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j ON KM, Itabllsfeer.
ill orden tot J » b Work ot •">' ki "' l
■y be PMHptly »«ended to.
tke iHMtuAtf «I Block foot. Idaho,
», uhxhmI clou noil matter
Utsls I Nortkern Tine Card
ïul Mail at 4:30 a.
L-omdation at 3:02 p. m.
ir*,t Mail «t 6:25 a- »•
Aerommo lation at 10 30 p. m.
Dancing Academy.
prof* Charle»
. nmnMidt Academy at COmmeMal
VamiHwltr February Ub. at * I» m
**■ »• »"*• •** »««"dard
.uuxki. Twelve Icaous «Ivtii dut lug
Wcdut-wla» an.I Hscunhty «.van-
--£22 U*J l*t. »• » Private U-raon. or
SSSr*' 0 * f ' ,rlu, ar
?ZL trara •rh.il»r* In IÏ lea«*«
sJGiiiiadan«'*: w»n*. Mituary mid
LiSr* »unaryand rille» Sobotuaeh»,
r«rk. Wr.u sad Saratoga trance. »ud
aagiwdeu«. _____... .
ehtkay notice.
m, bi> I» » M*n tug condition at my ranch
■itr« nut ni UhMJhfu«»«- t*i Jauuar> Sub.
dM^ Whirl an ban»». which tte
_J»U1 mil awl pay cbmrgn and lake them
ihr, «ul I» *oM »• the law dlreeta:
'S ktthV«** wbllr «trip» «» «*• ÙMW.two
ÄErtfra« brand-d S au Wfl silOe, »Uiu«
'SL ,*l«n l weigh» SKI «r W»f«l»U
ÎÏ.Mw»ufral outra white stripe In laee.
«sy?7l,,.c branded X oa
SRÎMl ihHikln. : >*mrt old ond wri»h.
Pars» J. Joaaaoa.
astray notice.
«»allay ranch on* »II» north*»*! of
-wSLt J »euer, I«. iwo. mtr tara» yrar
MWln. both m>» ml ud undert U »« Hu
Lam right burn broken «•. w»»Adf «*
hi» Owner will I*** call and par »barf
iwTraaora b*f or ah» w.ll b» *-4d a* the
— Jam. Uarutr.
Ae»r load of Cut,Feed. Oats and
jsst received at
D. II UuniAR's.
Special Sale !
Of Indie«' and Children'«
lad Ladies Children's and Gent's
I MoalESi y,
im'UUT.rrEBBCARY. Ulfe.
Children * Arctic* 7 to 9$, 50 cts.
MIIm Far ('anal.
St r.nnntMtnrWT* "t tfc* Ctmn
Bin*(»*m »o-t T»trt«nrj of trt»l*o
peuikoo-t. tl.marS Wane, ra**
nwwwtttlMllwM lb» NM M
■ MnmcSraoribod Iran of tea« to-wH:
?»«*» *»*7 ,4 th- »orO» «rat «joartor a»U
HPiSNIa Saif of iS« »ouia »ra quarter of
tkirtrao m towaahip I »■»)»« il» *o«ifc
P»"»— » Hoop* m «So own»? 1*4 la lb*
of tb* »«tit «rat quart»* of rael
WBraitT. to«u*blp t»»4r» <tr «nith of
Hhttr iW>ra*t of Hot*» mortiltin In Hin«
1 ■! Miho T xrtl m ty.
Job Mm forth, r raprorant« th*l b*
of antrahraoftb» »»tor of Trout
• itfram In thnt rtotnltf »rat pto;-»ra
IN<*r M* um tatet from Mid *tra«a.
|p«t lb *liiol» of Hiram H*»'|>» I* *ltu*l»«l
Trout orrab and tbo l«n*t* of
•5"b*wr oral hi* Un-1. cannot b» Irrt
■ H bu Mbt wai»r without crura In* the
BfftttwKl Hon,«
■ UWt pciiibaww ha* canartl In ha
i«nilromn»wmji( a potnl bn.ran
»'«"Trout C rrak Tall» anil runnln* In a
■rakrtf dlrartlim for about Ihr»» mil»«
atnal twin* i fo»i «Mr at It* buttm».
»**p ami atanii fc fret *M* at th» top.
Tour prtlrtuirar ha* applied to n.c »M
grew*»»» for perm ta* Ion to crura hi* »aid
■*no *»M canal but the «M lloop* ra
wJJ"? *1111 rafutra to allow him »0 to do.
2?*Mî»'»l will uk* not to rimed a half
«fib, la nd. ,,f the raid H.»qw
Wnr* rnur petltkmwr praf" for Ib» *P
^ ratet of threw appralawra to ««certafn
"•Mptiwatlon to be made to raid Hoop*
«ccmln*to hbn In the oon.truo
llaaaaan Warn.
doom east of Swioeheart'a,
^•ttiu li All Ht OipartBiits.
feb m rt ,»railed )n thr pi, Whrn rt*| in
rej*jlot*kr pour m»»l* at «h» I'oople *
*"*»nr,nt. R«» 1 , faction *u«r*nl«*1.
ot Mary's Academy
For Young txuilf*.
ConSuotaS by tha
Asters Of the Holy Gross
*»**lon for boarder« begins
, ru * | TiW. Ti-rms moderato.
rauio* j,, »qdress aa abora.
For Hale.
Of 80 acre» with Improvc
"ear Bluck foot at a bargain for
1 Vply»t.TnK M«w* office.
'Jil'M'. ' ü:;
The Idaho News
. 1,75
. 1,00
One Year, by mail,..
Six Months,
Three Months,.
VOL. 3.
NO 30.
Advavtiafct* rata* furnished on application
JJ"".«™" <■ «fMlf»*»,
from under the snow.
The Good Templars will install
their officers this, Saturday, evening.
The Indians lost a large number of
ponies during the recent deej
The Viola mines at Nlcbolia are to
•tart up again sometime this mouth
There is nothing like a obinook to
light a snow blockade.
> snow.
Ladies wool hats from 25 cents
wards at Mr*. Holbrook's
hr». Moore and Booker, of Poca
tello, have both been sick this week.
The People's Restaurant, Pocatello,
ha» nn advertisement in to-day's paper
to which attention is directed.
About one inch of snow fell at Pa
catollo Wednesday night—None at
The narrow guage road from Poca
tello to Ogden has again been opened
for travel.
Two hundred and fifty thousand
letters for San Francisco were tied up
iu the Central Pacific blockade.
Salt Lake City is making grand
preparations for a Liberal victory on
next Monday.
Twelve hundred pounds of fire works
were received by the Li lierais of Salt
Lake one day last week.
Pneumonia is following the gripne
to an alarming extent in the mine* of
North Idaho.
One rancher in Nevada report» a
los» of four thousand steep in the re
cent deep »now.
The Cbailia »tage line has dispensed
with sleighs and is running regular
»tage« again.
Railroad men must have faith in
Nampa; a number of them are invest
tag in Nampa lota.
._. ... . . . ,
.heriffa! j ««test that is lasting long
er than the U-gnppe
Silver Bow county, Montana, has a,
Tbs mails are atill demoralised
from blockades-Every day lost letters
and papers come straggling in.
Logan, Utah, is organising a com
|>an y for a sugar factory, and the first
one to take stock was a woman.
A number of Black footers are ar
ranging to attend the election in Halt
Lake City the 10th.
v ... Amt of
down from the bench and mountains,
The Chamberlain-Woodln contest
csss was argued before the supreme
court of the Territory last Tuesday.
A »now storm between Arco and
the Butts cut off travel by stage from
Sunday until Wednesday morning.
In dull days make plans for active,
work, then, when the
«lays open anil brighten, carry them
Bothwell, president of the great
Bear river canal company, has been
forced to resign. The directors are
looking for a suitable successor.
Now is the time to purchase your
alfalfa teed. The market price is
We advertise
steadily climbing up.
for Halt Lake ami Ogden »eedmen.
The coal famine along the Utah A
Northern railway ha* been relieved.
Freight train», like the kings bus!
ness, demand haato and they are
making it.
The mails bave been temporarily
of whack since the £
gun No paliers reached Basalt, 1-i
miles distant, from this office from
18th of January until tebruarj 1st
Every rancher ought to put forth
best licks this year. Prospects
tip-top, and
for a plenty ot water are
bv working early and late every
should be on top when the harvest is
The day !• not far distant when all
unSffi.. .I S
The ladies of the W. C. T U. will
atve another entertainment Tuesday
cventDK. n."
will have a good time tr jou g
r ☆srs.r
has realised -» That'»
chase money n rrt in
tlwe. .
An unusna 1/ large amount of alfalfa
will be seeded this spring.
Ham Small, the great evangelist, is
to visit Ogden in about two weeks.
The heavy snow clouds have disap
peared and things looks brighter.
^ Mr. B. 8. Holbrook has placed the
News under special obligations for
nice presents yesterday.
The snow blockades have ' all been
raised and now follow reports of
many washouts.
More horses have died in Gentile
Valley this winter than ever known
before in one winter.
Snow has been very deep in Lost
River country, but the losses of cattle
have been very light
Three men of the canal construc
tion company were drowned in Bear
liver Iasi Tuesday.
The ladies of the W. U. T. U., are
preparing for a social to be given on
St Valentine's evening, February 14.
Particulars next week.
The Teachers' Institute has been in
session at Eagle Rock this week. The
public school at this place took a va
cation that the teachers might attend.
The town of Blackfoot is so located
that it will never suffer from an over
flow from either Blackfoot or Snake
Blackfoot real estate ought to ad
vante 20 per cent this year. A few
manufacturing enterprises would make
it climb right along op.
In commenting on the fitful chang
es of the weather, it is safe for us to
remark that there has not been such
s winter since last summer.
We regret to report the death of
Attorney Homer Stull. He died at
bis home in Mountain Home of pneu
monia, Tuesday evening. He was sick
■ . .
;°" ,v * d * y or tw0 '
J. B. Cutshaw, a prominent stock
! man of Market Lake, is down on a
; visit to his family in Blackfoot He
U8 ** ^ ltle loMC8 wil , t*
| ighler th>n
Pied—A t the residence of her son,
II. D. Collins, in Gentile Valley, Jan
uary 24th, 1890, Mrs. Mary Collins,
aged, 77 years and 4 months. Full
of years this aged mother has been
gathered to the harvest home.
St Mary's Academy, Sait Lake, has
an "ad" for its spring term in to-day's
paper. For Idahoans having daugh
te ra to educate from home it is the
8 " d ■
i c * t **°8 ue -
High water between Caldwell and
Huntington on the Oregon Short Line
washed away several bridges and cut
us off from western mail since last
All the trains upon the U. P. sys
tem have been put on their regular
time table again, but will they hold
itT That's the question.
The snow has about all disappear
ed in this part of the country and the
cattle are again on the range where
they now find plenty of grass.
Comparatively few cattle and horses
have lieen lost in Bingham county
this winter, notwithstanding many of
them were never brought off the range
during the recent deep snow.
West Virginia's gubernatorial con
test case has been settled by seatiug
Flemming, democrat. Now look out
for General Goff in Idaho. He has
bought property in Boise City.
Blackfoot can be made a veritable
little oasis to the eye of the traveller,
if its cltiicns will add to their shade
trees and flowers when spring comes.
Let us make it the loveliest village
on the plains.
At a meeting of the stockholders of
the Blackfoot Irrigation Canal Satur
day, April 16th was set as the time
to have canal completed to the first
It is ex
terminus, near Fox's ranch,
pected toliave the whole canal
pleted by the middle of May.
Burke, a mining town of North
Idaho, has been nearly destroyed by
avalanches. Half of the business por
tion is in ruins. Several parties were
killed and the panic stricken inhahi
tants have fled to neighboring towns.
The town was situated in a narrow
gu lch and had about 200 inhabitants.
Custer mines near by was also buried
by an avalanche and six miners in
one boarding house were killed by it.
For years post a band of wild horses
has been roaming over the desert west
of Snake river. The band has grown
in numbers until it has become quite
large. Yesterday a party left Black
foot for a raid upon it and with high
hopes ot returning rich In horse flesh.
In the language of La*y Joe-"Maybe
so, heaj) catch'm, maybe no ontob'ip'
Washington advices encourage the
belief that statehood for Idaho is not
far off. In that event we shall have
a general election for state officers
within 90 days after admission. It
looks now that all of this will be done
before June 1st.
The decision in the Test Oath case
means speedy statehood for Idaho,
and statehood means an early election,
and the first election under stale gov
ernment means a hot campaign. No
local issues will be raised at the com
ing election; it will be a straight fight
from the shoulder, democrat against
republican and republican against
democrat. The first election will set
tle the mooted question—Whether
Idaho is republican or democratic be
cause both parties will put forth their
entire strength to a man, and the par
ty winning will pull down the scales.
The Liberals of Salt Lake .City ex
pect every man to be present and
answer to roll call by voting on next
Monday. Here is what the chairman
of the committee says in a special to
The News, February 5th.
Ed News—S ay to all Gentile reg
istered voters of Salt Lake that if
those who cannot afford to pay fare
will come home, vote and apply to
Liberal headquarters, Walker House,
election day, February 10th, the com
mittee will refund actual traveling
'Voters, dear voters, come
O. W. Powers,
Chairman Liberal Com.
That was a frightful calamity that
befel the household of Sec'y Tracy, of
the Navy, Monday morning when hia
bouse in Washington City burned and
his wife, daughter, and servant per
ished. The Secretary himself and one
daughter and grand daughter made
narrow escapes but more or less in
jured and bruised. The fire broke out
between 6 and 7 o'clock a. m., before
the family awoke, and before alarm
oonld lie given escape was cut off.
The sympathy of the nation is with
the Secretary in his losses so sudden
and shocking.
Programme for the Gospel Temper
ance Meeting to be held at the Meth
odist church Tuesday evening next :
Opening Exercises.
Recitation—John Wm. Jones.
Duett—Misses Wright,
Select Reading.
Recitation—Pearl Sagers.
Address—Dr. John W. Givens.
Closing Exercises.
Everybody, young and old, cordially
invited tobe present
Your Toole and My Toute.
You like the »prln*—boautirul aprina,
And flowery mead and irUde—
I like the winter—rou*ta old winter.
That buildi the »now blockade.
You like the oily—beautiful city.
Brilliant with electric lieht—
I like the town—alecpr old town
Where "tallow-dip* drive away nleht.
You like homes—fkst trot Unir horses,
Thst trot to time and rule—
But I like that slow going animal
Hia cousin—the long eared mule.
You like dogs—hunting dogs.
The out*#ioc doga In a flgnt—
But give me a cat—an old torn cat
That yawls loudostat night.
You like cattle on a thousand hills.
And sheep without blemish or mote—
But give me that outet little animal
Denominated— william goat.
You like oyatera—delicious bivalves.
Whether summed, fried or In stew—
And since I've come to think 'bout It
I believe I like oysters too.
Miss Luna Beckwith is visiting her
sister in Ogden.
Rev. Mr. Lyons will preach on next
Sunday in Eagle Rock.
Ex-Gov. Stevenson is in Washing
ton sick with la-grippe.
Robt Anderson and wife, of Eagle
Rock, have gone to Florida.
Surveyor J. A. Clark is visiting his
old home iu Indiana.
John Montgomery, Jr., is in the
City of Mexico.
Mrs. W. C. Johnson was quite sick
first of the week but is better to-day.
E. A. Doud was over from Fort Hall
Indian school Thursday. He reports
the school progressing nicely.
L. W. West has joined the band of
commercial tourists. He takes the
road for Steele & Co., Omaha, and
Gibson & Smurthwaite, of Ogden.
Sheldon L. Brown will leave for his
old home in Canada in a few days.
During his stay in Blackfoot Sheldon
has made many friends who will re
gret to see him leave.
Frank H. Matthews, son of Special
Timlier Agent Matthews, with his
family, is expected from Newport,
Kentucky, next week. He will make
Blackfoot his hptpe.
We are making very close
Prices for cash. Come and
see us it will pay you.
I am Closing Out my Entire Stock of

To Quitjthat Line of Business.
A Large Stock on Hand.
Now is the time to get genuine bargains. I am also selling
Woolen Goods At Reduced Prices
Com© and See Goods.
Mrs. S. E. Holbrook.
Is what many a man says to
his poor wife these nights as
she glides her cold toes up
and down his bony shins try
ing to warm them, whenif he
was not so stingy and would
go to the Idaho Drug Store,
where everything is new and
clean, and get her something
to regulate her system her
feet would be warm.
Henry lopaz & Co.
Tennessee sorghum at D&nilson's
65cta gallon.
I have about a £ do*, suits ladies
underwear that I will dispose of at
reasonable figures. W. H. Danilson.
If you really want to be surprised,
go and ask Danilson's clerk what he
will soli you an overshirt or a pair of
pants for. For two weeks only, W. H.
Remember at the Drug store you
will find a full line of Paints, Brushes,
etc,, at lowest prices.
Finest stock of Stationery ever in
Blackfoot, has just arrived at Pioneer
Drug Store.
Any kind of Job Work you may
need done at this otBco.
The Paragon shoe store at Po
catello is the best and cheapest plaça
for good substantial hand mada
Boots and Shoes Orders, Shoe Re
pairing done while you wait.
Money to Loan —On Improved real
estate. Apply at News Office.
Idaho Stage Co.
prat, the »hortest *nd meat direct
to between the North. K»*t aud
West aud the point* named.
The oho«
Carryag Mall, Passengers and Express.
Lon vo* tUackfoot Dally at S a. m. for the Ills
Lost Rlror Mine*. Houston. ChalUs, Konantr,
Clayton. Cutter City, .Ctnaand Bay Horae.
Faaeentrer* are carried In Brat class coaebes,
driven bv careful and experienced drivers.
Ha'ln* House* on the line are unsurpassed.
A- • iminndatin* agent» who are ready at alt
time* to furnish patrons with full Information
rettardln* towns, mines and surrounding oout
try. for further Information apply to
4. f ntCKKY.
ntKD VOGLER, Agent al Mlaekf.«,». IdahU
G oners I Manager, or

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