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Fire Chief and Deputy Health
Officer to Make List of Rook
eries in City Then Council
Will Be Asked to Act.
Those in tho rity owning old, dilap
idated shacks about ready to bo torn
flown may expect to find them re
moved at the city's expense, if the
»dans of Fire Chief Foster and Deputy
Dealtli Officer Pfirman in regard to
the cleaning up of the city's rookeries
and fire traps do not go wrong.
According to Chief Foster there are
• n even 30 fire traps in the city where
rubbish, dirt and straw fill the rooms,
tnd where youngsters are allowed to
play and roam at will. Several tiros
have been started in this manner,
small boys having matches going into
the places to play and starting a blaze
that was communicated to another
There is one place, according tu
Chief Foster, that is leaning out over
an alley which is used many times a
day by pedestrians and those having
deliveries to make. This barn is al
most ready to fall down, yet 1 Do owner
pays no attention to it, and will not
until it does fall and injures some
person In a dangerous manner.
Such places are to be torn down ab
solutely, or the owners of the places
forced to repair them and put them in
good condition again at their own ex
pense. as it is a constant source of
danger to the community to have such
rookeries allowed to become fire
traps. Again, it is a matter of civic
pride that such places should he
cleaned up as it docs not give a very
good impression to home seekers to
see a collection of such ramshackle
buildings apparently neglected and al
lowed to go 1 o ruin.
The chief and health officer I'fir
man will start on their trip of he por
tion either todax or tomorrow, and a
careful list will be made of such
places of »Jauger. Ns soon as the lj**f
is completed, the ill y council will he
asked to take immediate steps tn
ward the betterment of conditions or
the entire removal of the buildings
which nro offending.
Everyone should drink hot water
with phosphate In It,
befors breakfast.
To feel ns fine a." the proverbial
tiddle, we must keep the liver washed
dean, almost every morning, to pro
vent its sponge -like pores from «'log
ging with indigestible material, tour
bile ami poisonous toxins, says a noted
pb ysieian.
If you get headaches, it's your liver.
If you catch cold easily, it's your liver.
I:' you wake up with a bad taste, furred
trngue, nasty breath or stomach b<
««•mes rancid, it's your liver. Sallow
skin, muddy complexion, watery eyes
all denote liver uneleanliness. Your
liver is the most important, also the
most abused and neglected organ of
the body. Few know its function or
hew to release the dnmmed-up body
waste, bile and toxins. Most folks r<
sort to violent calomel, which is a. dan
gerous. salivating chemical which can
only be used occasionally because it
accumulates in the tissues, also at
tacks the bones.
Kvcry man and woman, sick or well,
should drink each morning before
breakfast, a glass of Vmt water with a
t< aspoonful of limestone phosphate in
It. to wash from the liver and bowels
the previous day's indigestible ma
terial, the poisons, sour bile and
toxins; thus chasing, sweetening and
freshening the entire alimentary canal
before putting more food into the
Limestone phosphate does not re
st riet the diet like calomel, because it
cannot salivate, for it is harmless and
you can eat anything afterwards, it j
is inexpensive and almost tasteless,
and any pharmacist will sell you n ;
quarter pound, which is sufficient for
;i demonstration of how hot water and ,
limestone phosphate cleans, stimulates
and freshens the liver, keeping you
feeling fit day in and day out. Adv.
Baby Coming To
Your Home?
Th« Wonderful Event Tint Will Bring
Much Gladness.
Are you looking forward, dear pros
p«*«'tl\e mother, to th* w««mJerful. glorious
time when you shall hold tn your arms ;
the litf to mite, which is of your flesh and
blood, with feelings of misgiving
Now is the time »«j get in condition 1*»
meet the crisis, and ihrer» generations of
women have found in the time-honored
preparation, Mother s Friend, a grateful,
penetrating remedy to prepare their os
teins to vGthatand the shock.
The action of this famous remedy is to
relieve tension on drawn nerves, cords,
tendons and ligaments, to relieve strain
and discomforts, such as nausea, ner\ -
ouaness. hearing-down and stretching
*<alns. By regular ns- during th- period
the muscles expand easily when hal»y is;
born; pain and danger at the crisis is
uaturaily less and the hours are fewer.
Do not neglect the use of Mothers
only-, is absolutely safe and wonderfullj
Write the Bradfleld Regulator Com
pany. Dept. N. Lamar Building. Atlanta.
Georgia, for their Motherhood Book, and
obtain a bottle of Mother's Friend from
the drug store. It is just as standard as
*uything juu can think of.—Adv.
With Fingers!
Co rns L ift Off
DoMn't hurt a bit to lift any
corn or callua right off. Try It!
dresser and
ache twice.
For a few cents you can
get it small bottle of the
nufglc drug freezone re
cently discovered by a. Cin
cinnati man.
.lust ask at any drug
store for a small bottle of
freezone. Apply a few drops
upon a tender, aching corn
or callus ami instantly all
soreness disappears end
shortly you will find 11c
corn or callus so loos'* that
you lift it off with the f.n
.lust think! Not one bit
of pain before applying
freezone or afterwards. It
loesn't even irritate the
urrounding skin.
Hard corns, soft corns
r corns between the toes,
Iso hardened calluses on
»ut tom of feet, shrivel up
ml fall off without hurt
ug a particle. It is almost
Keep a tiny bottle on the
never let a corn or callus
Product Now Selling- for 55
Cents Per Pound— Eggs Now.
55 Cents Dosen Also—Prices
Lower in Boise Now Than
During War.
Ill Is.
•«•mug with m
iuOM of IV! ;
but tui
ami P-. haw
bill 1 it
now liuing ....
Willi«! ,
1 rut 1\ fresh •
Whole.-;: ]o |>|
wra 1 »,
in this «it >
uonIs |
»«'!• -pound. 1 u.- r
ing in
« Tutu lots 1* ;
bul st riot 1 y 11 * •
ma iniiii
g a wlml.
• Till:- |
»er dozen.
A« .-..I
i'ding tu H. .1,
tlm , it
Vs l..r«o:;t . r* t
s. thorn is ,
\v ha t uv
or in Boit» t.
sill«! K.
P t In in up. ; i
that it
is tho wish n
hope tu
get gonds t*. i
• IS p« tssibb'.
"Without auv ?u: < i i
1 « »0(1 m
Jmini.st rat ion,''
Girr, "j
•rices horn am
at any
time since* thn
bo© n o<
mtrolling price
ii< organization ;
" «ont roi pi ieçs i
u In"!, lie states j
■ f the retail* rs
tho consumer as
lotions bv the
id Mr. M,*
modit if
I leans
nment has
food com
me 17' 2 cents per
ruinent restrictions
im v they are 12*- cents a. pound.
Siig.H is still under control of the
government, .and probably will l»a for
another year.**
' Rutter and egg prices are con
trolled largely by weather conditions,'
further stated Mr. MuGirr, "and I
look for eggs to remain high in this
- 'ti««n this year owing to the fact
'bat grain has been high and hard
t«> get f«»r feed, and a belief that In
' *■n.si i|ueneo there will be no unusual
1 of the egg market during l » 19.
•t look fo:
I '« rsona 11 v. I
*1 1 op 111 egg prices until after the end j
of another season." j
"Of course," said Mr. Mc-Girr.
the wholesale prices drop, we rut
ors will bu glad to lower our pr
accordingly, and I hope and bnli
that prices will take a whol* ;
tumble shortly for it
that the cost of liviiu
continu«- indefinite!;
cant:r*i! goods will n
uni d after another pa
my belief I
too high t«> I
Prices on
n tli« same
Reuss is
in Salt 1
John P
tinned a
n Homo, Jan. 31 W. Ç).
>ttending to business affairs
ike this week.
nnington, who has been sta
C.imp Fremont, Cal., has
ä .
. i
s i
I »een discharged and is visiting friends
in .Mountain Home befoiv returning to
his home in Bruhcau.
« '. L. Holverson and George Berts
chy of Bruneau were Mountain Home
business visitors a. couple of days this
Ben Martin spent. • few days in the
city from r. home* at Riddle, Idaho.
J. Wallace of Nampa was transact
ing husim-.v ; in Mountain Home Wed
nesday ami Thursday.
J. R. Frances of Kmmett was a vis
itor in the city Wednesday.
T. B. Wilson of Boise spent a few
days in the city the first of the week.
George Wirker and K. K. Smith of
Gooding were transacting business In
the city Wednesday-.
Mrs. Harriet Price, who has been
visiting relatives in Boise spent Wed
nesday in the city on her way to her
home at Dine.
Mrs. <_), L. Gannon and Miss Mel!
Smithson are spending a few days 1n
Boise ami expect to visit relatives in
J.'mmett before their return.
Harold Spring and Harry Dempsey
; couple of da
looking after
Mrs. II« lb*
j children of U
: has beei
the first «J the week
mdness affairs.
Robinson and tn«i
•mm« i
coming, who
; wr
ir f , m « Tlnn-.mv
! ,, 'V
Mrs. Herbert Huwoth and grandson
i of Glenns Ferrv are visiting in Moun
siting relatives in the city
for tin- past three weeks, returned t«j
her home Thursday.
W. A. Hoobler of Boise was look in JI
after business interests in Mountain
tain Home a few' days, the guests of
Mrs. S. K. Reed.
Mrs. John Nevins of Pocatello who
has been visiting in the city with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Calla
way, has returned to-her home.
Grover Mariait of Gooding w-is
looking after business affairs in
Participation by This City in
"National Week of Song" Is
Being Urged; To Celebrate
From Feb. 16 to 22 Annually.
The Commercial club is bring fm
portuned those in charge of the move
ment in the east, to inaugurate in thn
city each year in which Washington's
birthday occurs, a "National Week of
Song"; this year, the week of lifting
up the voice of a community in praise
to the father of our country being
from Feb. 1« to Feb. 22.
The matter has been turned over to
Lou Design, chairman of the enter
tainment committee of the Commer
cial club, who will, no doubt, take the
matter up in such a way as to in
sure its being a success in this city at
its first trial.
"The National Week of Song" Is a
campaign in the interest of commun
ity singing, and to awaken and de
velop a national and patriotic spirit
by the singing of our national and
patriotic songs all over the country
during the week in each year that tin*
birthday <»f Washington «ornes.
It is claimed that such a week of
song brings people together in great
community gatherings, in which they
sing the songs they have learned t«<
love because of their enduring quali
ties songs which uplift arid iuspir«
a love for country and flag.
It is further believed that such a
week would work wonders in the
great, work of reconstruction that is
before the nation after the war lie
cause such \v«uk must be done by a
peuple united in spirit and purpose,
th.it their ideal*-- must he realized.
M.y'«»r lia.'.- will he asked to is -nie
a public statement endorsing the plan,
and perhaps i; suing a proclamation
that, the good people of this city célé
brai«' in true fashion, the birth nf
Washington, as it must'be remember -
• "I that u hi'ii Loir-.- lift!; up its voice
1 It
! 'In
1 h.
if 111«'
I tin
H tonal
<>iiiiijiiiiit >
ommunit v
'i all America sing in
aste for songs of the
bring people ingotli
gatherings and d<\«»
au« I uphold
singing of
inspire; ami
our 1"\ < f«»r
cs. seh«»«'ls a
to co-npeiat
make the w
cess in this
such an eve
* x l
high i*lea Is by tlm
songs as Uplift and
amalgamate and give
unitry ami flag. Fhutv.h
1 so« i< teas will lie asked
with tii«* eommltt.ee t*>
k nf song a grand stur
dy, and it is Imped that
can be sueccs»sf ullv ar
j Tn an a'ldress delivered before the
I members of the B«»ise V. W. C. A.
Thursday evening, Madame 11. Anet,
«if Brussells, member of the national
Y. W. V. A. hoard of the Belgian Y.
\V. < '. A , asked for help during the
I period «if reconstruction that is fac
1 ing t he Helena ns.
Madame Anet, who, with her hns
| ha ml. is touring America, spoke elo
j Hclglum
j wore no
duentl.v of the ?*onditions prevailing in
I disc
I Sh
! thin
ing that tea and coffee
to be bad for the price was
. prohibitive, and that butter was $17 a
i pound and cocoa not on the market,
i During her talk she told of the great
1 privileges American women had and
stated that this counti : was a pura
• >r the weaker sex.
admonished all to remember
low that the armistice had be«>n
1 ami peace was near .it hand.
Ibis w .s the* most crucial period
<»! the long four years of conflict. She
said that this was the period for Bel
gian women when m w courage was
needed to keep the strength up.
Madame Anet addressed the wives of
legislators at the Owyhee before her
talk at the Y \Y. ( V A.
j t
A large number of members of the
Congregational church met in the
basement of the church Thursday
evening and attended a picnic supper,
annual mer ting and election of officers
for the coming year.
Reports of the various church socie
ties were read and the pastor gave a
short address in which he suggested
some new phases of church work, and
the establishment of educational,
evangelistic, social and missionary
committers to help out the work of
each committee in the church and
Sunday school.
Officers for the coming year were
elected as follows;
W. F. Graham and W. J. Campbell,
trustees t « » suc«'eed themselves and 11.
K. Fritchmun to succeed W. J. Abbs.
F C. Russell and C. Crane succeeded
themselves as dca«*«»ns. V. L. I ree
liafer will be Sunday scho«>l superin
tendent with Jared Doolittle and Mer
Abbs will
junior wor
l»e superintendent
1 lelmi
of the
Mountain Home Wednesday am!
»lohn B. Chat tin was in town from
Chat t in Flats Wednesday.
1019 Main St. Grand hotel Bldg.
Boise's newest and best cafe. Ameri
can and Chinese Dishes. Chop Suey
and Noodles a specialty. Finest chef
in the city. Everything new and clean.
Service best Open from 6 a. m. until
I a. m.
Designers Turn Their Attention to Children
of Pink
jrp'ROCKS of sturdy linen and
gingham are used for
morning and playtime wear.
Ltnen is smart, but gingham
launders better.
Georgette crop® 1 * employed for
party frocks for little girls as well
for their big sisters. Pink Is
the favorite color, though white,
blue and palp yellow are popular.
Yellow Is lovely on a dark child,
end also on a fairy-like blonde
whose golden curls seem to gain
sn added bistre fiom tho pale
buttercup tint.«.
A smart, little frock that will
b<" very useful as a play or school
costume is developed in Belgian
blue rhnmbray. It is rut with a
seam on the shoulder, and the
aides are slightly gored to give a
proper flare to the little skirt.
Two slashed buttonholes act a*
points of egress for a strapped
belt that, crosses in the front and
continues around the hack, where
Jt ties in two short ends. Two
pockets are slashed and bound
below this unusual beltline.
A round collar of white linen
is solidlv buttonholed around th«
By f. |\ CLARK.
I in.*do the discovery today that pop
corn m as staple in this city as sugar.
I always know I was foolish about
the nifty tasting confection, but I
didn't suppose all the rest of the Boise
peoph were, too, until 1 found out that
there arc suhl every six months right
here in town
and forty
: of popcorn !
it dopes «m I ;
1* the
Ralph Badlcy, with a stand on tin*
corner nf Tenth and Main, has just pur
chased in «'hi. ago a solid car of un
popp» d pop« **i n. The car is a standard
20,000 pound capacity box, which
mains !.. tons' capacity in ton lots.
In that car of popcorn there will
be 310 sacks of shelled pearl popcorn
13 tons, 3 4 sacks to the ton. Let's
get the inch piece of pencil out and do
a little figuring.
There is 3«». 000 pounds of shelled
corn in the car. Average popcorn will
pop «nit eight sacks t « » the pound. Thus
we have 210,000 5-ecnt sacks of corn
that the car «>f un shelled corn, 30,000
pounds, will turn out.
Hcr« s whet« we get dizzy. Tf thosa
5-cent sacks of popped out corn wore
set on end. one atop another, the pile
would be 2fi v 2 miles high* Om-h!
And if they were set side by side
You Can Easily and Safely Darken All
Your Gray Hair With "La Creole"
and Look Young Again.
Many folks whose hair is gray,
faded or thin believe this is a natural
and n«»« es.sary omsouinune of a«l
valuing rige. This condition «*!' the
hair is now nun.....Hsiuy, for . t slight
lost and lilt lu trouble you can safely
apply Creole" Hair Dressing »«»
y mil hair and scalp in the priva* y of
your room, as per simple directions on
the hot 1 lu. Gradually all your gray or
faded hair turns a beautiful, soft,
even dark shad«', making you look
younger, and when you run your
fingers through your hair and f« . I how
soft and wavy it is, you will wear a
smile of real delight. Thousands of
enthusiastic users praise "La Creole"
Hair Dressing as the greatest hair
color restorer. For sale by Joy Drug
Co., and all good drug store»« every
where. Mail orders promptly filled
upon receipt of regular price, $1.00.
La Creole" Hair Dressing is guaran
teed. Adv
edge in black. A tie of black
grosgrain ribbon completes the
The festive little party frock
Is made of pink Georgette crepe
and soft, créa ni lace. An old
fashioned "Mother Hubbard" of
pink Georgette crepe ta mounted
on a drop skirt of net To this
drop skirt Is attached n row of
lace edging that appears below
the looped-up skirt of Georgette
crepe that is held with a dainty
bouquet of French flowers in
shades of pink, blue and yellow.
Over the yoke of pink Georg
ett„* crepe falls a bolero Jacket of
cream lace.
Puffed sleeves of Georgette
crepe are plcot-edged to form a
ruffle, which is garlanded with
French flowers like those on the
Roth the yoke and sleevoa are
lined with white net.
Pink silk socks and white kid
slippers with tiny rosettes of
flowers complete a very lovely
little costume that will make an
ideal flower girl's frock at a
snrtnc wedding
when filled with popcorn and placed
in a straight line, that line would
Mret. h just nine miles'. "Quick, doc
tor! The needle!"
Now, to pop that car of corn, the
"Fop Corn King" is doing to use
up just T.'.ûù pounds of fat! One thou
ami pounds of* salt will be used to
flavor it, too.
Whil« w* are on the subject, let's
cut in over mir necks. If the sacks
th«; popped corn is going in were to be
h ut apart so they would lay out flat,
tiie paper would cover just two acres!
I '««lb ma n, I.-I him up! Hu's all cut!"
Ami just im* the Hm of it, si mat
w * v ( gut 240,000 sacks of popcorn
r* ; « t.1 .\ tu Mid«* down past the palates
of Boise citizens in the next six
months, how much aia* they going to
i* «»sun up for the enjoyable process?
Two hundred and forty thou
solid sacks times $0.0$ each equals
Thu popcorn was purchased in Chl
«-ago and the freight paid on it out
lure cheapoc than Hu* same corn could
have been purchased in this state—
and the quality is better, for the sim
ple reason that the farmers in this
•date who nro growing popcorn have
the idea that all they have to do is to
grow it. It must be stored in cribs
for a certain length «>f time and gotten
nady for popping—tlien if can be sold
at a. good price, with a demand that
far exceeds the supply.
It is estimated that 300 acres of pop
corkn will be raised in and around
Caldwell the coming year. It will av
erage 23 bushels to the acre, which,
at the price of corn taken care, of and
cured before selling, gives the grower
a fine profit. Sac county in Iowa, fur
nishes the bust popcorn they having
it down to a science. They will raise
this .vr.tr In that county 9000 acres of
Hunt think the "Pup Corn King"
•c|ls all the corn in town The grocerv
stores sell another half car « very year
1 u folks to take home and pop over the
Imiulrulï i.-iuses a. frWrlsIi irritation
of tlm sralp, tho in,ir roots Mu-ink,
loosen and then the hair comes out
lasl. Tn stop fnllinc hair at once and
rid thn scalp of every particle nf dand
ruff, «et a small bottle of Danderine at
any drug store for a few cents, pour a
little in your hand and rub it into the
scalp. After several applications the
hair stops coming out and you can't
find a n y dandruff. Adv .
Est. 1868—8th and Main
Grocery Specials
Our grocery department is always in
the front rank of genuine value giving—
and to further reduce old Mr. H. C. L.
we place on sale tomorrow morning the
following articles.
Make up your list
and order early.
Phone 96 or
regular 42c at, lb.....
regular 35c, per can. .
regular 1 5c can....
2 for 25c
regular SOo, per lb. can. ..
regular 00c, 2' 2 lb. can
regular 20c.....
cans for
regular $ 1.00 size, per doz.
IIIK m iMS :
régulai - £1.25 quality, cadi
$ 1.00
-- w»
Former Veteran Member ol
Fighting First Idaho S P y
Beautiful Tribute to Late ;
Theodore Roosevelt.
A large number of veterans of for
eign wars who are members of Santa
Ana Post No. G3, in this city, met
Thursday evening in their lodge rooms
fur the purpose of electing officers.
(During tHe meeting, Major Frank A.
Fenn, 2nd battalion, "Fighting First
Idaho's," the regiment that won Itself
u many honors in the Spanish-Ameri
can war, delivered an address on
• Americanism."
Major Fenn saw long and hard serv
ice in most of the early battles in the
Philippines, and is an honorary member
..f Post No. 63, Veterans of Foreign
Wars of the United States. His ad
in ss was a gem of thought in which
he dwelt at length upon every man, wo
man and child being thoroughly Amer
ican in principle and deed, and brought
tears to the eyes of his listeners by
pav ing a beautiful tribute to the late
Theodore Roosevelt, known personally
to many >>f the members of Post No. 63.
Major Fenn also told some personal
storu s of life in the service that were
much appréciai« «1.
The of I leers **f Post 63 for the coming
Commander, Morton G. Mason. 18th
United States infantry; vice common
der, 1-Yank E. Stewart, 14th United
States cavalry; junior vice cotnman
dor, J. R. Sullivan, 18th United States
(infantry; quartermaster, F. M. Blunt,
1st Idaho infantry; chaplain, L. <\ Col
lins; officer of the day, Myron Cook.
Santa Ana Auxiliary Post No. 2 also
(met in conference Thursday evening
Every Wednesday and Saturday Night
5c a Dance—Good Music.
Hers Is a Srnsibls Treatment That
Gets Prompt Results.
Kur veal, downright, liarnissiuK, dis
ciimf"i'l. \erv fen disorders can ap
proach so-called skin diseases, such as
là .-.cm Tetter, Hells, eruptions, scaly
irritations and similar skin troubles,
notwit list aiding the lavish use of
salves luttons, washes, and other
treatment applied externally to the ir
ritated parts.
Ko one cu r heard of a person heinff
afflicted with any form of skin dis
eases whose blood was in good condi
tion. Therefore, It is but logical tn
conclude that the proper method of
treatment for pimples, blotches, sores,
boils rough, red and scaly skin, is to
and elected, the following officers: Pm
ident, Edna T Aldington; senior vie«
Pif ^bh'iit. Lulu Mason: Junior vi •
prcsld'-nt, Laura Sullivan; recording
secretary, L ira Blunt; secretary m i
treapnr. r. Mary J'of ley; guard, Maude
Roos; «•onductress, Eliza. Brum; chap
lain, Emma Duckworth; color bearer.
Laura Slater, Margnretta Ahlen.
Commande v Mason spoke at. length
regarding tlm n«-\v organization 1 « »
forincil 111 this city next Friday night,
th© Allied War veterans, and lire*-i
tDat all lend every assistance in the >
power to further the movement.
--------- +++ -
Have them soled in time. No matter
where you live we will deliver you
them parcel post, C. O. D. Best leath
er—best workmanship. Capital City
Shoe Shop, expert shoe repairers and
manufacturers, 223 Idaho St., Bois« 1 ,
Ida. Peter Glavanoff, Prop.—Adv.
Th© Capital Newa telephone numbers
are 24 and 25, tf
Coughs and Colds Don't Linger
When Dr. King's New
Discovery Is Used.
Y, i «,we It to your family—to your
self keep this standard remedy in
your medicine cabinet.
For almost three generations It has
been the first-choice cold and cough
[relief of inilliuns of people, young
and old.
Helps to bring quick relief—loosen
chest-stuffiness, reduce fever, sooth lr
ii'itated throats, cheek cougldqg.
Sold by druggists everywhere. 60<-,
Don't permit yourself to become
constipated, as your system Immedi
ately begins to absorb poison from tlm
backed—up waste matter. Use Dr.
King's New Life Pills and keep well.
(Try them. All druggists, 25c.—Adv.
purify the blood and remove llic tiny
garnis of pollution that break through
and manifest their presence on tho
surface of the skin.
People in all parts of the country
have written us how they wore com
pletely rid of every trace of these dis
orders by the use of S. S. S.. tho
matchless, purely vegetable, blond
purl lier. S. S. S. goes direct to llie
center of the blood supply, and purities
and cleanses it of every vestige of
foreign matter, giving a clear and
ruddy complexion that indicates per
fect health. Write today for free med
ical advice regarding your case. Ad
dress Swift Specific Co.. 413 Swift
laboratory, Atlanta, On. Adv.

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