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House of Representatives
Passes Uniform Memorial
Monument Bill for All Idaho
Memorial to Congress Urges
This Action Be Taken—Pass
Cattle Tuberculosis Bill —
Kill Initiative.
war, by passing a bill j
o shall b<- ore et« d in
The house of representatives today
vent, unanimously on record to pay
tribute to those dead Idaho heroes who
pave their lives to their country dur
ing the recent
providing ther
every county in this state uniform
memorials in their memory. The bill
vas introduced by Representative Can
field and 32 other house members.
Representative. Canfield paid a high
tribute to the valor of Idaho's sons be
fore the vote was taken, saying that
l e felt indebted t«« every man in uni
1 in who had enlisted to tight his bat
tles and doub
died for his countr
Komi and proloi
his? remarks.
The legislatin'
inorial introduced t tod
gross to immediately
owners the railroads of the country.
Representative I-'eathei stone and Giv
< ns are authors of the memorial.
The house also passed the Morgan :
lull that provides for th* salvaging of ,
stock condemned hy the state and gov
ernment when found diseased with
tuberculose' and reimbursement. in
part for tlieir los. . This hill i- of j
unusual importaiu
and tb* dairy ind'
it, d to
rv and
f ted
i n a
nia y to
turn ba
ik to
to the dairymen j
ry of the stab
to 1 hem j
Idaho. In the past tin ir stud
li*■••'ii condemned ;.t
tv.i n*> provision was made for n i:n-|
be I >• 'incut. The- Hall amendment to
ih' constitution providing for commis
sioner:; to alternate <»n the hoards of
count.\ commissioners was als., passed.
'Plie first tiff in the house today
came over an attempt to send the J«*
rome county division bill into com
mittee of the whole for amendment.
The house v,,ted 40 t<» 10 against the
motion and the bill was left to take its
regular course. Representative Green
wood served notice* that on the next
legislative day he would move for a
reconsideration of the vote by which
motion was lost
The league of nations resolution by !
Beckham bobbed up again when its au- j
tlior moved that it be lifted from the
, ,
'.fide. There was objection and de
mands for a roll call came from sev
eral parts of the house. Peckham's
motion was lost by a vote of 42 t»» 17.
This resolution has for its object re.
cording tin legislature fur or against
the proposed league of nations to pr* - ;
serve pence in the world and has been
under fire ever since its iutrodm ;. m
The 17 supporters it received mi the
m*»Uon to lift from tho table are as
«'owles. Foley. Garhntt, Harrison of
< d'-arwater, Harrison of Shoshon«-.
Pitch., K-k. Hoff, Kirby, M*G«>wau
Moody. Peek ha ni. Pugh. S* breeder
Snow, Thompson, \\**>k- . (inemvooii
Another rum-partisan in*-asun ^ «
thrown into Ihr discards when the r* f
* re nee coinmitt* •• r*M*oinnjendcd tint :
th, t '»r* • nwoud r, Hohifi*»n gi\mg tim
pei.pl»' the initiatin' power t** pr*,pn n )
pan- i a \\ s l»e not priutial. The!
I' r-on given was that : j• • i i |»i-ovi';l«in ;
1 ulrn'd.v in th* '••tolutes and it would j
he unwise to pro*er»rJ will) Bk- passas*
«»t h similar tii'a-uio. Thr « : i • ••-i i w «-»« » J
r^^olutton pr*>t •« »s*"l an amendment to.
*;oirimi1 lee i . .-..i'ii' a j»jm
Ibi- rrlorMi.n i»,r|, I.cunl !.. Ih.' (i.ir
bun inras'ir.. that jirup.. *'i| !.. . liaiiRh
Ibf . l utrin , ... i- iu;: bv.lni rlrrli i.
,mli or ..I.ncrriu I .1 ins r a b . im ihc
...llTfllt labil ..I lin J m .»i r i . Th. rrl
■'TPiian rorumiltrr It t 1111 • I *-1 ^t..... 1 1 .
lli<- opinion thi.i ill- plan «'.ul.) ,, n i ■
rciuill in lioublo taxalinn In , an pp.ipti>
in that on tho basis proiiosnij l.i Rar
butt tl-.f enropantf 11111111 ) ask ih. nub.
Hr utilities r-rinnnisHMii !.. b 1 - lab'a,
mnl as tli^ ha sis non hi b. lugli 1 1 1 .
ratrs for rnnstmior* woiil .1 1,1 coii'
spondlnglv hixli.
Thr railroad mcnioria] says in part: |
"Whereas, post-war and rrronstru.-
tlon conditions liai. Iiroueht Dus.
T'nlted State* of America many prob
lems of {treat Import, and perhaps i.no ;
of the greatest Importance is t lie i
question of government, control or
ownership of the railway* of the I
United States.
"And. whereas, our president lias
turned to congress for counsel on this !
momentous subject, admitting his In- i
ability to solve the problem.,,*
"And, whereas, the munagrtnent of
the railroads by the government under
the present arrangement has not been
productive of efficient service to the
public, and would not be satisfactory
in times of peace, mul a continuation
of the present course would create arid
continue unsatisfactory economic con
ditions throughout tho United State;.
"And. whereas, we fee) ibat the con
gress of the United States will, by be
ing informed by public sentiment, be
better able to solve and direct tlie
course of the problem, and recognising
the necessity of relinquishing control
of the railroads as quickly us possible,
and the certainty of condition* that
■aid release of the railroads by tin.
.1. K. AVIiit.',
Davis, has I:
several days.
Dr. K. A
or of education
his office Cor a
suffering from
secretary to Governor
i ill at his home for
an, state commission
although able to he at
short time Thursday, is
severe cold.
It is under.'
state house
Davis will sig » the Clark county di
vision bill befo
gation of eitiz*
ty, Monday.
Stale imagine
for Idaho Falls
proposed new
will ho discu
aro opposed to
held two prop
TAKEN urjl
The snprem
advisement th
hi ibo va rs;:s Davon \\
h.m, Dewey .arnold, Hon . Kicks a
Kdward Devil
the youths v\
the upper Snal
Motions to tli
S. i la tcheii <
son ;.ud J. W
(1er advi
federal cm
veguh.t mn
ood in legislative and
■ircics that Governor
e a representative dole
ns from the new coun
er Wilkie left Thursday
where he will attend a
hearing of water users at which I lie
water control hoard t bill
ed. Water users there
it. They have already
st meetings.
court has taken iind* i r
• appeal in the case of
Wil -
defendants are
ittackcd Japanese in
River valley country,
«miss in the cases of J.
al versus Barlow Feigu
niau, are also un
s 11.
re fore,
s, note
and h
tho M
Ile "f
of the
as immédiate
in*nt would imm<
"Ft it flirtli
it resolved by the
>f representatives of
Idaho that w< la vor 11*0
railroads to their owners
ly as it can he accom
fuslon or losses,
lived, that we l»e
lievc and think private- ownership
1 ' ^
^ ,al '
believe feder;
of railroads i
the peoj.de at
Kt is forth
ary of st,
ward prof
f this
for th
di state
J v « -ruinent control and
service, income and dis
ci* dr.-* bio. and wo do not
1 government, ownership
for t c best in tf rests of
this tii ne.
r resolved, that the soe
e of the state of Idaho
■rly a ut imntien led copie s
lotion t * * each F nit cd
ir and member of con
dr c*.moderation: and a
.diief cl* s of tho house
lives M-,1 the senate of
The fell"w ng-incu- i • s were pa-sed
by the hous
House joint resolution No. 2, by Hall
Pnividing an am* n-lnwit to tin
stitution to alternate i m the election
mi y eo nmis
House bill No. 'J\ b Morgan- Pr
viding for ti e reimbursement of
ers of cattle which an- ■-mdomniil 1
the -.late or government for tuber
House bill No. 4-', by Cantield and
others—Providing tor mfiform mon
-uients erected in
or ^ r
glinting $.»0,000 ther*-' .r
The ref.
mended th;
port was a*
H"ese j*
( ••reeliwood
pi'oposo am
House bil|l
ommlttee recoin
t the following bills and
? not printed and the re
inning *1
jtake m
pa nies.
House bill
uniform 1;
ni ni i
used soliiie
* 111 mem
uid appro
('solution Nf
Proposing .omemiment to
giving people power to
pua et laws.
No. r»7, by Garhntt —Re
! board of equalization to
kcj value as bases *.f ass* ss
liyclro-t.il * Li i■ povv r com
No. O'
at ions.
H--"'- hill No
P" ing t hat
proper! \
. by committee 01
rihing Hi*: law o
»f stock in eorpor
SI, by Bennett T'ro
shall 1 m first lien on
mule\ s**i \ i*-,'.< will be hold
spel Ali i. »li. li-'- South
at 10"!. at :: r.K Dk Sunday
Tin eoi" a 1 jubilee singers
fun ; ii t it i I**.
Francia J. Hencf.
Thi* photo of Francia J. Haney,
counsel for the Federal Trade Com*
mission, waa taken recently when he
was ei'ring testimony as a (rorern
ment investigator in the senate probe
of the meat packers.
Brown Vanquishes Mat Man!"
From Chicago by Throwing i
Him Twice in 61 Minutes;
Shows Much Class.
By C. F. CLARK. !
In n rather tame wrestling match |
... , . .. .... , I
staged at the Isis theatre I hnrsday i
night that was featured principally by ;
Olsen's inability to get a hold on his
slippery opponent, and Brown's appar- j
lent cane in gating Olsen into tight;'
, .. .... , , :
holds Babe Brown, fast, local ama
• !
jteur, demonstrated his right to a mein
'bership in the Ancient and Honorable
Order of Bull Necks and Mat Artists, I
by throwing Charley Olsen of Chicago, j
claimant of the wrestling championship |
.of Sweden, twice in ÜL minutes- both I
falls being secured by toe bolds.
Four hundred tans attended the show
land were kept in high spirits at ail !
times by the fast exhibitions of boxing j
and wrestling that were staged. Th«; I
stellar attraction, outside of the main I
event, was an exhibition between Al-lmay
v in Quintet*, Id years old, and Raymond ;
j.Smltt, 14 years of age; both pupils
jxiek Collins, local physicial cullurist. j
The show opened with lu minutes of j
.wrestling between Vivian Gilbert of,
'Caldwell and "Kid'' Simonson of Boise,;
which went to a draw: both bbys do-j
ing well with Gilbert showing a know!-j
edge that was surprising considering!
that the match w as his first, and all j
he knnvv about tin* gentle art being ;
what he had gleaned from a corre
sponde nee course. Vivian is a comer.
The second affair brought out ''Kill
Mex uf M* xicula, and ''Battling'' Roth, M
of Battle CiV" », who slammed away atj^
• ach other with great zest and keen
ness until at th** end of the fray both
were so weak they couldn't hav e broke n
jaii egg with their mortgage lifters,
Roth was strong* r than horseradish at
times, while M» x suddenly found he
had a l ight hand and drew first blood
jin the second round by soundly wallop
ing Roth on the beozer with it. Mcxi
(Mail the su.nul round and Rotli tho
ilhiril, while the rest w< i draw. . Har-'Vnclo
y Alexandei
ml others,
The third
l er 0 f llosan j
siuu brought out * K id" I
human with a tantalizing left, ;
and Ralph Main, a soldier boy w ho box
ed from his starboard side and
the minute with tho latest tango
Neither hit the other hard enough 1
pane of glass all through the
L>f t\VC
lo jar
iboul, which was a fast
boxing. They went five round
minutes duration each; Duffy
i lie sec ond stanza with a slight mar- 1
«in. with tie rest of the rounds a draw,
llarry Alexander also refereed this
upping j
f 1 clever left
in due time
Dul ly showed spemd a
and vvill prove a fast l
while Main has plenty
will turn it loose.
£ ability if he
The main cv* nt then occupied the j
oards. Both hoys were fast, but'ord
-Brown prov ed too clusiv*
boy. and all through the match
*»f holds with ease and speed,
worked on the offensive most,
(time, and showed cleverness in
ling holds on Olsen tha
for the Svv le '
got out
of the
in * lamp- j
rised tliuse'upoii
who have
Lm « ii 1«
»llovv ing;
bis care r on |
the mat h
ii the (
:it y. At
tintes, «»ben 1
was wont
1»> K«'t
a. trille j
nul*' ami val- j
gar, but
15abe" jm l ai ini
ici ami came j
hack with
a lit 1 1
*• lutter
tha u ho got , '
with tli«'
ultimate r* s'il
l thaï <.»Dell i
•I'CUt a M
eat «D .
ii of Ins
t une i ablnriK j
his sore tin «a»
i ami pi
« king hits of j
Hone lurov
*■! hid*
from lu:
rmatom> t"< '
moved by
the ma
geiitup «»r tho ;
scion *«f tb
'■ of Bro
-a n. Tho l irst !
hold !
d Lh«: gaff
fall earn** in niiiiut*
mi brothor nls'-n's sor,
game, but e*»ii 1*1 not .'*1
holl« r* , d "N'litF."
During the r* : t peii*»d. H.»i
• iiidor. a fasi i » j « •< <• of fighting
rrv, ^ ho is on the trail .»I la ♦
soy, and has som, 1C» sraIps *u
fjorn his ring
being entitled t
boy from Id ,In
exhibition with
Nil rnpa.
The second fall in the main event
came after 1.» minutes of wrestling.
Brown got a to* hold vv liicli Olsen broke
in a clever manner. Thou a succession
of fast holds followed. Brown then
hung another toe hold, with a head
scissors to assist him, on the boy from
"Alanaota," and it was curtains for
i !
v Al* -X*
M*»rri»*' -
Ills belt
p. n.m-, tu prove hi*
i mat rh i*. it li tlio fast j
I'alls, Unsed a speedy
-'.'Ion«' Workman of |
him, and the match for tho grinning
Alhert Grierson and Walter Grier
son. St. f.oui* twins, were members
of the same company, and each wore
a small diamond ring and a watch and
chain in Prance. Albert lost tHo *tono
of his ring and a few. days later Wal
lt r lost Ms watch and chain and soon
afterward Walter's disappeared. Then
,'lbcrt was wounded and Walter fol
lowed suit. And now they intend to
marry twin sisters, Geraldine and
Blondine Smalley of Sheldon. III.
Kxpenments in adapting Hawaiian
sugar cane to rhillppt nP condition* be
gun in 1 Î* 10. are pronounced suecess
ful. and hereafter, in addition to Phil
ippine varieties, six kinds of Hawaiian
cane will he grow n Some of the new
varieties have grown to a height of
i 12 feet, and the sugar content is re
| ported In some cases to be 90 per cent.
! In some instances the sugar yield of
the impôt ted cam* is at. per cent more
, titan the native.
Jack's Manager Says His Pug
Would Be Tickled Pink to
Battle Willard; Wants No
Fortune, Either.
Hy ir. c\ Hamilton'.
New York, Jnn. SI. Jack Dempsey
1 ';"* " in bo ,ho " I,poil, ,,t of Jps9
Wulard wlieu Uie world's heavyweight
a.ampion defend* i,i* title .miy 4 , next,
Announcement war made here to- !
day hy Jack Kearns. manager for
Dempsey, not only that Dempsey
would be tickled stiff to sign articles
calling for his app«ar. ( nce against the
giant who boat Jack Johnson, but he;:
■' lso " ouki ho satisHccI with a tnerej:
pittance for his efforts,
. . .. ,, ,
This talk,' said Kearns, 'of Demp-'ï
spy i, oklinK T ,. x er my -
one else for a huge sum of money to
light the champion, is pure bunk. How
1 - 111 ' 1 " r m:lko su<h ,1 ""'"'' ls when il;;
is a certainty that if we don't get this;«
, , . . . ..
chance we would have a hard time
getting another? Jack Dempsey will
fight Willard. The only thing that is
worrying is that Rickard isn't hurry
*ng along fast enough with the con-j;
Kai t."
This declaration of Dempsey's standi«
'followed publication here of an fin -
uotincement that Rickard favored
Dempsey as Willard's opponent and
that arrangements should be made!;
with that match in view,
The rest of the grind or publicity!;
be expected to center now on the
claims of four corners and other mn-jj
municipalities as they attempt to land
the big bout.
Snci Of
Jnrleigh Grimes
ian( ^ (
1 ' 11
the Robins' right
was recently released from,
ill be th* mainstay uf the
Brooklyn pitching staff next: season, j
even if the FI at. bush clan will bo for
tunate enough in having thus** two j
sterling twirlcrs, Lieutenant Leon < 'a -
dore and Sherrod Snitih, who are now
in the army of occupation, available
for mound duty under tho leadership of;
the rotund general, Wilbert Robinson.
As a member of the. Pirates Bur
hdgrh was a spitbull artist, but when;
Hobble took him under his ran
* ie tuad* the husky lad dis* :. r<l the wet
«i* liver.v fur curves of various kinds. In
IG« early games as a Robin he could
not be dcj'onded upon. When he start -
d a gama in the box Robbie
knew if ho was going to see the op
posing 1 team held runloss with one or
* wo scattered hits or it' Burleigh would
he able to last two innings. When Bur
of;h'igh was good lie was very, very good,
but when he was bad—well, he was ter
l-'or about two months of the season
jhe was that kind of a hoxman, but sud
dcnly he pitc hed the brand of ball that
Robbie knew he vva:
jgav*- the oj posing -
apabh* of and lie
lubs in the league;
11 kinds of trouble. On July IS ho
«tailed a winning stnak which cou
jtiniHd until Aug. 20, and during that
time he hung up 10 con&cç'utlve vie
lories and established the season's rc|
for straight wins. During the run'
he defeated every club in the 1
with the exception of the Giants.
Btirb-igh is well built, ir; stron
an stand more w ork than the a>
pitch,. r■. Th, more labor he is
to do the better fl
uid pDaso him
y third day.
ill, <1
nothing coi
pitch ever;
records of
th, la. t tli.
in tli* box.
of la: t ye;
games thui
hurler, l.alvi
non re: t riv
Wilbur Go*
of Hum* B
likes B and
mro than to
'he pii«'hing
»n bring in light
i form quite often
i keel
tional league
on test'. His
• honors was
u l h pa w
uu ii
•a soi i ga \
in him: elf end
fl-llvc r i feed* ii
jthr : piti»ali d*-H\ ery
• i ; -1 ''"III* - i - when
iiiuh- he pilch* ,1 a. f* -
.ding : pe* d and et
,rk »luring Ihn bird half *-fi
m great , onl idmre
proved Hint br can
vitlmut r.-viurting I •»
r.'lor; T'iidiik Dip uiit-Uhk* I t
bi.i predicted that Hurlcigli
would bi olio i
winners In the
in a tight
* »villi da/,
v i tli flying
lie most consistent
itioiial b'.iKue ii. xt
When the Rubins trade Jake Hau
bert ami it i* almost certain that the
captain of tho Ulatbush clan will be
traded to another club before the teams
start for the south Wiih'crt Robinson
will engineer a dial whereby he will
secure a player who bats left-handed.
At present the only regulars on tHe
[Robins who hit from the wrong side
of the plate tire Zark Wheat and Dau
bert. Manager Robbie does not be
lieve that one left-handed batter In
the lineup Is sufficient, and If lio can
swing a deal that will bring a left
handed hitter to take Jake's place In
the batting order ho will be saved from
a great deal of worry when ho ar
ranges the order in which the men will
step to the plate next season.
Another Giant youngster who »'as
been heard from again—this one by
mail—is Sterling Stryker, the ktd pitch
er from Atlantic Highlands, who was
pent out under optional »greernenl to
the Roehetser club last snrign. Stryker
is still in Franco and doesn't know how
long he is likely to remain there. The
young pitcher went overseas last sum
mer and took part in tho fighting In
tho Argonne Forest, and as far as can
be learned came out of it unscathed.
24 and 25 art th* téléphona number,
of The Capital Newt. tf

! ;
- j

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