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puhlihiikd kvkry thumday.
Office— On West Main Street
All orders for Job Work of *ny kind
will lie Promptly attended to._
. Yours truly.
Yes, we have enlisted for the war.
this line if
And will fight it out on
I it takes all our coming years.
The Commercial hotel bus dosed its
I dining hull for the summer.
Soda Spring» is making preparations
[ fora gain summer season.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M. K.
I Church will give an ice cream festival
I July 4tli.
Soda Springs is to Iiecome the
I Baden-Baden of the Pacific Slope.
Pocatello has 1500 inhabitant» ami
[ ia ouly lacking in building lota to have
5 , 000 .
Mr. William Kirkpatrick has the
I thank» of thu News family for a large
I aai k of choice potatoes.
Emmcraon A Bumgarnt>r, formerly
I in liusiness at Blackfisit, are reporfaxt
I as doing a thriving busincM at Era.
I Witli good will for all and malice
I toward» none, wc sound our bugle ami
I take up our litt« of march.
All the streams iu the Territory have
lieen brim full of late, but thq damage»
from the high water are oom|wratively
Major Danllaon has sold six Iota
within the post few tlays upon which
residences are to be erected within the
next thirty day*
Bnakc river, like Kansas, was I «com
ing last week, but Hnakc river like—to
quietly getting Imck to ita old chan
nels now.
Keisei & (Jo. of Ogden, got the con
tract tor supplying Fort Hall Indian
htImio) with flour for the vest beginning
July 1. Amount 25,000* pounds
A cordial invitation to extended to
our friends to call at the News office
when visiting town. The latch string
will always lie found on the outside.
Our neighlior, the Reporter, make»
n call for a mass meeting of eitiaens
this evening. 8-30, at A. O. U. W ball
for the purpose of devising ways soil
means for Fourth of July twlelmiion.
Hon. II. W. Smith has disposed of
his rcwidcnce in Die eastern |mui of
town to Attorney Reeves, of fc.ei.
Hock and will move to Ogden atolit
the first of July next.
Mr. Geo. D. Temple arrived in Bbck
foot on Tuewiav evening from Faiiteid,
low* to nrside here for the présentas a
•peciai agent of the general land office.
Blackfoot to indulging in no "money
drunk" boom for sickness follow» ev
ery drunk, but her growth to stiwly,
sure and lasting—her march is onsartl
and upwanL.
Sane very fine prospect«of precious
metal have lieen found at the Butte
went of un on the Era road, an<l par
ties are now pushing their investiga
tions for all they are worth.
Tlie lodge of Good Templar» organ
iscd hen* a month or two ago, has »we
than doubled ita memiiership since its
organisation and to gaining accewiinns
at every weekly meeting.
The majority of the towns and Lain
lets in Die Territory are making prep
arations for a grand Fourth of July
I celebration. Ia Blackfoot leas pr
i than lier »toter towns? We w
then let the Imll be put in m< J
j President Cleveland ha* I J
[Ing eome fine trout in the Jffi
[northern New York, Imt wlieJ
land Faris return from Wolveri
peci te tiicir lesson wo are going
Hiem up to the head of the clam.
B!» of
Herman brother* who own • ranch
1 Uie west side of Hnakc river that ii a
nmiixa itself, line olno s pincer mine
liich they bel lew to lie very vniuahle
id art* making extensive pre|Mrntkms
1 gather in the precious metal. Their
dll will lie in full running order in a
|w few tiny*
I Parson Jones' Victor seal os stand as
[ready umpire for the many dnily
bcsscni at tin- weight of horse flesh,
je «uw a man, tiieotlier day, so earnest
jhis guessing that he spilt in his hands
Id ruhlictl them logo liter os if to sie«!
lever and prix« up one of the distant
■ Tlie Orimty Tloard of Pharmacy, n t
Hi session s few tlays ago, grantid aor
■flenfa-s ti> thu following Pliarmacists
H the county: Dr. Ilcsnc and Frank
■amsoy, of Eagle Rock; L. C. East
■inn. Stsln Springs; Dr. A. L. Cook,
Docntclln; Mr.- Lindsey, Camas; ami
|>r. W. H. Bride, Blackfoot
I Au|>crint(<ndcnt Houtx, assist«v| |>y
ltd. excellent corps of toaclicn, lias pn>.
i>nwl an intenwtlng programme for
[the little ones, in oliscrvance of Civil
Mrcn's Day, at the Baptist church Hun
Mnv evening next The entertainment
bill consist of recitations, declams
Hons, musjg, etc. Everybody cordial
H- invited
H P. T. Bnnium, the great showman,
^ccntly made his will, and a neighhor
■)><> always associate» death with will»
Mtoketl him if he expected to get to
Haven when he died. The grant ad
Hrtiscr replied—"1 know of no reason
vtehy I will not I believe I have the best
Ä w on earth—to get thore."
f Elder Duntmu will conduct service»
*v'hc Methodist church Sunday m<>rn
\o$>l evening. The evening servioos
S®, «MK' I
tally for tlie children,
I* nn interesting preiidiM.
I *1
The Idaho News.
YOU 1.
NO. 1.
tiotli to ««lulu and to the little one», a
large attendance may confidently lie
expected. A cordial invitation ia ex
tended to all.
Judge Crawford, Judge Morgan and
Smith & Wright, umiust-l respectively
for the condemned murderer», Wil
liam» and Wood», who are under sen
tence to be hanged July 22nd, have
taken appeals in their case« to the
Supreme Court, anti the two unfortu
nate men thereby gain an extension on
tbeir lease of life until midwinter at
His Honor, Judge Hays, made a pret
ty clean sweep of the docket at the lost
term of court,but a heavy one of United
States business awaits him at the Mim
ing fail term. The Judge's cool, level
head, aided by his ready knowledge of
tbe law materially lightens the burdens
of his court room that would be of
crushing weight to other*
A sign that foreshadows "tbe good
time a coming" is the valuable im
provements ranchers are inakiug this
season on their ranches. It is a con
ceded fait tbe improvements through
out the county are more general and
valuable than were ever known before,
and this taken in connection with the
new lands being taken up it is safe to
predict better times just ahead.
Ike Smith, who is hauling flour to
Fort Hall, Is our authority for stating
that the mosquitos on Blackfoot riv
er have been reinforced by aii tbeir
cousins, aunts and poor relations from
Utah, and that they pile on his mules
so thick that he could not tell what
kind of animals he was driving if he
hail not known be hitched up a muie
team before leaving town.
"Mr* Holbrook » stock,of millinery
and dress goods are just too lovely
for any thing," said one lady to anoth
er as they passed our office yesterday
"yea, some of them are just elegant,'
re|>lled her friend," and I am going
have one of those hats, if I die for it
Bay. dont y bu tiiiuk the -one I wii
looking at would I« most becoming to
toe?" "Well, I rather thought the one
trimmed in—and they were beyuod
our bearing.
Blackfoot may point with honest
pride to her excellent Babhath Schools
Major Daniisou. superintendent of the
Methodist school is full of enthusiasm
for bis work, and Mr. Houtx. superin
tendent of the B« ptist school is full of
aeol for hi* and indcr their
the two school» are in a moat
ami prewperoua condition and stand as
living indexes pointing to the highest
standard of morality to which the town
must necessarily attain.
Theatrical companies. Sleight o hand
performers. Minstrel troupes and Pan
oramic artiste are crowding our little
metropolitan city with such frequent
exhibitions that we suggest that Man
ager Hopkins, of the Opera House,
make engagements with some of the
leading traveling companies for the
next season. If Blackfoot is a good
town for troupes then Blackfoot should
have the beat on the road.
Bishop Budge, a brilliant satellite
of the Mormon church, was before IT.
S. Commissioner Bixhy last Monday
under "the some old charge" of un
lawful cobaliitation. Commissioner
lltxby bound him over to the next
term of the United States Court in a
I mod of $3,000, which waa as readily
given as the amount named. The
Bishop had a high old time with the
officials at Ogden, and it was there
that Deputy Marshal Hopson first ar
rested him. *
and Our readers must not accept this
issue of the News as a fair specimen
of what we intend to give them, we
have lietter thing in »faire. In justice
to ourselves we should not iiave gone
to press tills week; we have had our
office to set in order, our press to put
together, our type to distribute, in
truth, everything to be done, but our
friends were urgent for ' us to go to
press and with the hope that the pub
lic will be charitable with us for one
week, at least, to press we go.
Under a recent treaty with Major
Gardner. Indian Inspector, and Major
Gallagher. Agent at Kooa Folk, repre
senting the United States Govern
ment, the Shoshone and Bannock
trilies of tlie Fort Hall reservation,
coded Imck to the United States about
1,700 acres of land at Pocatello which,
it is understood, is to be an addition
to the town site of that thrifty, pros
perous and rapidly growing little town.
As soon as the treaty is ratified by
Congress, Pocatello will take a Iwom
that will make the eyes of the booming
towns of Kansas and Nebraska green
with jeAlousy and envy.
The School Board of this special
school district deserves the thanks of
all interested in the cause of education
for the corps of competent teachers it
has engaged for the fall term. Prof.
Faria, who was so universally popular
aa principal of the school the past
scholastic year, lias lieen engaged for
the next term; Miss Lindsey, now prin
ei|Ml of Uw Soda Springs school, is to
have charge of the intermediate depart
ment and Miss Trego of the primary
department We know of no reason
why Blackfoot should not lie made the
liest educational point in southern
Idaho, and the board is taking the ini
tluiry steps in that direction when It
resolved not to engage any but compe
tent teachers. Prof. Faris, we under
I stand will make arrangements for the
ao nmmodatlou of all desiring inutruc
n t
tions in music, and if this bedon« there
will lie no necessity for our children
attending school from home.
The substantial encouragement lin
ing given us by our friends in the
publication of the News leads us to
believe that we are going to make a
grand succès» of it It is true a few
attempt to discourage us, and proph
esy evil—there have lieen prophets of
evi! in all lands, and a few offer us
doubtful compliments—"I wish you
tiie liest success imaginable;" these
discouragements do not deter us in
the least, we know where the goal of
success lies and our needle points to
The infliction which the town is
now enduring from the "toot, toot, toot
toot," and "rat, tat, tat," of Die band
boys' practice is one of the evil sowing
of discord from which there is to grow
a full harvest of sweet harmonies.
What is a live progressive town with
out a good band? Yea, what is it?
And what is a slight annoyance to him
"who has no music in his aoul,"in
comparison with the exstatic joy that
will thrill our blushing maidens when
our hansome bore shall play "When
Hot»»" or
John} tomes Marching Home, or
in the stllness of the night, at the time
when retreating hours invite to pleas
ant dreams, they shall stand under the
window in soft wrenule and nlav
Margaret, and
"Wait tUl the douda roll by, Jennie.
Dont say a word against Die boys; they
have a handsome set of instruments
and will soon have a handsome uni
r.,™- i,.n of them sr<> on the inutriino.
form, ten of them are on Die »atnmo
mal carpet, and when we send them
out on state occasions and to banquets
ti> high officials and foreign ministers
tlicn you will be uroud of them "Give
the hnra a chano*"^
tec bore a chance.
Dr. Givens, Superintendent, has
kindly furnished tbe News with tbe
following summary from the records of
the Idaho Insane Ast lum. f | r
ter ending June 1st, 1887:
ta» Quaruîr" 1 * ** *** ** y,u " "*
4 m u u
KIES q " r :::.î t Î
KIEîu did 1 quarter ,......» 1 a
''sü^wSTa.m^r f># asm
Nu. n o(^àS«àis maa'iaiag to to.
I«r of Mupt.j.-* durius quarter .IM»,*
Kl «P'fxiUurr»
AÄ'ÄÄ iw re ***
indigent insane. *M<
jK-rmancnt improvement purehree of
land, stock. He., may strike the eye of
■omc distant tax payer as enormous.
and hia puree will cry ouU-"that's »
whalin' sum to pile upon tbe peoples.
lad it must be home in mind that these
pureliaae» were alieoiulelv ncccaaan
for the welfare and successful running
of Die Asylum, srni list ing once been
mode will demand no other aimroDria
. . .. » * ** .
tion for similar pun liases for I ears at
least In the matter of coat for earing
for patienta per capita, we note a reduc
tion of 55 cent» per week from last
quarters report, which reduction
brings the ooet for each patient in this
asylum down to a level with the costa
for patients in the oldest aavlums in the
land and where there are'from 40« to
500 inmate* This shows up well for
Dr. Given» and the board of director*
r 1st tiny toe parental root at Boise toi* week
J. D. Everest. Superintendent of toe Indian
school at Port Hall has tendered hi* restrna
tom amlwUl return to «d. hosre In northern
Omductor Oerter, of (he Oreyon »ori V.oe.
day morning. The supposition I» that be died
, . , ,
Han.N. A Just, director of the Ineenr Asy
flow that court hs. sdiotinwd and »*'«»*
hm»* Is w«ring«i aspect ,of a banquet hall
deserted. Janitor Williams has tlaw n> sit nn
the door step, hum the "Sword of Hunker
HIIL" and watch the tree* and Sima* stow.
HI". ,nd " ,rh •"*" * ,Kl * * TOW '
C. B. Oaple* ihe popular joung olerk at the
Pioneer Drug Store, loft hut week for Oregon
preparatory itor the completion of a course ol
torture* at the Stale Medic« (Wiege.
kings. Was In town Wedtieeday on outilles
with the land otoec. While here he was*
pleasant caller at tho NSW» odtoe and ordered
Hceolrer Montgomery, of the I'nlted 8t»te*
landOflee, heads our list with a sulworiptlon
for a copy or the NaWS te be sent te s foreign
land. He sends «me copy te the City of Mexico,
The liberality of such friends will soon boom
the Navra »ml the Ngws will boom the town
Major qpllaght-r. Indian Agent at Row Pork,
to reveling In toe luxury of » *h'W <t*T> Mr
lotiffh. Ihirtmr hli» »bffiruw he will vi*lt hl$
home In Vlrgtnl* and witness toe grednatlon
of his deughter freni Martha Washington tkd
lege. Returning he will pc.haMy spend s day
or two at the National (topltol. In the Interesi
of the Indian serrlee.
Mtos Maggie Rcevey, book kreimr at the In
sane A.y lnin. to ** expert and facile with to.
p«r m $h« In fiooompllfibiil In h$r ekKniUoiar)
ilUfiliuncnt«. Th©p«l»llo In IMackfont havlna
heard some of her poetlesl recitations stands
oomiulttv«l to a hurt? appreolatton of thorn, and
the trenseript from her record» Imforv u« wsr
rant u* In complimenting her excellent pen-1
Prraeoal tleeslp.
fnilrd Piste* District Clerk. Seas May* to
at heart d isease.
ranch on upper Blackfoot.
Madame* L J. Osborn, R. C. W I toon and Mis*
May Kelt* gave too New* office a pleasant
call yesterday and bespoke for the Nawss
pleasant and prosperous voyage 00 toe high
sea* of Journalism.
W. 0. Fisher, formerly Indian post trader at
Roe* Fork, passed through town Thursday en
roule te his mine# In the Salmon Hirer enun
tro. He will spend the summer there snd give
them hia personal attention.
ter one rear.
His Honor, Judge Hays, Judge Morgan, At
torneys H. W. Smith and H. M. Dennett and
Reporter H. II. Miller left Thursday morning
for Matod, vis Oxter* where Judge Hays
bolds an adjourned term of oourt ter two (toy »
Returning from Mstod Judge Hays goes te
ms ash Ip.
Ä"r'Ä o, »K'Äi
VMd a paper combating the statements
M to the number of the population of
China, and estimating it at TSI, 000,000.
Twrwrr-rxv* huxdksu different kinds
of poiftonooa tubes have been tabulated
by the Tokio University of Japan. Fish
faig muet be sometimes dangerous
pastime in Japan water*
Each ai ua can ao believe in humanity
In general aa to contribute to that prea
•are which eoustently levers nn the
race; ceTaurreund oureelxm w th " !
Wtooephere oj imistic rather than tbe
ENOkArnco » very ancient. The old
ülteî* e °5 da ***• OTt , "i * tOI 'Tv S 7? e "
relief and some in intaglio. The biero
of EgyP* *f® CQ t'n granite
mouoliths and on the walls of the tombs
UBd chamber* I
Thu elephant can go. A very good
ivory is now made from bon^s and
•crape of sheepskin. The next im
provement will be tbe playing of the
game of billiards by machinery. When
thia is done young men ran sUy at
home and improve their mind*
« Mtbtmt » eoupo,^ ot
platinum, tin and copper, which stands ;
ordinary acid tests sod » said to we eb
as much as pur# gold, is in favor in
or Enslandl tor article* of icwelrr and has
or "tT ";fzi ,~Z •
afLrereran* ^ * i
_ . . TT ,
x'v, " wJt FsirrtSüpT'
»°- in Benaatt, c* WestFairneld, Pa.,
fj^ d of coomempUcn at the age of aixty,
leaving a family of thirteen children,
All are alive a nd well to-day, Die oldest
*£»« eighty-«»Ten and the youngest
j~V.* "icin«-*# never troubled the
, ,, ™ . . •
. T** United States has 17,000 dent*
kt* who tue a ton of gold and fire
tons of other metals and make 4,000.*
000 artificial teeth annually. Only one
American in eighty ia found to hare
P«*® 0 * teeth, and one-third of the
population make more or lees use to
t h.- artificial product.
Tax Indian Medical Geteilt records
Ike deaths to seven shepherds to the
of Belgaum district from being struck by
hailstone* of the «na ofcoSmnut* A
r number to animals ware killed fay
the storm, which, from the sc oont*
produced missiles quite as dangerous as
the Russian cannon halls
Fso« an examination of aérerai
skulU found to North and South Amer
lo* and believed to have belonged to
tahabitonto living before the glacial pa
riod. Dr. Kollmau condndre that the
raee. of that ancient epoch are those of
to-day. the same cranial and ft**-«!
forms being found, to suite of loose of
i^aÄ^ of roÄmLr^
, . ....... _,.
of tatrereeomto A P*^offorcep. pro
of trad» t rot, a nickel tube which le con
**f~ d . wlth *, ,t T î/ 0 * 0 " 11 ?
» » »„rule a^Tn^al ^rra^^m^t
toita ».tant tte totoh » )®rk«d
"*» J® w ftnd °° the floor -
B**n ia becoming faehtonabla in
Bnloooa to which it ia sold are
lfnraarto* and moat of them
. Jf® h a nd s om er than the wtneahop*
at On» establishment is a beautiful re
production of a French ton of two root
nriaeago, except that tha fittings an
?*"**r~ iTnn^oCcethwv^w^ir^tos
*3ormto the French A call e m* »cd
tha drinkers jocosely address them by
the the name» to a c ad emician a Such crie*
to »•"Hl, Buden, two bearer Uo
for ■®'h -.
•kulls found to North and South Amer
ica, and believed to have belonged to
tiod. Dr. K oilman
___. __>
A Betratet «I (Mder-Uned »**
■eiitausi an ii|nh ■ gill Mto
Gold doesn't save a man unices he
Wonts to be raved. Some of you little
Italien an sitting around here waiting
tee aalvation to.tr, k, yon as it did 8t
with aesmnoo balL iLanghtiw. 1 Otto .
died tarn« He U after. Mnstard-eeed shot
J® ^ ta* J»®- [Leughter. ] God
Asy- ( won't keep a man »ober who has a quart
in "" , L ih9 l iime -^
W P !f tt ' Wh0 h "
,^t*7T k
iW£T A
b"l^up fftr^n* club* and
, J* g „""j
Of powor to It why doux you say
"Ahmoi" to that? 1 Laughter. 1
This -i„i. ■. » .I ' ___ r_ o.
■Xnia Mab^to AUfta fa "»«? ««
enemies of (îotl. Look at them from
i head to foot and oe*
I sresu w roc. anu see. _
! The german, ofthis town *ra ran
hall by the enemies of God. Look at them
nn Rom head to foot and oe* Cord-phty*
ing to this town is TOU by the enemies
at God. I*»l ih*™ from head te
I " uoa - «»« •». 'hem from heed to
the foot sad see. Unless thu meeting
breaks Up these things in Atlanta it
ol will ttoce yon aome time to con rin cd me
, Ah«« God hod much to do with il
taS ffittaïffifitall-y,
o teuow* aon t me wna* a *b ,
, and write cards ebout me. All 1 hare
to eay is sign your name fa) what yon
; - ■ 10 *— .. - Ti
* "ïï®!?'"»"'ÎLâr If won
XTvZr 'ttÄ-VhÄte
d, Tool duty yon oan kill out the clqb,
Ohd the german* and card-playing In
Atlanta IAm* n . *n aronndl Agere
i. wiri? 7*1
• "Othing but hugging set to
music [Laughter.! A girl who W0«
bemad not to donee tbs german, said
ail the hogging she got w«« to the gnr
man, and *h * didnt mean to give it
np That*» a'l tha german i* Now,
town /yon don't like tho/yM V»* lump it.
tLanghtar.] Bow wKiskv and reap
Pork, drunkards! Bow cards sud reap gsm
Mr bl eI w. Sow german* and reap spider
hl$ [^ iIjAukLuf 1 I made it 90 wmrm
, j or itidw-Ln iu Nashville that be- !
tkd- ( ore f left there lhcT Ix-irsn to nnlreto
day SnTh. ne^re. U ^l.ld are litUa
*®« JT "'TJ
hegroto gon^ around town mta tight
In [Laughter. I H om4t „fthe spider-lsgs
to. ^vj^rilU 4?,?"* SL„ t ,,1« otog tS
Whaw ** Siafii I
» . ist. .i» , ^ .» » i
J"' ' " 'fault* tb®
and D . JttdpDw ouoa 9 yo
wsr- j "J f?® , than anybody » **•
pen-1 wuoee jaws to sl»P- ( Laughter. J
I —Rev. Sam Jones, at Jllanta, Oa.
» i
A Patriet
* J"fji TkÎT ool hoM ot bl.
as- aa^jgiRra ;
mediate recognition; he is willing to
of remain unrecognised until Lia deeds
shall draw him into the light. When
Kovciusko presented himself to Wash
logt on. with a letter of recommend*
tion from Dr. Franklin, the General J®
»«ked him what he could do. "Try
me,' replied the Polish captain, who P 0
** been educated in on* of the müi -
'•■'y 'cliools of Europe. The modesty
the ot tbe ""* er ( mdicstive of a character P
" ! M froe *«« -eumption aa from bash
fulness, pleased the Commander-in
tbe Chief himself one of the most modest
' and self-reliant of men. He appointed of
K<-cilttko a Colone i of jJagEwTto
" »MA responsible position hf just.fi. d
Wsehiuirtan's sagaritr and was
hu auls^le-cauip. !
Washington was seldom mistaken hi
I his judgment of men. and Kosciusko's !
.ubeequent rornTto Poland proved »re
thatthe American conimander's confi- , *">
dence in tbe modest Pole was not mis
the placed. In tbe Polish insurrection he *»
commanded 20,000 regular troops and ,
at 10.000 poorly armed peasants, and with I
this'force rousted formonths the 120,
ot wo men forming the combined armies j
; of Rnaaia and Prussia. Every school- !
eb boy who has declaimed Campbell's
in line* .
has "Hops, fs» s tesson, bods tbs world (srawsO, :
,~Z • jEdrrraOo«ktoÄ-d-*s Imuuo wir
i knows that be was taken prisoner at the ia
captor« of Warsaw, haring fallen from
hor » R ' t *£f r * d with J , ? nnd *- •»*
whùpenng. "Tbe end of Poland!"
wCn P*nl becanra Cxar the Polish is
patriot was released from prison. The
fc mperor handed him his own sword,
« 8ir ^ j have no mtoe need of a sword,
the H j have no longer a country," said
. • K»«n«ko, declining the gift.
He settled on a farm to Franc*
fire When the allied armies were marching
toward Pari* a Polish regiment, form
one ing the advance guard of the Kussian*
began foraging to a village near Koe
the eiusko's farm. The troops wantonly
to outraged the property to the villager*
and then officer, looked on. SndÆmly
» man to the dress ot a French farmer
the ordered them, to their own language,
by to »top their ravage* OBoers and ia
A men gathered about him. surprised to
fay hear Polish spoken by one who was
apparently a Frenchman, and indig- is
as o»®* at his presumption in ordering is
T** ». 1
*«d the «langer, ignoring^ their looks
to of ratontohment and wrath of wtach u
pa 7®" «*»»** " ® P * r ^I " h * d
the rer®r®W .nah acta aa your officer. ^ m
of *"• °P" m * nd "°' 1 7°«"
not pnmah the soldier* but yon.
of "Who are your demanded tha
jtoon.l to the ragimenk indignant at
being lectured by an unknown man.
pro- „ d offioel 4 andprirate* doing honmge
con- ^ Uie mo aeet patriot, retired from the
village at hia request The Emperor
^«xander, bearing of the incident
When the Polish patriot died, two or
throe year» after the fall of Pari* the
in »ama emperor ordered his remains to
are he removed te Creoow and laid ride by
tide with those of John Sobieaki, the
Polish king whose victory over the
re- Turks, before the wall» of Yienn*
root- saved Europe from a Mohammedan
an master.— Toulh't Companion.
hoeals nr quit*.
I c . i s hrrt nd by Ball rtght*.
The stories that are told here of the
immorality of the priests and monks
surpass the fablet ot Babylon, and
Bodo tu and Gomorrah could not have
east a shadow upon the social conditio n
which their faXgimd practice, have
produced. The common saying that
he Leto- i„ Quito has two has
little ! c-hallero (wentlemsn) and a
prie,* k Simpl V »hin tot the octnol im
8t ^»uty at the'capital of Ecuador. An
Otto . *^nSH^7lte?toÏ
°l the hand, of the pawnbroker*" Bln»
shot fi Dano jir condition of the
God The landlord to the hotel
inmdranee nr he rennot
5f SrtfiFtaSTBwtiSSS
" and no credit with the marketmen. The
k »hoc maker mast be paid to advance or
LTÄ'th to m tU 6 c^ter '
and "îtfhL p.^
money to buy boards and nail* Mutual
say (J , nr . rents thn orsanization of
diatruat prevent« tno organiiation ol
o. corjHirations, and partnership# m bust
«« ne» are unknown. The Indians are
from u,. — i- _i,. .....u. . ii.
, 0tl - T 1 l> ® 0 , pl ® b ,° EC 3 U .7 *® rn * I 'T" H.
in|r. And tlirv cultivate the ground,
ran w f iU ttH , tmU-breeds do the work of
, qJ The Indians
suspicion* that they will not sell
will »K„e —,1|
te 8®°®* ®* wholesale, nor Will they sell
to Anything except in the market-place.
They wBl carry s pair of hens ten miles
it mL-ket and 'scll them for four mal»
me /•#*_ cento) rather than dfatoOMof the»
il ft* tvn-e the moner on tU 1 ^. They
^5' ,0r l T D ^
, but will not »ell five doxen for Aixty IU
hare ^ The peonle are accustomed te te
yon . numlhtiil id
Ti hoorety m a wholesale transaction. W«
won • woman tan cents e« h for a lot .
® f Pineapples .ho was carrying to mar- !li*
^ She refused the money, carried
In , K f it * miles on her Lead and
jour mu«« o* her bead, nna
»old then for two and a half cent« each. ,
to The guide explained that her snstuciona
W0« tl^wt « neroritf «he
said ST" h» „od lLHXin nine
gnr- The amplest
it fa the mwlM^Th» Binritart
com " ~ qnartille —two and a htof
it. Br » *f i > »n ltotitnte
reap f or coppers to making ebang* Penny
^ ^n inrarmbU hare't/lake
<jff «N* w JJJi attempt io trmiM.
be- ! COM-fighting is tbe national amuse
»«nt, paying » rovoilU« to til* goveru
' n ® nt J *" d PK»» d «l oxer by the prmst*
who b«Te the repntation of being the
^ coek-fighters and the heaviest Ut
*•» to Ecuador. Ball-fights occur on
tS occasion, of great importance, like the
I annlTaraarj of tha reaurrecUon of tha
Savior, or on tho day of Hia birth. Tha
Oovernor of the province provide* and
Archbiahop haa a box to bktaaalf.
**• Jfew 1 ear's Day is celebrated by throw
J . people in the street, and the
0 f A *h Vednesd.v bv a grand mas
«y ttoe
futnd*, in which the whole population
Jïïj'jïujr "J ÛÏf hta
; a * -**" Luur ■ *•
—St. -- .
™* "•"'Fff®** rln T " *® r ® Age.
Chicago Timet ; There ere men who
hooki, who hunt and search
J® 1 them, who even buy them when
foBnd . ,«* , uke * pleasure in their
P 0 »"»«? 11 . bit DOT " J«* »*"• been
fo^^man te ^he^etb^oU
P rmta * r f th ® " or ® 1 "«tractive of the
'*°i " d - *•»**»
" regards date, they are the best
Alustratioi-s of the habits and customs
of tUe «enerstioii with which they are
Lying on the table in front of the
writer are three copies of the Ontario
! Hepotitory. The ]«pers were printed
»1831, and bare now grown yellow
! witb kme. Bo fsr as years go, they
»re not ao very old, for Andrew Jack
, *"> President whea they left the
prma-aa old Washington one it most
*» Te been—and he is in the memory of
, men now living. But the very appear
I the papers themselves »hows the
difference between that generation and
j prur-ee w i anaaoai,
! " d °f® °\ tb «".
1st. 16, 1831, has tor a leading article
. report of the ( ongreasumal Com
: mittee on Manufactures, discussing
Jackson's message muent the Urift It
ia a proi Lectioni*t report, and reads
much like a Republican spee. h of the
*•»* camoaign, hut tbe remarkable
thing about it ia that while Canandaigua
is to New York, end wee then, and the
paper was issued Feb. lû
mam news item is dated Jan. 14. It
took more than a month to get the in
formation from Washington to the
plaee of publication. A month m.-
seem a long tune to carry reportant
information a few hundred mile* in
these days of the telegraph,
when thoughts are flashed instaa
taneonsly all over the world, bat
tbe Européen news was yet slower to
travel. Under what would hare been
the bead of "Cable New*" had there
then been any cable or any headlines
—for the news matter of these papers
ia pat to without anything to show its
character-« a dipping from the New
York American ot Feb. 9. Doe credit
is given tbe paper from which the news
is token, and the dipping shows that
the matter ia taken from London pa*
P®» of Dec. 2* and Jan 5. The new.
revere the mod^to Europ* some to it,
u itget. into the realms to Rnaa.a, Po
d taB f Lack 1 * «tadtora
m tor s. September and AngnaUhnt
"" P®P®r-fike one to lls advertuere
who says he sells good* not much
higher than down East, and as low as
hi. **&>£-* boneet enough to
duly credit all its authorities and give
a*med to have no rKSin the neigh
borbood; at least, no contemporary to
îcïrtaa't^F^ÏÏd ÄST
or with forfeiture oftitl* rant, and for
tune. The resignation, by Lafayett*
to of the position to Commander to the
by National Guard, of Franc* is atoo
commented on at length ; in fact, any
news concerning Lafayette seems to be
»«toed upon »»particularly interesting
to the Amrekan reader*
\ the
most important news from
But the advertisement* are especial
ly signs to the time* Every
merchant who calls hi» wares i» modest
to an extant that would surprise the
one of to-da
coat; no one sells any
cheaper than his rival* He simply
the tells tbe reader that he has certain
goods to dispose of, and «roes
and his friends wfll call ttnon him." Thoes
who make potent medicines are, how
n ever, as noisy as any to this day, and
their stogie oolnmn* "n«t to rradtog
matter," are filled with testimonials
from minister* who live at a distance,
a the some as anv of s later date.
im- Typographically, the papers are
abore entiaam, being dearly and neat
'^^end now yeHowr^T the
print ia better than tbe average com
try weekly of to-day. No attention
whatever ia paid to local new* and the
foreton matter is all taken from ex
ch^*«,theco.tof co»«^ mat
ter waa amalL
' *•**" f#r P " Wk *°~*
^»OrricsA, Basraro.w.tesmi..
Notice Is hereby riven that the following
of named settler has lfl«l notice of Ms Intentkm
ol make *mU preo* to sepport of hi. rielnaand
that »*M pr.s>f will he ins.le Is-for" the Kcste
icr»ndK.w(v.r.t m«ckf«M Mi h s on July
auh.issî.ris: .Iambs w. Bo.*«, _ on
'T" H. K. No. UK, for the NK. »4. NW. >» KW. V.
NK. I*, section SU. 8. s. 8K. I*, section t* town
of ship s south, mnge» rest. _ '
hl» "uu7>7
tiratkui of said land, vis:
IVrrj J. Anson. Mssm r H. Ohmey. William E.
Mo»„. r sod »'«, D. Dsridson. all of Blackfuot
Idaho. * KWAxa w. Basse.
J unr "•
Settw for PnhUcnfleB.
LASDÖreics at nt^. B ^^teva«..
Notice Is hereby rtren £ ftotow,'.»
IU m«al acttW has Bksl noils- of ht* Intention
te te tnskrtaoi proof in supiiort of his (UlmjiM
id that «*1.1 proof will Iw miete l.^orr Ibr Kr*l
L'tlî! iw:, vlx: chmih t'HMiKTorvcnwm. >
township * south, range *u rast
. . «« »g» ♦>»?, frfegW wltnreree te prere
!li* "Stoîïï.TuT" 0 " 01
Jacob WcaLTbarie* 8. Wre'.Oec. W,Oor*on
and DnvM DTwrteht,all of klUghnm ouuntjr.
|dHh) , »'max« w. ««a*»* |
, June II
good* less
MB»> st « r .
Neatly Executed
* - AT THF —
•{•Idaho News+
Job Office
< bx* Year, by malt..
Six Month».
Tli ivo Montlia,.
1 mi
Advertbdag nitre furntoliod on sppiloeilr»*.
professional i.tuna.
Attorney at Law,
Practical In the Territorial and V. S Court«.
Attorney at Law,
Attorney At Law,
Will practice in all the Territorial Court*.
Furneri) HrflAiTof I
theU. 8. Land CHUor (
Jons Xonsomir, J*
Notary Public.
MMim & Moitpiery
Fire-:-Insuranc«-:- Agents
Ltanci OfflGe Attya.
A sent, for toe North America end Pennsyl
vania Fire Insurance Companies, also agents *
for toe North Herman Lloyd Steamship Ou.
Practice before toe r. 8. Load OOoe. prepare
mineral u
attend to
all paper« In entries. Inal pnxif*,
plication and townnite en trie», a
MWM utc.
r.H. hopKins,
Lumber, Wood, Goal, Lie
Also all kinds of
Building Material, Seeds,
Grain and Mill-Stuff.
Sell* « oil Time* at
Lowest Market Prises.
Backfoot, Idaho.
Contractor ^ Suilde
Blackfoot, : : Idaho.
P*miu and SpecUkwrion» furnlsbod aa short
noth*. All work entrusted to me will be dot»
Ins pm) and workmanlike manner.
Hro«ce on Main street.
Meals by Day or Week, *
Neat and Clean Ito&ms for Lodger*
Will furnish the public with
.Spectol -attention given to orders for
Cakes for Weddiugs, Bulls and
Private partie* Ice Cream
every noon and evening.
All we ask is a Trial.
Lodging : House,
MRS. M. HOGAN, Proprk-tre»*
... ..75 i-t*
Nioc furnished room*.per night, 50 ft*
Even'thing in the liest stylo anti the
Tablro funtisliwl with the liest tbe*
Market affords.
By the week.
By the day.........
and Machinist»
Horne Shoeing a Speeiaty.
Repairing Machinery and all Agricul
tural Implement» done on short
notice and bu»t stylo.
WagonN and t'arriuge«
Repaired in «very
respect M|ual to Ui« liest
; eastern work. Prices reasottabl*
r .
1L Mii | J. fn.
Fir*h Druxs, Medicine^
(Ttetolreto. Urn*»»-*. Peifumrrr. SOS îfgtol
Artk-kw f'>r •nto by ebotossk- 1ST retell
For mrdi*ins1 puri»»r*. »W l*|s*bil *(l
stvi-s to I irscrtriUi» (»toi» seW^ted *04
Pi-Mi-prly «ttwW to. *

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