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and I demand upon the fact of the In
slnuations and charges made that I
Those Making Charges
Against Police and Detec
tive Departments to Have
Chance to Make Good.
"Turn on the searchlight, I court the
fullest Investigation of my department.
have a public Investigation
Tills, In substance, was the state
ment of Detective Dave Rich, this
morning at a private meeting held in
the mayor's offices, at which Mayor
Hodges, Commissioner Woodcock, C.
F. Reddoch, city attorney, and Captain
Rich were preesnt.
While the conference was short, it
was pointed, and resulted in the offi
cials setting the public Investigation
for 10 o'clock Monday morning in the
council chambers of the city hall. All
persons who have made charges about
gambling, and insinuations against the
detective department will be given an
opportunity, to tell what they know,
and they will be subpoenaed and testify
under oath.
It was agreed at the conference that
C. F. Reddoch, the city attorney, would
bring the charges against Mr. Rich,
and, in view of the talk being made and
the reports brought to Mayor Hodges
and Chief Reeves, some startling tes
timony is expected.
Detective Rich declares that he pro
poses to have the matter sifted to the
bottom, and has demanded that all per
sons who have made reports about
conditions here to the officials, or have
been heard to have made statements,
be subpoenaed and given an opportunity
to tell what they know.
Mildeza, clear Havana cigars.
Change in Ocean Routes.
New York, Jan. 15.—Another step in
the movement for greater safety at sea
which owes Its origin to the investiga
tion that followed the Titanic disaster,
was taken today, when an agreement to
change the route of travel between
America and Europe was put Into ef
fect by all of the transatlantic steam
ship lines. Beginning with this date
it has been agreed that all of the ships
shall follow a line about sixty miles
to the south of the crossings hereto
fore used at this time of year. It Is ex
pected that the vessels will thus escape
dangerous icebergs that are met with so
frequently on the northern route during
the spring months. By the change the
passengers also will avoid much dis
comfort due to cold and heavy seas
further north.
Our 45th year in business in Boise brings to you a combination sale
of great money saving—the anniversary event in connection with our
January clearance.
länLbSn/ Oert r-miQ. e Safe
This Steve* wideNor
J. Tanuavu
lea WYPriceS'iDecùi^el xjj >('■ *(
yfèn i <3 fford in pjj Veducedfo effect- m
tuai Sax * - • M« ouied Cloarancem
yin Occasion -to buy j
Seajcn&ble Goods
: handûs ïfetémené
bmm& war attention
■F ■w M wC.ayaM
—keep the big Monday ad for reference and pay close
attention to our daily announcements.
Rugs in this sale
—here is an item of unusual merit; the rugs are not
cut in price for mere clearance, because they are good
and practically new and marked at a most reasonable
. price regularly; they are year 'round values and the
best you ever looked at; the price is cut simply for an
"Anniversary Special"; take advantage of it.
50 fine quality Axminster Rugs.
—choice of a large assortment of new patterns in con
ventional and floral designs—beautiful patterns and
splendid colorings in reds, greens, tans and browns;
see them tomorrow; they are the best bargains the de
partment ever offered.
27x54 inches $1 • 90
36x72 inches$3.60
Curtains in this sale
Great Stocks.
—of plain scrim curtains, figured scrim curtains, net
curtains and portieres are offered at radical price
reductions. "Third Floor."
With the Increase of the capital stock
of the Pacific National bank from
$200,000 to $200,000, and the addition of
$50,000 to the surplus, the institution
will plan for the most modern banking
building in Boise. The Odd Fellows
building has been purchased and plans
are now under way for the expenditure
of $30,000 In remodeling the place for
an up-to-date bank.
Every steel vault of the finest typo
will be Installed, while the fixtures of
a ban * fltt * d ,f or "™ ch »«f" c "y
I f cc " dlng t0 the officials, will be put
ill till» now finnrfnr« If lei r. on r\no.
STOCK TO $300,000
in tho new quarters. It Is also pos
sible that later the bank will add two
or three stories to the entire building.
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders the following were chosen on
the board of directors: H. B. Eastman,
Edgar Wilson, F. H. Parsons, M P.
Meholiln, William Howell, Herbert
hemp, John D. Daly, W. E. Sullivan
and W. E. Pierce. The new officers
are H. B. Eastman, president; M. P.
Meholin, vice president; Edgar Wilson,
vice president- F. H. Parsons, cashier;
J. H. Black, assistant cashier; and E.
W. Tucker second assistant cashier.
Chicago Wheat Market.
Chicago, Jan. 15.—July wheat closed
today at 91%@!!7c.
(Continued from First Page)
hand in force today to present their ar
guments for tho retention of the pres
ent schedule on sugar. The beetgrow
ers of the western states ore acting in
hearty eo-operation with the eanegrow
ers in the movement to prevent any re
duction in the sugar duty.
Want Small Duty Retained.
Tho free sugar plan of the house
Democrats, regarded as virtually one
of the assured features of the tariff re
vision program of the coming extra
session of congress, so far as the house
Is concerned, focused attention on the
hearing before the house ways and
means committee today. The Ameri
can Sugar Refining company went on
record at the outset of the hearing in
favor of a reduced tariff on sugar, the
retention of a small differential duty
upon refined sugar, "If protection is to
be accorded to any industry," and the
continuance, of the present color stand
ard as tho most practicable distinction
between raw* and refined sugars for
customs house classifications.
The American company's position
was presented by Edwin A. Atkins, vice
president and acting head of the com
pany, who was accompanied by several
other officials. Atkins contended that
the abolition of all duty on all sugar
would cause the termination of Cuban
reciprocity, under which Cubap sugars
get a preferential rate of 20 per cent,
and Cuba gives preferential rates of 20
to 40 per cent upon goods coming from
the United States. He declared that
free sugar would open the United
States markets,to the Importation of
refined beet sugars from Europe upon
the same terms as raw sugars, In com
petition with domestic refined.
"Free sugars, while the present pro
duction is maintained," ho said, "would
drop prices here so low as to destroy
the Louisiana Industry and the beet su
gar industry, particularly east of the
Mississippi river, would depress Porto
Rico and Philippine sugars far below
the production most, and make Ha
waiian production unprofitable, thus
largely curtailing the present supply.
Once this production Is so reduced, for
eign prices would advance until do
mestic producers could again enter th
field, and, meanwhile, the disaster
would be widespread and consumers get
but temporary benefit.
(Continued From First Page)
of the interested parties that they
would read it and on this account be
lieved lie had won a victory.
The Power County Bill.
Immediately after the senate had re
convened at 11:45 it received the report
of the committee on county lin^s t
boundaries recommending the passage
of senate bill No. 1, commonly known
as the "Power county bill." Immedi
ately after the report of the committee
had been adopted the senate repaired
to the lower chamber for the purpose
of holding a joint session on tho sen
Speaker French yielded the chair to
the lieutenant governor and the Jour
nals of both houses referring to the
election of the long and short term
senators was read and corrected, after
which the second ballot for the short
term senator was declared in order.
The roll was called, each member of
each house responding to his name and
indicating his choice. Two members
of the lower house wer© absent, both
on account of sickness.
"While the immense crowd which fill
ed the gallery and the chamber waited
in suspense tho balloting continued
without change until the name of Sar
gent of Kootenai was called. Then the
first break occurred, Sargent casting
his vote for Ailshie instead of for Beale
as he did yesterday.
The result was announced and the
joint session dissolved.
An humorous incident which tended
to relieve the strain came when Presi
dent Taylor announced that one of the
absentees was excused "on account of
absence." In the ripple of laughter
which followed the president corrected
his remarks to read "excused on ac
count of Illness."
Shortly after the dissolution of the
Joint session both houses adjourned
until tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.
Con W. Hesse, Watch Inspector or
O. S. L. for 16 years. There's a reason.
The social planned by the Collloter
Ladles' aid for next Friday night will
be Indefinitely postponed.
J. W. Fltckwere, secretary of the Ar
rowrock Y. M. C. A., Is In Boise for a
few days on business matters.
Rev. Matthew Chamberlin, pastor of
the Baptist church at Buhl, Is assisting
In conducting special meetings at Us
tick this week.
The social service committee of the
Columbian club will meet Friday morn
ing at 10 o'clock In tho chili hall on
Franklin street. A full attendance is
Boise lodge. No. 97, I. O. O. F., will
Install officers for the ensuing term
at their regular meeting tomorrow
night. Refreshments will he served,
and an Invitation Is extended to all Odd
Arllss MeCurry, a solicitor for the
Capital News, underwent a serious op
eration for appendicitis last night at
St. Luke's hospital. At a late hour this
afternoon hfs condition Was regarded
as critical.
Tho case of the state against Charles
Atwater, charged with grand larceny,
Is on trial In the district court. The
defendant Is charged with the theft of
a purse containing $25 from R. Smith,
on Dee. 26, 1912.
The county recorder has Issued mar
riage licenses to Henry B. Powers of
Meridian and Jesse Marla Jollen of
Boise; Thomas J. Cooney of Boise and
Katherine O'Donnell of Newafk, N. J.;
Wenzel Turmes of Grandview and 51 ary
Dunning of Boise.
Tomorrow afternoon, at 2: Ml o'clock,
at the First Presbyterian church, Su
perintendent C. S. Meek and Miss Har
court, school nurse, will speak to a
combined meeting of all the Mothers'
circles In the city. Tho subject to be
treated by Mr. Meek will be "Special
School Activities."
After two sessions of municipal court
yesterday, during which quite a num
ber of witnesses were examined, Mrs.
Hill, a crippled woman, was found
guilty of disorderly conduet and run
ning a disorderly house, and was fined
$40 and costs, which she paid. The
Seller woman, arrested with lier, was
simply an inmate of tho house, and the
charge against her was dismissed.
The new cars have been placed on the
lnterurhan line running through the
small towns that send tn their consign
ments of workers and business men tn
Boiso every morning. The cars now
reach the city at 7:50 and 8:50 o'clock,
Instead of 20 minutes after the hour,
ns formerly. The people along the line
are pleased with this addition to the
service of the company In the last few
Ice an Inch thick, and colder and
more disagrees bio weather ln Los An
geles than In Boise, Is the report
brought here by ,T. It. Patterson, who,
with his wife, arrived here yesterday,
and will spend the winter visiting their
son, Dr. II. 15. Patterson. A week ago.
Mr. Patterson state, Ice an inch thick
.froze during the night, and people
suffered badly from the cold, not be
ing prepared for such -weather. He
states while ho has lived ln I,os An
geles a number of years he is glad to
turn to Boise, and will likely make
tliis city his home.
Whether the taxpayers of Boise want
tile cluster lighting system, the lumln
are, or some other system, is a
question which will be open for dis
usslon at a mass meeting to be held
n the council chambers tomorrow
night. Before deciding upon any sys
tem the members of the council wish
to get a free expression from the peo
ple, end therefore Issued a call for a
public meeting Wednesday night at 8
lock, at which the cost of the va
rious light systems will be explained.
The council takes official action upon
the sentiment expressed at the meet
Frank Emchtser was arrested twice
last night, the first time upon eom
plaint of his wife, Emma Emehiser, on
the charge of nonsupport, and the sec
ond time upon complaint of one of his
neighbors, charged with disturbing the
peace. When arraigned upon the first
charge, Kmelilser furnished a $290 bond
and vas released, whereupon he Imme
diately went home and created such a
disturbance that several neighbors tele
phoned the police, and he was again
taken tn custody arid spent tho night
In Jail. He will be given a hearing be
fore Judge W. C. Bower tomorrow
morning on both charges.
J. B. Corcoran, who was arrested the
latter part of November on a forgery
charge, and waived preliminary ex
amination, will he obliged to stand a
preliminary after all, ob Deputy Prose
outing Attorney Kcysor, last evening,
filed air amended complaint In the case,
making a much stronger charge
against the defendant, whose prelimi
nary examination has been set for
Monday morning at 10 o'clock before
Judge Bower. Corcoran passed a $45
cheek on the First National bank at
Meridian on Nov. 27. The check was
drawn upon the Pacific National hank
of Boise, and the name of H. B. Me
Clleman was signed thereto.
James A. Litscher, an Insurance
agent, was arrested at Weiser last
night upon the charge of forging an
Indorsement to a check for $25 drawn
upon tho First National bunk of Boise
by Donald S. Whitehead in favor of
Bruce £• Fuld. It seems that White
head had made the check out, and
turned It over to J. M. Johnson, to he
delivered to Bruce Ä: Fuld when due,
but that 1,1 1 scher, an Insurance agent
In (he employ of Bruce & Fuld, induced
Johnson to give him the check a short
time before It was due, whereupon he
forged the finn name, cashed the check
and left the country. He was appre
hended at Welser and brought back
to Boise today, and arraigned before
Judge Adams. His preliminary exam
ination will likely be held the latter
part of the week.
W. R. Jones, a rancher, who was ar
rested last week, charged with assault
with Intent to do great bodily harm,
upon complaint of his wife, had his
preliminary hearing before Judge
Adams yesterday afternoon. Argument
of the case will be held Friday. Mrs.
Jones charges that her husband struck
her with a monkey wrench, and her
testimony was substantiated by her son
and a man who was in the house. On
the other hand, Jones states that his
wife threatened to get the shotgun and j
vlr* mËÈ^
•s •
Hundreds of t he advanced styles and new patterns for spring
hat e arrived, and are now on display.
.■ '.K'-iVî • '
This showing will interest you whether you are ready to buy
now or not. They are pleasing in design and color, and the
greatest variety ever seen in Boise.
We Save
You Money
We call your special attention to
our drapery department.
A man in charge who knows. Let
us help you to make the home beau
An Arts and Crafts Rocker like
this will make it comfortable.
<577 ~ 8/9 BANA/OCA SX
?. Vi S *
. .
' * * * *,*/*•*
Rill him, and, while ehe had a wooden
missile in her hand, he threw a piece
of iron lie was carrying-, which struck
her. The testimony in tho case was
very conflicting-.
Big Bonspiel at Edmonton.
Edmonton, Atla., Jan. 15.—Bedecked
in shanter and mitts an army of curlers
came to town today to participate in
the eighth annual provincial bonspiel,
under the ausplcies of the curling clubs
of Greater Edmonton. The curlers in
clude rinks from points as far distant
as Toronto and Vancouver, with prac
tically all of the leading clubs of Mani
toba, Saskatchewan and Alberta repre
sented. The contests will continue an
entire week and will be conducted si
multaneously on eighteen sheets of Ice.
Many handsome trophies and valuable
prizes will be distributed among the
winners of the tournament.
Use Holsum bread, because it is bet
F- r. Ad v.___ F-l I
2062 W.
50 loads manure.
FI 5
FOR RENT—6-room modern cottage.
Inquire, 1105 N. 11th; phone 1347-W.
done prompt!;
1211 Eastman
' accordion pleating
and satlsfactort!v at.
: t. ' J24
FOR RENT—5 acres, near Boise;
well improved; good bungalow; small
barn; veil. J. J. Dickson, Ontario,
Ore. J21c
FOR SALE—160 acres bottom land on
Black's crook for $22.50 per acre;
$2000 will handle it; only 12 miles
from Boise: plenty of water. Buy
tills from owner, Box 1574, Boise.
An Absolute Clearance of
Amazing Proportions
There Is scarcely a family in Boise
hut can afford one of tho Pianos of
fered now at Eilers Music House, In
this big Annual Clearance Sale.
Never before have so many promi
nent makes been Included In one
great sale. Never before have such
uniformly good, dependable Pianos
been offered at such low prices.
Bargains such as were never before
offered east or west ure numerous at
this big sale. It Incdudcs a good'y
number of the most prominent
makes, such ns Kimball, Stelnback,
Weber, Estey, Steinway, etc.
There arc all In good, playable con
j dltion, and with each one goes that
ROOM AND BOARD—$5.50 per week.
608 Bannock. J21c
WANTED—Gentle work team; 2400 to
2600. A. 8. Bolce, Eagle. J18c
HOUSES—Rooms and
rooms. 612 Bannock.
TO BORROW, $2500 from owner on
city residence; first mortgage. Tel.
2609. Jlöc
FOR SALE—A few dozen Pure Bred
Rock Pullets. Call C. L. Clark. 365
Sonna. Tel. 1347 W. J21
quick delivery call 823 W. (204 S
Tenth St.) Motor Express company.
Open day and night. F15
quick delivery call 825 W. (204 S.
Tenth St. Motor Express company.
Open day and night. FI5
quick delivery call 825 W. (204 S.
Tenth St. Motor Express company.
Open day and night. F15
GOOD STORE on Main street, doing
good business to sell or exchange
for Boise residence. Schoolers
Agency. Overland Bldg. J21
FOR SALE—At sacrifice, nicely fur
nished modern cottage, well located,
50 foot lot; all for $2100; $150 cash,
balance $17.50 per month. Schooler's
Agency, Overland Bldg. J21
FOR SALE—New modern 6-room
bungalow, hath and sleeping porch;
in Pleasanton addition. Terms reas
onable. Buy of owner and save
commission. Call 2514 Washington.
assurance of satisfaction that always
accompanies a purchase made -it
Ellers Music House.
Don't worry about terms. We ave
prepared to acecpt any reasonable
payments, and you will not be disap
pointed If you really think of buying
a Plano.
Dozens of these Pianos are being
sold. Don't delay. Telephone or
write quick. You can't afford to wait.
Every one of these Instruments will
he sold in a few days. Store open even
ings during this great sale.
S22-24 Idaho.
White City Rink.
Friday Night, Jan. 17.
Band Music.
Free for Ladies Only
Monday Afternoon, Jan.
20 and 21, at 2:30.
A Scientific Lecture (In English) on
By Dr. Crlston
of Paris, tho
World's Great
est Beauty
Doctor to the
Ladles of the
Coronation of
His Maje sty
King George,
Assisted by Mme. Maye.
who won the international prize for
being the most beautiful and young,
est looking woman for her age.
Monday Afternoon Lecture Free.
Tuesday Afternoon. Admission 80c.
Drama and Mirth.
FBI., JAN. 17th.
8:15 P. M.
Third number Imman
uel Brotherhood Ly
ceum course.

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