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Assembly Passes Givens Bill
Proposing the Bepeal of
Statute Prohibiting State
Departments Going in Debt.
Besolution Directed to Land
Board Urging That No Tim
ber Be Gut Around Payette
Lakes, Passed — Approved
Medals for Idaho Soldiers.
The house of representatives re
moved restrictions on state officials
•nd institutions front creating defi
ciencies over and above the biennial
appropriations made by the legislature,
b.v passing the Givens measure, house
bill No. 249. Givens claimed the pres
ent statute making It an offense to
■pend more money than is appropriat
ed is a dead letter, as It Is never en
forced and has not been since Its en
actment; that there was a big defi
ciency created during the last two
years Just as there was the previous
biennium, and it was apparent there
Is iio intention of enforcing it.
The house resolntton seeking: to pro
hibit the cutting of timber from the
shores of thp Payette lakes met with
opposition when it came up for con
sideration, but was .vigorously defend
ed and passed by a vote of 40 tv* 21.
Representative Drake said that the in
tent of the measure was to preserve
the takes as a beauty, spot. She added
that both men and women in Idaho are
vitally interested in protecting the
lake shore. Patterson of Valley at
tacked the measure, claiming that it
would cut off a revenue from the state
in the sale of ripe timber which he
held was unnecessary.
Jones of Idaho made a vigorous de
fense of the resolution. Of all the
many beauty spots in Idaho, be said,
the Payette lakes are among the fore
most. He said that it would be a
shame, just to make a few dollars, to
destroy the timber along the lake
shore. Jones said that as a boy he
remembered a Frenchman attempting
to describe the Payette lakes, aw*
he had wondered. He said he was not
surprised at the enthusiasm of the old
loan when later he saw the same lakes
Weeks of Canyon, Young and Storey
of Ada defended the measure. Storey
declared that "Idaho is asleep," and
must "wake up" for its greatest asset
is the wonderful scenery of the state.
He declared that it rivals the Alps of
Switzerland, or of any other state in
the Union. He referred to Shoshone
Falls, Lava Hot Springs, the Saw
tooth region, the Arrow Rock dam and
other wonders. Regarding the interior
of the state, Storey said he had re
ceived a* letter from his son. who i
with a surveying crew, stating that it
is magnificent; that he bad bathed in
a natural hot water lake there that
made artificial bathing resorts look
Insignificant; that some of the lakes
there are more magnificent in their
beauty than the Payette lakes. lie
said he was for preservation of all the
scenic spots in the state, particularly
these lakes.
The resolution is directed to the
state land board requesting that body
not to permit timber along the shores
of the lakes to be cut but to keep it
intact. It was explained the resolu
tion would not be binding on the
board but would show ihr attitude of
the legislature with regard to protect
ing the scenic beauty of the lakes.
Recently the land board passed a
resolution by the terms of which a
representative of the forestry depart
ment of the University of Idaho was
sent to the lakes to inspect the tim
ber along their shores. There appears
to be a misunderstanding among those
advocating that the timber be protect
ed and the board, it is said. The for
mer were under the impression that
none of the timber would be cut along
the shores of the lake. The forestry
department representative is said to
have been instructed to mark the trees
that are ripe and can be cut. Many
of those backing the plans to beautify
for chafed.blistered
If you are foot-«ore, and have to
Stand on one foot and then on the
other to get relief—you need Resinol
Ointment, For quicker results, first
bathe the feet with Resinol Spap and
warm water, then apply the ointment
on retiring and bandage.
ThU traf li t i]m brine» beartl.lt saHal la
Pm- fr— bnfaf nap W timimu*
nab Jf wfrf . lattam, Md.
Bub Lumbago, Pain, Soreness,
Stiffness Bight Out With
"9t. Jacob's Liniment."
When your back Is sore and lame
or lumbago, sciatica or neuritis has
you stiffened up. don't suffer! Get a
small trial bottle of old, honest ''8t.
Jacobs Uniment" at any drug store,
pour a little In your hand and rub It
right Into the pain or ache, and by the
lime you count fifty, the soreness and
lameness Is gone.
Don' stay crippled! This soothing,
penetrating liniment, takes the ache
and pain right out and ends the mis
ery. It Is magical, yet absolutely
harmless and doesn't burn or dis
color the skin.
Nothing else slops lumbago, sciatica
and lame back misery so promptly and
surely. It never disappoints!—Adv.
the lakes claim that while some of
the timber,is ripe it should not be cut
because tlic trees add to the beauty of
the lakes.
Members of the bouse did not wax
enthusiastic over the proposal that
they have their picture taken, paying
therefore, and an attempt to get
through a resolution to bind them to
the proposition of a local photograph
er failed. Speaker Kiger held It to be
out of order after some little discus
sion. The proposition was that each
member pay !» to the photographer
for which he would receive a photo
graph of himself and a group picture
of the house. Speaker Kiger said the
motion could not go into the journal
and as the house could not be bound
by it. it was out of order.
The house decided, on the recom
mendation of the sifting committee, to
give first consideration to those house
bills that are printed.
Other measures passed are as fol
House joint resolution No. 12 by
committee on schools and public lands
—Prohibiting state land board from
having cut timber from the shores of
the Payette lakes.
House bill No. 124 by Adamson—
Creating a commission to design a
badge of honor for Idaho soldiers and
appropriating $15.000 therefore.
House bill No. 249 by Givens—Re
pealing the law prohibiting state offi
cials, or institutions from creating de
House bill No. 14S by Shearer—De
clining open season on pheasants in
the Lewiston Orchards game preserve.
House hill No. 167 by Young—Re
quiring public utilities to file with pub
lic utilities commission an inventory of
their physical valuations.
House bll No. 206 by McDonald—
Amending law relating to poll taxes.
House bill No. 150 by Brownell—Cre
ating small claims courts in justices'
House bill No. 215 by Hugo and Car
penter—Authorizing loan of law books
in supreme court law library at Lew
iston to the law department at the
University of Idaho.
House bill No. 205 by Cowles-Al
lowing plaintiff to collect, in addition
to damages and court costs, a reason
able attorney's fee in actions arising
out of the enforcement of health and
accident policies.
House bill No. 222 by committee on
agriculture—Authorizing county com
missioners to appropriate funds for
county demonstration work.
House bill No. 62 by McDonald and
Johnson—Authorizing use of water
originating in this state to be used in
another state.
Committers recommended Indefinite
postponement of the following mea
sures :
Senate bill No. 123, by St. Clair and
Robertson—Causing to become void
all outstanding county warrants held
for a period of two years after issu
Senate bill No. 133, by code and law
revision committee—Vesting power in
state land board to lease lands below
high water mark in beds of navigable
waters of the state.
The following measures were killed:
House bill No. 261, by Young—Re
lating to exemption from taxation of
trust deeds or other Hens.
The following measures were with
House bill No. 266, by Jones and Me
Mahon — Requiring users of public
range to place purebred bulls thereon.
Senate bill No. 93, by Lee--Provid
ing appeals can be made from orders
of county commissioners.
IVERS—Thomas H. Ivers, 74 years
of age. died at his home ln Regina
Saturday afternoon. The cause was
given as a cancer. He Is survived by
five children, A. J.. J. J., end Bert of
«Regina, and Mrs. Ed Bay of American
Palls and Mrs. Mabel Jones of Boise.
He was a veteran of company G, 7th
Iowa avalry In the civil war. and had
resided in the Boise valley for 29 years.
The body Is at the Schreiber A Slden
faden parlors awaiting funeral ar
The production of wine In Greece
last year Is estimated (n the neighbor
hood of 10.566,800 gallons, or about
double that of the preceding year.
if you have need of the services of
an undertaker you can buy Just what
you wish at McBratney A Co. and not
be urged to buy what you cannot af
ford. They have first claee funeral
supplies and sell them at reasonable
prices. Only undertakers In Boise who
own an auto hearse, therefore lnde*
pendent. Price of hearse In city |7.00
Funerals 826.00, 160.00. 176.00, 1100.00
or higher.—Adv. MS
Bernstein (left) and Haase.
Note the dress of these men who are now counted among the rulera of
Germany. Only a few months ago German cabinet officers were dressed up
in gold lace, medals, etc. But these members of Ebert's cabinet prefer to
S o about clad in the garb of workmen. Bernstein is a majority Socialist;
laase belongs to the minority group of the same party. ... ------<
Charges Against Edward D.
Nolan Dismissed in Frisco
Court; Mrs. Bena Mooney's
Bail Reduced From $75,000
to $2000.
San Francisco, March 3.—Edward
D. Nolan, who was indicted on mur
der charges with Thomas J. Mooney,
was freed from all charges today when
Superior Judge Dunne dismissed the
remaining indictments against him.
Captain of Detectives Rlntheson told
the court there was no evidence to
convict. Nolan was held in jail nine
months but has never been tried.
Mooney is serving a life sentence In
San Quentin prison.
The court today reduced Mrs. Rena
Mooney's hail from $15,000' to $2000.
She is charged with murder.
All these cases grew out of the pre
paredness parade bomb explosion in
which many persons were killed and
AH arrangements have now been
made, a big clock is set up on the
corner of Ninth and Main streets to
register daily the amount of funds se
cured, and all that Is necessary is to
get the money for the promised 8165,
000 Y. M. U. A. building.
One hundred and fourteen of the
1ST workers were together for two and
one half hours yesterday afternoon re
ceiving final instructions from Cam
paign Director Mogge.
General Secretory Bandall explained
briefly the need of a new building,
pointing out that there are now 291
boys In the membership and they took
up so much space that there is no
room for men.
Everything is iu readiness for the
dinner at the Owyhee this evening at
:30. The attendance will exceed 150.
The principal speaker will be A. J.
Bale, of Portland, manager of the Pa
cific Coast Biscuit company and vice
president of the Portland Chamber of
Commerce. Mr. Bale Is also chairman
of the boy's department of the Port
land association and speaks from an
Intimate knowledge of the work.
Experts have estimated that more
than 8,700,000 homes In the United
States are lighted by electricity and
some 15,000,000 by other means.
For aale by Backley Pharmacy.
Died of disease—Lieutenant Joseph
H. Murray, Nampa; Maila Pitkin, Bur
Died from accident and other causes
—William A. Aberson, Corvallis.
Died of disease—Benjamin E. Fish
er, Eimyra.
Died of disease—Corporal Ellsworth
E. Albertson. Mount Vernon.
Killed In action'-Harry E. Itequa,
Died from wounds—Elmer T. Jensen,
Died, previously reported missing In
action—Eugene C. Roysp. Seattle.
Wounded severely—Dwight Hawley,
Seattle; Clarence C. Reynolds, Spo
Wounded, previously reported killed
In action—Corporal John Henry Fort
ner, Darrtngton.
Returned to military control, pre
viously reported missing in action—
Clark Cherry, Seattle.
Total number of casualties to date,
Killed in action (including 381
at seal ..............;...... 31,707
Died of wounds ............... 13,198
Died of disease ................ 20,181
Died of accident and other
causes ....................... 3,048
Wounded in action (over 85 per
cent returned to duty).......189,361
Missing in action (pot including
prisoners) ................... 6,337
Wounded severely ............. 9
Total to date ................264,841
The Capital Nawa telephone numbers
are 24 and 25. tf
CapL Victor Heintx.
ipt. Victor Heintx, Republican
member of the house from Ohio, hu
been a conspicuous figure In Waah
ington for the past several dava
with his Sam Brown belt and tha
! red shoulder insignia denoting hie
detachment over there. Both acces
sories ere worn contrary to army
regulations. Captain Heintx has ob
tained his discharge and asks: "Whr
should I not wear in the United
States the insignia 1 wore in battle
Finns -
Vinson Says He Lived on Miiv
and Eggs for Months—Tan
lac Bestores Health and He
Oains 15 Pounds.
"I have come twenty-six miles to
tell you What Tanlac has done for
me,", said Joe M. Vinson, a well known
farmer of lajve, Mias., while in Mem
phis recently.
"Three years ago." he continued,
'my stomach got all out of order, I
couldn't digest a thing for eight
months I lived on buttermilk and the
white of eggs. T was too nervous to
sleep well, gas on my stomach made
me miserable, I had spells of dizzi
ness, would almost, faint and could
hardly get my breath. I had spitting
headaches and was so bilious that I
would often vomit.
Since taking Tanlac my health Is
as good as anybody's and I feel like a
new man. I eat anything 1 want,
sleep like a rock, all the misery and
swelling has gone from my stomach,
have gained fifteen pounds and can
do a hard day's work. I wouldn't be In
the same fix I was before taking Tan
lac for my farm and the stock thrown
In "
Tanfac is sold In Boise by Joy Drug
Wire From Lieutenant That
They Leave Camp Dix March
4, and Go to Fort Logan,
Colo., for Discharge.
According to a wire received by the
Commercial club, about 50 members
of the 116th engineers, formerly part
of the old Second Idaho, tinder com
mand of Lieutenant Donald E. Kut
newsky, are due to arrive in Boise on
or about March 15. They leave Camp
Dix, N\ J„ Tuesday, March 4, and
will go to Fort. Logan, Colo., for dis
charge. According to the wire they
expect to leave Fort Ixignn in the
neighborhood of Mardi 10 for Boise.
Lieutenant Kutnewsky will wire the
Commercial dub as nearly as possible
the exact date when the boys will ar
rive. Preparations are now being
made by the dub to give them a royal
welcome which will Include a parade,
speeches and a public reception.
Washington, March 3.—"Tha Na
tional Security league violated the cor
rupt practices art in not reporting
contributions," the special house com
mittee declared in its report submit
ted today. It criticized the league se
Capitalists, many of them who made
enormous war profits, gave large sums
to the league's fight on members of
congress, the report stated.
Joseph Welch, former business man
of Boise, who was in the city attend
ing the funeral of an old-time business
associate, James G. Smith, left for his
home in Butte last night.
Captain Donald Numbers has been
discharged from the army and re
sumed hie practice at Parma.
John L. MrC'oy left last night for
Coffeyvllle, Kansas.
C. C. Anderson returned home this
morning from a pleasure trip to Cali
Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnston, who
have been wintering at Los Angeles,
and stopped off Tiere for a visit, left
for their home in Lewiston last night.
Lee D. Winser returned from the
shipbuilding yards at Portland last
night. He had been there 10 months.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cunningham
have gone to Santa Barbara, Cal., for
a visit.
Will T. Anderson of Huntington left
for his home this morning after at
tending to business In Boise.
A Woman's swj
WMi Great Meaning
Make» of Childbirth Pli wnri kjr
Warna of Fw»,rUa«a
K?n, the ho
pain and da
Woman averywhara tall thalr friand»
fcow. through the use of Mother'» Friend
the wonderful penetrating external ap
plication, they avoided suffering and dta
trees before the advent of nature's moat
wonderful evolution.
Mother's Friend Is a remedy which
spreads Its Influence upon the cord*,
nerves and ligament» Involved, rendering
them pliant to readily yield to nature'*
demand for expansion. Tha nerves, Cords,
tendons and ligaments expand without
that peculiar wranahlng strain, and
nervousness, nausea and unreatful sen
sations are naturally avoided when the
nerves and muscles are relieved and thus
are not tort and drawn.
By regular use, the lower abdominal
ends with ease when baby Is
ours are lese at the crisis, and
....____danger la naturally lea*.
You can obtain Mother's Friend from
any drug store. It haa been used b.v
for over half a century, and Is
Just as standard as anything yuu can
think of.
Write the Bradfleld Regulator Com
S iny. Dept. H, Lamar Building. Atlanta,
eorgia. for their Motherhood Book, and
get a bottle of Mother's Friend today,
and thus fortify yourself against pals
and discomfort.—Adv.
President Lynch of Twelfth
Federal Reserve District
Makes Announcement—Post
New Director Issues Statement
Showing Importance of This
State Lending Every Aid to
Government in Peace Times.
James K. Lynch, governor of the
Twelfth federal reserve, district, has
lust announced the appointment oT Al
ïënB Eaton of Boise as state direct or
If war savings for Idaho. Mr. Eaton
was executive secretary of the warjful
savings committee for Idaho with ex
Governor James H. Hawley as director
After the resignation of Mr. Hawley in
the middle of the year Mr. Eaton was
in active charge of the war savings
Mr. Eaton states that he would have
preferred not to undertake the full re
sponsibility of the war savings work
for the present year, and that he had
done all he could to secure the appoint
ment of some other man.
In commenting on the war savings
plan for the. war savings work for Ida
ho for this year, ho said:
''The government must have the re
quisite funds for paying its bills for re
turning Its soldiers to tills country, and
for demobilizing the army organization.
The fifth liberty loan or victory loan
as It Is cnlled, together with direct tax
ation, will pay the big mills which must
be met Immediately. The sale of wan
savings stamps may be regarded as the
means of providing the expenses of
convalescence and of getting back not
only to the old basis but to a. stronger
financial position than before. It should
be borne in mind that the war savings
campaign Is the twin sister of the lib
erty loan campaigns, although differ
ent in character. Even after the bond
drives are over the sale of war savings
certificates will continue as a perma
nent policy of the government. The
money to bo derived from the sale of
war savings stamps constitutes only
part of the reason for the war savings
campaign. Although the war Is over,
we are at the beginning of an economic
struggle of stupendous magnitude. Jf
America can train her citizens into
nation of Bavers she will bo n certain
winner in the fierce commercial com
petition. What we can accomplish as
a nation if we all become wise savers
can best be grasped by remembering
what France accomplished with her
relatively small population and limited
resources through the universal thrift
of her people.
"Now that the war Is over we are
going to emphasize particularly the an
gle of enlightened self-interest. Ths
resolve to save and set aside In war
savings stamps some portion of one's
income every week will be of immense
benefit to the Individual, to his com
munity, and to the nation nt large. AH
of the big leaders In labor, finance and
commercial circles realize this clear
Western Optical Go.
Boisa, Idaho.
Office Hours, 8 to 11 a.m., 1:80 to 6 p.m.
Satisfaction Gurrantaad
Or Your Mone v Refunded.
Backed by Years of Square Dealing With Farmers
Original Kerosene Tractor
To FARMERS who are iu doubt what TRACTOR to
choose, the WATERLOO BOY name and backiug offer
a strong guarantee of satisfactory service. For over a
4 j I muter of a century the WATERLOO BOY name lias
stood for reliable, economical power; added to this is
the hacking of JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY, whose
farm IMPLEMENTS have made good on FARMS over
80 years.
Power and Quality Guaranteed
THE WATERLOO BOY Is built to sustain the long
standing reputation of its makers. It is a TRACTOR
without any makeshifts or deceptions; all our claims
for it are fully sustained by its performance in the
hands of users.
THE WATERLOO HOY is built and guaranteed by
JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY and sold by us. We
have them right hero on our sample floor for your in
spection. A CAR on the way from factory due to ar
rive iu a few days. Price including No. 5 3-Bottom
14-inch Tractor Plow, F. 0. B. Boise, $1820.00. A
FULL LINE of repairs iu stock to give you first class
service during the busy season.
construction which commend the WATERLOO BOY
to ail tractor buyers, is FREE. Call and see the TRAC
TOR or write us for circular.
Boise, Idaho __
Phone 1338. 9th A Grove Sts. ||
Says We Must Keep Feet Dry,
Avoid Exposure' and
Eat Less Meat.
Stay orf the damp ground, avoid ex
posure. keep feet dry, eat less meat,
drink lots of water and shove all take
spoonful of salts occasionally to
keep down uric acid.
Rheumatism is caused by poisonous
toxin, railed uric acid, which is gene
rated in the bowels and absorbed into
the blood. It Is the function of the
kidneys to filter this aeld from the
blood and cast it out in the urine. The
pores of the skin are also a meaiiB of
freeing the blood of this impurity. In
damp and chilly, cold weather ths skin
pores are closed, thus forcing the kid
neys t'o do double work, they become,
weak and sluggish and fall to elimi
nate this uric acid which keeps ac
cumulating and circulating through
the system, eventually causing stiff
ness. soreness and puin called rhomu
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about fnu
ounces of Jad Balts; put a. tablespoon
glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for i
week. This is said to eliminate urto
acid by stimulating the kidneys to
normal action, thus ridding the blood
of these impurities.
Jad Salts is Inexpensive, harmless
and Is made front the acid of grapes
and lemon Juice, combined with lithi i
and i.s used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject In
rheumatism. Here you have a pleas
ant, effervescent lithla-water drink
which overcomes uric add and is ben
eficial to your kidneys as well—Adv.
; ' Says Cream Applied in Nostrils \ '
Opens Air Passages Right Up. ..
Instant relief—no waiting. Your
clogged nostrils open right up; the air
passages of your head clear and you
can breathe freely. No more, hawking,
snuffling, blowing, headchae, dryness.
No struggling for breath at night;
your cold or catarrh disappears.
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist, now. Apply
a little of tills fragrant, antiseptic
healing cream in your nostrils. It pen
etrates through every air pssage of tlie
head, soothes the inflamed or swollen
mucous membrane and relief comes in
It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed-up
with a cold or nasty catarrh.—Adv.
and Tar
for This!
. .Æ -
Stops La Grippe Coughs!
The quickest and simplest way to stop
an ugly, hard, la grippe cough is to take
Foley's Honey and Tar
In it, you get the curative influence
of the pine baltam (so beneficial for in
flamed bronchial tubes and sore chest)
and other healing ingredients, together
with the mollifying laxative action of
It covers and sheathes the Inflamed
surfaces of the throat, puta an end to
the hard, racking cough, stops tickling
and hoarseness.
Bedford, Ini., K. G. Prevo writes; "Two bot
ties of Foley's Honey and Tar cured me of a
severe cough following an attack of la ftrippe.''

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