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Wilson Denies He Told Commit
tee Members Issue Not With
in League's Province; Argu
ment Staged in the Senate.
Washington, Feb. 28.—There ap
pears to be a difference of opinion to
day as to Just what President Wilson
said on the Irish question to com
mittee members of congress attending
his league of nations dinner Wednes
day night.
Some committee members originally
gave as their version of the president's
expressed view on the Irish problem
that It was a question between Eng
land and Ireland and not within the
province of the league.
The president today denied he told
committee members this. Almost Im
mediately thereafter the subject arose
in the senate.
Senator Borah asked Senator Hitch
cock If President Wilson refused to
answer a question about Ireland at the
White House dinner.
"There was a question asked, but It
was not a serious question," Hitchcock
"Then does the senator say that the
president made no response to the
question about Ireland?'' Borah
"I do," Senator Hitchcock answered.
Then, at the suggestion of Senator
Williams, Hitchcock, added, "the pres
ident did say the league had nothing
to do with Internal and domestic ques
tions." *
"Then the president said the league
has nothing to do with Ireland," Borah
"It must necessarily be settled be
tween Ireland and England and If that
Is so the situation Is left where It was
Hitchcock did not reply.
Lake; J. A. Wilburn, Spokane; George
Green and wife, Baker; Frank Gol
den, Ontario; Marne Conley, Portland;
O. M. Malmborg and wife, Los Angeles;
J. H. Boyd, Emmett; George F. Smith,
Emmett; Mrs. Pricilla Moon, Emmett;
J. H. Whitson, Mountain Home; F. W.
Smyth, Salt Lake; Chris Sweetman,
city; Mabel Smith, Caldwell; John
__ _ ' '
Cleghorn, Caldwell; J. A. Fay,
Lake; Charles Stewart, Tendroy.
OWYHEB—Mrs. C. T. Sollars, Oma
ha; J. II. Murphy, Buhl; M. It. Hand,
Weiser; T. F. Minnhan, Seattle; Thos.
B. Shannon, Chicago; C. R. Lockridgc,
Sioux Falls; George R. Merrifield, Se
attle; L, M. Nuernbirg, Pocatello; Sam
Levey, Joplin, Mo.; George A. Line,
Springfield; M. Monrose, Blackfoot; B.
Dandruff causes a feverish Irrita
tion of the scalp, the hair roots
ehrlnk, loosen and thon the hair comes
out fast. To stop falling hair at once
and rid the scalp of every particle of
dandruff, get a small bottle of Dan
detine at any drug store for a few
cents, pour a little In your hand and
rub it Into the scalp. After several
applications the hair stops coming out
and you can't find any dandruff.—Adv
Woman's power in America Is well
Illustrated by the thousands of women
who entered almost every lino of
business to replace men who were
drafted during the war. Health proved
their strongest asset. Many women,
however, developed weak, nervous
conditions and could not stand the
■train of a business life. Such women
should remember there Is one tried
and true remedy in Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compounds, which for
forty-five years has been restoring
health and strength to the women of
Pinney Theatre , Tuesday Eve. Mar. 4
—A musician everyone will enjoy.
—Throughout the civilized world he stands acclaim
ed the master.
—Kreisler says he is the greatest musician that has
ever drawn a bow.
Lower Floor, first 11 towb ........... $2.00
Lower Floor, last 6 rows ................. 1.50
Balcony, first 3 rows.......... 1.50
Balcony, next 5 rows ..................... 1.00
Balcony, last 3 rows .........................
Gallery ......................................
Box seats................................. 2.00
All prices plus 10 per cent war tax.
Mall orders received for IN and OUT of town in order of receipt.
Make checks or money orders payable to Pinney Theater
Enclose self addressed, stamped envelope to Insure safe return.
Two Drops of "Gets- It" Will Do It
Elver hand-carve your toe with a knife
trying to get rid of a corn? Ever use
scissors and snip off part of the corn too
close to the quick? Ever pack up your
•*GEt*-It M Puts Yonr Feet in Clov#r
—It Enda Corn* Quickly.
toe with "contraptions" and plasters as
though you were packing a glass vase
for parcel post? Ever use greasy oint
ments that rub off on your stocking?
Ever use sticky tape that gets jerked off
when you pull your stocking off? Kind
o' foolish, when 2 or 3 drops of "Gets-It"
on any corn or callus gives it a quick,
painless, peaceful, dead-sure funeral!
Why putter and suffer? "Gets-It" stops
corn pains, it lets you work, smile and
dance, even with corns. It's the common
sense v>ay, the only simple, easy way—
§ eels corns off like a banana peel. Used
y 4 millions. It never fails.
"Gets-It," the guaranteed, money-back
corn-remover, the only sure way, costs
but a trifle at any drug store. M'f'd by
E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago, 111.—Adv.
L. Marker, Portland; Arthur Mayer,
New York; C. W. Kief, Portland; Louis
Cohn, Portland; L. A. Jesse. Murphy;
I. M. Smith, Payette; J. T. Bay. Den
ver; H. F. Wheeler, San Francisco;
R. D. Allen, Seattle; J. H. Nye, city;
W. F. Putman, Salt Lake; H. B. Good
win, Denver; R. R. Spofford, Twin
Falls; S. C. Vanctte, Portland; P. H.
O'Neil, Los Angeles; F. Crowther,
Coeur d'Alene; J. W. Leaf, St. Maries;
C. W. Craney, St. Maries; G. Dorbaugh,
BRISTOL— H. R. Jones, Boise; T. O.
Jones, Twin Falls; Olga Jones, Twin
Falls; Tansy Jones, Twin Falls; Frank
Turner, Twin Falls; Mrs. George Doss,
Mountain Home; J. W. Ash, Pocatello;
Charles E. Paine and wife, Parma; B.
E. Greene, Payette; Albert King and
family, Caldwell; H. C. Scott and wife,
Joseph, Ore.; A. H. Tooley, Glenns Fer
ry; J. V. Dibble, Ontario; E. Dibble,
Payette; W. A. Mynatt, Caldwell;
j Frank Golden, Ontario; R. D. Hillery,
Emmett; George S. Dean and wife,
Richland, Ore.; Mrs. Dean Evans,
Richland, Ore.; Mrs. V. R. Robinson,
Pocatello; Mae Richardson, Darlington,
Ida.; J. L. Newsome, Portland; A. M.
Mayer, Pocatello, W. L. Brandt, Nam
pa; C. F. Eaker and wife, city.
GRAND— H. L. Fest, Emmett; Carl
T. Beyer, Norwood; Mrs. Brubacker,
Sloux Gity Iowa; S. J. Redford, Ta
rnmn Wnsb • T XT Thr.mncnn r*c»lrl_
coma, AVash. ; J. M. Thompson, Cald
well; P. II. Rasche, Stanley; Hugh II.
Scott, American Lake; W. M. Kinney,
Freemont; A. S. Carlson, Cascade; T.
F. Mlnahan, Seattle.
Americanization of foreigners has
been the work of the Interchurch
Council of AVomen of Boise for the
past few years, and the program of tho
all-day meeting at the Methodist
church Thursday was devoted almost
entirely to this subject.
Mrs. L. M. Ormsby, secretary of the
Idaho State Sunday School association,
spoke at the morning session on the
importance of Americanizing the chil
dren of foreign born through church
work. Mrs. J. E. Dockery discussed
legislation pertaining to the subject.
The council appointed a special com
mittee to work with the central com
mittee on these lines.
Mrs. Hans J. Roan told of the Ameri
canization work In Japan as she saw It
while in the Orient. Rev. R. M. Don
aldson told how American Ideals were
gradually being adopted In Japan and
China and remarked how Germany had
tried to ''kulturizo'' not only the ori
ental nations but America as well.
Mrs. Fred Rosene, Miss Downs, Mrs.
Frank Manville and Mrs. AVood enter
tained during the afternoon session
with music, instrumental and vocal.
Mrs. J. L. Hook presided.
24 and 25 are the telephone numbers
of The ''■apitel News. tf
The trustees of the Soldiers' Home
have appointed Dr. S. M. C. Reynolds
of Meridian, as commandant of the
home. He succeeds the present incum
bent Saturday. Commandant Reynolds
is well known over the state, and par
ticularly In Ada county where he has
made his home for many years. There
were a large number of applicants for
the position but It was conceded some
time ago that the appointment would
go to Dr. Reynolds. The board acted
at a meeting late Thursday afternoon.
A pumping plant on the Mosely
farm of the state penitentiary was or
dered installed by the board of prison
commissioners at Its meeting Thurs
day afternoon. The plant Is to have
sufficient capacity to Irrigate 70 acres
and will cost 13000. It was also de
cided by the board to order the Boise
Barber road prepared.
Complaint against the telephone
service at Idaho Falls was filed Thurs
day by E. B. Carlson, with the pub
lic utilities commission.
An appeal was filed in the supreme
court In the case of George E. Hill
versus the 'First National bank of
Fairfield Involving the recovery of
815,000 In contracts. The supreme
court heard argument and took un
der advisement the appeal In the case
of Lydia Jensen against Robert Aik
man. The recovery of 81000 from the
Owyhee Land & Irrigation company
Is Involved.
The committee In charge of chll-1
dren's movies announces that the next
five reels of the "Lincoln Cycle" will
be shown at the Majestic theatre Sat
urday morning.
There will be two performances—the
first beginning at 9 o'clock and the sec
ond at 10:30.
To avoid having an overcrowded
house at the first performance, which
happened last Saturday and made It
necessary to open the Isis to accom
modato those who would have other
wise been disappointed, It has been de
elded to ask certain schols to come at
the first hour and others to come to
the second performance at 10:30. The;
principals of the grade schools have,
also very kindly agreed to sell the tick
cts in the schools on Friday and in tills
way it is hoped that delay and confu
sion will be averted at the theatre on
Saturday morning.
The following schools are requested
to come nt ö o'oloek when th« firmt per
formance will begin: Central, Long
fellow, Park, AVhittier.
Tho following are requested to come
to tho second performance, which will
begin at 10:30: Lincoln, AA'ashlngton,
Lowell, Garfield, Hawthorne.
Children not attending school are re-!
quested to bring the exact change with
them on Saturday morning, as tickets
will be sold at the box office ns well.
A new feature is to be Introduced
this week. At the beginning of each
performance patriotic songs will be
sung by the children under the direc
tion of Mrs. Stoutemeyer, who has re
cently been appointed by the Saturday
Fortnightly as their representative on
the committee, to fill the vacancy which
arose when Mrs. D. AV. Cole left the
There will be no story hours at the
library on Saturday morning and the
children's room will not open until 1
According to the latest available
statistics, there are 1,829,255 members
of the Masonic order In the United
States and Canada.
Shipment Juet Received
Exclusive Boise Victor Dealer*
913 Main Phone 252
Instant Relief From Nerve Tor
ture and Misery With Old
"St. Jacob's Liniment."
Get a small trial bottle!
Rub this soothing, penetrating lini
ment right Into the sore, Inflamed
nerves, and like magic—neuralgia dis
appears. "St. Jacob's Liniment" con
quers pain. It Is a harmless neuralgia
relief which doesn't bum or discolor
the skin.
Don't suffer! It's so needless. Get
a small trial bottle from any drug
store and gently rub the "aching
nerves" and In Just, a moment .you will
be absolutely free from pain, ache and
suffering, but what will please you
more Is, that the misery will not come
No difference whether your pain or
neuralgia misery is In the face, head
or any part of the body, you get In
stant relief and without Injury.—Adv.
Washington. Feb. 28.—The victory
loan bill, providing for a 86 , 000 , 000,000
short term note Issue, was favorably
reported to the senate
Tomor row
Important Dividend Increases Become Effective
in Northwestern Mutual Fire Association
March 1
By J. F. MARTIN, Pres.
Dwelling policies, (annual payment) dividends
increased from 40% to 45%.
Farm policies, (annual payment) dividends in
creased from 40% to 45%.
Automobile policies, dividends increased from
25% to 30 %.
Mercantile and General Business, dividends in
creased from 25% to 30%.
This is the portion of the annual premium we are
returning in cash to our policyholders.
C LOSE co-operation between this insurance office and its policyholders,
over 50,000 strong, enables the Northwestern Mutual Fire Insurance
Association to put into effect this notable step in lowering the high cost of
fire insurance.
Beginning March 1 the Northwestern Mutual will be returning policy
holders as unused a larger proportion than ever of their insurance prem
iums. These dividends apply in all policies expiring March 1, or later.
Northwestern Mutual dividends are limited only by the combined effec
tiveness of policyholders in their fight against fire. Reduce fires to noth
ing among Northwestern Mutual policyholders and all the income of the
association, save the actual necessities of administration and the 5% an
nual addition to surplus for strengthening the company could be returned
in dividends.
So it depends upon the policyholders what their dividends
shall be. Let insurance rates be what they may — it's the divi
dends that count.
It is noteworthy, in this connection, that the expenses of administering
the Nortlrwestern Mutual are only about half what the average stock com
pany finds it necessary to allot this item.
Every policyholder can help ir. this great task by continuing work i-o
effectively begun, which is making this organization one of the chief fac
tors in combatting America's fire Avaste running into millions of dollars
every week. , 4
"To become a policyholder in the Northwestern requires that your
property be as safe from fire as the good practice of common sense
would dictate. Our inspector will help to point out dangers that you,
yourself, perhaps, have overlooked. When you become a policyholder with
us your financial responsibility ends with the payment of your premium
—The association's cash resources exceed $1,000,000 and its policies are
absolutely non-assessable. But your moral responsibility does not end,
for you are under strong obligation to your fellow property-owners to
take every precaution against fire. You are the safety trustee of your
own property.
All your Insurance should be handled In Northwestern Mutual wayj
you have friends who should know and profit by tho Northwestern Mutual
plan. Your further oo-operatlon will mean greater dividends.
Northwestern Mutual Fire Association
Home Office, Central Building, Seattle
Buis, Thrailkill & Company
105 No. Tenth St. Phone 109-W.
B. V. Stephan* of Nampa, th* well
known horticulturist, took occasion on
hts 75th birthday, Thursday, to Bound j
a note of • warning In behalf of the ap- !
pie Industry of Idaho. Mr. Stephens !
pointed out the superior character of !
the Idaho apple, at shown by a nation- '
wide verdict of buyers.
''Too many Idaho people neglect thla '
Important lnduetry," he continued, "In I
the Interest of oranges and other fruits 1
that constitute the staples of other j
"Apples are a most nutritious and j
healthful fruit. All doctors agree to j
that. The very best apples are grown I
In Idaho, but many Idaho people pass
them up and help support outside In
terests to the detriment of one of the
state's vital Industries."
The Capital News tslephon* number«
■re 24 and 25. tf
New York, Feb. 28.—Mexico Is to be
given an opportunity to plçad her case
before the American public at a meet
ing here March 10, arranged by the
council of foreign nations.
The council announced today that It
has asked President Carranza to ap
point an official spokesman to act as
chairman of the meeting,and to outline
In ordering seats
mention Powoll at
Pinney Theater
Box Office Seat 8ale Monday Morn
ing, March 3rd, at 9 o'clock.
Lower Floor, first 11 rows .................$1.60
Lower Floor, last 6 row*................... 1.00
Balcony, first 8 rows....................... 1.60
Next 5 rows................................ 1.00
Next 4 rows ........... 75
Gallery (not reserved) ......................60
Box seats .................................. 1.60
All Prices Plus 10 Per Cent War Tax
IN and OUT of town mall orders received and
filled In order of receipt, if accompanied by
check or money order made payable to W. A.
Mendenhall, Manager. Enclose self addressed,
stamped envelope to Insure safe return of same.
the progress Mexico has made since the
overthrow of Diaz, her plans for the
future and her present problems.
Local Mexicans, including Rafael
Nieto, acting secretary of finance In
the Carranza cabinet, have sent dis
patches to Mexico City, urging Car
ranza to accept the offer of the council.
Philadelphia, Feb. 28—Charles Piez,
director general of the Emergency
Fleet Corporation, announced today he
will resign that office May 1. He an
nounced also that the government has
cancelled 15 ship contracts at the Hog
Island yards.

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