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Rain and Mud Everlasting, but
Otherwise Yanks' Quarters
Are Healthful as Any Camp
in All of France.
Men Billeted in Permanent Bar
racks or Tents and No One
Suffers From Cold; Substan
tial Menus Regularly.
. {Copyright 1919, by United Press.)
Brest, Feb. 21—The mothers of Am
erica who ere waiting for their boys
to come home, may rest assured that
Brest is not a "pest hole,'' despite re
ports to the contrary. Tills assertion
Is based on figures showing the sick
!*nd death rate here to be lower than
In any other camp In France, and on
jthe results of personal investigation
by the correspondent,
Brest was selected as the chief port
for the arrival of American troops in
France primarily because it is the
closest to the United States and the
dangers of the submarines and mines
I were lessened in consequence Its
strategic and geographical advantages
outweighed Its climatic drawbacks.
The rain seems to fall everlastingly in
Brest. The soft ground is usually a
morass of mud. But when rain and
mud ar# mentioned the worst Is told.
A trainload of soldiers, arriving at
Camp Pontanezzen from the city,
finds Red Cross nurses on the plat
form to serve them with hot chocolate
before the hike to their billets, if Us
In the day time. If It is at night, the
soldiers are given a big supper at a
kitchen capable of feeding 7000. When
Ithey arrive at the camp proper, they
are billeted either In tents or bar
racks. These tents are floored, have
stoves and are equipped with bunks
securely fastened In the side walls.
They hold six men each receiving
more air space than the regulations
provide. When given their choice,
many newcomers prefer the tents to
The same is true .of a part of the
permanent garrison. There is no ques
tion of their warmth. The correspon
dent visited several on one of the
coldest nights Brest has experienced
this winter.
This describes the condition the
average trainload of soldiers find, but
occasionally tiie failure of troops to
arrive on time results In crowding
causing emergency utilization of un
floored tents. In such cases the per
manent troops turn out and collect
duckboards from storehouses with
which temporary floors are made. Be
jfore the big kitchen was completed,
■the kitchen crews also used to turn
out and get up meals for the new
comers no matter what the hour.
The tented areas are well drained,
regardless of the rain. The new
comers are warm and toy their first
night. The next morning they are
given a breakfast of braised beef,
cornmeal mush, bread and Jam or
Byrup and coffee. They are given a
bath which Is designed to remove any
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vermin and leave all their clothes be
hind, receiving a complete new out
fit. Then they move to new quarters,
either In tents or barracks. Dinner
consists of roast beef, mashed tota
toes, brown gravy, salad (usually
made of cold beans, onions, tomatoes
and pickles) peach cobbler, coffee and,
of course, bread. For supper they
have Turkish stew, baked beans,
creamed potatoes, bread pudding,
bread and coffee.
This is one day's typical menu for
men and officers alike. The menus
vary among the kitchens and from
day to day. The result Is there Is keen
competition for the prize given the
kitchen Judged to be serving the men
best—a week's leave every month.
Some times, as a consequence the men
I get hotcakes and doughnuts for break
fast, pie for dinner etc.
The amount of food allowed to each
man Is unlimited, lie can repeat ths
whole dinner If he desires. Feeding
is done on an exact schedule, by which
it is impossible for a man to spend
more than 30 minutes going and com
ing between the barracks and kitchen,
usually about 20 minutes. This would
seem to dispose of the idea that the
men stand for hours in the rain,
waiting to eat.
Whilo it Is never necessary to en
courage the men to move rapidly to
get their food one negro, serving a
negroes' "mess" seems to think It Is.
The correspondent watched - him lad
ling out rice pudding, shaking his
ladle from side to side and crying the
"longer I shakes the less you get."
The first time he did this the diners'
eyes popped out as they watched the
last grains pour off the ladle, where
upon the huiler would grin and dip
up great ladlefuls in the waiting
Meantime, another server would be
crying "this way to the hash bar
rage." Altogether the kitchens are a
merry place. It has been seriously
charged that the men are compelled
to wash their own mess kits. This
is true. They have to do it In the
field often with cold water and no
soap. But in Brest the washing con
sists of dumping the refuse in garb
age cans then dipping the aluminum
plates, cups and spoons in big tanks
of constantly boiling water, from
which they emerge not only clean hut
sterilized and dry almost as soon as
they strike the air.
Chicago, Feb. 21.—With the arrest of
Theodore Kutz, 18, In the Chicago and
Alton railroad yards here today, gov
ernment officials claimed to have nip
ped a plot to cripple the nation's rail
Ifutz was arrested while filling en
gine journal boxes with sand. He was
booked on a charge of sabotage. He
said lie had 3cen a man doingitlie same
thing at Massllon, Ohio. Itallrond ad
ministration and other government of
ficials said they will make an exhaus
tive investigation.
Portland, Ore., Feb. 21.—It was an
nounced today that the government had
authorized the purchase in Portland of
340,000 barrels of flour for European
Three and a half million dollars Is
One million five hundred and thirty
thousand bushels of wheat will he re
quired In the manufacture of the flour.
Five 8800-ton steamers will be needed
for its transportation.
More Than 90,000 Application»
for Admiuion to Meohanioa
Hall Received; Only 7000
People Can Be Seated.
Boston, Feb. 21.—Mora than 80,000
applications for admission to Mechan
ics' hqll where President Wilson will
speak Monday have been received at
Mayor Peters' office today. The hall
has seala for only 7500 at the most.
Tickets for the president's address
will be distributed by a lottery system,
which will begin after 5 o'clock this
afternoon when more applications will
be received.
Boston and Its suburbs have bean di
vided into districts and applications
from each district will be placed In a
separate receptacle. Each district will
be allotted a certain number of tick
ets in proportion to its population and
applications will be drawn until each
allotment Is exhausted.
Plans for the reception of President
Wilson were practically completed to
day, only a few minor details remain
ing to be settled later. The entire pro
gram probably will be announced to
day or tomorrow after It has been ap
proved by Joseph P. Tumulty, ths pres
ident's secretary.
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the Monroo doctrine to the entire world.
That was the condition before Monroe
announced the doctrine. It was one
world and he divided it. He announced
the European system could not be
transferred to this conilnent.
"The policy outlined In the league
constitution makes no distinction be
tween European and American affairs.
"The first obligation we assume un
der it will be to guarantee the terri
torial integrity of the British empire."
Burali road article ten of the consti
tution under which league members
pledge themselves to maintain the ter
ritorial Integrity of all other states
members of the league.
"England has possessions on three
continents," continued Borah, "and In
article ten the United States guaran
tees the Integrity of them all.
"If the territorial Integrity of the
British empire should be threatened,
not congress or the people would deter
mine what should be done, but the ex
ecutive council on which the American
people have one vote."
Senator Hitchcock Interrupted with
an objection to interpreting the phrase,
"territorial Integrity" as meaning
"territorial possessions."
"I leave It to an Intelligent audi
ence,'* Borah replied, while Repub
lican senators murmured approval.
Borah then turned to the power of
the league over American affairs.
'What would be the duty of England,
France and Italy and Japan, should a
disturbance arise on the western con
tinent?" Borah asked.
"Suppose thero was threat of danger
from Mexico, we would not be consult
ed because the Initiative devolves on
the executive council which would come
over hero and determine what should
be done. The executive council would
operate on the western continent with
the snme power as It does on the Eu
ropean continent."
Borah reverted to Taft's statement
that this sort of thing would not en
danger the Monroe doctrine. He likened
the United States to a great farm and
Taft to the boss farmer. He said Taft
was urging that the two farms—Amer
ica and Europe—be made one.
"He says to the American farmers,' 1
said Borah, '' T ran this farm for four
years once and I was some farmer.
When I was through I got words of
approval from two of the 48 tenants. 1
''He says to tear down the farm
fences. The American people may
want to tear down their fencee and be
Included in Europe, but if they do, let
them say so."
"Foreign press and governmental
comment," Borah said, "is universal In
regarding adoption of the league con
stitution us the end of the Monroe doc
trine. He quoted Lloyd George, the
Brazilian minister at The Hague, and
Japanese officials to this effect,
"By placing three lines Into the
league constitution you can prevent
the killing of the Monroe doctrine, you
fi lends of this plan," Borah went on.
' If you won't do that It's proof con
clusively you want to destroy that
Taking up the part of England In
writing the constitution. Borah said:
"It Is the greatest triumph for Eng
lish diplomacy in three centuries of
ûtalomatlc efforts. It is lifted almost
bodily from the constitution proposed
In January by General Smuts.
Under It, ns pointed out by ths Lon
don Times, British colonies are recog
nized for the first time as separate
nations. The Times calls this signifi
cant. It is In that the councils of the
league, England will have ons vote,
Canada one, New Zealand one, India
one, Australia one, Houth Africa one,
and the whole American people only
"Are you willing to give any nation
six votes to our one?" Borah asked.
"What has England given up in this
league of nations? did she surrender
her freedom of the seas? that was
pushed aside from the flAt meeting
of the peace congress. Did she sur
render her contention for the largest
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 21.—George
Marshall "Waters, formerly of Dos
Moines, graduate of T>raks university
law school and a law editor, died here
early today of pneumonia.
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Sir George A. Biddell, one of the
greatest publishing experts in Ei
land, has created wide comment
ths publishing world bv his attempt
to run his paper, "News of ths
World." without advertising. i
San Francisco, Cal., Fab. 21.—The
traveling congress for a league of na
tlons had moved on to Salt Lake City
today. Issues were clearly drawn at,
the meetings here. Advocates of the
league replied sharply to the vigorous
statements of anti-league senators in
William Howard Taft described them
aB small vlsaged men in the American
Senator Phelan said the spirit shown
by Senator Borah In refusing to con
sult with President Wilson, "is the spir
it that keeps nations apart."
Taft said Senator Poindexter's state
ment that this congress is financed by
the Carnegie foundation "was a lie.
Washington, Feb. 21.—President
Wilson is expected to speak in Bos
ton Monday afternoon, Secretary Tu
multy announced today. Wireless
messages from the president indicated
that ha will probably arrive in Boston
Monday morning and stated that he
desires to leave for Washington early
Monday night, so us to have a full
day for transaction of executive busi
ness here Tuesday.
$40,000 IN SILKS 8TOLEN.
Scranton, Pa., Feb. 21.—Fifteen
bandits successfully engineered a
w huh sale theft of silk from a Dela
ware, Lackawanna & Wesetrn railroad
freight train near Stroudsburg today.
Lntegt estimates are that the gang
got away with 30 raw silk bales,
valued at 540,000.
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regain sldn health, that trouble must
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Humorous Happenings
Here, There, Everywhere;
Put Up In Tabloid Form
Chicago Phres photos phor phe
rnalGij. Northwestern university co
•ds developing wrath over dean of
womens negative, "N 0 pictures with
out my permission." was her ruling.
Chicago—State permits auto busses
In Houth Chicago; no ruling on old
fashioned reciprocal busses, good any
where in the city,
Springfield, 111.—It was a Jonah day
for Jonah Kirby when he tried to ''get
rich quick" by selling shirts from the
store he cleaned. Now ©very day Is
Sunday for him.
Ban Francisco—Chinatown was dis
mayed when a stiff breeze lifted Sam
Few's hat. A neatly rolled queque
was exposed—relic of pre-revolu
tionary days. Sam paled mid walked
Portland, Ore.—Lemar Scott's sweet
heart rejected him. When her father
wouldn't let him sit in front of the
house and gaze at her room he drank
pclron. He'll probably live.
Eddy ville, Ky„ Feb. 21—James
Lawlor and Patrick Kearney early to
day were electrocuted at the peniten
tiary here. They were convicted of
3,000,000 GALLONS MOVED.
Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 21.—Liquor stocks
were practically depleted, hotels were
packed and suloon employes exhausted
here today while policemen had been
called in to protect liquor dealers' 330,
000 to 335,000 daily receipts after two
days' business with Michigan "run
ners." *
The flood of whisky pouring into
Michigan from "wet" Ohio was the re
sult of revochtlon by a district judge
of a search and seizure act.
It Is estimated that 3,000,000 gallons
of liquor have been taken to Michigan
since the bars were let down.
PASSES $750,000,000 R. R. BILL.
Washington, Feb. 21.—The house to
day passed the bill appropriating
$750,000,000 for the railroad adminis
tration revolving fund. The vote was
72 to 15.
The wheat guarantee bill was lm
mediately taken up.
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•Th* Car« of Baby."
Pablo Casals
The Greatest of World's Cellists Will Appear in
Concert at the
Comment« of the most famous living artist« «peak for him as nothing
also could.
"lie is the greatest Interpretive artist 1 have ever heard."—Ysaye.
"He is thé greqtes' niusiclun who has ever drawn a bow."—Fritz Kreisler.
"When the Russians speak of Casuls they speak of him as a god.''—Josef Hoffman.
"The greatest of the great."—Puccini.
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plicity."—Leopold Godowsky.
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Chicago, Feb. 21.—Police tod^ were
after slayers in three murders occur
ring within eight hours here last night.
John Necaa died early today on the
way to a hospital after he had been
shot In a saloon duel.
John Patterson, an active 1. W. W.
member, was shot twice and killed m
a hotel hallway following a reported
quarrel with Sher Whiting. Police
sought Whiting.
The third killing was of an uniden
tified man who was found dead in an
Portland, Ore., Feb. 21.—Clayton M.
Williams, a lawyer of Everett, Wash.,
Is today governor-elect of the 22nd dis
trict of the International Rotary clubs.
Williams was unanimously elected at
(he Thursday afternoon meeting of the
districts' convention.
Washington, Feb, 21 — Secretary
Glass announced an offering of 3500,
000,000 or more treasury certificates
of Indebtedness. These certificates
will bear an interest date of February
27 and will be payable July 29. The
Interest rate will be 4)4 per cent.
Subscription books will close March 6.
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quiet a few days longer. It was un
derstood Clemenceau suggested that
the council hold no meetings before
Monday, at which time he was confi
dent he could participate.
The desire to clean up minor mat
ters, however, prompted continuance of
tha sessions. French delegates are
said to have concurred readily In the
suggestion that the conferences be re
Today's meeting was expected to
mark the first appearance of a neutral
power to present its claims.
Denmark wee to urge that Bohle« -
wlg-Uolsteln, which was seised by
Prussia more than half a century ego,
be restored.
Albania's claims to recognition also
were to be received.
The pan-African congress, whtOh has
far its purpose the advising of the
peace delegates regarding the deslree
of the colored people bf the world, was
continuing Its sessions here today,
Melbourne, Feb. 21.—Out of a total
of 336,000 men sent overseas, Aus
tralia's war dead numbered 68,035, It
was asserted today. The total volun
tary enlistment Was 400,000,

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