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Blackfoot news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1891-1902, June 30, 1900, Image 6

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fllBAta ta«7
mer WSIA
A kitnl waiting Car kls vtfs a* »
tktmg t> sight.
Wttk Ike opeaiBg of ike R r w lie aa«!
paigs tkta eaamay »IE »retaMf
expertes«* aa of . k a r aatarai gas Boom
Tkn* roktvrm wta vest lato a Chi
cage kovaa "ia tks false of eoaatahies'"
to ka»c had a eery to» tut« sad
if he lackiag la «11 prodwln« » etk. ra.
Chicago thugs who took *11 from a
auarkst ga/dmaer after k* had loet *!•
at a gams »t tir» probably »ay ad a
at the
Judging tram tt« »eaate 4e«aie« sa
armor plate the sew saei! (hat will
p a y s tmt* eighteen facies of Har*ey
ia*4 steel ha« had so effeci
atorlal akalla
Mount Laasen, near Bed Bluff Ca. .
ta »aid ta be rambllag oaalaoosty Ta*
peak ahocJd be searched closely, some
new-presidential pseeibfiity asay to up
there, commua mg with htmaeif.
Lord Boierta »ays he has rw e.red "a
moat cheery telegram from Col Ba
dem- Powell, the defender of Mafek.ng.
Tto tan!« ragout, with rasher» of
fried cat. moat hare bee« uauanally ,
good la tto toJeog-aered town that
.— -
Ehu-lag tie paat w«ek str.ase ka»«
msltiplied. There are new sear 1 y l 1 » -
•Od men cat, th« most of them endear
oriag V> 9bta,n fewer hours of labor
With bat one or two êXfBptîC-* ^
asofl are pressing their cause In aa »5
tlreiy orderly manner, which is proof
at tto intelligence of tto American
workingmen Where violence h*y oe
eorred It has been invoked by me«
who have not always enjoyed Amori- .
•an oltUenahlp
1 Th« experience of tto French troop*
hi the Sahara has shown that dark
colored horses bear great atmospheric
heat much better than do tho*e of »
light color. A writer In Nature re
mark» that the same fact has been
demonstrated In India, and adds that
tropical animals generally hare darker
coa»» than are found upon those liv
ing In cold climates. Similarly th#
the wanner countries.
a of 3i*tfikizid iaiiftoit
"That is the frighth boyT *fti<3 the
V .
njatron of a city *;
recently, "who hft»
gage a cook laundr^
une today to * 1 -
s or parlor maid
Moreover, each on* has made a gooi
ion, st<
'd in half the time
ir would have oççu
clearly, and Sn
his mother or s
pied." The new hoy is as dint
product of the age as the new w
He can make l-.is own bed, sew buttons
on h!s own clothes, manage a bachelor
establishment for his father and him
self, make out the menus and do chaf
ing-dish eookery, all without losing
hi« rank In school or hit
K *
"Fuerto R; o" or "Porto Rico?" Let
hope that uniformity will a last
prevail. It is not the first case of a
rFRAiioua variation and puxzle to those
It took
among his boy mates
who wish to spell It correctly,
years to get rid of "Dacotah" and to
establish the spelling "Dakota "
situation with respect to our new is
land possession in that the board of
geographic names, which 1s supposed
to determine such matters, has decided
strongly for Puerto Rico. The Presl
dent. It is understood, accepted
authority of the board and adopted
<ta spelling. But congress has enact
ed a form of government for "Porto
Rico," which thus becomei the legal
name of the territory.
Tto mystery of the "wabbling"
the earth's ails may be explained In
the opinion of Dr. J. Halm, a German
astronomer, by assuming that the ro- |
*hange»°in The magnltil* infiu^n^s of I
the sun He nnhM.he. ucnccs 01 ,
S%rse n rvarroTrn-, a pora P n a d '" ,
tbs irregular motion, of the north pole, I
wkich appear, to show a coincidence I
♦etween tto two phenomena During
a maximum of »nnspots the marnetic
Influence of the sun seems to be greal
oat, and after th# passage of such a
maximum the disturbance of h tto
earth', axis diminishes. The fact
that the earth's pole, of magnetism do
aot correspond In location with ita
geographical poles may Doctor Halm
«««MR. indicate how thHin'. S!"
tarWng action Is applied. When th»
magn.tlsm of our glob« 1» moat pow
•rfully excited then the »train atom
Ra magnetic axla may cause a dlator
tlon of tto figure of the e«rth whtoh
*— « ■— ■- "■*■»
A good man Is a useful man. H« la
at* all ornament He has hls work to
do, bis place in society to flu, hls Jn
«nenoe to exert. He Is truthful; others
•tore In his goodness.
. He scatters
blessings sll along bis pathway. He Is
ao sneumberer of the ground. There
is neither a human aor a divine de
mand for hls removal aa useless Hs is
ttarsd year after year oa account of
. By hls prayers,
hls Instructions, bis counsels, hls ax
ampls, bis spirit snd hls deeds, to Im
proves aad benefits all vbs
with!a hi, reach.
Ali groduetlv
Unn. ■»»»■« b
mm» AwM-ta.
Georg» H Wright. s Michjgaa eal
vko U w*a;r-1
vetwsty !>r graduate,
for the warier of foot mec ta lui
ifta! Coior*4i6 Aft* Ift-i * «lora'ftr eft
Tb# tbniffi of two
reer la rriaM
(OutM are after lia, ut reward
ha» 1 sen ogcrwj for aia rapture Tke
taialogae at r-riam vitk shut Wrigkt
largrd t» *efi<.:ea:
rightly dl*
to eaaa* tke haaglag of four
periods 00 tke galkrvs mm-1 to warrast
ik a44:*ios *ee:e«urea of imprison meat
loag eaoogk is tke aggregate to
a qn-re two or tare* more men to spend
tbt rema.ader at their aatarai lire*
a ip pn*oc The list tael ode» cattle and
horse Mealing, embexxietaeau, forger
iss and other cTtsaea bcsidn tk« four
Bat there in a pathetic side
to the story—tit fagture * low« for a
lift.* gi; the laughter of William J
Caa.;i»h a Chicago Lawyer who 1«
Wright'» attorney and who in now
wealthy by rirtne of mining property
tamed o»er to him by Wright before
he fled from Chicago to asotd arrest
cm the charge of murder Wright ar
riTsd at Cktcngo from tke Klondike ia
He gave the name of Case at
Ih* North Shore hotel,
the liüe daughter of Mr Candish who
There he met
became his favorite companion
through this com par. ; ousts p he made
the adiualntacre of the parents
Viewed ia relation 10 facts that «race ,
, hare come to light, there is something
strangely pa.hen« »boat the com pan •
ionabip that sprang up between the !
fugitive aad the innocent four-year- ;
old who lived In the continuous sun- j
shine of the am lies her owa brightness j
' *
Candish and Wright were both s
graduate* of Ana Ajboc law school, !
s.-. ;
both had been interested in minihg.
sad they became intimate.
For some ,
weeks there was nothing unusual to
! ' >

. r
1 1
mark the acqti
Wright, known all the time a* Case
nee of Candish and
pa ]*.
But on August 31. 1*37, a strange *t- |
* perienee came to Mr. Candish, and one
that was the forerunner of many oth- |
era almost equally Btrange. Slttic
alone in his ofh'e that day Mr. Candis
was confronted suddenly by Case, as
he knew him. who came in hurriedly, ;
, and evidently greatly agitated. I
Case frequently had said that some day I
day he should do something handsome |
for Candish. He did it In a way alto- |
gether unexpected. On entering Mr. ■
Candlsh's office. Case closed the door
a and locked it. He said he »ante«! to
aee Candish alone, and asked If there
might be, by any possibility any one
within bearing. On being aasured that
he might speak freely with no fear of
being overheard, he said: "I am
trouble. 1 must confide In somebody,
and of all the people I know I prefer
it should be you. Are you willing to
^'ome my confidant and adviser?"
Candish replied that he was willing
and Case went on: "I have told you
already of the annoyance caused me by
the officials of Guffy, a town that is In
bitter rivalry with Cripple Park, where
most of my property is located. 1
I have Just received a tip that a war
rant has been sworn out in Guffy for
my arrest for the murder of
I named Crampton, who was killed last
January near there,
the man.
I and aZt h 1 d J nque * t ° Ter hls
, body and that returned a verd ct that
, J* ^ ** & ^ h0t
I ûnk^wn "I swear ''T'"
I k, , " 8 ' 1 "" lDn0 '
«f r i, , * My arrest Is de
, mp y ' aa a *cheme to kill me,
'J*® 81 ^ ru ' n v ray enteprises, and
h® 6 " P lan ned by people of a rival
*° wn tor that Pu r P<>se. I can prove my
f ?®*'?'?,' and f arre * te(! »»» > >"»«
11 " w *° m * ime be,ore
^ ^® conven «fl to
^ tf d 8 M m ® a ch "ce for a trial.
"""I'"*, 1 "'f 1 a11 I »ave.
.hJÏ „ i ".""î 1°" 10 do la to to out
w l d itralghten ou t "7 affair»,
^ h ° r * v " P a for "f defence, and
h . 7 " u * ready ,or m * 1 w1 » come
!^" d 8U " d trlal 1 ha ' ren t ""«*>
a man
I scarcely knew
1 was foreman of the coro
a grand
pass on my
w*nt you
to take them, straighten thinga out
for me, and treat me right when
thing la cleared np."
Wright gave Candish deeds to valu
able property in Cripple Park and
transferred to him valuable mining
stock, and then suddenly disappeared.
He had toen traced by Sheriff gtorrs
Utah county, Col. It developed that
when Wright was living beside Utah
lake, near Pelican Point, Utah, three
young men, stepsona of hls neighbor
suddenly disappear»-!, and totwe-n thé
next two days Wright and hls wife left
the state The following spring the
MMi of 16« ihre« rwi(
■ w«*l»f f ukn from Ik« lab* aad «a
was trmaA to lun ■ talk« woual ta
iGi.«»rqw*«:;j Ik* »top
fiufcer of Làe bo?* »a* trt*4 tor U*tr
siaHtr c*triet«4 u4 to bo
haaged A »kort t'»t before th* sea
:»sr* vu to be execsged knowledge
csss* to Ut inarwi tkat (rttaoc« !■•
piicsîfag Wnjv 6*4
been foaad.
I TI11* mg&téùau of W n*àï't fallt sooft
» grew lato belief fro« tort Ibftt
the 700a* »sea »er» »tot by soaeoae
»ho va» expert 10 haad'.iag • r-.fi*.
tor Wright tal keen known ms a track
Prior to tke fiicorttr of tki* «TÎ
<i»a*« agaiaat Wrtgk Mr* W right kA4
seemed a dseoree
>®»a6ity for keraeU. «ke va* lad-aced
to return to flak acd ske told tk*
State Board of Panfoe* tke Mon «f
l ader promise of
, the abootiag of tk* ihre* yoticg mea.
U vs* to tie effect that the liree had
knowledge a f Wright * guilt as a cattle
thief—guilt for which a man Is a* Uke
! !y to be hanged without ceremony la
j Cub a» for homicide—and bad threat
! ^ * right, fearing they might carry
i oot tk *«r threat vent la their cablr
one ereaing when their mother and
»tepfntker Were away shot them down
ened to make charges agaUu: him.

arted tham to a lake near by. cut a
hole .a tke ice. aad placed tk* bodi*«
m the lake. This hearing before the
State Board of Pardons vas held last
April. Oa the strength of tto *1* te
rne*! ma le by Mr. Wright, the Board
recommended that the prisoner be glT
ea h.s liberty, acd later the goremor
indorsed the
recommendation and
granted a pardon It was soon after
»right* allege-! triple crime ta Utah
5&a t he and ha wife separated, and
«-hanged kU name aad fled It was
, mo «tb# later when Sheriff Storr» aad
^i* aid» started in the trail, which
• æcoaau for Wright s krog immunity
! ?ro ™ prosecution. In Colorado Wright
; *** f barged with baviag induced capi
j t *^*®** 10 inveet considerable sums of
j I« the various m.nlng pro per
* U*», with the understanding that the
s """»T *** 1° *>e applied at 00c# to
! deT€lo P <n * !h " 33 '"c* and then muap
I piov-*** D 5 funds. Ti« »tockho'd
er» In the Cnion mine, for which the
most money had been secured, wer«
! out about *and tho«e of the other
j companies had paid in smaller amounts
which they claimed Wright had embex
Wnght was very gentlemanly, well
educated, an entertaining eonver*»
! tionaliat, neither drank nor used im
j proper language. He was a lawyer,
engineer, lecturer, newspaper
I man and m-nlng operator. Mr. Can
! dish owe« his present wealth to a
j comradeship tkat sprung up between
j hi» Uttie girl and a man whose wife
j secured « divorce on the grounds of
cruelty, and whi
I murder of four of his fel
harg*d with th*
ow mtn.
D t pldeml? «t It a tto.
Hoot, find
Oral Alarm.
lady, which the board
es is a new form of
t which the panic
of Bum
of hi
:*n pe
a p]
4 more thaa
idle of Marcl
| Death
1 since t
now 21
ic* within fotir day*
and in the msjority of
& than that
the at ta
mnrh u*
; the victims turn bla
I diately after death.
n twenty-four hoi
•t Imme
The lungs ar« ap
I parently the first affected.
| frightful pains In the head and great
| difficulty in respiration.
■ heart Is
There are
atta- ked. and death follow»
Most person* In Butte art
convinced that the disease Is a form
of plague brought from me Philippine»
by returning soldiers.
Har« Lack nt a Larinas Kaptonac Fait,
Monkey meat usually Is not consid
ered delicious eating, but a party ol
German explorers who were going up
the River Xingu in Brazil had to be
contented with this kind of food until
they reached civilization,
ditlon was headed by Dr Mansfed, and
The expe
composed of twenty men and
fifty-eight beasts of burden, says tin
New York Press.
They left Cuyaba
the capital of the State of Matto Gros
so, for the confluence of the Formosa
and Doruban river*. When they reach
ed this point they had to build canoe*
for the navigation of the Romero river
to the point where the Romero enter*
the Xingu. The canoes capsized thirty
five time«, and most of the expedition'»
efTects Including valuable photograph,
f n f tl î^i. 1>Ulk 0t thelr proTlalon * WPr «
i?d' n T h T hS, l. ? r .* ly UP<Jn monkey '
d fish for their food. After mort
than three months of this fare the ex
petition reached the mouth of th*
Xingu and the return trip wa* begun
Various Indian trlites, some of them
hitherto unknown, were found and
much valuable Information w„ gain :
ed. Several memtors of the expedition
H.„r ^ T
Henr, Demas, the noted negro poll
Uc 01 Tuls ans, who died at New
£ ws-ÄSSys
zrz' m astï- sr
John, where be wa. known J tto
Black Prince. Three years ago Prwl
dent McKinley appointed him to a la
eratlve office, but charges Involving hl»
Integrity were pressed no vigorously
that the Senate finally r«ject«d
were attacked with native fever, and
owing to the toss of the medical
pile», they could not b« relieved.
■up- i
No man who inn't married and does
n't play che». nc»dr (o take life
Trt U , Q . u , OA. .
** *
t mime ta *1« ■» MkU4-»U«J* •
> M
TV 1
Letter >
(Home X Y
andred year» «>-»
!'.f* as
Ore k
ag a» tie
. tgtl
of b«t ft pn'
t tO W ÎÎ. >» SÜA'b 43
üuu caa be

tk* _
«f „
>1 ts Hiraat Croak
!T. NT.
age cars e e
of IXina Bros
md to him !
»aor of ke:ag a reteraa of ta# *e>*>s«l
*ar vttk Great Brili : tk* var of
tf!3, aad, la fact, t nri rjf to
port ai Hia H. Clay Eraas. t'aited
States comtolaa onrr of p»assoc* tke
5*1; reteraa of tkat var on tke pea
Loo roll«
Mr, Croak first saw tie light of 4*7
m April 33, 1KM. at a ham hi# home
ip tie tova of Praakfort. Herkimer
«maty, X. T, He tame of »tardy Hoi- ,
iacd £>Jte*j Hock, of tie fac:--y vk.ei
ka* k»rcns* fa as oos tkroogh :u lst'gx
ta tie
early cktldiood
sored to Wrtga:
settlement, aiout tvo ae<! a half miles
There the
tea year»,
UoB 10 r*A» ; a Cr«»k «sut
fatherland In the
3 f Hiram tk* Da ly
from the c:!y of Um*
finally lired for about
Hiram atteadsng *- hcot aad am.st.tig
about tke
Wright aett eat»nt the
-a tie firm
otski m.gra:
ed to a farm near the town of West
ern, then prs-ti-tlly n
Be*.*, and In thu v .0
of this »ketch
part of his I.te
chased about 110 acre«
the wlljer
tie »abject
a as »pent the greater
rhereia to 1
which be erected the h
- ' yF
'r ''
I fr v«^
——Id -
. 1
/ Lt
■ it .
uu yj
In j
4 m
1 ' >
now reside» with
daughter, Mrs. Sarah A. Rowley
only living
White Hiram was still a besrdless
youth, and not yet 15 pears old, hl«
spirit was aroused over th« Issues of
the war and he, with his father and
two brothers. John and Jeptha en
listed In the
.01 ted States army and
went to Barton's Harbor, where h*
served for about 100 day». Hiram wit
so young and of such slight build thst
the other soldiers tried to Joke with
him, saying that If need be his faf?!»r
could pick him up and carry him to
* P |ar,! of safety. Such an set was.
however, unnecessary, for in a skir
n>l»h tarif h the British the youthful soi
flier carried hlmaelf so well and with
such a military bearing that ('apt
Davis, who had command of th«
troops, said that If he had a regiment
« 0( * Uf h soldier» he could go Into Can
' a,la ""<> n *ht 'he enemy on their own
grounds For his service* Mr. Cronk
receives « pPnsion of $ g „„ r raontb
AftAr » »1 >.*, . .
CrtXl 1< î." ***** th#?
f/ k , r 7 urn, ■' 1 ,0 thp lr horn* and
„n" 1 u " P ! h<> tra,1,! of an ltln « ran '
: R °' DK ab011t country
!!l. „T f" 11 tb * ta,l * Mr
people at their own residences. He
generally made the trip twice a year,
and thus kept th« farmers' pedal coy
erlng. In condition At the time of
th ® dl « ln « of the Erie canal. Mr.
Cronk waa -mployed on the work, and
later was employed on the construc
tlon of the Black river l7 hTc
Z lD the * lr "" U ,or the dla '
î ln ' u ' gh * d * u **' Wa,k
Unded * l tbe wharf -
upon an he
When 26 years of age Hiram
fate and married her In the
Mary Thornton, and for sixty
they lived happily together, her
occurring In 18*5. Six children
born to them, five of whom
met hls
person of
»rs living,
eon Having lost his life In
' groat-grandchildren Mr. Crook toi
an J
To hf*ri 4» kin»'
•V»-t • seer*
: ir , u> k* 16» rt»:# rather t»u f
tï» I* 16» Croak fatally. Obi j
tr of *:a* c6..i.-ta. Hi.'«a to- '
ef a twe 1 ^
-6 16» 06.7 aart* 0 . 1
4 -eJ „ t . e tg , *», aad f^T tooth- .
Of TS »1. M 664 ». I
Mr Croah U »11!! hearty
fjyt IK ,£•
• ^ «H
»6CXII |k» :
boa** a* exa-ly a* »*»7 ■*» thirty
He 1* <s. te i**t.
jun 6» junior
tat 66 *7«
ita »9 L» **'
hi »1:11 reflula» good
-»I yxars »go ke rovld
H« is «I- !
Ml tmiag glass««.
as read »
it ta
>g tobse-eo, «61
Ï jr all MB I if a '
rat rote for Aa- ;
t:»u*4 to '
UtkBt Oft i
He la a !
sa t oftea whü* ta j
un oat I# a fairly !
i.eae «;->.! familiar !
at D to k . .ton
1 * l * * ' "7.
a- .1 -i 1*« we,!
h I* kftd ÜM b âS'.t
Mr Cfftftl <r**t I
«4 ha* c
dtrost M.
f r tke
do* 3 tkrovgk tk
itMR V!
Ijbl It gim 6 m
to hare
lar.ttd to
j a
fotta l k.mcetf 0
that it would h* itap-rM.lile for i:sa to
*' stilt» Us
ÿruepect of a diaaer wrr*,| la coarse«
or k'B> to resit and he
clear roire
worth the time
IIRIWII a— « 7 Immm
ftpîomatic. quick
II« vu a soar*
sued, dsrisg fellow, was this nl;v
This ia bow k« prosed it whea
ly: H» vas
ng and the
sued sal k*
it i tie fact
ke was ia Frsahfort re-e
tatioa k.
whea strict
t te*
nia 6*«*« of
4 to pass tto pickets
er, and then be
finally tw
ni th« dina
He arrt
host m
hum* of bis
ihtp aad was «stored
1 am so glaJ that ye«
ret 3 m
host W
lato the
ram* aaid the boat; "you major wUl
to 1 to here, aad ! kn<
that you will *a
living joy your visit."
! man that
Now If there
was one
adjutant did not want
to mot It was his superior officer, snd
he was
of hf *t Ihat It would bs Impossible for
and him to stay when the major
en- nouned
• ndeavoring t<5 convince his
was an
Tha lattsr advanced to tha
adjutant, and. after both had saluted.
3 ; !
M by. adjutant, you tame with
out the formality of asking for permls
I supposed you
The adjutant waa
did you not 1
In camp."
thst *
with *
'-»ken .1 > k but only for in instant
to Then, with the
Buffalo New«
th« -t , ,
. ... r ''" J,,,r » nl «>"» •" Arl
Can- v r , wn revnl»* * "" 1 ™ * wel1 -
own looking over th/hinT/ta"' WM
a totter d « ,1 ' ' "! UT * } l **'*
7'**" P 1 ° f 10m '' f " turM
? f C0l,ntr T than a whole volume.
th#? >r 10 C * DU you cuu,<! **' delf.
and clous lamb chops snd fried potatoes
' »ut bread and butter were extra, whll,
a dish of milk tos«, ... ,5 ecu, Ton
see that meant that they raise cattle
He out there for their meat and „o< fo,
year, A»lry purpose« Milch cow» were
coy- scarce and dear. Rut the Chine»« broil
of heef.leak by frying It and ttoT mto
Mr. lug the mark* of the griddle with •
and red hot poker."
dla '
salute, he
Major, I cam» to ask
on In person "
He got it—
Am Ariion« Kill 0 f rar«,
Flllolno ,hn b T ' " ,d th * i
do wm Irt ? ".* n0thlTk * *® ;
L! 1 ' ™t r ««tlng, "to read
Ye» ' IL m K * nl0cky "
the« k companion, -«nd
h T fh . n *J! " T *' ta * ' An<11 fkem
gsrrotlc*. ln Porto Rico. " "And them
attempted aasaaslnatlons In Europe."
And other disturbance, too num«roua
to mention. Brother, I sometime« fear
that we do not aporeciate tto b«no«U
of our lot. Truly, this condition eall«d
p * ar ® ® u »l be a fearful thing."
Th# thought of future life
drive* f rom
erry naptlet. Troy. N. T.
toi ! ;
c«n«ot to
m*n —-R«v. Ososp« P,
1 Mm k« ata« k»
ttwttti «4 Betxta
■WlM HUM -
fa* Tto thank
over to»» fro» ^
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to * B ** * «■«*
gHkvr 664 tkea laktu
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sgat» Tto kri4e va» t
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*su tern ««der
tk# a raba» of tke dkaw
**ke4 to to a 67 Qg
eoeidkt veil rafas» «.
of tk* otfBta* tkat if Q|
bo beat 0« Mmag » gyg
tk*T »ko ei d tart be«*
Um groom tarn deck* BBI
cutaway eoat» kom<w«4 É»
SaMt« Pokta was 6Bta
two-to-o** hsttw
Th« yowng eoo|fc
mormlag traia for St Lbbrw
will spend Bars te nsy lfit|
than Willi« caa «am ta Mitai
Willi« «ays that now kchgM
going to settle gova Mbi
merckaaU think U woekd hi
better if to had set.led apfti
groom gets a salary of 0,
which I« a hoot the a IMbrm
te for pis H
wtah for Willie s saks tto
aaytag that It uku no
port two thaa on* vaaaT 1
brida seat as a «ko* to» MU
glomeratUw ed stuff sappsai
eak* If this la « uunptag;
rook lag we fevi airrtM Iff
Our janitor'« dog fell toil
aad now he's lying ia the R
ground But this »iddlagfcl
oar funeral
If Wu w aad
sattatod we'vv got no kisfc
Km* Wto
Maay atortsv are to t at tks4
Persia la raanwrtioa with kffffi
to England Us* of th<M am]
ably more amusing thaa tm(
to adviavd tto Prince of Vatafi
to make away with a re - tala OS
lafiueatial duke, as tto Mffj
growing too povevfu.1 to ta all
B story which ta rosched toll
oonal of Ike ahab's visit tali
prix n While there t- «Hlto
quested to awe an exrcutiBA I
i y informed tkat at ÈÎ
lent there was to *ff{
f ay «S t
Take one a
to "Any oa* wilt 1
vitofqüy dI «appointe
-it O'
hah tail
j* **h 1
nesrif i
•pot i

With kla request
ion of
!•*|»g aa #1
a* a hen'»
task* a cn
The p
iUr^nu! to«' Wll
« Kt.g and fa July R
that h* u
bîlngï&g *r,th ktS
her of rrotly and 1
hi* n
tftl -h *40 lM
ends to vielt
!*k. sit month«
Is Kutsla Germvsy,
Frsuc* Gr..,. aad Ksgiafft
Ih* r«'f<
Ever since the outbreak «f®
African war milita ry entkBto
run high la Great Brits s i
•aper reiste» that at
m»nt In Edinburgh, soon sftat
open«!, tbs audience stoppai
formant« to «in« the n »t, <•»!
Meantime a group of es« tai
ward the door
caught sight *
In uniform, anfi before he art
any Idea of ul.at ta aa be a* •
had him on their shoulder«, 4
«arrylng him about
a bo tiling and tinging
had doo* this to Ihelr beartf
they «it him down, and to
6»k#d him. ' What*« jrour ttal
Tile,, Htm , „„»jj M
- tto Pacific ocean that bekMgl
land A vewiel «r«» wrecked *
* u,rn > «>»« of the«# !»!»■*
| n . of . l«r„ «™.k «y «rrtaf
who «iJïSLL L tÛÜ
uiand. toih^blrd^caa *
«JZ!« ^ trH.en O«
^ **f, h wri . M * n °L
v ** ,,t:r and ^
Ï1T** - ^ •
ro,ta ,Uh ^ —
1* V T 1 "'" m
ffrlpato property.
to exrlalmtd.
«one wrang w|' ye a'*
keeper! "
ft WXfîmm N*Ul *•** *
wa# necessary to get word to *■
Carrier pigeons wer« used. 1*
riefl tto message« and bro»|R
ar«oag*a This me tara led K
A Uafc ta ta* loto
i Mr, Alexander Capper«**]
; I» Klrkhlll. Scotland th« tM
was on« of th. ft» Hak» H
«k. pretont with th. tlm. <»<**
«oott. Bto aularwi hie "**}
tUtora, aad «»«aitorto kK^j
toavy footfall oa th« toft*j
«very morning wtoa to ttotofl
kls butUrmllk aad |torrid«»J
wtak him wtoa to died aad m
lock of bio hair from Er« Um
Pblladolpbla Prsoo
'•Haw wm tk«
ywU Niyf t *Vrf. m -

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