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[tBvou »•
NO. 26
rksdrsv fast flyer train from Chicago,
*h<*l Salt City to the minute.
E. Rich, of the Silver Hammer,
, Ibsen preaching in San Francisco.
Knck Springs lump coal delivered at
F. W. Vogler, Coal Agt.
,35 per ton.
gurket Uke is one of the largest
ipping stations on the Utah A North
Mr.J. I Porter, of West Side, »old
l «rkey» to Blackfoot parties for
Laksgiving day.
[T vo (alienis from Ada county were
L quarters in the Insane Asylum at
L plat« first of the week.
1 0 s* hundred boxes good
Lid. must be closed at
P. A Bull
fiwcl* Schlatter, the great healer,
L, U not denied, but how nobody Is
to to explain.
Tbs Silver Hammer says 13 families
^■Montana went into Jackson Hole
L seek to find homes.
Judge Stand rod purchased a huge
het of sheep in Fremont county last
act. and had them driven to the range
I OaeiJa county.
The Nee Perce reservation was form
tj opened last Monday. A large
mad was present, a big rush made
|a so violence has been reported.
W* sill be only too pleased to show
■r complete line of perfumes In fancy
Kkage* and bulk. Hull A Green«.
S*w York will make a strung bid fur
ht Democratic National Covention.
hnmacy Is moving in that direction
rah ail ils force.
apple«, con
nue. per box.
Albert Lyons has teased his ranch on
ktekfox river to T. J. Matthews for
km yearn, and on January 1st nceom
■»tied by his family, leave for an ex
ksded visit to his old home in New
•uccrmful candidate« of
» late élection in Utah we find the
moiff. D. ( and land, n brother of
lia 8UI of this pince, who was elected
•Ute «enator in San Pete county by a
isdMxar majority.
Bmry Sell, of Pocatello, shipped four
irioad* of hoof cattle to the Omaha
«rtwt this week, two from Blackfoot
sd lee from Met 'ammoo.
WB'» floe old Yank«« Genuine Maple
pjnyat W. A. Hull's.
' Flteimmon* and Peter Maher are to
tfkiu Juarex, Mexico, January 18th.
fort pane of *10,000, and the heavy
*ri*ht championship of the world.
F«0,lhey have been driven out of this
*«. Burkhart, who lately moved
fox# < «<nas Prairie to the Malad prê
te«. Id Lincoln county, was last week
•stmt«!, tried and covlcted for stealing
tk* barhr-d wire off the fence of W.
Jwtice. - Shoshone Journal.
Dir. News ark now lodges with thanks
ihsrscsipt of a complimentary season
tx ksl to the 2nd annual exhibition of
M»bo Poultry Association, The exhl
Ktioe will he held at Caldwell. Décern
as l*lh, 19th, 20th and 21st. 1895.
5 fhalatiqua reading clrele was or
f**il*«l last Friday evening. The mect
ln * »»s held at the home of Prof. Titus
•here a very enjoyable evening
•pent «nd the following officers were
sterted :
N. C. Titus, president; Will Danllson,
♦lee president; Edna Fife. Secretary;
Mrs. Dawson, treasurer. The meetings
•Hi be held each Friday evening.
■Judge Stevens has celebrated again,
the evening of November the 14th,
»ben the stars first liegen peeping from
behind the curtains In the dome of
night, he united Fred J. Drake, of Fox,
Jdalm, and Miss Viola J. Bowles In the
h*ppy bonds of matrimony. It was a
handsome couple, and the officiating
did his work to the queen's ar
Unie and fastidious taste.
Wanted--A n old sewing machine
* f tedl« *nd fly wheel. Address
X Y Z, News Office.
Another swindler struck Ixigan last
*** And got into Mine Host Blancb
Arvl of the Logan house to the extent
of several days' board. Ho left In pay
of hla bill a check drawn on a
"Jwkfoot, Idaho bank, which was later
J°und to Ik, worthless. The police are
Poking for the man, whose card boars
thp "»mo of H. K. Morgan and repre
him as I wing the special agent, of
a Chicago supply houso.-Logan Journal
Cincinnati— -A dispatch from lronton,
yhlo, nay* Miss Campbell) who obtain*
notoriety a few years ago in a breach
P"»mlse case, claiming *100,000 dam
Jnnni Arhunkle, the coffee dealer,
5S lt8t Wednesday in Dr. Gray's s*u
"taiunj at Hanging Kock.
Fred Vogler is wearing a Schlatter
bleaaed handkerchief, and U improving
every day.
Governor McConnell has
gone up to
Musoow to eat Thanksgiving turkey
with his family.
Blackfoot now has three coal agents
and all of them seem to be doing a fair
business. Last year she had only
Bunting & Co. pay 85c per cwt. for
oats loose, either on account or for
Every weekly paper in the state is
sdvertising a "Grand Thankgiving
Bail" for their respective towns.
Pok Bale OH Kent-A five room cot
tage on a desirable location la the Elm
wood addition. A good well nearby.
For sale on easy terms. Apply to
Dr. Wit. H. Ukhi.k, Blackfoot.
A new time-table has gone into effect
on the Union Pacific main line. It does
not effect the south-bound passenger
train from Butte, which will continue
to arrive here at 13:55 a. m. The north
bound passenger will arrive at 3:17 a.
m., instead of 11:45 p. m., as heretofore.
The smoke-stack on the flouring mill
succumbed to the strong wind Friday
morning, and as a consequence grind
ing has been suspended until It can be
repaired, which will only be for a short
In beginning a crusade against trusts,
New York for once at any rate puts her
self in the van of what is to become a
national movement in the end.
A general desire to advance the wel
fare of Blackfact is the oil that enables
the machinery of enterprise to work
without friction.
The Idaho penitentiary at Boise City
contains at present 133 convicts. This
is the largest number ever in that in
stitution at one time.
Harry Hayward, the cold Wooded
murderer of Miss Ging, the Minneap
olis dressmaker, to get *7.000 insurance
on her life is to be hanged 8th of Dee.
There will ben Thanksgiving service
held at the Methodist church, Thurs
day. November 3tth at 7:30, Sermon
by the pastor. All are cordially Invited.
The State Equal Suffrage Associa
tion, in sesaiun nt Boise this week, per
fected a permanent organization by
electing Mrs. Richards, of Boise, presi
dent. and Mr. W. W. Woods, of Wal
lace. secretary.
t'uslck. the defaulting postmaster of
Hand point, this Slate, was captured in
Spokane last week by a deputy U. S.
Marshal and taken to Moscow for trial,
The amount of bis shortage is placed
at *300.
Bunting A Co. pay 85c per cwt. for
Inane, either on account or for
by the ,nltH ' r " w ld .
own eyes. World.
Miners will do well to Uke note of
the recent decision of the supreme
It is to the effect that a loca
tlon made by an agent or attorne.v-ln
fact Is legal, or in other words a loca
tion may be made by one man for an
other who is not present and a* agent
for the absent party, and that the loca
tion thus made will hold good In Idaho.
Miss Emma Steven*, the popular
at this place, has made
•everat Improvements in the office this
week. The case of boxes have been
changed so as to run the length of the
building instead of across, thus giving
more light to the employes, something
heretofore badly needed by them. The
has otherwise been fixed up
■O M
to make it ** convenient to patrons a*
post I bin*
After tho Marlborough wedding the
floral decorations were sent to the hoe
distri bitted amohg tho slok
of the tenement districts, and it
pitals nr
I, estimated that over 140,000 flowers
were in that way delivered while still
fresh, around the bedsides of invalids.
The O'Malley Company, which ap
" in this
peared in "College Chums
city at tho Blackfoot House last Friday
evening, were greeted with a fair at
tendance. The general opinion of those
present who witnessed the company«
performance was that Its rendition of
comedy was fully up to that, given by
former companies stopping hero, even
though seriously inconvenienced by lim
ited stage room.
mentlon the fact very
, that a
piece of stool in his eyeball,
out by means of a
The papers
York got a
which was drawn
powerful magnet. Why that should »*
heralded abroad as a remarkable oper
ation is the mystery. Here In Idaho,
where miners so often are thus afficted
by small pieces of steel from drills,
they do not as much as call In a profes
sional. They simply get a magnet am
draw the steel without aid. bovera
ration» have boon performed
of this county upon thalr
mechanic In New
such ope
"That's not what I meant," responded
the professor. "In ancient days knowl
wsb confined to a few learned men, but
nowadays almost every donkey knows
as much as a professor." The students
looked at each other and nodded, and
whispered: "That's so.
In the days agone death and taxes
were the only certain and Bure things,
but over In Owyhee county, they have
added the Butte, Caldwell & San Fran
cisco railroad to the list.
A few weeks ago, while in Fremont
county, Judge Standrod purchased a
bunch of 3,000 sheep, and desiring to
move them to his ranch in Oneida
county, near Malad, before the weather
got too bad and the mountain trails
im passable, he ordered his herders to
proceed with all posssible haste with
the sheep to their destination, via.
Ulackfoot. Thursday morning the
herders reached Ulackfoot river, one
mile below town, and the dividing line
of the reservation and just as they
were about crossing tne bridge, were
met by Indian police, and told that or
ders had been issued by the agent not
to allow the sheep to cross the reser
vation at any point.
The TuritI Social.
The Tariff social Tuesday evening,
under the auspices of the W. C. T. U.,
was numerically, socially, and financial
ly a success.
The ladies were well pleased at the
attendance, and those present were
pleased at the pleasure and enjoyment
of the evening. Tariff is popular, at
least at socials.
for taking a prisoner from the place of
In Effect on November 17th, 1805.
south bound:
No. 8, Mail and Express, 13:55, a. m.
" 28, Through Freight, 1:55, a. m.
" 30, Local Freight,
No. 7, Mall and Express, 3:17, a. m.
" 29, Local Freight,
" 27, Through Freight, 2:45, p. m.
J. A. ('OLUN8, Agent.
123X5, p. m.
8:35. a. m.
Sheriff Sues a County.
The case of P. A. Warner, sheriff,
appellant vs. Fremont county, has been
filed in the supreme court. It raises
the question of sheriff » fees. Accord
ing to the law a sheriff 1* entitled to 35
cents a mile, in going only, for serving
■ warrant. The law also says he shall
receive 35 cents a mile, for going only,
arrest to the magistrate or to jail.
sheriff Warner made an arrest and
brought the prisoner to the magistrate.
He put in his bill for 35 cents a mile,
way for making the arrest, and also
for 35 cents a mile, one way, for bring
ing the prisoner from the place of
arrest to the magistrate. The commis
sioners allowed the former but rejected
the latter, claiming to allow both would
be equivalent to paving the sheriff 35
cents a mile each way for making an
Warner appealed to the district court
from the action of the comminuioners
and waa beaten. He then appealed to
the supremo court. A decision will Iks
anx louait- awaited by sheriff« all over
the state, also by the taxpayers.
The supreme court transacted but lit
tle business yesterday. The case of S.
L. Tipton, against whom disbarment
proceedings have been commenced, was
called up but no action was taken.
The case of the state vs. ( 'has. Mason,
formerly set for hearing on Nov. 25th,
set for Deeemlier 6th.
The Wamer-Frcmont county ease
was set for Dec. 2d.—Boise Statesman.
Nearly a Tragedy.
A short time ago Dr. L. T. Mitchell
took a prescription to the drug store
of Dr. A. L. James and requested the
latter to compound it, which was done
and the former departed.
A short time afterward Dr. Mitchell
exhibiting in various places about
town two bottles containing mixtures;
one of which he said wits the one put
up for him by Dr. James, while the
other was obt ain ed at the city drug
He stated that the two mlx
the result of exactly the
prescription, and he called the
attention of his hearers to the differ
in color, taste, etc., of tho contents
turcs were
of the two bottles, and adding that, the
one put up by Dr. James was erroneous
and not in accordance with tho written
prescription given him. He also
dulged in other remarks not at all com
plimentary to the druggist.
Dr. James said he had the two pre
scriptions written by Dr. Mitchell, tho
one given to him and the one given
tho city drug store and that they dif
fered materially. He said the job was
put up by Mitchell to injure him -that
Mitchell and ho were not on friendly
and tho doctor took every
portunity to injure him. He added
that he was tired of this kind of work
on the part of Mitchell and that he
would whip him if he was able to, the
first time he met him.
On Friday last the opportunity of Dr.
James presented itself. He observed
the man who he considered had lied
about him, on the sidewalk in front of
his store. He quickly went to him and
demanded why he had lied about him.
Mitchell denied that he had done so.
James said, "I promised to thrash you
and I am going to do it now," at the
same time striking him and knocking
him down, not, however, until the doc
tor had struck at him with a murder
ous-looking clasp knife, which Dr.
James said he must have had open in
his pocket with his hand upon it. The
blade, which was about four inches
long, fortunately struck a rib directly
over the heart and failed to penetrate
the chest, otherwise it would undoubt
edly have proven fatal.
Dr. Mitchell is confined to the house
in consequence of his injuries, while
Dr. James' wound is not serious.
It is said Dr. Mitchell will be arrest
ed soon as he is able to be around.—
Idaho Falls Times.
The Valuable Citizen.
The citizen who is of the most value
to a community, town or city, is not al
ways the man who possesses the most
wealth, the highest intelligence or the
most aristocratic lineage. Of course
the two former will increase a man's
usefulness if he will but exert them in
the proper direction. But the valuable
citizen par excellence is the man who
believes thoroughly in his town, its
people and its business and professional
men. He does not make it his business
to decry the honesty of his local banker
or merchant or the ability of the resi
dent lawyer or physician. But instead
he is an enthusiastic advocate of all
things that pertain to the welfare of
his own locality. He has the interest
of Its schools, churches, societies and
people at heart and exploits their ex
cellence abroad.
We need this trait of character, more
than any other, developed among the
people of this community. What we
need is public spirit to make this coun
ty second to none in the new State for
wealth and enterprise. The water pow
er, the soil, timber, grasses, minerals
and everything necessary to a large
l>ay roll is here—everything but the
necessary public spirit.
Wherever men have shown a disposi
tion to adorn, bniid-up and enhance
the value of the town the community
t croaker has been heard disparaging the
efforts and impugning the motives of
builders and promoters of business
houses, public halls and other monu
ments of industry. It is enough to dis
courage men, and has been the cause
of some timidity on the part of public
spirited citizens in pushing work they
have felt disposed to do.-Logan Journal.
Personal Notes.
Prof. Titus. Mrs. Stone and the Misses Fife
and Hnuck. will attend the Teachers' Associa
tion at Pocatello.
Judge G. W. Andrews, Inspector of Land
Oflices, spent Tuesday and Wednesday In
Hlackfoot lacking through the local land office
Miss Woodbury, elocution and music teach
er at the Albion Normal School, will give an
entertainment In Blackfoot. Monday evening,
December 3d. Our people will remember the
fine entertainment given by her at the Opera.
House last April.
Kred Vogler has sufficiently recovered to re
sume his place In the Methodist choir. He
sang at Sunday's services.
Little Walter Rogers has been quite sick
with fever, hut has so much Improved as to
be out again.
Hon. George B. Rogers was called by wire
Sunday to attend the funeral or h's brother,
of Park City. Utah, who died suddenly at the
Cullen hotel In Salt Lake City.
K. K. Hopf was down from A rangée Wednes
day. and favored the land officials, each, with
a cake of his finest cheese, which Is equal to
the liest In any market.
Kdltor Wart urn of the Logan Journal, and
County Attorney Sam Klch. were In Blackfoot
Schlatter, the marvelous healer, will be In
Chicago on the 311th tnst.
Little Wendell Gagen, who was near Death's
door for many days has taken a change for
the better, and Is now Improving slowly but
nicely and satisfactory.
Old Winter came to town Friday morning
and started right In for business.
Do You Care For Your Appearance?
Ix>ok well to tho attractiveness and
symetry of the month. The loss of a
tooth gives one a wolfish, a Mr. Hyde
appearance. Have it replaced with an
artificial one. Have you one that is
even slightly decayed? Have that de
cay stopped at once, or Father Time
and the forceps are sure to get it. You
say ; My teeth are all right, they don't
vised to make your will, before consult
ing a physician,
generally pretty sick.
Mingus before it gets sick and the bill
will not bo so apt to make you aick.
Oh yes wait until you are at!
A tooth that aches is
Consult Dr.
300 PAIRS 300
les Mi:
At Less Tlian Cost.
They must be sold before we move.
And at Living Prices in the Following:
Pei«, Soaps, Mel Articles, PATENT MEDICINES,
The Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars & Tobacco
Paints, Oils, Colors, Paint Brushes, and a large supply of popular remedies
such as King's New Discovery for Consumption, Shiloh's and Shore's
Remedies, Clover Root, Park's Tea, Garfield Tea, Pierce's Remedy,
Warner's and any others you may want
Preserf pilot)» Cat ref tally Fillet! Pay or Nighi>
BldN Œ31.
C A U S El
Why can I sell as cheap or cheaper than any
one else in Idaho? I sell large quantities of
goods and I buy large quantities and get lowest
trices. I manage to get my goods in at lowest
possible freight rates.
I stand behind the counter and in that way find
out what the people want. I buy only such as
people want and have no dead stock to pay for.
I do my business with the least possible expense.
I have no rent to pay. I am content with a
smaller profit than some people.
People are talking about the big business I am
doing. People are talking about the prices I am
selling at. People are buying where they can
get the most goods for the least money. My
trade is increasing every day.
Join the Procession—A Few Prices:
Twenty-five pounds Oat Meal... .$ 1.00
Coal Oil by tho Case.
Eighteen bars White Kussian Soap 1.00
Four bars full weight Kirks' Sav
on Soap.
Six Cans of Fruit.
Tomatoes 10c., Corn 10e., 5 gallon
kog Pickles.
Fine Calfornia Peas .
Walker's Family Soap, lasst laun
dry soap on earth. 20 Kars..
Men's all wool fine suit, last year's
price $15.00, now
Black Clay, worsted, heavy, good,
.. 3.00
. .12*
Don't Forget you can save money by trading with
Blackfoot, Idaho,
all wool, frock or sack, last
year *18.00, now.
A heavy wool Ulster Overcoat..
Fascinators 65c., 85c., 1.15 and
1.50, can't be beat.
Ladies Fur and Plush Capes at
two-thirds prices marked.
All Wool Germantown Yarn 65o.
and 76c. pound.
Ladies i Wool Underwear, suit 1.35
Ladies good, All Wool Hose.
Men's extra heavy All Wool Hose
three pairs for. 1.00
Men's Wool Hose, five pairs for.. 1.00
. 2 :.

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