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Nampa Agent
Oeldwell Agent
Phono 4SS-W.»
Phono 6-R-4, Balsa
Phonea 462R or «
Lieut. Homer S. Jarvis Wins D.
S. 0. for Valor in f Battle;
Only Officer of His Battalion
So Honored.
Caldwell, March 1 — lieutenant
Homer S. Jarvis, a Caldwell boy who
1 b with the llltli machine kun bat
talion, has tho distinction of being
the only officer of his battalion upon
whom the distinguished service cross
has been conferred.. In commenting
upon this recognition given Lieutenant
Jarvis in Its issue of Decenhber 28,
the Army and Navy Journal says:
"First Lieutenant Homer S. Jarvis,
111th machine gun battalion, for ex
traordlntry heroism in action near
Kauttllols, France, September 26, 1918.
Lieutenant Jarvis, with another offi
cer and a soldier, using captured
German guns, pushed forward and by
their accurate and effective fire kept
groups of the enemy from occupy
ing advantageous positions. Main
taining fire superiority all afternoon
Lieut. Jarvis withdrew from his dan
gerous position only when it became
, too dark to see. Home address not
Following the observance of this ar
ticle Captain Woodson Jeffreys, of
the 147th machtne gun battalion, who
Is also In France and who was as
sistant adjutant general of this state
at one time, wrote Lieut. Jarvis the
following letter of congratulation
which has been received» by Lieut.
Jarvis' wife who Is with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Curtis, residing
near this city: "My dear Jarvis I note
With pleasure, In the Army and Navy
Journal of,December 28, that you have
been awarded the D. S. C. Please ac
cept the congratulations of the offi
cers and men of the old company on
feeing awarded this distinguished
: honor. So far as we know you are the
only officer in this battalion that has
been awarded the distinguished ser
vice cross, Änd so far as we know
there Is no, other offner livipp out of
the old Second Idaho that has been
awarded this honor. May your days
fee many and prosperous is the wish
of the old company."
Lieut. Jarvis enlisted in the Idaho
National guard In 1912 and as a mem
ber of it he went to Mexico to pa
^■ol the border when President Wilson
made his call for volunteers for that
purpose. He was then a second lieu
tenant In the old Second Idaho, but
later was promoted to a first lleu
tanacy. He Is now stationed at Bor
deaux, France.
Nampa, March 1.—Judge F. A.
XIagelln transacted legal business in
Caldwell today.
E. H. Dewey returned yesterday
from a business trip of several days
to Salt Lake.
C. H. Newport of Arco was a bust
ness visitor In the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Hamaker enter
tained at a dinner party at the Dewey
Palace hotel last night with Mr. and
Mrs. S. D. McLain and Mr. and Mrs.
Harris French of La Grande, Ore.,
as their guests.
C. J. Brosnan, superintendent of the
city schools, was a Boise visitor to
Mrs. F. H. Kernohan visited In
Boise today.
Helen Hobart, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Hobart of Pendle
ton, Ore., is visiting with relatives
In the city.
Fred Mock was a business visitor to
Boise yesterday.
Dick Ward of Boise transacted bus!
ness here yesterday.
George Gardner transacted business
In the city yesterday.
Fred Eggers of Murphy looked after
business Interests here yesterday.
Dr. W. R. Hamilton, E. G. Van Slck
lln land James 'Galloway formed
Welser party viBlting in the city yes
, ' E. L. Taylor is a business visitor in
' tie city.
Fred Vogel of Weiser spent yester
day here.
Misses Corona Dewey and Helen
Strode, who are attending school in
Boise, are visiting the week-end with
their grandmother, Mrs. J. S'. Hickey.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wing, who were
calleH here from their home in Buhl
the first of the week to attend the
funeral of their daughter, Mrs. James,
returned home yesterday.
Mrsi G. S. Dean and son visited In
Boise today.
8. L, Waltman of Caldwell was a
Visiter In the city today.
Caldwell, March 1.—The will of the
late L. J. Hazeu of Nampa and a pe
tition for the appointment of Judge F.
A. HageUn as the executor of the es
tate of the deceased were filed In the
probate court today, the will having
been filed for probate. Lloyd B. Hazen
and Mildred H. Haxen, the son and
daughter of the deceased, are named as
the heirs of the estate and Its value Is
get at approximately 122,000.
24 and 26 are ths tslsphons number«
•f Ths Capital News. ft
Jersey Cattle Raisers to See
Movie Picturing Industry ; to
Perfect Organization.
Meridian, March 1.—The Jersey cat
tlemen of the valley will meet at Me
ridian Monday, March 3, at 8 p. m., in
the moving picture theatre to enjoy
five reel motion picture production
entitled "Heurts and Jerseys." This
film 1s furnished by the American
Jersey Cattle club. Romance is wo
ven Into the story so as to add inter
est at the same time portraying the
essentials for successful dairy and
breeding wa#k.
Following the film the Jersey breed
ers of the valley will organize the Boise
Valley Jersey Cattle club. Everyone
interested In this line of work is urged
to bring their families and have an en
joyable and Instructive evening.
State Dairyman F. R. Cammack and
the county agricultural agents of Can
yon and Ada counties will be at the
meeting to assist in the organization.
Meridian, March 1.—Dave Beery was
a Nampa visitor last evening.
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
church will be entertained Wednesday
evening by Mrs. Charles Calrnp, Mrs.
McCoy and Mrs. Ira E. Lane at the
rooms of the Epworth league.
The reception given last evening by
the senior class of the rural high
school at the high school auditorium
to returning soldiers was a very enjoy
able affair and was very largely at
Miss Carolyn Pfaffle of Boise Is vis
iting here the week-end with her sla
ter, Mrs. Arthur Frazier.
Ed Wlsnei- was a Nampa visitor last
Mrs. Joel Brown of Emmett is vis
iting here.
The following composed a local party
attending the Santel-Norbeck wrestling
bout at Nampa last night: Amos
Whitely, Bill Bailey. Roy Wiener, Jo
seph Duree and Floyd Adams.
The birth of a boy is reported at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Joplin.
Clyde Ball and Thai Stevens were
among the local people who attended
the Santel-Norbeck wrestling bout at
Nampa last nl^ht.
J. M. Anderson, who has been quite
ill for the last several weeks, is re
ported to be much Improved.
Harry Tolleth was In attendance at
the Santel-Norbeck wrestling contest
in Nampa last night.
Caldwèll, March 1.—Justice of the
State Supreme Court John C. Rice of
Boise was a business visitor today.
Judge J. M. Thompson transacted le
gal business in Boise yesterday.
Jay Galllgan, manager of the Cald
well Flouring mills, looked after busi
ness interests in Boise yesterday.
Mrs. Earl Boy es Is visiting the week
end in Boise with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Ketchen.
Judge Ed L. Bryan was a Boise vis
itor today.
Miss Rose Edwards and Mrs. Joseph
ine Mill went to Nampa this afternoon
to visit the week-end with their moth
er, Mrs. J. G. H. Edwards.
Miss Dorothy Merritt, who is en
gaged in teaching at Gooding, is visit
ing the week-end in the city with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Mer
Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Myers have return
ed from a visit to Portland.
The Women's Forward club of this
city will entertain the Canyon County
Women's Burbanks federation In this
city, March 8. The social meeting will
open at 11:30 o'clock and at 12 o'clock
a lunch will be served after which a
program will be rendered.
Mrs. George Mérrltt and daughter,
Miss Dorothy, visited In Boise today.
Prof. F. E. Springer was a Boise vis
itor today.
G. C. Painter, the Middleton banker,
transacted business In the city today.
Eagle, March 1.—Adolph Reimers
returned home the first of the week
from a training ramp in Virginia,
where he has been in the service for
the past few months.
Miss Mat el In Short has returned to
the home of her uncl.e T. C. Catlln,
after a brief visit with relatives and
friends at Grand Junction, Colo.
Mrs. Oliver Stiles departed Wednes
day ''for Wichita, Kan., where she
wae called by the serious illness of
her father.
E. H. Flkkan has been on ths sick
list this week. *
A number of land sales bavs bsen
made In this community ths past
week. Those selling were: Mrs. LIs
tle Smith, G. T. Klnzer and Ira Rut
Miss Genevieve Polley, who has been
111 with tonsllltls, Is muoh Improved.
Mrs. Ida Stouffachnr, who hes been
111 at a Boise hospital with heart
trouble, is Improving as much as could
be expected.
Little Albert Boyd of Boise Is visit
ing at the home of his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Short Sr.
A surprise party was given at ths
home of H. B. Moore Friday evening,
In honor of their son Guy, who re
turned home the first of the week from
Camp Stuart, Newport News, Va.,
where he had been In the service of
.Uncle 8am for the past few months.
A number of families near the Pleas
ant View school are reported suffering
from Spanish Influenza.
There It one branch of business ]
which should be a big field for women !
workers and It aeeme to be proving
such, at least In some sections of the
country. Women have made goo^ In
many Instances In the field of bond
Ißlesmanahlp and the increasing num
ber of women Investors has brought
this business to the front. It Is to be
wondered that more women have not
taken up that work for who, better
than women, could reach the great
mass of working girls and worden
who would save-money and invest
their savings If there were only some
one to tell them hoW or to bring the
matter of bonde to their attention.
Thé work of the women in the last
Liberty loan campaign was a notable
achievement, and It helped to show
what women can do In that line. Mrs,
Jacob Rlls of Brooklyn, N. Y., believes
that there is a great'future for women
In the bond business. Mrs. Rlls, who
has been engaged in the bond selling
business for some years, Is now man
ager of a large branch office of a New
York concern. Her position is unique
because ehe heads an office run en
tirely by womem
Such an establishment Is quite an
InnovatlA. The office has been fitted
up very attractively and while Its
staff is entirely feminine, men, as well
as women, will be served.
That wnr work Is not finished, even
If war Is, was discovered at a recent
meeting of the women's auxiliary com
mittee of the New York war camp
community service in the home of the
chairman, Mrs. E. H. Harrlman, where
plans were discussed to enlarge the
work of the organization during the
coming year.
"While we are proud of the work
done during the past year by the war
camp community service, we realize
that there is a grsat necessity for In
creased activity during the coming
year,'' declared Mrs. Harriman.
"The war camp community service
Is already trying to combat the
growth of Bolshevism among return
Caldwell Sector Keenly Alive to
Growing Importance of In
dustry; President Sifieed
Predicts Bright Future.
Caldwell, March 1.—Revival of inter
est in the livestock industry is a fac
tor of considerable Importance through
out this section of the Boise valley anil
the movement launched several months
ago for "more and better hogs and cat
tle" for the purpose of continuing the
prosperous condition which has fea
tured the city and its tributary coun
try the last several years is of con
stantly Increasing proportions. With
a recognition of the part this industry
hah played the Commercial club will
foster the Industry and seek to pro
mote Its Interests In every possible
manner as a part of Its program of ac
tivities the present year.
"I look forward to activity in the
livestock industry In Canyon county far
beyond that of any past Juncture in the
county," declared John Smeed, presl
dent of the Commercial club, today,
Continuing Mr. Smeed said: "The live
stock industry has more greatly
tributed to Canyon county's progress
and prosperity than any one of her as
eets. More and better cattle and hogs
will Insure the continuante of prosper
ity. Every farm in the county should
be stocked to its capacity and the stock
should be of the best type which it Is
possible for the farmer to secure. Bus
iness men of this city are wideawake
to what the livestock Industry and ag
riculture has done for the city and its
surrounding country and through their
central organization, the Commercial
club, they will do all possible to foster
and advance 1L The banks of the city
are exerting a strong activity in the
effort to secure more and better live
stock and they are to be strongly com
mended for their work In this direc
Nampa, March 1.—A large warehouse
is to be erected by the Sewell-Yost
Commission company of Boise upon a
lot adjacent to the trackage of the Or
egon Short Line Railroad company In
this olty which Messrs Sewell and Yost
purchased this week. The lot has an
area of 140 feet by 160 feet and it ie
understood that an immense ware
house will be cnoatructed upon it In
the immediate future to care for the
Increasing business of the firm. Ths
structure Is to be of concrete.
3. 8. Whltton et ux. to Mrs. Lillian
MaoEwen, $1 and 1. and a.; lots l2And
1$, block 0, Central addition to Boise.
J. A. Marks, single, to W. J. King,
$1500; lot S3, section 10-8-2 East, sub
ject to $1500 mortgage.
Julia Mapd Sherman and E. B. Sher
man and Florence Alma Good to
Frank G. Ensign, $1500; lots 7 and 8.
block 84, Bills addition to Boise, sub
ject to mortgage to Idaho Building A
Loan association, reoorded la book 60,
page 807,
L. H. Cox et ux, to W. L. Brandt,
$10) 22.846 acres ln NU BWMi section
S-8-1 West.
O. E. Black et ux. to Leslie B. Hay
ford, $10 and o. v. e.| lota 8 and 4,
block 48, Second amended pikt nf Bill»
addition, subject to two mortgages of
$1600 and $500, respectively.
Mrs. Jacob Rlls.
ing soldiers by finding Jobs for them
as soon as they are mustered out of
the service. At the vaudeville per
formance which Is given every Sun
day evening In the Manhatten opera
house for soldiers and snllors,
agents of the federal employment
bureau, with lists of thousands of
Jobs, are received with tumultous
applause by the boys.
"The mustering out of hundreds of
thousands of men must not produce
conditions similar to those which fol
lowed the civil war, and It is the duty
of our organization to assist In pre
venting this. The coming year's work
is more important from both the view
point of the mustered-out soldier apd
the general public, because it is nec
essary to again fit these men for posi
tions In civil life."
Mrs. A. Mitchell I'almer.
Mrs. A. Mitchell Palmer, wife of the
alien property custodian, has been a
I prominent member of Washington so
con-]clety for several years—ever since h;r.
husband became a member of congress
[before his recent appointment. Pal
mer is now mentioned ns the most
likely successor to Thomas
Gregory as attorney general.
Died from wounds, previously report
ed missing in action—James J. Arnett,
^Vounded seriously—Horace Mllehan,
Wounded, degree undetermined,'pre
viously reported missing in action—
William Colan, Idaho Falls; John W.
Lloyd, Preston.
Died of disease—Sergeant Raphael K.
Hudson, Portland; Lester C. Collins,
Wounded severely—Fred R. Birch,
Wounded .slightly—Roy Reed, Mar
Wounded, degree undetermined, pre
viously reported mlgslng In aotlon—
Eugene A. Carls, Murphy. /
Died, previously reported wounded
severely—Dllllard C. Rupyan, Hunters.
Wounded severely—Lieut. Joseph A.
Davis, Spokane; Horace Scott, Seattle.
Wounded, previously reported miss
ing In action—Oscar Kollberg, Tacoma.
The following casualties up to March
l'are reported by the commanding gen
eral of the American expeditionary
Killed In action.................... 18
Died from wounds ................ 14
Died of accident and other causes.. 4
Died of disease.................... 94
Wounded severely ................109
Th» Meat Popular and Up-t»-Dat»
Cil« In Caldwell.
Pirat Claaa Ma Fountain.
Lower Asaembly Allow« Bill
Bringing Total Olose to Two
Millions — Debate Alcoholic
Medicine Aot.
As a fitting cllpiax In ftnanoe, the 1
house bf representatives, the latter part
of the week passed the $900,000
good roads bond Issue to raise funds
for the construction of highways.
There was practically no opposition.
The house had previously during the
day approved over a million dollars In
appropriations. Besides the bond Issue
measure the lower assembly passed
the Gem Irrigation state land appro
priation carrying a total of $119,456.
There wns ,no opposition to It. The
Americanization educational bill was
recommended and while an effort was
mndc to defeat the alcoholic test hill.
It failed. The committee also recom
mended It for passage after amend
Those school districts forced to clos*
schools because of the flu epidemic
will receive their apportionment under
the terms of Monson bill that was
passed. The house also sanctioned a
measure which eliminates from the law
the provision that no one T\ho Is or
has been connected with a state edu
cational institution can be appointed
to the state board of education, as pro
vided for in houes bill 200 by Thomas.
The Storey bill, requiring the warden
of the state penitentiary to present
the names of all prisoners who have
served the minimum of their term to
the board of pardonfc, the Feather
stone-Thomas fraternal society Insur
once law. the Hugo act, permitting the
state board of equalization to meet In
special session to correct errors In as
sessments, the McMahon measure,
s date of appointment of
water master from April 1 to March
1, the health committee bill making it
a crime to assist or aid prostitutes,
were also passed.
The house considered a long lia
As amended and recommended foi
passage this act leaves the apportion
over 1500; house bill 256, re-ei
ing the state tax commission
to control and
was recommended
made a plea for It,
tisements. Bennett took issue witl
him. Hall tried to kill off the mca
the house had
about the act.
something to
States shipping board.
further reinstatements will
early next week.
of The 'agitai News.
Bannock st.
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Cash or share. Require two team»
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all grain farm
FOR RENT—Nice 5 acres, good house,
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to loan on real estate, no red tape,
prompt'action. A few good homes
for «ale in Bol»e at a bargain.
3. R. GOOD.
801 Sonna bldg. Phon» 319-W.M8
Give McCall Patterna credit for the
pleasure and saving they have ex
perienced In making clothe» for the
ohlldren. Their success with chil
dren's clothe» ho» »«t them sewing
for themselves. McCall Pattem» for
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fled seed. Phone 16-J-l. tlM2£
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Caldwell, Idaho, two carloads of good
boned, blockey, registered Herford
und Durham bulls; these bulls were
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of Hays City, Kansas; for Informa
tion call or weite Union Stock Yards,
Caldwell, or ses O. C. Stagner, Sara
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Capital News. tlM2c
THREE desirable Caldwel lots, clear,
value $460 to trade for automobile or
livestock. Address 2651 Care Capi
tal News. tlM2c
Estate of Isaac Walter Short, deceased.
Notice ie hereby given by the under
signed, administrator of the eetato oi
Isaac Walter Short, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persona having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of thin
notice, to the said administrator at Room
634. Empire Bids.. Bolee, County of Ads.
State of Idaho, this being the place fixed
for the transaotton of the business of
said estate.
Dated February JO, |»19.
Administrator of said Estate.
J. H. Smeed, Attorney for Adminis
trator. S O M 30
Department of tbs Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Boise, Idaho,
. Jan. 87, 1819.M
Notice Is hereby given that Horace O.
Caldwell, of Boll)», Idaho, osre Mayfield
Stage, who. on Jan. $0. 1910, mad# Home
stead Entry. No. 018MI. ter NWmswm,
Section 98. and EWNEU, NEUSES. Sec
tion 80, TowpsWlp 1 North, Range 4 East,
Boise Meridian, has filed notice of Inten
tion to make 8-Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land Obere described, before
Register and Racelver at tha United
States Land OfflM, st Boise. Idaho, on the
19th day of MarSh. 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses: win
Baker, John Mueller, Pred Baker.
WslM p. Lum.
Mayilsld Stage.
Sun O t 3
_ partmsnt of ths toi»*» TT *'
Office at Boise, ldehe,
Notice ie hereby s'
Nelson, of Pomeroy,
John Â. Nelson, deo
I, 1814, made Hobt
•18906, ter e*NEÛ. •
Section 8». NwVNEH. B.
Skip 1 North, lunge 8 1 -------
rlrilan. hes filed notice of Intention to
-Teer Proof, to establish rlslm to
d above described, before Register
" lt*d States Land
en the 17tb day
Department of the Interior, U. 8; Land
■ ' \ nk. 1, —
I, 1919.
£» Ml
an Oct.
* Hast. Boise " 22 -
make 3
an* *Receiver at the United States Land
Offiee. gt Boise, liter -
of March. 1819. ___
»sais«.« jaw«
William Seward, sU^f Rasya^R^ha.
«un O Ml / Register.
Phone IS

It's a complete line,
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We sell all of our lines,
Groceries, Fish, Oys
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Vegetables'at fair and
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Orange Sale
For Monday, Tuesday
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Oranges have made a
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few days. We will sell
during this sale 5 to 10c
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price by the case. This
is the time to make your
Orange Marmalade.
820 Idaho.

re c
P" 1
§ E
I' e
a) ,'t
Serial 019918
January 31, 1919.
"This tract Is ordered Into the market
I urea*
eu b.d
y Pi _________ , .
aliove-dracrlbed land are udvtsed to 111«
Ir olalms, or objections, on or before
time designated for aale.
FRANK 8. HEER. Reaime-.
FRANK B. IvtNYON, Receiver,
uthorlxed by •'C" of 1-27-19.
A Je. Sun O M 16
LEGAL NO I lo t.
Administrator of the Estate of
Julian Urquiza, Deceased.
509 Idaho Bldg., Boise, Ida.
' Sun O M9
Serial 019767"
HO. February 20, 1919.
I. Ma M. Rehbaln, of 220 Belmont 8t..
North, Seattle, Washington, mother and
heir of Orlln R. Rehbein. deceased, who
on October 24, 1919, made homestead en
try 019767, Boise, for Lots 10, 11. 18 and
19, Bec. 32, and Lota 4 and 5 and NWl-4
Swl-4 Sec. S3, T. 7 N., R. 5 E., B. M..
hereby give notice of my intention to sub
mit proof to establish the claim of the
heirs to said land under the provisions
(40 Stat., 248), upon the ground that the
homesteader died while actually engaged
in the military service of the United
States, before the Register and Receiver
at the United States Land Office at Boise,
Idaho, on the 8th day of April, 1919.
„ „ „ .FRANK 8. HEEft. Rsglstsr.
— S O M 30
«wwyaavw vi vainc« it. OUllUIl, QKHIVfl.
undersigned Executor of the Lest Will
apd Testament of James H. Sutton, de
ceased, to the creditors af and all per
eons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the neoes
•sry,vouchers, within tsn months after
the first publication of thin notice, to the
aald executor at the offleea of his at tor
tho -
Administrator of the Last' ^8P*hd
raatament of James H. Sutten, deceased.
Wm. C. Dunbar, Attorney for Executor.
__—Adv. «un O M 16
Department of the Interior, U. S. land
Olflee at Boise, Idaho, Feb. 4, 1911.
*" r « b V give" that William
Frank Wlebelhaus, of Mayfield, Idaho,
who, on July 94, I9l6, made homestead
entry, No. 018084, for SWSSBS. Section
Sertlonjl- Town
ship 1 North, fteng* 4 East, Boles Me
ridian, has filed notice of Intention to
make 1-Year Proof, to establish cURm to.
the land above described, before Rests
ir and Jteoetver of tho Ü. 8. i wHI Of
the 13nd day of
S :e, at Boise. Idaho, on
aroh, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Rigby. Chartes Williams, Clauds
Clinton Bassett, all of Mayfield,
FRANK s. he
S un O Ml roi

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