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Nampa Agent
J. R. 8TOTT8
" ' —
Oaldwell Agent
Phene 485-W.
Phon* 6-R-4, Boise
Phones 462R or 35
Failing Health Primary Reason,
'Tis Believed, for James
Smith's Rash Act; Died Mon
day Might From Gun Wound.
Nampa, Eeb. 25.—James G. Smith of
the Young Transfer company, who shot
himself through the head in Ids room
at the State rooming house in this city,
Saturday afternoon, with suicidal in
tent, died shortly after 8 o'clock löst
night. It develops that Smith had been
in declining health for the last several
months and that he feared that as a re
sult of his condition he would become
insane. Thp deceased is survived by
his wife, two sons and three brothers,
his wife and sons residing in Boise.
The funeral is to occur in Boise hut
the time of its occurrence lias not yet
been announced.
TTstick, Feb. 2T». —Ilev. and Mrs. Joel
Frown of Emmett spent tbo week-end
at the F. A. Swanson nnd l>. G. Snyder
The young people's class of the
Christian church organized Sunday
with Carl Patch, president; Ecla Patch,
vice-president: Vernon Snyder, secre
tary, and W. Greathouse, treasurer, and
Mrs. Huber, teacher. The clues will
take up teacher training study during
the regular Sunday period and any
young people in the community wish
ing to become members of the class
are invited to Join.
Mrs. Elmer Rvasnor of Appleton City,
Mo., arrived Sunday evening to he with
her mother, Mrs. James Mead, who is
quite ill at the J. S. Smith home.
The Baptist Ladies' Aid society will
meet with Mrs. J. A. Hulstrum tomor
row afternoon. -*■
A. H. Pelton is confined to his room
with a severe attack of bronchitis.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith of South
Boise visited the J. S. Smith home on j
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clark are spend- i
ing a few days In Boise house-hunting, |
as they expect to locate there since Mr.
Clark will be. employed in the juter
urban freight depot.
Cecil Spangenburg returned to his
duties in the navy Saturday, after a
thirty days furlough.
Mrs. Richard Morrow of Anaconda,
Mont., visited her sister, Mrs. J. E.
Hedberg, Friday. v
Meridian, Feb. 25.—An extra fine
Holstein cow brought the handsome
price of $316 at the sale held at the
ranch of Col. Hlias Marsters near hero
last week. Another cow of the same
class brought $300 and the herd com
manded an average price of $226. The
sale vvaas conducted by Leo Marsters.
Caldwell, Feb. 25.—A verdict for the
plaintiff was returned late yesterday
afternoon by the jury in the caso of
Shaver against Clark which had been
on trial in the district court before
Judge Ed J,. Bryan the last several
days. The suit was an action to re
cover land alleged to have been traded
to the defendant for property
the plaintiff and which was alleged t
havo been misrepresented by the do
fondant. •
There is only one medicine that real
ly stands out'pre-eminent as a medi
cine for curable ailments of the kid
ney«, liver and bladder.
L>^ Kilmer s Swamp-Root stands the
highest for the reason that it has
proven to he just 1 lu* remedy needed
In thousands upon thousands of dis
tressing cases. Swamp-Root makes
friends quickly because its mild and
immediate effect is soon realized in
most cases. It is a gentle, healing veg
etable compound.
Start treatment at once. Hold at all
drug stores in bottles ot two sizes,
medium and large.
However, if you wish nr«t to test
this great lfTeparation «end tfcn cent
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, hi
. . . ... ...
V„ for a sample bolt"*. When writing
be sure and men ion the Boise Daily
Capital News.-VAdv. _____j
Will b* opened for business Friday
morning, Feb. 21, 1919, under New Man
agement. We guarantee to give eatia
faction. Give us a trial.
/09 MAIN 8T.
American anil Chinese dishes. Noodle*
and Chop-8uey our specialty. Mer
chants' Lunch, short orders. Music and
dancing. Open frum 11 a. m. to 1 a. m.
The Mott Popular and Up-to-Date
Cate In Caldwell.
First Class 8odî Fountain,
Nampa, Feb. 25.—L. J. Hazen, a pio
neer citizen of this city, was found dead
in his room at the Dewey Palace hotel
yesterday morning. For the past sev
eral months Mr. Hasten, who was a
rotirod farmer, had been stopping at
the hotel and as he had been in declin
ing health for more than five years
his death was not unexpected. He was
a man of considerable wealth and for
a number of years was engaged In
farming and stoekraising near the city,
lie Is survived by a son, Lloyd Haien,
recently discharged from military serv
ice. and by a daughter, Miss Mildred
Ilazcn, who is in California.
operation« hav
earnest. Three
Construction of Three Modern
Residences Begun, Two More
Nearing Completion; Busi
ness Structures in Course of
Meridian, Feb. 25.—Spring building
commenced hero in
modern new residences
have just been started in town, several
old ottos are being enlarged and
modeled, and two new ones are near
ing completion.
Willard Turner, druggist, is having
built a modern lisa* room bungalow
at a cost of over $3000. Gilbert &
Matthews have the contract, and ex
pect to complete it by the middle of
Mrs. Maud Flood is building a mod
ern live room cottage at a cost of
$3000. Gilbert & Matthews have the
Contract and will complete it the mid
dle of April.
Will Ilowry, contractor, is building
for himself a modern five room bun
galow at a eetrt of $2501). He expects
to have it finished so he can move in
by April 1.
The handsome new bungalow being
built by the Meridian Milling & Ele
vator company for the use of the man
ager, R. H. Bell, is nearing completion.
(J. F. Artz has the contract.
The modern four room bungalow
John Busby is building for himself is
nearly finished.
J. M. Groome recently purchased of
Mrs. K. Sims the cottage in the north
east part of town. He is having a two
room addition built to the house. Mr.
Groome will move to the house when
Mr. Cox, who boilfcht the J. E. Star
house, located two blocks east of the
postoffice, is having the house raised,
enlarged and improved with new
porches, etc. C. F. Artz has the con
Postmaster and Mrs. Caldwell yes
terday received from their son, Vorn
D. Caldwell, who is with the American
army of occupation on the Rhine in
Germany, a package containing these
interesting articles: A German offi
cer's dress helmet; shaving kit from
German officer's pack; German belt
buckles, pipes. In the collection is a
cigar lighter made by a French soldier
from a German shell, and a ring made
by a German soldier from a French
shell. Mr. Caldwell is a bugler in Co.
:(; t Second engineers, ami is stationed
at Kngers, Germany.
Floyd Davenport recently purchased
the restaurant here of Mrs. Maggie
Scllick and is now operating it. He
and his family moved here from Moun
tain Home.
A deal has been closed whereby Will
Howry sold his residence to Henry
Joyce. The house is a block east of
J. M. Anderson's furniture store.
Nampa, Feb. 25.—Archie H. Cham
bers, of Emmett, visited in the city
Attorney (ieorge L. Lamson trans
acted legal business in Caldwell today.
Bruce I-ampson, of American Falls,
is a business visitor in the city.
J. 8. Heil nor, of Halley, visited in
the city yesterday.
E. H. Dewey, accompanied by W. T
Wallace, of Boise, left'last evening on
I bllB , nw trlp to 8alt ^
w j. Black*«», of McCall, spent
{ y eH ^ erc j wv j n the citv
business trip to Salt Lak
j V. I*. BlacktfeJt, of McCall, spent
yesterday in the city,
; George Duval,
! ness in Caldwell
, , T R . Mt . C onneil, of Emmett, looked
nft „ buBinesa , nterMlU , n the cUy
Mrs. J. M. Lance and children have
gone to Portland for an extended visit.
Mrs. Ada Ayers, of Hhoslione, is «vis
iting in the city.
E. K, Lower, of Spokane, Is a busi
ness visitor In the city.
Mrs. W. 8. Tull, of Glenns Ferry, ts
visiting in tlie city.
8. It. Hurdlman, of Boise, looked
after business interests in the city yes
J. vv. Blackburn, of Pocatello, is a
business visitor in the city.
Attorney W, P. O'Connor transacted
legal business In Caldwell today.
M, D. Polk, editor of the Record,
was a Caldwell visitor today,
M. I. Burkholder who has had the
Influenza, has recovered.
Clarence Grayblll, of the McLain
Hardware company, Is transacting
business in Portland this week.
B. W. Perd urn was a Holse visitor
. Sr., transacted bust
11 yesterday.
The Capital New* telephone numbers
are 24 and 25. tf
Ash Park, Feb. 25.—PrKute Clarence
E. Pine, who has just returned from
Camp Bowie, Texas, where he has been
under military training the past eight
months, was the recipient of a sur
prise party given at the residence of
his father, W. E. Pine, last evening, by
a number of the citizens of the Cole
school district. Refreshments were
served and the evening was very pleas
antly spent In the rendition of a num
ber of musical selections. Those in
attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Estes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilmot, |
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. McCurry, Mr. and
Mrs. Arliss McCurry, Kathryn and *
T'oimr McCurry and Mr. and Mrs. J. |
R. Stotts.
Caldwell, Feb. 25.—A meeting has
been called by President John Smead
of the Commercial club at the Com
mercial club rooms this evening, to
discuss subjects of community inter
est. President Smead is outlining a
strong program for the. advancement
of the city and the upbuilding of the
surrounding country thG present year.
Nampa. Feb. 25.—The campaign
which was launched by the Nazarene
college of this city Sunday to secure
$100,000 as an endowment fund is
proving successful. More than $29,000
of the amount has already been se
cured and those directing • the cam
paign are highly optimistic over the
outlook for its successful consumma
Caldwell, Feb. 25.—Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Doan visited in Boise yester
A. P. Alex it ml arson of the Cent^r
point. community was a business visi
tor in the city yesterday.
Assistant Attorney General Alfred
F. Stone of Boise was an official vis
itor in the city yesterday.
Attorney Cleve Groome transacted
legal business in Boise yesterday.
A. L. Wilson of Qreenleaf, the pure
breed Poland China hog breeder, look
ed after business interests in the city
C. M. Rankin of the Lakeview com
munity spent yesterday in the city.
J. R. Clark, the Meridian real estate
agent, was a visitor in the city yester
Frank Breshenrs, chairman of the
Republican county centrai committee
of Canyon county, was a Boise visitor
Meridian, Feb. 25.—Miss Jessie
Beery .visited in Boise yesterday.
Mrs. Ruth Rhodes was a visitor to
Boise yesterday.
Harry Tolleth, of the Tolleth Mer
cantile company, transacted business
in Boise yesterday.
Miss Grace Whitlock visited in Boise
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Griffith and little
son were visitors to Boise yesterday.
A reception to the soldier and sailor
boys of this place who havo returned
from service is to be given at the high
school auditorium Friday evening by
the senior class of that institution. A
highly entertaining program is being
prepared for the event.
E. E. Sims and Arthur Frazier re
turned yesterday from Halt Lake,
where they had been to attend the
meeting to boost the league of nations.
J. F. Whitlock was a Boise visitor
A local party composed of the fol
lowing attended the ( Santel-8orensen
bout in Boise last night: Amos
Whitely, Joseph Duree, Thai Stevens
and R. L. Johnson.
Paris, Frb. 25.—Span O'Kelly, rf-pre
senting; the provisional Irish govern
ment here, has written to Premier
Clemenceau requesting that a date be
fixed for the peace conference to re
ceive Professor Edward de Valera,
Count Plunkett and Arthur Griffith,
whom the Trinh assembly designated
to present Irish claims.
24 and 25 are the telephone numbers
of The Capital Newt. tf
Says you really feel clean, sweet
and fresh inside, and
are seldom ill.
If you «re accustomed pa wake up
with a coaled tongue, foul breath nr,
a dull, dizzy headache; or, - if your meals !
I * our an<1 turn ,nto ,lI, d »«'Ids. you j
have a real surprise awaiting you.
Tomorrow morning. Immediately up-!
on »rising, drink a glass of hot water
j wlt»La teaspoonful of limestone phos
i »*""* » 11 ™" «" 'mended to first ;
naturalize and then wash out of your
stomach, liver, kidneys and thirty feel
of Intestines all the Indigestible waste.
poisons, sour Wie nnd toxins, thus ;
cleansing, sweetening nml purifying tho
entire alimentary canal.
Those subject to sick headaches.
backache, bilious attacks, constipation !
? r . a ? y * f0r ? ° f f,to 4 fnach ^ r ? Ub ] e ,\J! re ■
„—»a — * .. ■■ -
urged to get a quarter po/inil of 11m
stone phosphate from the drug store
nnd begin enjoying this morning In
side-bath. It Is said that men and wo
men who try this hecome enthusiastic
and keep it up daily. It is a splendid
health measure for It is more Impoi'
tant to keep clean and pure on the In
side than on the outside, because the
skin pores do not absorb impurities
Into the blood, causing disease, while
the bowel pores do.
The principle of bathing Inside is not
new, as millions of people practice it.
Just ns hot water nnd snap cleanse,
purify and freshen the skin, so hot wa
ter nnd a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate act on the stomach, liver,
kidneys and bowels. Limestone phos
phate Is an inexpensive white powder
and almosj/tssteless.—Adv.
llp Irom ' Jv % to 101, Then news came
t,lat ,bc Mai ine Shipping company deal
* ,n d been finally
8l<al< bloke to 96-%
New York, Feb. 25.—Price« were gen
erally irregular at the opening of the
stock market today. U. 8. Steel opened
at 94. off %; Marine preferred 1U0, off
«6; Tobacco Products 89; Mexican Pe
troleum 181. up *; Baldwin 79, off *•
Oenemi Motors 112Vi, up V^Bethiehem
In late trading Marine preferred shot
up from 99* to 101,
- - ~ ----------, „. .
bad been finally abandoned and the!of
Ktni'k m-nko In
United States Steel closed nt 90*
Baldwin 77*, off 2*; Mexican Petrol
lenm 178%, off 1%; K*Hy Springfield
Tire 108, up 1*.
GRAIN. f .,;j
Chicago, Feb. 25.—There was good
buying, principally by shorts, on a
higher level In grain futures on the
Chicago board of trade today. Traders
were influenced by the belief that the
*17.50 hog price minimum will be
maintained in March. Provisions were
February corn, up * at the opening,
133, later gained 1r. March corn, lc
higher at 132, the opening, sold at
132*. May corn, up * at the open
ing, 125, was 1% higher. July corn. %
higher at 120, the opening, subsequent
ly gained 1*.
February oats, opening * up at 5S%,
was % higher. March oats, opening
late at 59*, up *, subsequently sold
at 59%. May oats, up % at 60, the
opening, was Unchanged. July oats,
uii % at the opening, 58*, later
gained *.
Chicago, Feb. 25. Hogs—Receipts,
54,000; market lower; butchers, 17.50#
17.80; packing, 16.75#17.45; light, 17#
17.55; pigs, 14.25#16.50; roughs, 16.25
Cattle—Receipts, 13,000; market 25c
higher; beeves, 10.50#20; butchers and
stockers, 7.60#15.50; cannois and cut
ters, 6.50#7.6U; stockers and feeders,
8.60#14.75; cows, 7.60# 14.75; calves,
Sheep — Receipts, 14,000; market,
steady and higher; wool lu mbs, 14#
18.50; e\ves K 5.50# 12.65.
South Omaha, Feb. 25.—Cattle—Re
ceipts, 8500; market steady; stfcers,
13.50#18.20; cows and heifers, 6.25#
14: stockers and feeders, 7#15.75;
calves, 7#13.75; bulls and stags, 9.25#
Hogs—Receipts, 18.000; market 10#
15c higher; bulk of sales, 17#17.40;
top, 17.50.
Sheep—Receipts, 1 1,500; market, 25c
higher; yearlings, 9# 15; wethers, 12
13; lambs, 16.75#17.65; ewes, 9#11.65
Kansas City, Feb. 25.—Cattle—Re
teipts, 12,000; market steady; steers,
18# 19; cows and hellers, 8#
ers and feeders, 8# 16; calves, 7#ll.
Hogs — Receipts, 18,000; rr^Urket
steady; heavy, 17.50 #17. SO; medium,
17.40#17.70; light, 17#17.40.
Sheep—Receipts 8500; market strong;
lambs 17.75# 18; ewes, 11.75# 12; stock
ers and feeders, 10# 17. «
Portland, Feb. 25.—Cattle—Receipts,
108; tone of market strong; best, steers,
13#14;~xgood to choice, ll.75#12.75;
medium to good, 10.75#11.75; common
to fair, 8.50#9.50; choice cows and heif
ers. 10; good to choice, 8.75#9.75; ine
lium to good, 7.75#8.75; fair to niedl
.» , 81CCI S,
13; stock
-urn, [email protected]; cannera, [email protected]; bulls, [email protected];
calves, 9#13.50; stockers and feeders,!
7® 10.
Hogs—Receipts, 289; market strong;
prime mixed, 17.25#17.50; medium mix-I
ed 17#17.25; rough, heavy, 15.25#
15.50; bulk, [email protected]
Sheep — Receipts, none; market
strong; prime lambs, 14# 14.50; fair to
medium, 10# 12; yearlings, 10# 11;
wethers, 9# 10; ewes, 6.50#8.75.
NEW *7bRK.
New Tork, Feb 25.—Flour—Quiet
and unchanged.
Pork—Dull; mess, [email protected]
Lard—Firm; middle west, spot,
26.40 @26.50.
Sugar—Quiet; centrifugal, 96 test,
7.28; refined, quiet; cut loaf, 10.50;
crushed, 10.25; powdered, 9.15; granu
lated. 9. *
Coffee—Bio No. 7, on the spot. 17*.
Tallow—Quiet; city, 8*; special, 9*.
Hay - Quiet; prime No. I, 105; No. 8,
18* 1.45.
Fell. 25. Potato«
Wisconsin and
j *L50®l-65.
_ _
The wholesale price* are the prices
the dealer for the product
; quote(J eXRept on cfwunery . cube but
I ter and cheeae.
Livestock and Poultry.
; Cow , „„JT cwtT.7.7".". .'.7.'."'/.'. .8.60® 8
str , eI . Hi pPr cwt .................*[email protected]
Choice hogs, per cwt........*[email protected]
Mpdjum hog , [email protected]
! jj^vy hogs ....................$14 00
■ Mutton, per lb., Ive weight......9#10cj
Heng> per ii,........................22c
Ducks, live weight, per lb..........20c
Turkeys, live weight, per lb........30c
Fry chickens, lb. 7 .................36c
Wholesale quotations by Mutual
Creamery Co.i
Butter fat, per lb.....................
Milk for butter fat, per lb.........54c
CreamerY~buttcr, per lb...........5i c
Fresh ranch eggs, per case *[email protected]
Retail Prie**.
Beats, per bunch ...............,..15c
Ca» rots, per bunch ..........,...*8*o
New Onions, pif lb....................
Lettuce, per head ......15c. 1 for Î5c
Parsnips, per lb......................
Celery, per bunch .............5010c
Green onions, per bunch............5c
Radishes ..........................
Neuf oabbage. per lb............60Q60
Rutabaga tvrnlps, lb................Sc
Arguments on the constitutionality
bouse bill No. ÜA by Thomas and
Kent requiring ' ba»l?or%hÔp7ïn' citlM
Reconsidered by Upper House
Goes Through by Vote of 24
to 14 After Long Debate.
of the first and second class to «lobe
at 7 p. m., occupied more than one hour
before the bill was finally forced to a
vote on motion of Nash and passed,
24 to 14.
Senators T_.ee, Weaver, Walker and
Wedgewood advised against the pass
age of the bill, while it was vigorously
defended by Whitcomb and Witty. The
bill was previously before the senate
and was killed, but revived by r«-con
In committee of the whole, with Judd
of Clearwater in the chair, senate bill
No. 121 by Ht. Clair and Hobertnon, af
fecting the issuance of state warrants
and treasurer's checks to simplify the
bookkeeping was recommended for
passage. ,
A favorable report was made on
house bill No. 114, by Storey, Shearer
and Miller, licensing and regulating the
practice of chiropractors.
The following bills were passed; Sen
ate bill No. 110 by Kerrick—Authoriz
ing the issuance by municipal corpor
ations of bonds for the purpose of
erecting soldiers' monuments.
House bill No. 80 by Motison and
Hunt—Raising the fee which can lie
churged for feeding and curing for
(Stray animals.
House, bill No. 93 by Thomas and
l^cr'l —< 'losing barber shops in c'ties of
tnVjirsl and second classes at 7 p. m.
Chronic Constipation.
Only mild and gentle laxatives should
be used. Strong cathartics are too
harsh and drastic. Chamberlain's Tab
lets are excellent, easy to take, agreo
ablo in effect.—Adv. T.Th.S.
New fork, Fob. 23.—Five of the
Spanish anarchists arrested here Sun
day are being held by immigration m
thorities for deportation. Tire records
of the remaining nine will be investi
gated thoroughly and if deemed ad
visable they, too, will be shipped out
of tho country, according to Captain
Rubano, chief of the secret service.
Potatoes, 10 lbs....................25c
Squash, per lb....................2%c
Potatoes, per cwt.................*2.00
Fresh eggs, per doz................40c
Creamery butter, per lb............53c
Ranch butter, per [email protected],45c
[Urahum flour, 24 lbs..............*1.50
Buckwheat, 5-lb. sack.............70c
Buckwheat, 10-Ib. sack...........*1.25
|5 arle *" flou _ r i L° lbs ................! 5 °
flour, 10 lbs
lable brttl >* 10 lbs ..........
• 85e
Whole wheat flour, 9-lb. sack. .65®75c
Graham flour, 9-lb sack........ [email protected]ï
10 lbs. corn flour..................90c
Boiled oats, 10 lbs.................85c
Corn meal, 24 lb*................*1.50
Flour, high patent, per 48-ib.
sack ......................*2.65®3.50
Bice, per pound .................12*c
Eastern lard, 10-lb. pall............3.00
Local laid, 10-lb. pail ............2.90
Apples, per box ..............*3®3.30
Hens, per pound ........
Boasting chickens, per lb.
Spring fryers, per lb....
ham '?' per lb ...............I!®"
a * >er 85c
LOST—One Continental Oil Co. tank
wagon invoice book. Call 2108. Re
ward. F27
_ ______
ATTEND the big general sale Friday,
! February 28, 1919, at H. «. Williams'
Mrs. D. T. Tryor, Franklin Av., Ot
sego, O.; writes: "Nine years ago I
was very much afflicted with kidney
trouble. I bought different kinds of
medicine, but all to no effect, until
one day I bought a box of Foley Kid
ney Pills. I realized so great a benefit
from tho use of that box that I con
cluded myself cured of kidney trouble.
I feel safe in recommending Foley
Kidney Pills to any kidney sufferers."
They relieve backache, sore muscles,
stiff joints, rheumatic palis and blad
der ailments. Whitehead's Drug store.
—Adv. t th s.
Salem, Ore., Feb. 25.—The 10-round
boxing bill Is ready for the signature
of Governor W'ithycombe today.
The house measure was passed by
tile senate of the Oregon legislature
liist night 20 to 10.
The bill provides a boxing commis
The Capital News téléphoné numbers
ere 24 and 25. tf
5 room modern bungalow, built In
furniture, hardwood floors, fine lo
cation. Shade, some fruit, 50 foot
lot, garage. H. G. Myer* & Co., 423
Overland bldg. tf
WANTED—To borrow *2500 on good
income dose in city property. Ad
dress 8539, care Capital News. t!F27c
ranch, at McDerAott station. Horses,
cattle, lings, some registered sheep,
implements, harness, clover seed and
small tools of ail kinds. F27 c
MALE calf for sale.
Phone 20-R-l,
M 3 c
FOR SALE—5 room modern bungalow,
full basement, garage. Inquire 709
N. 20th. Price 826Ü0. M3c
FOR SALE*—Fine 4-year-old milk
row, gentle, extra good family cow.
Phone 2157. f'28
WANTED To rent 5 or 8 roam bun
galow. Phone 50 or 2073-J. F27
FOR SALB— Kerosene water heater.
Phone 2073-J. p'27
Backache is perhaps the most com
mon ailment from which women suffer.
Rarely do you find anybody free from
it. Sometimes the cause is obscure,
hut Dr. Pierce of Buffalo, N. Y., a
high medical authority, says the cause
is very often a form of catarrh that
»eitle* in the delicate membranes of
the feminine organs. When these or
gans are inflamed, the first sypmtom
*? l,ackacbp ; accompanied by bearing.
What Is the Cause of
down sensations, weakness, unhealthy
discharges, irregularity, painful pe
riods. Irritation, headache and a. gen
eral run-down condition. Any woman
this condition is to be pitied, but
pity does not cure. The trouble calls
for Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
which Is a separate and distinct medi
cine for women. It is made of roots
and herbs put up without alcohol or
pietr, of any kind, for Dr. Pierce us* s
nothing else in his prescription. Fa
vorite Prescription is a natural remedy
for women, for the vegetable growths
of which It Is mode seem to have been
Intended by nature for that very'pur
pose. Thousands of girls und women,
young and old, have taken it, and
thousands have written grateful let
ters to Dr. Pierce saying it made them
well. In taking Favorite Prescription,
it is reassuring to know that it goes
straight to the cause of the trouble.
There Is but one way to overcome
sickness, and that is to overcome the
cause. That is precisely what Favor
ite Prescription is intended to do.
Send 10c for trial pkg. of Tablets.
Address Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo. N. Y.
Constipated women, as well rh men,
are adviqpd by Dr. Pierce to take his
Pleasant Pellets. They are juat splen
did for costiveness. Adv.
CALL that man Dick when sailing
furniture. He has a machine and
will call promptly. Standard Six
change store, 12th and Main. Phono
89*. tl tf
WHEN you want to gel! your furnl
ture call T4SW. tl tt
LIBERTY BONDS—If you have one to
sell, call or wrlte N. A. Hanan, 245 |
Sonna Block, Boise. tl—tf
*1500 or *2000 private money to loan
and a nice 5-room stone house with
sleeping porcli and large barn to
sell at *1550 or will install a nice
porcelain bail) making it modern
for *1773. Call 324 Overland Bldg.,
or phone 858-W. tlF27
SIX-BOOM jvhite pressed brick bunga
low, full basement, furnace, hard
wood floors, sleeping porch, good ga
rage. Price *4500. Day Realty Co.,
1009* Main. tltf
WANTED—Horses to feed In large
corral, 35c per day. Inquire of Fred
Sloper, Broadway stables. tl F29c
NETTED OEM potatoes, same as used
by leading restaurants and cafe
terias, *1.65, delivered; quantities
*1.50. Phone 16-J-l. UM2C
POTATO success depends on produc
tive seed. Limited quantity No. 1, ;
Netted Gem seed grown from certi- |
lied seed. Phone 16-J-l. tlM2C j
FOR BALE—Household goods: piano,
organ, dining room suite, china clos
et; fine china and bric-a-brac. Dr.
A. Southwell, Valley road, neur
soldiers' home. Call at once. M3
FOR SALE—At the Union Stock Yards,
Caldwell, Idaho, two carloads of good
boned, blockey, registered Herford
and Durham bulls; these bulls were
bred and grown by Cochran & Sons
of Hays City, Kansas; for informa
tion call or write Union Stock Yards,
Caldwell, or see O. C. Stagner. Sara
toga Hotel. tlM3
FOR S^I,E—20 acres hleal for dairy
purposes, good buildings; *5500; some
terms. Owner, 1114 Fort./
H F26-28-M1
FOR SALE OR TRADE—30-acre bear
ing apple orchard: produces 5000
boxes per year: average modern
bouse bath, etc.; six blocks from elec
tric car line. Owner, 1114 Fort st.
tl F25-27-M2
FOR SALE OR TRADE—30 acres on
car line 4 miles from Boise. Inquire
between 4 and 8 p. m. Address 401
S. 10th st., room 24. M3c
FOUND—Bicycle; owner can have
same by proving property and pay
ing 1'or ud. 1108 N. 10th {it. F2Sc
WANTED—Cattle to summer under
fence. Lewis Thornton, R. 4, Boise.
OH, HOY! Another dance at Meridian
Friday, Fob. 28. Muslo "by Ksesor
orchestra of Boise. tlF28
FOR RENT—5-room house, 812 Kast
man! *8 per month. Phone 2150-J.
Frank Nourse. F26c
For Boise Valley ranch land; 160
acres In Big Bend wheat belt in
Washington; nil plowed ready for
crop. Address Owner, Box 113, Nam
pa, Ida. M3
MARRIED man with no children wants
steady work on ranch; experienced.
Box 131, Fruitland, Ida. M4c
FOR SALK OR RENT—320 acres; 90
seres plowed, ready for spring seed
ing. Box 43, Welser, Ida. M3c
WHITE RABBITS 1 —Prolific and prof
itable. A chance for boys and girls
to earn money -Anyone can raise
them. Little ones are worth from 81
to 85 nnd full grown from *2 to 825.
Ora Wallace .Caldwell. Idaho. F28c
MIXED dairy herd, fresh, milking and
springing. Phone 266, Meridian. M3o
FINE dnlry ranch, close to Boise, of
30 acres, well equlpç4d. We will bo
delighted to show |pu this place.
Cash $9500. or on the beat of terms,
$10.00«. Overland Real Estate Co..
385 Sonna bldg. tf
Become slender gracefully, gently, hap
pily. At the druggist's get a email box of
oil. of koretu. Follow easy directions if
you want to lose 10 to 60 pounds super
fluous, burdensome fat and lengthen your
life. Absolutely safe. The only guaran
teed weight-reducing treatment. Endorsed
by physicians.—Adv.
Head or chest
are best treat«
''externally*' wit
IN EFFECT DEC. 1. 1918
Interurban Tima Tabla
Boisa Vallay Traction Company
Lv. Boise for Eagle, Btar, Middleton
and Caldwell—7:00, 8:00. 11:00
a. in.; 1:06, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. 7:00,
0:00, 11:00 p. m.
Lv. Boise for Duncan—8:00 a. m. and
6:10 p. m.
Lv. Duncan for Bolae—8:21 a. m.
and 6:35 p. m.
Lv. Boisa for Meridian, Nampa and
Caldwell—6:30, 8:00. 10:00, 12:00
a. m.; 2:00, 4:00. 6:00, 6:00, 1:00,
10:00, *11:00 p. ra.
• To Nampa only.
Lv. Boise for McDermott—6:80,
10:00 a. m. and 5:00 p. m.
Lv. McDermott for Boisa —8:05,
10:65 a. m. and 6:65 p. m.
Schedule subject to change with
out notice.
All motor vehicle
licenses are past
due and must be
paid not later than
the first Monday in
Finest Undertaking Estab
lishment and Funeral
Chapel in the State
Private Ambütknee.
Best equipped lu the state; all kinds
Pressed. Phone 44 and 1391.
of clothes Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired ant
All sizes at reasonable prices al
ways on hand.
515 So. 8th 8t. Phono 640
Three New Song Hits
Ja-Da (Danca Hit)
Till Wo Meet Again (Waltz Song)
Lonesome, That's All
Wise Plano House
807-809 Idaho Ht.
You Will Want to Pain*
or Varnish your car (his spring; it's
easy to do if you will use Sherwin
Williams Auto Paints. They go on
without showing laps or brush murks.
Ami, say, that top and seat dressing
make the top and seats tust the same
as when new.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
Good Clothe*. ME Main It
Buy W. 8. 8. and help win th* war.
JtnkirtB Furnitur*
11th and
Main Sts.
Phene 559
$1.00, $1.50, $?.00
and $3.00.
j. T. LA UGH LIN toa r.AiH Ct.

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