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President Lynch Issues Letter
to Local Director Showing
That European Terror Must
Be Barred.
Valuable Suggestion Shows
Those to Whom Nation Owes
Money Will Not Attempt Its
Vaccinate the state of Idaho and in
fact the nation with the thrift and
there need he no fear of Bolshevism,
Bays Governor Lynch of the Twelfth
fedeiuhl reserve bank in charge of the
Twelfth district in the matter of li
berty bonds and thrift stamp sales in
a letter to Allen B. Katon, state di
rector for the thrift stamps for Idaho.
The letter was also sent to banks
and trust companies. It is in part
as follows:
"To you who fought In the great
army behind the lines, the govern
ment wishes to extend its thanks for
your Epl?ndid patriotism and practi
cal co-operation in both liberty loan
and war savings during the past year.
"Honorable Carter Glass, the new
secretary of the treasury, sends you
the following message: Your dollars
saved half a million American lives.
Your money ended the war six months
before military experts deemed it
possible. Because the money you
raised purchased such an overwhelm
ing equipment of guns and ammuni
tion, ships and destroyers, aeroplanes,
tanks, horses, food ar^J clothing, the
German general staff decided to beg
for mercy beforef it was too late.
"The clay of reconstruction and set
tlement has arrived. At such a time
after our Civil war, Abraham Lincoln
uttered these words of wisdom: 'With
malice towards none, with charity for
all, with firmness in the right, as God
gives us to see the right, let us finish
the work v/e are in.'
"Never before bas the world been
in such need of wisdom, never before
In such need of charity. Therefore, let
us, like sensible American citizens,
finish the work we are in. Let us pay
our bills and get our boys home.
"The next loan is to be called 'The
Victory Loan/ and it will be for about
$6,000,000,000. It will probably be of
fered in April. The treasury depart
ment assures us it will be the last
loan and that the terms will be at
"Now, a word about war savings:
We regret to see that the banks are
showing a lack of interest in this im
portant measure. This attitude is
wrong, for two excellent reasons.
First, the government in advertising
and advocating thrift is rendering the
banks an incalculable benefit. Sooner
or later the savings banks would
have to do for themselves what the
government is now doing for them.
They should support thlte measure
for their own benefit. Second, wars
are generally followed by pestilence.
The Spanish influenza, starting in i
Europe, raged a year before we gave
it much attention. Working westward,
it attacked our physical health, and
thousands of our people died.
"There is now another pestilence
raging in Europe which is a menace
to our financial and national health.
It is.called Bolshevism. It has Russia
by the throat. Anarchy sits on the
throne with a bloody sword in one
hand and a flaming torch in the other.
This disease is also working westward.
Already it is knocking at our doors.
No quarantine will keep it out. Our
best remedy is the war savings
tamp. Let us vaccinate the whole na
tion with thrift. It is fundamental
that no man will seek to overthrow
the government that owes him money.
Banks should encourage the sale of
war savings stamps. As the heritage
©f war let us permanently secure to
the American people the blessings of
Let us mount your head and tan
your hide, make up your furs or rugs.
R. W. Ltmbcrt. Taxidermist and Fur
rier, Boise. Adr.-tf
or Headache—
Rub the forehead
and tempi»# with
Your Hoc
NEW PRICES—30c, 60c, $1.20
Western Optical Co.
Boise, Idaho,
Office Hours, 8 to 11 a.m., 1:1b to S p.m.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Or Tour Moss* Refunded.
THE AUTOPIANO—The world's best
Player Piano. No rubber tubing.
Owyhee county Is represented in the
lower house of the present legislature
by James Garbutt of Grandview, a
rancher and business man. lie 'Is
serving his first term with an Idaho
body of lawmakers and is making de
cidedly good at the venture.
Representative Garbutt is a native
of Canada, being born in Ontario in
1856. When a resident of North Da
kota. he held ». public office, that of
clerk of the district court. He Ills
made Idaho his home since 1904, and
with R. C. Massey and Ben Code or
ganised and developed the Grandview
Hand & irrigation company of Grand- j
view, which they sold in 1909. Since
then Representative Garbutt has been
giving his undivided attention to his
ranch interests. That he Is busily oc
cupied is evident from the fact he is
feeding no less than 300 steers on his
The "gentleman from Owyhee" is In
terested in an annexation hill he in
troduced asking that a portion if
Owyhee county lie added to Ada. It is
pending i# the house. It is known is
house bill No. 56.
Few Recommendations Along
Lines of Precaution.
Chief W. A. Foster, Of Local ■
Fire Department, Makes a
If there is any one place whfere the
merit of fire prevention is of greater
importance than anywhere else, it. is
our public schools# A disaster that de
stroys or endangers the lives of a
large number of children is always
horrible, and, if preventible, deserving
of the utmost punishment for those re
Chief \V. A. Foster of the local fire
department, believes that the schools
of this city are probably equal to any
in the precautions taken. However,
the i rice of safety in this as in any
other phase of human existence, is
eternal watchfulness.
Chief Foster makes a few recommen
dations in regard to the prevention of
flies In schoolhouses as follows:
"Janitors and others in charge of the
buildings where school is held, should
be ever alert to discover sources of pos
sible fire. The waste paper hazard re
quires great care to reduce it to the
minimum, and the heating plant has
caused many fires in schools.
"It should be noted whether steam
pipes are In contact with wood or other
combustible material. The tempera
ture of steam pipes is not, relatively,
very high, but the long-contained ap
plication of even genelt heat to burn
ing material, changes it to a dry, por
ous substance that readily takes fire.
Fire escapes should be clear of all
articles whatever, and the doors or
windows leading to them should be un
locked during school hours."
Berlin, Feb. 10—The Soldanrat,
(soldiers' council) Brannsweig has In
vited all soldanrats in Germany to
send delegates to that city for the pur
pose of establishing a northwestern
republic according to information re
turned here today.
Here Are the Ways Some Beauties Preserve Their Teeth
. The f'amout Spanish Prima Donna .
C lean looking toeth are the am*
refreshingly wholesome attribute of
beauty any one can possess. He
amount of loveliness can overcome th#
effect of teeth that show lack of care
and brushing. Cleanliness of th» mouth
snd teeth is the flrst aid to beauty.
In addition to the ordinary car* of
your Teeth you should have them
cleaned "professionally," that Is, by a
dentist, twice a year.
Tour tooth brushes must b» soft
enough not to Irritate your gums. The
brushes should bo changed often, and
should be kept thoroughly clean. Tour
teeth should be brushed In an up and
down direction, not across. After thor
oughly brushing the front of your teeth
In this way, open your mouth and brush
th» grinding surfaces. Lastly, brush
the inside of tho teeth next to the
tongue—this Is really the most Import
ant pait of your teeth to keep clean and
healthy \
After brushing your teeth thoroughly
your whole mouth should be rinsed out
with cool water to which can be added
a little* bicarbonate of soda, lima water,
•alt or bone acid. Thu alow and thor
Says We Must Keep Feet Dry,
Avoid Exposure and
Eat Less Meat.
Stay off the damp ground, avoid ex
posure, keep feet dry, eat less meat,
drink lots of water and above ail take
a spoonful of talts occasionally to keep
down uric acid.
Rheumatism is caused by poisonous
toxin, called uric add, which Is gene
rated in the bowels and absorbed Into
the blood. It is the function of the
kidneys to filter this acid from the
blood and cast it out in the urine. The
pores of the skin are niso a means of
freeing the blood of this impurity. In
damp and chilly, cold weather the skin
pores are closed, thus forcing the kid
neys to do double work, they become
weak and sluggish and fall to elimi
nate this urioiacid which keeps ac
cumulating and circulating through
the system, eventually settling in the
Joints and muscles causing stiffness
soreness and pain called rheumatism'.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get' from any pharmacy about four
ounces of .Tad Balts; put a tablespoou
ful tn a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating the kidneys to
normal action, thus ridding the blood
of these impurities.
Jud Salts is inexpensive, harmless
and Is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia
and is* used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject
to rheumatism. Here you have> a
pleasant. effervescent lithia-water
drink which overcomes uric acid and
is beneficial to your kidneys as well.
Many Speakers to Address
Those Who Attend En
tertainment During Coming
"Father and Son Week."
The program for the banquet to be
held by the looal Y. M. C. X. during
ttie coming "father and son week" has
been arranged ,nnd from point of at
tendance promised and the quality of
the program arranged,,the banquet will
be the best affair of its i kind ever held
in the city
B. B. Bliss, chairman of the pro
gram committee, announces the fol
Dr. R. M. Donaldson — Address,
"What a Dad Has a Right to Expect
From Ilis Boy."
David McFadden, one of the active
members of the older boys' division,
will speak qn "What a Boy Has a
Right to Expect of His Dad."
Governor D. W. Davis, Rev. Willsie
Martin and Judge F. S. Dietrich will
respond to the toast: 'What 1 most ;
remember about my dad."
In addition to the above speakers, |
( hairman Bliss announces that he has
arranged for musical events nnd vari
oils stunts to be interspersed in the
program during the evening. One of j
the features of the entertainment will i
he a violin and piano duet by two !
brothers, said to be the youngest per- (
formers on musical instruments
Ticket* are selling fast for the ban
quet, and those who expect to attend
are urged to make fc their reservations
at the earliest possible time. Accord
ing to Secretary Randall, who is mak
ing arrangements to handle a large
number of guests, no reservations will
be made after 4 p. m., Monday, Feb- ]
ruary 10. i
Secretary Randall also wishes the i
fact made known that the attendance i
at the banquet during "father and son
week" will not be confined to mem
bers of the association only, but that
every boy and father In Boise is in
vited to be present, or rather, the first
ones that make their reservations, up
to a certain limit, as only so many can
be cared for.
To Cure a Cold In Ona Day
(Tablets.) It stops the Cough and
Headache and works off the Cold. F.
W. GROVE'S signature on each box.
ough chawing of your food helps to keep
the teeth In condition.
It isn't always convenient to brush
your teeth after each weal, but if tho
habit Is once formed of rinsing out the
mouth with water as soon after eating
as pnostble It will greatly help nature to
keep your mouth clean.
The acids of oranges, lemons, apples
and other fruits, while cleansing to the
teeth tn the process of chewing, should
always be rtnaed ont of the mouth after
the fruit Is finished.
Tou should use a good tooth powder or
paste at least twice every day. A cheap
and agreeable tooth powder, one that
can be uaed practically as often as
needed. Is made of precipitated chalk
and a few drope of peppermint tor flavor.
Another powder that requires little
care in the preparation,, and la effective
as a cleanser,, la composed of the follow
ing Ingredients:
Gum camphor............ H ounce
Precipitated chalk...... t% ouncaa
Orris root (powdered).... 1)4 ounces
Caatlie soap (powdered). 1 grain
The camphor should bo pulverised and
Sid Smith.
Sid Smith. British heavyweight
may be brought to this country to
meet Jess Willard should both
Dempsey and Carpentier fail to sign
U P 'or the big bout. Smith is con
sidered the leading heavyweight of
Great Britein.
*- I
i* ri ___.ax - m . , i
When Benefits of Two-platoon ;
3000 Names on Petitions.
They Find It a Necessity
The fire laddies who have been cir
culating the pettiion to be presented
to the city council to have the
two-platoon system installed in Boise
not later than May 1, report very good
success; havjfig secured, so far, over
3000 names out of a total registration
of 7000 voters. This is exceptionally
good, considering that the only time
boys have to get the petition in the
hands of the taxpayers is on their off
The department Is in receipt of a
letter from Deputy Fire Chief Matthew'
McDermott of Newark, N. J.. a fire
fighter since 1874, in which he calls
attention to seeing that the Boise lads
want the ttvo-platoon system,
gives the experience of the large New
ark department with it. The letter, *n
part, reads as follows:
"Tell the people of Boise If they
adopt the two-platoon system that the
and j
; ftromcn , lhelr wives, their sweethearts
land their children will never forget
| Tell them that the two-platoon
S ygtom is the only humanitarian plan,
j j, ave peen fighting fires since 1874.
B P f ore we installed the two-platoon
j system here none of the men had more
i than 15 minutes a day. at meal times
! with their families. This is not right,
( with the inauguration of the two-pla
toon system everything was changed
When the firemen's work is done he
goes home and enjoys himself with his
"Only those who have been 'cooped up'
In a firehouse for 24 hours a day can
realize what two platoons mean to the
department, say firemen. The morals
!.of tho Newark department and its ef
] ficiency have increased wonderfully
i since the two-platoon system was
i adopted in 1917. The men like their
i work, and when the call for assistance
comes there are no laggards no tired
lmcn -
"The expense-of the two-platoon sys
tem wiille a trifle more is compensated
by a more efficient, satisfied depart
ment, it is claimed. Under the old
system men became so tired hanging
around or sitting on chairs that they
could not be depended upon to do any
thing when they were called upon.
That is changed with the installation
of the two-platoon system—every man
is snappy."
Plano moving mad» easy. Call 71.
Pesslev Transfer A. Storage Co.—Adv.
ths ingredients mixed together. Add a
few drops of oil of peppermint to flavor.
The oce&elonei use of charcoal powder
is very whitening to the teeth. An ex
cellent charcoal powder 1s prepared as
Pulverized charcoal....... 50 grams
Red cinchona bark(p'w'd) » grams
Barionate of magnesia... 5 grama
Pulverised camphor....... i grama
The exgfcaslve eating of oandy is ex
tremely bad for the teeth. If you per
sist In partaking of an over amount of
sugar, which causes hypcr-acldity of the
mouth, end decay of your teeth, you
should follow the eating of these sweets
with an alkaloid wash that will neutral
isa the arid. Bicarbonata of soda and
warm water in equal parts Is a simple
and excellent remedy.
If you rinse your mouth with this after
•Sting candy or indulging in other
sweets much of the harmful effeet on
your tooth will ho prevented
Large Demand fott Seats Forces
Change From Isis to Oity's
Largest Theater — : Event
Goes on Tonight.
The SantelrWorkmnn wrestling
match will be held at the Pinney
theater tonight, Instead of at the Isis,
the change being made necessary by
the large demand for scats and the
heavy attendance expected to see San
tfl, light-heavyweight champion of the
world, throw "Cyclone" Workman, the
pride of Nampa, twice in one hour as
he lfas agreed to do.
This will be good nows for the fans
as the seating and seeing accomoda
tions arc far better at the Pinney than
at any other place In the city. Be
sides, the space on the stage is larger,
and the ring can be made regulation
size; something impossible at other
theaters—a fact which puts men used
to working in a regular ring under a
handicap that holds down tl>eir speed
and cleverness.
The preliminaries this evening will
be superfine. The boys who will tan
gle with each other will start prompt
ly at 8:30, and will be instructed in
the hearing of the audience that they
muét put up an honest battle or they
will be chased from the arena. Pro
moter Collins i3 doing everything in
his power to give,the loyalists in town
more than a run for his money, ana
will leave no stone unturned to give
chows that rank with the best, at
prices that class with the lowest.
First "prelim" will be between
"Young" Sharkey, a tough seed from
Seedless, Cal., and "Kid" I#eathem, a
youth with a bone-crushing swing.
Both boys are mixers all the way, and
the bout (five rounds) will bp a
Second tangle will be between "Kid"
Mex, the keen mixologist from Swat*
ville, and "Al" Nelson, the pride of
j South Boise. There is a bit of bad
I blood between these boys, and both
i are anxious for the affair to begin, as
; one or the other is determined that
little soiree. Five rounds again, of
—heavy battling.
! Between the falls of the main event.
Chet Camp, the boy from Belling
ham, will take on Glen McKelth, of
Nampa, in a 15 minute wrestling
match. This should be a corker as
both boys are fast, and know the
The piano students of the Misses
Dirk and Cook entertained a large
number of friends Friday night at St.
Margaret's hall, at which the follow
ing program was given: Russian Ro
mance, by Friml, Greaclien Brandt;
j Dance-French Folly, Constance Swit
zer; Solfegietto by Bach. Warrior's
Son by Heller. Saralt l.upili; Berceuse
by Kjerulf, Josephine Brandt; Bab
bling Brook by Smith, Olive Athey;
Winter Ijy Wright, Winnie Barrett;
Ktude op. 22, number one by Wollen -
haupt, Wilma Hurlbert; Cradle Song
by Jeffries, Eloise Gess; Etude by Ra
vina, Constance Switzer; Au Matin by
Goddard, Rhea Griffin; Harmonies du
Soir by Pachulski, Elsie Brandt; Bar
carolle by Foster, Edith Neal; 17 hen
the Boat Tips by Dutton. Therese Win
ston; In the Blacksmith Shop by Bar
low, Harvey Cornell; Dance of the
Fairies by Wright, Margaret Newlon;
Giants by Rogers. Elma White; Song
of the Lark by Tschalkowsky, Musical
Clock by Heins, Gladys Carrom; Tar
anteile by Dennee, Agnes Bowen; Boat
Song by Franke, Marion Kleinman;
Elfins Dnnde by Jensen, Margarit
Haga; Valse by Dennee, Myra David
son; and Tarantella by Piczonka,
Kathryn Moore.
Bub Nerve Torture, Pain and
All Misery Right Out With
"St. Jacobs Liniment."
You are to be pitied—but remember
that neuralgia torture and pain is tha
easiest thing in the world to stop.
Please don't continue to suffer; it's so
needless. Get from your druggist the
small trial bottle of "St. Jacobs Lini
ment;" pour a little in your hand and
gently rub the "tender nerve" or sore
spot, and instantly—yes, immediately
—all pain, ache and soreness is gone.
"St. Jacobs Liniment" conquers pain
--It is perfectly harmless and doesn't
burn or discolor the skin. Nothing else
gives relief so quickly. It never falls
to stop neuralgia pain instantly,
whether in the face, head or any part
of the body Dpn't suffer!—Adv.
best Plano by American Industry.
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00
and $3.00.
Champion of World.
Payette, Feb. 10.—The annual meeting
of the Payette Co-operative Creamery
company was held Friday and Satur
day, officers being elected as follows:
President, If. Gregory; vice president,
F. B. Supple; directors: D. B. Coates
and Charles Fulton, re-elected, and B.
Whealdon and Axell Johnson, newly
elected. J. R. Brown continues as
the efficient manager.
The reports show an Increase of 100
per cent in the business of the cream
ery in 1918 over that of 1917. Tho
amount of butter made in 1918 was
428,718 pounds. The icf cream busi
ness of the creamery in 1918 was over
100 per cent greater than in 1917.
RECEIPTS $226,924.73.
The total receipts of the creamery
in 1918 were $226,924.73. Splendid
prices for the manufactured products
were obtained. The average price for
butter for the entire year was
cents per pound. The lowest price
of the year was during the month of
April—41 cents. The highest price—
1 67 cents—prevailed during the last
three months of the year.
The creamery is now in its fourth
year and now has 800 patrons. Thrse
trucks and two other cars are used
in gathering the cream daily.
! Prominent dairymen were present
and they were shown a royal good
I time. Among the speakers were: Prof.
Fipps and Prof. Westover of Corvalis,
Ore.: Prof. Goss of Moscow, head of
ithe dairy department of the state uni
versity; F. R. Cammack, field dairy
man for Idaho: and Prof. G. K. Frevert
j of Salt Lake, United State:i department
of dairying.
Be Better Looking—'Take
If your skin is yellow—complexion pallid
—tongue coated—appetite poor—you have
a bad taste in your mouth—a lazy, no-good
feeling—you should take Clive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets—a substitute '
forcalomel—were prepared by Dr. Edwards j
after 17 years of study with his patients. I
Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets are n purely i
vegetable compound mixed with olive oil. !
You will know them by their olive color.
To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy Uke
childhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablets act on the
liver and bowela like c al om e l — yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome consti
pation. That's why millions of boxes are
sold annually at 10c and 25c per box. All
druggists. Take one or two nightly ana
note the pleasing results.
Pinney Theater
Two Day«, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 14th and 1Sth
War Veterans 40 Military Band
Battle Scarred Veterans
Direct from France
The Band That Went
Over the Top
Hear the Boy» Tell of Thalr Experience» at tha FrentU
JACK CARTER, Comedian LEW PRICE, Welsh Tenor
Saata on Sale. Price» $1.00, 75c, BOc, ZSo.
All Treatments Failed to Help
Him Until He Began Taking
Tanlac—Like' a New Man
Remarkable, indeed, wm the state
ment made recently by Charles Ringe)
of 319 Washington street, Peoria, 111.
Mr. Ringel declared that, although he
has taken the treatment 1 at' Hot
Springs and used numbers of differ
ent medicines during the past eleven
years, in his efforts to restore his
health, a few bottles of Tanlac have
done him more good than everything
else combined. His statement follows;
"Nothing ever helped me until I got
Tanlac and now I'm Just Uke a man
made over. My stomach had been tn
a very had fix for eleven years or
more, and pained me so bad at times
that I would double up like a Jack
knife. After nearly every meal I would
bloat up with gas until I was as tight
as a drum and just suffer agony. My
nerves became all shattered and tny
health got so poor that I was forced
to quit work. No kind of medicine
seemed to reach my trouble and I was
going down hill very fast. I was ad
vised to go to Hot Springs, which I
did, but after spending what money
I had saved up, I returned home In
just as bad shape as when I left. It
not worse.
"While talking to a good friend one
day about my deplorable condition, he
told me he believed a few bottles of
Tanlac would straighten me up. Well.
I had little faith In It to help me. but
as my friend seemed to know what he
was tnlklng about, I decided to take
his advice, and to my complete sur
prise the first bottle of Tanlac stopped
the gas forming in my stomach and
put m s in shape to where I could eat
and enjoy my meals. My food began
to digest as it should, my nervousness
left mo .and I realized I was on the
road to rapid recovery. As I continued
to take Tanlac my health Improved
and my strength returned until now I
am ablo to work as well_as 1 ever could
In my life. I feel more grateful than
I can express for what Tanlao has dona
for me and am now telling mjç friends
who are suffering to try It. ^ I can't
praise it too highly and expect to rely
on it for my health as long as I live."
Such statements as the foregoing
should appeal very forcibly to the
thousands who suffer from the same
troubles. Most people who suffer from
nervousness and dizziness, stomach
and liver troubles, kidney derange
ments, and who are In a general run
down condition, simply need something
to tone up their system and to assist
the vital organs in performing their
proper functions. Tanlac le a power
ful reconstructive and always produces
most gratifying results.
Tanlac is sold In Boise by the Joy
Drug Stores.—-Adv.
So—These Soles Save
You Shoe Money
" I have been wearing my shoes with
Neolin Soles nearly a year, and they
are apparently in as good condition as
whenlbought them."—written August,
1918, by W.H. Cocke, Officer, A.Ë.F.,
France. «*
Only Neolin Soles could endure a test
Uke this. That they do so is because
of the tough durability built into them
by a scientific process. To cut your
shoe bills down, buy shoes with these
long-wearing soles. They come in
many styles for men, women, and
Remember—Neolin Soles are flexible
and waterproof, too, and are available
everywhere for re-soling. They-are
made by The Goodyear Tire & Rub
ber Co., Akron, Ohio, who also make
Wingfoot Heels—guaranteed to out
wear all other heels.

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