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.Thursday, November 25th, is the
Day Designated.
Washington, Oct. 20.—President
McKinley to-day issued his first Thanks
giving Day proclamation. It follows:
"In remembrance of God's goodness
tous during the last year, which has
been so abundant, 'let us offer unto Him
our thanksgiving and pay our vows
unto the Most High.' Under HU watch
ful providence, industry has prospered,
the conditions of labor have been im
proved, the rewards of the husband
men have been increased and the com
forts of the homes multiplied. His
mighty hand has preserved peace and
protected the nation. Respect for law
and order has been strengthened, love
of free institutions cherished and all
sections of our beloved country brought
into closer bonds of fraternal regard
and generous co-operation.
"For these great benefits it is our
duty to praise the Lord in a spirit of
humility and gratitude and to offer up
to Him our most earnest supplications.
That we may acknowledge our obliga
tion as a people to Him who has so gra
ciously grauted us the blessings of free
government and material prosperity, I.
William McKinley, President of the
United States, do hereby designate and
set apart Thursday, the 25th day of No
vember, for national thanksgiving and
prayer, which all of the people are in
vited to observe with appropriate re
ligious services in their respective
places of worship.
"On this day of rejoieing and domes
tic reunion, let our prayers aseend to
the Giver of every good and perfect
gift for the continuance of His love
and favor to us, that our hearts may be
filled with charity and good will and
that we may be ever worthy of His bene
ficent eonceru.
"In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed. Done at
the City of Washington, this twenty
ninth day of October, in the year of
our Lord one thousand, eight hundred
and ninety-seven, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States the one
hundred and twenty-second.
(L. S.) (Signed) "Wm. McKinley.
"By the President:
JOHN Sherman, Secretary of State."
Washington, Oct. 30.—Just as the
clock struck noon yesterday, a mes- United
«enger hurried down the steps from the one
Executive Mansion and deposited a
mysterious looking package in the
mail box near the front door. Very ine,
soon a mail carrier arrived and the
bundle was sent speeding on its way. the
It was a box, neatly wrapped in plain
roanilla paper and tied up with pink
twine. The address was written in
Mrs. McKinley's Mistake.
black ink, in a feminine hand, and
"Mrs. Grover Cleveland, Princeton,
New Jersey."
About an hour previous to the de
parture of the mysterious package, one
of Washington's most fashionable hair
dressers had been called in to arrange
Mrs. McKinley's hair, preparatory to
her departure for Ohio. The pleasant
task was nearly completed when Mrs.
McKinley laughed gleefully and rang a
bell that stood near at hand.
"Mrs. Thurn," she said to her maid,
"will you hand me those blue"—here
she laughed again and emphasized the
word "blue"—"baby booties that are
lying on the top of my knitting basket."
Mrs. Thurn placed the socks in Mrs.
McKinley's lap and, nodding, her head
knowingly, murmured almut "just in
The wife of the chief magis
trate sat smoothing and fondling the
little socks until the hair dressing was
For many days the knitting needles
of Mrs. McKinley had clicked blithe
someiy as the zephyr was "cast on and
period" here and there, going
round and round, weaving in bright
hopes and good wishes, until finally a
diminutive pair of socks for some lucky
baby was fashioned by her skillful fin
gers. Hour after hour, the first lady
of the land had rocked back and forth,
preparing congratulations and a loving
greeting for the wife of the ex-Presi
dent, and doubtless her eyes were filled
with tears many times as she thought
of the little stranger who was wel
comed to her heart and home years
ago, but whose grave is now green in
Jhe Canton cemetery,
"Blue," she thought, to herself, "is
for baby girls, and pink is for baby
boys, so I'll make the socks of blue and
then they will suit without doubt."
But this is where she made a mis
take, and why she smiled when she
contemplated the azure bofities yester
day, for the wish of ex-President Cleve
land has been realized in the shupe of
a son and heir.
A H'oninn '« Wit.
A Western Judge was approached by
n verdant couple who wanted tobe mar
ried. The would bo groom asked the
price of tying the knot, and was told it
was a dollar.
"Can't you take beeswax?" Inquired
the rustic.
"Yes," said the 'squire
The wax was brought in, and upon
being weighed was found to Ik: worth
just 60 cents.
A Case of Robbery.
Jvliaetta, Idaho, Oet, 86— Prank
A ! tui i Her of this place recently shipped
a commission merchant in Spokane 32
The merchant had i n
boxes of [wars,
that day assured Mr. Altmiller over the
telephone that there was a large de
mur.d for the fruit, and for him to ship
all lie could, and to urge his neighbors
to do likewise, as they would bring not
less than 75 rents a box. Yesterday
morning Mr. Altmiller received his re
folio ws: Thirty-two boxes
turns as
pears, at 21 cents, $6.70: freight on .12
boxes pears, $6.60: amount enclosed in
postage stamps, 10 cents,
mission merchant states in the letter
that there is a big demand for apples
and wants Altmiller to ship him a few
The eom
boxes.—North Idaho Star.
Nuking Coin Circulate.
Napoleon Bonaparte was once con
fronted by the problem of getting a
new coin into circulation. He knew
Publius Syrus's maxim: "Money alone
sets all the world in motion," but what
bothered him was to set the new money
moving throughout France. How he
solved the problem is shown by a
French publication, which says:
Thousands of five-franc pieces are
split into two halves by their S'reneh
owners every year, in the hope of "dis
covering" an immense hidden treasure.
This treasure, according to the legend
firmly believed in France, is an order
to pay the holder one hundred thous
and francs iu silver five-franc coins.
When Napoleon Bonaparte first set
the five-franc piece in circulation, it
was very difficult to induce a French
man to receive the r.ew coin. Hence,
according to the story, Napoleon gave
it to be understood that he had ordered
a check for one hundred thousand
francs, written upou asbestos paper, to
be concealed in one of the new silver
From that day to this no one
had objected to the five-franc piece.
Good Bud iHoney.
St. LOUIS. Mo., Oct. 30.—Counterfeit
silver! dollars of greater weight and
fineness than those turned out from
Uncle Sam's mint, are the latest in the
counterfeiter's. For the last week St.
Louis bank tellers have ben accepting |
the counterfeits in question without
hesitation. It was only when they
reached the sub-treasury that their
the spurious character was determined,
United States Treasurer Small sent
the one to the Director of the mint for a«
the weighs 13* grains more than the genu
ine, which weighs,i* 412 grains. Its
the üneness is 94 per cent., while that of
way. the genuine is but 90 per cent.
According to Col. Small the coin
The experiment of putting a woman
in charge of a part of the street-clean
ing work iu Chicago pleases the sweep
ers. One of them said, through an In
terpreter: "We like the woman. She
doesn't curse and swear at us. Man
foreman drive us around like slaves
and call us bad names. She say. 'How
do?' and other nice thing«, and then
we do good work. She see it and say
so. That make us feel good, and we
work more,
even out of a dumb beast by being
kind to him: much more out of a man,
as this woman's dealings with unprom
ising material abundantly show.
You can get better work
TnE Supreme court of Iowa has de
cided that grain contracts where the
intention is merely speculation on the
rise and fall of the market and no de
livery is intended are gambling con
tracts and void; that is, where both
buyer and seller are aware of the spec
ulative purpose of the transaction,
the supreme court of Illinois, New York
and other state» should make the same
kind of a ruling numerous gentleman
who don't kn >w a grain of wheat or corn
from a mustard seed but who manage
to make a living out of both cereals will
have to go to work.—Butte Miner.
The threc-year-old Itoy of J. A. John
son, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to
attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says he
is satisfied that the timely use of Cham
berlain'» Cough Remedy, during a se
vere attack, saved hl» little boy's life.
He is in the drug business, a member
of the firm of Johnson Bros, of that
place; and they handle a great many
patent medicines for throat and lung
diseases. He ha«l all the»«: to chose
from, and skilled physicians ready to
rescind to his call, but selected this
remedy for use in his own family at a
time when his child's life was in dan
ger, because he knew it to be superior
to any other, and famous the country
over for its cttrfîs of croup. Mr. John
son says this is tho best selling cough
medicine they handle, and that it gives
splendid satisfaction in all cases. Hold
by Ben H. Fcrnish.
Huekleii's A mini Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Balt Kl.ettm
Fever Bores, Tetter, Chap|red Bands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all skin erupt
ions, and jKisiti voly cures piles or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded,
price 25 cents )ier box. For sale by IInil
A Greene, Druggists,
mu il- ...
I toVe
v ,y.
f /
... , that requires everlasting poking and raking that is
hot one hour and cold the next—that eats up the fuel
'4 and sends the heat up the c himney ? These are
* mon stove troubles, all
' ; over
Ÿ come in JEWEL STOVES ™
ÿ AND RANGES. If you
* want a stove or range that 1
- will last a lifetime, and "
^ give you perfect satisfac
» tion as long as it lasts, ask
the dealer for a "Jewel,"
and look for the famous
Î 1 , trade-mark.
Jewel Stoves are «old by
the union pacific
Passes through the best cities and |[
in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado,
Kansas and Nebraska, and is the best 1
route to Denver, Kansas City, Council
Bluffs, Sioux City. Bt. Louis, Chicago
ami all eastern points.
The advantages gained by traveling
via the Union Pacific arc.
(Juick Time,
Uneqiialed Servier,
Mugiiiilccnt Lqnipmcnt,
Double Drawing Ko *m
Pullman Palace Sleepers,
Pullman Dining Cars,
Fn*e Kerlining ('hair Car»,
Pullman Tourist Sleeper*.
For time table», pamphlet» descript
ive of the country traveled, rate» of fare
or any other information, address
Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Acknt,
Omaha, Neb.
, j of
The Chicago Times-Herald of August
. . _ . , ,, ,, :
27th says that on September 12th the ■ "
new passenger traffic alliance between
j* rom Colorado, Utah and California.
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul U'y
and the Chicago, Rock Island ic Pacific !
... ■ . tt . „„i ,» a,
R'y goes tnto effect, and on »«dite
the first palace sleeping car will leave
Denver for Chicago. This will be at- [
tached to the regular night train for
Omaha, and will be delivered at that
point to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul R'y. On October 9th, a tourist
car route over the Southern Pacific,
Rio Grande Western, Colorado Mid
land. Chicago, Rock Island 4 Pacific
and Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
R'ys will be inaugurated. Tourist ears
will be run once a week between San
Francisco and Pittsburg via Chicago,
leaving San Francisco every Saturday
morning. These facilities will furnish
first-class and tourist service by a very ,
(Mipular fjombination of n»ut«H for jma- ;
ieri^era from California, Utah and Col- I
orado to Chicago and all points East '
. . e, , . • 1
thereof. For further particulars, time
table folders, rates of fare etc., call on
the nearest couiion ticket agent, or ad
dress Alex Mitchell,Commercial Agent.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Notice for Publication.
[Desert Land Final Proof.]
Cnltcd Stat*»» (.and Office, t
Hlarkfoot. Idaho, «let. 2Wh, l-vr. f
Notice Is hereby »Ivon that Mary V. Muir.
of cheaterfleld. Bannock County. Idaho, ha» lh
i her '
at i
(lied (M>tice of intention to make proof
Dt'iert'UndCIliO) No. b>2, ft»r the K
Bec. II, and W«/, SW«4» See. 12» Twp. 7 S . K Kt
K.. before the Reirlater and Kecelverat Black*
foot, Idaho, on Monday, the «th day of lie
cember, lrt/7.
She nunica tho following witnerus In prove
the complete Irrlifritlon anrl reclamation ol
said land:
Adolph Hoger». Moses Muir. William Y. IIIk
glnson, Aaron Muir, all of Chesterfield, Idaho.
, Good Pasture.
Parties wanting a good pasture for
stock should apply to the undersigned
at his ranch near Black foot.
John Gray.
tiny for Sale.
Four hundred tons, first-class titno
thy and ltieern hay. GikkI location,
tine range surrounding, open water all
winter, tine »bolter for feeding. Cali
on or address
It. Fournier,
Wolverine, Bingham Co., Idnho.
For Salb- 80 acres of land with 100
inches of water. Near town. A bar
gain. Apply at News Office
V. 8. land Office. Illiickfnnt. Idaho, I
September aith. Inn*,. (
Complaint hnvlnirbcen entered nr thlsolllee
try William FeraursonazalnstOisirio* Dupont
for ithnridnrilntf hl» Homestead Entry No.
2tfrA, dated September 1st. Isot, upon the Imt .7.
Heetlorr 2. Township J North, lianre -'(7 East,
In Ilinirharn County, Idaho, with n v.r w to the
•;aru:cllHtion of said entry, the *tabl parties
are horetry »utnmoned to appear at lid* «ifttro
on the 4th day of November, lsl/7. at If) o'clock,
a. in., to respond rind furtilsb testimony ron
cernlng said aliened abandonment.
JNO. 0. BROWN, Remisier.
Nnticc of Assessment.
IVKHSIDK Ditch t'ompnj Location .if
its principal place of busiueaa. Hlacktoot.
Idaho -Location of Ditch Property, Bmg
haiu l ouuiy. Idaho.
Notice is hereby given that, at a meeting
of the Hoard of Trustee*, held
October Slrd. IStri. A»*e*sm«nl Number 14. of
twenty .») cent* per »hare was levied upon
the capital stock of their corporation, pa» »
ble tu J- I* Potier, Secretary and Treasurer.
Blarktoot, lliugham County. Idaho..
Any slock upou whk-h this assessment shall
be unpaid on Wednesday, Ihc 34th day of N*e
vemtier.lSK.wfU la* dellmiuent and a>lvertl*ed
for sale at public auction, and unless pay
ment Is made before, enough of
of stock will he sold un Saturday, the llth day '
of December. lsW. to pay said Assessment,
with cost of advertising and e*pen*e of sale.
■h istreel
.Secretary «ad Trtt»*ur«r
ltiverA.«l'f IhU b Co.
BlackforH. Idaho, Octobw 23rd
Notire of Assessment.
E tST Branch 11 lark foot Irrigation Company
-Location of principal plaie of bu*lm-.v
I itlackfcmt. Bingham County. Idaho-Location
j of Canal, liingliam County, Idaho.
Notice Is heret.y given, that at a meeting of |
Hoard or Dlwtors. held on M./iulsy, Into- j
ber— sh, IW7. Assessment No, 7 of |1.D per
share, was levied upon the capital stock of ;
their corporation, payable t» C. K »im, trae
: reta-y, and Treasurer. Blaekbsit, Idaho. 1
■ " J *
Any stock upou which this s»»«*i*fm*nt »hall j
WcdncMlay. the Br»t rtay <>f [*•■
be unpaid
I,-ember, btrr. will b* dellnnuoat sn.l odver
! Used for «He at puhlk* au. .inn and. unie«
psyment I» maile before, enough of rwli i*r
TiU ^ Ml „„Uy la
CHmbL . r tb .. iwr, to pay »aM asne»»n.* nt.
[ with cost of advertising and e«|x
ytt ot *ak*.
C. V. HIMtk. S««*'y and Tr* iM. t,t
Rast Ilrmnuh Bliu kfoDl Irrluatlcm CO.
Bla4*Ur«jot. UcUiU;rrib, im.
Nutire for Publication.
Land Oflh e at Black foot I taho. i
October *<th. 1*07 ♦
Notice ta hereby given that tb, f-.iktwiuy
named »eitler ha» Bled noth*», of hl« Intention
to make flnal prtsd in -apport of hl» claim,
and that »aid pn»if will be made before tie,
.Register and He * «1
November Wth. I-V7. vi/.: Howard N t'erfclna
NK " SK '* W>Tw,, • *
um|i| |h „ fnll „ wln g ,itn,„o to prove
hl» uonUnaou - re»ldcooe upon u dflalUvition
of §aid Uu»«i. vu:
Sidney B. fall. J.sdah »I. D.vrk.tol. Israel
E. Thompson. Herts,rt V. Loveiund. all of
tounty ,, hlh „
st Hi**'kf'*,t. el.i,* . i n
J NO. (i. HKItV. N, lti gl<t,*r
Nutire f»r 1'iihliratlon.
Land Offl**e at Hlnrkfnot.
O'tutmr lath. Mfl
Notice I*» hereby irivfn that the followIniC'
named settler has filed notlc*' ï»f ills Intention
to ma'»«* final proof In support of hi« claim,
und that said proof will be made* before the
Heilster and Kccdver wt (thickfoot Idaho, oil
Noremtsif loth, 1*07. viz: Henry Hruith, for
la ho. 1
, _
lh ®' NE ^'* cc '*• "' p * 1 N - K K ' B *
Up rmtfif*» the fi.tlowbi« to prove
lit* oonttnuoiiA r •»p|#*nu«j upon itufl cultiva
i tion uf 7»ui«l l»n«l, viz;
ItolKTt Philip. Kerf, William B.
Smith, luepur Wtl«oa,aU ot Bingham County,
JNO. U BROWN. It. «l»t< r
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Black foot. Idaho. »
October 14th, l*vi7.
Notice I« hereby jrlvcn that the following
named »cttlcr ha* died nolle* of hin intent Ion
to nuiko flnal proof
and that said prr*»f will bo mndc beforo tb e
Hcifiitcr and Hccclvcrat Black foot, Idaho, on
NovOtnlior22, 1WT, viz; William WinctM'll. for
tlic NK*4 NK*4, Hcc. 34, NH NW' 4 , Boc. 35. BK' 4
BW*-*, Bee. 26, Twp. - B„ U. V) K.
Ho name* tho foilowimr witnossem to prove
hi* continuous residence up<
tion of suhl land, viz:
Jens Olson, Law Hansen, of Boda Sprlnja,
Idaho; William P. Banks, of Bancroft, Idaho;
Henry Hager«, of Bluckfoot, Idaho.
JNO. O. BROWN, Uogister.
suppurt of In» olnlin.
iiimI eultlvu
Notice for l'iilillcntlnn.
Land Olll'e st Hlark-BMit, Idaho, t
tlctohci kith. IW.
■Yollr'r I» hornhy ulV lt that tho following*
named settler has Bled notice of hl» Intention
to make niml pnsif In »upport of hi» claim,
and that, said prtsif will Is* ronde troforo the
HciflsP'r and IP uolver at lllackfoot, Idaho, on
NovemberXOth. IW7, viz: John Grlinths, Tor
tho NEH BK'i, BK!4 NE',, Hoc. H!4 NWS,,
»ec. M, Twp. 7 8., It. «dH.
He names tho fnllnwlna wltno»»os Pr prove
his continuous rosldrnco ii|ion and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Al Orant. James William», Chet. David«,
Onorpe Whitworth, alt of Danmark County,
I Idaho.
JNO. O. BROWN, Register.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhea Remedy always affords prompt
relief. For sale by Ben II. Fcrnlsb.
Short Liar tty. Time Card.
south hound
N o. M, Mail and F.xpr- s.-,
« J8, Through Freight,
" 30, Local Freight,
No. 7 Mail and Express,
" 20. Local Freight,
" 27, Through Freight. 2:U>. P- m. j
j. A. Collins, Agent.
l:4it. a. m.
1:55, a. m.
12:05, p. in.

4:12, a. m. j •
*:35, a. m.
I The
County Directory
1 ' ,, .
sh -riff . - - E. P. < oltman
Auditor and Recorder, G««* F G agon j
Probate J udge amlSupt^W^^^ ;
Irtrind C'ollxtor.
Assessor " . Lester T. Mitchell |
. t has. D. Chapin
^ J. L. Bumgarner |
l 'orouer
- Milen l). Andrus :
I Kotiert Ü. Smith
^ '
iMtlyrt i
Masonic. Regular |
coiumunicatiims i_ -.
Grove City Lodge No
33 a. F. 4 A. M. will
he held at Masonic N*"
Hall at r'O t>. m., on
before full I "
/y\/y\ Tuesday
y uttam each month.
All visiting 6 rot ti
er« in good- standing are eorUialljr in
vited. GEUKI.E F. UAOON, Vt. M.
PkKCY Jones*, Acting Secretary.
Geokoe H Thomas FöBT
IjM No 'J. 1». A. R., hold» reg iar
f meetings on the First Tuc*
W day night of each month at
]|| the Maaonlc IUU in Black
lüL f's't. .at 7 oa iock. Alt as.m
(jf r:ai>'- in g>"*f stand.! g arc
l^.r.u-*sted to la* |.r«*sa t»t.
J J, C. Fi.sHEH. t'otn mander
J. 1'. Porter, Adjutant.
' '
»;■>!. ken Rule
II N No. 21 1 • - < ' i
( r tr ... • *., un Thur»
da» evening, every w.s-k, at $ o'chs k,
in Masonic llali. Visiting brothers
are cordially invited.
J âme» M Steven», N. G.
EKT, Secretary.
of |
Into- j
of ; K'gtao r
trae- Receiver
E. 1*.
United State» Land Omet
Li/r* tit»* R. TViIbm
Hum. Ü j
om«* hours: a «b a. ■». MU « OU p. m.
»hall j
PosToruicK Hour» :
wwk tisys
i*r- Malinese» at .1« P m
* uo a ta. l»T «n p a>
111 au 10 It in a ta
C. It »«IUU. I* M
To« I PMI»»? 1
Br^irJiiiMr Iwta# f>m iof «1 III
u'dki'ck.»n4 «v«nJn«r «t * jjoeturk l*n»jirr I
mMfUoi w»*s|r»*~*.!!*r *'v«o*nir «»T ** |
Hun«t«y irvUy AUptimm* fr*>m l|
Kptofth pmjrtr k
MVniODIfrr: Hr* J H
till « n'rkiefc
Mts-utuf Sumlay at « o'clock. P m
HAITI.*T lt> v L tv Oowcn, p*«tor. Pr-seto j
irt« ••»»•nr mornln* •» It o rbrek j
It: J-nh'ii. I'nji'r
nlnif «I * *« ** t lnrk. TV«
and tn •
mg w
' ■
S. »ulula? from I until! v m
1 (.ta
1 1is 11 rc Your Huildings
Against Fire with
Pioneer Insurance Aj^t.
Of Hitigliam County. II«
represent* l ive of the beat
Fire (,'oiupunica, also the
New York Life Iiih. Co
Biscuit and Manuf'g Go.
Successor« to
Utah Cracker Factory.
Maimfaeturer» of the Olenrated
■«»Id by all th#» wh»ii«-«ftU*
Bend In your order«.
412 Houth Second West Street,
These «roods
fioM^ rs in Utah.
Notice for I'libllcallon.
[(K'iiert IjiikI, Final Proof.)
I'nlli**! Hiftli., I jin.! «tfflre I
Itlarkfnot. Idaho. H«*pt £»li. I»PÎ. (
Noth*« 1 1* hcri liy glvrii that Justin T. On»
vrr, of Tilden, Itlnglmm County, Idaho, ha*
fill'd no'lee of in'ontlr)
to inakM |innf on his
Dosert I .mid Claim No. 17*1, forth« NK'« NW>*
»«** . 20. Twp. 5 », R. ;i2 F... Imfon* tho lli'iil.l.'r
mid Iti.nlvir at III ink foot, Idaho, on »alur
day, tho l it h .lay of Nov«mtK*r. 1»W7.
Ill* minie» Ihn followlnir wltn«*a»«a Pi provn
th * tsitnplete IrrlKntlon and reclamation of
•old lard:
.losnph T. Orover. IPi-lla Ore vrr. William
I), (trover, Ha rah l„ Orover, all «if Tilden.
JNO. (1. tlllOWN, Resistor.
Nutire for I'ubllralloii.
Land Office at Mack foot. Idaho, I
H. pi. *2«, ls«7. (
Nntlco Is ho re try plvon that the followlnir.
named settler has filed notice of his Intention
Pi make final proof In support or Ills claim,
anil that said proof will Im made Imfnrn tho
Iteitlstor arid Receiver st ItlackPsit, Idnho.
on Niivninlmr lath, IH*7. viz: Justin T. Orover,
fur the K<4 H W'„ Hoc. H, Twp. h H., R. ;a g
He names tho fnllnwliiu wltne
<s to prove
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East, West, North, Soi,
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Watchmaker & Jenin
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OFFICE— IbCbHI** ll»rd««r»#Mi
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»addles. Try me with »list you **'" "
Nhnp Snt door to Ge*
Totter, Halt-Kheum ®®***^j.
The intense itching »nd swajiiMj
d«;nt t«> these diseases in lt , ***"% rt f
ChandH ri"" 1 * "Tap,
Many very W.-}
havo laten permanently enred 7 ^
is e«|na11y efficient for it^u'K P| (
a favorite remedy Jb *.
c*,ha)ijH>d hands, chilblain*U^
and ehre Mo sore eyca* 3»ct«*P"
by applying C
Kkln Ointment.
Dr. Cady's Condition 3
Jnst what a horse # , llir i#er f,
condition. Tonic, bl«s)d l' 1 "^ ^
vermifuge. They «»«
medicine and the best in n*e - fa %
horse in prime condition,
cents per package. +
Hale by Bon II. Fornlsh. l' ru *'
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