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B 0 u s e of Representatives
Passea Amendment to Con
stitution to Increase Number
From 100 to 200.
Congress Memoralized to Ap
propriate $500,000 for the
Clearwater Highway; Favor
Anti-Discrimination Bill.
Tlio sale of 100 more sections of
■ta to school lands per annum In the
future than Is now permitted by law, 1s
fa vored by the house of representa
tives. That body passed a resolution
proposing an amendment to the state
constitution to authorize the land com
missioner to sell 200 Instead of 100 sec
tions us is now permitted. There was
Bo opposition to the measure.
The house also memorialized congress
to appropriate 5500,000 for the con
struction of a highway up the Clear
water river, thereby providing a direct
link of transportation between Lewis
ton and Missoula, Mont., opening a
large and at present undeveloped ter
ritory, rich In timber, agrleultunl
lands and minerals. The anti-discrim
ination measure relating to the hand
ling of the sale of farm produce was
also passed.
The house calendar Is getting con
gested because dully many bills are
being permitted to retain their place
and unless moved out of the way it Is
said in legislative circles, night ses
sions will soon become necessary.
An attempt to resurrect senate bill
No. 60 by Nash, an enabling act au
thorizing a vote to be taken on the
annexation of a portion of Oneida eoun
ty to Franklin county. Notice of <
reconsideration of the vote by which
the bill was defeated Thursday was not
given. Weeks of Canyon wanted t
know If having voted for the prevail
lng side, he could not move a reconsid
eration on the day following. The
speaker held he could not. He then
attempted to get a suspension of the
rules, but was held out of order. An
effort will likely be made again later
In the day to revive the measure. It
was defeated on a narrow margin and
since Its defeat it is understood there
has been a change of heart on the part
of some of the members who voted
■gainst It.
On motion of Representative Weeks,
house biU No. 234, regulating and li
censing Æal estate agents, was saved
from oblivion, the committee's recom
mendation overruled and the measure
ordered printed. The house refused to
suspend the rules and immediately pass
house bill 87 by Hall, creating boards
of education in counties.
Representative McMahon arose to
a point or personal privilege and said
he had learned bis constituents hud not
been receiving house bills as he had
expected. A discussion came up as to
why this had not been done and on
motion of Jones of Idaho. Chairman
Niger appointed Représentai Ives Jones,
gnow and Bennett to make an investi
On invitation to a victory loan lunch
eon to be held at the Commercial club
Tuesday evening of next week, was
accepted, 42 members signifying they
would attend. The invitation came
from Montio B. Gwinn, state liberty
loan chairman.
Representative Shearer of Nez Perce
county, who was operated on for ap
pendicitis, was able to be at his desk
this morning, the first time in over
• month, lie received the congratula
tions of his many friends at being
able to lie about again and looking so
The following measures were passed:
Senate Joint memorial No. 6 by Por
ter — Requesting congress to pass
French measure providing time of ser
vice in recent wars be extended to
The French say: To be well dressed, one must be
well gloved and well shod. I wish to add a third rule:
one must be well bloused.
To be that, you should wear what Is suited to your appearance an)
personality. Your features, your bearing, your eyes, your voice pro
claim your personality. Bo should your Blouse. /
Whether it should be tailored or plain, high neck or low, simple or
elaborate Is important, and my advice and assistance In the selection
are gladly at Vour service.
My line is large and well selected. I have many styles for many
types and occasions.
Georgsttes? Yes, indeed. A splendid variety at five dollars.
Crepe de chines? Likewise. They are vsr^ pretty waists, these
five dollar ones. You will be surprised to see how pretty they can
be at so modert, a price. Of course there are the still better oues
■iso. Come and be pleased.
I spectali/.e
The Bonnet Shop
1005 Main St.
Generally Indicated by Nervous Ex
haustion, Tiredness, Palpitation,
Cold Extremities, Poor Cireu
lation, Taka CARDIANI
80 Cent Bottle (30 Dote*)
Thousands of people have mads the
mistake of buying stomach and liver med
icine because palpitation and irretfitlar ac
tion of the heart. Treat the heart first,
is a wise rule.
Build up the heart, make It strong and
regular in its action, if you want to be
A full stream of rich, pure blood, circu
lating through every organ, every part of
your body, makes you feel years younger,
Bt C£ n * er » »«ore active.
We want all who have heart trouble,
weak and over-taxed Hearts, Palpitation,
N*?rveus Heart, "Tobacco Heart/' Nerv
ous Exhaustion, cold hands and feet, poor
circulation, or impalrtnent of the Heart
l unctions, to have a free 50-cent bottle
of CARDIAttt.
Send your name and address to THE
CAUDIANt COMPANY', Dept. 0-1010
xast Hampton, Conn. You will receive by
r<p*¥*n parcel post a full-size 50-cent bot
tle (30 doses) of CARDIANI and new
heart book, free from all further expense
and obligation. Absolutely free from any
habit-forming or dangerous drug. Guar
anteed not to injurs the most delicate
Take it. Find how quickly bad symp
toms disappear, ami how bright and fine
you feel. Very valuable after attack of
grippe ' or other weakening sickness.—
soldiers in lieu of residence in mak
ing homestead proof.
Senate bill No. 52 by Yeoman—An
emergency measure to provide for issu
i . . . ,
^ C .° UPOn . b . 0n ' la ° 6 "'
large electric plants, particularly for
the relief of Idaho Falls.
.Senate concurrent resolution No. 4—
Indorsing the governor's cabinet.
House Joint resolution No. 10 by
Weeks—Proposing an amendment to
the constitution to permit the annual
sale of 200 sections of school lands per
annum instead of TOO sections.
House Joint memorial No. 16 by Car
penter, Hugo, Jones, Browning and
Givens—Memorializing congress to ap
propriate *500,000 to be expended by
the state highway commission toward
cost of construction of the Lewjs and
Clurk highway in Nez Perce, Clear
water and Idaho counties.
House bill No. 103 by committee on
warehouse, grain and grading—Making
it unlawful for any person, or firm to
discriminate between Individuals or
corporations in the sale of agricultural
The following measures were killed:
-House bill No. 177 by Hunt—Provid
ing additional tax levy for highway
districts for purpose of constructing
main or trunk lines.
Lecture and Moving Pictures on
Retail Merchandising to Be
Given Free March 13 and 14 ;
Beneficial Evenings.
The merchants and clerks of Boise
ill he entertained Wednesday and
Thursday evenings. March 13 nnd 14,
by the Commercial club, which will
present for their edification and amuse
ment a lecture and moving pictures on
Retail Merchandising, the title of the
film being. "The Troubles of a Mer
chant and How to Stop Them." There
will be no charge for admission.
The pictures were made by the Es
sanay company of Chicago, at groat
expense, and are considered the most
clever piece of work ever produced cov
ering retail merchandising.
The lectura that will be given by a
nationally known expert on merchan
dising will cover retail failures and
their causes; store organisa taion, nev s
paper advertising, window display,
clarks' afflclency, selling methods, cred
it business, delivery problems and sys
tem in retail business. The one branch
of merchandising in particular, accord
ing to Secretary Hyatt, which should
receive favorable consideration from
the business man of today is the value
of newspaper advertising, and the lec
turer will be asked to give Boise mer
chants some useful hints along these
lines, as well as other phases of effi
ciency methods that will be helpful to
the merchant and clerk.
Nampcel, a little commune in the
war devastated section of France, has
chosen Madame d'Evry as lady mayor
ess, the first woman In Franca to be
thus honored.
Government Introduces Many
Epistle* Between Dairy Com
panies and Agents to Idaho
Dairying Communities.
In the case of the government ver
sus Henningsen Produce company et al
on a charage of alleged conspiracy, re
straint of trade, violation of the Sher
man anti-trust act and combining to
keep competitors out of the dairy field
In Idaho, being heard before Judge
Dietrich in United Btatce district court
today, was taken up entirely by Leon
Bone, special agent for the department
of justice with. headquarters at Los
Angeles, with the reading of over a
hundred lotters written between the
Henningsen Produce company et al
and various agents of the sevrai com
It was Mr. Bone's idea to show that
where differences in tests made by the
shipper and the various companies
arose, that the shipper was forced to
take the receiving firm's tests, as near
tX every letter which he read to the
jury contalnd references to shortages
claimed by shippers. The instructions
given in some of the letters to agents
of the cofnpables in Preston, Malad,
Soda Spclngs and other Idaho points
engaged ir. producing butter fat, proved
amusing at times to the audience that
dally fills the court room, as they
showed that dairy companies, like other
concerns, were apparently not immune
from troubles with shippers who
thought they were not getting all they
should get.
Killed in action—Private William H.
Kuckku, Emmett.
Wounded severely—Private Charles
A. Bobbitt, Oroflno.
Killed in action—Private Arthur P.
Clatigh, Portland.
Wounded severely—Captain Otto A.
Odjord, Portland: Privates Leonard N.
Beebe, Portland; Melvin N. Haugen,
Wounded severely—Corporal Mathias
R. Kingsley, Vanzandt; Privates Joseph
Hayden, Seattle; Theodltus Eustrotio,
Tacoma; Julius Bcrgghen, Cosmopolis.
Died of disease, previously reported
killed—Private Jesse O. Costo, Morton.
Killed in action, previously reported
wounded—Private Byron O. Streeter,
Wounded severely, previously report
ed missing in action—Private Lewis I.
Armstrong, Sifton.
Wounded slightly, previously report
ed missing in action—Private John L.
Countryman, Methow.
The following casualties are reported
by the commanding general of the
American cxpedltolnary forces:
Killed in action .................. 13
Died of accident and other causes. 10
Died of disease .................. 26
Wounded severely ................470
Missing In action ..............7
Died of wounds.................... 20
YUEN—The funeral of Fong Yuen,
who died Wednesday night, was held
this afternoon at the Fry & Summers
chapel. Burial was in the Chinese
cemetery at Morris Hill. An automo
bile funeral was held.
Closing out a few odd colors in DEVOE
guaranteed house paints
Paint with Devoe paint; fewer gallons;
wears longer
Comer 8th and Main St.
The Home of the Diamond Tire
Boise's Newest and Best Ladies' Tail
oring and Fancy Dress Making
Room 30, Falk Building
Opens Saturday Morning, Feb. 22nd
Full line of very latest materials and imported wool
ens for Spring. \
All Work Guaranteed.
H. BEADNER, Ladies' Tailor
Room 30, Falk Bldg.
Pimples Are Impurities Seeking
an Outlet Through Skin
Pimples, sores and bolls usually re
sult from toxins, poisons and Impuri
ties which are generated in the bow
els and then absorbed into the blood
through the very ducts which should
absorb only nourishment to sustain
the body.
It is the function of the kidneys to
Alter Impurities from the blood and
cast them out in the form of urine, but
in many instances the bowels create
more toxins and impurities than the
kidneys can eliminate, than the blood
uses the skin pores as the next best
means of getting rid of these impuri
ties which oft^n break out all over the
skin In the form of pimples.
The surest way to clear the skin of
these eruptions, says a noted authority,
is to get from any pharmacy about
four ounces of Jud Salts and take a
tablespoonful in a glass of hot water
each morning before breakfast for one
week. This will prevent the formation
of toxins In the bowels. It also stim
ulates the kidneys to normal activity,
thus coaxing them to filter the blood
of impurities and clearing the skin of
Jud Suits Is inexpensive, harmless
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon Juice, combined with iithia.
Here you have a pleasant effervescent
drink which usually makes pimples
disappear; cleanses the blood nnd is
excellent for the kidneys as well.
Emmett, Feb. 21—E. T. Horine and
Ms stepson, Clarence Hawes, were ar
la sted on the train from Long valley,
Tuesday afternoon by the sheriff of
Gem county and when a search was
made of their belongings, two and
one-half gallons of whisky were dis
covered in their possession, two gal
lons of the stuff were in gallon syrup
cans and the rest in bottles. Upon
arraignment In court each was placed
under *1200 bonds, which Horine was
able to give but Hawes has thus far
been unable to furnish. There is good
reason to suspect that there is
moonshine still, perhaps more than
one, located somewhere in the hills up
the ivalley, and a search is being in
stltuted for the source of the bootleg
gers' supply. "*1 mm
Tho funeral of David Tappan, who
died at a hospital at Rochester, Min
peseta, following an operation for can
cer of the stomach, was held at the
family residence Just east of Emmett,
Tuesday afternoon. Burial was made
in the Emmett cemetery.
Mrs. P. M. Spratt of the Emmett
bench, left Thursday for a two weeks
trip to her former home at Grand
Junction, Colorado.
Mrs. J. O. Kinney who has spent the
winter in Emmett visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. E. F. Moon, has returned to
her home at Garrison, Utah.
Boston, Feb. 21—A vote on the
question of striking: to enforce their
wage demands will be taken next
Wednesday by representatives of 12,
C00 New England telephone workers.
This action will bo taken, according to
the union leaders, because the federal
officers of the telephone systems have
ignored their requests for increase!
Let us mount your head and tan
your hide. R. W. Limbert, Boise. Ida. tf
24 and 25 aro the telephone numbers
of The Capital New«. tf
Or. Edwards' Olive Tablets Gel
at the Cau se and Remove It
Dr. EdamnV Olive Tablets, the (Obst!
tute for calomel, set gently on the bowel:
and podt MrV do the work.
People i—deted with bad breath find
[ulck relief thsough Dr. Edwards
Jlive Tablets. The pleasant; sugar
coated tablets are taken for bad breatt
by all who know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently
but firmly on tho bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which
dangerous calomel doe9 without an^
of tne bad after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening
riping cathartics are derived from Dr
dwarda' Olive Tablets without griping
pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patienta afflicted with
bowel and liver complaint; with the
attendant bad breath.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are purelj
a vegetable compound mixed with olive
oil; you will know them by their olive
color. Take one or two every night fot
e week and note the effect. 10c and 25c
per box. AU druggists.
Emmett. Feb. 21—An important
business deal Just closed was the sale
of the Wilson garage to a company of
Emmett men— J. I. Berry, M. J. Phil
lips and Ollie Chambers—who will
take possession as soon as the in
voice of stock is completed. Mr. Wil
son sold his interest in the garage
building to H. H. Cockran, a local
capitalist. The building was built two
years ago of cement blocks and is
50x120 feet in area.
Mr. Wilson has the state selling
agency for the Monroe car. He said
he will move to Boise and open the
agency there for the Monroe car. Mr.
Cockran recently closed a deal where
by be purchased the handsome
bungalow on the west side of town of
the Peterson sisters, and will take
possession of the house the first of
May. The consideration is reported
to be *4000.
J. I. Berry, one of the company that
bought the garage business and
equipment of Mr. Wilson, is the popu
lar agent at the Oregon Short Line
depot here. Messrs. Phillips and
Chambers are both garage men of ex
John McConnell, the well known
Emmett sheepman, started work today
preparing 400 acres of sagebrush land
for the planting of crops this yeRr.
Mr. McConnell last year bought the
place from the Boise—Payette Lum
ber company. The place is situated
four miles northeast of Emmett at the
O. S. L. siding known as Plaza.
Mr. McConnell had made especially
for his use, a sagebrush cutter which
is equipped with 40 feet of band-saw
Est. 1868—8th and Main
Grocery Specials
Here are some mighty good values that will
help you to lower the cost of eating. They are
on sale tomorrow and next week or just as long
as the stock holds out.
Eastern Buckwheat — Extra!
Owing to shipping and railroad congestions
our car of eastern Buckwheat arrived late and
we are going to sell it at about cost.
Buy All You Need Here Now
It is extra fine and pure eastern buckwheat.
10-lb. Bags for 95c
5-lb. Bags for 50c
Other Specials
We are going to begin alterations and enlarge
ment of our Grocery Dept and during this time
we will have to remove a lot of shelving, so to
clear out the stock on these shelves we offer for
3 days:
Rolled Oats (large pkgs.) ...........30c
Pancake Flour (large pkgs.) ........30c
Corn Flakes, 2 pkgs. for ............25c
Peanut Butter, 1 lb. can ............. 30c
2\ lb. can Peanut Butter ............75c
5 lb. can Peanut Butter ............$135
Ripe Olives, 30c size (pt. cans ) 6 for $1.50
Ripe Olives, 40c size (qt. cans) 6 for $1.50
Premium Hams, the lb ..............38c
Red Salmon, 1 lb. tns ...............30c
3 large fat herring for ...............25c
New pickles (gallon jars) $1.25 and $1.50
(These pickles are fine quality; tho price is
less than you could put them up for yourself.)
Asparagus Tips, 6 cans for ..........25c
ma fie In V shape and so weighted
down as to cut the brush flush with
th« ground. Th# cutter windrows'tho
brush as It is cut. Then the brush
Is raked Into piles and burned. Then
the land is plowed and harrowed, and
will be planted to wheat and red
clover thle spring. Mr. McConnell said
that with the machinery he now has,
together with five men, he can grub
the eage brush, burn It, and plow and
harrow the land at the rate of 15 ocres
day. At this rate he will have the
400 acres ready for seeding within
one month.
Wm. Little Juet cloeed a contract
with the Boise-Payette Lumber com
pany. according to which he will level
all the front yards and all the.park
ings in the company's new residence
addition on the north side of town.
Mi. Little has tnen anil teams on the
Job. When completed tills addition
will be greatly Improved in appear
anco The contract price for this work
1» understood to be *1500.
The SJutual Creamery company
agency here Is opened in a larger
room, In the building Just south of the
Cerner grocery. Mrs. Lillie Buys lathe
new manager of this agency, and do
ing the work efficiently and ener
J. E. Clinton Jr., on Wednesday
shipped from Letha through Emmett
to Chlcaro, 15 cars of ahesp to the
number of about 5000.
Philadelphia, Feb. 21—The United
States destroyer Tripp is steaming ti
Newport News with the mutinous
erfw of the American schooner Dover
fleld, in irons, a wireless dispatch to
jnarlne men hero today.
According to the unconfirmed re
port, the Doverfjeld was set afire by
its crew three days after it had left
Newport News for Jacksonville, Fla.
The vessel was under command of
Captain Neilson, but nothing concern
ing his fate has been learned.
The Capital News téléphona numbers
sre 24 and 25. tl
Stop the "Snuffles"
If you want to make your distressed
babies essy and comfortable, five
Foley's Honey and Tar.
It is just what they ought to have for
feverish colds, coughs, ''snuffles," end
wheezy breathing. It stops croup, too.
Foley's Honey and Tar tastes good
and the little ones like it. It contains
no morphine, chloroform or other drug
that yon wouldn't like to give to young
children. Do not accept e substitute.
Mn. B. H. Garrett, Schooi&eld, V a., writer—
**My baby wee stricken with a aevere cough and
cold at one month old. I gave him teo to fifteen
grope of Foley'e Honey and Tar every three
boor* and it aurely did help him. Ho haaa't
been skk a day alace.'*
Doesn't hurt s bit to lift that
sore, touchy com off with
Drops of maple! Apply ft llttU
Freezone on that bo the room* earn. In
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
you lift It off with the fingers. No
pain at all! Try It! .
Why wait? Your druggist MÜS 4L
tiny bottle of Freezone for & few
cents, sufficient to rid your feet of
every hard corn, soft corn, or corn be
tween the tocH, and calluses, without
soreness at all.—Adv.
Nothing' Like Plain Büro* Phosphats to
Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh and
to Increase Strength, Vigor
and Narve Force.
Judging from ti:* countless preparations
and treatments which are continually be
ing advertised for the purpose of making
thin people fleshy, developing arme, neck
and bust, and replacing ugly hollows and
angles by the soft curved lines of health
ana beauty, there are evidently thousands
of men and wômen who keenly feel their
excessive thinness.
phospha _ ....
foods. Physicians claim there Is nothing
that will supply thle deficiency eo well
as the organic phosphate known among
druggists as bitro-phosphate, which Is in
expensive and is sold by most all drug
gists under a guarantee of satisfaction or
money back. By feeding the nerves di
rectly anO. by supplying the body oells
with the necessary phosphoric food ele
ments. bitro-phosphate quirklc produces
a welcome transformation in the appear
ance; the increase In weight frequently
being astonishing.
This increase In weight also carries with
It a general Improvement in the health.
Nervousness, sleeplessness and lack of
energy, which nearly Always accompany
excessive thinness, soon disappear, dull
eyes become bright, and pale cheeks glow
with the bloom of perfect health.
CAUTION :—Although bitro-phosphate
Is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness,
sleeplessness and general weakness. It
should not. owing to its remarkable flesh
growing properties, be used by anyone
Time Brings Happiness
With The Dawn
TW Coming of Goby Marks lb AI*
vent of (0 Glorious Future.
Scientist« say that great str
position ha« upon the healtl
of the generation« to coma.
There is a splendid preparation women
for over half a century have applied be
er's Friend. This Is a most oral
as U
tefuL ]
el rating remedy that at one. softens and
soothes the myriad of broad, flat abdom
inal muscle« under the skin of th. abdo
men. By its regular use during ths pe
riod the nerves, tendons and cords are
relaxed and there 1« an absence of neu
nen. bearing-down Paine, etrein end gen
eral discomfort more often than other
wise experienced when nature te unaided.
By the uee of Mother'e Friend night
end morning the mueclee relax with eaaa
when baby cornea, the time at the ertata
Is shorter and pain end danger la natur
ally avoided.
write the Bradfleld Regulator company.
Dept. E., Lamar Building, Atlanta, Oeor
S a. for their Motherhood Book, end ob
in a bottle of Mother'a Friend from the
druggist, by all ineane. and get Into oen
dttlon to meet the crlsle.—AdY.
and Furniture Repairing a
Specialty. Prompt semca.
Standard Furniture Co.
Telephone 597.
Coneultatien and Analyste Pros,
207-8 Ystea Bldg. Car. *th and Main.
Phone 427-J,
Live news in a live
paper-—Capital News

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