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Entered at the postoflice at Blachfoot, Jdaho,
f or.^ran.inlb.loo a. geco nd cl«». matt inaner
Ohio w\U tpake a state couipaign
on national issues.
The, big crops,in the West and the
movement of Eastern money in this
direction to handle them, ought to
make money matte) s a little easier. It
will do .it.
Ij is not good horse sense to Iocr
the stables after the horse is stolen.
There is no use printing the acts of
our legislative body after they have
been repealed by the next following.
The^e is an old nantjcal maxim in
common use: rats leaves sinking hull.
Mr. Quay will resign the chairman
ship of the Repuhliyau National.Com
The Eastern press is busying itself
with a discussion of the question: was
Abraham Lincoln a politician? Iu the
menu tune Old Uncle Abe is resting
in the far away land where politics
never break in on the melody of the
songs that ate suug.
. i
The fight is on in Ohio The bat-j
tie is in an open field and no flank
movements. It is McKinley anq 3ic- j
Kinley bill against Campbell and tariff
yeform. It is an open, fair and square
issue. The results will show what the
Jt is fun by the ing full to sit in the
shade and note a political engagement.
Idaho politicians have this opportu
nity. They can watch the battles in
Iowa and Ohio, and learn, as they have
never learned, of the real science of
a political warfare.
Ex. President Cleveland is ex
pected to lend a helping hand to the
"democracy ot Ohio, also Goy. Hill,
Senator Pepper and Congressman
Simpson of Kansas. The Fanners Al
liance men are with the democrats in
this fight
One of the state officials alleged to
be connected with the Teachers' Bu
reau Association at Boise which has
been coining money out of the poor
teachers of the east may cot be in it,
but hip naipe rhymes with MeCuue
the njoyipg spirit of the Association.
people want in that state and the
country will so accept it
Reports say that a big number of
letters await the teachers' bureau man
agers in the Boise office but in the
absence of McCune and Squires they
are allowed to sleep. Just think of it!
Letters presumably with money and
no callers for them; so near and yet
so far.
Our republican friends of the coun
try indulge in a great deal of private
"lafture" because they believe the
democrats are playing on a discordant
fiddle in Qhio. If thev would learn
thejr own orchestra IS not exactly in
tone. Foraker, Sherman and McKin
ley ore not altogether in harmony in
the music they are making.
Some Tennessee convicts were put
to work in a mine in the eastern part
of that state; the miners rajsed a riot;
the governor called out the militia
and sent them down to restore peace;
the miners captured the militia and,
put them on a train and shipped them
home. The miners hold the fort but
trouble is anticipated.
A plank in Ohio democratic plat
form bears this inscription:
We demand the reinstatement of
the constitution standard of both gold
and silver, with the equal right of
each to free and unlimited coinage.
This is the ring of the pure metal
and written so plain that a man with
a cinder in his eye can read it. There
is no mistaking the position of the
Qhio democracy on the coinage ques
Onr little bÿrd and confidential ora
cle in all matters of the tender passion,
tells us that the little mischeivous god
Cupid js Ouyfy playing with the strings
about the heart of Idaho's bachelor
governor, and timjdiy ?dds that he
may succeed in pulling tjiis Excellency
close enough to one of feigning beau
ties of the capital city to ask her to
become the first lady of the st?te. ßu
pid is a Winner even against veteran
warriors wüeyevef he plants Ms tept
on a battle field.
.1 IL~, ■ w,
The Irrigation Congres
Lake pity,September 15th. u
s at Sait
gives prom
ise of being a great meeting. Fifteen
states will be represented. The citi
eens of Saif Lake City are awake to
Us importance and Will make érery
arrangement neppmjy 'so fa? as the
city jtseif is cqnoerped top its success.
. The subject of irrigation is becoming
one ot 'the live questions of to-day
aud the country of the West jyill have
its eye on the congress and be eager
to learn what may be said and what
paav be done
+_ ♦»♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦ .r
4* 4* 4» 4» *1*_4_4*_4
it Must Pay Well.
Sujlding stone quarried fora ready
market by convict labor at 50 cents
per day for each laborer, the state
paying board for such laborers, must
be as profitable as advertising for
school teachers in the east at salaries
ranging from $75 to $225 per month.
It is rumored and the rumor has
floated this far from the state capital |
that a number of convicts of our state
penitentiary is thus being worked in
a quarry either on the penitentiary
reservation or land now in contest.
The News is profoundly igporant of
any law that may have been passed
by the last legislature touching con
vict labor, and is therefore a subject
of "lafture" for those in position to
know, but it does know that the con
stitution says: All labor of convicts
confined in the state prison shall be
done within the prison grounds,except
where the work is done on public
works under the direct control of the
state. Is the honest laborer of to-day
to be brought in competition with the
convict laborer of the state? Is the
constitution to be violated and con
viets be marched in and out under
guards on outside works? Is rumor
aright in her statements? Let the
State Prison Commissioners speak;
we call upon them to denv these ru
mors. They come from under the very
shadow of the state capital and the
people ought to know whether they be
true or not.
One of Two Things.
If all reports about the McCune
School Association with headquarters
at Boise be true, or even half be true,
and if State Auditor Moody and State
Superintendent of schools Harroun be
connected with the same as is alleged
in the reports then these state offlicial
ought to step down and out of office
for the good of the state, not only for
the good name of the state at home
but for its good name abroad. If they,
are not connected with the association
and have never been then for their
own good name they should deny
matter has gone far enough. The News
SÄX L u e"t v
willing to give publicity to such re
ports, but this matter has become the
talk of the state, it has crossed the
boundary lines of the state, and it is
due the state that these officials make
. .
^onestly, c * af>e ^ represent it
1119 9 * te offic,al9 ' 0ne or the other of
a disclaimer of all connection with
the association if they can truthfully
these things must be done.
Since the above was written and in
type as well as what we say elsewhere
in to-dayç ÿEws about tlje matter,Hon.
Silas W. Moody, State Auditor has
published a card in the Boise States
man admitting his connection with
the Squires' educational bureau and
claims, so far as he coqld learn there
states that he has never recieved one
dollar from the enterprise and adds
that he and Supt. Harroun can
give detailed information of the facts
in the case. We are glad Mr. Moody
makes this statement bat it is to be
regretted that he and Mr. Harroun
were silent so long in a matter involv
ing their good name as state officials.
The Democracy of Ohio.
The News is frank to express its
belief that the democrats of Ohio are
the boldest men of their party to-day,
and in Governor Campbell they have
a leader whose courage and daring
have never been surpassed, save by
courage and daring of old Andrew
Jackson. In their convention last week
fhey took the most advanced grounds
known in the politics of any state in a
long time. If they win they prepare
tlje way for the greatest democratic
victory in 1892 known in the past fifty
years. If they lose, the curtain drops
and shuts them out from the light of
another victory for long veais to come
There were some divisions in their
state convention but there can be
none in the campaign. Every demo
crat with democratic instfnets will
fall into line. All petty faction« will
dwarf and fade away and the party
will be solidified from the Great Lakes
to the Ohio river. The issue is su
preme for or against democracy. They
must fight and win or lose in their
advanced position; from it there can
be no retreat, the bridges are burned
behind them. They have placed Ohio
in the leadership of the great West in
the movements that wou such glorious
| results for the party last November,
ministration of the affuirs of the gov
ernment, and further they declare
againt the ruinous extravagance of
t^e party in power as shown bv the
, billion congress of last winter. Ohio,
this race, has been made to stand
in favor of the interests of the great
West as against the northeast and the
influence of the great West must be
given her. ItisCampbeltfortbein
terests of the great West or McKinley
for the protected interests of the East.
Whioh it h*?
| ' _
They have boldly demanded for the
people all that the people demand for
themselves. In their platform they
demand taxation only for revenue and
not for protection; they demand free
and unlimited coinage of both gold
and silver and for a currency regula
ted by supply and demand! they de
mand a gradual income tax that will
force the great money kings to bear
their share of taxation for the support
of the general government and they
demand an honest and economic ad
Mr. Blaine is still at Bar Harbor,
• and daily bulletins are given the coun
; try: Mr. Blaine is better; Mr. Blaine is
j worse.
| Tt'ifVir rlrtllora rnwarrl
■ .f 11 V J 1011 " 1 " reward
Will be given by the UI1
_V\i /> , A „ _
derSlglied IOI tub reCO\ -
er y and retlim tO hilTl at
;, . TT
ulS nmCOO nCHF ilOWe
^postofflee, Bingham Co.,
Idaho, OI a Certain SDHIl
of mules that escaped,
the desert between Little
r , . . . ,.
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ohnnf 1 at nf Tnno laat
d00Ul 18101 ,1Une laho
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One is a bav and the
dart brown.
! OtllCJ a
ß 0 th branded On left
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| as4 L „ ppn tL pv W0ro ,' n
ldhl 80011 l J 10 J VV ere 111
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~ t n T>
»*• O* LvOOERS.
Full VUl
Une Of VA
i çà
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T _ 7 _
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. . .
A « alnst Fire w,th
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Clerk of Board County Coin .nlMiumm.
Cocstv Thbascrsiu Orriez l
Blackfoot. Idaho, July IStb, IÄT |
upon presentation with Interest thereon to
If presented within sixty d0j day. from
date of this notice. Interest will cease from
and after this date.
January 18th, IHM. Nua. 1 to T Inclusive.
h. w. culms,
County Treanurer.
Blackfoot, Idaho, Julr uth. 1HP1. i
Notice la hereby given that the following
make final proof In zupportof hi. claim '»nil
that nald pnx>f will b« made before the Kepi«
ter and Receiver at Black foot Idaho; on Hat
urday August 15th 1W1; vizKdwIn A. Johnson
2ft township 2 Mouth range :Î5 Vast and uTi u, .n
•ectlon 30 township » south rentre 38 ea.t.
He name* the following wltnease. to prove
hi. continuous reahlence upon and cultivation
SSaSsaSavSS« 5 «
PekkvJ. XitHM, Kcgl.tcr,
Notice For Publication.
Ladd Orriez at Blackvoot, Idaho. I
June rith. 1801 .I
Notice I. hereby riven that the following
named Mittler hu. Bled notice of hi. Intention
to maze final proof In nupport of hi. claim,
and that .aid proof will be made before the
Ileal.ter Hud Receiver, at Hlacnfoot, Idaho, on
Augu.t l.t. IHD1. viz : William M. McDaniel,.
D. L. K. No. 805. for the .wi. .notion 25, town
shlo No. 4 .011 th. ranitu 32 ea.t B. M.
He name, the followinr wltneiuie. to prove
name land hu. been property Irrigated and
reclaimed a. required ny law. vU :
John M. Herman, Hobt. I>. Herman, Jno. 8.
Watufin, H. II. fiarletz, all of Bingham county,
Idaho. Pckky J. Ambon HoglMter.
Desert Lends.-Notice of Intention to Miko
Lard Omen at Blackvoot, Idaho. I
Juno 25th, 1891. f
Notice I. hereby given that the fellowring
named Mittler ha. (lied notice of hi. Intention
to manu (Inal proof In .upport of hi. claim,
and that .aid proof will bo made before the
Kegl.ter and Receiver at Ulacafoot, Idaho, on
Augu.t »id, 18R1. viz:
John Montgomery
Junior, on Derort Entry No. SOI. for the
nw >4 of .ectlon 4 and lot 1 of .ectlon 6,
•thin 3 nouth. range 35 en.t, B. M.
He name, the following wltnes.o. to prove
.ante land ha. been properly Irrigated and
reclaimed a. required by law, viz :
Caaelua P. Smith, William G. Dmvldaon,
George W. Weeg., Henry C. Dtppel, all of
Blacafoot, Idaho.
1'r.KRT J. As.os, Hegt. tor.
Salt Me City.
Conducted by the
Sisters of the Holy Cross.
Tbp pour.© of find y |. thorough, embracing
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keeping taught. Languago. Drawing, and
Vocal l««40P8 |n cla.. Jielng Included In the
Kngll.h q.iiree form no extra charge. Young
ladle. wDijing to pupsuo the Higher Art or
Ihn Mu.lcul cciUfjc gr« afforded im-clal fuq||
Itlc. in eac||- VHP usual modification of term*
mode when morp than one of the name family
attend .cbool at the .ame time
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mitted to vielt their .l.ter. at the Academy
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v-l^* p FOW NIC* >l|T« j w j, O ATS LOQ UE, _

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