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Around the Boise Val ley Loop
Today's News from TownsAlong the Interurban Line.
tachinery Is Already on
Ground—Business Con
ditions Improved.
[ Star, April 6.—A cheese factory
iwhlch has long been a need of Star
lowing to the large proportion# the
rdairying Industry Is assuming in Its
I surrounding country necessitating en
larged markets, is now assured. The
I Mutual Creamery company is estab
| llshlng this enterprise. The machinery
I is already on the ground and is being
I Installed under the supervision of H.
A. Shellenberger, manager of tills com
I pany at Boise. That the industry will
I prove of vast benefit to the town in a
I buslneas way Is the general view of its
The business condition of the town
r is undergoing a constant improvement,
Recording to J. E. Roberts, the popular
"ashler of the Farmers' bank. The sale
of dulry products and stock Is held to
be very largely responsible for the ob
servable Improvement In business.
The progress of the high school and
the grade school under the supervision
of Professor Kltngler has been so sat
isfactory thut he and his entire corps
of teachers have been tendered their
positions for another year. The teach
ers of the high school are Professor
Klingler, Miss Burlier and Miss Auger.
Those In the grade school are Miss
Jettison, Miss Prahm and Miss Rob
erts. Their acceptance is considered
probable. The school maintains a four
year high school course and its grad
uates are accepted at the University of
Idaho without examination, consequent
to the high standard to which It has
.been raised by its present faculty. An
fennex has been built to the school
building at an approximate cost of
Ä2O0G and entirely paid for without
pending the district. v
Turpin & Connor are building a new
blacksmith shop which they will occu
py upon Its completion.
The declamatory contest between
the students of Star and those of the
Liberty school which occurred Monday
night resulted in Star winning two
out of the three contests. The success
ful students are Leber Meads and Ted
The VV. O. T. U. held its regular
semi-monthly meeting Monday evening
at Mrs. Haworth's.
E. D. Nichols, of Boise, the noted
temperance leader and speaker deliv
ered a temperance lecture here Sunday
evening. He emphasized the import
ance of the citizens of the state voting
for the statewide prohibition constitu
tional amendment which comes up to
be voted on at the next general elec
tion. His address is highly commend
Governor Alexander will deliver an
address In the amusement halt next
Sunday evening. Wide publicity has
(been given to the governor's coming
and a „large attendance is anticipated
from neighboring towns.
The high school will render the play,
"The High School Freshman," at the
amusement hall Friday evening.
Nampa. April 5.— G. E, Brooks, as
sistant superintendent of the Oregon
Short Une, arrived home yesterday
from a trip to Chicago.
R. E. Titus, chief dispatcher^ for the
Oregon Short Line, has gone to Miles
City, Mont., to spend his two weeks'
vacation visiting his parents.
Caldwell, April 5.— W. R. Sebree,
president of the Caldwell Traction
company, has gone to Suit Lake to
confer with Oregon Short Line officials
Ipgarditig the lease of the Wilder
Tjraneh. It is expected the lease will
be signed this week.
The Shank Auto company has pur
chased the garage building which it
now occupies from Robert Farrar. A
re-enforced concrete addition 40x60
will be built to handle the rapidly
growing business of the concern.
I *
AND orncuRA
Shampoos with Cuticura Soap pre
ceded by light touches of Cuticura
Ointment do much to cleanse the
scalp of dandruff, allay itching and
irritation, arrest falling hair and
promote a hair-growing condition.
Samples Free by Mail
CuUem Sosp sad Ointment sold ev
fjäenl **RU*e «< «S mellad tree with 3
lmmb "GuUcmV Sept. 100,
Situation Thoroughly Gone
Over at Public Meeting—
No Legal Provision for
Change, Says Dr. Sisson.
Meridian, April 6.—After a thorough
discussion of the situation at the school
meeting at this place last night a® to
whether the rural high school should
be returned to the status of a town
high school and explanations and sug
gestions by Commissioner Sisson and
Miss Ivy Wilson, county superintend
ent. It Is practically settled that there
will be no change in the character of
the school. In fact Dr. Sisson took the
position that there is no legal provi
sion for the change. The advocacy for
a change has been consequent to taxes
being high and the discussion of the
meeting developed the fact that the
excessive tax of the past two or three
years was because of a deficit having
been created the flret year of the rural
high school's existence amounting to
about $5000, caused by six of the dis
tricts which had joined In the forma
tion of the schoot withdrawing after
the law was enacted allowing districts
to withdraw from a rural high school
if they desired. It develops that the
deficit is now paid and that, whereas
it was necessary to levy a six-mill tax
last year, a levy of three mills will suf
fice this year. Forty per cent of the
levy this last year paid as tax this
year went for the paymer. of the defi
cit. Even after this great expense,
there wii! be left over fro n the money
raised last year approximately $1000.
The grade school will in all probability
be placed under the supervision of the
principal of the high school and in this
way one teacher can possibly be elim
inated. The rural high school receives
as state aid $200 for each teacher em
ployed and this means assistance to
the amount oi $1300 each year. Last
year the tax levied brought in about
$25,000, all of which went to the pay
ment of the deficit except the $18,000
expended for the maintenance of the
two schools and the $1000 left over as
a balance.
The teachers of the hig.i school will
entertain the Parents-Teachers' asso
ciation Friday and will have a* com
plete exhibit of the work of the dif
ferent departments for the parents that
they may have a knowledge of the
work being accomplished by the
Caldwell, April 5.—The local base
ason will open Friday afternoon
with a game between the fast team
from the Oregon Agricultural college
and the College of Idaho. Two games
will be played, one o« Friday and the
other Saturday. Judging from the ad
vance sale of tickets there will be a
record breaking crowd at the opening
game. Efforts are to be made to close
the stores for the first game. Mayor
Boyes has consented to pitch the first
ball In the general direction of home
plate, where H. J. Zeh, president of the
Commercial club will be stationed in
a receptive attitude. The Oregon Ag
gies have one of the strongest teams
in the Pacific Coast conference and will
be In charge of Dr. Stewart, the fam
ous athletic director. Coach Webb of
the College of Idaho has not decided
upon his line-up as competition Is
keen for several important positions. It
is likely that Alexander will pitch the
opening game. Other available twirl
ers are Turner and Tracy.
Meridian, April 5.—The Aid society
of the Methodist church will be enter
tained by Mrs. Dr. H. 1'. Neal. Mrs.
• 'lint Waggoner and Mrs. Fred New
baum will assist Mrs. Neal in enter
taining the members of the society.
J. W. Whitlock, on< of the oldest
citizens of the town, a man 83 years
of age, is dangerously ill and but ':ttle
hope is entertained for hl;j recovery.
J. A. ' alts, a forme. iVeiidian citi
zen who sold his firm here last week
and went to California foi* his health,
has died since his arrival there, of
heart failure, a telegram to this e fee':
having been received here his
The band had its first practice last
night under the instruction of Band
Instructor Frank Stewart of Nampa.
The roal estate firm of George A.
Atwater & Co. is In correspondence
v .th a number of eastern people in
reference to locating here and the par
ties will arrive soon on a trip of ob
servation. Land seekers and prospec
tive settlers are coming in regularly
and the real estate business is assum
ing encouraging proportions.
But one case of blackleg hus devel
oped in this section and In view of the
fact that all cattle in proximity h..ve
been vaccinated, but little fear is en
tertained of the spread of the disease.
Hay continues to be shipped from
Meridian at the rate of from one to
two cars a day. •*
The meeting of the £U*dem Woodmen
of America at this place last even'ng
was one of interest. Attori^y W. H.
Tyer of Boise, the state deputy of this
order, officiated in the conferring \>f
degrees upon six candidates, and the
Boise lodge In full uniform assisted In
the work of the evening. A large at
tendance ise reported.
Nampa, April 5.—As reflected by the
buildings In course of construction.
Nampa seems to be enjoying prosper
ity comparable to that of a few years
ago when all Idaho was forging to the
front along lines of development,
growth and Increased wealth. The
Lloyd Lumber company reports that
Its sale of lumber during the past
month was the largest In the history
of the city. Three business houses
have been completed or are nearing
completion at an approximate cost of
$23,000 and 16 residences are now In
course of construction at a probable
cost of $36,000. Tin business houses
are the Calcacarta building, the Davis
building and the Snell '.„uilding. Among
the dwellings Is that of J. A. Lloyd,
which will be a modern five-room
house, costing approximately $6000.
Nampa, April 6.—Through the real
estate firm of Walling & Walling thé
Improved 10-acre tract of L. W. Cor
win, near Lone Tree school house, was
sold to M. E., Terry of Meridian for
$1800. Mr. Terry will move to the
place and mprove $t. The same firm
also sold yesterday an Improved 20
acres near town belonging to August
Fichtner to S. F. Kelly of Twin Falls
for $2600. Mr. Kelly purchased the
farm for a home and will move to It
soon. The lumber companies report
that as many dwellings are being built
In the country as In the city. The un
dertaking establishment of Fred Rob
inson, which Is one of the most com
plete undertaking parlors In the state,
Is near completion at an approximate
cost of $4000.
The March 25 number of Musical
America contains a Manhattan, Kan.,
dispatch regarding the work of Pro
fessor Arthur Wesbrook, formerly of
Boise, which his friends here will be
Interested in. It is as follows:
"Mendelssohn's 'Elijah,' In the most
magnificent musical performance ever
attempted In the history of the Kansas
State Agricultural college, was pre
sented with great success Monday
night, March 13, In the college audi
torium before an audience of 1200. The
Choral society of nearly 300 persons,
under the direction of A. E. Wesbrook.
professor of music, „took part in the
oratorio. Four Boloists from Chicago,
75 s'ngers from Clay Center, and the
college orchestra of 38 pieces aided In
the performance. A short concert by
the four visiting soloists Immediately
preceded the oratorio. The able solo
ists were Hazel Huntley, contralto; C.
E, Lutton, baritone; Mrs. Ethel Gelst
weit Benedict, -dramatic soprano, and
Worthe Faulkner, tenor. The large
chorus, under Professor Wesbrook's
direction, made ready response to the
many requirements of the oratorio.
Must be Destroyed Before Catarrh It
self Can Be Cured. Wonderful
Results From Breathing
Medicated Air.
Medicine that acts on the blood
alone will never cure catarrh.
neither will the sprays, douches, lo
tions, creams and other temporary re
liefs that
many catarrh victims
make a habit of using. To cure catarrh
so it won't come back you must first
drive from your body the millions of
germs that are flourishing In the in
ner recesses of your nose and throat
and are causing the disease.
There is a preparation used to do
this called Hyomei (pronounced Hlgh
o-me). Hyomei is a germ killing va
porized air formed from the purest oil
of Eucalyptus combined with other
healing and antiseptic ingredients. You
breathe Hyomei through the mouth
and nose by means of a little hard rub
ber inhaler which druggists furnish
avith it This medicated germicidal air
penetrates into every fold and crevice
of the mucous membrane of your nose
and throat, kills the catarrh germs that
lodge there, soothes, reduces and heals
the swollen inflamed membranes,
stops the discharge and opens up the
clogged nose and air passages In a
truly wonderful way. It gives blessed
relief in five minutes from catarrhal
distress of every kind and If you make
a practice of breathing Hyomei for a
few minutes each day for just a few
weeks not aply will all the sym*tlms
of catarrh vanish, but the disease it
self will be a thing of the past No
one need try or buy Hyomei on pure
faith. Joy Drug Stores and many oth
er leading druggists in Boise and vi
cinity sell it with the positive guar
antee that it must cure catarrh or that
the money paid for It will be refunded.
Hyomei ts very inexpensive and with
this protecting guarantee behind your !
purchase there F, absolutely no reason
from Catarrh should
why any suffer
not give it a fat jriai.
T. P. Ingraham la a Boise visitor
from Shater creek.
Frank L. Rle of Pearl la transacting
business In the city.
Fgyette Davis of Cambridge is In the ,
city for a few days.
8. B. Blackwell of Glenns Ferry la
registered at the Idanha.
Mrs. J. M. Dinwiddle of Jordan Val
ley la visiting In the city.
IV. T. Callender la over from Em
mett on a short business trip.
J. A. Lloyd, general agent of the Erie,
la In the city from Salt Lake.
Mrs. B. E. Osier Is In the city from
Black's creek for a day or two.
W. H. Blackman of Mountain Home
Is looking after affairs in the city.
S. N. Darnell Is down from McCall
and will be In the city several days.
C. C. Stinson, the well known mining
man of Pearl. Is a Boise buslnees vis
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Scanian are!
down from Jordan Valley, guesta at the !
Mra. Clyde Anderson Is visiting in
the city. She came in last night from
Glenns Ferry.
W. F. Smith was up from Caldwell
yesterday, being called to Boise on a
business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cummtng are
down from their Willow creek ranch
after supplies.
Rev. W. H. Tung left last night for
Oregon City, Ore. He has been visit
ing in the city.
Thad W. Naylor, district manager of
the Studebaker company. Is In the city
from Salt Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. J. a Holly and L. R.
Bullock of Rlverview, Oregon, are
guests In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. L C. Weant and Her
man Walvln are guests at the Idanha.
They came down last night from Cas
Mrs. W. A. Orr left last night for
Kansas City, Mo., having been called
to a point close to that city by the Ill
ness of her mother.
Judge John H. Meyer and family re
turned to Idaho City this
They came to Boise to attend the fun
eral of Thomas U. Meyer.
Thomas P. Woodcock has gone to
Baker City and other Oregon points on
a business trip for Bissenger & Co., of
which firm he is manager.
Mrs. C. G. Punney, who has been
visiting her daughter, who Is 111 at a
local hospital, has returned to her
ranch at Alpine on the Idaho Northern.
Mrs. W. L. Campbell of Moscow will
arrive here tomorrow to visit at the
home of W. O. Campbell at 401 South
Fifth street. W. L. Campbell Is at
present visiting here.
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bered, In Meridian, for gentle horse
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GOODRICH black safety tread tires
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WANTED—One iron gray horse; must
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FOR RENT—6-room modern, brick
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age; cheap; 909 E. Bannock. T. L. tf
FOR - SALE!—A thoroughbred
pointer; perfectly trained for hunt
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WE SELL more bicycle tires than any
store in Boise. There is a reason—
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FOR RENT—Modern furnished and
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Hub City Realty Co., 219 Idaho Bldg.
Phone 60.
TO TRADE:—100 acres Payette valley
land; clear; want 6 or 7-room mod
ern bungalow. Hub City Realty Co.,
219 Idaho Bldg.
A r.
WANTED—Experienced chambermaid
housekeeper; references required.
Apply corner of South Ninth and
Grove streets, Central Hotel office,
No. 121.
TO TRADE—120-acre desert claim, 96
acres cleared, between New Ply
mouth and Nyssa, $600. What have
you to trade? Address 1385, care of
Capital News. A6c
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ly furnished, on ground floor; two
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had are all gone; will have a fresh
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day or two; wait and get new stock.
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TO TRADE— L. C. Smith typewriter
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Buffet; a very pretty solid oak and a
Minnesota sewing machine: drop head;
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Our New
Watch Our
An Ever
s r^/ HOUSE OF
Overland Bldg.—Eighth St.
.T. a. DBV AN ET, Mgr.
For the
Woman Intending to Pay
201 $ 25
For Her New Suit
this store should prove the most
highly interesting place in all Boise
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tensive in the city—
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Southern Pacific Passenger
Agent Writes Very Com
plimentary Letter.
The Evening Telegram is distrib
uting the new Universities diction
ary In Portland and many thousands
have been received by pleased coupon
holders. The publishers of the Port
land paper are very enthusiastic over
their success. The following letter,
from John M. Scott, general passenger
agent of the Southern Pacific at Port
land was sent'the Capital News by the
Telegram with the suggestion that we
reproduce It in these columns so that
the people of Boise and vicinity may
know what successful and prominent
men think of this new dictionary.
Portland, Oregon, Feb. 2, 1916.
The Evening Telegram,
Portland, Oregon.
Gentlemen: I have before me a copy
of "The New Universities Dictionary,"
just off the press. I hasten to congrat
ulate you in your ef-orts in getting
such a valuable publication before the
public under such favorable conditions.
It Is a marvel that so muefi informa
tion could be included In the limited,
space of one small volume.
The word "Dictionary" does not fully
TO TRADE—New Standard make pi
ano, direct from factory, price $375.
Trade for auto, late.model. Address
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table potatoes. Ninth and Grove—
old Cole Grocery stand. Phone I214J
or write I. B. JopF i, 308 State otreet.
■GOOD clear income property bringing
In $100 cash per month, in Boise, to
• exchange for good 80 acres of land.
Schooler-Starling Agency, Overland
I HAVE a party very anxious to get a
piece of land; he Is a farmer, and he
has a very fine heme, a 6-room mod
ern bungalow, 6 lots, cost-$5500 but
he will take mucu less than that,
either cash or land—Just as soon
have land. Here is a chance to get
you a fine home In Boise. Call and
see ms. 364 Sonna Bldg.
SPECIAL—For clean-up week we are
offering a Boise made broom at 29c.
This b oom has a red .enamel handle,
• is 4 sewed and hand sewed, (this is j
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a broom or better than you ever j
bought for the money. If we don't ;
you get your money back. This is a !
good time and opportunity to try
Boise made goods. We are this week
more than ever giving you both qual
ity and price.
Opp. Postofflce.
Kalbus Bros.
convey the full metning of the book as
It also Includes so much general In
formation that Its proper designation
should be "Miniature Encyclopedia."
The book contains all the latest and
newest words as well as up to date
pronunciations and Is certainly a very
complete dictionary.
The articles on the English language
are written by acknowledged authori
ties and these articles alone make the
book a valuable addition to any li
There Is also up to date tneormation
on "Faéts Worth Knowing," and the
section devoted to "25 Supplementary
Dictionaries" has been edited by ex
perts on the different subjects.
It gives me a great deal of pleasure
to Indorse the publication, and while
the publishers may have had In mind
Waists for Thursday
of 4 of the
Waists on
sale Thurs
day at
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Beautiful Bust and Shoulders
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drecglnr weight ef en unronllned bust so stretches the
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put the bust back where It be
longs, prevent the full bust from
ST having the appearance of fiab
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y are the daintiest and most serviceable garments Imagi
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Jm J
We offer certain permanent cures for Blood Poison, Ulcers, Stricture,
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lately or long contrasted Diseases of Men. We will charge you nothing
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cures. If corroborative evidence of our succese Is required, we refer
to our extraordinary record of pleased and satisfied patients that we
have dismissed sound and well during the year Just gone. Many of
these had been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere.
I W. L, Allen, M. D., 204 McCarty Bldtf., Boise
"*~*' L **""**~***''" ——nnryinrniv i nnnnju
its use largely for students and teach
ers, It is a book that should be In ev
ery home, as well in the office of
every business and professional man.
Yours very truly.
After terrible sufferings, numberless
women have used Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and recovered
from ailments peculiar to their sex.
Many of these, who cannot bear that
other women should suffer as they did
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ten letters telling their experience to
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est, helpful stories are constantly ap
pearing in the newspapers,
them, ailing women, they are written
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Re I ;

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