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EXTRA!——Morning Edition—EXTRA!
To the People on the
Classified Page.
Probably fair tonight
and Wednesday.
No. 112
Carried at Least 32 States, with 354
Votes in the Electoral College
Congress is Democratic
New York, Nov. 6.—Woodrow Wilson, Democrat,
swept the country yesterday. Returns early today
showed that the predictions that the Democratic party
would be put in control in the nation were well founded.
A popular as well as an electoral plurality was insured
for Wilson by a united party in every state of the union.
He carried 32 states with a total vote in the electoral col
lege of 354 out of 531 votes.
He carried his own state of New Jersey. He wrested
from President Taft his native state of Ohio, and from
Colonel Roosevelt his home commonwealth of New York.
Not alone that, but for the first time since the organi
zation of the Republican party, a Democratic candidate
will get the electoral vote of Maine.
Wilson goes into office with a heavy Democratic con
gress behind him and assurances that the next senate will
be made up of men of his party faith. He will be able to
force through the measures to which he is pledged.
Wilson carried with him to victory Democratic sena
tors and congi'essmen everywhere. He carried through
enough members of legislatures to insure the retirement
of Senator Briggs to private life and the elevation to the
senate of former Congressman William Hughes, in whose
behalf Wilson stumped the state during the last few days.
Wilson carried the following states, all of which were
carried by Bryan four years ago: Alabama, Kentucky,
Nebraska, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada,
Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas,
Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Virginia.
In addition he took from Mr. Taft the following states
which the president carried four years ago: Connecticut,
Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New
Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia
and Wisconsin. He also carried Arizona and New Mexico,
territories four years ago. He was leading in and it was
claimed had carried Iowa and California.
New York, Nov. 6.—Based on returns
available at 8:25 p. m. the Indications
were that Wilson's plurality In greater
New York will be 117,390. Wilson car
ried every borough In the greater city.
The estimated plurality Is: Manhattan
and the Bronx 70,00n, Kings 30,000,
Queens 7500, Richmond 5500.
New York, Nov. 5.—The Brooklyn
Eagle (Independent) says that Wilson,
according to returns available at 6: C5
p. m. will have a plurality In Manhat
tan and the Bronx of 126,588.
New York, Nov. 5.—The New York
Times (Independent) at 7:07 p. m.
flashed the election of Governor Wil
New York, Nov. 5.—Three hundred
and eighty election districts in Man
hattan and the Bronx give Taft 23,592,
Wilson 65,375, Roosevelt 32,207.
New York, Nov. 5.—Republicans es
tlmate that Wilson will have a plu
rality of 75,000 In New York and it was
stated that the figures then available
indicated that Roosevelt would lead
Taft In the greater city by about 30,
000 .
New York, Nov. 5.—McCombs a
6:45 p. m. said: "I have received tele
grams from doubtful states which as
sure me that there are no doubtful
states. The Roosevelt landslide fail
ed to materialize."
Utica, N. Y., Nov. 6.—Complete re
turns in Utica give Taft 5002, Wilson
5483, Roosevelt 3199.
New York, Nov. 6.—William Barnes,
Jr., chairman of the Republican state
committee, at 6:45 conceded that Wil
son has carried New York state.

New York, Nov. 5.—The Brooklyn
Eagle at 6:45 p. m. said that indica
tions were that Wilson would have a
plurality In Manhattan and the Bronx
of 76,000 and that Roosevelt would be
second, leading Taft by 3696.
New York, Nov. 5.—Two hundred
and twenty election districts out of
924 give Taft 13,302, Wilson 37,673
Roosevelt 17,784.
New York, Nov. 5.—At 6:40 p. m
returns Indicated that Wilson had
swept New York state and that his
plurality will exceed 100,000.
New York, Nov. E.—Mrs. William H.
Taft, with a party, received the re
turns ln an apartment on ths eleventh
floor of the Hotel Manhattan. Theo
dore Roosevelt, Jr., with his party, re
ceived the returns on the thirteenth
floor of the same hotel.
New York, Nov. 5.—Governor Wilson
carried Georgia by a majority greater
than that received by any presiden
tial candidate since the civil war, ac
cording to a telegram received at na
tional Democratic headquarters tonight
from the Atlanta Journal.
New York, Nov. 6.—Three hundred
election dl-trlcts ln Kings county give
Taft 24,270, Wilson 52,106, Roosevelt
New York, Nov. 5.—Four hundred
and seventy districts ln Manhattan
and the Bronx give Taft 30,630, Wilson
82,811. Roosevelt 43,143.
New' York, Nov. 5.—The Evening
Mail (Pro-Roosevelt) concedes New
York state to Wilson but claims that
Roosevelt is ln second place.
New York, Nov. 5.—George W. Per
kiss, Progressive manager claimed at
8 p. m. that his returns Indicated that
Roosevelt carried Georgia and Ten
nessee and was leading ln Illinois. He
gave no figures.
New York, Nov. 5.—Thirteen hun
dred of the 1730 election districts 1
greater New York give Taft 114.075,
■ >
Born at Stanton, Virginia ............................................
Graduated from Princeton College...............-....................
Graduated from the law department of the University of Virginia.....
Practiced law at Atlanta............................................
Married Helen Louise,Axson of Savannah ...................4.......
Became professor of political ecenomy at Bryn Mawr college.........
Became professor of political economy at Wesleyan university.........
Became professor of jurisprudence and politics at Princeton........
Became president of Princeton university ............................
Elected governor of New Jersey on the Democratic ticket ......._____
Received Democratic nomination for president of tlie .United States. .
Author of numerous works on political economy and American history.
• Dec. 28, 1856 •
.......... 1879 •
........ 1882 •
......... 1883 •
......... 1885 •
......... 1885 •
.......... 1888 •
......... 1890 •
......... 1902 •
......... 1911 •
......... 1912 •
Wilson 230,739, Roosevelt 135,187. Thlsi
indlcates a Wilson plurality ln the
greater city of 127,000. j
— I
New York, Nov. 5—National Chairman j
McCombs, at Democratic headquar
ters, conceded at 8:10 p. m. that Roose
velt had probably carried Illinois.
Rochester, N. Y„ Nov. 5.—Fifty-four
districts of 96 ln this city give Wilson
7282, Taft 6967, Roosevelt 5760.
Rome, N. Y., Nov. 5.—The city of
Rome, complete, gives for governor,
Sulzer, Democrat, 1618; Hedges, Re
publican, 1392; Straus, Progressive,
Syracuse, N. Y„ Nov. 5.—For the
first time ln its history, Syracuse, a
"Gibraltar of Republicanism," has gone
Democratic. Wilson has carried the i
city by more than 1000 plurality.
Buffulo, N. Y., «Nov. 5.—Revised re
turns from Buffalo complete give Wil
son 26,210; Roosevelt, 20,763; Taft, 14,
433. Wilson's plurality, 5,447. In 1908
Buffalo complete gave Taft 40,202;
Bryan, 36,032.
New York, Nov. 6.—Returns from 17
of 3093 districts in New York state
outside of this city: Taft, 2626; Wil
son, 2792; Roosevelt, 1490. Utica, com
plete: Wilson, 2380; Taft, 4851; Roose
velt 3205.
New York, Nov. 6.—National Demo
cratic Chairman McCombs wired Gov
ernor Wilson at hla home in Princeton
as follows: "From telegrams received
by me, I believe you are our next
president by an overwhelming election.
You have carried New York by a tre
mendous plurality. You have also
carried Massachusetts by 60,000 plu
rality, according to indications. I
have received a telegram from Minne
sota stating that you have carried that
state by 25,000. It is a clean Demo
cratic »ween."
New York, Nov. 5.—Frank A. Mun
sey, at Progressive headquarters, in
j conceding the election of Wilson, said:
I "It looks like a good second for Colonel
j Roosevelt."

New York, Nov. 5.—Based on re
turns from 100 election districts, Wil
son has carried Queens county by
70*) plurality.
Oyster Bay, Nov. 5.—The vote in
Colonel Roosevelt's own election dis
trict was: Roosevelt 231, Taft 28, Wil
son 86.
New York, Nov. 5.—Returns at 9:40
p. m. from 1137 districts outside of
Greater New York give Taft 129,288.
Wilson 143,765, Roosevelt 90,764.
i Wilson 80,374, Roosevelt 89.059.
Returns from 373 districts outside
Greater New York give Taft 47,369,
New York, Nov. 5.—Returns from
1176 of the 1730 election districts In
Greater New York show Taft 119,363,
Wilson 294,111, Roosevelt 174,792.
New York, Nov. 5.—Manhattan and
the Bronx complete: .. Wilson 165,719.
Roosevelt 98,708, Taft «4,144.
New York, Nov. 6.—With 30 dis
tricts missing ln greater New York
the vote stood: Wilson 306,269, Roose
velt 183,629, Taft 123,900.
New York, Nov. 6.—The Evening
Mall, Progressive. ■ says that Taft will
lead Roosevelt in the complete returns
from New York and concedes that
Wilson has carried the stats by nearly
209,000. It admits a plurality for Sul
zer of more than 100,000.
Pittsburg; Nov. 5.—At 11 o'cloca
Progressive leaders were claiming
Pennsylvania by 100,000. The Demo
crats also claimed a plurality for Wil
son. Neither party had definite fig
ures, but Allegheny county was Con
ceded to Roosevelt by 20,000.
Pittsburg, Nov. 5.—Counting Is pro
ceeding slowly throughout Pennsyl
vanie The polls closed at 7 o'clock.
County Chairman Acliz still claimed
Allegheny county and the state for
Roosevelt by a big plurality. Demo
cratic State Chairman Guthrie would
make no claims until the Interior of
the state was heard from. Indications
are that • the Republican state ticket,
which had the Indorsement of the Pro
gressives, was elected ln Allegheny
Pittsburg, Nov. 5.—At 7:80 p. m.
State Democratic Chairman Guthrie
said: "Wilson has won. Wilson will
rarry Pennsylvania. It will only bs a
guess to say by what majority."
Philadelphia. Nov. 5.—Early reports
from 108 scattered districts out of
1126 ln this city give Taft 7993, Wilson
3946, Roosevelt 3787.
Pittsburg, Nov. 5.—Returns through
out the state show Roosevelt drawing
80 per cent of the vote from Taft and
20 per cent from Wilson. If this ratio
is maintained, Roosevelt will carry the
Philadelphia, Nov. 5— First reports
from the coal regions show that Wil
son was leading ln th^se districts by a
small plurality. Six districts out of
159 give Taft 78, Wilson 388, Roose
velt 358.
Pittsburg. Nov. 5.—It was certain at
9 o'clock that Roosevelt had carried
Pittsburg and Allegheny county. The
Socialists claim three congressional
Pittsburg. Nov. 5.—Eighteen dis
tricts ln Allegheny county give Taft
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All Three of the Candidates for Gov
ernor are m the Race-Martin
Carries Ada County
With complete returns from not a
single county in the state and with
several counties with no return» at all
up to midnight and from others noth
ing but estimates In which no figures
are given and in which It 1» declared
figures will not be available before I
tomorrow, It looks very much at a late j
hour this morning as If It were any
body's fight for governor.
Martin has carried the southwest by
a big lead over Haines, with Hawley
a second. Haines has beaten Martin
badly In the southeast with Hawley
again a second. If Hawley should lead
either of the others In the north, or If
either of the others should lead Haw
ley In that section, that would deter
mine who should be elected
. , ...
Each side is claiming a victory with j
just grounds for the claim. If Mar- j
tin comes down from the north with
the vote he claimed lie would win. If
Haines should come down with the !
vote he claimed, he would win. and If
Hawley received the vote there he !
claimed, he will win. and there are not,
. . . '___. . ... I
enough returns to show which will get:
. , , . , .. . j
It look- at 'his time as if an exact |
reproduction of the direct primary sit- ,
nation were to be re-enacted j
Any claim of advantage made upon I
returns received last night Is merely :
a claim based upon prejudice or upon,
a mere hope that the later retuhns
would favor the candidate in whose be-I
half such claims were made.
The southeast has gone overwhelm
ingly for Haines and Taft, according
to reports received ln which, how
ever, few figures are given.
Martin has carried Ada county by
2000 over Haines and he has carried
Canyon county by a much larger fig- J
on his ln the southeast, while Hawley
seems to have the best of it ln Lincoln,
Blaine, Custer and Elmore.
The Capital News refrains from
making any claims for the very good I
reason that there are insufficient lig
ures upon which to base Intelligent
claims until fuller returns are received.
Owyhee County.
Bruneau., Nov. 5.—Bruneau pre
cinct, complete, gives Wilson 68, Taft
75, Roosevelt 24, Debs 4, FrcSieh 103.
Smith 93, Smock 7, Pugmlre 54. Mitch
ell 49. Stewart 95, Bowen 57, Allen 93,
Faris 57, Hawley 73, Martin 24, Haines
71. For senator, Dunning (Dem.l 43,
Keith (Rep.) 127. For representative.
Healey (Dem.) 41, Bennett (Rep.) 132.
Bruneau, Nov. 6.—Homedale precinct
gives Wilson 45, Taft 17. Roosevelt 9,
Debs 9: Hawley 46, Martin 14, Haines
11. For senator, Dunning (Dem.) 53.
Keith (Rep.) 30; for representative
Healy (Dem.) 53, Bennett (Rep.) 26.
Bruneau. Nov. 5.—Hot Springs pre
cinct gives Wilson 29, Taft 26, Roose
velt 5; Hawley 36, Haines 24, Martin
8; for senator, Dunning (Dem.) 24,
Keith (Rep.) 36: for representative,
Healy (Dem.) 22, Bennett (Rep.) 27.
Adams County.
New Meadows, Nov. 5.—New Mead
ows gives Taft 103, Roosevelt 43, Wil
son 45; Haines 109, Hawley 47, Martin
Meadows, Nov. 5.—Old Meadows
gives Taft 71. Roosevelt 4L Wilson 41;
Haines 69, Hawley 88, Martin 52.
Noz Pores County.
Lewiston, Nov. 5.—One out of four
precincts In Lewiston, incomplete, give
Taft 123, Wilson 184, Roosevelt 66,
Debs 9; congressmen, French 146.
Smith 147, Mitchell 172, Pugmlre 137,
Smock 32; governor, Hatnea 130, Haw
ley 140, Martin 80.
Nsz Paroa County.
Lewiston, Nov. 6.—One Lewtaton
precinct. Incomplete, gives Taft 183,
Wilson 184, Roosevelt 65, Debs 6,
French 146, Smith 147. Mitchell 173,
Pugmlre 137, Smock 32, Haines 130,
Hawley 140, Martin 80.
Linooln County.
Richfield, Nov. 6.—Richfield precinct
gives Taft 27, Roosevelt 118, Wilson
87; Haines 86, Martin 101, Hawley 101;
Jones, (Dem.) for state senator gets
118 to 105 for Borden (Rep.)
Owyhee County.
King Hill, Nov. 5.—King Hill pre
cinct In Owyhee county gives Martin
73, Hawley 15, Haines 11; Roosevelt 51,
I Taft 14. Wilson 27. Fully 90 per cent
j of the vote goes to Bowen for supreme
Shoshone, Nov. 5.—Shoshone pre
cinct gives Martin 280, Hawley 323,
Haines. 232; Roosevelt 291, Wilson 381,
Taft 625, Pugmlre 275, Mitchell 275,
Smith, 362, French 488.
Silver City, Nov. 5.—Four precincts,
DeLamar. Silver, Rockville and Flint,
give Wilson 218, Taft 236, Roosevelt
102; Hawley 263, Haines 218, Martin
54; for senator, Dunning (Dem 1 317,
Keith (Rep.) 226; for representative.
j Healy (Dem ) 318 Bennett (Rep.) 236.
j __
Fremont County,
„ , . . .
! Re^rg Nov. 6-Fremont county I»
Repubhcan throughout and the Repub
! Mean legislative ticket Is elected. No
bgores are available but Haines will
I carry the county by about 2000 over
Mar(ln whQ , a th|pd , n the race
j this county, with Hawley second.
| Rex „ , s Rei)ubl1can by a sm all
, mar , but Martm i8 ahead ln st .
j Ant , .
I ,
: Elmore County,
K , nf . H , n Nov 5 ._ K in'g Hill pre
ctnct bl uj, nore county gives Martin
40 Hawley 6, Haines 4; Roosevelt 21.
Taft 8 _ xv'llson 16.
' '_
Custsr County.
Mackay, Nov 5.—Mackay precinct.
Incomplete, gives Wilson 100, Taft 60,
Roosevelt 66, Hawley 122, Haines 31,
Martin 61 For state senator, Glennon
J (Rep.) 71, Macbeth (Dem.) 151; for
Clark (Dem.) 166
Boise County
Arrow Rock, Nov. 5.—There are no
I counting Judges in Arrow Rock pre
c lnct There were 231 votes cast out
0 f a registration of 296.
Sweet, Nov. 5.—Sweet precinct,
complete, gives Haines 17, Hawley 17,
Martin 68.
Bonneville County.
Idaho Falls, Nov. 5.—The Four Idaho
Falls precincts, partial, and Ammon
precinct, complete, give Wilson 264,
Taft 275, Roosevelt 158, Hawley 195,
Haines 369, Martin 156. Edglngtnn
(Rep.) for state senator 467, Clark
(Dem.) 254. For housa representatives,
Shattuck (Rep. I 507, Warnlcke (Rep.)
465, Holden (Deni.) 232, Alders (Dem.)
200 .
Elmore County.
Mountain Home, Nov. 5.—Part of
Mountain Home precinct gives Roose
velt 70, Taft 68, Wilson 65, Martin 58,
Haines 54, Hawley «6. State senator,
Lee (Rep.) 120; O'Neil (Dem.) 47.
Bonner County.
Sandpoint. Nov. 5.—Three hundred
votes out of 319 cast ln Martin's own
precinct give Martin 137, Haines 34,
Hawley 74; Coblentz 41, Nichols 3,
Taylor 97. Parker *3; Chapman 47, Eg
bert 5, Boyd 56; Gifford 47. Daughtera
160, Coonrad 41. Badley 34, Huston 81;
Overman 60, Pifer 49, Cowan 6. Miles
56; Allen 83, Paris 49, Triplow 48, Aus
tin 1. Yates 55; Peterson 84, Both well
58, Evans 47, Barclay 58; Shepherd
137, Harper 69, Conley 46, Beamy 7;
Bell 99, Lambrlx 56. Wray 60, Creaaery
2, Skeels 40; for state senator Defen
bach 162, Ocallaghan 72, Cane 46.
Kootonai County.
Coeur d'Alene, Nov. 5.—Two pre
cincts In Kootenai county give Wtloon
100, Taft 72, Booaevelt 61.
Bingham County.
Blackfoot, Nov. 5.—Four precincts la
Bingham county give Taft 864. Wilson
280, Roosevelt 87; French 448, Smith
44«, Mitchell 266. Pugmlre 861; Halnea
390, Hawley 27«. Martin on two pre
cincts only, 36.
The Republican legislative ticket re
ceives ao tar reported 961 to 166 for
(Continued on Pen Three!

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