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The Idaho News.
vol. 5.
NO. 22
Just »8 Th«y Com«.
The United states court, Boise
sion, will iwgt" n«Jrt week.
Nttua Rapp4 K.-eler bate opened
I|»w oltiee at Pocatello.
Jlr». 8. C Winter# ha» been visit
iB4 Salt Lake City the week pa»t.
An elegant lot of visiting card*
receivisl at The New» Office.
Tbs Bay Horse smelter is soon to
, -, , . .
.lose down for lack of coal.
Want to stll a pair of nt pork
*** Appl) • * w "
gensu,r ^houp g.*a to Boise CH>
lor a few day sa t ce u»
intern f»r tli
F P V. iu New \<»rk after next
Tstwisy may I* translate«! to rea«l
noser, first das. victory.
,, _ . . , .
The Court calawlar for Biughnui
. . „
namtv nextlerm will he a> wtiopper,
1 . . . .
ill of the ea»e# fresh and new.
Cspt. Dick CbaintieHuiu » high U«»t
kf, Y<«wg Glj»y. was token to the
(*1,0 race, this week
McKvy. the photographer, will be
is Blackball neat week. Note the
tort, " and get your picture struck."
BA Jentic is dosing out hi* !
dothiiig store at Idaho Falls to movo
Will DsuitwHi is now running a
fiprvM messenger between Butte City
ud Anaconda
C C Tautphus, of Idaho Falls, ha
takm s big canal and reservoir con
tract at Mountain Dome.
Hick* was coiTvct 1 lie storm came
The Boise City Suirunan i» t<•
Dr Hick* predicted stormy weather
for the 29ih »ml sure enough Dr.
hive a nr« editor, a genii» m n form
tfly rmmoi-trd with Salt Luke Times
omfiowiug with vegetables for win
Ti»e asylum furra lia» iu ivllar»
1er uses
Mr«. Senator 'Ibnup ha» résigné«! sa
Lsrly Manager «»f the World's Fair
Conaitsion from Idaho.
Mn II J O«horn is »pemling the
■»k in la.gan, Utah. Her visit is
awls to her son Robert who is attend
i»g the Agricultural College.
A Urge driimmei party wa* In
Blsckf.srt Wednesday. The party w»a
«* m»n * n weighed ab mi 15 j kt -
o \v U__., . 1« I 11
,OW ' 11 ' ,b * «"torr.fle.1 old
MiMouriap came «l«»wn frem his Lo t
fiver rauche last weak anil lomled up
» % freight team for Bay Honre
Tin Nkw* is tills day in reevipt of
* Hoe lot of wedding and (mil cards
for the
coining holiday sea*oti and
*r» }<>urs to coinmaud.
longrc»»mun Sweet left north Idaho
l*»t Saturday ; after spending two
*®ek» in Small Idaho he will
<o Washington City.
The worst misforlune Ibut has be
ftlluu the democratic party ihia year
**' A State election cauuul Ire held
I» Mail.
next Tuesday.
Attorney Reeves' family will move
lo Boise City about the middle of
11 ,
will retain ni> law
«Ore at Blackfoot.
Parties are at work mi thj Idaho
®*°*1 extension ou ihe
•°«l> of town.
U*« contract,
lb ■ register und receiver of the
Blackfoot land
lots at L
reservat iou
Ml. N. A. Just has
office are still selling
private sale in the towusite of
Tbe friends of James Briley
«* pleused
,0 S and has
to leurn that he is ituprov
a fair prospect of
One of the
passenger trains run
8 ®g b, tween Butte City and Pocatello
W| I, we understand, be discontinued
* l«r toe 5th of November.
Surveyor General Petit has ordered
* »Urvey of u large tract of country
F n 8 between Minidoka station and
A ®*rieun Fulls.
Mr *' 'Marshal Kirkp.itric.k will I, une
, m •'•'»day for a winter'» visit to
! ** P*K»UI home near White Sul
* bttr 8 l*lug», West Virginia,
T««"d*y you will hear "»um
l *" n •* will bt naHjiirity dem
ocraiic votes in j ()Wll) MaaaachusetU,
New Vork and maybe üiiio.
Beta, with the money up, are going
in Xew York $10,000 to $3,000 on 'o
Flower against Fasaett,. And in bile
Ileal language rnauy are called but few
* f ®
A school teacher up iu Idaho coun
UrJ on
That »proper. Nolhiug like tanning
. , ,
anti tbeu keeping the leather well all
greaatM |
lf u ^ ldBho
^ ,, f bauk ally localioll
tor ita World's Fair huildiug. Maybe
that had aom<*thing to do with Mr.
...... „ . ,
Kverylm.ly hear» all sort, of dusty ;
chestnuts about the weather like that
of Thurstlay, hut the old man who
, , .... . B
ventured the remark Dust is tuck
.... , 1 of
a rix, told it Just as it was.
T u* Bingham county uouvlct
lh „ ' ^ hU
N „ w £ w.Heu can get no
uf Tntt . Uu . wnv j cl wbu aU
|,j B traces and e*«-ape*l. 1
. > " ' ^Thlst^
. / .. . o s i t " v
["t: IT: t T"* :
hsatiou of the orphans Home in that
Our D. m«a ratic rooster that was
w I ».idly dellioralised st the last stale 1
,-| n .|i„n a« to stand on bis head, hit* !
recovered Ids equilibrium sod is un»
of fine plumage amt ready to do guo«l
P. >st mas ter Fred A. Stevens still j
continue* quite sic k with typhoid \
fever Ile i« al the home of his par
service crowing next week.
enla oo the rmii-he aud uuder the good
i u -mg care of hi» mother.
Mr. II Kirkpatrick. «>f West Vir
ginia, who ha» lieeii vUiting hi
brother* William and Marshall Kirk
patiiek all the anmmer aud fall will
r,-u,r " "• hi» home uexl week.
Captain DvL.mur ha* tcnilvred hi* ]
resignation as World's Fair Commi» -
Hv got the hon '
»ioner from Idaho.
or of the appointment and the Stale ;
didu't g.*l III« *100,000 magniflceni
We are not grieving aliout DeL t-1
mar's resignation. Binglmm county
can fill the place with a* g»*»d a in in
every way, If lie could Ih> iuducval to
accept. I>ut there comes the trouble,
C-.al Agent \ ».gier was notified by
•l'* ttomimny that he cannot g'.tt any j''
coal in Novetn'wr. But Frvai was a
■ I tl... .„muant" lie already-ha«l
heoil of ttie companv, lie already nwi
» N.ivcmlwr supply on hand,
Slate Land Commissioner F.-nn spent
Tuesday ill Hlackfoot He modestly
el duis to lie out «if |iolilica for next
year and wouldn't pick up a iiomiua
lion for office if it were rolling along
the pathway U-f.irc him.
The IL'ivr Lake Independent lias
pul oil republican regalia, ami hence
forth, sink «»r swim, survive or perish,
will support the principles of tile
G O.l*. Walter Huge holds the helm
that guides it
The County Convention of the
Woman'» Christian Temperance Union
convenes ill Blackfoot next Wednes
day. Let the home Union sue to it
that, the visiting ladies have a right
royal time while at the convention.
A Salt Lake City lady lias sued the
Tr y Steam Laundiy for *10,000, lie
it blew its wliiatle and made
her horse run away and throw lier
From this you see,
from her buggy,
it wont do to blow your whistle anj
than to wet your whistle.
A gentleman iu Poeutello presented
Mrs. T. J. Matthews with a gold
watch thin week,
and appreciation,
ihe kind of a friend to have, dont you
think so.
A token of e «t« em
Now, tliat's ju»t
Affairs at the L -mhi Indian Agency
lietween Agent and « mployes are ill
An Hi
unpleasant "tangleineiit.
diau Inspector will bo oall«*d on to
unravel the skein,
ntsiut this way with both sides:
another and you kuow It, tf you
The matter is
*uy so.
Blackfoot gave four citizens to the
Sound country in it» booming dav»;
Harry Bennett, Dudenbausen, Emer
«ou and Shannon. Emerson and
Shannon have drifted back eastward
'o Baker City, Oregon, but what fate
has tiefallcn Bennett and Dudy no
man knoweth even unto this day.
An Idaho county man has juat re
turned fiom North Dakota where he
■"*!'» " large shipment of horses. He
claims to have lost $13.00 per head
,, . , . r ,
all arouud. In a letter to a home
paper he begs his people never to
think of swopping Idaho for North
General Beauregard, Die hero of
Sumpter, has l>een indicted iu
South Dakota for violating the United
States Postal laws in Louisiana Lot
^ was great OD
. .... . , ,
the retreat in Confederate days, and
, , . ,
B I» safe to gueaa he will retreat out
, . T , .. , ,.
of the clutches of the law in this
T „ , . ... ....
^ youthful representative of Ihe
™ ^ "" flm
t,œ, ' UHt mtrk ' t,ut t * e f '' l1 8 " fe |
**'* um * , ' r l * ,e «»urteous chapens
nmg of United Slates Clerk A. 1'
Ridmnlw,,,. Mr Richardson is th.-1
v *' r - v ' ,,ul '>' cix iiity a.„l true polite
,,ew, ' ™ b "*~-™**
his attentions to the young represen- ^
uitive with pride and pleasing satis
faction. I
lf Governor Willey is hunting a
first class man for Woi.d'a Fair Com
missioner, Bingham county can name
llu , matl am , hu , ive# Black root
too. We dont know that the gov
j enmr will take a man from Bingham,
\ or that our man would acivpt. (he
Imau'l called many from Bingham the
drat year of his administration,) but
then the right kind of man is over
here all the same,
Following are the officers elected
by the Grand l^alge of Good Tern
plans, which met in Caldwell on the
21st inst. : G. C T.. C. W Werni«'ke,
Counsellor, I. S. Hicks,
] Slmamm«*;
- Caldwell; G. V. T., Miaa Delia Woath
' crinati. Albion; G. S., Percy Jones,
L. Pier
; BlaekLsil ;
<">n, Albion; Sii|>eriiitcii«lent Juvenile
Temple*. Mrs. Ph«i»t*e Jones. Caldwell;
*'• Murphy, Moscow.
G. T.. W.
Captain Jim. the Shoshone Chief. ;
■» mingling with friends in Boise
City, and pliitoshoper Laxy Joe ha*
retired to the mountains where lie
.««not lie Interviewed on the *..l.i«-t
' tntervi w,,l «>n the su je« t
j'' f pti** flghitng In the penitentiary.
*'« " •"*' » tolker and he feel*
that he has lieen called on for an ex
pression on «täte affairs too often of
late, and it would lie better to retire
lo the mountain fastnesses until the
rcjsirt of the State Board of prisons
is made public, if it ever is. Joe >»
posting himself for the next campaign,
Boise City gossip will have it that
His Excellency G ivernir Willey is|
soon to lead a charming young lady i
to Hv men's altar; our little bird up
' .
to «Into, is silent in tue matter, but
if it should prove true, the governor
cun place his order for the cards with
ns, with the confidence that he will
get something that his friends will
Ik> proud to keep as souvenirs of
Idaho's bachelor governor's nuptials, j
Do you hear that, governor? Weil
remember it
State Senator DcLnmar is not ns
firm ns the everlasting hills and oa k
ribiaal mountains in the stands lie
takes. He inflated Idaho like a lint
bam with expectations of the great
things he would «lo ns World Fair
Commissioner. The people clapped
their hands with Joy, and the press
vulgarly inclined shouteti: Bully for
DcLnmar, when his promises were
made public. Now he steps down
from the pedestal and says in sulv
stance to Governor Willey: Farewell,
old fellow, he good to yourself, and
he is gone. There is a pretty straight
story that thle Is noi the fiist time!
the state senator has disappointed
exiieetations when his promises
reconted ngainst him. However, the
World's F»ir matters will move right
along just as if the senator had never
crossed the ocean, and was watching
a wiud mill in Holland.
v . . ...
Never too old to marry,
. ■ . . ~
couple iu Atlanta,Georgia, are arrang
tag «° mnny. The ceremony is to be
atlen ded with pomp and pageantry.
The greom is 124 years old and the
bride 74. He is a widower and has
a living son over 80 years old. The!
old man has the documents to show
llmt he w „ Uirn iD fu| eigh< North]
C *ro,ina in 1767. He has his wsr
^ mnough e u, of the
, 8]2 . He is in good health and says
j, e j„ wuc ii j„ j ove with the blushing
l)ride tLougb her blusheB exUfmi over
the furrows of many summers and
wiuteis plowing. Now if anv Idaho
parties are on the briuk of despair
over lost opportunities they can take
heart and console themselves:
Bingham County Republican'»
Little Confidential Whisper»
John Anderson, my Jo John,
When Thbv in oflloe went
We oounted them good men, John,
But now, not worth a oent.
The school bureau, you know, John,
First started the ball to go.
Then «atme that stinking Pen affair,
John Anderson, my Jo.
The neat we hear of them. John
Was tb' board to "equalise,"
And what they did there, John
Would make you bat your eyes.
They lowered the ooroorations. John
Some fifteen hundred or more
And ballooned the poor ranchers up
John Anderson, my Jo.
But now, let me tell you, John,
In a confidential way.
We cannot stand such disgraces. John,
Not another single day.
Our party must account. John,
For what the officials do.
And were a reck'ning called for, John
We'd be 'konflumuxed" black and blue.
And all of which Is so,
John Anderson, my Jo.
An old
long as the light holds out to burn,
a goldeu opportunity may yet return.
Ladies trimmed hats, the model of
fashion both in stvie and colorât
Mrs. Barnhart's.
Bingham County Teacher»' Con
vention at Blackfoot Nov. 23,1891,
Rate of one and one-fifth 'fare on
the certificate plan, certificates to lie
uigned by Fred S. Stevens, superin
tendent of school* of Bingham county.
Ticket* «*n sale Nov. 22d and 23d.
Good going date of sale. Good re
turning until Nov. 30tb.
11. M. Miller,
The o'd'plantation darkey tells of
the approach of Christmas by the
seven slurs. He says the seven stars
«* »t day-break three weeks to
C||r|>taafc '
" h»t. Bla. kf.wt contemplating
for Thanksgiving, and for the teaeb
, era entertain menu Let us make
merry and have a good time.
The State Land commissioner will
lie puzzled to find suitable lands
] to cover all the appropriations for the
different institutions in Idaho. We
'don't believe he can do it.
Two school sections of Idaho lands
will bring big prices when put on the
i market, namely: The one partly in
«»rporato limits of Boise City
ami the other m the limits of Mos
relief it affords. 60 cent bottles for i
Billy by W. H. {Jclilo & ijuu Pruggisù.
For the latest styles in dress pat
terns call at the ladies emporium at
Mrs. Barnhart's.
With each succeeding day comes
an increased demand for lietter ser
vice on Ihe railways of our country.
Tlie Union Facile und Missouri Pacific
railways to the front ns usual, have
lasen leading in these lines of im
provement, for some time and run
ning Through Pullman Sleepers be
tween Salt Lake City and SL Louis
via Denver.
If you are in need of any millinery
ilt lh \, | at e, t designs call at Mrs.
Barnhart's as she deals only in first
t .lass goods. Prices low as the lowest,
Wurth} of a Trial.
lf you are troubled with rheuma
tism or u lame hack, bind on over the
seat of pain a piece of flannel damp
ened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Yon will lie surprised at the prompt
N ew good
consisting of
Dry Goods, latest styles, Notions,
Underwear, Boots, Shoes, Cloth i ng, Blankets,
Hats, Rubber Goods, Etc.
We call your special atten
tion to our line of Dress
Qoods and Clothing,
Just received a full line of Dress Goods, consisting of Suitings.
Bannockburn Plaids, Cashmeres, Flannels Etc., also Ladies and
Children's Wool and Merino Underwear.
A full line of Millinery, newest styles and good goods, prices low
to suit everyb idy, also just received a full lioe of Ladies and "hil
dreu's Shoes. Hosiery, and indeed anything usually found in a La
dies Dry Goods Store, give me a call and be convinced.
Mrs. s. e. Molproor.
4 *
Make a mistake once, and bought a Cheap
Stove for the sole reason that it was cheaper
than some other stove. Now if you contem
plate buying a stove do not make the same
mistake again. Remember that I'm selling
the very best stoves on earth, both for cook
ing and heating.
Is what I
A Car
f Just re
want to i
Show you
I can and will sell you stoves, (quality con
sidered) cheaper than any one in Idaho.
Five or even ten dollars is no consideration
when you are buying a stove, for the differ
ence in the fuel bill or poor baking for three
months will make the difference to you.
Garland Stoves
are no experience in Blackfoot and Vicinity
but 50 people will speak well of them. If you
want to know who uses them I can give you
50 references in and around Blackfoot But if
you must have a
I also have a few of them which I sell cheaper
than anyone. I also have a large stock of
Stove Boards, Coal Hods, Pipe Elbows, Shov
els, Tinware, Hardware, Crockery, Lamps,
Woodenware, Etc. Please call and get prices
before purchasing elsewhere.
Yours Truly,
i q-)i _ .1 p _ i T »-» V»
JjlffCKIOOX, luffHOi

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