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NO. 27
#6EK S news in brief.
storm prevailed in Fremont
y this week.
delegation of U-achers are
jt the Association at Pocatello.
in town and vicinity are lm
asylum buildings will soon
|y for occupancy.
, Apple Cider, and Mlnee Meat

Lithe American Fails boomer is
L grounds again with "the sure
L»'' of the Falls in his pocket.
>ts lb- lMMm.swfe.ol
& of November. i
kuty-three old veteran» answer to I
N call for dinner In tbe dlining *
■ of the Soldiers' Home.
seek has given the Mississippi
isrrific storms of snow, slret,
Cash Grocery now open and
lor butines». Cat) early and avoid
L G«rtir Pierce, of Gray'» dl*
[is attending the Teacher»' Aaeo
iBaatiog A Co. give you 90 cent»
Lv for good Oat», either In tuer
Ufc* or on account,
kfletrr you may want for the boll
i MBfuli your home merchant* first
ia Daw Johnson, nee Kttie Dunn,
miel her husband with a plump,
fisg baby. Monday.
MUdm our holiday goods be
asking your Xmaa selection«
lien II. FeroUh.
Ri« Wendell Gagon. whose tale 111
to »eriou* and who was to
rfcath'» door, is pawing tbe dan
point on bit road to recovery.
Ik local land offica did $10.000 worth !
. Beating it Co. give 75 cents per
«pot ca» h. fur good oat».
. . I
ft «ill be pleated to »bow you tbe
st perfume* in fancy bottle» and
si lien II. Kern I »ho
a! P La*>on, tbe Houston mur- '
r. is still in lb* region* "where the
lbia«t»lDeth," and with none to
star mak» him afraid. HU U a ,
O, M ,, ..
UMn in the mnon now .mile* a
tl»(«»h Grocery. He take« »meet
r. Com* and try some of It.
w toy» will arrive next week. Don't
saUl you have seen Hen H. Fer
nsamt fcabl« cm**.
k'» lot of toys. Cheaper than ever.
«r toy wlection will he the large*!
lU»t in the city, wait and »ec them
fi-vekain H. Fern I sh '» drugstore.
wb*r Ms. kloy say* whenever he
>r<» a man and smells hla breath and
kct« the flavor of Otto of Hoses or
"!» violet« he known he ba* been
•H«lf. Junius Brutus" cigar, two
» quarter ,t West's Cub Grocery,
Wd*n Poppy Hy-rop. very fine, ^
you will uinp no other, »t Wwt'i
* Grocery.
Wr*»My bars good laundrv soap, at
jnr on* dollar
All good, delivered fn-e of charge
«« Wert 1 » t a«h Grocery. Give u» a
'•»mmoth Baking Powder 25 ounces
f only 25 ents at West's; try It; you
11 l *.
The nid reliait)« Pioneer Tea, three
bads for one dollar at West's
8 *eet Potatoes, Orange». Apple» and
nice and fre.h at West'«.
o_i „ ,
to'"»». 1 outoes, Cabbage, etc., etc,
" l *'
very best Broom for only 30 eta.
*®wn at West's Cash Grocery*.
HntyV. H. Marshal W. A. Womlln,
" he., n up in t u«ter and the Yellow
country all tho week,
average dally receipts for No
^rr, Including Hundnys, at tho
'Woo* land office, were over $350.
Jacket machinery is still
D lf a steady stream, as Is proven
passage of two more five-stamp
ties and the great steel wire ca
" w Nted over tho hill Friday morn
They calculate to reach Yellow
j 1 io R bout ten days. Dave Kerr
, n of the expedition, and
* freighter of long experience.—
* ahl Republican.
Jackson, aa Oregon rancher,
to Han Francisco and advertised
w »»ifs. ^
Among the applicants
Position was one who touched
Z,. 1 ' * n<J att *r she had departed
I» J!, ro,i "be had also touchod
U i ^ ot * or a *i there was in It—$40.
** »taddur and
wiser man.
The dance given at the Opera House
Thursday evening by the voung men of
town, wan said to be one of the beat and
moat enjoyable ever given in Blackfoot.
Forty-taro couple« occupied the floor,
and all join In pronouncing the
•ion one of uiueh enjoyment. The
mu«ie »u good, aa wua likewise the
management, and nothing was left un
done that would lend to the pleasures
of those present.
With every $10.00 worth of goods
bought at Uen H. Fernish'a we will
give you a hand-omc framed pastil pic
ture, costing you $1.50, worth $5.00 in
Bait Lake City. Call and see them.
The General Manager of the U. P,
Ry., passing through Filackfoot the
other day, asked the gentlemanly agent,
Mr. Collins: "Where is the crowd all
going to?" and the agent truthfully an
swered: "Why, down to West's Cash
Grocery, of course."
French Peas, One Cream Cord, Im
ported Sardines, the celebrated Club
llou»« Pine Apple, at West's Cash
Durrani the murderer is making a
strong effort to secure a new trial. The
motion is besag argue 1 at length, but
a decision will not la» given until nest
Judge William R. Kelley who has
been ass slant general solicitor of tbe
Union l*aclflc, has been promoted to
general solicitor, to succeed Senator
Thurston w ho resigned to go into tbe
U. H Senate.
For Sami. One hundred and fifty
tons of hay. cheap. Cali or address.
11. Fonts ihm.
. Presto, Idaho.
ifeojfeoofe**. Cloy Ftoo-r wow. or ... j
i °' h * r vWting gentlemen, ate Thank»- h
giving turkey with Dr. Muore. medical
»uperlntendent at tbe asylum. These
gentlemen spent the day with Dr. j
I Moore, and returned west without vis
* m n g | n town.
! Bierbower. Majori avanagb. Sam Gun
Governor McConnell. Lleut-Governor
I Hev. Mr - ' "** «•"dueled j
l0jt |>*y service» at hi* church. Thu re
day evening: he wa* assisted by Hector
Dawunn of the Episcopal Church and
Rev. Fugart of the «arae Church.
L w. \Ve»t bas opene l a grocery
»tore lo the old Cardon building,
, \Vr*i. it no »«ranger to Bingham coun
ty dealers. They know when he is in
! Im. I no*» he alwav» handle» the beat In
n .
j California ha» coined over $20.000.000
In gold thl» year, and by « » < ''
the year, it U thought, the amount will
roach $24.t*lO,OBM>Ol>. This U a golden
year for that state.
, , ,
for congress on s sn.aU salary » very ,
large. The chaplaincy of the lcgUla
,ivc branch of the government is ln de
mand .
. _ ___
Bunting A "■ P"> 1 '
,,n ^"' nt ° r ,OF
"^Vogler, f oal Agt.
^ 1 n ' * ^
Fob Sale or Rent-A five room cot- j
'*ge on a dcsirulde lo-nti<>n in thc hlm
wood a<tditlon. A gmkl well nearby.
For »ale on easy term*. Apply to
Dr. Wm. H. BEHLE, Blackfoot.
a .„.„..Mississippi congres» which
h J 1, adjourn^ '*« «nîal session !
. , Nebraska, declared for
nllv ,. r a ', jfl to 1, and selc-ted Salt I-ako
C | tv ( or ip, nox t place of meeting.
Roacon West »mokes the Deacon
Brown cigar, but Brown says he Is
tough and say» anything can t kill him
-"that's «II right If« hard times and
a nickel cigar I» all « ran affortl. and
^ Dvai . vn Urown cigar is the best
nickel rignr on earth." Try them at
West's Cash Grocery.
Number of preacher» who want to pray
Mrs. Lucy Panibon has left home for
the present, and has gone out to the
Ramie ranch to care for tho suffering
llUle ones of that afflicted family, such
a sacrifice must bring its reward.
Commissioner Browning of the In
dian Bureau, ha* advertised for bids
for the construction of a ounal on ,,in
Indian reservation. Tho same will be
his office until the 20th of
received at
fresh Comb
Go to West's for nice
and Stralnod Honey by pound.
any quantity.
Mr. M. Skeen Sr. came tip from Og
raatters connected
the West Side,
den on Tuesday, on
With the "big canal
and left for Boise on Wednesday: Mt •
the future for tho enter
is one of tho
Hke.cn says
prise—which by the way
argent Irrigation enterprises in Idaho,
day. There will
are brightening every
In tbe ditch in time for lrriga
., and the prospect of
American Falls If
be water
tlon next summei
building through to
tain to lm realised.
Thuukagiriag In Bluckfoot.
Thanksgiving Day was very Sunday
like in Ulackfoot. For the most part
there was a general suspension of busi
ness, and the streets wore much the
semblance of a quiet Sabbath day.
The citizens generally remained at
home, ate big turkey dinners, gave
thanks for the good fortune that had
followed them through the year passed,
and the married ones made love to
their wives and praised the Lord.
In the evening an enjoyable dance
was given at the ojtera house, with a
large, number present.
Don't tie your horse to a post and
leave him there to freeze. W. D. Tre
go carries a big stock of horse blankets.
Twenty-five pounds of Oat Meal for
$1.00, at W. A. Bull's.
The Pocatello Herald makes men
tion of a new movement that has been
inaugurated to int rest capital to ap
propriate some of the water power of
American Falls for irrigating mining
and manufacturing purposes. Hon. I.
H. Palmer, of Illinois,who is said to be
backed by plenty of capital, was expect
ed to visit the town of American Falls,
on the Short Line, to ascertain the
amount of (tower that could be devel
oped and profitably employed in irri
gating a large body of land and the
manufacture of the products of tbe soil
into starch, flour, sugar and other
articles that could be abundantly pro
duced within a reasonable distance
from the town. If bis report is favor
able it may result in the building of a
manufacturing town and the making of
a market for several products that the
fertile soil of the Snake River valley
would be made to produce in abundance
and that would yield a much greater
j ■"«
h *> at l''™ 00 ' l ,rl0 **- • •
One hundred boxes good apples, con
signed, must be closed at 90c. per box.
j W. A. Hull,
in a
Still Needing Attention.
j The Hamte family so sorely afflicted
by typhoid fever, is still needing atten
tion. At this writing there are four in
bod, but all are improving slowly.
*Tbev are still in need of careful atten
tlon. and of the delicate articles of food He
demanded by the «ick with that fever,
The afflicted widow and mother ha» '
in her trouble»; the j w
been a heroine
people have been kind to them, but the ;
Huh) one. so pale, emaciated an help !
' r „„uniment to bring them beck I
U) htr ,, np ,j, and health again. The !
Kwp# u wnfidcnt (hc gcxsl ladies of I
_ „, ml „ un |, v w m continue to look
»fier and care' for them. *'
, ______
, .. cor ." LB ONAKD ARRESTED.
S.ate^ » ^ EeMlon o( ugl,Us
ture, was arn'sted UMlay by Deputy
Shci iff Scott of Lincoln county.
j ^ charjfed with having »et fire to the
hnVPtaok „ of J. \V. Ballantyne, late
|> 0 p U |i K t candidate for Governor.
Leonard »ay* he ha» no idea what
ha* given rise to the charge. Heaver»
that he ha» many enemies in that sec
! tlon. where he formerly lived, und he
for infer« this arrest arises from the malice
of those who are antagonistic to him.
Wetl- Knoten Idaho Nan Charged
with Firing a Haystack.
BoiBE CITY. Ida., Nov.—Dr. J. C.
I .conard, widely known throughout the
"Governor" of the Third
Fersonal .Votes.
A. D. Morrison and R. W. Faria came
down from Idaho Falls Wednesday on
Important land business.
Miss Mattel Herman came up from
her Downey school Thursday and will
spend a few days at home.
Mrs. Glen has been on the sick list
this week, but with no serious or un
favorable. symptoms.
Frank W. Beane spent a few days at
Port Hall this Thanksgivings week.
Cashier Jenkins, of Bunting's bank,
went to Pocatello Friday afternoon to
meet a—to meet a—friend.
Julo Bassett expects to leave for
Washington, D. C., within the next
few days.
K. A. Readrioker was over from
Howe, first of the week, on land busi
Jack Hay ball was over from tho In
dian school Tuesday, and reported some
sickness of a mild character uinong tho
who nro learning to
Mt •
little pappooses
shoot Ideas.
Judge Shoemaker, one of the old
pioneers, and tho first probate judge of
Bingham county, is suffering from can
cers of the face. HI* friends would not
be surprised to learn of his death at.
any time.
John R. Rodgers, of Howe, was over
from Lost River this week, to make
final proof on land claims.
Senator Shoup left Boise Monday af
ternoon for Washington.
Mr. Hatch, a prominent New York
attorney spent Sunday in Blockfoot.
W. M. Winn, a grocer of Pocatello,
was looking over the field at Blackfoot,
Special Agent Sadler is in the Rex
burg country on Uncle Samuel's busi
Miss Woodbury is expected in Black
foot this (Saturday) afternoon and will
be the guest of Miss Fife.
Not Luck but Work.
"Twenty clerks in a store, 30 bands
hands in printing office, 30 apprentices
in a ship yard, 20 young men in a town,
all want to get on in the world, and ex
pect to do so," says an old merchant.
"One of the clerks will become part
ner, and make a fortune; one of the
compositors will own a newspaper, and
become an influential citizen; one of
the apprentices will become a master
builder, one of the villagers will get a
handsome farm, and live like a patri
arch—but which one is the lucky indi
Lucky! There is no luck about it.
The thing is almost as certain as tbe
rule of three.
The young fellow who will distance
his competitors is he who masters bus
iness, who preserves his integrity, who
lives cleanly and purely, who devotes
his leisure to the acquisition of knowl
edge. who gains triends by deserving
them, and who saves his spare money.
There are some ways to fortune short
er than this dusty highway, but the
staunch men all go this road.
Schlutter Heard From.
Denver. Colo., Nov. 36.—A special
to the News from Graneros, Colo., says:
Francis Schlatter, the healer, is at
Greenhorn, some nine miles from this
point. There is no question as to his
identity, as he was recognized by the
writer and by George Sears and wife,
all of whom were treated by him in
Denver. Schatter rides a fine gray
horse and carries a bundle of blankets.
He K ave » detailed statement of his
movements since leaving Denver, and
' admitted meeting the various parties
j w ho have reported seeing him on his
He reached Greenhorn about
; •
! 12:30 to-day. He has treated a great
number of people to-day, and has also
I bleeaed a great number of handker
! chiefs.
I He says he is on his way to Albu
querque, and will follow the old banta
*' e ,rail w thal P° int * ° n hU ar " va !
there he will commence a forty days
fast. He could not say if he would go
to Chicago or not.
Say. why don't you try De Witt's
Little Early Kisers? These little pills
cure headache, indigestion and cou
stipilion. They're small, but do the
work.—Hull & Greene, druggists.
Rend our Large "Ad" it will
make the Ranchers smile.
I respectfully beg to inform the ladies
of Blackfoot and vicinity that I am pre
pared to do dress making in all the la
test style. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Mrs. D. G. Bell.
Blackfoot. Idaho, Nov. 39th, 1995.
Call Early and Avoid Tbe Rush.
I most respectfully solicit a shsr« of rour
patrons vc amt « 111 endeavor to treat you as
well as I know liow. I will carry a full duo of
Staple Groceries,
A small lino or Fancy Groceries, also Candles,
Nuis, Fruits Voveiatdos. Cigars and Tobacco.
bought und received fresh »very day. The
poods t will puarsiitee to be flrst-edass and the
prleea the prices the lowest,
whether you buy or not, you will be welcome.
P. 8. 1 now have on hand for the
Holidays Pure Apple Cider, Mince
Meat. Honey, Apples, Sweet Patatoes,
1 Lemon* and Ornuges.
Cull auu see mo
300 PAIRS 300
At Less Tlian Cost.
They must be sold before we move.
And at Living Prices in the Following:
Mourn, Soaps, Mot Melos, PATH MEDICINES,
The Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars & Tobacco
Paints, Oils, Color«, Paint Brushes, and a large supply of popular remedies
such as King's New Discovery for Consumption, Shiloh's and Shore's
Remedies, Clover Root, Park's Tea, Garfield Tea, Pierce's Remedy,
Warner's and any others you may want.
Prescription. Carefully Pille» Pay or Night.
bew zi- FEJRiTxsia:,
Why can I sell as cheap or cheaper than any
one else in Idaho? I sell large quantities of
^oods and I buy large quantities and get lowest
I manage to get my goods in at lowest
possible freight rates.
I stand behind the counter and in that way find
out what the people want. I buy only such as
people want and have no dead stock to pay for.
I do my business with the least possible expense.
I am content with a
I have no rent to pay.
smaller profit than some people.
People are talking about the big business I am
doing. People are talking about the prices I am
selling at. People arc buying where they can
get the most goods for the least money,
trade is increasing every day.
Join the Procession™A Few Prices:
Twenty-five pounds Oat Meal... .$ 1.00 i
Coal Oil by the Case. 3.00 j
Eighteen bars White Russian Soap 1.00 j A
Four bars full weight Kirks' Sav
'. 1,25 All
on Soap.
Six Cans of Fruit..
Tomatoes 10c., Corn 10c., 5 gallon
keg Pickles.
Fine Calfornia Peas .
Walker's Family Soap, best laun
dry soap on earth, 20 bars..
Men's all wool fine suit, last- year's
price $15.00, now
Black Clay, worsted, heavy, good,
Don't Forget yon can save money by trading with
2D- XX.
Blackfoot, Idaho,
all wool, frock or sack, last
A heavy wool Ulster Overcoat ..
Fascinators 65c., 8.5c., 1.15 and
1.50, can't be beat.
Ladies Fur and Plush Capes at
two-thirds prices marked.
All Wool Germantown Yarn 65c.
and 75c. pound.
Ladies t Wool Underwear, suit 1.35
Ladies good. All Wool Hose.
j Men's extra heavy All Wool Hose
three pairs for.
Men's Wool Hose, five pr.irs for..
year $18.00, now
.... 1.00

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