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Idaho news. (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1887-1891, May 23, 1891, Image 4

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1k.u , h<»w inkit y H» potfg* I bring to you
W,a cn of dream »tufts, pleasure ami pain.
AU 4ii i songs of my Ufo 1 siug to you.
And you hear and answer again.
Though no rhyme do your dear lips say to me«
Yet, my poet, swvl t songs you bring;
When you smile thea the angel* play to me
Tunes to the silent songs you sing.
All my soul goes forth in a song to you.
All my deed* for your sake are dome.
All my laurels and bays belong to you,
my battles won.
Just by livlug you make my life dear to me.
Though your Ups never speak tuy name;
*Ti< your hauds that in dreams appear to me
Briugiug me all that I ask of fame.
-E. Ncebit in Longman's Magazine.
Iu your name
A Terrified Baeh«lor.
There is a Boston editor of a properons |
periodical who has as large a heart as he
lias a skillful ntm Not Ion» asrev he tv- i
lias a sKiiiiui pen* ,\oi iou,, ne re- j
ceived some manuscripts from a western
author in wlnise work lie saw considera
ble promise. He accepted much of the i
work and enonraifed
w ora ana enconra«eu laruM» enorxs.
These cauie, and were likewise found
available. Then the editor conceived the
idea that his newly found author should
come to a literary cen ter, where chances
for material and observation would be
greater. Accordingly, he invited his new
"find" to spend a few weeks at his Bos
ton home. A reply came, heartily ac
cepting the inntarion, bat o ne sentence |
.in the letter OHQLsed consternatieu in the
editor's mind During all hi« pnm.
i a- ? J , , t °rre
spondenee the editor believed he was
uTitiwg to a man. aud had accord in«»l*
,, * !1* nauay.coruin a iy .
addresseil his letters. |
Hence this sentence was a surnrise- "It
muiTim »rmm-f wiwHsurpru«. «
is indeed j^enerons of you to offer suc h
kindness to a VOUD" irirl lvmovHl fr»nn *
ûDtwrtnnitif» hv lw*r r 1 »> »*>" T»
opportnmtlea by her residence. The
editor is a bachelor, and keeps house iu
inif* lBifhnlrir f-uhiiw fllr
irue oacüeior fkk»ùion. He felt that he
could not withdraw his invitation, and
he certainlv could not take th« «Hrl trr
lie lerraiim cuuici not takethe girl to
Ins home as be had to his heart. But
the girl is in Boston accomnanied hv v
1 f ■ , . 01 F'Cey
rem.ile fnerui at the suggestion of the
editor, and in her own anaitmanta she is
hannilv r,« ^ J ^
nappily Iix*atea, unconscious of the mo
merit of terror she shot into the heart of !
her .«.ndr in« friend <a«k». ~F. , ■
.» nerom cutonal mena. öauFran
CISCO Argonaut. .
__ '
_ Ä _ (
Teapots and Complexion. j
Frenneuters of the nonnlar aftf»mrv»n
♦ a.. t- rnoon
t* a art * remarking the extraordinary
pains pretty girls who pour the amber
r ivu " I
bexera^e are at to direct the tapering
spout of the kettle in the direction of
th~ir Kwv __ i _ _ !
iiieir rObV Liieeks, or white brow and
.chin. j
it smiMn CEftl *nrr»A nr»« I.»» '
• appe.irs that some one has assured
them that the warm, fragrant steam aris- ^
\uz from tile »teeni-i«» Wvpswfiimt !
„ ? . . wepmg leaves is most oene-.
ficial for softening aud purifying the j
4 rru . X* » . . . ,
the neatest vapor does bring a deep .
pink flush, and cause damnened lnek^ t.-» !
9 ■ 5 e . °? 3 . 1< * I
curl tenunl-hke about fair foreheads, but
these amateur waitresses are laboring
*mwW!imn'i.vAn fl a«. .mi ,1 . K i
under a gne\ ous error when they imagine
that this treatment beautifies the skin. !
k i« h'»i>Tnfni în »im ___ » _ »
is u^riurul in the extreme, and unless
the suffusion is immediately followed by
»brisk toweling a chapped «id rough- j
ened complexion will be the result. !
AU through the orange growing conn
try, where that exquisite fruit is eaten |
from the time its rind shows the faints
.:7^ . , , nua 8llows ine lainiest ;
gilding, girls always peel the oranges at
arm-» length, being fully convinced 1
caase some negro mammy has told them !
bo, that the pungent oil springing from
the skin will leave a freckle wherever it ;
touches.-lllnstrated American.
___ :
TVoniau ftuflTrage In Horosls. |
Somebody asked Marion Kurland .
short rime ago if it was true that all
, wer f. "Mffragiste.
That subject, said she, "is tabooed in
IS?t strictiv s.« S ^
I have heard that »..me years ago a
stranger, unacquainted with the rules of
th. fani >ns womans club anc. blunder*
mg upon the forbidden topic, was treat
ed to some of those soft pnrnngs which
TheTu^r â^mSî^
hisses, and that a special vote of the J
semhlage was required before she could
be allowed to proceed.
i^do not know-that this is trne. hut if
bo the rigor of the law must have been
relaxed somewhat of Ute, for at »recent
meeting I noted that two speakers brief
loi fo°r r I'TdV^^ th r
lot ror women, and the remarks of two
others seemed to have a certain leaning
in that direction. Curiously enough the i
most pointed utterances came from the
very member who i» said to have intro- j
duced years ago the resolution barring*
l>*)]iti_w «11U New York Corn
lecture in this countrv, L done much
« the same arehw,logical work for Ynca
tan that Miss Edwards did for Egypt. !
English by birth, and living the retired
life of most of her young country worn-!
r^she early manifested a tarte for his
tory and a desire to travel that were en- !
on. the noted tniveler and arclacolo* ,
gist. Together they have explored Yn- :
cataii. undergoing constant hardships
" ,,d , maki "K interesting
flisti yenes of the ruins of sculpture and :
buildings. Both have published books I
rt"; » ■■
* 1rs. Lainra L. Langford, who uswl to :
lie Laura t . Holloway, and whose pet
child, the Seidl society Ills "Town tola.
„ . ' , } tui * f own to he
a strong aud lusty organization, says of
it that While She gets the beat music ob
tulimble from the best men, she looks to
building up in future the liest women's I
orchestra in the world and having the i
ttTTlÄ A »"ir, 7 ?r
i» »nt or ii» a r pl.m*.—Mu w York Com
inertial AdvfftjHt'i*. j
?iaia Pernliarut W worth mom to her
for tb " y h T
jiiet i MLtH.1 9*90,000 lUMiriiiu^ qq thk
life ul Dun mi Sol. In mlditiou hep
nomagerg have also protected thninselves '
■igainst loss by allowing a lot of acci
.lc ; ut insurance ugeuts to bet that Sara
will not lie dlsubled ill voice or limb in
of travel.—New York Letter.
her journeying» thruugii the United
fifiitfa.—Excli vy?.
\ At* Tcilifftrffi 'sja h\
" U wl I ill^lvv ^ r'ci II •
VoTK'E IS HRKEBY GIVEN that under and
** hy virtue or the power etmterred iu the
Merchants Loan and Trust Compuuv. ot
Chicago. Illinois, by a certain dtwni or trust :
made, executed and ddivered by the Ameri-,
1 can Placer Com jamy ou the ttrst day of Janu
ary A. I). WW, tue said Merchants Loan and
Trust Company, trustee named in said trust 1
diHd will, by its duly authorized agent. Woi.
î S. baiilba. ou the I
*'• u ' i
ut i2) two o'clock p, ui. at the Court House •
î door in the towu oi Li luck Lout, county of Mug- ;
! ham aud State or luaho, proceed to sou At J
! public auction the ioilowing described real
! and per*ouai property, consisting of milting
; claims and water rights, machinery, tools, !
; tixtures, buildings, ditches, daius, rights of |
î way, live stock, supplies, hydraulic uppli
• ances, Humes aud gold ui humes aud all prop- !
hatever kiml aud nature bt longing
d American Placer Company situât- f
| Znyutv
to lh0 American Placer Company situât- !
i îîrî State oi Idaho,
j andelsewhere ; it being the mtenttou ut this
«k to oder all property of whatsoever kind
. and wheresoever located at the date of *ole
ulH>ve given belonging to the saiu American
i HiaeerComn»»y. esiviitin* only the tnmohlse .
"Wicumiatuy to be * coc|»raUou : lo wit:
AU thtwe certain mluma risUts aud claims,
and water rittbts and claims, aud all ntuer
erlcan Placer |
i property conveyed to said American Placer I
Company by tbo ioUowin» described deeds,
recorded in tho Hts;. irdcr's office of Uimjluun
county, state-of Idaho, to wit t deeds ot Arta
U. Vodinr made July U. 1SSS and recorded CK"-;
toher lu, IsSs, in bta.it "E pupeSu; : aud July
14. IsSs, and recorded October i*J. lsss, in bee*
"h. . Paso —1: and July 14. IsSS, recorded Clcto
ber là, ises, 111 book "K," panel^b ; and Oetutier
It. I«***, recorded October le, ISSS. Iu book *'K,' j
paiteat: ; and October 17, isss. reourdad Ooto- ;
j ber nç Is», in book " E* pa*e HR : and devils .
ber bTlsèsTïn üjok" : & *'p«ü'asTand^ October
^ 18at) - lu ^ "«»" 1
| per is, ity, in book ~r pag« an : and deeds
oti.J. Clark nuuu* July 14. Lte*, reeorUtnl Oct. 1
in book * hV pago ^7; and July U.
nconietl Uctob.r 1», uvib, in book •E,
page ^du; ana ot Alva Pratt made July |
i!ÄJ.rwjüriltxl tktobor 1-j, Isa?, in book-E,'!
. u*» Ke aa ; and t^ioiivr U. loiw, rvcontod Oeto* !
| bar IB. l»cs}. m Ug»g 'E, * page 242. auü üwu of i
Kuicter umle Ucr to h er IT. BH», rocortkd !
uctoLer 1«. Unss. In book 'E. ' pago 244 ; ami
need of Wm, S. Ualiiba inaiie i»cu>u*r H, lîVv,
* rccoreetl October W, IBS8, kn bouk "E, ' page
^ jjjnd det?d of Millard F. Means made May
a. lsw, ^rded May u, l»M>, m book *•&*' pagV
1 1 he property conveyed iu . the afore men
tinned deed* w more particularly dc«K*nbt'd as
follows, to wit : 2U acre* more or Jess ol placer
mmi "KKrouud situated on Mcto> creek, lo- ;
caied January T. i*ss. by Frank wiod. record -i
edin book' B. ot mimng record* page I2S ;
also *4) acre* of placer mining ground on Me
F'Cey creek leeateü Jauuary 7, I«*, by 0.0.
5^^"" ' P"-' 1 * **L ; 1 " ,lso ^ »vre» 1
l ,iat ? r minmgground, located January », It#*,
Ü l ï ur  M ft'. É W fc "*•" ^ :
the Scott Hill claims located January 2», isos.
! .~£ J * M *,? col L **B, ' page lui ; also the
Lmtua placer mining claims located Jan.
uarjr i,Uw. bv James M. Scott book I
. page lia ; al»o the lkdlwiukle placer mining
' located June 2», IttW by Yred Boll win
( ale, book — B, page 148); also the Hawthorn
j placer mining claims located June 2». l&w. by
!m t1, bouk "B," page l«2 ; also the
Pratt placer mining claim located June
by Alva Pratt, book "B. page l«o ; also
tÏÏSÎS? ÄS l i mining claim located
I Jane^K 1rs«, by A. D. Young, book ,11. page
1G4 ; also the "Canon" placer mining claim w>
c * fcle " A i* ,ielNs ^* b y A B. Young, book **B," !
! page ibo ; also a fractional placer miniug claim '
dveded to A. D. Young by John C lement June ;
j *• deed book "K," page 75 ; also the **Po
' Sw placer mining claim located April ID. >
I«g8 by i... J. t lark, book **ti" page 156; also the
^ 'Marguerette" placer mining claim located
! Â.? rU ir* ÎS**' h t- J -, tu K k lH * uk *' B '
14J. also the 'Kidder placer mining claim
j located April â». 1«^» by A. D. Young hook "B"
palp»«®; also the "Duiuba" piaccr mining ;
claim located April 20. ISSS oy C. J. Clark
. book * B page làî ; also the "Edviiui" placer
! Claim located April 2U, IMS byC.J.
I Llarkiwok **B page 153: also the "Milwaukee"
placer mining ciaun* located April 2u, l*r* by
hu!LiS?* rK i tXx ' K page lôl ; also the s>t.
i V haï ? e ^. P, iacer mining claim located April 2D.
1** by C. J. l iark. book "B" page 144 ; also tne
! Pj^cer mining claim located April
,-b, l»w M'C J Clark book *B' page 145 ; also
the Clark placer miningctaiiu located April i
S b / c - J .- Liark book B page D6; also
j »
! a,so ,fae 'Minoraa' placer mining claim if*atcci '
| ed April 2u, i**h by c. J. Clark book *B' page
, ' "»«the/Gold Bug' placer mining claim
; located April 20, 1MM by C J. Hark book 'H'
P 0 ** Wd; also the Miser placer mining
! olaim located April a», in*» by C J. Clark i>ook
Üîf £ J,I ' ,W .'"» »"«er nghw
; v J tiarK April ip. i"w 'Wut 3 . r7n»fk -ii' t piKÎ
lW; also 5,ouu inches m Jack Kmrc crceS K- ■
: cated by C. J. Clark June 18W water book *B
I page 1 sä>; alsoo.uuu inches in Tin Cup Creek
| located Juno I», 1M8 by C J. Clark water book
^ 1
««A h/ÄÄSS" i k rs
-B w. «; .uo m acrcl,
a ïuwiTiZ« bT w e '
^ uage tif a,^ kH2?wnu I& w
j etIJ .vui!ufa!hin(.i!L^ir»ni^p
taken from tb^maia cbân^t Keeau
by J< j5!i !
Äfi 5 .? 1 ;
n_w Ua«.- ur Mt. P'^uu u-aM r,y John r
S ?.?-«?-.." ?-* j 1 * 1 '" water book 'B' page 4u; »Iso
creekJ™»'A/yuMb ikJca.rt'K
«ÎL»' ivB page 4o;
^mT^nan'^k^fc.i "by jn«" a£rf
r t.SE Srf î'r
lnc vî â tal<en rr °in pmguh creek |
Junvhf Ï&sô u!*,* ahü-uX üÂÎ »
i ?'?îr i ,l, ^ Ml0 ^"^ 1 '"
intge ft? wlthSi *h|
j '"T** 1 * •*
„la^mamjwrfa^t'he^rujkmS eutlm*S! n Su
Ä!isrZ -3
-«"Ä^Äl'äSd'S; j
"Uu'^Rtesby eiuiui; also two Bur claim» of üi!
ÆÂÂÂÎ3 aSÏÏ.fmïïï
! -»J wate, right« tam-n trom eukl Mecoy
, jum®s nozzle* and linprovumcnts thereto l>»*
: | £ÜÜ5S»V£LF'aZ, a i
.iowarci mining claims being flu acres of placer
aMtWow^at'w.slïrnmrîy '"nown a» tîié i
: Waitemau claims on sain creeK; also i7 placer !
I ■ ,l ' n ' n * claims located on Evans Bar cuibrnc- !
I .ng aboutfluacrea gnownas Evans Bar claims !
1 ÊvaL Gulch tmbrarnng «Juw'^uarô'fcit'"^ !
■■ \
: ..racing 12,1*41 8q . n. or surface anu Known as
*"* 1». j.ai«' ? bill claims on BUK hill on
1 , » t 1 h * lMl, 1 1K "«•iuio-nlng claims »* iu in BIIK
sulci above discovery embracing about »I
"S r "j "I* 012 claims in BUK gulch embracing i
claims on lolt banKof BljK gulch cinbruciiiK f
I 8S^iÂï te A|* ï *:ff!î r %ï K '"' w ," "ï, 0 *.'.?
i '»rrlboo mining district; alMonewuterrlght !
tfUO Indies and ditch taKon ui qJrIid ID in BIIK !
j much abt>v« dbouvety; aiKioue warer rijtbt
! biik?,'k?b C ^ !
right (M IM) inches anil «iftoft taken from the
placer minina claim* numbers2 to |2 «both lu- !
*>n low a bur ulx.vc Utsco very ;also
' c. teile ™bov?ui2oovery also "piater mining
claims 12 to 26 .Both Inclusive! m mig guicn
UqTilf^Hgbf hank^u'lWk^Jlob
above discovery! al to piacor mining clulm.» 1",.
toi» .noth Inclusive) 0.1 the right 1,.ink move
oisoovcry together with a ?» interest m the
safer and ditch; also all the water*.,! Mhn r»' '
1 M light , |i. kH|i,|ils- 111. I. f.,1 ..: ,.,.o.ill
tuwu *
Iti» wtttvr rUbU «ml «Huit. winch rcuuiva ilu
waters of HHK jcutvh Htdaim s IhGoh UiHoovery
with ait ituL»rt>veuiuitt ! s ttcrtsm; «Uu the utawr
mining claim Known mm the Feeney Hydraulic
Placer claim, beginning at discovery in lowra
crt*cE embracing about o acres; also TîV acres
*>f placer mining wrmiml on Iowa creek, mim
bers I toiUiboth inclusive) each claim being
: A*» toet accitrduig to the old mining law of said '
miulng disuiet ; also about 12 acres of placer :
mining: ffvouml Known as the Peeney Gulch 1
Hydraulio Placer claims east of Hudson creek
1 and west or UtlK creeK; also about % acres or
placer mining ground on Iowa bar lying south-1
I west uf aud adjoining the Peeney Hydraulio
. claim; also one water right of :*JU inches taken |
i trom Anderson créait at claim number 3Ù: j
• aist» one water right or iWO inches ta Ken from (
; Iowa croeK at claim No. Id above disoovery ;
J also am» water right of UOtt inches .taken front
Iowa ere* w at ulsuovery—•together with the i
water rights aud ditches belonging to and eov
! eruig Cm above grounds, and all improvement* !
| thereon ; also the ttosa placer claims located'
Jan. 1. IS»* by Wtu. Clciaens and Ira Mciiary, j
! booK *H' page £i; also the Anna placer claim
kajated Jan. I, lî*7 by Win. Clemens ana trat
f McOary. booK B pagetih, with ull water rights j
! M cd ary. booK it page bo, with ull water right* j
and iuiprovemeiits cnereto ladonging; also the
Congo,Cupp, Rosie, Maud, Soda, Laura, Olie,
Ida, Keua, Ira, Atta, V'. Fraction, boita. Morn*. ;
Lota, Como, Mattie, Mym.Sirus, Santo, Ik^tsio, j
hiora. Karma, Ethel, Julia. ODru. Uorlen, Hoâa,
. Auim. l*altU». KUHler. Canjrou. Lena, Susie,
Kv«l,vu, Manette, Albina, KmfaUnc, Theo, Car- i
idiue, Louise, Jutmainun placa r unnlmr claim»,
cuibrucin*' ïu acres cacii. alineliut m Mt Cisuah !
| ininin»district and located by Alva Vralttan.
#; »Isotw,-KW
I nitnnut district aud located Cy J
tsss, book -li. pajtes lUtolUSt
der placer claim on McCoy cree'k, locates! Juue i
du. ls*B by i'resl Kidder, book'B pu^o IDS: alse.
the 'Uadilsi' placer e'taim on McCoy creek.
located June au, [xs by W. S. DulltUt. lawk tl' !
page lBi; also l.ôcü Inches of water taken from
Wolverine creek near the head waters, locateel
by Millard K Means Sept. T, isss. book *11
j ua*e ufc-—all the above ueacrlbed properties
; being situated in Mt. Pisifuh minluir district in t
. said county and state; aisoall water ditches, j
by"*Mi'uar«i "i' ".Means'Sent.'T. "lw».' book"'«' \
1 &aenbe.l prepytto. j
said county and states also an water diu-hes, ;
1 cuuai*. uauis, resarvoln. htHd-nte«, ttjmeo,
sluiw*. plpt and pipe-llma and all other lm
prowment.s, on or appertaining to tht? mining
| ami water right* and claims, conveyed to mid
American Placer Company in «ait! above
! Ueacrlbed also all «luipiucnt. tools.
i Hume*, bulitiing* and Lnpreremenm on what
! are now known a* the *Cteaie«i» t bar. 'Ben net.'
'Milwaukee' bar. 'Feeney. MoGary^ 'Homer'
ami Oglesby' claim*; alto the ditches uow
known a* *JncK-Knite,' *BilK«* *Ander*oi»,'
'Miners Delight.' 'Wolverine, 'Clear CreeK.'
City CreeK? 'Keenan,* aud all connecting
dltcW with their right* of way; also one taw
mill ami machinery, with all belts and pulley*,
one pluning-mUl with aU machinery, tools,
belts, pulleys and other appurtenance*, one
; blucKsiutth shop with all tools belonging there
-i with, one retortWise with furnace!sS retort
apparatus complete, one stable, one office
building with furniture and fixture« complete,
one l*r»e resUIence Known u thu numV ri
1 house with nil furniture aud axture*. une
b<»ardti.g house, one supply »tore house with
all good!and supplies therein, one lot nail« in
Kegs assorted sizes, eight head of horse», one
lot harnesses, saddle», bridle», wagons, sleigh»,
hay, oat* and oil buildings, supplies and prop
I erty of whatgerer nature upon what is
Known as the 'Headquarters Location'; also
one office safe aud fixture* at Chicago, Illinois ;
also all miners'cabins on the various mining
cluims; also all property and claim*, rights
and privilege* or whatsoever nature and
whercever situated not: especially enumerated
above, or so much or allot the a bov "-described
property a* may be necessary to pay and *at
fafy In full certain 30) coupon bonds c»r the
denomination of fiiKMKl each, together with the
! interest coupons thereon and the costs or this
' sale, said bonds ana coupons having been
; made und issued by the said Amerlcun Placer
Company, and the property to be sold as bere
> inberoro described having been pledged in tho
deed of trust aforesaid to the payment of said
'.bonds and coupon»; the said bond* and coupon»
by th * ? l **rins of ttu; said deed of trust being
now due and payable in full. The aforesaid
property or so much thereof a* may be nws
; *ar> t*> satisfy the atiove demand* wt|l be »old
to the highest and best bidder for cash; the
trustee however reserving the right to accept
the aforesaid b«>nfls and coupon* in lieu of
cash so far as they will apply in their f ull fa **
value with accrued interest toward the amount
bid by the owners themjf or said trustee in
their behalf at «aid sale, a* provided by the
said deed of trust,
Dated this 24th day of April, A. D. \m.
Mbkcharts Loza amdTuuot Coxpamy.
i Trustee,
Lots ill tllO ToWll-SItP of
■ ljUlS 1,1 U1U 1Wn,laUe
PiiPiitollA Illiihn
* lllilalO,
' Votlw , bcr « n ^.T. t ten n'ciocB
1 ^ on thc lTb Jay of july iwi. Uto plbfm
Î5lb2 f lm ol
1 œnr,
' 'ÄÄÄÄÄtt
th '' J Ä." C JL 1, '," 1 "Ü rt,lh *
fn«!^»^fieu!wa^l. w "fhÆ
"•"'SSS'ÄV.SSu ' « i
! U»eacto* Congre*, Appmlr«! ftjunntor is'
m''-u^pth tgi'm'fwU am!' conum
an mo-»7rf%»V..X *" d
said Lots aud parcels win he offered singly to
ÎÏÂ'.fej'îff feWÂ'îï
«he «tawor the ,,r
| and the nurcha«f>r ot anv lot or narc« i ur rhi.
» public »ab*, upejn which valuable in prove
"l P pi°rïy 'X SL.'Ä
residing thereon, »fail pay to such party a
a* "don" "! inci? by "îhS ppïïntod
onderthe provisions of «aid act, such pay
«»1? S ÄlTS^frSSt
j ^^jTïSÏVtL"ÏÏi
»re any improvement« thèreon
S?;iÄw. PUr °" a,M!r, ' rtb ' ,,üt ''' U
Aotta - Commls.^^of m« o'n, m il Duet
üi! Acting Commissioner of tne ocnersl Lan<t
A Great Liver Medlctee.
i Dr. Gudii'u Improved Liver Fill
arc a sure cure for sick headache, bil
i ' ou * complains, dyspepsia, indiges
! tion COfetlvencss toroid liver etc
! ' C ^ > Ç UI ", r ' ew -
! fliese pills insure perfect digestion,
! correct the liver and enrich the blood
\ !i,,, V nukeu,e 1 !,kinclear - Tho - v aIs °
produce a good appetite, and in vigor
„„.1 tu ,„i;,„ „.„V_
iltt an(l "« r * n gthen the entire system
»I by their tonic action Sold at 2& cents
i " , , ' , 00,(1 ac ccnls
' " b ° X by & So "'
! The most deleeate constitution eati
2 iSôSï;ï
! \i f :~ J r „ r , , ît . ,
liiinj^ Halin; it i$ u Hurt? rcnitîdi
! for «jHigha. loss of voice, and all throat
And lung iluwOJK'H. Fur »ftlc hv Buhle
j & So".
w.#m.i.s »•
1",. .s«,..
' ï" IIsiLi
By W. 8. D vr.UBA.
Agent and Attorney iu fact.
of the
.ur flnrofwc
■ L..3 -
l.-rrvtr iliry Her. Any |
lb© n.,»k, Eaay In liwn.
H «Ml*
rk TMaiaan
r.t « r.rh#f■
k. v
M ftmt f»m©
ig» v» Olidrffi
• •«
Wi Ai.» lo ,.©r weak
fnnil'b you lb*
—-I-*. Hpaeato r«pl«in barw. Pall
St vTK ok 1vllo )
* ' L HA.
Tup «OD4
, * ,
. VI . o.,..,... is n. v ,
a^u caini.L j\.
ä . f t i u , uf î.l.ihi»
na ' 00 ol *'«»110.
You are hereby uotitieil that there!
Is tub District Cot ht, Fibh
Judicial District.
Wli.l.lAM Bl'KKE.
\ 8.
I oil arc UOIVOV UOIlIliHl Hint lucre i
. 4ll . # ,
IS HOW on ÎH0 111 tile ütuce ol UI6 vient
ä ,i l>Utriif Pniirt of the Fifth !
;* I'Csincc court tu tue ruiiij
Tu Samuel K. Hamilton in the!
.Judicial District of said State ill
, , j .
tile County of Bingham, the complaint
VV i 11 i. n. |i„ r b, H ,bSnu
01 H imam litllht a*Ktill, jit .till lit
against yourcompany defen liiut, The
,, .
SiKla SpriUgS I>11 titl ami I attic CO.,
f )r .1, . r l, 11 ,„l 1 . l . 1 | 1 |,,l|,, rs
l1 *- Sum ol inrc"t Hum rcu tloiiar
with interest from July 1st 1S91I, ami
. , .. , , .
for tlm further aiun of fitrtM. htinilro.l
1st 1890, ailil for til fee* dollars with
for the further sum of three liuiiilrcd
( k>|| ar8 w j t h interest from Januar>
1st 1890, ami for three dollar» with
. , , t , , . . a « A ,
interest from January 1st lvS*)0, and
f or three» dollars with In threat from
ror u *rei Hollars Willi interest rroin
Junuarv 1st 1891, die on lOUpon»
. * i .. m J , #1 * I
by BA'it company, anil that SO
rmirh of tin* upr-umnl i,n»h.»rtv ;
Iuutu personal pnipert) **'
sold an may bo IltTCSsary discribcd in
.t . , , . , .
^ IBOftpge Ürdl of trust to Sktnoei
K Hamilton all of which more fnllv
^ Hamilton, an oi wniui more ruliy
appears bv complaint herein tiled
. ,» . " , * .
AOu lual Ufliesa > OU appearand ttUS
^*er to said coiliolaint within ten ilavw
. »an tun pi aim wmim 140 da\s
of the service thereof, if served with
; n Rîmih im ail .i ;
ln «•'»>?'> IIU county, ttlu! Wlthlll
twenty days if Served out of suiil
' , L . . .. . . 4 ,
—■■* 1 — 1
°dd Fellow» Cemetcrj- I» now in
the hand» of the Trustees of Golden
Rule Lod»* Xa 24 and all parties
bolding receipts for lots nrescnt them
to l. V. TÄ,
the same. By order of Trustee.
« I < tsiioRN, I
H. W. Ci RTi»! - Trustees
«BO. E. Haver. )
All applications for lots must tic dit
,nÄ t w wi Sï Z.
ret » r - v ' who *> M the P I#U in eltar«®.
,i Wonder Worker.
. „ ~~ . '•
Mr. Frank Huffman, a voting man
«*» Burlington, Ohio, states that he
l.acl been under the care of two prom
ine„t Physicians, used their tre.Lent
. .1 » . .. .
" n 1 not ftble to get curable, j
î! e W8 * Per»«"dml to try Dr Kings
New Discovery for Consumption,
Cough» and Colds and at that tira»*
was not able to walk Across the street
«.ta*. ««I«. 11« ItaJ!
he! ' l " , • If T 00 >>"'« «"3 Throat, Lung ,
(if ('best Trouble try it. We jfunrankn
""(»»ti-faction. Triai Ivottlcs free at
* Son 1 - Drugstore
K II ami lion »II af «lii,.|. iiiiin, »„n,, I
Hamilton, an 01 wimu more ruliy
appears hv complaint herein filed. !
And that unless you appear and aus
wer to said complaint within ten day»
of the service thereof, if served with :
in Binjihim county, and within 1
twenty days if served out of said j
county hut within said district, and 1
in forty days if served out of said
district, exclusive of the day of ser
vie©, judgment will be taken against j
you by default and plaintitl will ap
ply to the Court for the relief deman
ded in plaintiffs complaint herein.
In Testimony Whereok, I, M Fat
rie. Clerk of the said 1
District Court, have j
hereunto set my hand
and affixed the seal of;
Seal -
said Court at Black foot 1
Idaho, this 24tb day of
April, 1891.
M. FAT!! IK,
Clerk of the Dis- f
triet Court.
By Geo F. flagon. Deputy.
Smith it Smith & Eden. Attorney »
for l'lamtitt.
The life of the flesh is the blood
thereof;" pure blood means healthy
functional activity and this l>ear» witti
it the certainty of quiek restoration
from siekness or accident. Dr. J. It.
McLean'» Strengthening Cordial and
Blood Furitler gives pure ri.-h blood,
and vitalize» ami strengthens the
whole body. #1 00 |ier bottle
sale by Hehle & Son.
Apply personally or write to the
Farmers' Mortgage Bank
BEANE & KUNKEL Agent» at
G. Bunting, Jr, C.W. Lyman, G.Y.Wallace, ;
llh.ckr.mt, l.hilio.
On Apprqved Secuiihj.
• • • • ; Headlight Oil, Betaine, Turpentine, Paints, Oil» ; ....
; Putty, Varnishen, (Hass, Paint Bruahea, Toilet ; tob»
.. ■ • ; Articles, Stationery, Patent Medicine, Candy, ete ; ....
; CIOA118,
Best Alcohol Wine And Liquo
r fur medical purponea, Fancy (5 <hk1s, Parfume Cologne, \
} Writing Inks Physician» Prescription* and Famity He
( pipes carefully compounded at all hours, day or night. \
Tansill's l*uuch 5 and 1U cent cigars. Hf Spectacle* a Specialty.
î-êTDr. Beide s Office is at the Pioneer Drug Store ^
llesert ljtad».--A*U*# *f Intention to
* rein.
r.iib.Hi»iP»litiiilDffliT Htai-kfooC Idaho » *
i uII*kI , Itate« Und Offlee, HiaikTMit, »
-... . 'u.. . ;
I 1. R.M*a t>ml«uiw ». «rf Hlavkftau, IHwglmm *
County. Idaho, who m»«lo lUwrt-laiMl aratoi- \
; lion No. 1U«. on thy | , *»ri «»ay of April l*w. ft*r **
iht* trat umuil nWN* ^Iku JU, Towiuhip t t
^»utb, Hange A* East, t oo ami
SmfibnSl, rown*hlp l south, llatige 44 m*i
H. M., hereby notice of my talecitiuci I»
«»*« «»w»f toe*«aim*h tny claim to the
Uml aU uc^nbrd torforv Hegtoter and th
taive.i at Blackro.it. Idaiu*. on Saturday, lh<
Mil» »lay of June. MM. ami that ! r*|»ectwl t.,
prove that said land ha« hec« pr»>|arl> *f t( ,
tf»t#d and reclaimed in the maimer required
bylaw, hr twuof t»^ f*.ii*»wli»g atfimajja
**»»<? ®rK**ot». Kuaeiif r Ky« . Thomas
; Clark, Ucorgc Worden, all uf ibngbai*» count*.
l *k»v J. Anno*. Kr«wter

27 K Third St. HALT Î.AKK FT Ml
___ ( (
|3r ^4
VA. JL-.. AwGV
^ 0 fl fl H rîf^^HjPÏÎTSÂÂÎSS^ :
XJlUll 1 nffurt^'.-V? 4 ***• f
^?SS 3 SH« 5 ï
, ' ,,iv 4, °- — *«•
Til n i n
(HMO St'JO'C f ll ;
IWllllV VUlLtj VUi v
___ 0 !
II. N.. hcrt'hjr give m.tle* of mx liitrnlloB I»
I make Anal proof to »labilst »? claim I» tbe
g, IlU ,p, )V r d«k.-ni»a iwion. Register ami h«
! «?**?*• Ç 1 ï?ÏI u ^l , *!i 5S' S5
1 —
Herman A. Mondschein,
:: '*-• • ^v-1
v -
_ I
r ÿ4
> V A.<ȟ- jfij
' « «■#!
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Doe* AH Kiud* of Repairing
Office in the Pioneer Drug Store:
* * ™* * *•* •
Manufacturer, uf tbe Olebratwl
These ano<n are M>l.l by all the wholesale
tirucer* in t.'tah.
fend in y«mr orders.
Efl.|çks, C«ld«, tsf rear*. Brencf.1'1* :
1-v— Hv;oc»*h, Wha<<eis|f *B 8 n, Ci-, j
.'vffl Inreat, »Bh-l. *i«l m-r tlmm. . f o'
Thrsit Larson 1 CbMI.hrraem« f^-verO,, I
»tw.o/flcJe»»!«.»»«. U»«,M«,Bel"!. t-lt« ' 1
Thu che«
pest, »lie shortest «ml roost dlrerl I
te between the North, Hast and
W «*»t and th« |»oint* imtiKMl.
Carryng Mall, Fassenger» and Exprewi.
J Lfnive» lllnckfo«)t Dally at 8 a, m for th#» in** !
(/(St lllver Minus, Houston, challls. Iloimn/a !
i layton, ( lister t liy. Ætimsnrl liny Horse i
Punm>n^*T* are carrfcil In fir*» da»» wwdir»
Eatlnif HopMw ou th<* lino aro iin*urtii!*»pfl
^Iio are ready at al.
Ü 1 .™ if* f, î r "'"fr with full Information
J^k |ir ÿ , Hri , »wnp, mliin» and »urrotinilina
try. For further tnforiftntlon upnly to
FHKD VOQLSB. Afoot Atltlaokfool. Maho
; Jl, J. SEARS & C0,
Seed Merchants,
336 25 th St. Oyclei).
| All kinds of Grass, Field
Garden Seeds.
Catalogue Free
Applicnl jou. .
—_ x~*. __
L-z / L< ' f k C
vT? I^i Py 1 J v
* ^
; \\ . r Alvlv t\ 111
* Ul W.
** r»* *> I ,z Liz . /a »
t j4fi /4»Sl M. !•* I Itfll
Have ) U» t received a full line
ùkûntu t|C| kmn É5âfe _ r
bÄHUtR, ritlö Alü oRÂSS SE
' M *
Thfir itlustmteil S oritur IVtaléM»»»»»
• "
1*TUN? Liât w Uow ready, Kli
*.,*«. A „
lw one on application.
We allow of no CuUHietiUon
• »
I* the only line running
V™tlbul«l. Kl.s-tric I.ight.d
*** m n,-** ^ eu
( ( oum-tj Blurt» ami Omah*
Tl "' U rUl r ®*' lin K fw, ' ori '
U»- l'ullinan fflwpln* Car» rua
these line, t* putentMl,Rod ennot
'istsl hy any other Kailw.v Cotnp.
*».. t.,e K L* ^ .. «i >
T'_ J?. " ""W* ,
or further particiiar» a P['l>
iiearwtt eoujs.n ticket a(tcn», «
j No. 33 Stark 8t. Port I and, Of«,
: «wnspii«»»». No other disease sppro«
f n m Iu early R)mp
?" f.-.r' ,1
... ."»'«■■tac j««
'J' n relp '* * l
Hyrup has removed the grip fri
«nsnv a llmmt. I (taken In time
wil > „ pcnnaneot cure afld
worst stnces it will give stirprisi
; rcHcf. Try iU aoothin K *nd hc.H
v lrt. IK. not out it otf until (
! late Bchk^îon Agent
°" r « ,,,hIs * Im ' ve >y 1
We also deal in
Flour, Hay and Ora
Ballant'» Herrkvaad Sjrwg,
We guarantee luis to be the t
Cough Hynip manufactured la
whole wide world. This U saying
I great deal, bat it U true. For 0
«umptioo, Coughs, Cold», Sore fl u
j Sore Cheat, Fbeamoaia, Brom hi
Asthma, Croup, \\ booping Con
ami all disease* uf the Threat I
Lung» we positively guarantee I*
without any <»|Ual on the whole I
of the globe. In support of this »fa
meut we refer to every individual 1
I ha* ever used it, ami to every di
: gist who ho* ever »old It Such 1
dence is Indisputable.
I Sold by lie ble À Son.
The Chicago. Milwaukee it St
I llnilway is the only line running
Vestibular!, Electric Lighted
Steam Heated train* between Chi
Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minot*
The Chicago, Milwaukee A Si.
llallard'. llurpbouud Mjrop.
No »ingle diseiMe lm* played
havoc with th© human race »* C
I'nenmanla and BronrldtLrarrjf «ff <h
Third of (he Hiiinan Race.
It I» generally known that Foi
monin nnd Bronohitia carry off ol
third of the human raw?, but auch I
tiie facta, and what i» more »mp«
ing, Ixith of the above dine use* re*
from neglecting a common ordiol
Cold. A Cough should never he ni
lectori. If It 1», every time you
cold you cough harder, and It »tit
by you longer. Bullard'» Ilorehou
Syrup in the best remedy in the woi
for Fncutnonin, Bn.nchlti» md
Throat and Lung troubles. If J'
have any Throat trouble, call for H
lard'» Horchnund Syrup and take
other. Behle & Son Agent.
. U
s Mflflfl.fl* s >,s. I. b-lus wsJ. kf .tata
- (Jn.,Ssts,'lsW-fl M wwk <.'> "• K *'
ntvrh. hui
f nu way Miak* ••
•rerh y..Mq»»rhlr I»"«*
fill, day Hl Ihr «Mn, 2
«Nt. R«.(b nil aura ^ JüL* i
A*»i©vb a. yt'W r*W ruffitaftlfl Hi b*™* •
log all your Hm*v.MpHr* W" Bl * n ;YT|
i».* w.*v au i. ♦.**. »«'wKS
».«Ifiiuthlf *• «»^ »A.WJS
•vrriiMM*. KAftll.V. «••'►NiSHTS
F A Kill »".ALM
. w ;

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