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AS JOSKS, Publisher.
!» for Job Work of any kind
romptly »pended to.
I at Ulackfoot. Idaho,
id »lau mall matter
it the (KMto
iiiaatoo a. »«
ilk 4 XirtHfR Time Card,
10 xo

m^HKi! m.
nodation at 3:02 p. in.
Mail at 5:25 a. m.
nmodationlkt 10:30 p. in.
-ini it Pay You ?
—Youif Goods of IIS
Ï and pay cash.
loo and fresh
0 pounds for
■Bit" very best..2.85
4)flNri|jfckgr»de -g
* ans of own for....
ans of tonal x " ..
bars ot good »**a|,
1 00
■ :
ippsr" bsst Japan.40
A, climax, horse shoe or star 45
1 ll»#
s 13 boxes for
m, per gall* .55
ai» fruits.... . .■
Per Out Kpcluctioii
lies' muslin snd ribited under
We are making a straight
or cent oacount ou prints,
muckersJginghain* and all
her summe! dress good»
to $5'with a discount of 10
It for cash Have an excellent
- ladies shoe- at greatly re<luceil
--1 Have Just received a large
snd childrens sloes
_ am that taking the quality of
isideratinn you will
y ing of us.
MHilght Von must Ituj at
kefclxht Place. n
high*-! price fur eggs.
nit nidi iShakttphnn«
tmktatsflnr Ihr mtnnrr nf men
wmMMii t*>* my liai* nf lummrr
II - A - T - 8,1
; nlvwl i»tm> ttylrt and .mat ra.hton
»hep«-* Al«<ia tpedal ttlo on »
dblMraci'toHvuto and Jtmoy WtlaU.
fflaL Mitts,
Ladies Underwear.
AsOM-pu the ChMpMt.
W to Ladle» Emporium and be happj
»t A. E. HAHN H ART,
New Barber Shop.
s W. Unit,
_ ». Orrm'n. ha« op^mM a new
W S u ffi » 111 tin* Commercial Hotel, and
T* A«rHHp accommo<laic all with a
no »Safe or atrllab hair out.
Co reçoive weekly from
carlufgls of general merchandise
f* r re In a position to sell cheaper
»V •H» cr hous e in Bingham
^la trial.
y. fflvc I liern
IfMuilutlon Notier.
Bta.MOOKK» OO.. oompoMwl of
■norc, tterliert Homely hihI John
PiirlliK«. I<1 hIio, Im« thl* tUy
tnwjyffl Ihn «nhl Jehu Kenny Imvintr
ip l«HtnCintern.t therein in raid Herbert
y< UMMtlra« therrriom The mmnln
rtnemBI Xoore and Herbert. Homely
will cnntlnue the Ini.lne«« nn
fm name nf H. Moore » Co, who
»II IlHhtlitle« of the old Arm mid
dehtedne«« due «»Id firm mii.t
d thl». SMh da) of April, ISWI
Hkxkkiaii Moor*.
Jons Kkrrt.
I, Idaho, April 2»th, ISM).

) «At»»:

ear load of Cut Feed, Oats and
ip« Jtftt received at
D. H. Bwthan'h.
The Idaho News
NO 4.
YOL. 4.
One of the patients at the Insane
Asylum died Tuesday.
Cattle buyers are more numerous
than usual at this season of the year.
Ogden is putting on her holiday
attire for the approaching carnival.
Car-lie valley, Utah, is as green as
the greenest fields of old Krin.
Parsons & Hippie are burning their
second kiln of brick this week.
Lindsay A Lindsay, of Kagle Rock,
have a new card in this issue.
The family of Register Anson will
make Salt Luke their future home. j
Mail matter for Kexburg is to is?
taken from Market Lake after first of I 0
Silver legislation i. in everyI khU's
mouth ami silver dollars in but few
men's pockets.
Park talk is at a discount this sea .
Noliody seems anxious to go.
next month.
, ing
It is estimated that the output of!
gold and silver in Idaho this year
. „ , „ , !
Hunan Bros of Montpelier have
purchased the v\ oral River restaurant,
lit I ocmtelio.
I *
Iax-al news this week lias Ik-cii ex |
oeedingly scarce. Nothing worth ;
mentioning has takeu place in town
since our lost issue.
will be over $50,000.000.
The Blackfoot and Chullis Stage
line passes into the hands of the new
contractor Julv 1st
Rogers Bros., of Custer county, sent
in a big lot of wool for shipment or
sale this week.
For 8ale— U ne Bed I^miige (hair
stuffed,) $8: also one upright writing '
desk (walnut) $10.
G. C. Sth.l
Anv oue knowing the whereabouts the
of Michael Connolly, will confer a fa- at
vor by notifying Henley, Swift & j
Rigby. San Francisco.
" f 1
will be in Blackfoot July 20Ü», and j
onee a month thereafter. Beat! bis
, tMl
Dr, Bateman, dentist, of Ogden,
card in this issue.
15,000 pounds of oats for sale
Address J. W. Keeney, Pocatello
Quite a number of Blackfoot |ieople A. v
will go over to Fort Hall t-Mlav to at
tend the closing exercises of the In- ,m
dian school.
Mrs. Stull ami Mtss McConnel left ;
Weilnesilay moniing for two month's
visit in New York j '*
, lieriff ( amplH'll. uf I/ogau county, ,i„
brought over another patient for thc ,,
Iuiianx 8 Any lu m Thursday. !
mow county, has been appointed,
special land sgent
Mias Blanche Jones is at home
again after a U-n month's session at
üi M« r ,. u Uol» i „kn
nary s, .-wit i.axc, j
The sup|)er for the ball on Friday !
evening. July 4th, will be given at
the Reeves House. j 111
The family of Register P. J. Anson,
and Mr. and Mrs Reeves are visiting "
Salt Luke and Ogden.
An Idaho man. of Rocky Bar, El
It is thought that water will b,. |«.
turn, hI in the Blackfoot Irrigation ! î
,, , , , ,_, . , .
Company s canal in about ten days.
1 •
Pocatello building boom is only!
limited by the supply of lumlicr on \
hand. As long as the lumber lasts
buildings go up.
.. , ... -
Most of our people will go away !
from home to celebrate the glorious j
I'ourth. Some will go to Ogden »nd ;
some to bugle Rock.
Two new members were admitted
into the Good Templar lodge Suttir
day night, vix: Miss l.oreusen and
Mr. Bill Howel.
Wc understand that a grand ball
and supper will be given at. the Com
mercial hotel ou thc eveiiing of July
A son of the famous confederate
guerilla. Col. J. 8. Moaby, has located
in Ogden and expects to engage in
the practice of law.
Kx-Chiof Justice Weir is Boise's
orator for the Fourth of July, and
Boise's people will bo given a genuine
patriotic treat.
Only four months more and the po
litical complexion of the Lower House
of Congress will be changed to a
democratic hue.
There is an attraction about. Black
foot that makes every citizen anxious
to return when called away for a week
or two.
All work and no play makes Jack
a dull boy, and all talk and no silver
dollars will make westerners mail
Statehood news from Washington
alamt in this shape : One day yon f rn
think we've got it anil the next day *°
you thiuk we have uot.
Prof. J. W. Paris, brother of Prof. ot
has ! Jirel^ed principal of 'the W i Aa
... ... u » ;
eatello public school.
1 j mg
It is understood that the Republi- j
When some faraway man says that
President Harrison will not las a can
didate for re-election, somebody close
to him rises up aud denies the state
cans will organise in Bear Lake. Cas
sia and Oneida as they have doue in ;
Attorney Whittier is still being !
quietly talked about for judge of this | and
district at the coming election. The use
democrats will make no kick if its ;
PP 0nenl * Hllou| d nominale him. .
,, .... , . the
Candidates for the various county
office* are beginning to crop up ail
over the county. They arc still huut-1
ing now, but will announce soon.
A Pennsylvania maiden committed
suicide the other day because she, u
was prevented from going to a straw-1
berrv festival. for
a'iihoo « IluW. liavinp add tb.ir
Black foot property. The Commercial UDll
Hotel, the wonder is will Mr. Dubois i
W)Dtj|10e to mäke Blackfoot his rcsi -I
d<moe wheo the Territory. '
I for
A number of the leading Bcpubli- j j|,
cans of Boise City recently held an
infoimal meeting and prepared a
* a **' f" r future ad ion. >
As Mr. James Fisher was coming ,
to town from Fort Hull lust Saturday |
evening his team tiecame frightened !
and ran away throwing him out ami
huiting him quite painfull}',
Fred W. Vogler and wife returned J er
this week from their bridal tour to
the Pacific coast cities, and are now
at home to their friends at their rcsi-1
deiiuc on Scooud street j
>n . . , „ . „
The town has been uuusuallv dull_
All the ranchers are put
Ung in their time Id the hay fields
an<l only come to town when compel!
, . ,* 1
tMl tO (10 SO.
this wtn*k.
Mr. Adams, representing the Pay
A. v wce b- This nursery has grown
«I»'« 11 .' F u,,lic f "' or i il now l,as 20
,m " on ,lu ' ««••• "" ,1 K ,xx * '»«»nls »re
spoken of it wherever its trees have
been tried.
ictte Nursery, is doing Bingham coun
The Illinois Central Railroad Co.,
'* battling with a big strike in all de
partments. One thousand men, eon
,i„ l .i or8i breaktnen and switchmen
,, uU w „ rk Monday, and they were fol
lowed by ,100 pa»»en^or trainmen.
Sheriff Wood in will sell the Ncalou ®
mininfJ |)r01M . rlv nearCarilwo
this iDimly on' July 22d. U. satisf}- a
judgment in favor of H. Moore & Co.,
Soda Springs, for $3.135. a
Ä . of
On the 3d and 4th of July return ;
tickets to all stations on the Union
Bacifle system, within a radius of 300
111 i les. will lie sold for a single fare
P*,.**' To^ 9 ' r ° lUr "
" U, ' , Julv Clh '
The man who thinks the republicans
|«. f Bingham county do not mean bus
î m T" ' ,P ! r "Df 8 "" »•» »£
badly fooled ns were the old fellows
who sat in their tent doors and langli
cd »t Noah about the approaching
Tiik Nkws has lieen repeat«!ly ask
ed if there will be three state tickets
in u „. fll . M W e gu. as not. only two
Democrats against Republicans and
Hopuhlican» against lleinocrata. Tlw
anti-Mormons may have an extra
ticket of their own in Bear Lake,
Bingham, Cassia and Oneida,
Supt. Williams, of Fort Hall In
dian School, extends a cordial invita
tion to thc people of Blackfoot and
vicinity to attend the closing exor
cises of the school on the 27th iust.
Exercises to begin at 10 o'clock a. in.
Down in Georgia the republicans
arc talking altout Gen'l Longstreet
for governor. Thc General was on
the losing side in the sixties and lie
will be in the same losing boat at the
beginning of the niucties if he ex
pects Georgians to make him governor
Rev. Mr. Ronney, who is engaged
in «the Sunday School work of the
Raptist church in Idaho, has organiz
ed on an average one Sunday School
a week for the past three months.
Much of his work was done in Wash
ington county.
The Union Pacific will sell round
trip tickets to the Mardi Gras Carni
val for $8.15; tickets on sale 28t.h to
July 4th inclusive, good returning un
til July 10th.
Politicians all over Idabo«are turn
ing their optics to wards Bingham to
look up men for high places. It
would uot be a startling thing for the
Republicans to nominate a Bingham
countv "! ttn fo , r ° r f ° T *7'
f rn /' p * nd ma > b « Ulu ^ m lüe " for |
*° 1 ^ a< es ' i
Mr. W. Ö. Stufflebeam, proprietor
ot ®" v * Ilousc \ P^chasei) this |
Aa ™ * Dubo,a a,,<1 W ! U ™ lhe , tWO i
under one management The b wiv i
, . . ® .. # Al ,, 1 i
mg department« aud bar of the 'am
mereial will be run as usual but the
dining room will be closed,
The Kentucky court of appeals has i
decided that a telegraph company is |
liable for damages both for feelings !
and financial interests by failure to j
use all due diligence to deliver a tel- !
egrain. The case was Chapman vs |
Western Union company, in which ,
the company failed to deliver a tele- i
. J ... . .. ,
gj" of 'h?» father° j
** 1 g I
To the meeting of the Travelers' j
Protective Association at Denver on I
, ,, . .. .
u °e--<1, the Union Pacific will sell
rou,, d trip tickets good for 30 days, j
for $32.70; and to the Methodist con- j
UDll K)kh1 for eis dar8
LemHM U8ed for soap in many
oouutnt ' 8 wbeni lbe 3 Z row - When, j
for in»tanoe the men and women of j
j|, e West Indies want to wash their i
nands, they squeeze a lemon over!
thetn briskly in water unti, they
clean. There is an acid in the lemon |
similar to that used in soap. And ini
countries where oranges grow country ;
gentlemen use the cheapest kind for
blacking their boots,
The Keystone says: The cool weath-1
er this week has checked the water of J
Wood river, and there is not much |
probability for any great rise this
season, unless a spell of very warm !
weather strikes the country within a
week. It is a remarkable season— 1
ever k,,own ,,ke f t ° fl n tL,s r,ver
["{ Ü0Wen Til
f ®. ! in s green an< j
refreshing, but last fenindav a snow 1
. . m s* i ,
storm this side of Oaloua made a ;
winU*ry showing for two or three |
i I
PI •nn's V.oTv ^' ,m< an,i j
'Ï , ^ "V: 7
ty »oat (|ue»tion. aud the two paper»
are slinging ink at each other vigor
ouslv. The Klmore Bulletin of last j
Saturday says: "District Attorney
McCarty returned from a visit to
Boise City Tuesday. He necessarily
stopped at Mountain Home a short !
® ov *l; U»t Uiey act as though the
oounty seat was the only «dvation of
^ town ' lllf " «J«* bargain between
« I erey and Mouiiiain Home is
a positive fact, and that the people
of the latter place will trade their
Ihk^s and swap wives to gain a vote
when tue time comes. Politics will
cut no figure with them. The fight is
sectional and countv seat the war erv
Charles Black says the grasshop[iers
are liouud to clean out the lower
Wood River valley between Bellevue
and Silver Creek. The ground is
black with them, and the}' dont seem
to lie half through hatching yet Mr.
Black tried everything he could think
of. For instance: he raked all he
could find on a piece of ground 20
feet square into a pile, threw brush
and straw on top, and set it afire
Scarcely any grasshoppers were burn
ed; nine tenths of them getting away.
He turned on all the water he couid
on a hay field, and covered the ground
pretty well. The hoppers dilut'd out
of the water until there were three or
four on every blade of grass, looking
on ns if laughing at his futile efforts.
Nothing can rid the country of them,
he says. They must lie allowed
to stay their time out, which
seems to be two or three yean in each
locality. This is the third year for
the Prairie and second for the valley.
Itufllfirs To Hire.
I have several new buggies and
harness which I will hire out by the
day or week.
J. A. Bekhlev.
hr. liittrmtiii.
Dentist, of Ogden, Utah, will lie in
Blackfoot July 20th next, and once a
month thereafter.
Wild Animal » Wanted.
The undersigned wishes to purchase
a lot of native wild animals, such ns
bear, porcupine, 1} nx, badger, wild
cat. wolverine, oayote, deer, elk and
the like Parties having them for
sale should address me at Multa jkisI
offloc, Cassia county, Idaho.
W. A. Bi i.l.
— . _
HiUCl I8tI*Cl
OllQ C&Y load Of OatS.
w w ^ vw,vw#
QQJC l 0 £LCl Of flOlll' bf&iH
and wheat.
Two car loads of barb wire.
One car load of ham, bacon
On which we will not be undersold for cash.
See our new 'ad' on last page
>") I OF OlllV InirtV IHiyS Mûre.*
? J J
Overcoats -A.rs.dL
To Quit that Line of Business.
A Large Stock on Hand.
Gent's Ladies and Children's Wool Hosiery at Cost, also overshoes
In Addition To Above
i I have just received a nice line of notions, consisting of side combs, fancy
hair pins, ribbons, laces and embroidery. New goods are arriving daily.
j I have the largest and most complete line of ladies' and childrens' wear
and will sell as cheap as the cheapest. I will still remain in business
, . , * *v i • ,l » • i o»
and wlsh m - v customors to ^ member thc P ,ac « 18 the Bnck Store -
Mrs. S. E. Holbrook.
Do Not Fail to Examine The
J111111C11SG ÖtOCK Ol vlOtillllS,
Immense line of medium priced Clothing.
Immense Hue of cheap, but goodJClothing.
immense line of Shirts, Ties, Gloves, aud Collars.
Immense line of Furnishings, Hats, Boots and Shoes.
If you want a nice wide comfortable Shoe I can suit you.
Finest Line of Shoes In Bingham couny.
Do not fail to call and examine this stock at
A few Dress Patterns, just received
Import«! French Goods, something * n
very fine and very latest styles at
Runtinsr's *
Fancy Groceries such as French
Peas, Mushrooms, Imported Sardines.
Clams. Shrimps, Head Cheese. Potted
Ham, Piceatilli, Horse Radish, Sny
Catsup, Sweet Pickles, Fine I
Jams &c., &c.
C. Bunting & Co.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, III.
makes the statement that she caught
cold, which settled on her lungs ; she
treated for months by her family
He told
physician, but grew worse,
her she was a hopeless victim of con
ptton and that no medicine could
cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion , she bought a bottle and to her
delight found herself benefited from
first dose. She continued its use. and
after taking ten bottles, found herself
sound and well, now does her own
housework anil is as well as she ever
_Free trial bottles of this Great
Discovery at Beide & Sou's Drug
Store, largo bottles 50e. and $1,00.
One Year, by mail,
Six Months,.
Three Months,_
AdverUslDir rat*a famished am application
Just receiveil this week at Bunt
n g 8 . Ginghams, new line of
White Goods, Vandyke Laces for fine
Collars, new Challts, flue Tuckings,
plain and with insertion, bail Pearl
Buttons &c., &c. Come in and see
Dan Xcthcrbv was Rired by Joe Netherby,
he by Old Joe Nethorby Imported by Joseph
Thompson, ol Canada. Old Joe Netnerby by
Moea-trooper, • pure bred Clydeedato horae,
short loirs and free of all blemiahea. He was
bred by the late Mr. Hueael Guards, from Am
bertand. out of a pure bred Clydeedale mare
by Storllnjnthlre Champion. Champion by Mr.
Brownlee's Lofty—novor was beaten and said
to Ik* best draft stallion In Scotland In his day.
Dan Netherby'a 1st dam by a thoroughbred
Eclipse, id dam by a Messenger. l»an Nether
by Is pure black alth star in forehead and two
white (bet.
To Insure with fowl, UO. By the wesson 115.
Parties disposing of msres forfeit Insumnoe
and the amount w ill tie collected immediately
Mares must be hied repulaily. Care will la*
taken to prevent aocldeot*, hut will not he n
sponsttilc should any oeeur.
J. A. BEERLY, Blackfoot.
Two full leather top side har Racine
buggies. Apply to
J. A. Rkkri.f.v.
Mr. James Briley has lost an eight
months old black berkshife hog, any
one knowing of his whereabout» will
confer a favor by informing him.

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