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The UK has been some agitation in
the American press, especially in the
railroad journals, of the nuisance of
of card playing in sleepers. The Rail
way Age has called upon the the rail
roads to combine to put down or limit
a practice which adds to the discom
fort of the large majority of the trav
eling publie. Now it brings the news
that Russia has gone ahead of us in
that detail of civilization, the Russian
Minister of Railways having issued
an order that in future all passengers
who play cards on trains will be "judi
cially pursued."
In looking over the events of the
year 1888 now so near its close, one
will hardly note happenings sufficient
ly bold ,and startling to make it ma
terially different from the common
place years of the world's history. No
great wars haye l>cen waged; no earth
quakes have made the earth tremble;
no tidal waves have swept over the
coasts, no great pestilences have come
at noontide, but on the contrary, men
have lived, men have died; seed time
harvest came and went and the earth
revolved on its axis bringing day
time and night time as in other more
mark«! and distinctive years. In
this country the great event of the
year was the national election with
its general surprise. A number of
distinguished men died, notably
among them, Ge«j. Sheridan. The
harvest was only an average one with
nothing specially to boast of. In
.the old country Germany lost two
emperors by death and saw the third
on the throne. What the coming year
may have in store for us no prophet
can pierce the vail and tell. God doeth
all things well and let us entrust all
■that we are and all that we possess in
His hands.
Kate Adams, the first passenger
steamer on the Mississippi river burn
ed a few days'ago and thirty-five lives
were lost. The burning took place
jpst below Memphis. A spark among
the cotton bales was the cause.
The steamer, John H. Hanna run
ning on the Ouachita river in Lousiana
burned Christman eve and eighty-six
out of one hundred person aboard
perished. The boat was loaded with
1900 bales of cotton.
yho Idaho Legislature "excurted"
to Salt lake City after adjournment
for the holidays and had a splendid
good time.
St. Lpnis raised a $10,000 fund for
a Christmas tree for the poor children
and it is estimated that 15,000 chil
dren were given presents. The tree
was in the exhibition building.
Cincinnati had a Christmas fire
which consumed $350,000 worth of
The National Wool Growers Asso
ciation will hold a called meeting in
Washington. January 10th.
Reports from Washington say
Utah has no show of Statehood this
session of Congress;
The Methodist of Salt Lake City
have built a $15,000 school house.
After January 1st, New York will
dispose of her criminals b} electricity
instead of hanging.
A Central Pacific passenger train
was held up Christmas eve by road
agents who gat away with the express
booty. This happened in California.
Gen. Greely, of the signal service,
names January 20 to 30 ns the cold
est days of t(ie lyiptor.
Congressman O'Fcrral has been
announced as a Democratic candidate
for governor of Virginia next fall.
About eight weeks remain for Con
gress to wind up the business of its
session after reassembling in January.
If less talk and more work lie not the
«>fder of the day the public printer
will not be overburdened with print
ing new laws for the incoming admin
Bishop TallHit in New York.
The following is from a paper print
ed in Buffalo, New York, of recent
date. It speaks for itself;
"An earnest, smooth-faced, hand
some man was introduced to tfie con
gregation of Trinity church yesterday
jgorning. its the Bishop of Jdaho find
Wyoming. Dr. Lohbull said the bishop
was not on a beggiug tour, hut what
hj had to say should bs remembered
with reference to a collection to be
taken up next month.
Without ado or circumlocution the
bishop pitched right in, and told his
hearers what work a -Far West"
bishop has to do. He amusingly
said that he sometimes felt sorry for
bishops in the eastern states, who
had such small dioceses to look after
as large in area as New York, all of
New England and three or four south
ern states thrown in, and there is
some spur to a man in his work when
he has to ride 1,500 miles from one
point to another. Some of
Were very entertaining, enlisting the
earnest attention of every person even
to the smallest child. He related that
on one occasion he went to a mining
town in which nearly all the public
building were saloons or rather an
unpromising place to hold meetings.
He went into the street; his clerical
gaib betrayed him, and almost every
man he tried to meet slipped into a
saloon. So the bishop finally decided
to follow one man into a saloon, and
did so. The proprietor received him
courteously and called out: "Boys stay
your game for awhile; drop your chips,
tue parson wants to speak to you."
Introductions followed, the bishop
stated that he desired to hold services.
He was immediate!}' promised that
In the place should be opcu for him.
That night the room was packed, and
alter the meeting resolutions were
passed that led to the building of a
church, of a parsonage, and pledging
of a handsome salary to a regular
On another occasion the bishop ask
ed a saloon keeper, in a town where a
minister had never been seen, for a
Mr. Robinson, says the saloon keeper.
' Why I busted bronchos for him for
He then offered the bishop
a broncho, and rode with him to a
ranch three miles away, found "Bill}-,"
and then started to "round up the
boys for a meeting in the evening."
The bishop asked him if he could
sing. "Sing!" says the man; may I
ask how you came to ask that ques
tion, why, bishop,
On the sing; can play the melotleon
and fiddle; why, I am an artist. The
bishop laughed, asked him to try and
get up some music for the evening.
The result was that the bishop found
a dozen men assembled ready to sing
some Moody and Sankey hymns, and
never had had he heard better music.
There a permanent flourishing churcfi
was founded.
Bishop Talbot said that even these
rough men of the mining camps are
anxious for churches and schools,
provided that the right men are sent;
they will not offer a permanent salary
to any other minister till they have a
chance to
But if they find he fills the bill,
then they will stand by him. But
they want a "regular hustler."
We wish we could give more space
to one of the most el«iqnent sermons
that ha3 been heard in Buffalo for
years—a sermon bold, unique, straight
out, every word of which told. It is
a very significant fact that before the
bishop addressed the children at Sun
day school in the afternoon he was
waited upon by a committee of boys
appointed by the choir-boys who ask
ed him to preach a good, long sermon.
He complied by telling some most
fascinating stories of his experience
with the people of Idaho and Wyom
ing. In the evening he preached to a
large congregation at the church of
the Ascension.
C. H. Hines, practical Well-digger.
Removing old Curbing a specialty.
Work in this line respectfully solicited.
A goo<! paying Restaurant well
furnislied, with sleeping rooms at
tached, 17 beds, all complete, is offer
ed for sale at a bargain. Apply to
Mbs. Stufflebeam.
Blackfoot, Idaho.
U. 8 . Land Office nt Ulackfoot. Idaho. I
December 22d, I 8 S 8 . f
Notice Is hereby Riven that Jesse Anson, of
Blackfoot. Idaho lias filed notice of Intention
tn make Anal proof on his de,crt land ' '
No. 50«, for lot I, section 31. t iwnshlp Z
of ratiRC 3« east, before the Healster
celver at Ulackfoot Idaho, on Monday the 11th
day of February, 1881». Hu names the follow
InR witnesses to prove his complete Irrigation
and reel»nation of said land:
Peri y i. Anson. Gcrire Kunkel. Wm. Mester
I.ars Johnson, nil of lllnirhan. q v.mty, Idaho.
1 --ZU Fit,«»« W. IISaXK. KeRlster.
' A Distinguish«! German
Ear and
Will make our town a visit and can
lie professionally consulted at the
Commercial Hotel
Friday, December 28, From 3 a m to 8 p m
on diseases of the
Eye and Ear,
The doctor ban treuted hundreds of Montana
people and all those troubled with the above
disease*, desiring to get well adapted Alrt.ska
Crystal Spectacles or Eyeglasses ure cordially
invited to call on the doctor, as hi* visit is lim
ited to one da,
make use of t
the doctor In time.
y, it will lie to your interest to
his rare opportunity and call on
Remembcr tne doctor is
a specialist and has therefor much experience
and is confident of being able to help you.
Those having been given up as hopeleM are
especially invited to call. There is uo need of
going East to consult an eye doctor Such dis- 1
eases us irittc, keratitis, granulated lids, cata
met, eross-eyes, and all the other eye dis-.
easts too numerous to mention, can easily I
and permanently be cured if those who are >
afflicted with them will consult a specialist)
who threats nothing else but the eye. and who ;
naturally has a great experience. Cross-eyes ;
can be made straight either by an operation
or by using glasses for some time. If any one :
in your family is afflicted with cross-eye do
not let it go on. thinking it will be outgrown. !
as that is utterly erroneous and surely will
lcad to entire blindness of the cross-eye. Uut
consult the doctor and hear what he say». ]
DrGalitzki is Agent for Montana for the
Celebrated Alaska Crystal 8 |»ectacles of which '
. . ..... w .. ^ -i— 1 Î
hp «tries with him o_Large Stock suitable for |
all different Vlsuul effects.
The advantage of the Alaska crystal spec- j
taelcs Is that the lenses are pur® white, have I
highly polished surfaces, never tire the eye», I
but ro.t, preserve and strengthen the eyes so (
that cases are recorded where people were
able to do without them the rest of their lives, I
after using them for some time. They are i
accromatlp. I. e., do not make rainbow colors. I
They will enable the wearer to use them for 1
hours by lamp light and yet the eyes will not
feel strained 1 be lenses will cure Presby
orria or old sight. Hvpermctropla or far sight,
Myopia or near sightedness, Colorand Simw 1
blindness and floating spots. Fhe doctor has
the finest an.l most delicate Instruments to .
properly test the eyes and those who never
before were able to get properly adapted ;
glasses or were given up us boneless, and i
those who desire to preserve the eyes up to i
old age should not miss this opportunity and
and make use of the doctor* visit and consult
him and get his Alaska crystal #pcctaclcM and 1
find out what a blessing well adapted glusscs ;
are. Of ten people are wondering why thej <
have to change their glasses so of ten, or why,
their eyes tire after using them a little while. !
Now. tne eyes of these people are not mates, !
that is one I* stronger than the other; In fact, I
statistics have shown that this abnormality I
exists in KT» per cent, of the human educated
race. You can find out easily for yourself
whether > ours are mates or not. Take very ;
fine print and close your left eye and read!
with your right eye only, then close your right ;
eye and read with your left and compare [
you will l»e able to u»e your glasses for hours j
without tiring your eyes. laid les who period- ;
ÄreÄfiHrffi aäuä ;
rsÄÄfe;r c ;t:
^ «°-|
Those having gold glasses In which the 1
lenses don't fit can have their eyes examined
and other lenses reset. I
No matter of how Ion» »tan.lln» your catarrh 1
should tie. the doctor will speedily »Ive you 1
relief and cure the catarrh permanently with i
the nid of inhalers, local application of med
Icinc and with other iippll.inees, and effective- i
Iv medicate the Pharrnxscc. A few treut
ment* will show you that your catarrh can
iTnmimi CVen ,f ChrünlC 8n " 0t * even " ycar "'
1 tn 11
Symptom# of Catarrh.
In nearly all ca#es where catarrh ha# existed
In the head and upper part of the thront for
any length of time—and especially where the
patient live# in a district like that around
Chicago, where a great majority of the people
are subject to catarrhal affections—It extend#
down the windpipe and into the tube# which
convey the air Into the lungs. These tube*
then swell and cause an oppressive sense of
fullness about the throat. They become filled
with mucus, and the patient cannot breathe
freely, but suffer# frequently from shortness
of breath.
In many cases there is a sound of cracking
and wheezing inside the chest, At this stage
of the disease the breathing is usually more
rapid than when in health. The putlent has
also hot fiashes over hi# IkkIv. The pain which
accompanies this condition is of a clull charac
ter, felt in the chest, behind the breast bone,
or under the shoulder-blade. The pain may
come and gf>— last a few «lays and then be ab
sent for several others. The cough that occurs
in the first stage of bronchial cutarrh is dry,
couics on at intervals, I# hacking In character,
and is usually most troublesome In the morn
ing on arising or going to bed at night, and it
may be the first evidence of the disease
tending into the lung*.
Very often there are fits of »coughing Induced
by the tough inucu# so violent as to cause
vomiting. Later on the mucus that I# raised
found to contain small particles of yellow
matter. Indicating that the small tubes in the
lungs are now affected. With this there are
often streaks of blood mixed with the mucus.
In some cases the patient become very pale,
has fever, and expectorates before any cough
Occasionally «mall musses of cheesy sub
stances are spit up, which, when pressed be
tween the fingers, emit a bad odor. In other
cases particles of a hard, chulky nature are
spit up. The raising of cheesy or chalky lumps
indicates serious mischief ut work in the
Dcufness, Imrdhearing And all diseases of
the cor promptly at d permanently cured.
Charges extremely low and within the
reach of all.
At the Commercial Hotel, Friday December
28th from Ha. m. till H p. in. Remember one
day only.
Job Printing
Dress the Hair
Its clean»'
NVitU Ayer'* Hair Vigor,
ness, beneficial effect* on the »calp, and |
lasting perfume commend it for uni
versal toilot use It keep« the hair »oft
ami silken, preserves its color, prévenu it
from falling, and, if the hair has Wome
weak or thin, promotes a new growtu.
"To restore the origlual color ofmy
hair, which lia<l turned prematurely
grav, I used Ayer's Unir \ Igor with on
tiro' success. 1 cheerfully testify to the
of this preparation."—Mrs. P. H. David
son, Alexandria, 1st.
"I was afflicted some three years with
•calpdisease. My hair was filing out
and what remained turned gnu ■ I was
"minced to try Ayer's Hair Vigor, aid
in a few week* the disease in my »calp
disa|.|M>ared and iuy hair J 0 *» 1 "®' 1 .
origiaal color. — (lt«v. ) S. S. Düna»
Fasior U. B. Church, St. Bernice, Iud.
"A few year* ago I »offered
lo»* of mvliair from the effects ot tetter.
I hoped that after a time nature would
repair the loss, but I waited n valu.
Many remedies were suggested, none,
however, with such proof of merit as
Aver'» Hair Vigor, and I began to use It.
The result was ail I could have desired.
A growth of hair soon came out all over
hit head, and grew to lie as soft ami |
heavy as I ever hail, and of » natural
color, and ßrmlt) »el.—J. II. I «**"•
Spofford, Texas.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
ruxp.vr.xn BY
Dr. J. C. Ayer A Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold bv Druggists and Perfumers.
Estate of Joseph Warren, leceased
y given by the undendirm*d
Ith the will annexed, of the
Notice is hereb
Administrator a
estate of Joseph Warren, deceased, to emll
tor# of. and ull persons bavin# claims «Kamst
said deceased, to exhibit them with necessary
vouchers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to the said Adinm*
tstrator at the uatoffloe In li la ck foot, in the .
1 said county of Hirurhum
HENKV DCNN. Administrator
Of the estate of Joseph Warren, itcc d. i
I Blackfoot, Idaho, December 1st. It«*,
; .. * . hi. *•*#««* t.»,.»«o » 1
; 1 * *lr?!5Sn£?Hi iS« ' !
Noieinwran . *
: Notice If hereby given that the following
named settler has filet! notice of intention to ;
! make final proor In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Ucgis
ter and Receiver at Illackt«iot. Idaho. January
] 7th. 1SN), vix: Andrew A. Jordan on Coin. H . 1
imiti,' range east *
' *
■tien :M. township
»urn. range cast.
Î He names the following witnesses to prove
| his continuous residence ut»>u au.l cuMvatk.n
1 of said'«»nil
Henry C. IMpple. George Houck. John KI1- :
j ,, _ -, „ ,,,-- , _
I , d: îï^ve 'nl!. « J'
I a "°* rH.%»K >V. IIsakk. Ih » later,
Complaint having been enteral at this office
tar Henry Dunn marinst William Prank for
abandoning his Desert Entry No :*>. dated
1 May mb. 1*».. upon ,h. id, sw >, Section so.
Township 3 south Hange :;ti east. In Itingham
. County, Idaho with a view to the cancellation ;
entry: the said parties are hereby ;
; summoned to upitcar at this office on theSSto
i day iW December »»**, at U o'clock a. m, to I
i respond and furnish testimony concerning
,al,l alleged abandonment.
j 17 Ku\nkW H» \\k R> lm-*it
„ „ A . . ..... .
! The Original Abletim* Ointment Is only nut
! tw *? ounce tin boiw ami U 1111 al>*»o
I jî un, i: wo SKJ**
I iyj.!y n j*A
}», C i!f 1», . 1 Ü ?! ^ t /Vft nfiiK «y ni> !
r wîîi! , -m t,y .*S h C * A Ät
; *** ^"^ rKîr ,,r) CT * nt "
. ..
; f>4 1 If ) 1 1
[ v 4 - llrtim n I aa /I Amir
M. Man S ÂCR(l 0 in\
j 1 ti
c; . mTh u , p
Sisters Of The Holy Gross
I 1
IT. 8.1, a xd office Black foot. Idaho. »
NovemU'r I3th, l«W. »
Ad Absolute Cure
Studio# for bo« ruler# ami day put» 11# will t»o
1 *2*!: ™I Kn «''' h
1 ^«Vî , | t »b , . < i!bt,î!.!iîlï' for
i i„ r !!îL l,n î'* r
j ' 1 " 1 ' 1 "® w ' n *
i "k!? '!T n " Inf ntBl n<e work form no extra
K,,'..k™. __ ....
faTan? ÎMendrehSôi'aT thêiTmJîtlm» ° f ,h °
SÏÜ.UÜ ittèndln» AM h""«» (jSilefre are
permitted v> visit their sisters nt the Academy
Hulf rate# can l>e secured on two of the rail
road lines.
Terms moderato.
For cataloKuc, address «# above.
Thomas & Thomas,
First Class Line of Goods for Hutting*, Pant*
and Vest# always kept
Cleaning anil Repairing I'romptljr Hone
tVHntisfnetlon Guaranteed.
Idaho Stage Co.
cheapest, fie shortest, and rmmt direct
route between the North. Knut and
West mill the points named.
Cnrr}ng Mall, Passenger* and Express.
Leave* lllnckf'sit Dally ut s a. m. for the Ilia
Lout Hiver Mines. Houston, f.'hnllls, lloimnzn
Clayton, Custer City, Aetna and liny Horse
Passcnaers arc carried In "rut class coaches,
driven hy careful and experleueed drivers
Eutin« Houses on the linn arc unsiirnanncd
Acconimfslntlnif aifcnls who lire ready ut si,
times to furnish patrons with full Information
rcKurdinir towns, mines and siirroimdln* coun
try. For further Information apply to
General Mnnuircr, or
j. I>. HICKEY,
FKBD VtXlI.KK. A Rent at lllaekfoot. Idaho.
llavlnir a new Unscon the white House and
ndjolnlnR ImlldliiR. I have refuted and nicely
furnished the same In Rood style so as to have
the l«!»t risims In the city. The tables will be
supplied with the best tho market affords.
Terms, $2,00 per Day.
The bar and billiard nsmi will be rim In con
nection with the Hotel, and none but the latst
brands of I Up. r* and etRnrs will he kept.
Merchandise Brokers.
( We represent 8. M. Steele A Co., Omaha, and other large
( houses, quotations cheerfully given on application.
l\ 0 . llox 277 ,
Ogrdexi, TTtsuh..
Wm h BBHUÜ, 8i BON.
.. .. ; Headlight Oil, Benzine, Turpentine, 1'ainU, Oil* ;..
; 1'uttv, Varnishes. Glass, Paint Brush«**, Toilet : Tobacco* ;
•... ; Article*, Stationery, I'aleut Medicine, Candy, etc ;...'.
; C IGA 118,
Rest Alcohol Wine ami Liquors
I for medical purpose«, Fancy Good*. IVrfume Cologne. )
' Writing Inks. Physician* Wineription* and Family Re •
carefully it»mpounde«I at all boun, «lay or night. \
Tausitl'k Punch 5 ami 10 vent cigar«. fcV~8pe©tt©k» a Specialty.
I^TDr. Bible * Office is at the Pioneer Drug Stonr
I cum**
W. F\ MElLxLilGK,
lliirliest Cash Prices Paid For Furs.
Robs Forlt, Idalio.
■■ I
I aQ Y^n HY 1 fir
« a m m
Q VA ûlûflTûH K*TT
CLJL " Uit/ULuU. U V
« . rs ^ */
a big* majority
aT • w
flYl T fl A 100*110 AT
i wlCIöBUeui
low mces.call
ontnem and
you will get a
w #
Knktmmvi e.
1 DHjXgH. lTl lTI flHV
baüot and fair
count. Go to
Cardon & Son
for what you
may want.
U. 8 . Land Office lll»ckf,s>(, Idaho ,
I »fee »niter nth. IS**. ',
J •"«•red »« «his Office
I>> Aim* Hcndrlek.n«nln»t ItruOen Davis for
nlMiidonlnirhl» llomctead Kntrv No. | 7 || ,|,
iJiftSSK*!»h® .«'• «"* *»d es
in H,nvha.n whT "Tw^'hé
cancellation of said entry: the .nld imrtle. are
'r w K*a»« w. Bbasr. Register.
Notice for Pnlilicatlon.
Isind Office nt Ulackfoot, Idaho I
„ . Derenitier list, lass, f
ÿW ÂÂÂïh !
reneÄV"' *• nooth!
She names the followlnir ....... .
Jff«SV.3. ,u v , ,r Weno,nwin "^*«mvCT
-—... Kciflstcr.
Notice for Pnhllrallon.
V. 8 . Und Office ,t lllaekfoot. Idaho..
. . Ncvomher 2 Sth, lass. I
Iiuincd sotticVhnÜ flled^not Iraorhls r 't' ,1 ,'! w, !'' r '
t«r and fcoelvcr at Ul. -k J. i V't ' h !' ^S 1 "
sth. I 88 B, Vl*: David » J,™'''she. Jutmary
*70, for fhofiti swe' loùfs ' aü 1 ,!'' s °" »' K N "
township II „„ith. mote , ,!,! *• II,
Ho names the follow Intr w u m,...
his continuous resldwreJ. ..'I!" 10 "*?* •'» prove
«> sold land, viz? 1 *"'« cultivation
J.m'il! M:<r,»îkér«nd HlÜÏÏ, " 'hmllson.
Bingham county .Mu i,n Jwiw,ill<rf
m Fhakk
w - "***«. KcRtstor.
Boys lints ami
Mrs, Holbrook's,
caps very cheap at
sent by mull It KL Per sah» bj H*Sle *
1 ' 11 Bitgess Hwl|
NirricB—n m nun tuTr«
V A UMiHlwsl lltukfmH. ISaka (
XorvmtMT ïl*l. I*** I
< ■■mi-talnl harliic Im« nWml al Ik*
I'T .«braham Hmtomai «train. t TV«™ la*
Ihlan lor failure b> >'>>mpb *»h laauialM*
lm culture Min, Nu Mi, San J frtnaiJÄ
B. Ufaai ihr uri. avtlM U tu»oahlp* asstk
r a lure .Srra.l, I» lima ha in nuuntr M*«n. »**
• vir» tu thr nnnllalk« ul Mbl mity:
tr.tant all- »io* that saM Irai t «a* snl «ah
j*,-, i i tunt«, culture retry, »te tl» a»
partir* are hereby •mmo-mr.l tnmpuearsr
ini. „Illrrnn thr nth Say January Isresl B
n'cha-k * in t-i n , *|»»at ami furalah
cunrernln« *«W afiacrel (allure.
Em*»« W. Boa**. MsoMW
CilHtruii CiM-Ciri.
• •
First CIium Sample Room, Go«"! ^
romincxUtion at rv**onnt>lc i'barj(**;
alio a flnt-ulaa*
Tinware, etc.
firing of .11 kind, neat.v am«
P rom P t, y Give me a t rial _
Gonfcraofcor Builder.
Mrs. M. Bowriiig.
Ribbons, Silks, Flowers,
Fcnlhora, Satins and Trlmmi'ig*

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