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Around the Boise Valley loop
Today's News from Towns Along the Interurban Line.
CALDWELL AGENT—Keith Miller, Phone 164
NAMPA AGENT—Halley Wilton. Phone 4S5W
extensive Plans Are Made
for Doing Things for
Benefit of Meridian.
Meridian. May 1.—It develops that
_ . , , . . .. . _
the Boosters club which has proven
such a potent factor in the uccom
plishment of things worth while for
the town the past month has In no
measure spent its enthusiasm or re
sourcefulness in doing things. To the
contrary, its program for future work
embraces some notable Improvements
for the town. For a number of years,
there has been a realization of the
great need of a public park, and lead
ers of the club have come to a deter
mination to secure one before property
becomes so high that it will be diffi
cult to buy the land for one. Conse
quently, there is a disposition to pur
chase the block east of the post office
owned by the public school and park
it for that purpose in the immediate
future. Plans are also already outlined
for beautifying the park in a thor
oughly modern way. Phases of the
contemplated beautifying involve the
planting of shade trees, the planting of
various flowers, the installment of
fountains, and the construction of
cement walks diagonally across the
park. Early action along these lines is
Stock and hay shipments continue to
be made from this place with about
the same regularity and of the same
proportion . Seldom a day passes with
out a carload of hay going out or a
carload or more of cattle cr hogs. A
carlad of hay went out Saturday and
last, week a number of cars of hogs
were shipped. Few, If any, sections of
the state excel this as a stock and
grain raising section, and the wonder
ful prosperity of the farmers of the
country tributary to this place and up
on which It draws for Its trade Is to be
attributed to the fact that these two
industries constitute the basis of its
vast volume of business which has be
come a matter of statewide comment.
Throughout its extent, farmers are in
an easy financial condition. The great
improvements being made upon
farms and the • ast number of silos to
be observed confirm the Doasted pros
perity and progress of the entire
Middleton, May 1.—With an Influx
of Swedish immigrants locating in «ts
surrounding country and assuring the
settlement of all Its fertile tributary
country and the enlargement of Its
trade territory, there is a basis for the
belief so prevalent in business circles
here that the outlook for the future of
the town,
of business are involved, Is highly en
couraging. The agricultural and stock
raising Industries are the dominant
factors in the prosperity of Middleton,
and the reclamation of that unit of the
Black Canyon project in proximity to
this place wiM mean a great enlarge
ment of thes*lndustrles, Involving as
it does an area of 50,000 aches, and a
trade territory for this town to draw
upon which can but make it one of the
best towns in the entire valley. A
number of Swedish Immigrants
have but recently arrived are seeking
houses and contemplate locating in the
far as growth and increase
surrounding country.
Efforts are still under way for se
curing the proposed cheese factory and
those directing the efforts are hopeful
of securing the Industry. There appears
to be a general realization of the bene
fits the town would derive from Its op
eration. The dairying industry Is al
ready one of proportions here and can
be so developed that It will bring no
small amount of money Into local cir
culation, which of course would give a
strong impetus to local trade. It would
mean ready money for the farmers of
the adjacent country and would tend to
Htimulate business generally. As an in
ducement and encouragement for the
establishment of the Industry, the Mid-|
dleton Fruit Product company, through
Its manager, J. M. Stark, has offered
free use of one of Its buildings for one
year to the promoters of the Industry,
an action which is being highly com
The local comnv'sion company Is
already doing an excellent business, it
shipped out a carload of cattle and
hogs to Portland yesterday. The com
pany is meeting a long felt want of
this locality, and all signs point to an
extensive business for tt.
Meridian, May 1.—Mrs. Joseph Car
penter is quite ill this morning.
J. J. Jones, the president of the First
National bunk of this place who has
been ill for many weeks Is in a much
weaker condition thia morning and but
little hope is entertained for his re
Tho improbability of the high school
retaining all of Its present faculty for
the ensuing year has developed. In
fact, 'It now seems certain that Miss
Stephens, the principal, Miss Dewhlrst,
the ter cher of German and Miss Lod
er of the musical department will sev
tt their connection with the school,
consequent to being tendered more de
sirable posit icAis.
Hurvey Rhoades has suffered an at
tack of appendicitis and will probably
be taken to Boise this morning for an
The birth of a boy baby was report
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
i Hamzow this morning.
The regular monthly meeting of the
village board will be held this evening.
at which time bids Will probably be
called for on th- contract for sprink
ling the town this year.
The work of repairing the break in
the Ridenbaugh canal west of town will
be cqmpleted today, there being a num
°* men an< 1 team- engaged In rush
Ing the work tj completion that the
farmer8 usjng water jn that loca „ ty
may not be retardai' in their work,
Harold Salisbury has finished his
school at French and returned home,
Mr. Salisbury Ins been employed to
teach the school at Liberty this year,
Miss Loraine Shaw who has been
visiting her sister, Miss Elizabeth
j Shaw, of the high school faculty, has
returned to her home at Tamarack.
The came of baseball played yester
day between the town team and the
high school team resulted in a victory
for the town team by a score of 12 to 1.
Delbert Lewis has returned from a
business trip to Buhl.
Rev. Joel Brown filled his regular
appolntme t at the Christian church
Mr. Swtnderman and daughter. Miss
Ruth . isited friends in Caldwell
T. H. McDermott, Is transacting busi
ness in Boise today.
Representatives from
citl s will be In attendance,
Caldwell, May 1.—A meeting will be
held in this city Thursday afternoon for
the purpose of effecting the organiza
tion of a baseball league to be known
as the Idaho-Ôregon league, and to in
clude the cities of Boise, Caldwell,
Nampa, Payette, Weiser and Ontario.
the different
Caldwell, May 1.—A. E.
former state engineer, passed through
this city today enroute to the Succor
creek potash field, which Is being
entered by the American Nitrate com
pany. A number of men are now en
gaged in rushing the development of
the deposits, which though on the Ore
gon side have a marked significance
because ot their proximity to Home
dale, and a plant of large proportions
will he installed at once. Optimistic
predictions are made by Mr. Robinson
as to the possibility of the findings
proving of excellent quality and of such
quantity as to insure the permanent
operation of the enterprise.
Caldwell, May 1.—Dorothy Funk vis
ited with Alta Sebree Saturday and
Sunday at her hume in Notus.
Julia Feldhusen went to Boise Sat
urday, being called home on account
of her mother's Illness.
The Juniors entertained the seniors
at a banquet Friday night at Blatch
ley hall.
Wendell, the four-year-old son of
Professor. Smith, had hts finger in
jured In a lawn mower Sunday. The
tip of his second finger on his right
hand was almost severed.
Mrs. Paul Murphy entertained the
junior and senior girls Saturday at
Caldwell, May 1.—At a meeting of
the city council tonight the extension
of the city j electric lighting will
probably come up for consideration.
The city's extensive program for Im
provement this year includes an exten
slim of its present lighting system and
| the substitution of cement walks in
certain parts of the city for the plank
walks recently condemned.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stewart and Mr.
an# Mrs. R. A. Thornton motored to
Emmett yesterday.
Judge Bryan went to Council this
morning to hold a regular term of the
district court for Adams county.
The county commissioners will con
vene tomorrow for the purpose of aud
iting the accounts of the past quarter.
The game of baseball played between
the Boise All-Stars and the local team
yesterday resulted In a victory for the
local team.
Nampa, May 1.—There will be a
meeting of the city council tonight..
Only routine business is scheduled to
come up for consideration.
Harold Jenness, cjty editor of the
Leader-Herald, and his grandfather, M.
J. Jenness, returned from a visit to
Welser this morning.*
Waite:- Wood, manager of the Wood
Fruit company is transacting business
in Caldwell today.
Maxie A. X. Clark has opened
series of nightly meetings (evangelis
tic) at t)ie mission recently opened by
the Pentecostal movement on Eleventh
avenue, Souths -
Session to Be Held to Cele
brate Completion of Mem
bership Campaign.
Nampa. May 1.—With 345 active and
enthusiastic members as a result of the
membership campaign closed last Sat
urday evening, and the Inspiring slo
gan, ''All Together for Nampa," the
Chamber of Cqpimeree at a meeting
tomorrow evening at its club rooms,
will initiate a campaign for secur
ing numerous Industries for the oper
ation of which this city is believed to
offer a logical field. Among industries
which will be soiught will be a can
ning and prune drying factory and u
wholesale grocery house for all of
which plans are under way. With a
view to providing business for these
industries and expanding the business
already enjoyed by the flouring mill,
the Iron factory and the local meat
concerns which are now doing a busi
ness of proportions, a man will be
placed in the field and kept on the
road constantly boosting for Nampa
and Nampa prçducts.
Association Being Organized.
As a factor in the general accom
plishment. of this purpose an associa
tion is being organized by the dif
ferent manufacturers of the city un
der the auspices of the Chamber of
Steps will also be taken at the meet
ing of tomorrow night towards ef
fecting permanent quarters for the
club in the Dewey Palace, which is
regarded ns being the most attractive
place to rclub rooms in the city. The
reopening of this popular hostelry at
an early date is highly probable and In
the future ns In the past, it is likely
to be the city's most popular resort.
Dewey Guiding Spirit.
In all of the many efforts in prog
ress for the continued growth, prog
ress and prosperity of the city, E. H.
Dewey's, for years the city's benefactor,
Is the leading and guiding spirit. In
fact, his name appears to be one to
conjure with for the success of any
enterprise, and Nampa people as a unit
declare that he is ever responsive to
calls for assistance in the advance
ment of Nampa.
Nampa, May 1.— Last evening mark
ed the termination of the great taber
nacle meetings which have been In pro
gress in this city the past five weeks
under the supervision of the Mills
Huggins Evangelistic company of Chi
cago. Never before perhaps in the en
tire history of the city has there been
such an effective religious revival. Con
versions were effected tip to the last
service and as a result of the revival
175 persons In the city have been con
With the close of the meeting lust
night, a local gospel team of So men
was organized. J. H. Egbert being chos
en as its president. The Rev. Mr. Mills
and his corps of workers went from
here to Ustlck where they will
duct a union meeting under the aus
pices of the churches of that place.
Caldwell, May 1.—Traders' sale day
is in progress In this city with several
hundred people in attendance. The
monthly observance \>f this day has
come to be a marked feature of the
business of the city, bringing in as it
does citizens from all parts of the
county. The streets are well filled with
country people, and as usual on this
occasion, the farmers are rushed by
heavy trade. Farmers in attendance
comment favorably upon the conditions
of prosperity existing through Canyon
county, and predict the era of pros
perity so manifested will be of Increas
ing proportion. They point to Increas
ed crop area and continuing high prices
for stock as justifying their views.
Subscribers who are expect
ing the four magazines, Home
Life, The Ho et.old. Farm Life
and W< man's Worid, will re
celv# tbei« - first Issue of their
year's si bsarlptlon with the May
number which should reach
tl Mr addre a about Ar'ril 20.
Owing to the large number of
ordere sent, the agency from
whom *e order the magazines,
write that our orders cannot be
flll.d until the May number, and
tha. each subscriber w'l'. receive
a full year . subscription from
that daie.
30 Z T -
.V* ir
, "AH
Mrs. James M. Thompson Hop) and
Miss Callie Hoke Smith.
Several hundred women from all
parts of the country have enrolled
tor the two weeks' camp at the na
opens Max 16. The fortnight
i crammed full of drills, lee
tures, classes in care of sick and
wounded, and Red Çross work
Prominent among the women enroll
ed are Mrs. James M. Thompson.
daughter of Speaker and Mrs Champ
Clark, and Miss Gallic Hoke Smith,
daughter of Senator Smith of
ticnal cervice school,
will be
AX/rircs-nUTT-wr-PC. .
. , , ..T
four day engagement at the Finney
theater tonight in digitation, magic
and hypnotism. The company comes
heralded by columns and pages of
newspaper and magazine articles pro
claiming it to be the very best in its
line. Mr. Santanelli has attracted na-j
tional attention by mapvelous discov
eries and original thought. The gen
tleman refuses to concur with psychol
ogists until their theories have been
stripped of all chaff and meaningless
words and brought down to a basis of
common sense. In so doing he has ex
ploded some pet theories, that nobody
but their champions understood any
way. There will be a change of pro
gram nightly.
4*4»4»4 , 4'4»4»4*4*4*
At the Pinney.
The Santanelli company opens a
The Majestic opens "grand review"
week today with the success of two
vj —i
Ö5 irec. ti ox>
Film CortPoRATioH
Clara Kimball Young Will bo at tha Majaatio Today only in "Trilby/
F YOT have seen "The Fool's Re
venge," "A Soldier's Oath"
any one or the numerous pic
tures of this order you may re
. member that you 1 could
help admiring Kittens Reichart. She is
six and
half years old. "goin' on
Heyen," as she will tell you. She cornel
us near to being an actual moving pic.
Utre star as any child of her age or ex
But Kittens has an added distinction
of which it must be confessed she is
not overprouö. She went through an
entire year -of her life without a real
name. Mother and Father Reichart Just
couldn't think of a name to give their
baby and delayed the christening while
they debated the subject. Meanwhile
both called her Kittens because she
played about Just as kittens do. Finally
her parents decided to keep the nick
name they had bestowed'on her as her
given name, so to church they went
and Kittens became little Miss Rel
chart's honest to goodness name for all
Fashion Fote for Movie Expo.
"Fashion Day" tit the First National
Picture exposition at Madison Square
Garden, May 6-14, will be observed by
the best-known modistes, milliners and
bootmakers In New York. French man
nikins and the prettiest of American
models will show the very latest of the
world's fashions at the forthcoming ex
Not only will the professional models
exhibit the gowns, but the stars of the
screen will also appear In the newest of
woman's fancies. Film actresses are al
ways garbed in the newest styles and
are amông the best patrons of the
Fifth avenue shops. In one of the recent
film re'eases 525,000 worth of gowns
were worn by the leading artist.
Wallace Reid, who is remembered as
Don Jose in the Lasky production of
"Carmen," in which Miss Geraldine
Farrar made her debut In motion pic
tures. will play the principal masculine
role in Miss Farrar's next photoplay,
"Maria Rosa," which will be shown In
many cities before its rcgulnr release
date on the Paramount program. May
16. , ✓
Twelve months ago the average mo
tion picture actor was throwing a fit
If ho was requested to take a character
Y>art, it being the desire of his life or
her life to play Venus and Apollo
Iowa Papers and the Idaho Movies
Excerpts from Press on D. R. Hubbard's Activities in the
Middle Western States.
(Spencer News-Herald. 1 I
The Idaho moving picture« at the
Grand Wednesday night were instruc-;
tive. artistic and full of inspiration.
The animal pictures <n Yellowstone
P«rk «ere very interesting The Bear |
party could not have been more im . !
«Impressive had It been staged especially
for the occasion. W arn the huge black I
bear rushed to the center of the stage .
and scented inquisitively toward the
audience, the children Joined in the;
play with evidence of fear and w hen j
he made a hasty retreat and joined his
mate in a hurried getaway the laughter ;
of the little ones amply indicated that |
they had taken the play with near ser
continents, 'Trilby'', starring the idol-!
•reen beauty, Clara Kimball
Young, in the name part of the great
drama. Wilton Lackaye, playing op
poslte Miss Young as Svengall, was a
member of the original cast that made I
such a sweeping tour of the world a j
few years ago. With the support given
the star, the benuty of the picture, the I
clearness of the story, and the able di- j
reetlon of the cast, this feature is
"altogether lovely." "Trilby" is here
for one day only, tomorrow's change
being the southern race horse picture,
"Blue Gruss," featuring the irresistible
actor, Tom Wise.

: y,
Kittens Reichert
In addition to being a player of win
somcness and oharm ahe la skilled in
the technical side of picture making
and possesses a rather unusual type, of
knowledge for a child.
the screen. Now. however, there's quite
a different view being taken, for these
people realize that it takes a person of
ability to mold over successfully what
the Lord gave him.
"Rags," starring Mary Pickford, and
"Carmen," starring Geraldine Farrar,
are enjoying long runs in South Africa.
Do You Know That:
President Wilson admits having seen
Charley Chaplin?
Villa was a film actor for five months
—he does not collect royalty any
JVllliam A. Brady is the new director
general of World Film pictures?
A baby was raffled off in a Pittsburg
movie house—a baby lamb?
Why is a serial picture like our
thorax?—It's continued in our necks.
I iousness. AH the bears acted their part
|-naturally of course, as they were at
ho I m ® «V e Yellowstone Park
IndustrWI scenes stowing the vast
and varied resources of the state, In
| $ lu , di "* lumbering, farming.
! dairying live stock and irrigation, were
highly educational. The work of -he
I J, S ' Reclamation service, especially
. Hie construction of the great Arrow
, r " ck da ™' the h, S heBt concrete dam it.
1 ' 10 "'" r,d ' waB constantly interesting,
* lr ' Hubbard s conversational talks
? a ea 5 ncreaaerl one s know ledge of
L, ® su ^ P . c . *' especla 'y * he nature pic -
^ 8 as ey pa8Bed be fore you on the
en '
(Ayrshire Chronicle.)
Our patrons enjoyed a rare treat at
the opera house Saturday night. The
usual program was supplemented by
the Idaho Movies and It Is to be re
gretted that the roads were euch that
more of our farmer patrons could not
be present. The work of the Reclama
tion service In Idaho was most enter
tainingly Illustrated and discussed by
D. R. Hubbard of Boise. The nature
pictures of the forestry service and
Idaho were marvels of beauty and in
spiration. These alone would have been
ample for an evening's entertainment.
Educational and social conditions in
Idaho us shown in the Boise sch'ool
parade. Industrial, agricultural, horti
cultural and live stock moving pictures
and nature pictures were such as to
create a very high opinion of this new.
though not well known westerrf state.
Mr. Hubbard and his entertainment
will always have a pleasant place In
the memories of the people of Ayrshire
and should he return he will have a
hearty welcome.
(Ruthveh Free Press.)
The Idaho Movies at the Electric j
theater last Thursday night were edu- :
catlonal. Instructive and highly pleas- i
iA«. The wonderland of the west, Yel- j
lowstone Park, the Bear Party, The '
Buffalo, the construction of the great
Santanelli, the Great Hyp- ;
The Santanelli company comes to '
the Pinney theater Monday, for a four
day engagement, heralded by press
notices In the large cities from the
Atlantic to the Pacific. There are col
umns and pages from the New York !
City papers during his engagement at
Hamtneratelns. Even the cartoonists,
including Bud Fisher with Mutt and
Jeff, have taken turns at him, which
proves that he Is at the head of his
profession. The New York "Evening
Telegram" Bays: "Then the most
marvelous exhibition known in the his
tory of hypnosis waa given."—Adv. j

W HAT a lot
of things
we have
to add to our
comfort, to make
our work easier,
to give more
pleasuré in life:
motor - cars,
telephone s,
motion pictures,
better, cleaner
and finer foods.
may always have
been known, but
it wasn't much
practised. The open
bin whence coffee
was scooped did not
improve the flavor
nor retain the aroma.
Folger's Golden Gate
Coffee in flavor-tight
tins shows the progress
of the age in its demand
for better foods.
45c Coffee — 45c Quality
Arrow-rock dam. logging, lumbering
and agriculture in moving pictures
furnished a constant round of delight.
D. R. Hubbard's portrayal of the won
ders of Irrigation, Its effect upon agri
culture, and the climatic conditions of
the Boise Valley was very interesting.
Our old settlers were especially glad to
meet Mr. Hubbard and hear his lecture
as he has many acquaintances in
Ruthven since early days when he was
connected with the Ruthven Free Press.
Phone Compton Transrer Co. for the
best moving Job you ever had. Phons
sweet potatoes, etc.
9th and Grove.
Early cabbage, tomatoes,
W. S. & G. Co.,
tngagement Extraordinary!
Th« Great
and Company.
Master Hypnotists
Tha Biggest Laugh Show en
ths Road.
Starting Monday, May 1.
Children, 15e: Adults, 2So.
Any Saat.
IS THI8 1251 -Jf
Wall, for goodness sake, what's
the matter? l 'va been trying to
got thio number for a half hour.
Tho Busy Buza waa all I
could got.
Wall, I don't wonder It keeps
busy recaiving orders—but taka
my order qulok far Strawberry
lea Cream before someone else
cuts In.
JUST 'PHONE 1251-J whan
yau want'the bast Strawberry
lea Cream in town.

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