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Figures Given Showing It Will
Be Necessary to Raise
$165,000 During the Seven
Day Drive for Funds.
The campaign executive committee
for the new V. M. C. A. building an
nounce ns a basis for the raising of
$165,000 in the scifan day drive which
opens one week from today the follow
ing figures:
Estimated cost of site ........J 20,000
Estimated cost of building____ 133,000
Estimated cost of furnishings. 20,000
Total Investment contemplated
for new homo ..............$173,000
EstlmuteJ amount necessary
for current expenses for 1010
and 1020, expenses of the
campaign and shrinkage in
the subscribed fund from
unavoidable causes ......... 11,000
Aggregate amount necessary $109,000
Less .equity in property:
Estimated value Tenth street
property ....................$ 30,000
Less mortgage ................ 10,000
Net .........................$ 20,000
Estimated vulue of four acres
of orchard property at South
Boise .......................$ 2,000
Total .......................$ 24,000
Amount necessary to raise in
the campaign ...............$165,000
The executive committee also an
nounces that subscriptions to this fund
are on the "all or none" basis, which
means that the entire $163,000 must be
subscribed by the close of Tuesday,
Mardi 11, the last of the seven days
allotted to the campaign, or not a
dollar is binding.
Subscriptions can be paid during a
period extending to April 1, 1920, in
four installments four months apart,
and Liberty bonds will be accepted in
whole or part payment. By Including
the expenses necessary to carry on the
work of the association during 1919
and 1920, it means that if the $165,000
is secured that the local T. M. C. A.
will make no further appeal to the
public for any financial support until
At a well attended meeting of the
executive committee held at the cam
paign headquarters in the "Y" build
ing Monday night. Chairman Barton
announced that the following repre
sentative men had consented to serve
on the citizens' advisory committee for
the campaign: Messrs. Elof Ander
son, It, F, Bicknell, Dr. E. A. Bryan,
Judge Alfred Budge, E. S. Chadwick,
Calvin Cobb, Frank ft. Coffin, .1. H.
Coblcy, Dr. George Collister, Governor
D. \V. Davis, E. II. Dewey, John W.
Eagl< son, Leo .1. Falk, Edward C. Gal
lett, Montle B. Gwinn, O. O. llaga,
former Governor J. II. Hawley, Mayor
S. H. Hays, G, R. Hitt, Charles L.
Joy, R. O. Jones, C. F. Kutnewsky,
Herbert F. Lemp, Thomas Hr McDer
mott. John McMillan, M. P. Meholin,
Judge W. M. Morgan, J. H. Oakes, B.
j\V. Oppenheim, J. T. Ponce, Joel Priest,
M. A. Regan, Judge J. C. Rice, Judge
J. H. Richards, J. E. Roberts, R. S.
Sheridan, E. ,s. Sensing. Hugh Sproat,
W. D. Stevens and W. S. Whitehead.
Manager Edgar A. Crooks of the
"Americans," and Manager Frank I.
Newhouse of the "Nationals" each
have six live wire captains hustling on
the enlisting of 120 volunteers to make
the drive. Fach captain recruits nine
other men. thus making 12 teams,
each of 14 workers. The entire lineup
Is to be rendy for announcement by
Thursday night, according to the oper
ating schedule for the campaign prep
The 12 captains secured are as fol
lows :
Americans--James P. Pope, Thomas
L. Martin, W. R. Wilkerson, F. E.
Doscher, Laurel E. Elam and Donald
£>. Whitehead.
Nationals—Harry H. Runyon, C. H.
Hartson, Russell Ash, Herman Dietz,
R. R. Alexander and W. H. Coppedge.
Land Board Proceedings
Boise, Feb. 24.—The Rtate board of
land commissioners of the stats of
Idaho met this day in regular session.
The matter of maintenance charges
for the estimated expenditures for the
For Co Ido, Orlp
and Influenza
Tablets "
Be sure you get the Genuine
Look for this signature
on the box. 30c.
Women Fiixd Clear Skin
In Simple Lax
A tense of falte modesty often prevents women from
admitting that many of hcrdllt and disorders aie due primarily
to constipation.
But women whoknow themselves have learned that head
•ehe remedies and beautifiers only .cover the trouble but do
ngLdialodge it, 1
What it needed la a remedy to move the bowels and stir
up the torpid liver. An ever-increasing number of
woman take a small dote of a combination of simple laxative
herbs with.pepsin knpwn as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and
•old by druggists under that name.
It will save a woman from the habitual use of hmdache
remedies, skin lotions and similar makeshifts. Once the
bowels are emptied and regulated, the headache and the
pimples and blotches disappear. It to the rational, natural
A bottle of Syrup Pepwn lasts a family a long time,
all will find uae for it ftom time to time. Thoughtful people
•re never without it In the bouse.
Th» druggJMt will refund your money if it ioila
to do aa promimd.
Q Dr. Caldwell't
The Perfect jUxetive
FREE SAMPLES—If you have never ml
Pr. Ca fctwefl'. gym» r»p«n .»a fa, . f^. trial
bottle ta Dr. W. R. Caldwell, 4M Wsmbwtsa
•*., M t ntU el lc . III. If there « bebiee at tarot,
wk far a copy af Dr. CaUweO-» bosk. The
Can of Ralf."
In eptee of sreetly
Increased laboratory
mete due to the War,
by aa r r bl r i r a prafita
aad abaorblas war
which thie family Ur
ethra baa bean eold by
Irrigation season of 1919 on the Big
Wood River Reservoir & Canal com
pany was presented to the hoard for
their approval. There being no pro
tests filed, the charges as advertised
were approved.
At this time J. II. Stone, owner of
lease No. 800 covering the SW14 of
section 21, NWV4 of section 28, 3
north, 42 east, appeared before the
board and asked that he be permitted
to comply with the usual rules with
reference to cancelling said lease and
receiving pay for his improvements. It
was moved and seconded that the old
rules of the land board be followed in
this matter, and upon his relinquish
ment. the notice to be given and new
application to be filed for said land by
any applicants for the land, and pay
ing for such Improvements, but in case
of conflict, the statutory requirement 1 ;
be followed. Carried unanimously.
It was moved, seconded, voted upon
and unanimously carried, that Gus Ol
sen. owner of lease No. 793, covering
NVi of SEti of section 30, and NV4 or
SWÇ, of section, 3 north, 42 east, be
permitted to relinquish s ild lease and
applications for lease of said lands be
It was moved by Auditor Gallet, sec
onded. voted upon and unanimously
carried, that the bond of Alfred lio
gensen in the amount of $10,000, be
approved and filed wttli the secretary
of state.
F. G. Miller, dean of forestry of the
University of Iduho, persunully ap
peared before the board und was given
instructions as to the marking of tim
ber near Payette lakes proposed to be
advertised for sale on the following de
scribed lands.
At this time there was presented to
the board the report of State Engineer
Wilkie, on the proposed second segre
gation of the Owsley Carey 1-and &
Irrigation company approving and rec
ommending said second segregation.
After considering the saht report, it
was moved that the governor be, and
he is hereby, authorized to sign the
contract submitted to the board which
was awaiting the signature for the re
ceipt of this report and that the reg
ister attest the seul. Carried ^unani
At this time there was presented to
the board a list of state contract hold
ers In Bonneville county, which pur
chasers have failed to pay taxes
thereon. ,
It was moved and reconded and
unanimously carried that the state
treasurer be Instructed to notify each
of said contract holders of the said
delinquency and notify them that uu
less the said taxes are paid On or be
fore May 1, 1919, the land board will,
at that time, declare such contracts
It was moved by the attorney gen
eral, seconded, voted upon and unani
mously carried, that the register be in
structed that on any other reports
from counties showing delinquent
taxes on contract for the purchase of
state land or timber that auch con
tract holders he notified by the elate
treasurer at once that taxes muet be
paid by May 1, 1919, or that on said
date the state boerd of land commis
"ft takes qualify to
make a real bargain,
says Kelly
the banker
"This small chew of
Real Gravely gives
more real tobacco
satisfaction than a
big chewof ordinary
plug. It tastes better
and lasts longer.'*
Good taste, smaller
chew,longer life is what
makes Genuine Grave
ly cost less to chew than
ordinary plug.
Writ» fa:—
Gbnuinb Gravely
fw twkUt as chrwini pint
Peyton Brand
Plug packed in pouch.
This Is the same process as Is used by
th* largest shoe factories in th* coun
try. Beet, leathers—beet workmanship
—satisfaction guaranteed.
Mrs. M. C. Melle, 109 8/10th St.
sioners will declare cancelled all such
Application of C. M. Canfield for
contest of entry on southeast quarter
of the northeast quarter pf section 33,
township 5 south, range 10 east, under
the King Hill Irrigation project, was
granted by the bonrd. and the register
Instructed to so notify the contestant
that he may comply with the law In
carrying on said contest.
Letter of O. O. Hargett in relation to
water light under the Twin Falls-Sal
mon River project was brought before
the land board for its consideration,
and the register Instructed to present
report to the board as to the reasons
why this land was not left under the
irrigation project.
The register was Instructed to pre
pare a report <fh the lands known as
the Devoe lands on which patent Is to
be requested and submit the same at
the next meeting of the board.
In the mutter of applications for
farm loans, appraisements on which
have been made by V. D. Hannah, and
which appraisements have been reject
ed, it was ordered by the bonrd that
the register employ John W. Veatch. of
Boise, for the purpose of making such
appraisements—Mr. Veatch to make
these appraisements in the immediate
future and duly report to the board.
Whereupon the board adjourned.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
stlp, enclose with 5c and mail it to
Foley Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chi
cago. 111., writing your name and ad
dress clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs,
colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills,
for pain in side and back; rheumatism,
backache, kidney and bladder ailments,
and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a whole
some and thoroughly cleansing cathar
tic for constipation, biliousness, head
ache, and sluggish bowels. Whitehead's
Drug Store,—Adv. t th s.
24 and 25 ara th* telephone numbers
of Tho Capital Nows, tf
The whole of Elkdom from far and
near will gather In the beautiful Elks
home Friday evening tor the regular
annual ball of this popular order, which
la to be finer than any of the dance
events it has as yet given. The benutl
ful ballroom will be the scene of the
gayest revelry, the prettiest costuming
and the most fascinating dances In
vogue. Tompkins' orchestra will fur
nish special mualc and Morrison's cafe
teria will have the lunch In charge.
Dancing will commence at 9 o'clock
prompt ly.
The recent dancing parties of the
Elks have been so exceedingly pleas
ant and well attended and the pres
free of many brother Elks among the
legislators and visitors has besn so
welcome, that tho annual ball prom
ises to be unusually brilliant and fes
Faultless Servies.
Private Ambulsnes.
Careful Attendants.
Mrs. Nellie L. Pennington of Wash
ington, D. C„ recently had the dis
tinction of being the onl^- woman dele
gate among 800 who attended the fifth
annual convention of the International
Association of Master House Painters
and Decorators of the United States
and Canada, held la Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. Pennington urges women to
keep their femininity.
"A woman does not have to beeorfif 1
n man nor act mannish simply because
j,he enters a man's field of occupation
and meets him on a business basis,
where competition eliminates the ele
ment of sex so far as woman is con
"1 drifted Into the game." the said.
"For seven years 1 have plodded along,
meeting men sjnd their competitive
figures, and our firm has been suc
"H. W. Taylor is my partner. I
acquired my business career through
marriage, because my husband's father
conducted a small paint business, and
when he died I took It over and served
an apprenticeship to learn all angles
of the business.
• 'Do I believe In women voting?
Yes, and no. 1 do not care for the
privileges men have. I have striven
for my Ideal In a woman doing a man's
Job. My business has not stripped me
of my feminity.
"1 do not have to don overalls,
trousers or n uniform and leave off
my women's dress.
"There Is a big field In the decora
tive game for women. I think they
can do It better Giro men, because
women are naturally more artistic in
their temperament.
"I am called 'a woman painted.' I
seek to be more than that. I seek
to be a decorator, a maker of artistic
homes, because I love them and be
lieve In my career. There Is a won
derful field for my usefulness and tal
The photograph shows Mrs. Penlnln
ton ready for a painting Job and true
to her word she has not donned over
alls. but wears a pretty hand-painted
smock Instead.
The national women's council meet
ing held in St. Louis. Mo., has decided
to have a world peace celebration the
two days before Good Friday.
Over 100,000 women were placed In
positions by the women's bureau of the
United States employment service
while the war was In progress.
Mrs. William Isll of Findlay, Ohio,
Is a world beater as a beet topper,
having recently pulled and topped 32
tons, which she had in sugar refinery
in two weeks.
Accompanied by ladies of Unionist,
Nationalist and Sinn Fein convictions,
Mrs. Elizabeth Haslam, nged 90 and
described ns the oldest suffragist in
Ireland, drove to a polling station at
the recent election and is said to have
recorded her vote for the Unionist
To get the genuine, call lor full name
lets. Look for signature of E. W.
GROVE. Cures a Cold In One Day. 30c.
Indigestion, Gas
anaBloat From
An acid-stomach cannot digest food
) -operly. Instead, the food aoura and
mente and, passing into the intes
• îes, becomes a breeding place for
I mntless millions of deadly germs—
•uxic poisons they are called. These
poisons are absorbed into the system
I nd cause untold misery. So, you aee,
it is just acid-stomach, nothing else—
that makes so many people weak,
listless and unfit; sapa their strength
and energy; robs them of their vigor
and vitality. Biliousness, bad liver,
nervousness, blinding, splitting head
aches, rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica
—these and many other still more
aerioua ailments often are traced to
the common source—an acid-stomach.
Take EATONfO and get rid quickly
of the pains of indigestion, heartburn,
that horrible, lumpy, bloated feeling
after eating; disgusting, belching,
food-repeating; sour, gaaay stomach.
These stomach miseries are canted by
what doctors call "Hyperacidity. 1 '
It's just ACID-STOMACH. And in
addition to the pains and miseries it
cans**, ACID-STOMACH to the (tarter
of • long train of ailments that moat
people never dreamed are in any
way connected with the stomach.
Pleasant tasting EATONIC TAB
LETS that you eat like a bit of candy, !
quickly put an end to your stomach
troubles. They act aa an absorbent— ]
literally wipe up the excess hurtful !
acid and make the stomach pure, ;
sweet and strong. Help digestion so j
that you get all the power and energy :
from your food. You cannot be well ,
without itl
If you are one of those who have
"tried everything'' but in spite of it
still Buffer all kinds of acid-atomach
miseries—if you lack physical and
mental strength and vigor—begin at :
once to take EATONIC. Get back
your physical and mental punch and
enjoy the good things of life. Like
thousands of others you will say you
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of All Oseerlptiene mean
lectured to peur older, W*
specialise ex mi kladZ *f
auto tents, camp funl
icr*. American flags, m»rv
les nogs.
tixth ana Mein fits.
Rhone 9M-W.
•UV W. 8. a.
Mrs. Nellie L Pennington.
Warsaw, Feb. 25.—The president of !
the Polish diet announced today that j
Premier Paderewski offered his reslg- !
nation yesterday, but that General Pd- 1
sudskl had begged him to remain in in- j
24 and 25 era the telephone numbers !
of The Capital News. tf 1
Shippers' Forecast.
Protect shipments during the next 36 j
hours against tho following minimum!
temperatures: Going west to Baker, I
30 degree; east to Pocatello. 28 degrees. I
Minimum temperature at Boise tomor-1
row, about 36 degrees.
General Weather Conditions.
A storm center of great energy ap* |
proachlng the north Pacific coast is
causing rising temperatures through
out the north Pacific and northern I
Rocky mountain slates; Its advance Is
attended by high winds and rain on the
Oregon-Washington coast. A trough
of ,ow pressure extends from the gulf |
over the Ohio, and Tennessee valley i
into the lake region and is causing I
light to moderately heavy precipitation]
over a considerable area of the Missis
sippi valley. Cold wave conditions pre
vail In Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, ]
but east of tho Mississippi tempera
tures are generally quite high for the |
Drug and Toilet
Goods Event
Thin event will give wo
men an opportunity to lay
in a supply of Toilet Requi
sites and make a substantial
saving on the trans
Every item listed
below is priced as
low as you can buy
them and the extra
special features dur
ing this .event
are away out of
the ordinary in
point of value.
Glance over this list and
come to the Mode's Drug Department Wednes
day prepared to lay in a present and future
supply of the toilet articles you need.
Froatllla ....................23c
Hind's Honey and Almond
Creme de Camlllla...........50c
Pompeian Massage Cream,
large size..................89c
Medium size.................09c
Smell »Iss ...................42c
Creme Blcaya ...............60o
Berry'* Freckle Cream ......07c
Lotions and Creams
Pond's Extract, large Jar.....'
Malvina <Team .............
Daggett and Kamsdell's Cold
Cream, Jar .............. ..45e
Daggett and Kamsdell's Cold
Cream, tube ............ ...21«
Woodbury's Facial Cream ...23o
Hilbert's Benzoinated Com
plexion ................. ...23o
Ingram's Milkweed Cream ...3fto
PINAUD'8 Extract Veg
etal Lilac Toilet waters,
extra QQfi
special....... Oep' - '
JERGEN'8 Berated Tal
cum Powder, 6 ounce
can, extra 1 1 C
special....... JLJL
Face Powders
Woodbury's Face Powder, white only ...........................21o
Swansdown Face Powder, white only............................21o
Ingram's Velvola Face Powder.............................. .....860
La Blanche Face Powder ..... 880
Woodbury's Face Powder .......................................21o
Swansdown Face Powder .......................................21o
Creme Oil Soap
Creme Oil Soap Is made of olive end cocoanut oils, an extra fine,
pure soap that will not harm the moat delte&t* skin. Regular
price 3 cakes for 25c. Extra special
4 Cakes for 25c
Horltck's Malted Milk, large
size .......................89c
Small size ...................43c
Dloxygen, large size .........43c
Rainbow Dyes...............5c
Peroxide Hydrogen, 8 -ounc*
bottle ..................... 8 c
7-ounce bottle...............21c
14-ounce bottle .............89o
Mentholetum, medium.......45c
Blue Seal Vaseline .......... 7o
La Trefle Perfume, oz.......95e
Luzterlte Rose Tint .........21o
Luzterlte Salve and Enamel . ,21o
Lusterlte Cuticle Softener ...19c
Nonspl ......................43o
Eau de Quinine, large......91.89
Small size...................69o
Camellne, white ..... 43c
Amollne ......... 23o
Spiro Powder........ .tie
16 oz. can Talcum...........17e
Shampooline................. 6 to
Corolopsls Talcum...........19o
Colgate'* Baby Talcum, large
■lz* ....................... 2 So
Colgate's Talcum ...........18o
Mennen'z Talcum ......... w .19o
Synot Liquid Soap ..........SSo
tOc Keep Clean Hair Brushes 29c
2 pound paokoge 80 Mule
team Borax ..... *U
BOURJOIS 50c Java Rice Face Powder, Aftf»
wtfite only, extra special...............
Pebeco Tooth Paste ...
Kolynoa Tooth Paste ..
Lyons' Tooth Powder .
Zodenta Tooth Powder
OERTIFIED Complexion Soap, oont&inlng <8 O *•
pure extract witch hazel, extra special, cake AJL V
Toilet Soap
Woodbury'* Facial Soap.....21o
Packer's Tar Soap...........21o
Peroxide Bath Soap, 12 cakea
for....................... 91.00
4711 Transparent QlyearlM
Soap, 4 bora.......... .....Ha
Cutloum Soap ......... ft.
Super Tar 6hampoo Soap ...17b
Scott's Tissue Toilet Paper
A high grade quality
ular price 2 rolls for
. 650 sheets to the roll. Reg
25o, extra special ^ QQ
Parisian White Ivory
$1.50 Ivory Picture Frame«, ala* 414x434 lnohas,
speotal, each ...................................
75o Ivory Picture Frames, alas 414x514 lnohba,
special, each ...................................
$1.00 Ivory Vaaea specially priced at,
each ...........................................
I»e Ivory Soap Boxas specially priced
at, each........................................
Rubber Goods
WEAREVER Molded Hot Water Bottles, 2 quart size,
regularly priced at $2.$0, special, each ................
NO SEAM Hot Water Bottles, regularly prloed at
$1.50, special In this event at, each ...................

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