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uthern Idaho Well Repre
sented in All Circles at Mos
cow College ; Two Boise
Boys Are Cadet Officers.
i of
irty Service Men Return and-.
« mi- t j. i. «I
Are Taking Important Place
in School Affairs; Basketball
Prospects Are Good.
Moscow, Idaho, Jan. IS -Southern
Jaho students play an important role
registration and organization at
he state university, which opens with
rospects of being the most success
ul and progressive <>: nil time. Men
returning from military duty filled
•lth new hopes and ideals, those who
vere here are spurred to greater work
the call of greatest opportunities
tver opened to college graduates, and
resbmon come to school with the j
suai first year "jazz."'
About »»1<I simicnts have
rom military duty, many
commissioned men, ami are taking
omo of the important positions in
chonl. Boy Thompson, of l»»»isc holds
down the job of c.>»Jft major; Charles
Darling, captain; Brooks Weber and
Karl Smith, lient» aunts, Boise men
ire t udet officers. Many other stu
dents from the southern town ; tak
ing leading pints in the activité s » f
college work, and
about the prospect
•olloge a flu its
period of know led.
V , j
° ,u l 1 j
' be
»ul impetus
e ensuing
The only known collection of foreign
war posters in the west is in p»*sm*^
Sion of the I'niv. *\iiy of bialm. Over
one hundred post»-t s. dr > - t bom
Parks, are on dispkn In the library,
together with ;i • .uni ,. ..;!»• tion l'r*. in
Australia, Gr« v . 1 i and China.
The ancient t v
ul the green," !•
again hold sway
a brief r■ 1, tin
the rni( raid lm
and wearing tin
next May.
t ■ : 11 of the "wearing
first year men will
[ui the campus, after
youngsters donning
on Ht. Patrick's day.
u until campus day.
Till' building of the new wing of
tfe admiinstru'on bu'h'ing bas b a
ptrtially mpletcd, present ing a
much needed addends, b q 1 mis are
lacking for the eoinp'etn n of the good
vs rk. AU i iff I sir \v< , : 1 < Id up
until the required <•. -n is obtained.
President K. 11. Dudley and Dean
K. J. ladings, agricultural bead, are
<1*1 agates to the .annual convention of
agricultural colhgvs and experiment
stations, c.t r.altimore, ,lan. 8 to 11.
Dean hidings will stop at the Denver
Livestock show, îeturning about tho
26th of the month.
David P.. Porter, national executive
of tlie Student Christian movement,
successor to John it. Mot' issued
challenge In unlvci -it y students, la. i
week, to take up tie great and bce.-s
sary work of his organization, which,
he says, will be a great factor in world
Reorganized and acting in a larger
tupucity than Is lore the war, the II.
o. T. c. Is Starting with ai impetus
1 hat is bound to shove it to the front
lor a very su<"-essi'ul yisr. The is gis
tration Is the largest in tin history
of tile school. With practically all
Secretary of Slate, Peace
Dedegate from United
Stieles, whose keen mind
will deal with the prob
lems ttiut confront the
Peace Conference.
A keen mind and ;i
healthy body require good
eyesight to "complete the
cycle." Our glasses give
you the vision you need.
Ws Understand Eyes.
1003 Main St.
Home of Quality Glasses.
men having previous military expert
ence ,and many officers and O. T. (
men, the military department' can
launch into new and more complicated I
drill movements.
• _
The animal husbandry department
i of the Agricultural college, with its
! large and increasing herds of regis
tered stock, is fast making its way to
becoming the befct department ot its
kind in the west. The university Is
proud of the record made at the recent
Pu- ill ' International Livestock show at
Portland, where the beef cattle carried
off many first and second prizes, both
individual and herd prizes.
Basketball prospects for this season
took a big stride when four men from
last year's all-northwest basket tossers
turned out to form a nucleus of a bam
which stands good prospects of repeat-
ing the J0IS success. Coach Hleatnas-
ti r holds strong hopes for first honors,
>nd feels that his men will work all
the harder, m face of big chances for
Fraternities and sororities wish to
amu , tlu> , (IuliKintt lowing
south Idaho men and women:
Phi Delta Theta—Albert Thompson,
P.oi.si-; Welter Smith and Eugene Hart,
Twin Falls.
Kappa Lappa Gamma—Miss Lucie
Davis, Boise.
Alpha Kappa Epsilon—Marshall Ma
cey and Marshall Blaine, Boisa.
Sigma Au John Jimmerson, Pay
Gamma Phi Beta- Edna Cappa,
Blackfoot; Hariene Sartoris, Payette.

Every student registered at the uni
versity this quarter was required to
take an intelligence test., prepared by
j the government for an examination of
j the mental capacity of its draft armies.
j The test is very exacting, although in
j teresting, and aroused much comment.
j Grades, to be announced later, are to
' be attached to each student's record.
! Influenza still puts the glimmer on
j college social activities at Moscow.
Chinches and theaters operate on the
alternate row basis, but public or pri
vate dancing is still taboo. Several all
college dunes have been announced,
but the city health officer fails to see
the light of the dancing bug, and the
danceless spend their spare evenings
otherwise, probably studying.
If the influenza has left you with
some chronic trouble try chiropractic
adjustment. A. IS. Lind, Chiropractor,
UÏ1 Overland. Phono 119. - Adv, J2Û
PHONE TIÎ for baggage wagons.
Prompt service. Pcasley Transfer &
Storage Co.- Adv.
IS- Room 3D. Overland. Dr. D. E. Arm
strong. Adv. if.
tfc Main
The Finest Waist Values
of the season are here, now
at $2.95 and $4.95
The {rouerai clearance of winter ap
parel now in progress lias affected the
waist prices to a considerable degree.
Our very finest waists ns well as those
whieh sold at lower prices have all been
Scores and scores of lovely waists—
simple styles and elaborate blouses,
all at lower prices than you bad expect
ed to see cpioted at this time.
Surely you can make good use of one
or two new waists now! This is your
chance to buy at a saving.
GROUP i —About one hundred waists in
this group—each and every one a good
style. Materials are white and llesli crepe
de » liehe and tub silks. Our former low -
esl clearance price for any waist in this lot
was ijÜJ.ur» und they vvero bargains at that.
Presertt clearance $2-95
GROUP 2 —Here Is a group of very desir
able blouses; each a distinctive and at
tractive style. Materials are good quality
Georgette crepe, most of them in whito
and flesh colors; just a few dark colors aro
These are bur usual
waists ut $7 and $7.50.
Clearance price.....
'special value'
Entire stock of Blouses from $8 to 827.50
at 25 Per Cent Discount.
London, Dec. 20.— (By Mall.)—"You
I can't always stage a world war to woo
a fellow from his lotus-lilies!"
The remark came from a young
British officer, commenting on the dif
ference the war had made to his man
! hood.
Four years ago he was a social lap
■ <»g for Mayfair's doll women, with no
mbition but to lead an aimless life
. ml seek popularity. He was just a
j makeshift of a man.
Then when war broke out the doll
J women who had hitherto looked upon
,im ns "such a nice boy" began to bint
i;t white feathers, he felt his oppor
tunity slipping from him, and in des
peration joined the arrnr.
Removed from all his accustomed
comfort and adulation for a time he
, floundered, but after a while his old
j df sire for popularity reasstrted it self,
i h» problem that presented itself to
his mind was- how to become popular
among all these rough-and-ready
men" They scoffed at his nice man-I
ners. jeered at. his effiminacy, and of
ten held up to ridicule his carefully
thought out attempts nt friendliness.
Eventually ho saw himself as he really
was, and resolutely set about to rectify
matters, to build himself a character
and t<> form for himself an ideal.
Today his whole division knows him
for a splendid fighter, a loyal friend,
and an all-round "regular feller"; but
he declares that he owes the division
a debt of gratitude, for it. was they
who "beat him into it."
He has made many friends among
his men and looks back in wonderment
! at the thing lie was In those old satis- I
! fied days. There is not much like!!
I hood that lie will ever degenerate
bis old position as a drawing room
- .............. '♦♦♦■ ;
-- I
Boise, Jan. 17.—The state board of
land commissioners of the state of |
Idaho met this day in regular session
Richards and llaga, attorneys, o'* !
behalf of Ihe Twin Falls Salmon Rivef
Land A- Water company, submitted np
plication to the hoard for the accept
ance of the works as completed in ac
curilanee with its contract with tin
state. Upon motion of Superintendent
of Public Instruction Miss Redfledd,
which carried unanimously, the nppli
cation of said company was ordered
referred to tho state engineer for re
I port.
Communication of High & Frlteh
man company, asking the state's best
! price on tlie land of the W. A. Banking
j estate, comprising 130 acres on which
the state has a farm now under
foreclosure, was duly lend to the
board, whereupon motion prevailed
that the register advise the High &
Fritohman company that the state
would bo willing to accept, as a con
sideration for the assignment of its
mortgage, / the principal ».f the loan,
together with accrued interest and
costs to date.
The following resolution Introduced
by Attorney General Black was unan
imously adopted;
"Be it resolved that the right of way
requested by the Oregon Short Line
Railway company for the hereinafter
described leads nt Lava Hot Springs
to be used for the purpose of freight
and passenger depot bo granted and
that the necessary instrument of con
veyance of such light of way he given
and delivered by the board."
The matter of cancellation of lease
application received by the board on
lands situate In »township b north,
range 42 east, with a view of throw
ing the same open to new applications,
was discussed by the board and upon
motion of the attorney general, which
carried, was postponed for further dis
cussion until the meeting of Monday,
January 20.
Bradley Shepherd, B. E. Sherman,
S. H. Ilays and Mr. Brown appeared
before this board in relation to timber
sale in Valley county.
It was moved by Secretary of State
Jones that the sale scheduled to be
held April 1, for the timber bordering
on Payette lakes, in Valley county, be
cancelled and that all proceedings with
reference thereto he cancelled and set
aside. Carried unanimously.
The following resolution introduced
by Superintendent of Public Instruc
; ion Miss Redfield, carried unanimous
I "Bo it resolved, that the timber on
the following reseribed land in Valley
into'county near Payette lake Do authorized
to be sold, to-wit: (Description of
hands.) And, that the land commls-
; sinner proceed immediately to have
I the timber on said lands re-apraised
j and furnish the board with such ap-
praisement at the earliest possible
I date."
I It was moved by Superintendent of
Public Instruction Miss Redfield, which

carried, that all business transferred
from the land department to the state,
treasurer's department he checked up
by the state auditor as soon as con
24 and 25 aro the telephone numbers
of Tha Capital New«. tf
Boise Broom factory
Home Industry.
Price*—90c, $1.00, $1.10, $1.20, $1.25.
Phone 496J
$20.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $16.50
$25.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $18.50
$30.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $23.50
$35.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $28.50
$40.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $33.50
$50.00 SUITS REDUCED TO $41.50
Is what has kept our Clothes Section hum
ming this month.

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