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Exercises That Will
Help Make Fat
at Forty Impossible
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Diagrammatic View ef Seme of the Principal
Organs of the Human Body. Proper Exer
cise Will Keep These Organs in a Healthy
Condition and Prevent the Imperfect Oxy
genation and Faulty Elimination of
Which Cause Fat.
By Mile. Stifa Plaskovietyka,
•f the Ruetian Ballet at the New York Hippodrome.
F you would avoid being fat at
forty be active while twenty
Don't be luxurious.
Don't be pampered either by
yourself or anyone else.
Don't become a sweets glutton.
It Is a habit as disgusting as drunk
enness. You remember that Lord
Byron said he hated to see a
woman eat ? It is one of the ro
mance destroying sights, especially
If you are no; a dainty consumer of
Be active. Do something. Let
It be your habit of life to be dy
namic, not static. The only really
rest time to which anyone is en
titled is the lime while one is
asleep. Do not sleep too much.
If you are plumply inclined never
sleep more than seven hours a
night. And do not form the habit
of naps during the day. Your great
English novelist. Dickens, whom
we know in my native Poland,
created a character called the Fat
Boy. Someone was always calling
for him and always exclaiming with
an expletive: "lie's asleep.''
The English author was acute.
He knew that fat people sleep over
much, and thata much sleep creates
surplus flesh. It is like the prob
lem of the priority of the hen or
the egg. But it is an absolutely
safe deduction that more than
seven hours sleep are too many for
the person who is overweight or
Inclined to overweight.
Fat people grow fat because of
Imperfect oxygenation and faulty
elimination of waste matter from
the system. Dancers never grow
fat, because their vigorous and reg
ular exercise occasions deep breath
ing, and deep breathing provides
plenty of fresh air for the body.
Also the same vigorous and regular
exercises, in other words, an active
life, promotes the elimination of
waste matter from the system.
Remember these two danger sig
nals on the road to fat. If you are
gaining flesh in an unwelcome
amount, you do not burn up with
the fresh air flame enough of the
food and other elements of the
body, and you do not compel the
pores and lungs and other elimi
native organs to perform their
work with thoroughness.
Keep in mind these facts and
govern your dally regimen accord
ing to them. Take long walks.
Breathe deeply every morning, and
as often as possible during the day.
Keep going. Don't stop, until too
weary to go on. Fat persons are
addicted to long pauses.
On this page will be found photo
graphs of myself iu postures that
prevent the accumulation of fat.
Every day I exercise for one and
n Half hours, quite independently
of my dancing. Every woman
should have an hour of exercise
every day. If she can arrange two
hours, so much the better. But In
sist upon that hour as you Insist
upon your time for sleep end for
food. Take it from your eleep If
need be.
eight hours to seven.
Do you know that If you dwell
and work in sufficiently ventilated
rooms and take enough out-of-door
Reduce your quota of
exercise you will
need less sleep?
I have known
that (o be proven
by a woman's mov
ing from a district
in which the air
was less pure to
in which it
was fresher,
slept as long as
she w ished, as loug
as she needed to
sleep. That iis
regulated by na
tu r e. Nature
wakes us, when we
have finished the
sleep we need. The
woman of whom 1
write awoke as
hour to one and a
half and two hours
earlier than shs
had done In her
former heme. She
was stronger, could
do more and bet
ter work and was
in better spirits,
though she slept
and ate less than
she had done In
her former home.
The struggle to
build up strength
by eating extra
tood and doing
more sleeping Is
persons who do
this are in some
cases merely add
ing to the work
the body already
has to do by consuming the energy
needed for work. In the digestion
of food. Bear in mind that 1 am
addressing all that I say in this
article to those who are too plump,
or who fear that they will become
too plump. What I say has no
application to nervous, exhausted
persons who are in need of the re
building of the body by more sleep.
Let us describe in full the pos
tures shown on this page. Fol
lowed perseveringly they will pre
vent your gaining weight. They will
also help you to rid yourself of
excess pounds
You will observe that two of
them show me resting the weight
of the body upon the knee. This
is an unusual posture, and by
reason of its unusualness the mare
Crouching with the weight fall
ing upon one knee and the other
leg stretched as far behind as pos
sible. stretch the arm on the same
side as the bent leg far before you.
Shift the position. If you have be
gun by crouching on the right leg
and stretching the left leg behind
you. shift your weight to the left
knee and stretch your right leg be
hind and your right arm before you.
The other arm, In * way, takes car*
of Itself.
I trust it is clear to you that th*
leg maintains the balance of the
body. The arm stretching before,
and the other leg stretching be
hind, use the bent leg as a support.
Otherwise you would find yourself
Crouch with the Weight Falling Upon One Knee and tha
Other Leg Stretched as Far Behind as Possible
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Sit Flat on the Floor and Stretch the Little Used Muscles
of the Arms
;, 4

Mk: -
:. 1
With One Arm Outstretched
Before and One Behind You
Slowly Swing the Body For
ward Until Its Weight Is All
on One Foot. Then Raise the
Other Leg as High as You
Can and Maintain Your Bal
ance in This Difficult Posi
tion by a (icntle Swaying of
the Arms.
. .*4
f I
X. '■
■ ; '
< «V ,
With the Weight on One Knee Again Extend
One Arm Upward and in Front and the
Other Downward and to the Rear
collapsing in a heap upon the floor.
Less difficult is the other posture,
in which the weight rests alternate
ly on the right and left knee,
ance is aided by crossing the arms
upon the breast.
Sitting flat upon the floor, with
legs stretched before you, is a good
and unusual exercise for stretching
the little used muscles.
It is. however, merely preliminary
to the exercise of raising one leg.
then the other, with sharp, vigorous
To change the phrase, It
is a preamble to kicking into the
air from a sitting posture.
It is an extreme modification of
standing on one leg. Now standing
on one leg is difficult, as every ani
mate being, save a stork, will testi
fy. Rarely does anyone succeed in
vithout resting the hand
doing so
on a neighboring chair or other
But this exercise is so
valuable that it is well worth long
and continued effort to reach per
fection In it. Shift the weight to
one foot.
Slowly swing the body forward,
one arm outstretched before, one
behind you. Resting the body on
the sole of one foot, sloop and
swing the other into the air behind
you. Raise it as far as you can.
seeking to maintain your balance
by thrusting one arm before you
and downward, and the other be
hind you and upward.
These exercises. diffiiXilt and
Cupyrlght, 1916,
complex as they seem, will serve
you well In your fight against tat.
Keep the Intestinal tract well
flushed by drinking ten or more
glasses of water a day. Yes, I
mean ten or more. It is easy to
form tiie habit. Once formed, you
would never return to the old care
less habit that is the cause of pasty
and mottled skins. Almost no
woman drinks as much water as
she should. Many of them have
expressed a distaste for It. but I
have do sympathy with such. As
well say you dislike the out of
doors because you have formed the
habit of living in close, warm,
scented air. Drink cool or hot
water, according to taste,
drink it. Begin the day with two
or more glasses. It is more pal
atable and will more quickly cleanse
the stomach and intestinal tract if
you use lemon juice freely in the
water. There is some prejudice
against the faithful, efficacious
There Is a belief that lemon juice
is teo strong for contact with the
delicate lining of the stomach. Of
course, the lemon Juice must b*
Squeeze the juice of a
lemon Into a glass and add the
same quantity of water,
this with two or more glasses of
The day should be begun with
this stomach bath of water and
lemon Juice. Your last act before
retiring should be to drink two or
three glasses of water. The re
maining four or more glasses
should be drunk at your convenl
the Star Company.
Ureat Britain
ence during I lie day. an hour
fore or after a meal being a good
lime to drink water.
Mild fruit juices, as fresh grape
juice and orange juice, may he
drunk. Either may l>e diluted to
taste. But irrigate the body with
It is your
non-alcoholic liquids,
duty to provide it penly of moisure.
Seven-eights of the body is of
If it should he so arranged
it could drown the solid portions.
Contribute your share to these
But remember that activity is
the first and last word lo be pro
nounced about fat. He active, and
many surplus pounds will he sub
tracted from your weight, ami
many others be prevented from ac
I am aware that tlie overweight
folk rely upon diet for the removal
ot surplus pounds. Intelligent diet
has accomplished a great deal in
this direction. But unintelligent diet,
whose other name is semi-starva
tion, reduces the weight less than
it does the vitality. Any sudden
loss of weight through abstinence
from food takes toll of many of the
organ», including the vital ones. In
telligent diet is careful selection of
foods. It also Includes more atten
tion to thorough mastication,
you chew your food with care, you
will not crave so much tood.
The food that has been bolted
calls for more anil more company.
Take plenty of time for a meal,
never less than forty minutes. 11
Bights Reserved.
gf s'
t : J
you cannot give sufficient time for
digestion eschew the meal.
Fat an apple or drink two or
three glasses of water instead of
the meal. For it is tar better to
do without a meal than to bolt It.
The copious dripking of water In
some measure destroys the appe
tite for food. A few drops of lemon
juice in the water renders It mor*
Feed Your Plants Tobacco and Beer
HEN no ash tray is in sight
and you shy up to one of
your wife's flower pots
mul drop the 'dump of your cigar
in it you need not feel guilty any
A prominent horticulturist, in a
recent lecture, stated that all In
door plants anil flowers thrive best
in a saloon. This strange fact he
attributed to two things—first, that
frequently remnants of beer and
dregs of other drinks are deposited
In the flower pots from time to
time. and. second, that the Janitor'S*
adds a contribution of cigar stumps
whenever the weather is too Cold to
carry them outside.
English barmaids were the first
to discover that their plants flour
ished better In the saloons than in
their own homes. We have all
noticed how well palms and rubber
plants thrive in hotel lobbies, espe
cially If they are close to easy
Tobacco leaves and the smoke
from the leaves are beneficial to
plants both as fertilizer and as a
disinfectant to prevent plant-lice
and fungus growth. The ash of the
cigar Is. however, deadly if admln
l8lored in large doses, as the lye is
too strong for the plant.
In explaining the beneficial ef
fect of small quantities of beer on
palatable to some perms*.
Don't regard It as a misfor
tune to miss occasionally *
meal. It gives the stomach
a rest and allows the other
digestive organs, all of which
are overworked, a chance to
There are many dletarlea
recommended to those who
would rid themselves of an
excess of fat. A few general
rules are, in my opinion,
enough. Avoid pototaest
Stop eating bread and plea
and puddings and candy. Eat
lean meats and green salads
with French dressing. Eat
liberally of those fruits and
vegetables that contain a
great deal of water, as spin
ach and cabbage and quinces
and apples. Above all, In tha
matter of diet, e%t less of
whatever you have been eat
ing. The body requires many
kinds of food. It Is unsafe
to banish oils and fats from
your diet for they are tha
lubricants. It Is necessary
that the delicate Internal
membrances shall he suffi
ciently lubricated by oils to prevent
friction, where friction Is Is Irrita
tion, where irritation, inflamm^
tion, where inflammation, danger.
Consider new methods advised by
scientists. Weigh them in the
scales of your reason. Adopt tbosa
that you think will be of benefit.
But. believe me. activity is the gold
en key to the treasure house of ex
perience that will bring about a
symmetrical figure.
indoor plants science declares that
vegetable life is forced by alcohoL
In a process in which lettuce has
been made to grow in sand from th*
seed to a leaf the size ef a half deV
lar In a few hours, alcohol was th*
forcing agent employed.
The sugar and malt eontent ef
the beer are also the best of nour
ishment for plants,
melons and tuberous vegetable*
have been grown by the addition of
sugar to the soil.
Paper Waterproofs.
There ta probably
vlceable waterproof than the rain
coats and cloaks of Mltsumata
paper made from the leaves an*
stems of a smalt shrub which grows
In the mountains of Japan. Until
one of the experts of the Depart
ment of Agriculture discovered it
a few years ago Its exleteno* was
unknown to the outside world. Even
now but little Is known except that
the plant has thrived in some moun
tainous portions of the States; and
further that the method of manu
facturing the paper is crude.
more ser
Both Suited.
Two Canadians who were old ac
quaintances met unexpectedly *t
the western front ''Hallo, old
man!" ejaculated one of them.
•'Why, what on earth are you do
ing here?" "Well," replied the
other. "1 have neither wife nor
children, and am fond of war. But
what brings you here?" "Well."
said the first speaker, "I have both
wife and children, and I like peace."

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