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Adelmann Brothers Will
Handle Stearns-Knight
in This Territory.
Backed up by 19 years of the best
automobile engineering experience of
pioneer experts in developing and per
fecting the Stearns-Knight motor cars
Adelmann Brothers of Boise are to be
complimented for securing the jjgency
for this high grade car for the man of
moderate means.
Until 1916 the .famous Stearns
Knight automobiles were a luxury far
above the average man's reach. In the
quality of design, performance, work
manship and material the Stearns
Knight stands unparalleled among
American made automobiles. In value
it is comparable only with the ilnest
and highest .priced cars of foreign
The Stearns-Knight manufacturers
had long been cognizant of the de
mand for a type of high grade car at
a moderate price but not until 1914 did
they realize their dream. The manu
facture of this new Stearns-Knight
car with the adoption of the Knight
type power plant to their standard
chassis required the best engineering
ability and experience procurable to
make the necessary structural changes
in the chassis for adaption In the new
er model. To test the popular demand
for this new type of car the company
produced it in limited quantities only
ill 1915 with results that were highly
pleasing to the manufacturers and ad
ditional factory space was immediately
planned for production in increased
quantities, with the result that this
year's model is nearly 8400 lower in
price—a high grade car in every sense
st a price within reach of the average
The new model Stearns-Knight
which Adelman Brothers receive 1 a
few days ago has features that are
calling the attention of automobile
owners and prospective buyers in this
section. Much interest is shown in
jlhc new Knight sleeve valve, a much
: Improved type over the old Stearns
poppet valve and in the leather faced
sfD! u
; ' ! :

Mr. Car Buy er
—Do you want an easy riding car, a car that makes the rough road3
—Do you want a car that has graceful lines,'one that makes you feel that
you have just a little nicer looking car than your neighbor?
—Do you want a car that is economical?
. —Do you want a car that is durable, one that will run up into the hun
dreds of thousands of miles and still be good ?
—Do you want a car that has speed, power, pep and flexibility?
—Do you want a car that will take you over Slaughter House Hill or any
other hill as steep.
If you do, buy a 1916 Overland or Willys- Knight. All of them have the
above qualities and don't forget, see is believing, so let us help you to see
all of the above stunts and feats performed.
Prices from $615.00 to $1750.00 f. o. b. Toledo, O.
r^B^iglïiigïisiiiaiiripgii 1
Home of Overland and Willys-Knight.
Phone 324.
309 North Tenth St., Boise, Idaho
Jr j
!5 !
- a
cone clutch. Thle clutch le used with
a spécial provision In Its design for
soft anil gradual engagement permit
ting the shifting of gears without
Plant at Emmett Nearing
Season Promised.
(Staff Correspondence.)
Emmett, April 15.—The big storage
and packing house being built here for
the Emmett Fruit Growers' union, a
branch of the North Pacific Fruit Dis
tributors, is rapidly nearing comple
tion. The basement is 50x100 feet with
a seven foot ceiling. The basement is
built of concrete. The superstructure
is being built of wood. It is 40x100
feet and has a 10-foot platform under
roof. The platform runs the length
of the building, and faces the railroad
The superstructure is being sealed
inside and outside with heavy insula
tion paper, making it useful for cold
storage purposes. The cost of the
building completed will be about $3500.
Berry & Campbell are superintending
the construction work. B. B. Davis is
the local manager. ,
Tom Hnnce, the deputy fruit in
spector of this district, stated that the
fruit growers of this section are tak
ing better care of their orchards this
spring, in the way of effective prun
ing, spraying and cultivation than ever
The belief is held that the fruit
growers of Idaho will have a profitable
season this year, due to the great pros
perity prevailing throughout the east
ern half of this nation. Prosperity
there means that the people will be in
a position to buy Idaho'B fancy fruits.
We hereby announce, to our clients,
that we have moved our law offices
from the Sonna building, where we
have been located for many years, to
rooms 503-594 and 505 on the Fifth
floor in the Idaho building.
Business Survey In Boise Shows
That There Is No Place for
Pessimist In the City
The pessimist in Boise will have to
take to the tall timber, for his days
are about numbered and the time for
the optimist to take hold of th'ngs
has arrived. This stktement Is made
as the result of a business survey by
Ernest G. Day of the Hub City Realty
company, of conditions as they exist
in the capital of the Gem state. This
is not an advertisement. Mr. Day vol
unteered the information because he
believes it should be passed on. Neith
er he anxious to have his name
connected in the dispersing of it.
This survey resulted in 63 of the
leading firms in retail lines in Boise
being personally called upon. They
were not asked to boost their business,
but to give out the hard, cold facts
with regai 1 to it. As many of the
wholesalers as could be seen were ap
proached in the same manner. The
basis of comparison taken was the first
three months of 1916. The facts es
tablished were most optimistic in tone.
This is particularly significant be
cause the Easter business came in
March last year while this year it will
come this month.
Mark the facts established:
Of the 63 retailers interviewed there
were only five who reported they were
Just breaking even in business with
last year.
The other 48 report increase In sales
and more cash. The increase varied
from eight per cent net on up.
A number reported they had gone as
high as 50 per cent.
Without exception nine of the lead
ing wholesale men called upon reported
a large increase in business and the
cash with it.
Real estate dealers called upon say
property is moving more rapidly now
than for the past few years. They are
the indicators of community business.
Notwithstanding that all goods have
gone up in price and are much harder
to get, business has increased.
Here are some of the most common
remarks heard from thoste visited:
A printer—"Paper has ijsonc up to the
top in price but I am selling more
volume than last year."
A map maker—"I am
year than ever as a result of new pro
jects, new buildings and more inquiries
for land."
Woman's clothing stdre manager—
"Goods have gone up In price in all
lines and are hard to get yet business
is much better."
Wholesale hardware man—"Hard
ware is out of sight in pfice but we are
selling more." i
Boise, in line with the rest of the
state, is on the up gtade again. It
has "turned the corner.
The 53 firms called Upon Include:
Groceries, departments, hardware, no
tions and bazaars, gents 'clothing,
ladies' clothing, shoes,' Jewelers, ice
cream parlors, coal dealers, stationers,
hotels, gas company, elpctric company,
music dealers, i aints etc., butchers,
dyers and cleaners, restaurants,
makers, seed dealers, produce dealers,
lumber dealers, harness dealers, mil
lers, cold storage, architects, abstract
ors, transportation, collecting agencies,
busier this
ma P
L. J. Ross Will Randle Very
Popular Caif in This
I* J. Ross, the dealer in Pierce Ar
row and Hudson motor cars, who has
his salesrooms at lio South Tenth
street, has added thi well known and
reliable Reo line of cars and trucks,
and announces that he can make im
mediate delivery on either the five or
seven-passenger cars. Mr. Ross states
that It was only after long delibera
tion and careful elimination that he
decided on adding this popular car to
his different lines,
necessary to have lit stock a five-pas
senger model besidk the two high
grade makes he no y carries. This he
found in the Reo, jvhlch he considers
the most sturdily built car of today.
This line of cars cqn, at a small cost,
be equipped with (he Reo distillate
adapter, which allows the owner to
use cheap distillât« Instead of high
priced gasoline, thereby securing dou
ble the mileage for the same money.
The two newest models of the Reo
line which Mr. Rosa will carry are Reo
the Fifth and the Fjeo Six. These cars
have many salient features only a few
of which will be mentioned here. One
is the world famous motor which has
been the standard of this line for six
seasons. In it the overhead intake
valve system is uked and also the re
liable Reo lubrication and the equally
dependable cooling system. The fa
mous Reo "safety first" steering gear
has been retained and the spark and
throttle control levers have been put
on top of the whpel Instead of below
as formerly. The Remy electric start
er and lighting system have been re
tained but Instead of the worm-driving
mechanism, the simpler and more fa
miliar chain has been substituted be
cause It requires practically no atten
tion from the driver. Then there are
the Reo bodies, the one-man top, and
the rain vision shield, all of which go
to make the Reef one of the popular
cars of the day.
e felt that It was
political Conventions
April 29—-Republican state
convention at Twin Fails.
April 22—progressive state
convention at Boise.
May 18—Democratic state
convention a( Pocatello.
June 7—Republican national
convention at Chicago.
June 7—Progressive national
convention at Chicago.
June 14—Ifemocratic national
convention ait St. Louis.
Sept. 6—Statewide primary
elecUon. *
Nov. 7—Geneial election.
While othert are claiming Quality w* an guaranteeing it.
Y For 1916 >
Adi IX
in writing
s. 500« MILES.
Reo Quality Is Uniform
Every Reo Car Is a Good Car
YOUR REO MOTOR—the motor that will go into your Reo—into every Reo car—is
dynamometer tested. Perhaps you don't catch the full significance of that statement—
sounds like "shop talk" to you.
ALL RIGHT, WE'LL EXPLAIN : And in the explanation perhaps we can show you why
Reo quality is uniform—why every Reo is just as good—just as powerful, just as sweet
running and just as low in upkeep cost as the best Reo we ever made.
MOST MAKERS CON8IDER it sufficient to subject every tenth or every fifteenth and in
some cases every one-hundredth motor to the dynamometer test. (Of course we are
speaking now of those leading makers who have this ' expensive equipment. Many
scarcely know the meaning of the term.) It is considered sufficient gauge of the
accuracy of workmanship and the power of motor to test one "about every so often."
IP THAT ONE PROVES UP it is assumed that the rest of that day's run will average
about the same. If it falls below the requirements in the test it is in like manner assumed
that the rest are below standard—and measures are taken to correct it in the next batch.
MEANTIME YOU MIGHT be one of those to get one of those that didn't prove up.
NO; THE REO FOLK do not consider that kind of testing sufficient. It isn't sufficient, for
example, that the Reo the Fifth we sell you "averages up." The Reo standard says your
Reo must be as good in every respect as any Reo ever turned out of the factory
better if possible, since today's cars ought to be better than yesterday's.
AND SO YOU CAN KNOW—you can feel absolutely sure—that the individual car we
deliver to you, has, itself and its every part, passed through the most rigid tests.
IF YOU COULD VISIT the big 30-acre Reo plant at Lansing, Michigan, as we have, and see
the four rows of dynamometers with meters and other electrical equipment, you would
exclaim, "What an expensive testing equipment!"
BUT WHEN YOU DRIVE YOÙR Reo car you will appreciate the economy of a testing
system that guarantees every buyer the utmost satisfaction for his money and makes
you and every other Reo owner a booster for Reo.
L. J. ROSS, 120 S. 10th
New Fads and Modes
In Auto Styles
A bag made of soft flannel Is best
in which to keep inner tubes. The
mouth of the bag should be tied
around the projecting valve.
While putting on nuts and bolts it
Is an excellent preventive of rust to
rub on them a little graphite. When
this is done, you have taken out an
insurance policy against sticking nuts.
Where rubber hose is used to make
connections in the water circulation
pipes with a gasoline motor, and has
bends in It, a good plan is to rein
force it by a brass coil spring, which
is a good fit Inside. This prevents
any flattening at the bend and crack
ing, resulting eventually in a leak.
It is not advisable to use ordinary
paint on cylinder casting,
coat of paint will prevent radiation.
A paint suitable for this use may be
obtained at most automobile supply
A thick
Care should be exercised in the pro
per lubrication of ball bearings. Often
too heavy or solid lubricant is used.
Fluid oil no thinner than the heavier
machine oils, is very good.
Storage for household soods, pianos
and furniture. Few equal, none better.
PeaBley Transfer Storage Co.
Phone 73. Adv.
Sweet peas, every color and variety.
W. S. & G. Co. 9th and Grove.
Today—order Sunset ana The Capi
tal News.
- *« * 1

§ ' :
» ;
The result of 19 years' automobile building experi
ence of the highest grade cars.
.$1595 f. o. b. Boise
.$2250 f. o. b. Boise
Phone 156—622 Idaho St.
There are 49,815 Knight Motored Cars in use today
The white line radiator belongs to Stearns.
imho com. a si
k ,TH ft OPOVT __
Use our Commercial Fer
tilizer on your lawn before
the spring rains are over.
Idaho Coal & Seed Co
Eighth and Grove. Phone 31.

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