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the NMo or Senator W. ».
Borah dbkvered at Meridian
a Saturday night proves what the
• racorda of the Chicago oaUonal
• convention show:
• "In my opinion, 7» delegatee
• were seated In that convention
• which any fair tribunal would
• have given to Colonel Roose
• volt. And, In my-Optnlm. there
• were 68 of these 78 that no
• honest tribunal could have de
• nled Colonel Roosevelt.
• "I think that the state of
• Washington was absolutely dis
• franchised, and that the dele*
e gates seatsd were no more en* .
a titled to seats In that conven
• tlon than ths people who sit
• here before me.
• "Tou may attribute It to the
• system or to what you will:
that Is ror you to determine.
• but I am prepared with tbe rec*
• ords, as I have brought them
• with me from Washington, and
,W there were iS delegates seated
■ • In that convention who abso
• lutely had no right to seats
• there, and they controlled the
• nomination In that convention.''
The fact that 58 delegates seated In
the Chicago national convention did
not belong to President William How
ard TaCt. and that those 58 delegates
held the balance of power, the margin
being so narrow and the contest so
dose, to name the successful nominee,
was dearly shown by Senator William
H. Borah In hla address at Meridian
; Saturday night. These delegates were
. seated by the Republican national
committee, dominated by the support
ers and lieutenants of President Taft
and over the protest of those members
of the committee 'who, after fairly
■considering the evidence In the con
tests, knew the delegates belonged to
Colonel Roosevelt.
Senator Borah made the frank ex
planation as to the Chicago conven
1 tlon In answer to a query as to wheth
1 er or not In his opinion President Taft
was honestly and honorably nominated
In Chicago. As taken from the re
port of the stenographer who took
down the address, the reference made
by Senator Borah to the Chicago con
vention In answer to the question Is
as follows:
Southern Contests.
"Now, for the answer to this ques
tion. As you know, I was on the na
tional committee. The national cqm
mlttee met some three or four weeks
prior to the Chicago convention for
the purpose of determining upon a
temporary roll, that Is, the roll of
delegates who make up the organiza
tion of the convention. After the con
vention Is organized they appoint a
committee on credentials who pass
upon the credentials of the delegates.
"In the first place, those who usually
git In the convention is determined by
the national committee, and that com
mittee la composed of one man front
each state, and also a member from
The District of Columbia, Hawaii and
Porto Rico and Alaska. Wo met at
.Chicago about three weeks before the
.convention and began the Investiga
tion of these contests. Thera are al
ways a number of contests on both
aides, so ws met early. 8o far as the
contents of the south are concerned,
with all due respect to the south, I
could never get very much Interested
In a contest from the south, because 1
am bound to say that after having ex
amtned pretty thoroughly Into the
matter 1 have come to the conclusion
that there Is no Republican party In
tbe south. There ere a few federal of
fleers, of course, down there, but they
sure nothing like the high-grade fed
eral officers we have heje In the
qorth. (Laughter end applause.) But
found out, time after time, that
|e colonel or a postmaster met and
nted the delegates from the die
trict, à\ had Issued the certificates to
in ths convention.
"Thai tfrtfrue with reference to both
1 aides and «U rides In that country, ao
I paid but little attention to It. Out
side of two at three contests, there ts
no man living! who knows who were
entitled to seahi In the convention, eo
tt Is |ust as fay to count them for
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MMrw, Wh«m most of Ont NUM
administration. (Daughter.) Naturally
they would act In that Way, and they
would honestly act in that Way -with
out being qenscldue of any wryng do
ing; but when we came to the north. It
was a different question, and there
were some of the delegations making
for seats, and these contests were
thoroughly discusssd and examined
and the facts were fully known, or.
could be known by anyone who want
ed to know. For Instance, the state
Washington, tho two from Califor
nia. Arisons and Tessa, and I want to
say, In passing, that Tcsaa occupies a
different position from the • other
southern sûtes, beoauee they have
sutute law. aim they had a large Re
publican vote. All these matters I U
vestlgated as hegt I could.
Fr a udu l e nt Delegates Mad Central.
"I voted fe embout 100 delegates who
were included In the seaU for Colonel
Roosevelt; and I hate no doubt what
ever ae to their being entitled to seats
In that oonventlon. I don't knotr who
were responsible for tho contesta, sad
don't care; sad while I was an ad
vocate of thé nomination of colonel
Roeoevelt, I voted for none of hie del
egatee except when I was positive
they were entitled to their neat. (Ap
plause.) And In that meeting I voted
to seat tho Taft delegatee whenever
they were entitled to them, and we did
the best we could to find the facts and
determine how those seats should be
"Now, In my opinion, 78 delegates
were seated In that convention whlcb
any fair tribunal would have given to
Colonel Roosevelt (Applause.) And.
In ay opinion, there were 51 of those
78 that no honest tribunal could have
denied to Colonel Roosevelt. I think
that the sute of Washington waa ab
solutely disfranchised, and that the
delegatee seated were no more entitled
to aeaU In that convention than tho
people who elt here before me. ' Tou
assy attribute It to the system or to
what you will; that la for you to de
termine, but I am prepared with the
recorda, as I have brought them with
me from Washington, and there were
58 sested In that convention who ab
solutely had no right to seats there,
and they controlled tbe nomination In
that convention. (Applause.) It Is
aa unpleasant matter to discuss, and
hope the question will not be asked
again in this campaign. Has It been
answered satisfactorily?"
'Tes, that Is all right," answer of
party who asked question.
Dentist, Dr. Carpenter, Idaho bldg, tf
Fatal Injuries, received when she was
thrown from a street car at Eighth and
Alturas streets last month, resulted In
the death of Mrs Annie Mitchell last
The family claims that she was get
ting off of the car and that the motion
and jar threw her off to the street,
broke her ankle, end gave her such In
ternal Injuries that she has been con
fined to bar bed ever eines. The acci
dent Is said to have happened on Aug.
27. She never recovered from the ef
tecta of the shock. It Is said, and has
been under the care of a physician
since that time.
Mrs. Mitchell was the wife of Luther
Mitchell, formerly of Boise but now a
merchant of Not us. She was the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. RudeslU
of Star and was well known In Boise.
She was but 28 years of age and had
been staying since the accident at the
home of Mr.' Mitchell's parents, 1702
North Seventh street.
Besides her husband she leaves a son,
Edward, six years old. Ths funeral will
be held from the undertaking parlors of
Schreiber A Sldenfadden tomorrow af
ternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Wright of
the Congregational church officiating.
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CaaMtopy on the label. This to the
>M reliable. Any other so
meant to'
with oontempt.
Gubernatorial Candidate
Says He Will Support Be
publican Ticket From Top
to Bottom.
John M. Heines Republican nominee
for governor of Idaho, Is a Taft pro
gressive. He says he to and therefore,
he must be. At any rate be will vote
for Taft and declares that he (Haines)
is progressive. In which respect he Is in
full harmony with Taft who also says
he Is a progressive and with Heybum
who declares likewise, that he Is a pro
Mr. Haines very reluctantly declared
his position to the Capital News this
morning. It waa only after rigid ques
tioning and after several refusals to
answer that finally a square answer
waa made declaring bis Intention to
vote for Taft for president.
He bitterly condemned bolters as
party wreckers and refused to state
whether or not he Indorsed the theft of
the nomination by Taft except to de
clare that he would vote tor him but
would not campaign the state for him.
All effort et securing an expression
from the gubernatorial nominee of the
Republicans as to his opinion of the
declarations of Senator Borah In his
Meridian speech that Taft's nomination
had been secured by fraud was of no
avail, but Indirectly he condemned
Senator Borah's utterances by leaving
the Inference that the senator should be
classed as a bolter and a party wrecker.
He stated, however, that he Intended
to work for the election of the Repub
lican county tickets which would In
clude, for the most part. It la assumed,
a legislative ticket which would vote
for the return of Borah to the United
States senate.
Mr. Haines, at ths beginning of the
interview, showed his displeasure with
the Capital News and tried to base his
declination to answer the questions put
to him on the fact that the Capital
Newa to not supporting him In the cam
paign. He charged that any Interview
that this paper might publish would be
unfavorable" to him. Offer was raa'de
to permit him to submit his answers In
writing so that a record might be kept
If he feared they would' not be fairly
reported. He did not offer to accept
this method, but still declined
answer questions except by hedging
and evasion. It was not until he was
asked where he would hesitate to say
whether or not he to a Republican, that
a direct answer could be secured. Hav
ing answered that It became difficult
for him to decline the other questions
that followed which drew from him the
reluctant declaration that he is a Taft
Interview With Mr. Haines.
The Interview with Mr. Haines, to
gether with the questions and his
answers, was as follows:
Q. Do you Intend to support Mr.
Taft for president?
A. Why?
Q. It to a. matter of general Interest
to the people at this time and we should
like to know.
A. I don't know that I should be ex
pected to aay anything to your paper.
Tou have notified me editorially that
you do net Intend to support me and I
presume anything you would say would
not be friendly to me.
Q. It to not a question of whether we
are friendly or unfriendly. Whatever
you have to any will be accurately re
ported Just as you say It; you may re
duce your answers to writing. If you
wish. Tou should ho nblo to answer
the simple question whether you are
supporting Taft for president or not
No answer.
Q. Tou have no beeltapcy, I suppose.
In stating that you are a Republican?
A. Tea, sir, I am a Republican.
Q. Are you supporting the entire
Republican ticket?
Does that include the presiden
tlal electors on that ticket?
A. I,Intend to vote for every candi
date on the ticket from presidential
electors down and I hope every other
candidate on the ticket will do likewise.
Q. Did you hear Senator Borah's
speech at Meridian"Saturday night?
A. No.
Q. Did you read It as reported in
the papers?
A. I read a part of It.
Q. Did you read that part of It
where he was quoted as saying that
Taft was not honestly nominated at
Chicago; that at least 52 votes were
given to him which would not have
been given to him by any fair minded
and honest jury?
A. Tes, I read that.
Q. Do you Indorse tho method and
manner of Taft's nomination?
A. Now, I dtfti't see what I have to
say in that regard is any matter of
your concern.
Q. We would like to know whether
yen hold the same views In this regard
that Senator Borah holds.
A. I Intend to vote for the presi
dential electors and all the rest of the
ticket, but I don't Intend to aak.you or
anyone alee who thiqr are going to sup.
port. I am no bolter and have no use
for bolters and party wreckérs. I am
a Republican and 1 Intend to stand for
tho Republican candidates and to vote
for Taft.
Q. Let us understar d your position.
Do I understand you tc mean that in
making your campaign you will cam
paign for .yourself and not ask anyone
to support Taft or any other candidate?
A. In my humble way I shall cam
paign for myself and the entire state
ticket and county tickets, but I want you
to understand that t am just as much
of a progressiva as you are or as any
one else, but lam not a bolter nor i
party wrecker and propose to support
my party ticket and to fight these
things out within party lines.
Roosevelt Has Strong Lead
Among the Railroad Men
of State.
A poll of railroad vqters In Illinois,
taken by Independent poll takers, shows
Taft a poor fourth In the presidential
race among those laboring men. Roose
velt heads the list, with Wllsoe second
and Debs third and Taft fourth. The
election of Roosevelt Is predicted by
Mr. McCormick.
The result of this poll comes te Pro
gressive state headquarters from Me
dill McCormick, vice chairman of the
Progressive national committee at Chi
cago headquarters In a telegram which
to aa follows: ,
"Chicago, 111., Sept. 16, 1912.
"J. H. Gipson,
"Boise, Idaho.
"The first returns of .the poll of the
railroad men In minois and the con
tlguous states, have come In. They
are as follows: Roosevelt, 163; Wil
son, 67; Debs, 49; Taft. 48.
'Based on our experience In the pri
mary campaign this poll to an accurate
forecast of the attitude of labor to
wards the several candidates. The poll
was so taken that those who partici
pated therein were subjeet to no in
fluence and did not know the party
affillatlone of those who took the poll.
The evidence to Indisputable that the
big reactionaries and rich beneficiaries
of special privilege «re all openly or
covertly leaving Taft for Wilson In
order to beat Roosevelt.
"Our organisation Is now complete
throughout the country and I can say
to you that conservatively estimating
all obstacles In 'our way, all the evi
dence indicates that there will bo n
popular landslide this fall and that
Roosevelt and Johnson will bo elected
"Vice Chairman."
Indiana In Una.
The following message has also been
received from Notional Committeeman
B. M. Lee of Indiana.
Indianapolis News whose editors were
"Am'' tvfry
of Indiaiig'a 82 counties,
"Canaraastonal' Tiugiseeks candi
hotro Mreedybaeo
ltd In av#y congres
sional district. Already In 8« counties
complete county tickets havt been nom
inated for the Progressive ranee end
counties have the matter under con
sideration only II have beeh refused to
nominate county tickets. We will In
upon these 18 counties having Pro
gressive county tickets."
(Continued from First Paare.»
county grand Jury several months ago,
although the state police made
preparations to arrest him when It was
announced that he would tome Into the
state yesterday, no Interference with the
mass meeting was attempted. Haywood
held a reception on the cotnmon, dellv
ered hie speech and then hurried away
through the crowd to one of the com
mon exits where officers of the state po
lice met him and took him ln an auto
mobile to the police station.
He waa ordered to appear before the
superior criminal court of Essex county
Lawrence today.
Ball was furnished by Attorney Fred
Moore of Los Angeles, i hn has been
engaged to defeat Ettor, Glovannlttl
and Caruso.
Among those to attend the protest
meeting In the common were 2000 mill
operatives who were on strike In Law
rence last winter, and who come to Bos
ton In three special traîna
More Diets Trials Coming.
Eau Claire, WIs., Sept 16. — The
term of court which opened here to
day promises to be made notable by
the trial of the wife and three children
of John Dietz, whose defense of Cam
eron dam and Its tragic outcome at
tracted wide attention two years ago.
Mrs. Diets and her three children are
under indictment for assault with In
tent to kill, the charge growing out of
the shooting of a deputy when a force
attempted to arrest Dietz.
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W. V. Regan.......Asst. Cashlsr
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