Wool Hose
i three pair» for.
1 Men'* Wool Hose, five pairs for.. 1.00

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