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Both Houses Quickly Pass
Measure Removing Objec
tions Raised by the Gov
Allowed to Hold Çaucus to De
cide on Action They Wish to
Take—Defeat Anti-alcoholic
Beverage Act by Big Vote.
The Fifteenth Idaho legislature re
moved objections raised to the amenda
tory state convention-primary law
Monday afternoon. Under suspension
of tho rules both houses passed sen
ate bill 188, accomplishing this. In the
house the Nonpartisan« stood solidly
against suspension. While many of
the Democrats voted to set aside the
rules, some of them stood with the
Nonpartisans in voting against the bill.
The Republicans supported it solidly.
The objections were raised by Governor
Davis. Tho amendatory ' bill passed
was therefore a compromise.
The union of Democrats with the Re
publicans removes the passage of the
new primary law from the realm of
partisan politics and renders it unlike
ly, in the view of legislators of both par
ties. that it will be used as a campaign
football excepting by the Nonpartisan
league leaders.
This amendatory act provides that in
tho event county or legislative candi
dates desire to enter the race for of
fice they may do so by securing the
indorsement of ^ive members of their
party showing they have been affil
iated with the party for the two years
previous, or an indorsement from the
party chairman, or an indorsement
front a majority of the county com
It also changes the date for holding
state primary conventions from the
third to the second Tuesday in Au
gust. It was found that senate bill 08
did not give sufficient time between the
naming of the delegates and the date
for the convention to certify the names
of the former.
Tho Democrats objected to unani
mous consent being given to place the
new senate bill on final passage. Fea
therstone attempted to explain it to
the minority. Hitchcock wanted until
today to consider it. Young then
moved a recess of 20 minutes to permit
the minority to go over the provisions
of tho measure. The motion prevailed.
The Democrats adjourned to caucus
on the bill, later returned, the rules
were suspended by a vote of 51 to C.
On final passage the measure was ap
proved by a vote of 46 to 13. Know of
Lemhi and Pugh of Gfin, both Demo
crats, left the minority ranks and voted
with the Republicans.
The Drake-Sutcliffe-Storey anti-al
coholic medicine and beverage act
found few friends in the house of rep
resentatives Monday afternoon. It was
defeated. Only 11 members voted for
it. including the authors, three in
number. There were 44 who voted
against the proposed statute. They took
the ground it was too drastic, especial
ly for the druggists of the state who,
they claimed, would bo held responsi
ble for the sale of medicines that con
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tatned a percentage of alcohol when
they were not responsible for the mix
ture In It.
Representative Drake argued for the
measure, claiming that it would pre
vent the sale of so-called medicines ln
tended to be disposed of largely be
cause they contain alcohol. Gough of
Washington declared the measure to be
; unfair. He said the present laws are
i sufficiently stringent to get at the
I bootleggen as he had discovered In tho
j court over which ho presides at Mld
! vale. Debate was shut off by motion
I of Anderson of Latah. The bill went to
I vote and was smothered In a chorus of
i "nay" votes.
I Other measures were passed as fol
j lows:
House bill No. 209 by judiciary com
mittee—Regulating the practice of civil
House bill No.' 238 by committee on
irrigation—Licensing plumbers and re
quiring them to have certificates.
House joint memorial No. 18 by state
affairs committee—Memorializing con
gress to pass the Poindexter bill to
eliminate discrimination in freight
rates in the long and short hauls.
House bill No. 272 by Morgan—Pro
hibiting false marking and grading of
House bill No. 247 by McDonald—
Authorizing state treasurer to refund
certain sums of money to widows who,
through error and mistake, paid an in
heritance or succession tax upon their
portion of community property, and
appropriating $316.37 therefor.
House bill No. 137 by committee on
forest and forestry—Creating a state
forestry board. .
House bill No. 273 by appropriations
committee—Making biennial appropri
ations for the state board of educa
I tion, statu superintendent of public in
struction, University of Idaho, I.ewis
ton and Albion normal, Idaho indus
! trial training school and school for the
|<ieaf and blind, carrying a total of $2,
j 017,386. No changes were made in th ( e
appropriations of the several lnstitu
| tions than when introduced.
House bill No. 277 by committee on
j appropriations- Appropriating $300 for
j distribution of legislative journals.
House bill No. 239 by judiciary com
mittee—Apportioning members of leg
islature on same basis as now, or one.
for each 2500 votes and fraction of 1500
or over.
House bill No. 132 by Jones—Amend
ing laws relating to Inspection of cut
tle by constables.
House bill No. 256 by Weeks—In
vesting department of finance with ad
ministration of assessment of property
reinstating the state tax commission.
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] contract pneumonia first take cold.
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Notire is hereby given that nil per
sonal taxes due and remaining unpaid
oa property situated in Ada county
must be paid within th > next thirty
days, or same will be turned over to
sheriff for collection.
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Tax Collector
Dated Feb. 24, 1919. M24
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Wrestler Who Will Tangle With
Ad Santel in Championship
Match Evening of March 7,
to Work at Collins.
Rig, good natured George Nelson,
who is billed' to wrestle Ad Santel,
champion" light-heavyweight of the
world, at the Plnney theater, March 7,
to a finish, Jjicw into Boise this after
noon and will take a light workout at
the school of "Nifty Nick" Collins
about 5 o'clock today or Wednesday
George Is one wrestler who Is clean,
who goes In either to win or lose, and
always does his best. He has tangled
arms and legs with the best of them
since he took up wrestling, and when
they finally got him down, if they did,
they knew they had been up against
Santel is billed to take on a Jul-Jitsu
wrestler at Portland tonight, and will
leave for Boise immediately after the
match. Ad is not very keen for this
.liii-jitsu stuff, though he is clever at
II. He says that it would be all right,
but he hates to have to wear a kimono
—not being used to such wearing ap
parel to wrestle in. Three times he
has tackled the Jap wonder, Raro
Miyake, and three times he has got a
draw with him at his own game. Once
Ad nearly got a fail from Taro or
Karo or whatever it is—something no
wrestler has ever been able to perform
yet. To get a fall in jul-jitsu means
getting an opponent in such a position
that he admits defeat.
Nelson will -work out with Chat
Camp and other wrestlers in this city
during his period of training, and the
bugs are invited to visit the gym of
"Nifty Nick" to get am eyeful of his
methods of doing business. He has
worked against Jnc Stecher, Pete
Visser, Harbertson and others noted in
the mat world, and has defeated many
of the good tyies. True, he has been
beaten, but those who did it were
world's champions in a recognized
class, and they had to go some to pin
his shoulders to the mat.
Though it has been impossible this
morning to get a glimpse of the matter
being circulated in Boise, several peo
ple have stated that they have been
approached at their homes by women
engaged in circulating a petition ad
dressed to President "Wilson, urging
that he pardon ull ''conscientious ob
jectors" now In prison for refusing to
obey their country's call.
According to the information at
hand, bills were distributed in various
homes of this city Sunday calling at
tention to these men being imprisoned
and the unfairness of it all. The hills
were then followed up in true publicity
style by persons seeaing to obtain
names on petitions.
San Francisco. March 4.—The four
principal government witnesses, who
were also defendants in a series of tri
als growing out of wholeslae graft at
the Angel Island immigration station,
were pardoned by President Wilson to
day, according to a telegram received
by United States Attorney Annette Ad
ams from John B. Dcnsmore, former
solicitor general of the department of
The following pardoned had been
sentenced io 1 year's imprisonment
each, following pleas of guilty:
Preseley A. McFarland, Robert T.
Ferguson, Harry A. Akers, and Rolub
Make This Test For
There are millions of people who
suffer almost daily from the horrors
of an acid-stomach—indigestion; sour,
gassy, stomach; distressing heart-
burn; sickening food-repeating; pain-
ful bloat and that miserable, puffed
up, lumpy feeling after eating. Many
of these people nave tried treatment
after treatment; medicine after medi-
cine; others have gone to doctors
and stomach specialists and some to
hospitals but m spite of all of their
efforts they have obtained no lasting
relief or a permanent cure.
- These symptoms simply mean acid-
stomach. If allowed to run on, they
are very likely to cause a lot of ser-
ious trouble. Dyspepsia, rheumatism,
gout, lumbago, sciatica, splitting
Headache, dizzy spells, nervousness,
sleeplessness, mental depression, mel-
ancholia, a feeling of listlessness and
all-goneness—these are just a few of
the disorders which can be traced to
acid-stomach. As a matter of fact,
acid-stomach is often the direct cause
of those almost incurable conditions
known as catarrh of the stomach, in-
testinal ulcer, and cancer of the stom-
ach. The lives of those who suffer
from these serious troubles are nothing
short of daily agony. Surely, then,
you must see how important it is to
go at once to the seat of the trouble
-acid-stomach. Yon know what acid-
Suit of Payette-Boise Water
Users Against D. W. Cole et
al Being Closed Up in Fed
eral Court.
The case of the Payette-Boise Water
Users* association versus D. W. Cole
et al., reclamation officials, covering
water rates for Irrigation purposes,
etc., again came up before Judge Diet
rich this morning in federal court.
The testimony in the case has all
been taken through night and day ses
sions previous to. the start of the dairy
combine trial on February 17. This
morning attorneys for the plaintiff be
gan their arguments to the judge.
J. B. Eldridge outlined the case of
the Payette-Boise Water Users' asso
ciation, and asked that judgment be
given the plaintiffs. H. A. Griffiths,
of Caldwell, another attorney for the
plaintiffs, presented an argument.
Judge'Will R. King and B. W.
Stoutemeyer, as counsel for the recla
mation service, presented its side this
A letter received by Dr. O. Sandford
Allen of Boise conveys the welcome
information that his brother, Captain
W. D. Allen, with the medical corps of
the Fifth division, U. S. A., Is safe in
Luxemburg, Germany, and has been
promoted to the rank of mayor.
Dr. Allen has been much concerned
about his brother, the captain having
been taken with a severe attack of
Spanish influenza some months ago.
Dr. Allen tried by cable to get Into
communication with his brother but
failed, and did not know whether he
was alive or dead until he received the
letter from him this morning.
Major Allen writes that the Germans
mouth does to tho teeth—how it eats
right through the hard enamel and
causes them to decay. Think then
of the havoc that must be caused by
excess acid in the stomach!
Even if you are not suffering any
immediate stomach pains, but are not
feeling just as lit and fine as you
should, you should by all means make
this test: go to your drug store at
once and get a big box of EATONIC.
It is in the form of pleasant-taeting
tablets—you eat them like a bit of
candy. EATONIC is prepared for
just one purpose — correcting acid
stomach by driving out the excess
acid. EATONIC literally absorbs
the excess acid. It brings instant re
lief from the pains of indigestion,
heartburn, belching, sour, gassy
stomach, bloat, etc. It makes the
stomach pure, sweet, cool and com
fortable, puts it in a normal, healthy
condition, so that your food is proper
ly digested. You need every bit of
strength you can possibly get out of
tho food you eat—and EATONIC
helps you get it.
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your future good health and happi
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cause EATONIC is absolutely guar
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The coat is a mere trifle.
Tendency to
Constipation ?■
Dietitians advize a "careful diet," but that is troubla
• ora ° 1 to moat people; physical culturists advise "certain
exercises,'' which is good if one has both the time and the
inclination. Doctors advise diet and exercise and mtdtoins.
The question is, shall it be a cathartic or purgative med
icine? Or a mild, gentle laxative?
Thousands have decided the question to their own satis
faction by using a combination of simple laxative herbs
with pepsin known to druggists as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. A small dose gives a free, easy movement of the
wiwels. It is the best substitute for nature herself. In fact,
since the ingredients are wholly from the vegetable kin g do m
It may truthfully be said it is a natural laxative.
Us P° sitive but gentle action on the bowels makes It an
Ideal remedy for constipation. The dose is small, and it may
be taken with perfect safety until the bowels are regulated and
act again of their own accord.
The druffiat will refund your money if it fail a to
do aa ptomiaed.
In spite of greatly
Increased laboratory
costs due to the War,
by sacrificing profits
*and absorbing war
taxes we have main
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ative has been sold by
druggists for the past
26 years. Two sises—
50c mod $1.00.
S Dr. Caldwell's
The Perfect JL Laxative
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Dr. Caldwell'. Syrup Pepsin send for ■ free trial
bottle to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 468 Washington
St., Monricello, 111. If there aft babiee.at home,
aik for a copy of Dr. Caldwell, book, "The
Care of Bator." *
are doing everything possible to get
into the good graces of the Yankee
army of occupation he is with, but that
the officers and men are holding them
selves rather aloof, and discouraging
familiarity. He says that the people
of Germany invite them to dinner and
try in every way to show their appar
ent friendship, but that he has learned
that the boche connot be trusted, and
so have other officers as well as en
listed men. He writes that he has or
ganized baseball, basketball and foot
ball teams in his command, and the
boys have some hot battles every day
with the Germans as a dull audience.
Washington, March 4.—President
Wilson will sign the'recess appoint
ments of A. Mitchell Palmer, as at
torney general, and John Skelton Wil
liams, as comptroller of the currenry,
at Hoboken, N. J., tonight, just before
he goes aboard -the George Washing
no goes aooara .me ucorgc vvasning
ton, It was officially announced at the*
Washington, March 4.—The British
government has ordered the govern
White House today.
This action Is necessary because the
senate failed to confirm the nomina
tions of these two before adjournment.
They will take office immediately after
signature of the appointments by the
Whore other vacancies now exist the
president will fill all of them by the
recess appointment method, It was
Est. 1868—8th and Main
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New hats, caps and furnishings are
ment of India to release one of the
Bolshevik hostages held by It In ex
change for American Consul Roger C
Treadwell, held by the Bolshevikl at
Tashkend, Turkistan, the state depart
ment announced today.
Th* Capital News telephone numbers
are 24 and 25. * tl
It's Grandmother's Recipe to
Bring Back Color and
Lustre to Hair.
You can turn gray, faded hair beau
tifully dark and lustrous almost over
, , ^ ... . ...
^ lsht if » g . ot a bottle of .„'>y etha
Sage and Sulphur Compound" at any
drug store. Millions of bottles of this
old famous Sage Tea Recipe, improved
by the addition of other ingredients,
are sold annually, says a well known
druggist here, beca.ii.se It darkens the
hair so naturally and evenly that no
one cat) tell it has bçen applied.
Those whose hair is turning gray or
becoming faded have a surffrise await
ing them, because after one or two
applications tho gray hair vanishes
and your locks become luxuriantly
dark and beautiful.
This Is the age of youth. Gray-
lialred, unattractive folks aren't want-
ed around, so get busy with Wyeth's
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pearance within a few days.—Adv.
The Beat Way to Treat
The medical books name many drugs
that will move the bowels. The drug
store shelves are loaded down with
laxatives, purgatives and pills. The
trouble with most of them Is the
arter-effects. Constipated people know
that pills work all right for a little
while, but they soon lose their effect,
and a change has to be made to some
thing else. The constant taking of
pills results in a form of bowel In
activity that is difficult to cure. The
system / becomes so accustomed to
laxative drugs that the organs Jpst
won't work without them, and so the
pill habit becomes as bad as consti
pation Itself. Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo,
N. Y., seems to me to have the right
Idea. He says the bowels should flrst
be gently moved with Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets, and In the meantime lax
ative foods only should be eaten. Figs,
prunes, olive oil, spinach, bran, veg
etables and fruits are fine for consti
pation. Chew every bite thoroughly,
eat little meat, and be as active as
possible. Now, doesn't that seem
sensible? Pleasant Pellets will start
the bowels working right; then It is up
to you to keep them right by right
eating. Try Pleasant Pellets for sick
headache, coated tongue, biliousness,
dizziness, torpid liver or to break up a
cold.^ They are Just fine!
DtvPierce's Anodyne Pile Ointment
soothes, cools and heal3 piles in a
most gratifying way. Perhaps there Is
no other remedy for this torturing
trouble that relieves so surely and
quickly. Dr. Pierce believes Anodyne
Pile Ointment will overcome any case
that can be overcome by medical treat
ment. Try It right now.
Dr. Pierce's Anurlc Tablets are In
tended for people who suffer from kid
ney disorders—whose backs ache, and
whose systems are overrun with uric
acid. Nearly everybody has too much
uric acid. Anurlc Tablets dissolve
uric acid quickly, as they are made
double strength.—Adv.
Capital City Shoe Shop
10th and Idaho Sts. Phone 322
Shoes Manufactured to Order
First Class Shoe Repairing
We will send your Bhoes C. O. D. par
cel post or will call for and deliver to
any Boise residence.
Faultless Service.
Private Ambulance.
Careful Attendants.
There i9 no "cure"
but relief is often
brought by—
rAPORl „

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