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Senator Borah, in Letter to
Adjutant Gerilral, Ex
plains Opposition to Plan
in Army Bill.
To enlarge the powers of the nation
al guard under existing conditions
would be dangerous, not only because
of the abuse of the present power and
menace tp institutions of the country
hut because of the mixing of politics In
its affairs. That Is the opinion of Unit
ed States Senator William K. Borah of
Idaho. In a communication to Adjut
ant General P. H. Crow of the Second
infantry, Idaho National Guard, he
places himself squarely on record as
opposed to going to the vast expense
ot enlarging the guard with its pre
sent limited powers. Its present cost
of maintenance is 38,000,000 and it is
proposed to increase this to about 340,
000,000 or 360,000,000. This vast ex
pense is not warranted, in the opinion
of Senator Borah. To show the abuse
of the guard's police power he cites the.
famong West Virginia case. Figures
are given to show that the national
guard of this country has not a record
for attendance to drills, etc., that is
flattering. No reflection is cast on the
personnel of the guard.
Adjutant General Crow wired Sen
ator Borah some lime ago as follows;
"The national guard, one thousand
citizen soldiers, absolutely opposes
senate volunteer army scheme. Desire
you support national guard legislation.
People of our state are with us."
In reply to this telegTam, especially
the latter part, Senator Borah forward
ed the following communication which
has Just reached here;
Oppose National Guard Legislation.
"Washington, D. C„ March 30, 1916.
"P. H. Crow,
Adjutant General,
Boise, Idaho.
"My Dear General; *
"I have your telegram this day read
ing as follows; 'Senator W. E. Borah,
Washington, D. C. The National Guard
one thousand citizen soldiers absolutely
oppose senate volunteer army scheme,
Desire you support national guard leg-1
lslation, people of our state are with
us. P. H. Cron, adjutant general.' I
have given to this subject as much
time and consideration as it has been
possible to give it considering the null-!
titude of matters which we have hero
before us. I hare arrived at certain
conclusions which I feel I must follow
out in debate and in my vote. I agree
with the former part of your telegram
and am myself opposed to the senate
volunteer army scheme. As we are
agreed upon that I need not discuss it.
I seem to be wholly at a disagreement,
however, with you as to the proposed
national guard legislation. I am op
posed to It and shall do what I can to
defeat it, feeling that In doing so I am
serving the country. As the law with
reference to the national guard now
stands I have nothing at this time to
say. It is not before us. The matter
which we have to consider is the en
largement of the national guard and
building It up at a tremendous expense
to the government. At the present
time we are expending about eight mil
lion dollars a year upon the national
'guard. The bill as proposed by the
senate, according to the statement ot
the chairman yesterday, will enlarge
the expenditure to about forty or fifty
million dollars a year and the house bill
about sixty or seventy million dollars
a year. Whatever may be ssid as to
the present law and the national guard I
as It now exists under that law, much
which is conclusive to my mind can be
eald against enlarging and extending
Guard In Politics.
"This program of preparedness is
going to be an expensive one at best.
Every dollar ought to be made to
count. We ought to be certain beyond
all question that if we spend money it
will bring security and preparedness
to the country and to the people. To
put fifty millions a year In the nation
id guard and spending thereon in the
next 10 years five hundred minion dol
lars causes I ;
to «it down and cal
culate what the returns are to be and
I have concluded beyond question that
the returns will not be In accordance
with the amount expended.
I do not
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have with any other* great power. Un
der the constitution the appointment
of the officers and training is left en
tircly to the state and with very few
exceptions (Idaho of course being one)
these matters are controlled entirely by
politics. I have known in a number of
states the national guard to be an is
sue in state politics and Its disband
believe that the national guard can
ever be made an effective force in any
real contest
hich this nation might
onment a proposition upon which the
people were called in a political way
practically to pass. So long as that is
true, and It must always be true so
amended, we will have these organi
zations in effect practically controlled
by politics and they can never be sol
diers in any true sense of the term
while that la true. A Napoleon could
not effect anything like an efficient
fighting force under like circumstances.
1 am not reflecting upon the personnel
of the national guard but I maintain
that under our constitution and the
dollars a
the constitution remains un
laws it Is impossible ever to make
them anything except a state force of
local Importance as the framers of the
constitution Intended they should be.
Vast Expenditure Not Warranted.
"A number of years ago when the
Dick law was passed enlarging and
federalizing the national guard to a
certain extent it was estimated that it
would cost two and a half million dol
lars a year. It has already run up to
where it Is about eight million dollars
a year. In view of the experience of
the past it will cost a hundred million
year. Now, candidly, can I
be asked, In view of the past and of
the embarrassments owing to the con
stitution and the laws thrown around
the national guard, to vote for any
such expenditure? Ought you not to be
satisfied with the law as it Is and to
feel gratified that in view of the re
ports from
union that t
4 s
different states of the
law is not being threat
ened with repeal?
"There ts another reason why it Is
impossible for me to support this law.
The nutlonal guard at the present time
is the police force of the state. It Is
called out for the purpose of suppress
ing riots, etc. So long as that Is true
it will retard and embarrass enlist
ments and will accentuate the fact that
it is in the politics of the state. I
vor aeen a national guard
called Into » riot situation, ooming mi
I t doe« fron* -the body of the citizens of
the «täte«, that It did not carry with
It to the riot the coloring and senti
ment of the community from which it
waa called. It la natural and inevit
able that this should be so. They eith
er *0 there in sympathy with the riot
or they go there thoroughly prejudiced
«gainait the rioters, according to the
feeling of the oommunlty from which
they came.
Cites Famous Waat Virginia Osse.
"Two years ago I waa on a committee
to investigate the actlona of the na
tlonal guard with reference to the riot
lng In Went Virginia. I found upon
lnveatlgatlon that thle national guard
went to the scene of the riot as the
strongest kind of partisans; that that
partisanship and feeling was exhibited
in the most remarkable way. Among
other things, after the clubbin
shooting was bver, they arreste
dreds of rioters, Improvised a court
martiftl composed of the soldiers who
had been shooting at the working men
and tried these men before that kind
of a court and sentenced large num
bers of them In groups and bodies to
the penitentiary In violation of every
principle of American law, of common
justice and decent humanity. They did
this at a time when the courts were
open and when there was no reason
Why the question should not have been
tried before the court with a Ju/V. I
ask you to read a report which I made
upon this subject being senate report
No. 321, Sixty-third congress second
session. I observed at the time that al
most every national guard which took
any notice of this matter, either Indi
vidually or otherwise, seemed to ap
prove the conduct of the national guard
In West Virginia. I could only explain
it In one way and that was that these
men, given this tremendous power and
authority, with the local prejudices and
passions thoroughly aroused In them,
utterly lost their sense of justice and
the true conception of American insti
Figures Not Flattering..
"Now. so long as the constitution
and the laws Impose upon the national
guard this duty in the states, so long
I shall refuse to accentuate or enlarge
the membership or Its powers. I shall
do so first because I think It extremely
dangerous and a menace to our Institu
tions and second because I think such
attitude and such practices necessarily
involve the guard In the politics of the
state and thereby render them unfit
and inefficient for true soldiership.
There are many other reasons which I
might cite, some of which I expect to
refer to in debate, and I shall be glad
to send you a copy of my remarks. But
let me call your attention briefly to
some facts disclosed by the official re
ports of the war department with ref
erence to the national guard. The of
ficial reports show that in 191J, 664 of
ficers and 19,382 men were absent from
the annual inspection. During the year
1914 the average number of men ab
sent from each weekly drill was 63,201
or nearly 60 per cent. According to
the report of the war department there
Is now a total shortage of 31.362,761 of
property issued to the national guard
unaccounted for. There are other fea
tures of this report which I do not care
to quote but much more unpleasant
than the above. Now, shall we put In
at the rate of from fifty to seventy-five
million dollars a year additional upon
the theory that we are giving the peo
ple real preparedness.
What President Said of Guard.
"If you say to me that these facts
do not apply to the Idaho national
guard I do not enter upon a discussion
of that at all. I would gladly concede
It and take great pride In the fact if
It were estahllahed as a fact. But I
must take the reports ef the country as
a whole and I must ante for the coun
try as a whole In this situation, and
I know that the reports of the nation
al guard for the last 10 years would
not Justify any man who will care to
study these reports In going further In
this experiment
"I regret exceedingly to find myself
In disagreement with you. It Is un
pleasant because I have no reason to
doubt either the sincerity or public
spirit with which you urge this pro
position. But It Is a matter about
which I have very positive views. It
is up to me to vote. I am not by any
means sure tlw« if you were In my
place and had studied the matter from
a wholly disinterested standpoint not
being unconsciously controlled by your
relationship with the very splendid
body of men and taking the whole mat
ter into survey that you would not
vote precisely as I intend to vote.
"Let me in conclusion quote the lan
guage of the president In his speech
at New York, Jan. 27, 1916:
"'You know, gentlemen, that under
the constitution «of the United States
the national guard Is under the direc
tion of more than two score states;
that It Is not permitted to the nation
al government directly to have a voice
In its development and organisation;
and that only upon occasion of actual
Invasion has the president of the Unit
ed States any right to ask these men
to leave their respective states. I. for
my part, am afraid, thfeugh some gen
tlemen differ with me, that there is no
way In which that fierce can be made
a direct resource as a national reserve
under national authority.'
"It has been said In the house of re
presentatives that In this respect the
president has changed hlB mind. I do
not know that this is true but I am
sure he was right when he made the
above statement.
"Very respectfully,
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