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SHE nows
Fast Light-Heavyweight Gets
Two Straight Falls in Fifty
Six Minutes at Plnney Thea
tre Monday Night.
Sorenson Bough and Tough Boy
—Both Men Show Class,
Speed and Knowledge of Art
—Excellent Preliminaries,
Creditable Show.
Bruising 1 , paln-racklng holds follow
ad each other with amazing rapidity,
roughness predominating, and the speed
and cleverness of both men were reve
lations to those fortunate enough to
witness the wrestling match at the Fin
ney theatre Monday evening between
Ad Santel, champion light-heavyweight
of the world, and Jack Sorenson, cham
pion of Illinois, which was won by
Santel in two straight falls. The first
was secured with a head scissors, arm
lock and cradle hold In 47 minutes, and
the second In nine minutes with a
combination head and leg ljck. Otto M.
Jones, state game warden, was referee.
The match was staged by Nick Collins.
Santel and Sorenson put up the
roughest match that has ever been seen
here, there not being a single moment
that tricks of the mat were not in use.
Sorenson annexed the enmity of the
crowd from the start with his rough
tatclcs, but, according to his state
ment, he was Justified. Sorenson
weighed about 195, while Santel tipped
the beam In the afternoon at 187. Both
men are magnificently developed—San
tel the most symmetrical. They gave
exhibitions of prodigious strength that
seemed unbelievable.
The first event of the evening was
a slam-bang affair between "Mike Ol
sen" of Chihuahua, Mexico, and "Bat
tling Bennett" of Nampa. This was for
five rounds of two minutes duration.
"Young" Morgan of Oakland refereed.
Neither hit the other hard enough to
crack an egg and the bout was declared
a draw.
The next event was classy. Ray Rose
of Camp Lewis and A1 Nelson of Boise
tangling In a five-round affair. There
was lots of action. Rose is the fastest
little mite ever seen in action here, and
Is two-handed all the time. If Nelson
could have connected with any of his
uppercuts, there would have been a
military funeral the next day, hut he
didn't. Rose peppered Nelson with ev
erything but the theatre curtain, and
showed a world of class. With a bit
of training he would give Lee Morris
sey a run for his money. Referee Mor
gan declared the bout a draw'.
OWYHEE—John J. Lou, Salt Lake;
E. Grant Keith, Twin Falls: H. S.
Hamilton, Pocatello; W. J. Douglas,
Gooding; R. A. Dohl, New York; W.
H. White, Suit I-ake; William A. Reed,
Twin Falls; E. B. Capio and wife,
Coeur d'Alene; H. B. Johnson, San
Francisco; George Mecklenberg, Hel
ena, Mont.; G. V. Lawsy, Salt Lake;
E. A. Wyatt, Helena; C. F. Sollnrs and
wife, Omaha; Sam Levey, Joplin,
Mo.; C. J. Denhof, Seattle; A. S. Arch
•r. Portland; F. H. Rawlings, Spokane;
Arthur Van Seoklin, Weiser; Sadie
Gallagher, Weiser; C. C. Gegmolrx,
Omaha: Frank Swoboda, Pocatello; B.
J. Mooney, Salt I-ake; R. W. Cameron,
Portland; R. A. Rice, San Francisco;
George Poret, Portland; F. R. Oood
Ing, Gooding; John Thomas, Gooding;
Before or After the Influenza
It sets you in the head or back—
«uddenly—and oh, how you suffer !
all on account of that little influenza
bacillus. It is a fact that when nature
tries to throw off the poisons from
the body the result sometimes is in
flammation of the kidneys. There
fore, the beat way is to assist nature
as much as you can either before or
after the attack by throwing off the
poisons (toxins) from the body thru
the excretory organs, such as the
bowels, skin and kidneys. Drink
plenty of hot water, hot or cold
lemonade, take Dr. Pierce's An uric
Tablets for the kidneys and back
ache. Then take an ocaaional laxa
G. H. Bond nnd wife, G. Drorbaugh,
Spokane; C. Martin Larson, Valas J.
H. Rosa, Kuna; Sergeant J. I. Hoag
land, Boise; C. W. Tenney. Gooding;
J. H. Tomas, Baker; G. W. Gebeth,
Portland; Don Lewis, Salt Lake; E. C.
Verkler, Salt Lake.
GRAND—Edgar Cathcart, Pocatello;
A. W. White and wife, Mountain
Home; Oscar Johnson, Twin Falls;
Will H. Gibson, Mountain Home;
Walter White, Meadows; W. G. Reed,
Twin Falls; Miss Grace Haley, Mrs.
Abel, Pauline Abel, George E. Mar
noney, Shoshone; W. E. Crouch,
mm bill
While Representative Hall claims
that house bill 60, of which he Is the
author, aimed at wildcat promoters of
agricultural enterprises, was Introduc
ed for that purpose In the hope of get
ting a law on the statute books to curb
them, dtlsens of Rigby and Twin
Falls take an entirely opposite view
and have registered their protests.
They allege the measure to be camou
flaged in the Interest of combinations.
Perils We Overlook.
Of the many perils that beset the
average Individual one of the most
serious is a oommon cold. It Is not
the cold Itself that Imperils our well
being, but the serious diseases which
It leads to. Consumption usually starts
with a cold, or succession of colds. It
Is a germ disease, and germ diseases
are moat likely to be contracted when
you have a cold. A ohild that has a
cold is amors likely to contract diph
theria or scarlet fever than one who
has not. For this reason every cold
should be regarded as a peril and got
ten rid of as quickly as possible.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will
help you throw {t off. Try it.—Adv.
I j ^ T.Th.S.
Getting Rid of Cold*.
The easiest and quickest way to get
rid of a cold Is to take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. This preparation has
been In use for many years and its
value fully proven. No matter what
remedy you use, however, care must be
taken not to contract a second cold
before you have recovered from the
first one, and there Is serious danger
of this. A man of middle age or older
should go to bed and stay In bed until
fully recovered. It Is better to stay In
bed three days at t v e start than three
weeks later on.—Adv. t th s.
James G. Smith, for years a resident
of Boise .and owner of the old Capitol
buffet, died at the Nampa hospital
Monday night shortly after 8 o'clock
from the bullet wound which he Inflict
ed upon himself Saturday afternoon
with suicidal intent. Death has sealed
his lips and the cause for his commit
ting the rash act will never be known.
Monday, ho wae improved, his pulse
was stronger and hopes were held out
for a brief time that he would rally,
but he began sinking shortly after
wards and it was known that the end
was near.
Mr. Smith Is survived by his wife,
two sons and three brothers. The body
has been brought to Boise for burial.
Cough Medicine for Children.
The fact that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy gives prompt relief and Is
pleasant and safe to take has made It
a favorite with the mothers of young
children.—Adv. T.Th.S.
A Mean Look.
There are people right in this vicin
ity W'ho seem to always have a mean
look and a crabbed, fault-finding dis
position. This may be due to a dis
ordered stomach, constipation or n
headache resulting from these disor
ders. When such is the case a few
doses of Chamberlain's Tablets will
soon make them cheerful nnd happy.
These tablets have met with much
success In the treatment of those ail
ments.—Adv. T.Th.S.
tive, such as castor oil, or one mad*
up of May-apple, leaves of aloe,
jalap, made into tiny, sugar
coated pills — to be had at every
drug store as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets. To build up after th*
grip —to make red blood and fill
the body with vim, vigor and vital
ity, take an iron tonic, known as
"Irontic," and sold at most drug
■tores, or that well-known herbal
tonic which has been so favorably
known for the past fifty years,
Df- Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery. This is made from roots and
barks of forest trees and brings
the freshness of the woods right
to you.
(t* s Easy to look Young and
Fascinating by Use of
''La Creole**
'La Creole has made me
look is years younger.**
No woman ahould bo handi
capped socially by gray 0 r
faded hair. Every woman
owes It to herself to look her
best and avoid the appearance
of coming age. Gray, streak
ed with gray, or faded hair
makes many a woman look
old before her time, and gray
hair Is so very unnecessary.
LA CREOLE Hair Dressing
Is the most popular Hair Color
Restorer in use among society
Men and Women of America
today. It Is a safe, delightful toilet prep
aration which uniformly restores gray,
streaked with gray, or faded hair to its
youthful beauty and lustre.
LA CREOLE Hair Dressing will not
■tain the scalp, wash or rub oft, or leaye
the hair with that greasy or dyed appear
ance. You apply It yourself by simply
combing or brushing it through the hair
before retiring, and the results will de
light you surprisingly.
LA CREOLE Is sold by Joy Drug Co.
and all good drug stores and toilet count
ers everywhere. Price $1.00.—Adv.
Senate Recommends Passage of
Bill Appropriating $5000 for
Use if Needed. Lewiston
Normal Appropriation Won.
Plans for a continuation of the work
of the state council of defense are pro
vided for In senate bill No. 28 by the
state affairs committee which was rec
ommended for passage Monday after
noon by tho senate as a committee of
the whole. A considerable change was
made in the bill as originally druwn,
the appropriation being trimmed from
850,000 to 85000, the fund being made
available for use upon necessity to cov
er expenses of tho council. Senator
Yeaman, chairman of the state affairs
committee, announced that the cut was
made In the appropriation as the work
of the state council of defense was
largely voluntary and while there was
much to bo done, It was felt It could
be accomplished at a minimum ex
An interesting appropriation fight
which has been on since early In the
session came to a close when Senator
Johnson took the Lewiston normal ap
propriation bill Introduced In the house
on the floor of the senate and succeed
ed In having the committee of the
whole recommend It for passage by an
overwhelming majority, although the
finance committee, to whom the bill
You are invited to attend my Disper
sion Sale of
Fifty Registered Scotch bred 8horthorn Cattle, to be held
at my ranch, one mile north of Midway station, half way
from Nampa to Caldwell, Friday, February 28, at 1 p. m.
17 head of 3 year old cows, are all In calf, or have calves at foot.
11 head of bulla, 16 to 22 months old. 6 head of yearling heifer*. 6 head
of calves, ready to wean. 9 head of calves, bulls and heifers. My herd
bull, Bully Goods, from the celebrated herd of M. O. Miner, Heppner,
Oregon. Tracing back to Bull Choice Good*. 1 3-year-old Red Roan
bull. Royal Clipper, from the herd of J. R. Wyatt, Bozeman, Montana.
30— MILK COWS-30
High grade Holsteins and Jerseys, some of them fresh now, others
will be fresh by day of sale. If you wish some extra good big cows, 4 to
6 years old. now will be your opportunity to purchase, as I will sell the
complete heed, nothing reserved.
2 bay mares, 8 and 9 years old, weight 3200 pounds. 1 bay mare, T
years old. weight 1450 pounds. 1 gray mare, 4 years old, weight 1250
pounds. 2 gray horses, 9 years old, weight 2600 pounds. 1 roan mare, 7
years old, weight 1350 pounds.
24 head of Registered Shropshire ewes, one to 4 years old, all bred
to registered buck, will be sold In small lots. 16 head of wethers, coming
1 year old. ,
8 sets of good work harness, a lot of extra collars; 1 3)4 Inch wagon;
1 new hay rack; l covered hack In good condition.
Eight months time at 8 per cent from date.
That all Ford repair work done in our shop will be
based upon labor charges in effect before the war,
this being a sharp reduction on the present prices.
11th and Froitt Sts.
had bean referred, had recommended
that 818,000 for the purchase of sev
eral acres of land be sliced off the
amount The bill carried an appro
priation of 8166,000 of which 8180 000
was for rebuilding the administration
building destroyed by fire and 815.000
I for acquiring additional ground. John
sen pointed out that the city of Lewis
ton was donating over five acres of
ground to the state formal, that there
were two houses on the land sought to
be bought and that It would be poor
economy on the part of the state to cut
off 818.000 for the purchase of land
which had been secured at a bargain
and than be obliged to pay 840,000 a
few years later. He cited the appro
priation for the technical Institute -.t
Pocatello, which he said was turned
down for economy reasons a few yearH
ago and now the state was obliged to
pay more than double the amount for
the same land. •
Senate bill No. 28, providing for the
creation of a state council of defense
and Its duties, and carrying an ap
propriation of 860,000, was amended,
cutting the appropriation to 8500Q and
recommended for passage.
House bill No. 95 by Thomas and
Kent, closing barber shops In cities of
the first and second class at 7 p. m.
was debated and recommended for pas
House bill No. 100, moved for con
sideration by Robertson, was brought
befors ths committee and amended so
as to provide that the appropriation of
8100,000 from Idaho as provided In th%
bill, was made a condition to the pas
sage of the big reclamation bill being
passed by congress appropriation,
8100,000,000 or less.
Several classes of children from tho
ohlldren's noma visited the senate and
under direction of their teacher, Mrs.
Mann, sang several patriotic selections,
following which a collection was taken
up for them by Senator Yeaman and'
826.12 secured.
The senate accepted an Invitation to
attend a smoker to be given by the
Elks Wednesday night. Following ad
journment the ghost walked and every
body was happy.
Captain Donald S. Numbers, well
known physician, who has been In
the service for 18 months In the medi
cal corps, Is spending a few days In
Boise visiting his parents. Dr. and
Mrs. J. R. Numbers, prior to return
ing to Parma to resume hla practice.
Captain Numbers arrived in Boise
Monday from Newport News, where
he has been stationed for several
months attending to the caring of
wounded soldiers from overseas, but
prior to that was stationed at Fort
Riley, Kan., and Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.
Captain Numbers has received his
honorable discharge from the array,
and while pleased to return to civilian
life, announces he has had a world of
valuable experience in surgery and
advanced methods of treating disease.
Other men who arrived In Boise
Monday were:
Austin B. Smith of Rupert, who
spent 13 months overseas and was
wounded nnd gassed.
E. L. Bruno of Kuna, who was
overseas with the 116th engineers for
13 months.
Samuel V. Ewing of Boisa, who was
eights months overseas with the 827th
aerial squadron.
Sergeant Frank Neff of Boise, who
was with the headquarters company
of the 62nd Infantry, which was ready
to sail when the armistice was signed.
William E. Sterling of Idaho City,
12 months with the 62nd Infantry, who
Just missed sailing because of the Ger
man surrender.
Lewis Rowell of Boise, who saw
three months' overseas service with
the 83rd field artillery.
Norman Keefer, discharged from
Camp Lewis, where he was In training
for seven months.
I« . Room 312. Overland. Dr. D. E. Arm
strong. _ Adv ' 1,1
Bill MiG FOR
Senator Witty of Bannock county Is
author of senate bill No. 96, known as
the "Power and Irrigation Bill."
It provides for the organization of
power and Irrigation districts for the
purpose of constructing, purchasing or
otherwise acquiring electric power
plants and systems for furnishing
electric energy for pumping, heating,
lighting and other purposes, to the
property owners and residents within
the boundaries of the district and for
the sale of surplus power to other
consumers. Further, It provides for
the purchase or construction of ca
nals, ditches and other necessary Ir
rigation works and equipment for the
pumping and distribution from a
known water supply, of water for Ir
rigation and other uses. The issuance
and sale of bonds for the purpose of
carrying out such enterprises Is pro
vided for and also the Joining of one
or more incorporated towns or vil
lages for the purpose of purchasing,
constructing and acquiring, operating
ing bars
in each
package. The
biggest value in
refreshment you
can possibly buy.
A BENEFIT to teeth,
appetite and diges
tion. And the price
is 5 cents.
Clearance Sale
Player Piano Rolls
9cts., 19 cts., 29 cts.
For 88 note player pianos Autokrat
Rolls, Rythmodlk Roll* and Universal
Roll* only
19 and 28 Oents
Some Themodist 66 note roll* only
9 cents.
Special offer on Q. R. 8. Roll*—any
one of the above free of charte with
every Q. B- S. Roll.
and maintaining powsr planta and
Section 24 provides a* follow*;
"After Its regular meeting In Octo
ber the board of director* ihall levy an
assessment upon th* land In said dis
trict upon the basis, and In the pro
portion of the list and apportionment
of benefits by the court as hereinbe
fore provided, which assessment shall
be sufficient to raise the annual Inter
est on the outstanding bonds and such
amount If any, as may be required for
maintenance, depreciation and sinking
fund, less such net revenue as shall be
available for such payments as here
inbefore set forth."
Under the provisions of section 38
whenever one or . more Incorporated
towns or villages so situated with ref
erence to each other and to any power
and irrigation district, that said mu
nicipalities and said district can be
supplied with electric energy for pow
er, lighting, heating and other pur
poses from the same plant and system
It shall be lawful for them to Join In
the construction or purchase.
Let us mount your head and tan
your hide. R. W. Limbert, Boise. Ida. tf
E. M. Hoover will be a candidate
for re-election as a member of the
city council for the two year term.
This announcement was authorized to
Idaho stands second In the United 8tates for It* clean Manhood, ac
cording to the Official Statement from the office of The Adjutant Gen
eral In Washington, and why Is such the case? Because we have treated
successfully a great number of men Inducted and theea have passed th*
physical test and have been found suffering with no venereal disease.
We have done our bit In the war as we have placed fighters on the sea
and on the land to make 'The World Safe for Democracy."
We treat and eradicate Acute and Private Diseases of Men and
Women as well a* Skin and Blood disorders The Old Standing Bladder
and Prostatlo troubles of men a* well as those who by abuses or ex
cesses have lost that ambition essential to virile manhood.
Our results speak for themselvea and by the report sent out wa have
been Weighed In the balanoe and found that we have delivered the goods
Consultation free and Invited. Everything In etrictest oonftdenea
A 7, A, • and 10 Odd Fellows' Bids.
Bolee, Idaho.
There's no doubt about It. Bl-n««ia la
the one real "honest to goodnsM" atom
ach remedy that makes crabbed, cranky,
chronic dyspeptics smile and forgat all
about their troubles; and you can prova
It to your own satisfaction without rlak
Ing a cent. What's the use of suffering
'after every meal? (Jo today to Joy,
Whitehead, or any other druggist In
whom you have confidence and deposit
fit) cents for a package of Bl-nesla tab
lets. Go home and eat a hearty maal of
.the good things which usually disagree
with your stomach and then take three
tablet». If you aren't delighted with the
(results; If you don't note an entire ab
fence of the usual pain and discomfort;
if you are not really pleased, go back to
your druggist and get the 50 cents you
deposited, and the trial of Bi-nesia will
have cost you nothing.—Adv.
day by a close friend of Mr. Hoover,
who announced plans were already
under way to place him In nomination.
Mr. Hoover became a member of the
city council a year ago last January,
having been drafted Into the service
by prominent citizens to fill the vn
enney caused by the death of Thomae
Candidates for the city election are
beginning to show their colors. An
nouncement has been made that
hYanklin I. Coats would be a candi
date for the two year term, and that
Barney Aveline was also to be a can
PHONE 73 for baggage wagons.
Prompt service. Peasley Transfer Æ
Storni:» Ca—Adv

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