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,d It. Tr» EycV the Youngest Ex
itie Uwvtui Art to Attain
IH.till, Hull Mkrtrh of MU
jl V.leU Chicago MilllurdUt.
SI " f
Hilt 11
H. Ten
Igyck, who»« por
trait is printed be
low, is the young
est, exponent of the
art of ruwiug with
in our recollection
tu attain such a
prominent position
as be occupies. He
was born at Peek
skill. N, Y„ Aug.
and is therefore but Utile past
M , M a year* of age. yet he hold,
.aàlouships won at the annual re
... „( me National Association of
"JLr oarsmen of America and tbe
. 1 Amateur Rowing Asso
™ 0 || e stauda 5 feet kVi luebe* In
Sk without shoes, and weighed in
Lion the past season 155 pouuds.
, \ a treriby mo of the veteran pro
sal oarsman. Jante» A. I en Eyck,
fljured prominently in the an
u American sculling for many
Mill in harness, and presents
__ , u tuple of the beneficial ef
I of nhf oral exercise and a life
.„ a Young Ten Eyck s
began during the season
ikf ol
jslS wb*:i, «luring Ri« '»<*»•
j v JoUtrti the WachUtott Y
n vVarcester, Mass, of which
«illation hi* father was the coach
I Md chars, of the preparation of
s dabs eight oared crew for the
He developed very
0 f t j, h> wa* almost constantly on
t ester, m his father's shell. Ills
IS rare Mii private trial between
a »si a club mate, rowed about a
tolar: th>- lAbor Day regatta of
( X»* England Amateur Rowing
yr rttt.vn of l*>5. for tbe purpoae of
to*»* the lest sculler to represent
iHsti in the junior scull race at said
pa, Thu race Ten Eyck won
u:,ty. an 1 he was Immediately en
pd for the event named, which be
m is hsfc lr fashion on the Chart«»
tor. at Besten, be never being head
I tx4 eventually winning by a long
vise- He was then entered for the
ts.ar pulls at the I Pm tun regatta "f
u fiat, which event be easily won.
|»3 to a»* sent to represent the club
ftto annual national regatta, held j
-4 :j: r,x 1 .vhe Aug 12. U. «ton j
tarursd the title of Intermediate !
Stota « i!|»r He nex: appeared at -
1 later Day regatta of tbe New Eng
iHtt Y ti expecting to meet J
Wiitrhcad, senior acull champion.
i McGulte. hut they did not enter,
:* mused him great disappoint
», He won the race hand» down,
Itton Intimated in print that he was I
qan4 to tow either Whitehead or i
Boat i
Ml regatta.
hicire s match race for a suitable •
rw. The former closed with tbe of- I
rat» match ata» made to row one |
M * half mile», with a turn,
itrk was derided on Lak* Quinsiga
0«. Ort. I, and after a good contest
m tke mm Ten Eyck demonstrated
« tapcrlor ability by going to the
at sad remaining there to the end.
toitz by about one and a bail
ml», in 9m. 5$ 2-5». Tbla victory
* Iks youthful champion's stock
»»f up. and tbe phenomenal record
1 kxs made during hl» brief career
Mi the »full» Indicates that, as be
I'OBiiantly gaining strength as he
htow physically, and by practice on
f wxtrr and In the gymnasium I»
k»4ity improving In skill, he will
to Ills name considerably higher on
► fill of fame during tbe enaulng few
hra. while the senior sculls at the
bi Mtional regatta appears to lie
N'-tkt his merry. Ten Eyck Is at prew
f tUending school. Is a young man of
M disposition and tidbits, attentive
M disposition and tidbits, attentive
I » «-[
K -
kis sukIIoh and la everybody's favor
„ foible In the !.. A. XV.
• "Hing Elliott, president of the
^'tue nf American Wheelmen, has
, ft |p tter to the member« of that
ttkltttlon t 0 ti,,, r fTn, t (hat he de
to he re-nloctnd. According to
•nn cyclists the mere request means
', will ngalu «»erttpy the office of
" •tecullve of the wheeling hotly,
more ns w«>ll. It signifies
' 1 ** RIHolt hits evinced such a de
t» v n 11 ,,0,,rr chief consul of the
l> : 0rk ,,lvi8,on . W BI not permit his
kV" Kn ,H ' foro fho nominating
K , " l 'he national
L " wl11 meet in Albany next Jantt
kmher nl "° *hat Hin western
" bo were Incensed nl Ml*
mi| hlte„to on sound money dur
L| J. presidential campaign, anil who
Li,,' " m Impeached will use every
»or to llnvart Ills election. They
depended upon to wage a bil
«Riiltmi candidacy, They
. to ihn
P 1 blute
r ttglit

mutent til y prepared to
k,|. Creasy Morrison of Mlt
L ,0 «»eeced Elliott. Mr. Morrl
I Dam ' us .1 passible condldntd ter
the office
wan first men dotted at the '
•Mitsue meet Louisville
Stnee theu his adhereuts
Piled, and the
last August,
have multi
Bmualy favor*Thta bel^omuînt j
He is a vice-president of the ^
league.- Spurting Lift-.
Ris Hull
in t liicago.
A receiver for the American Wheel
men s Protective Association was
asked for In the Circuit Court at Chi
li" 80 by P. H, Barker, a stockholder.
The association was incorporated in
November, im, with a capital stock of
•1,000, and notice was given that it
would be increased to 150,000, but this
has never been paid in The bill makes
It is claimed that the as
sets of the concern do not exceed *6 i
upu auJ tba , „ , „ ,. f '.V.'
» liiraj« HiliUrdUi^
After making a most miserable start
In »to recent balk-iine billiard tout
uament Ed Helm more than redeemed
.ttmself in later c ontests. Helm Is a
j * rwH, ï improved player. When he first
! l,BM! *° 1 hlc »* u to »»» ®<*ch of
: an expert and, in fact, was hardly en
titled to the name Ihat was ln ltB,
and tbe first match he secured here
agaiiiët KUward U. Suiffeu, secretary
and treasurer. It )s claimed that he
issued to himself t.tioo shares of stock,
representing the Increase, and 5,00b
shares of over issue, of tbe par value of
$2. or $00,000 altogether. Kniffen, tt is
alleged, expended on his personal ac
count «II of the *30,000 collected except
ing $0,500, used for expenses of tbe
po ration.
wheels valued at *50 each All the offi
cers are made defendauu.
waa one with Captain Anson. He de
feated the baseball veteran by a »core
i A
of «><•) to 13t and maa<- an average of
•)« and aome over. After that he eu
tered a tournaroent at the old lmi<ertal
Hall In which auch good players as
Uaüaghrr. Itstley. Capron. Harrison,
Thatcher. Anson and Charles Schaefer
oppoaed him, lie did not do so well
as he expected In !*93 be competed
for the rbamplonxhlp of tbe state In
a to'irnament In which the entries were
llarrlson Hatley. Magglol! and himself
He was beaten again, a* he tacked i
tournament experience. In September 1
last he and Tom Gallagher played a
long match at bslk-llne and Helm not
only won, but put up a great general
game, making a grand average of near
ly ten. Chicago Times-Herald.
•»m Trophy
Holt Wins »he •»"
The live bird match for the Du l'ont
trophy between Bert Clarldge of Balti
more, Md., and George R«>H of Blue
Island. III . look place at Baltimore,
Clarldge won the trophy at Clil
and Hol I was among the five who
In shooting off the tie
He waa at once rhal
tied for It.
Clarldge won.
Icngrd by Jamew Malone, of Baltimore,
and Clarldge defrmled the trophy.
Roll had previously Issued a
challenge to the winner of the < larldge.
Malone match, to of course he came In
for next match. Mr Roll Is a young
man who. like Fred Gilbert, has made
a buslnem of »hooting game for sev
eral year*, but has never made auy
records at the traps until the Du
shoot at Chicago when he killed
Roll has
117 birds without a misa.
matches with Dr. Carver. The
tie and the second wus
In the mstch at Balti
shot two
first wa* a
won by Roll. . .
more Roll had the luck of the blrda and
killed 4« out of the 50. He missed two
r RH t drivers and won by fairly defeat
ing Clarldge The Baltimore man ahot
well but wa. unable ,0 get a lead on
the western expert. J. L. Wln.ton baa
now challenged Mr. Roll and the match
will be .hot within sixty day., prob
ably in Chicago. Roll used an L. C.
Smith gun and l)U Pont smokeless pow
der. Clarldge used a Daly gun and Du
Font smokeless powder. The condi
tions of the match were 50 live birds,
30 yards rise. A. S. A. rules. $100 a aide
nnd trophy.
Was Winner.
«-. Purge«»»
Cornelius Furgueson of Brooklyn
won u great victory when lie raptured
ihn F C Cup which wna the fifth time
li, nnd It becomes hi«
The cup was prr
that he hud woti
tiersnnal property,
rented to the winner nearly Iwo your*
„go |„ ( apt. A. W. Monty, of the L t .
Powder Company, and has beet, shot
Hinee that Onto. The conditions
«ere that the cup should he won three
(lines in succession, or five times, not
consecutively, m order to become he
Personal property of any shooter.
Thomas Morftty had won the cup twice
in succession and Mr. Furgueson had
font- wins credited to him, so that the
really lay between these two good
Fiirattesoii proved himself
to cam the trophy
„to, won the elul,
the b»att nit
„ml bis chance
1,111,.j 2fi straight before
■hoot, and
the parties mutually consent
conditions there Is no con
to the same
*'»>rc to Slug Scltku Mr., Uoce XVIIJ
hot ltd urn to America Mine. .Nordicn
H ill He Miaeed TfaU heeMii Mn. lit «". -
bohiu Tree'# J'onitloii
AM HE announcements
> of the opera season
> thus far do not
h promise so many
T pew parts for Mme.
Calve as rejoiced
her admirers a year
ago. But she will
sing Bellka for tbe
first lime, and pos
sibly Chimene. in
"Le Cid. She will,
of course, repeat tbe parts in which she
is already familiar, and in each of
which she is the ideal of the present
raee ®* «l»*ra-*oer*.
i A Y°""* actress of some versatility and
a fair amount of prettiness is Virginia :
Earle. She created the leading role in '
that kaleidoscopic production, the
"Lady Slavey," did a hit of creditable
work in the "Gold Bug," and blossomed
out recently In Japanese character
which seems to suit her style better
than anything she has yet attempted.
Miss Earle's is a talent which appeals
more forcibly to lovers of tbe lighter
form of stage work than to the serious
minded devotee of tbe drama. It is
said by those wbo know her, that Miss
Karte harbors an ambition for tbe
higher forms of histrionics, which am
bit ion it is to be hoped she may soon
realize. i
A Wswwto t une.
Tbe famous English singer. Mrs. Btl- !
I lug too bad a voice which was not only
» ^
' y
« :
i i
4 /
• «y
l 1
> s*
'i fr
/ f«r
sweet, but so powerful ibat no orches
-.ra ever drowned Its tones. At one time
Mrs. Blillngtou was rehearsing for s
•onrert to be given In a large ball, and
n one of her songs she wss U> he sc
oinpanled by a trumpet obligato. The
rumpeter blew with all bis might and
nsln. but bis efforts were met with a
•all of "Louder! louder!" from tbe In
«Gable conductor At laat the trum
pctCT laid down his Instrument, and. ,
surveying the conductor with ludlgna- J
lion, he gasped: "Ixmder and louder
be ferry easy to say, but vere is de
Muir, hunllr* Will Be BlssrU.
Mme. Nordics will doubtless be much
missed in New York this season. Much
doubt has been cast on tbe question
of whose fault it Is that she is not 1
member of the Metropolitan Opera
House company. The faol is that she
Is not. and for her admirers (he condi
tion Is much more Important Hum the
r»*ason. She will not even include New
S }
ïS-iÂ-TTi ^
While visiting Chicago she lost her dog
nnd when (he news was proclaimed
ll,o whole city was In an uproar.
Mme. Nor
Elaoimra l»n*e Will Not t'miin.
Mmq. Eleonora Dune Iiiih not kept
her hnlf promise to come hack to Amer
ica aud pluv Shaksapcuie with un En*
gUsh-speakiag compati y this
Nobody ever had much faith that
would really do tt. If ahe should see
fit to make auch an experiment at a
later time it would be in some respects
more interesting than anything that j
She has heretofore done in this country, j
Here is another new story abotr ■
Richard Mansfield. A good man:
years ago he engaged a private secre
tary on the recommendation of one ol ;
his friends. He soon discovered tha: ]
the young man's knowledge of the Eng :
lisit language, to say nothing of other
qualificatif*» was distinctly rudi- Î
mentary. Finally, one day. after the 1
secretary had made some terrible biun
ders in the wordiug of a ieuer Mr.
Mansfield lost patience.
"Really, you know,' said be, "1 can't
stand this. I have got to have tom- j
one who's had a detent education " 1
hlvry Atwat Hnufifipld.
spent $2.«r0 on my education."
- My dear fellow," retorted Mr. Mans-1
field, putting his hand confidingly on j
: the other* shoulder, your good pas- ,
' ems were cheated." !
— '
"rg 1 — "-"nrr —
Tto * Kew York Emuir* theatei «or* !
IO mpanv lor tint teason h-ginamy
JitU uarc 1 <ompri*es William have;
^ Ul v ioia Alien J E. Immid J. H j
gtoddart Robert Edeson Fiu Wii
»,«. w j Feiguaou W H Cromp-1
loli ju*i-pb Humphre'e Jameson late
Finney. K Y Backus. Agne> Miller,
Elsie lie Wolfe, Ann Busby. Ma*' Rote
:>OIi id* Conquest, <Jiad*'e Wallit Gli*>
Ellen Gaii and «is* Ha-war Tt*
selected lor production are "Vx>
i dej the Red Kobe " a dramatigation at,
sumlev Wevmau» novel b* Rdwatii
Rose ; new'play by Hour,' 0»>' <JarJe
! ton. • new pis y by W'Usoe BssnoW *nfi|
The secretary was mortally offended.
"Mr. Mansfield," said be. " my parents
i KUwyn A- Barron, entitled "The Winn
lug Cup," a draaiatiiMBio# of A*1 ebony
Hope's novel. "A ***» of Mark, ' »to p
new play by Maicol» Watao#
Om OmufiMg 4
Madame Melba is very popular to
America, but she «tust base enjoyed
herself imoieusely to reading «be lu
cubration* of one of her admirer* »
New England Journalist Tbit worthy
scribe thus delivered bituseif: "And
theu came Melba queen of song. wRb
a voice clear as a »fiver heil; smooth,
easy, resonant, away up to the highest
trebles; precise, each note tor itself
in runs and trills, sweeping her volume
of voice through the sustained bars of
dramatic measures, and Boating n>*r
lyric akeu-hes of melody."
A Good Joke mm U»r4e,
The gossips tell ibis sbury 0*1 on* of
the largest and most assertive cfile*
of Canada : One of the manager* booked
tragedian Frederick Waide (her* *»4
made the rounds of the newspaper
officers to inform the drama edlieyra of
the fart. To one of the critic« to
said: -Well, Mr. X-, I've got Fred
erick Wurde for my first attraction,"
"Ward?" queried «lie editor, "Ward!
Il'w -yes but where is VokesT"
Mr*. Ilitilwliw T 99*>
Mr». Bê*rMw* Tm# Iiää tL^ hviior
to head one of the three dlvistows of
Ismdon actresses. It has been said
lately that there are only three hind*
of actresses in IsJildoU Mis* Ellen
ferry and those who imitate her, Mrs,
Kendal and those who Imitate her, and
Mrs. Tree and those who Imitat* her.
The coftinient does not sound good,
humored, and of course It Is not true,
Mrs. Tree will he seen in this country
uguin in a short time.
Rubor! Buchuuau nJuice* at the ;
waning popularity of wliai might b<*
called the Ibsen cult. "Trilby frolics |
barefooted over Hie grsve of lledda 1
Gabler, and the specter of lluinus, llio
I l.ler, Strike» jackhooted pust the urn j
of otir well-cremated »1rs. Tanqueray, I
Bei lotis dramatic art is as demi as homo
rule. Wisely enough, lb« public bus
decided that th* theater Is u place for
public uimim-mcnt, not u differentiated
Tbc Ibsen Cult,
hull of Bcleuee or lelmUtlg forum.'

■ *' *"***'■ " ***• d™*
1 'jt
j »
W tien *1« l««l'
~t 5? ANY people have a
/A/n ioumwm *m*
vaults of m «leetrioB
j which is i—wilisrWly -» ***
, an alarm sbooid there ie the attgbveet
! movem eut inside the cnthfi- The is«
' est mean» of making * sauset fier.
tto* death ha» meet ;*ia-je it the use Of
! *** Roentgen rar. iinofis Ibe
'ng and oead taoet- on he -hme pam
°> tbe X ray «boa a toPtot tütto
j nonet -id noth d*e sttmn
»dl! tofittoi. to', 'to srrtfe Jto»
^ ^ to*d .faaod *se ssnHiati^F dto»
1 H tto ytotnse he two «*to» *
1 *** ironit pBss -«««*.*. är emetm**
| : ® «as? to WC'a-en'.o«'.' nejs»>m "h*
oead «bd to liymg imnot.Jin'. ** tto
'toatge j*. the tiaMK totBto to •»«*•
I uiaoe tbe R-ray* «bo» g ttonfi«: dU6er
at, ^ totolsabot. ibtr. CatV thtosa
| *'■*** me.noc »fit deagaame
j *■«*"«!> »to'.net -dentt to« v.*iw«d
to ****totr the pattoH fib ■* » to me*
since dead fie«® '«Bert -mo» swa*«»«**
to dto paseage df dto «■>» dtom dto !h»>.
being buried Alive,
j and it*
attested by the dfc- ■
local uoepita or.
_ »-diet not vma.
p ,ci- untie: tn* prx
if. -the
.Rail be sépara teti fiiw tbe bbbj bei«*»
burial. Another tors® Und this ieeuug
ha* taken is the arrangement in -burial
Rx-Goiemvr x X kidwtoud«®.. *«a«u r
*««*«*1 to fine jMt gtoumnet:
icsi» (LotuevjUk, wfiwe to tort a ga
tutortsnuA- <*>»trimpoe. -a»?* * t&uum*
<ÎKy to«pw.<!h Me tod to«» aumxnotnet j
to dtort -toy to «to itawUw«»» stoc !j
toe tortfuttEoto». intern ft Munta»? »*» ''
toad. Me neaofaed ÿawnesRîle fMâfip j;
.morwing «nd, tottottotg to «to
to äU«fc® Jfiwmto- to«nd ftns. Muwas *'
and tor toii®#»». «toir stoob* *td(d »«r
wiWb to*«* , d«Mr «to «uhtoi
rnmuwMfMim to «to fitWMvni: .ant itoto |
eif. tu- gay totone* *«d! fi«
<w*.l CrRtond*».. "#to» I tousmed «ton S
Ja««« »w* »to tofcd tor T»v ;
fl# •«» li
pnenmo® a ««»d. to* tour, toetottet* to-1:
».«i»ved. to er*» wotwe »»jHHtej *»d s*w- i,
*r*d -toy* **o «to n'.-.ontn»«. ntbygntuta« ?
saa* up *JJ tog* a»d wid «to tow®y to g
-votsM tunt #**!0*«tr. MkMwtttoy Mtoir-1
noon to died., ok, mfi/ttf, «to »acAtos* I
Vf tfw 43^.. I
puds* »«* «tau «Ml fl# a# ppjpeswta*»*»
«to tow« tod .otsww d «# tos«, Br, Ito
dto*, »■*# »•** ##-«**»«, «towfito ft was
ttowab, wt ««to m, tost, tog».wç «etoutr
u«p* mtmmo w»to «to- **•*• pomortoH
towrt .«tflawwtocto to*»»# «# «to metf
<to w#rto, NRno-fiiysart#, dÂsrwto, at
tr»«* to M»yi—wM w*** ««»>* -w«to ««*
owtovBy, tor **** af#X*«À* to «to
tewoa-y to *«*» w«t» toato «towtacfii «to
totM*, to««# w as pmmot m to«, f
« vi #to «** tow m tof, tor «to pwyto
• am* tot«» ##y s»oi«*»(*#s toAtoto
*We, to« wto# I to« Frstoy *->*#»## to
* *# v# «to way «# r#*#r<ttry- Ur, to*
dtor, Ur, too«« ##4 Dr towefcy, «N
thr«e tomows pto tofl##*, wto mon m
» toi#«? I*««#, #**4M»tod «to »as* as
<nm of dm mom rotmrk* W» to (to #to
uory of moémUm- Tto« «to
<Uw4 f WAS »vy#vto*to/ «»to t*. to
iitm to m*. Tto torn» domdu to. too.
Tto papers mm om wfeb «to ftotm*
<4 tto toad mm and tostoffuf riMuu
aries, while «to tow* was tiffed w»s*
fvtssto Bower* tom by Mméo H was
■ ;
"> \
HOG AM C, MC lilt AT
Indeed a wonderful iniervtwHon of
I'roviden/e" evmeluded General CYft
«enden, rloaif atohlng hi* to*4,
B «sis* tor Twcnly-Foue M*nra.
While Ijwu 1A-riwn* threw ttotr to«*
int« tto *ir and < toered tmclferuualy,
Mr. Bernard M< Me*-u*y, a b» borer of
Newark, was cairbd on a mretetor a®
through nineteen fee« of New Jersey
«oll to I to surf*»* of tto e#rib which
to h*d left Jnst twenty-nine hour«
of hi* life. During Itose twenty-nine
hours gang« of men were const nut
ly at worh with shovel* and pick* try
ing to dig mu an <■*»•» pe from the «ewer
which threatened «I any moment to
1 tecum* the man'* grave. For tto first
; \t hours Mr, Mi Meeney wn* burled to
b<* pis shoulders In !<*»*« dirt, A con
| glomemtlon uf »boring and rafter
1 formed a shelter »hove ihat kept ion*
llio of sand from falling and crushing him
j to death, Mr, McMeeney wss digging
I a newer trench 20 feet below Hie
ground wh«n the *celd«ll occurred,
bus Owing to the fad that the main sewer
for was dry only a short time ago the
ground was loose and unstable, and
I Hie storlug should bnv« been »»1rs
m fit
sviueL »ms
seijnt 'the
W «h»*
fimtaeutur » *■ ÄW» ms*#«* W
'Geusge PÎ- Wasm <*C «Ntrtatnl Outset»«,
«jo&mem X AMI*. »to S*fc ft* city
sutnOH* fJW- swat» nge the tto JtkffSe
gflit firtete,. wtome ft fie stot to sUftt«*
et im AoanaaitoiatF *2A*W. »a» hurhat
sûme «AMT 3*» awjMsmr toart» fed*
.«wet «weu*. W Jmmni; fiMtfifar. A*
to»» «< «»mar. dtodn to fcto
saisfe* tto flsa*«r «f Si* Koto
Ytrutne 8S> Sto »Säst wto i» Bfl» U*ta*
in ITtoanHlt- *-JU i Jtttfe tto*.
t.unouti sgrt-'to ttnbtrraiotr who hnttoif
tots <wto«t * Wto f«Mi» Mb »id«»»
nfliimg rto« fto to»ty to etouawd and
dUdto« «R f ht- yecn aneat iutermeaG
. •*.
hotmtC formas*. Tto
JwohwB pak. Ant Bnff
** toir »vr. to * MMg
-a- Antar ®5» »«» tdioertto* 0#»

-tato» to ft.- MfSts^e*
j ^
!j J
f y;/
r.AXtjcmx r well*
S *to® toe »tola wmt ogento to» Ntoy
; on« dwund rm to » a *rg*mpH.y eramgto
li jomcat». «to tot* rimnet rowato tor
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from wto** tmm to«a*to» otxmumal.
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H has *r*t*tt*4. io to reality tto tea*«
rag»« Of om awtoiat servant*. As far
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tmnht U ptmtimlir tuAton*.
A novel <llspo*lGon of w-wage I*
mod* nt Exeter. England, Tto method
<on*isf* of four tanka, a fourth of tto
s »wag* psMfin« into each. Light and
sir nr# excluded from tto tanka; pair*
Iselion aad d*wmpo*ttbm are rapidly
**< up, tto mltrrotos multiply and tto
*»«id portiotu» af the «ewsffe are con
sumed und «to outflow from tto wnks
I« nothing tot »lightly colored water,
which, after pa**'»« through Alter»,
loses all color and Mate, No chemical
is used, and no attention to the tank*
of any »ort I* n«ed*d. Each Alter tod
automat bally clean»** Itself by being
out of use for n »hört time.
linn llouoih Bs.l. Mm.
Bttol Northstd* taged 7» —"If you
don't stop being #» naughty. Cousin
Mntol you won't go to heaven."
Cousin Mabel, aged « (with dignity)—
"ll makes no difference whether I go
heaven or not. Mamma leta me go
the concerts this winter."
Th« aversg« man thinks ih»t his rep
ulatUtfl «* » kind father has been firmly
established If the baby cries to com«
to him.-Atchison GJoto.

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