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The Great Volume of Snow
in the Cascade Mountains
Will Soon Begin to Melt
and Cause Floods.
Seattle, Jan. 14.—A warm wave Is
overspreading the whole country west
of the rocky mountains and It Is ex
pected that the great volume of snow
In the Cascade mountains will soon
begin to melt. The Northern Pacific
mountain division Is In operation. The
Great Northern and Milwaukee rail
roads are still blocked but are mak
ing progress toward restoration. There
was no snow in the mountains last
night and the weather is favorable for
track clearing. High water In the
rivers of western Washington must
directTlïctïôn of
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 14.—In hi» first
message to the general assembly, Gov
ernor Janies M. Cox strongly favored
direct election of United States sena
tors, the short ballot, establishment of
long term farm loans, compulsory
workmen's compensation act anil re
duction of hours of labor.
Vancouver, Jan. 14.—Almost at the
same moment, and In the same man
ner, two acidents, one of which was
fatal, and the other expected to prove
so, occurred when George Dupree was
struck and killed by a Canadian Paci
fic freight engine, and two Japanese
laborers were run down by another
engine a short distance away. Du
pree lived but a few minutes.^ One of
the Japanese is not expected to sur
vive. The other may recover.
Keokuk, Iowa, Jan. 14.—Miss Edna
O'Harra, general secretary of the lo
cal Y. W. C. A., denied that the organi
zation planned getting subscriptions
from local business people for a local
club in the Central organization on the
condition that baseball enthusiasts
would dispense with Sunday baseball.
' What will people think of the Y. W.
C. A. if it is to back a thing like this?
she said.
To Re-elect Senator Warren.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Jan. 14.—Tho
twelfth Wyoming: legislature*, which
will be called upon to elect a United
State« senator and to act upon numer
ous legislative proposals of importance,
was opened here today The Republi
can:- have a majority on joint ballot,
which Is believed to assure the re-elec
tion of Senator Francis E. Warren. A
measure for the direct election of
United States senators, a new initia
tive and referendum law, the creation
of a state railway commission and rati
fication of the federal income tax law
are miong tho important items on the
legislative program.
Run Dows by Taxicab.
Vancouver, Jan. 14.—James Longman
was killed and John McPherson prob
ably fatally injured when run down
by a taxicab this morning.
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(Capita! News Special Service.
Washington, Jan. 14.—The
senate committee on Irrigation
today agreed on a favorable re
port on Senator Borah's bill au
thorizing an additional loan of
$30,000,000 to the reclamation
fund for the completion of ex
isting projects and the Inaugur
ation of new ones.
Santa Fe, N. M.. Jan. 14.—Some ser
ious problems are to be solved by the
legislature of Now Mexico, which con
vened today for tbo first regular ses
sion since statehood. Occupying first
place on tho agenda are the subjects
of taxation and revenue. The new
state closed the first year of Its career
with a big sum on the wrong side of
the ledger. It Is therefore up to the
lawmakers to revise the state's taxa
tion scheme so that In future the In
come may cover tho expenses of the
state government.
Of the many legislative measures
that will bo proposed for consideration
tho most important from the standpoint
of public Interest will be those dealing
with statewide prohibition and local
option. Both proposals were defeated
by a narrow margin In the constitu
tional convention. Since then the
tempernnee element has waged a vig
orous campaign and it Is certain that
one or both of tho measures will bo
among the first Introduced at this ses
• •••••
• •
• • •
Governor Gooding to Speak.
Ex-Governor Gooding will
preside at a meeting nt S o'clock
tonight at the city hall to discus
railroad plans for a line from
Twin Falls to Wei la, Nev. All of
tho business men of tho city are
• •••••••a
• • • • •
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Taxpayers' league of Ada
county the following resolutions '
adopted and ordered printed:
"Resolved, That we view with alarm
and apprehension the recent action of
our supreme court in which they have
deprived three of our citizens of their
liberty and property;
"Resolved, That wo believe the action
of this court Is without warrant of law
or Justifiable precedent and is a direct
violation of the provisions of the fed
oral constitution which guarantee that
no citizen shail bo deprived of liberty
nr proport.v except after a trial and con
viction by a Jury of his peers;
' And, believing that such unwarrant
ed and unauthorized assumption of
despotic powers by our supreme court,
if left unchallenged by the people, who
are the source of all Just powers, can
only lead to the destruction of our sys
tem of government and result in
"And whereas, we are Informed that
a member of this court Is an open and
avowed candidate, and Is actively
working to secure his own election to
the United States senate, motwtthstand
Ing that our state constitution. In sec
tion 7 of article 6, specifically prohibits
a Justice of the supreme court from be
coming a candidate for any other office
during the term for which ho was
"Therefore we believe that to elect
him to the United States senate from
our state would not be to the best In
terests of the people, for he has shown
as a Judge that ho is not subject to
their will, or favorable to their best
Interests, making the Judiciary superior
to tlio people themselves, and wo ask
all true liberty loving people regard
less of partisan affiliations, to use
every honorable means to prevent his
selection as senator to represent the
great state of Idaho.
"Executive Committee, Ada County
Taxpayers' League.
"Concurred in by Dr. Pipher of the
Canyon County League."
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Italy and that for this reason, owing
to the rivalry between these two mem
bers of the triple alliance, the Balkan
states will suffer. They assert that
Austria-Hungary is depriving Monte
negro of Srutnrl only because. In case
that city does not become the capital of
Albania, Avlona, which 1 b under the
direct Influence of Italy, will be
San Francisco, Jan. 14.—William
Kettenfcacli. president, and George II.
Kester, cashier, of tho Lewiston Na
tional bank of Idaho, must serve sen
tence of five years each, Imposed on
them by the United States district
court of southern Idaho. The decision
of the United States district court of
appeals, handed down here, confirms
the finding of the lower court. They
were convicted In April, 1911, of In
flating their statement of reserves and
altering their reports to the national
comptroller of currency for ft period of
seven years. On each of fivo counts
the court sentenced them to five years,
but the terms will run concurrently,
not cumulatively.
Louisiana for "Safety First."
Baton Rouge, I.a., Jan. 14.—Repre
sentatives of tho several railroads do
ing business In Louisiana filed their
objections to establishing a block sys
tem with the statt» rallroud commission
today. While the objections will he
considered it Is regarded as a foregone
onrluslon that the railroads will he
ordered to spend several millions of
dollars In providing equipment which
will better protect the lives of passen
gers. The ruling of the commission is
the direct outcome r.f the recent wreck
at Muntz, I.a., in which 15 passengers
•e killed.
Another Term for Senator Smith.
Lansing. Mich., Jan. 14.—By vote of
the two houses of the Michigan legis
lature today William Alden Smith was
chosen to succeed himself in the
United States senate. Alfred Lucking
of Detroit received tho complimentary
vote of the Democratic members.
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Governor Hodges : Message.
T opeka, Kan., Jan. 14.—Urging the
members to prevail upon the Kansas
delegation In congress to Introduce a
resolution favoring the election of fed
eral Judges hv direct vote. Governor
Hodges, the Democratic governor, sent
his tlr-'t message to tho legislature
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Of Kootenai, Fields, Sweet, Borden and
Robinson placed their counties on rec
ord as seconding Senator Borah's nom
In making his seconding address
Senator Hedrick touched a note of
discord when, In referrnng to Borah,
be declared that Senator Borah had
shown hltnsolf to bo not only "A pro
gressive senator, but, what is more, a
Republican and a man who always will
ho a Republican.''
Macbeth placed Senator Kirkland I
Perky in nomination. Senator Reed
nominated Georgo W. Tannahill
Lewiston, which nomination
.promptly seconded by Senator Don
ning, whereupon Lieutenant Govornor
Taylor announced that tho vote would
bo taken. '
Upon roll tho 21 Republican senators
cast their votes for Borah, while tho
Democratic minority split, one of Its
votes going to Perky and two to Tnn
nehill. The result was announced and
tho senate proceeded to tho business
of election of the short-term senator.
For Short Term.
President Taylor announced that
nominations were In order, nn.l Sona
tor Goodnight of Nez Perce nominated
James E. Babb of Lewiston. Macbeth
nominated former Senator Fred T. Du
bois, and was greeted with a round of
applause from tho gallery. Senator
Sweet of Idaho nominated, In a glow
ing speech, Idaho's favorite son, James
F. Allshle.
Senator John HV. Hart nominated
Thomus R. Hamer In nn address In
which he extolled the choice of the
Fremont county delegation. James H.
Brady was nominated by Senator Hunt
of Bannock, who, In a short address,
told of what Brady had done for the
slate, the country and hts party.
Brady's name was greeted with con
siderable applause.
Barton of Washington county sec
onded Ailshle's nomination, and then
Senator Fields of Latah nominated
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Burton 1. French of Latah.
In a epeech brimful of rhetorical
flights. In which he pictured the grave
of the late Senator Heyburn In which
Idaho's former senator rests near the
scones of strife and struggles at Get
tysburg, and referred to the lato sen
ator os having boon a constructive
statesman of tho highest order, Sena
tor Edgington seconded Brady's nomi
Senator Hedrick, too, took occasion
to sponik In glowing terms of the bite
senator. He told of how he had known
Set.ntor Heyburn In Washington and
of how he had studied tho methods of
the man and compared him and his
accomplishments with other national
men of his acquaintance. Ho declared
that Heyburn had the courage of his
convictions and ended by seconding the
nomination of Brady ns his successor.
Davis of Oneida, the neighboring
county to Bannock, also seconded the
Bannock county man.
Johnson of Lewis seconded Allslite
and Hanson of Shoshone nominated
Charles W. Beall of Wallace.
Dunning of Owyhee, In a ringing!
speech of denunclalion or trusts of
every character, nominated John Nu-i
gent of Boise as his choice.
Lee of Elmore seconded Brady, and
Dcfenbach of Bonner, declaring that In
hts belief tho present was tho last,
time tn the history of tho state when
United States senators would ho
nominated and elected by the leglsln
turc, pleaded that In making 'their!
choices, tho members should hesitate'
before breaking tile precedent which
bad existed for so long tbo represen
tation tn tho United States senate of
a man from tho north.
Defonbaeh said ho took great pleas-
ure In seconding the nomination of
"tho greatest vote-getter In tho state''
-Burton L. French.
I lift balloting 1 for abort term senator
will be resumed tomorrow, when dif
ferent line-ups aro expected.
The result of tho first ballot In the'
senate on short term senator was as !
Allshle—Baldrldgo, Barton. Borden.
Hedrick, Johnson of Lewis, Johnson of
Kootenai, Sweet.
Brady—Davis, Haight, Hunt, Lee, !
Luck, Shepherd.
French—Dcfenbaeli, Fields.
Hamer—Edgington. Hart. Robinson, i
Boa 1 a—H a nson.
Nugent—Punning, Reed.
1 >ubols—Macbeth.
(Continued From First Page)
T fiend, Healy and Herndon for George
HV. Tannahill of Lewiston; Clark of
Custer for Senator K. I. Perkv. Two
members, Nihart of Twin Falls and
Rosevear of Elmore, were absent.
Short-Term Ballot.
In the first ballot on the short-term
senatorship, tho members of the house
voted for the several candidates as fol
lows :
For Allshle—Church, Conner, Dick
enson. Edelblute. Evans of Boar Lake,
Fannin, Harchelrode, Johnston of
Bingham, Johnson of Oneida. Koelscn
Dock wood,
? ----- rSfÛ ta
c V \
HYearne, Speaker;
Storey, Taylor,
French. Total, 18
For Brady—Adams, Booth, Bradley, I
Brown, Ferguson, Gardner, Hayford, |
Henderson, Lau, Law son, Lewis, Ale- ;
Dermott, Mendenhall. Michels, Nielson, :
Shattuck and Wright. Total, 17.
For Beale — Campbell, Chandler,!
Feat hors tom*, Jones, Parks, Sargent!
and Sinclair. Total, 7.
For Hamer—Bowerman, Evans . ->f!
Lincoln, Gilchrist, Hunt, Merill and !
Warnic-k. Total, 6.
For French—Clark of Latah, Elliott, j
Mason and Oversmlth.
For Babb—Flnke and Case.
For Nugent—Friend, Healy and
For Dubois- Clark of Custer.
Tho house convened at noon follow- !
Jng the morning recess with the gal - 1
lories and all available standing room |
crowded with spectators. Speaker j
French rapped for order and called fori
nominations for the six-year term fori
United States senator.
Senator Borah was placed in nomina
tion by Koelsch of Ada and the nomina
tion was seconded by Johnston of Bing
ham, Clark of Latah and McDermott of|
Healy of Latah presented the name
of George W. Tannahill and Herndon
of Lemhi and Friend of Lewis seconded
Tannahill'» nomination. Senator Per
ky's name was placed before the house
members by Clark of Custer.
After tho result of tho vote had been
announced the speaker called for nomi
nations for the short term for United
States senator. Gilchrist of Fremont
submitted the name of Colonel Thomas
R. Hamer.
Former Governor James H. Brady
was nominated by Ferguson of Ban
nock. Speeches to second the Brady
nomination were made by Wright of
Bear Lake, Bradley of Canyon and
of 1
of :
— mm
J : '4
—Portland Journal.
Brown of Adams.
of Shoshone placed the name
of C. W. Beale before the representa
tives and Sinclair of the same county
and Chandler of Clearwater seconded
the nomination.
Chief Justice
the short term
ally submitted t
sidération by Hatch
Ailshie's candidacy for
natorship was form
the house for con
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county, and seconding speeches were
made by Oakes of Canyon, Church of
Idaho, Edelbluto and Norton of Koo
f« l'ai, Ryan of Washington and Dick
enson of Bingham,
j The name of Congressman Burton L.
j French was not submitted in nomina
tion, but Oversmith of Latah and El
liott of Bonner announced
tontion to support French.
their in-1
Finke of |
Nez Perce nominated James E. Babb
and Case, of tho same county, sec
onded it.
Friend, of the minority, submitted
the candidacy of John F. Nugent, and
Healy of Owyheo concurred.
Dubois' name was proposed by Clark
of Custer. Upon motion of Lawson a
recess was taken until 3 o'clock this

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