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The Idaho News.
vol. 5.
i\V,. -.4
Just as Th«y Come.
Attorney Kden ha» bis hank vault j
MfEvoy, the photographer, will la- 1
j, Black foul 1st day of November.
t train of 11 ears, double deck, of !
went oorth Tuesday morning i
gaudiers around Idaho Falls are j
dfluiitg potatoes iu *.lw Held at lu
itsU per hundred pounds. Oh. Hilly j
McKinley give us a market.
lie think» after
the ruad i» complete! I to the gold Ult
Hess be extended to Iloioe City on !
ttetanrings of the road - New* Miner
I A Anderson a rancher living 4
Of town preaciitnl
Tn Stw Om«, WmlmsMlay wiMitlve
puUUws. the »mailest weighing (hr.*
tad tbe l»rg.-«t four and a quarter
pw#.|. They sro on exhibition «i
m oflee and free tickets given to sec
Tb* cheapest place in the world
lull of gol—, no, of coal.
load of choice
Pippel has a car
«inter apple* cheaper than you can
He also has all the veg- j
Call i
raise them
gable*- utfervd in the markets.
on him.
We have beeu requested to an
losnc-e a Pie sociable at the parson
l«liV the ladies of the AI. E. Church J
yxt Tuesday evening, October 27lb,j
jo «ball the public is invited.
Mstul 8. i* no longer queen of th.
ftrf. Her leeord was loweretl Tues
&r »I Stockton, Ualifornia, by Suuol
ibowsde her mile iu 2 minutes and
icciimls, being one half secoud
nder Maud 8.
Mr Gilman estimates that a rail
rad bridge an»« Wood river would j
ratflO.OUO. which be think»
to be built tbU fall.
■tie* in nth ca»!
Hr* is Africa. Fur one cent
a day
tour person* can live on the fat of the
<hphut Steak, lion .-hop. or hippo I
joumin roast. And then the cloth
h#<b They «-an have their choice of
to* I» wi thiu and airy, v«ju know.
Airies is the holiest «*, untry on t|„. |
|We md yet no African was ever ■
. i
•rncki n down Ly »tut stroke.
• Mf»»r* C II Moon and Fre«l Trim
«aller« at ttir Vr!«'* ''"'i
O'* u* mailt item* ..f lm..r ', 1
with their «cert... r'n
•bid, Kill |„. ' , " ' ' !"!•'
j*' 4 .' dmt lately held an inquest «iver
'»rrmam* of H„i*rt Hay Hamilton.
« is aati»fl«ul, lieyond question, that
toft wen- the
wd that he
»wesme down fnim 8t Anton« »
Ttrad. y on liii.ine*.
I'wle Hants Ltiml I »Ulf«-.
«Oter matter*
«»mni«-ti«l with
and for
remains of Hamilton .
u , wa* seciilei.tnlly drowiust
•* 0A« hecn claimed |,y T, IK s
*®*»nd ngnin.
Hr*. Hnlhnmk had
***.'• of clonk «aies
two crowd«*)
this week. She
"Ptoywl « handsome st««-k, and the
•*» oppreeiiiting their opportunity :
w elrgiim Ht)( | fftsldomdile goods |
her st.ire ami Ihii-c away Inin.
«I** almost by t|„. wholesale.
«plat of cloaks, wraps, etc. for those
Wai * 11,8 , ** , »t ever se.ni in Hack
My Cof a toe» Wanted.
D* v " Bieth.
an will pay one dollar
potato left at III* stoic
«o this date and the loth do.
'•'»verni».,. TllK Nkwk , vi „ mi)k ;
•'WIm offer for the one left at it.
M,, w I. tb0 Mmp f
>r Nome po
Kf»wer U» get two dollar* for two
Tut \
*°y law * * 1 jtt.-rty- opposed to
to Interf^ 1 ' *'ighl» |
Tbe y«-, • n countv assessment*. |
Wit-h t ' is bad. and all
L. laWK 8ll '»'l«l lie repealed.
.l' r " h,H '°P , « of their rights.
?" "»«State board
(lc "P»tlo
11 Mould .\ot He So.
Such ,
arbitrary power.;
, ur powers, against wliluli
Mv||„ ° P * e 8rt! the poor
Wj? 0f or of legal action.
vj| Ue ' 0t ® a Stat « ^>«rd know of the
IfiUi ° ^ our property ns compared
* «'""».V as.«<-8ja>r aipl county
onromisdoner»? Nothing. Then why
should the matter be taken from them
aud placed iu the hands of a State
board. My brethren, these things
should uot l»e so, aud next year all
laws giving these rights to State
boards should be repealed quickly.
Dolph Johnson, Monday, sold his
liverv stable*, vehicles, horses hay, etc,
r j
K,.-„ «..nil, !
they hold their Go»uel meetings audj
tiv attractive programme* endeavor j
to increamr their numU-nt and enlisi
, ublk-seulimeuliu favorof their work
Tin ir entertainment«, aa a rule. are
very good, und they should have »
-full -Uen lance at every one Lest all
home work should appear to the pub
Re «a a little monotonous, Till News
«uggesU to these good ladies an ex- !
« h inge of programme*—Let the
Blsckfuot ladies go Ui Idaho Fall*.L
'»r b- »*•" ■ateilo, one ever «"« and en
lertain the people at those placer and !
•Sold Il U Li wry Stable*.
to Rotiert M. Shannon who has taken
P'*c*»ion und will ac.-ommodute the
l*«' 1 **» as fan be gotten at any livery
»table in the country.
public with as good tcutus, rig* anil
County Convention Of Homan'»
CkrUUan Temperance Union.
The County Convention of the W.
0. T. U. will convene at Hlackfi«it.
Idaho, November 4lh and 5th.
Union is earnestly requested to be
represented by a full delegation.
Lida M. McFukhson,
Corresponding Secretary.
An Exchange.
Blackf.ait, Idaho Falls and I*.K-a !
b-llo ladies are zealously at work in
the Temperance «nuise.
the next time let the belie* from thn*e
plan-* ««line und entertain u* ai
»l<« kfoot—Swop pulpiu as the rain
*'*« "• «..uld sav. Wc la-lieve tin
plan would net like a charm and ae-:
«"Bp'l-h great «^«*1
SliiTin ( . S Simlh ami wife wrete
. tf ,
soul riding 8utiinl«v ufterinKin «if la*t
wwk , Ue rtti | nM „,
north of town hi* buggy lits-aine un
i*Miph*l aud lie uud Mr«. Smith were
thrown to the ground. F«irtunatelv
" eilh, r ,,ne K, ri<w " ,| y ll,,rt Mr
h "'* r * " , " W f "''' 411 |
llw " f ,, "» c Wnr " an
lrM> w * k "' ' ml l *i mrl fmm j
„nd found that Iris lH t tt«-r half
i. nothing t«. tell of the accident. It
i* re|«irli«l that when he arose to In
tlm fon- wheel* <if the buggy he »nid;
relieved that
wa* unhurt, he was so
he became p « tie.il. aud as lie watch
hi* hor*e making graceful
curve* >
p, (ho «tfect« Mt running sp«'edwith
*Twiui r»vrr thn$ from chlltlhoNTd ii hour,
I'vp «um*« my fonilrat hupra »Ichm»)*,
My hitinry m vrr cauir uviOfi«i|ilrd
Hut whnt m.v vrcitiM run iiwnjr.

A I. title H! nek fool liny anil
IIU Cel Calf.
Last winter when allow covered the
face of tin- earth a* water* cover the
mighty deep, a little Rlackfoot box
wu* made proud owner of u little ealf.
They »««ni began to love one another,
and to talk for hours together— the
little boy in pel names and words of
kindness amt love, and the little calf
in answer» back of mute expre*»ions
nnd »ign* of reciprocal kindness ami
equal love. When the spring time
curne ami Ihe hill* began to look
green ami beautiful with grass ami
flowers, the little calf with a strange
herd was sent to the far-away hills on
the upper Blackfoot river. The little
boy wept. He feared that some evil
would befall <he poor little ealfy.
There would he no.me to love lier and
pet her. He feared that some mav
lerick hunier would lake her and drive
her away with a still stranger herd—
that some bail ugly range steer might
gore her witli his wide spreading
horns or that wild beasts of prey
might kill her ami devour her. For
weeks and weeks ho thought of hi*
little "Nellie" and of what might be
her cruel fate. Time rolled on, sum
mer came, the grass wilted in the hot
sun and lire dowers tiegau to fade;
then came mountain trusts and cattle
men begun to collect their beef cuttle
for market. In one of these herd.
the little boys calf was driven to town,
She mid grown to lie a good size iiei
fer. The little hoy and the calf met;
there was a mutual recognition. He
run to her and put an arm around her
neck and stroked her face lovingly
with his hand; stie gently rubbed her
head against his body and said in her
plain calf talk; "My little master
I ve not forgotten you, in my wander
ings iu strange herds and among
strangers of my kind: you've beer
kind to me; I love you and some day
will repuv you for all your kindness."
The two always *penk now as they j
P ll *s one another in the lots at home,
uud their love one for tire other la*
speaks wliut kind treatment will
bring about even though it tie not
from man U> man but from man to the
„ . . ... .
Register and Receiver,
Bi.AL-Kronr, l»«.o.
Gentlemen-—Referring to circular
of instruct ion» of May 5, 1891 relu
live U» application* for permission to
cut ti.nla.-r from public lauds I bave^'
ui advise vou that the question hju |*
arisen, in "correspondencewith parties
interested j„ auch application, and ou
this ..(lice, whether the granting of L '
auch a permit to cut timber as is con- ^
u-mpluted under Section 8 of the Act 1
of March 3. 1891, will have the effect
withdraw the land embraced in M
'such permit from settlement and
cutrv. !
lower animals.
lli-parlmeot OfTlie Inferior,
General laiml Office,
WashiugUin, U. f.
I have to direct that if such inquirv
,, ran de of you that you will advise
ibe parties making such inquiry that j
Hu-granting of a permit to cut liinber
in n„ way disposca of the title to the z
land* upon which such limiter grows
Il i» m -rely a privilege granted to
The title to the land remains in tfa
the United States and the Government •*
«nui ..nlv be diveste.1 thereof hv the
lawr.ll acis of the party making settle
. *«— > r
the party named Ihc-rciti to cut tin.
Iht undet the restraints and restric
lions iuqioscd by the Honorable S«-c- r:,
retaiy of the Interior by virtue of the
|a»wer conferred up«iu him in said,"»'»?
we! bin. I
, |lem)n (l| i mi>rovelIu . llt theMS}f
||m j ( , r HM(( ,, v v j rtue of ,, le var j OU8
laws relating to the dis|«>sal of the '
public lands and a full compliance ,
A permit to cut timber «loes not in
any sense withdraw the land eovcn-ii *'
u„. ri .|,y fr,,,,, settlement or entry by a
qualified party, and the interference j
by one holding such a permit with ,
the peaceful itossessinn and oc-cupa
tion of a «eitler who goes upon the ;
j the permit, will be deeraci sufficient !
Should such eases ! ,u
, |„. n . w ji [,
Ifttids subséquent to the issuance «>f I
! reason for the revocation of tlie priv- i
Hege granted him.
eome to your notice, promptly report
them to this office for such action ns
may. to the Honorable Seeretary, seem
| wi«e and proper. Respectfully,
T. H. Carter
Mr. A. \\ . M-ribner acting tax aud-,
itor of the Oregon Short Line nnd
Utali and Northern railway company,
in his argument before the state ItoRnl
. , „ ..
showed this comparison of tt«xes*paid
per mile by railroad» in different
The Other Side.
The readers of The News are fa
miliar with the action of the state I
bourd of equalization in reducing |
! railroad assessments, and they know
I «.f much that has been said by the
j public in condemnation of that, action.
j Today we give some facto from the
• railroad side; facts that were before
the Ixmrd and which, perhaps, influ
etloed some of the members in their
action. We do this because we want
to I»* fair and just, (we always try to :
be lair and just in till our statements)
to both sides.
.rates, tue most aoj uning iuaho.
III* rood paid iu Wyoming til 1.4.1
per mile; iu Utah $93.60; in Montan,
$94.23; in Oregon $118.90; in Wash
irigton $97.84 and in Idaho $I75.9<
In Kansas ail railroads were a
merits of freight and ticket auditor
tirât the business done by bis roar Is.
Idaho truffle, in one year amounted to
$357.079.24. Of this amount $106,
599.85 or 30 per cent of the whole
was. last year, paid for taxes for the
support of the State, county amt mu
nicipal Governments. These stat« - ;
meut* further showed that the gross
earnings of the Wots! River branch
for the year 1890 were 24,704.76 and j
the company paid taxes on that
brunch amounting to $14,571.39 or;
59 per cent of the entire earnings of j
the freight and passenger business, j
The statements further show by re- !
port of the Isiurd of directors that the
gross earnings of these two roads, the
Oregon Short line and Utah & North- j
, !
~ f,,r b *™ «f 23 Ç» :
ml,L an< * aftt " r "P 01 *" & etc tbt '
,,el ear " in K* tw have I »ecu $407 per ;
TLen * are ° lblîr 9,aU ' mu " t> j
6 " BrgVmP,,t wbi,h go U '
how from Mr Scribners standpoint
°* t «i'i*ensare tieing taxed
ou a '-tuation of 50 per cent of prop
' r, J' ll, e proposition is to tax
,a * r ^> 1 r '« l d at iu actual valuation of j
0 F* r t-eul an<1 eveD more - T,!E j
Newm 8 ives lb '' 8e fact8 an<1 fi * upea
M »bes *>th*-r side and let iu readers.,
careful1 -' ***** and bear ,n |
IUI, ' < *'
«eased in 1890 $5,745.72 per mil*
Iowa $5,319.00; Nebraska $5,188.22
Montana (Utah & Northern) $5,200.
Wyoming $6.300; Oregon $4,500 am
Idaho «6,500.
He also showed by certified state
gllEEP Camp - Near blackfoot,
lDA - 00115 -1 am an bu,nble ci,i -j
*' n Idaho and unfortunately a
*hcep man, but such being ray fate 1 j
mu8t ,,ot «•«nplat".
rea«l your valuable paper.
Will This He Answered!
tfa e enclosed dippings. Number one I
•* > our noti «« ,,f the Mon Una valua- j
ti,,n of r:t,lw:, . V8 - Numbers two and j
lllrpc «etual sales of Idaho and
I sometimes
You seem.
Mr. Edit.ir, to lie a great friend of the ;
Why not have j
r:, 'lway company,
«»»»■thing to say about us poor sheep !
Allow me to call your attention to
Montana sheep,
expressed a desire to see exact jus :
liws ,,one a,Uip **t all, will you please!
'*P lain through your valuable col
umiis why sheep are worth so much |
inort ' lbi,n railroads. Will you please 1
x 1 '1 :« in which is the nearest to actual
va,ue - !,t *2.50 per hea<l or rail- \
wav * at *'L 00 0 per mile?
"»t us sheep men down here been :
»all®*! branch sheep men? Will you j
pl'' a8 e birve our state equalizers
The same allument also j
'*Ppl»' 8 bi cattle and other classes of ;
Surely, Mr. Editor, it
,u * 1 1,11 ,H> R»®- can it?
made Idaho? The settlers who
Now as you have,
Why could j
P™» 'toi»?
,ro l ,l ' r U'
the land, sheep and cattle, the equali
zers, or the railway corporations?
The only tenable argument you can
offer on behalf of the equalizers is
that sheep and cattlemen do not al
ways give iu to the assessors anything
like actual numbers. Does not the
same thing apply to all the miles of
sidings and other property that your
pets the railroad companies do uot
Again in quoting the valuations of
Montana and Iowa as an example of
the righteous justice as applied by
our equalizers to railroad companies
why don't you explain to us poor fel
lows that the valuation of the suites
of Montana and Iowa are so large
that it is not necessary to value it at
anything like what Idaho must—also
does not our law say that any changes
must be done by counties and by fixed
percentage on each class of property?
And if sb, and the Union Pacific rail
r,lu< ' n branch, are not the sheep
v"' e,l , l,le °' or bpro Branch
Now, please, Mr. Editor hell) me out
OU this uud ybligr. Respectful I v .
Jj. yj Johnson.
TXT p nnll T7D11T CllOPICtl n AVI _
# ^ \jtAil-X. J vU1^9^/vvi(U urUtvli
tion to our line of Dress
i , ms , , •
-- - - ,
\_f , Il I 1 INI I | l\l VJT & (J \J m
N ew good Q
consisting: of
Pit Goods, latest styles, Notion s,
Underwear, Boots , Shoes , Clot hi ng, Blankets,
Hats, Rubber Goods, Etc.
Just received a full line of Dress Go ids, consisting of Suitings,
Bannockburn Plaids, Cashmeres, Flannels Etc., also Ladies ami
Children's Wool and Merino Underwear.
A full line of Millinery, newest styles and good goods, prices low
to suit every b aly. also just received a full line of Ladies and Chil
dren's Shoes, Hosiery, and indeed anything usually found in a La
dies Dry Goods Store, give me a call and be convinced.
Mrs. s. e. rioLPROOH«
- -.- -:
Make a mistake once, and bought a Cheap
Stove for the sole reason that it was cheaper
than some other stove. Now if vou conteni
plate buying a stove do not make the same
mistake again. Remember that I'm selling
the very best stoves on earth, both for cook
ing and heating.
A Car
ll Load
W Just re
f ceived
Is what I
want to
Show you
I can and will sell you stoves, (quality con
sidered) cheaper than any one in Idaho.
Five or even ten dollars is no consideration
when you are buying a stove, for the differ
ence in the fuel bill or poor baking for three
months will make the difference to you.
Garland Stoves e
are no experience in Blackfoot and Vicinity
but 50 people will speak well of them. If you
want to know who uses them I can give you
50 references in and around Blackfoot. But if
you must have a
I also have a few of them which I sell cheaper
than anyone. I also have a large stock of
Stove Boards, Coal Ilods, Pipe Elbows, Shov
els, Tinware, Hardware, Crockery, Lamps,
Woodenware, Etc. Please call and get prices
before purchasing elsewhere.
Yours Truly,
Blackfoot, Idaho,

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