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f/m iml UTDIDAT
U« for .I" 1 ' Wotk «'f ms kiu-l
ÿ>n>inptlv a ttended tu.
Ktk i NorUirm lime Cartl
lh ,, ooHulBw ut I Hack foot, Idaho
*" «aaetwnd «a», mall matter
L ..„ K»»"
01 ' m itH AUKtVt
" 5-13 a. tu. I Freight À!mp*iC |
U. K. i'oaisa. Aieut. ,
. ï.Sti p.m.
DffthX ami f lodux of Mall».
■ss» h «sv-.:
•Ï-â'ïï.;; hoi mV from*
[^fcuiir/f eau s'a i» w »*•■»•
teMdoBee hours at Pocatello
JrtfUT lie a» follows: j
» fruiu 8 n. m. to 8pm
B U, 10 am* 0. pm. to 7 p.m. ;
J.\s. Caiipbel, P. M.
Ready Press Stays. No lady a
A wake s lires* without liaving
KmuIv Presa Stay in it. Call
ge iferm and 1)0 aonviamd. i
Will Daeiuox. ;
u u i, . .
„rive.1 at Mra Holbrook s
Rtu f<*r Udu-s and misses, also :
gibhut and Fancy Peatbers.
.. . i.
lywwaai a working cowt A vret
gou gu 1» Ps>nl~m *
I ÎL Iktnilaoa ha» received hi«
I Ark of Shoe»; be ha* the bent
Itm M-bool tboe in town.
I ay >prtng and summer Boy*'
cm« *t «*»1 tvr the nest three
» Mr*- Holbrook.
« 0*1 »ery low figure*. W. H,
fun.._I m—e-.- #«_!
u*Mt Qmlt* and Blanket* Tor
I<wt qwoet at Htelhan #. !
^Mutrlb Boot*. Show, (Moth- j
fcf* clothing cheap at Mr«. 8. K.
W^fHlnckfoot about 4th of
Two marea. one gray 4
_*•. hruuleil with a chair on i
*«Mer. wdl weigh .bout 1100
^«T blue with white legs, 7
M.I br»od«l with 71. on right
*hf tUoone bay colt 2 rears <*1<I,
b rsmlwl wlth a chair on
• WP - A ntird will be I
{"•«thtomMlo. tbU will.
g ton *aat nice Mince Meat or
: Apple Batter ia 5th pails go to !
Ibitsftw Misses nutl Ladies
Jitos* wbbing n For Cap can
s gnst bargain si Bsnllaon'a j
htimivedat Mrs Holbrooks
liwof Ult.-H White Uotlerwear.
Imotlxrr you will always get 5
r«b cfl for cash at IJanilsua*.
rsrlVler Vinegar at Danilson'*'
(if mu gall .hi
!bir junrrcciv.il n new lot of
terns Stas'« and 1 will noil llirnr
tap m and body in town
Ma* S K. Holbrook.
Cam. U hair • lothiug warm
ta *Jl wool and wnmmled nut to
tt llietban.
tatimsn when y ou want a pair
ken or Shoes that |, worth money
•h Riet hilts.
«turn or ktoi.es.
Mksrv Dipplk.
Try Ayer's Pills
EWamm«,,. Nntirnlgla, and Omit, j
,,f Yonknr*. K. V .
lu 5*^ ,in *"icmlml O» n rut* f,»f
«■Urea««, Ayer'« rill* have
rjc« that trouble and also
evrry victim nl thl* .11»
"«W Wit only titrev wonU ol
«Ü1. '* nl "b tiiint (mm tin- land.
^ von), would Ui —'Try Ayer - «
" f A y fr '* Fill* nlottc. I
»irr 11 . PcftnatMititly ,il rlirmtia
"if» nod trnublml mo «.»oral
•• Tbrao Pin,
si. srsAja
*^ k h n f
Ref'S «? h «* r xrvr„;"
tr» * Ml »b, La.
Ita &*; V lm :
^terl In.. for »txfaaii
ÎTÎr ,, ll,l ïh 'bey are tl.o beat Pill*
•ta | 2 L„ ysknep • box o( them
NÄ*« *>l «h* tlm*. They h-u O
hTifffo fc heodmilionnd n«iiralala.
1 bavo been
R i Pin, l,er »r'* K TrRt tenant from
ntlliluv V ,! year* ago I ws*
*kl» to .! 'b tbiMiniatlam timt I wan
N. i, , ,I1 J Work. I took tlnoi'
^ *•"• wum entl.. I.
tat , ih" "'»t llitio I nui m v.
taw Ä pill*," —I'l'l'lt
t/^ta Bhorwoo.!, WI». •
w * Cathartic Pills,
; ^ - raarsaitn nv
knL^ r k Co., Lows», Moca.
*U Daolnr, In MuiIIcIm.
or* at unco Itarraltw*
The Idaho News
YOU 2.
NO. 30
Next week The News will resume :
ti former size. ,
Albion has a flue brick church but
no pastor.
Much sickness is reported at Oak
ley, Cassia county. ! w
"... .... !
r.nguieers of the Union 1'aciflc Ry.
are reported in Malad Valley. |
Another pleasant ball at the Com- !
increial hotel New Year's
A preliminary survey of the Snake
river canal was begun Wednesday.
Bl rt • ,, . . . , , . ! l|
M«rt right keep nght and end right
" * 800,1 mo,U> fur 11,0 J e * r ' m -
May this New Year of 1889 be the
heat and most prosperous kuowii to :
a Idahoans
Niehotia is distressingly dull at
present but better times are exfiected
in the spring.
4 ^ _m . ,,
. »i-.L-jt . . .. I * *1 ■ !•
at the Methodist church Hsturday and
. ., . .... !
i. y i,<? thermometer at >nhn..u ( ity f
lut week »k»i fruui 22 to 30 de
grec* below zero.
Mr. and Mr*. Wm. Kirkpatrick en
tertalued a few friend* and feasted
The new county officer* will enter
u|>ou the discharge of their duties on
the 1 -ttit of January.
them maguiflcently New Year's day .
. ,
Treasurer Hunting has the cash to
redeem certain county warrants, see
Will, a fr.» liriilire a rand from
» ith a free lirnlj,« a canal iront ^
Sn B kerimaml.grad roadtoUri.
boo BUckfoot Will advance 4« degrees I
in the actuc »»f proflpertty.
Meaara. C. Bunting à (V bought
p , jon of c f the
! Idaho Trading Go's, «tore at Sicbolia
»SH« »b. «IIP» a» cl**™. ..
« IVté KirkiMitrick'fl went to roost mid
hi. little four year old boy said 'that
w*. a P*el April fooling of the
.. .
Mm John Roberts of Camas, died
.sir* .it nn jw w, .
of ? « W .»pti«„d = thc(hn.t»^
jKtl.tl-y^ I er bn-ng
Blackfoot and bur.e.1 in the (hid (
Fellow, cemetery.
Parson Jones humorously inform«!
I the Indian* Tuewlay that the eclipse '
ws* nothing more than Cleveland, old
Washington, naming out and Harri
too. the new Washington, coming in.
. Co , lpaU>ni in
.. l t 7„ra Vv Pocntel'lo ldal.o,
Hide*. Furs. Me, rocateiio, ..at •
have an "ad" Itt to day a New*. Bead
lt and sell them the hides yon have,
liecn holding for years.
i The on »»turc of the moon between
]ZS!SF£ a* obmned ut ;
, , Tuesday occupied one hou.
' h
ano ** ' C,U „ . . „ !
The Pocatello
I Hmw wwiiy* y w 1 • ..w«« i
.llhtli».. «d Hnm H.utimBii take»
Mrs. I). H. Beitl.an presented her
husband with a lovely hahy girl «. a
! >ew Year s gift and the happy father
i now feel* that great good l«»'k i*
' ntore for him the year round. Con
v.,*i week we shall begin the pub
lleS of newsy letter* fn.m Poca
tello from the pen of a correspondent
« I, i i« ns bustling and stirring as the
bùsh m men of that bustling town.
" u8ln , . , . i. v
A petition numerously signed ny
partie» living in Bingham oounty ha.
been sent to the «nembe» of t o «
islnture from this coun . bU |
Mm Emily Warren ha* been cora
missioned postmistress at this office,
and entered upon her duties Tuesday.
hi* utrtice in another column.
Several of our eitUeus have been
busy this week harvesting ice. The
«Leçon BIsckf.H.t nver Israpoctsd be
lvtvn >•'» a"' 1 in,llc * ll *ick.
j . i
Ä, w«»
WlH . n the blood is impure, thick
«*. . 1 ^. «r «»» 'jret
. thcrc van be no health. " "it
these conditions, all the functions of
and tho result
tltO body nte tmpairctl, IN
iH .. variety of dangerous complu a
a t imst rentedv i» Ayer 8
tions. The nest. rtm<».>
vow and
Miller has registered
gealod it with the great aca! of tin
Commonwealth that whenever his bet
1er half takes another two rao t
1 .i , Ui% will do tho vacation iu 1
first water. -, ..
If you find a twenty fj?
note ««ml a ten dollar greoubttek uff«
tionntely entwined in eueii otliers cm- j
brace return them to Judge Hopkins. -
Me will make it to vour interest be- !
»ides telling you of their affection one !
for the other.
Two prisoners. Brown and Wilson,
were brought down from Camas Sun
by 8,leriflr Huys uik1 lotlg
w ,n 5 UI * un, *er charge of arson. The
same day one Morrison was brouglt,
down from Kagle Jtoe!: for dUturliiug ;
the peace.
O. W. Powell, of Lost River, in a ,
letter of New Year's greetings to The I
illf<,rm8 118 il Merritt. !
tiy tnjg on Antelope ereelt, bud two lit- j
l| e daughters, aged !1 and 5 years old, !
Lurned to death a few nights ago. !
Mow sad must be that poor father's j
household at the beginning of this;
New Year.
Whooping cough, croup, sore throat
sudden colds, aud the lung troubles j
peculiar to children, arc easily con
troll«! by promptly administering;
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. This remedy
!• nntc to take, certain in its action,
au(1 a(lu|)lp(l U) B „ t . ou8titu Uo«s.
The Second Quarterly Conference!
f t „- t | Jt . |*| at -kf*w»t will be MM
ia the Methodist church Saturday and
Sunday, January 5th and Oth. Busi
ness meeting »Saturday evening in the
parsonage. Sunday morning sermou
follow«! by communion service. You
are cordially invited to be present at
these services.
G. C. Sti ll.
If St. Peter kee|» an open record
I of all charitable deed* of mortals for
Pflige for his deeds of charity Now
Vw , * «. ,. B4 . I _
tears day. Many little hearts were
made glad and their feet made warm
i by hi* gifts of boots und shoes to lit- j
lie ones around town who were sadly !
needing such useful presents. He is ;
lumpiest win* makes the largest nuin-1
ber ImUPV.
* 1 •
Tim urtArlnnrl gtnpoa ntul RiinwAfl" 1
' IP UBnanu .. Kites ami Ivail e t8 .
^ ( | lt! |Ilogl art jstic finish of any !
Ilml W<J lmvu cver ^ n . They are !
I wbew acknow | e<lgcd to tH . u ie
in the world, while they cost no
more than is often asked for inferior;
k .kxIr They are as noted for dura- ;
bility, convenience anil economy of
fnd as for style and beauty.—Sold by
11 1Wl1 "
As the 4tli of March approaches
there is no falling off of candidates ;
for federal «£poiutmenta in the Terri
tory. For the one office of governor
L., v .„ l(w»niuis nn lt,)ise
,lew onts looming up. u ;
City lias two eandldales with a proa*
tof m<w; Hailoy twom)( , maybe
^ LewUton one with more to fol
( ^ ](|abo „ nml when the
time comes The Ntire will name one
f or Bingham county. We do not be- j
' ü eve | n disturbing the dreams of Mr.
|) u h«| s ttn d President Harrison before !
t|, eir time, nor of strikiug the iron be- j
fore it u hot. but when the iron gets
hot we shall make the sparks fly for
«« » Wfl -V tbat W,U BC!lrc h,s
. |Kll i, ora
The week o prnycr w.il be otoerv- j
ed in the . Ç " K 18 ' ' ?. !
wct ' 4 L,' " \ of
'*"> fn ' m lhc 1
! . , T ™ P1C8 ' ^„„Uaivina 1
J° n 'f"r'thLiIdiv"dutl for 1
i . »V* «• 1
,, ,„,l tl.c
Joj . ; areuU c hlldr«n, masters !
M . rvaIl u, !
Thurs( , 10—Reforms, for the I
b ^ Ution of t | 1P manufacture, impor
toüoo m|c nU( , M80 of intoxicating j
drinks as a beverage; for the destrue- j
tj 0 „ of the opium habit, for the repeal
of al , which pmteot vice, for the
ganctiflcution of the Lortl s day.
Friday, 11—Missions, city, home,
n „,| foreign.
Saturday. 12—Nations, for peace,
w ' rity temimral and spiritual,
amtp« 1 ^ , iberty for
rlll(irs . legislators ami judges aud fori
a u | n authority.
ini'pection st the Beautiful Gate, he :
will give Auditor Robcthan a bright !
First Corinthian, III. 9
.. « XV, 58.
You arc cordially Invited to these j
Personal Paragraphs.
Special Land Agent Temple has
gone to Hailey.
Judge Berry and wife return«! to
Blackfoqt New Year's Eve.
Rev. Mr. Stull is recovering from
hi» recent spell of sickness.
Della Smith has returned to
her home at Nicltolta.
C. Bunting Jr. returned from Nich
olia in time to spend New I ear with
his family at !> ou,c '
j Attorney Stewart still clings to his
- crutch a lame man's best support.
! . , .
! Dave " r, ^ ht 18 6low, V convalescing,
Little Joe Warren now holds the
j fort at the post office,
j L. W. West is with Cardon & Sou.
Mr. Dwight and family have moved j
to his ranch.
Commissioner Rogers has been
I leaning heavily on a cane this week ;
! A fallen horse hurt his foot painfully. '
M " ta " d
! several days at tort Hull during
j holidays.
! Services at the Baptist church 8nt -
! day morning and evening. Everybody
j invited to attend.
The Sew Year.
[l!Y M. ANSA TltlifJO]
Ob thou happy, triad Now Year,
That comes to all with hope and fear.
Oh may thy sweet sunbeams stay
Though shadows lluirerhy the wuy.
Stay in forms of Mindly thought.
Stay In friendship, all unsought.
As deep as the Father's love.
Descending from the home above.
The shadows of the jrrand oW year.
That made it-* suQMdlM 00801 DO» <1< ur
Have pattc**! away from mortal sitflit
Leavitt# a dim reflected Ihrlit.
By which we see a blessinf lay.
In darkest night ns well as «lay.
No fruit or flower comes to earth
Unless the rain drops five them birth.
So we no brighter «rowtb attain
Unless tbeWHer teardrops rain:
Then for the sorrow, Joy and strife
We thank the father oI our life.
All sunshine and
cloudy day
Would wither leaf and flowering spray :
J Therefore « grief to * ach is irtven
To draw them nearer into heaven.
That htatc of oonctclouaness sublime
That llg-ht* the ftoul above all time;
When? the eternal srlad New Year
Doth to the Inner »fjrht appear.
Tima to alnw the fUd sweet w>njr.
The soul D free fn»m irrief and wrong:
Heaven's New Year has come at lost,
A II the mief* of Earth have pas sed.
valley Home, Idaho« Jan. 1, 18».
niaekf'.it, ieabo. Jan. 5. is-* f
Notice 1» hereby Riven that the following
lilnRham County Warrants will be Daiil upon
1 prwcutatton with Interest thereon to dato if
. presented within Sixty <«i day« from date of
! this notice. Interest Wiu ocaao from and after
! thu ' , " w
E*uteof Guat. Peterson, Dooeanwi
; !
;|;j^;^A , '™..? , d™ii Pv rSîhîbit' j
with mxvssarj voucher*, wimia four
month* alter the Aral publication of this iio
; tic«, to the «aid administrator at thcmatoiBoc i
in Basalt,in the saMenonty or Bingham.
January u«, me
Make No Mistake. !
j By dispelling the symptoms so often
mistaken for consumption. Santa
! Abie has brought gladness to many a
j household. By its prompt use for
breaking up the .old that often de- j
velops ...to that fatal disease, thons
:Uld8 ian v be " vcd . 1[rom aU .''T ;'
grave. You make no mistake by I
keeping a bottle of this pleasant rein- !
j ^ housi , California C at-R
! Cure is equally effective in cradica
ting nil traces of nasal catarrh. Both
tof them wonderful California re. ne
;dies tire sold and warranted by Beide
1 & Son, $1 a package. 3 for $2.50.
1 - '
1 Mre. Holbrook wishes to inform .
1 tin'«took at trreatlv reduced prices.!
. . rloll.i,.» I,»v. ft»-. A
! cost A nice lot of ladles and gents .
! «Hk handkerchiefs s.ntable for I oli
I day Presents. Look out for the Xmas
Toy* for the little girls and boys
j cheap and good—something new at
j Mrs. Hol brook s. _ ■
__ , • • ■■■ A J I I
Wailted ! Wanted ! !
Every County Superintend«., o j
Schools and every Teacher and School
greet At, resD.
1W7, No. 1ST to DC. Indu Hive.
IS*. No. 1 to 18. indudive.
(iENKitAi. rt xn.
188*, No. 2 Hft to 402, Inclusive.
1 wk* No. 1 to 830, Inclusive.
c. ni'NTiNO, JR
couuty T rauurer.
Director of each district in the re- !
sportive counties of the territory to ;
send their address to
The Idaho News,
Blackfoot, Idaho j
John Montoomkut. Jr.
Notary Public.
A. DlUlllKNIt AltREN.
FVxnnorljr Rcjriatorof (
tho II. 8. Lnnd Offloo i
Fire -•-Insurance-:- Assents
Land OfilGe Atty S
Agents for «b* North Atncru-« an,. Pom,*yi- !
nn<1 Attitlo-Ncvu.ltt Insurance Oo.
Praottoo before the V. 8. Land ontco. prepare!
r.i!œâSd C, iow^tta B vnffi^^ ,n «o™Àd*{r. !
0 *Ag«!t, for tboEquitable Life In.urancoCo!
___ #
We are making very close
'«Prices for cash. Come and
see us it will pay you.
Buy Lots Abd Save Money
Buena Vista Addition to
Mining men. Railroad men and men in any class of business; here
is vour chance to make investments in the future metropolis of the
Inter-Mountain Region. Lots in Buena I ista will double in six
months. The addition is only three miles from the centre of the
city and directly on the line of the Utah & Nevada Ry., affording
rapid transit. Plenty of water. Present prices—Corner Lots $00
inside, $50 each. Terms, only $5 cash aud $5 per month per lot.
Anybody can own two to four lots. This is the best kind of a sav
ing bank. . Prices will advance very soon. Now is your opportunity
Bargains in all kinds of Real Estate.
j&m. T- G^uinell,
262 S. Main St. Salt Lake.
plenty Money to Loan on Improv-I
* J ... *
i cd Farms. Call ou or Address:
! M 4 WCllWinßl? TM Ik
J. » . J1 AJNIHtIUuIi M>I/.
j his Professional ærvicM
o{ E , 0 Rock and
surrounding country.
I " 3 _
Know All Men by these Presents:
That the Union Pacifie, "the Over
land Route." and the Chicago, Mil
waU kee, & St Paul Ry., commencing
Sunday. October 28th, will run Pull
man Palace Sleopere through daily
' from Denver to Chicago via Omaha
. and Council Bluffs.
Ladies' and children's retl medica- j
ted underwear at Mrs. Holbrook's. ,
I have rov fall Fall Goods in sight ;
now aDt , jn ; ite over jone to see them.
Prices somewhat reduced W. H. Dan- j
! ilsou.
John Lindsay,
Burgess House.
Eagle Rock, Idaho.
Watte, date I Jewelry
j Watch anti Clock Repairing a Specialty.
A. C /. HiMJljKhUJN, ;
« il pv I
Ureneral ! IN G WS ! UcalGr,
" t
4th St. opp. X. C. M. I. Ogden.
Matt Order« Promptly attended to
For Hardware
And all Goods in That Line Send to
Ogden Utah.
Blank Books, Legal Blanks A Periodical*
School Books and Supplies in any !
Quantity at lowest rates. !
! Mail orders fill«! day received.
102, Main Street, Ogden, Utah.;
!---— !
Investigate the claims of the Omaha
! Barb Wire. Full informât!«... at D.
M. Uicthun's sole agent for Blackfoot
One Year, by mail, ...
Six Months, .
Three Months,.
. 1.75
. 1.00
I Advertising rate» furnished on application
„ . »,
JlMTlSOm * *0 W5,
q . TK.V Wj«
w3313*11 3« **3*3? W »
"TIsp ftai'lfl.nfi St0V62
™ tfMiana ÖWVeS,
TVrvigofic NQ MäChlUß
iJ0m2SUC SeWIN °
The Place to Buv
Hardware, Glassware, States, Croekerj,
Harness, Saddlery, Glassware and
Lamps, Window Shades, Wall Paper
Boots, Shoes
Rubbers, Etc.
See This Ladies
Millinery 6oes Down as the Mercery Goes Up
Mrs- S- E- Holbrook
I Is making a reduction in the prices
of all her millinery. Now is the time
j to buy. She has a nice lot of
! Notions.
and can suit you in price and quality
cannot and will not be Undersold.
Odd Fellow's t'cmetcry.
The Odd Fellow's Cemetery has
; been surveyed, the plat of which can
now be found in the Land < hHce. aud
parties desiring to purchase lots can
ho aceomntodated by making applica
t tion to the committee.
F. W. Bkaxk, \
R. II. Hopkins, ■ Com.
R. J. OsnottN, \
Blackfoot, July 1.4th.
WIU nttom! totiU Hurts!? ami rcmovvl «*f «ho
Demi «nun Mnnhiuitior .1 *m buryhura« uiui,
Otttco at Curtis liant
• ttoiw

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