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eport of Home Service Section
Organization Shows Splen-1
did Results — Permits for j
Five Electric Signs Asked.
Rev. Willsie Martin, in a lopurt of j
e work done by the homo service j
et ion of the Red Cross in this city, ;
hleh was read to the city council
uesday afternoon, strongly reeom
ended that this city have a trained ;
Jsiting nurse whose duty would be to
elp care for the sick and assure proper
bservation of all homes in the city.
Mayor Mays strongly advocated the
lea, adding further that he favored
Iso rest, rooms and parks. The mat- j
ill be taken up further at a future :
leeting of the city council.
In his report, Rev. Martin outlined i
e work of the service section of the
ed Cross in the influenza epidemic,
tating that visiting nurses had been
ont to every reported case of influ-'
a. followed by practical nurses when
dod; that also clothing, bedding and !
flier necessities were contributed and I
ont all over the city, and that all man
or of service which covered taking up !
shcp fc cutting kindling, thawing out
ro7.cn pipes, etc.,
undertaken and
arried uut.
From Jan. 3 to Jan. 25, 24°. farmlies
vero visited by the visiting nurses; 5QS
>a(dents cared for, 1300 visits made and
noro than 1000 people served; four
rained nurses being constantly at
ork. Help was furnished to 245 fam
'lics. The committee employed 71
ractical workers, and had the sor
dcea of 10 volunteers and 15 automo
biles. Pood was sent, to 195 places, and
total of 545 persons Mere fed; 150
neumonia jackets were furnished.
The' O. K. restaurant, 707 Main
street; Golden Grill restaurant, 1019
Main street; Della Pringle, 100.5 Main
street; Jenkins Furniture company,
1102 Main street, and the Standard
Optical compan.. 1007 Main street,
made applications for permission to
erect electric signs; all requests being
granted. At the meeting the ordinance
in regard to electric signs Mas amend
ed by motion of Councilman Herring
Residents In the neighborhood of Lee
and Eleventh streets, made petition to
open Lee street to Eleventh, Rome «0
feet; stating that stone Malls and dump
grounds thcro were unsightly and un
sanitary. The matter was referred to
the street commissioner for investiga
Mayor Hnys lir - duced a resolution
thanking the Boit chapter of the Red
Cross and its hom° service section for]
the work done during the recent "flu" I
Thousands Have Discovered Dr,
Edwards' Olive Tablets are
a Harmless Substitute.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—the substi
tute for calomel — are a mild but sure
laxative, and their effort on the liver i;
almost instantaneous. They arc the result
of Dr.Edwards'determination nottotreal
liver and bowel complaints with calomel
His efforts to banish it brought out these
little olive-colored tablets.
These pleasant little tablets do the goof
that calomel does, but have no bad afte,
effects. They don't In jure the teeth Hk«
strong liquids or calomel. They take holt
of the trouble and quickly oortert ji. Wh-,
cure the liver at the. expense of the teeth:
t alomel sometimes plays havoc with tbr
gums. So do strong liquids. It is best not
to take calomel, but to let Dr. Edward .
Olive Tablets take its place.
Most headaches, •'dullness'' and thaï
tarv feeling come from constipation arc
a disordered liver. Take Dr. Edwards
Olive Tablets when you feel "loggy" ant
"heavy." Note how they "clear" clouded
brain and how they "perk up" the spirits
10c and 25c a box. All druggists,
College Boys'
Busy Business
Man*s Watch
Luminous dial and hands.
"Seo-hy-nitc" as well as
day. These watches arc
fitted on a strap, cither
leather or khaki webb and
are to bo carried on the
wrist. Can you think of a
more convenient way to
carry a timepiece that
must be referred to so
Indispensable for those
who drive a motor ear.
Only Reliable Timers Of
fered Here. Hallmark.
Mallham, Elgin, limon.
The Hallmark 8tore.
I epidemic. It Mas suggested that the j
city take over the work of the Red
! Cross now, but at the request of Mayor)
Hays, Rev. YVillsie Martin consented to i
And burning from kneottoankiM.
Went on arms, scalp, back and
thighs. Then blisters filled with
water. Had no sleep. Hair came out
and waa thin, dry, and my acalp itched
to badly tore it. Latted fire montha
before used Cuticura. In ten daya
felt relief and two cakes Soap and one
box Ointment healed.
From aigned statement of Mrs.
Frances Smith, 338 Elm Ave., Long
Baach, Cal., July 1, 191*.
Cuticura For Toilet Uies
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Tal
cum are all you need for your skin
and all toilet uses. Bathe with Soap,
soothe with Ointment, dust with
Talcum. Cuticura Soap ia ideal for
the complexion because ao mild, ao
delicate and ao creamy.
frsfraaee for powdering and p erf timing the akin.
28e aeerjrwhare. For "ample ëaeh of Soap,
Ointment and Talcum free bp mail, addraao:
"CaMoara. Dopt I. Booten
carry the work on another week.
The Capital New» telephone number»
are 24 and 25. tf
Mooted Measure Placed in the
Hands of Judiciary—Will
Whole — Two Bills Passed.
Before the house of i
scrutlnizes the administra
judiciary committee will
once over." Te bill has
house an<lwa s refl
mittee 1:
eral ord*
and will
to agre<
I far has
Later Go Into Committee of !
• tentatives J
a bill, the j
V Speaker Kiger.
out it will be ?
r for committee
receive its first
reached the j
• that com- j
W hen it is |
is do a gen- j
►f the whole |
•baptism of
criticism" from those members who
believe it should be amended before
age. The majority wing has tried
on the bill in ai »eus but so
far has been unable to do so, it is
The house held n brief session Tues
day afternoon during which two lulls
were passed. The first i* house bill
No. 26. by Johnson, at <•- piing the
terms of the Smith-Hughey vocational
ed ti rational act, on behalf of the state,
thereby making available to Idaho ip
propriatlons under it tf. second is
house bill No. 31, by the committee on
public health, amending the niotlors
•t, to lend
i bout tr
iu* irurrs received unannn-i
^ number of new hills i -
dimed, more important among
ereat.e boards of education i
school districts to manage the r*
therein. It in by Reprrr^n*niv r
f « '»netda Another bill «arric
ih«- ■ I gestion of décréta r ihr
ht i I III f
1 I
$ :oo i<
in the
bill introduce
Monson wot rid
)rebate a pit* a
,n of Franklin t
«•nl museum umkr
ie Idaho Pion* cr a
1 build Iup
be used i
t fie
24 and 25 «re the telephone
of The Capital News.
n umbers
Coblenz, Jan. 29. General Gouraud,
tbr one-armed French commander un
der whom several American divisions
served in the Champagne, today sup
ported Marshal Foch's recent state
ment that 1-Vance must obtain guaran
tees that Germany never will be able
to start another war.
In support of his chief's defense of
France's claim to the left bank of the j
Rhine, Gouraud said that "Germany
must never be given the opportunity
to raise troops west of the Rhine."
Gouraud, who made these state
ments in an interview with American
, ;
orrespondents, warned that the Gor
1 mans are attempting subtle Propa- |
iganda among our troops in the occu
I pied regions .and reminded them that,
! despite tlu'ir seeming friendliness,
I these are the same people who eane
I Honed Mm< strioted submarine wtir
lure and other fortns of frightfulness.
The BIO., rltfrtln, «BBV.Bl.Bt
BBd haralra. war ,« r. b,ti hair
I. with n^Hlra.i., th. .rtdul
■aaltarr liquid. It «Ma qulrhlr
with mrtalntr u>4 ahaBlat. wft*
tr- H.«olt. from Ita BH ar* ta.
ai.dl.tc and laattes.
Oalr srnnln. UtHtnch, th.
original aanltary tlqril, haa a
B>M.r>ba.k cTiaraatM la rmeh
pacha«., it tollat notai la
Mt. M nl VS alaca. a. h. Ball
tram mm la plain w ra p p er aa ra
eelpt of prie.
FREE bock aalfcl fa »lala
•-»led envelope on rr^aaa*. De
Mlraelc, ISPth St. and Park Arc.
New York.
In Interest of Economy and Ef
ficiency Educational Author
ities Believe Both Should
Combine at Pocatello.
Proposal to remove the Albion Stal
Normal school from Albion to Poca
tello and there combine it with the
Idaho Technical institute, with a view
of building up a strong normal and
trade school for the state, met with
favor before the joint committee on
education of the house and senate at
a meeting held Tuesday afternoon, fol
lowing the adojurnment of the house.
The only opposition came from Sen
ator McMurray and Representative
Gudmondson, from Cassia county.
They held the state's investment at
Albion would be annulled if the change
is made, and that the present is no
! time to make a change.
' A majority of the members of the
tM'o committees and the state board of
education take the stand that the state
annually is forced to meet a loss at
the Albion normal, and that if if is
combined Mith the Idaho Technical ln
stotuto, it will be possible to bulk! up
a strong consolidated school. It is
further held that Albion is without
adequate transportation facilities; that
the state is forced to go to heavy ex
pense to get supplies there, paying
over $4 per ton alone on coal, which
has t" be hauled a long distance from
the railroad, to the school, and that
while the buildings of the school would
j have to be abandoned and therefor«
the state would be at temporary loss, j
this would be more than made up for j
by stopping the heavy biennial expense |
put to in maintaining the normal •
While it is likely that there will be J
hard fight against the removal of I
the normal from Albion, the issue, it j
aid, will be brought to a head in j
I houses very soon. Attempts have j
been made in past sessions to bring !
about this consolidation, but they have
„dt m « t with success. It is claimed
that they are much more likely to
luring the present session.
Following the joint mooting of the
« mmitt< e, the following statement
vas authorized issued last night:
stated t
request it
of the bon
c steel
the sug
hi on »Stale Norm
Technical institut
lotion was proptu
. U „. ,
LTu- . i boon
omy and < fre
system would
validation .it
State Normal
nical institute
retaining the
s.sioner of education,
0 the board that Gov
1 made to him a verbal
informed of the views
id the commissioner on
onsolid.it ion of tin Al
•mal school and Idaho
following reset*
d adopted:
Thai it is
d of «'dm a
t ion that
• iir cdin atioi
cd by the cc
!'i.«-;it )It* of the Alb
school and Idaho Tot
as a single institut!
purposes and t urn t i«
eon -
«f the
ist itutions
ns« >li«l:i t « U
mst il ut i
U. S. Government Service to
Enroll 500,000 American
Boys, 10 to 21, to Work on
The United »States einploMnent ^ er- :
vice will seek to light world famine b
enrolling in the United States boys' j
working reserve, a branch of the em
ployment service, 500,000 American
boys between the ages of 10 and 21 to
work on the farms of the country dur- !
ing the next harvest season.
Secretary of Labor Wilson will set 14.
time to be known as National Enroll
ment Week for the boys' working re- ,
serve, and extensive preparations will
be made by E. H. Ilasbrouek, in charge
of the office in this city, to secure the
{assistance r.f boys of high school age
in increasing the food production of
the Unit' d States during 1919.
The United States boys* working re- j
serve by enrolling and training over j
two hundred thousand boys in 1918 was
; able to supply farm labor which it has
, . . , . . r .
I been estimated increased the food pro-j
United States by enough
to feed one million people for one year.
This accomplishment proved the value
| duction of th
of properly trained and supervis'd
boys as farm helpers, and the increas
ing demand for the services of reserve
boys in agriculture has resulted in the
continuation of the boy»' working re
serve as a permanent government ac
fligh schools In the United States are
I co-operating with the department of
: labor in enrolling and training boys
land the reserve farm craft lessons are
\ being used during the school term to
tit boys for their summer work ori the
i farms. There is an enrolling officer
! of the boys' working reserve in every
;high school and every physically fit boy
1 is eligible for membership.
I Hoys wishing to enroll for the rmn
i ing season and to get Instructions In
the farm craft lessons should take the
matter up with E. If. Ilasbrouek,
United States employment office,
Eighth and Bannock, this city.
24 and 25 are the telephone number*
of The Capital News. tf
Who's Who inLegislature
Ifl, ml -
Representative L. J. Nielsen of Bon
neville county is taking an active in
terest in the deliberations of the lowe •
house of the present session. When not
engaged in vocation of law*-making ho
is a farmer, .sheepman and merchant.!
lie is a native of Utah, having been)
born at Mantas, March IN 1SK3.
Under the direct management of;
Representative Nielsen arc two farm.«. 1
He also has a large band of sheep, lb
manager of a. mercantile c-onipanj
lias held the position of treasurer >f
the Progressive Irrigation district four;
terms, is secretary of the Idaho Mill-j
ing company, has served two years as j
county commissioner and eight yea. • :
as chairman of the board of trustees
as well as was clerk of the school !
board three terms. His address win u '
at home is R. r. n. No. 2. Idaho Fails.
Although Representative Niet.. ..
made a hard fight to save one of nis |
rlgation bills in the house Tuesday,!
j * nt proved to bo a. good loser and win
j he saw death Mas certain for the me;
| sure helped to put it out of its mise
• by voting against it himself. He al
ended the lingering agony of a not he;
J i re of his bills relating to draw in*.
I checks without funds when he mo v _
j it be laid quietly n\v:iy in the archiv- .
j of the legislature through indefinite
j postponement
e. m. Johns«
n, of Detroit, Mich.,
Iter known as "Yank" Johnson, win:
I been spending a few weeks in this
visiting friends and relatives, left
j morning for Fairfield where he will ti
I his hand at working for other parti«
(than Fnt-ie Samuel for a, while,
j Do says he is going to give, civilia
{life a whirl for a time, and if Tie don
Ry I
r In
*\s just ' r
the recruiting station
t neie for another
served six years in th
I time of hi« «lisehargc.
j "5 auk" gm into the
jUanadians whin they
j taking on with th'- 7 2n
oing to b
md sign
«1 int«
1 Quere >-• I >; I 11 <M"
{field art ilh
j living bells
lie went, thre
all the early h
land to
Boise Elks extend a ~;icciaî i iv italien to brother members of
Legislature, Supreme Justices, State Officers, District Judges,
County and City Officials and every other Elk in and about this
section. The final degree will be conferred and luncheon served
that will crack your face. Come on in brothers. Let's all get to
gether and see how funny we look. At 8 o'clock p. m. tonight,
January 29th. Signed, Boise Lodge No. 310, B. P. O. Elks.
O. W. WORTHWINE, Exalted Ruler.
E. W. JOHNSON, Secretary.
Hundreds Await the Arrival of Every Truck Bearing Food.
GIVE-or They Will Perish
There arc „100.000 starving orphans in Armenia, Syria, Greece and Persia—ab
solute^ dependent upon American charity for food, clothing and shelter.
Five dollars a month.....less than seventeen cents a day—the price of & good
cigar will keep the breath of life in one of these little citizens of the Common
weailli of Und.
Thirty million dollars are needed during the next six months for this relief
work nl' the N eu r Easl.
These millions of sufferers from Turkish cruelties are absolutely dependent
upon America.
They have no Impo even for a crust of bread, except through our help. All
oxeepl t he 1 1 h un i(i little children can be made self-supporting within the year.
Campaign for $8000 for Ada County is now on.
Main St.
This Advertisement Contributed by the
Boise, Ida. 133 Main St. East, Twin Falle, Ida.
Hie f.
afternoon 1
une young
wilted t
, Short 15In
t he
at Julia Davis
raced and hon
the addition of
g let which lias
city zoo by \Y.
trainsnuister at
count r
Mho ii
I »evils
turn made l!
Idaho stands second in the United States for Its clean Manhood, ac
cording to the Official Statement from th© office of The Adjutant Gen
eral in Washington, and why is such the case? Because we have treated •
successfully a great number of men inducted and these have passed the
physical test and have been found suffering with no venereal disease.
\Yo have done our bit in the war as we have placed fighters on the sea
and on the land to make 'The World Safe for Democracy."
We treat and eradicate Acute and Private Diseases of Men and
Women as well as Skin and Blood disorders. The Old Standing Bladder
and Prostatic troubles of men as well as those who by abuses or ex
cesses have lost that ambition essential to virile manhood.
Our results speak for themselves and by the report sent out we have
been w eighed in the balance and found that we have delivered the goods.
Consultation free and invited. Everything in strictest confidence.
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Odd Fellow»' Bldg.
Boise, Idaho.
Idaho end punish them by fine and lm
This j.s indien I «
d in senate bill No. 28.
h it*Vi contains the fol
..U w .. .shall, without th©
..i i h* ntvnoi' thereof, take
mi. bicycle, motorcycle cr
■1" for lb© purpose of tem
in r « « i* *«i r,t ting the
doomed guilty of a mis
i«.,, , ..MYtrUon there-!
- bed in i into pot -
by impn- nmant no» ;
to.nibs or by bo IL su**b j
mu« ni i
All six»* at reasonable prices el
ways on hand.
51S So. 8th St. Phone 649
Not Medicine, not Surgery, not Ost*
'opathy. Consultation ord AnalysU
; Fres.
j 824 Overland Bldg
i Phone 119. Boise, Idaho.

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