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No Matter How Big the Damage
Bill Germany Must Pay Eco
nomic Advantage Will Rest
With Boche.
With Own Lands Unscathed by
War Enemy Proceeds With
Industrial Revival , While
France Is Handicapped.
{Copyright, 1919, by The Wheeler Syn
dicate, Inc.)
Parle, Feb. 19.—(By Mail.)—The
real Job of the peace conference, now
that a tentative draft of the league of
nations has set that top^splnning, in to
find some way to let go of the tall of
the bear—Germany being the bear anti
her tremendous economic advantage
being the undesirable tail. As It stands
Germany, the vanquished, has the ad
vantage over France, the victor. No
matter how high the bill of damages
may be, there still remains a German
advantage In the situation which dam
ages will not remove. France was
anxious that President Wilson should
view the devastated area of France.
But that picture was one side of the
shield. To see clearly what France
must suffer the president should visit
Industrial Germany.
In ÏYance the white scar of ruins
stretches like a leperous scale from the
mountains to the sea. Cities are
wrecked, farms are bombed into waste
land, commerce Is blighted, homes are
ruined, civilization Is blanched and
dead. This blighted area is from 50
to 100 miles wide. Then It stops as
sharply as though some terrific fire
had been cheeked, and at the German
border we see another picture. There
the cities are untouched, the farms fat
nnd sm'illng, business la proceeding as
usual, homes are comfortable and civ
ilization functioning as though no
great war had touched it. Furnace
fires are glowing in the factories and
while raw materials are lacking and
most factories are working only on half
time, yet upon the whole the compli
cated thing called life is proceeding
throughout Germany without serious
When peace is declared, when
the amount of the bill for damages
is rendered, Germany will pay it—
perhaps by repudiating her home
debt, perhaps by mortgaging her
future, but having settled the
bookkoeping necessary to get the
debt off the daybook, Germany
will start in the race for the
world's markets abreast with Eng
land and ahead of France! Such
is the irony of the victory for
which we fought. It is tragically
unfair and of course the peace
conference will not let this condi
tion rest. But how to cnange this
condition, how to take from Ger
many her economic advantage,
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how to let go of the tail of the
bear, ia a puzzling question.
Of course, the simple thing to do
would be to notify the citizens of
Coblenz, Cologne, Mayence, Frankfurt
and Essen that on a certain date these
towns would be blown up, their fac
tories looted, their industries devastat
ed; all their suburban villages up and
down the Rhine reduced to powder,
and the farms of the Rhineland sown
to salt. But that cannot be done. Per
haps this territory might be annexed
for industrial purposes for 50 years;
but that would require an Interallied
standing army of 1,000,000 men, and
the cost of maintaining these men and
the industrial cost of keeping them
out of productive pursuits at home
would offset the value of their military
services. Yet the mere assessment of
damages will not pay for the harm that
Is done, no matter how large the dam
age sum Is made. For the value of
money fluctuates; and the very size
of the necessary sum is liable to
cheapen It. It has been suggested that
the German prisoners be set to work
restoring the ruined villages and cities
and farms; but that will take years,
and leave Germany striding ahead In
the world's markets. To put an eco
nomic boycott on German goods makes
it Impossible for Germany to sell her
products and pay her debts to the al
lies; for she can't raise the money by
swapping chips and whetstones among
her own people. The problem has no
adequate answer.
In the meantime It may be well to
consider Germany's interior situation.
Germany has demobilized her army
more rapidly than any of her enemies.
These soldiers are in German towns
living upon Oie war bonus which the
German government guaranteed to un
employed soldiers. Moreover In most
large German cities these soldiers and
their families are feeding at mess
kitchens. Some Industries are going
on part time, but for the most part,
although the factories are open, genu
ine Industrial animation Is suspended.
Opinions differ as to the cause of this
suspended animation. A distinguished
German economist, who before the war
was a professor In a New England
University and who was Invited to
leave America because of his Ger
tnurr activities, declares that the war
bonus Is keeping the workmen from
work. He contends that they are loaf
ing on the Job, nnd he rather defl
nltely fears Bolshevism In Germany.
Strikes are occurring In many lndus
tries. And while on the surface of
things Germany is proceeding in an
orderly manner, underneath Is a vast
unrest which may produce anarchy.
And curiously enough one of the things
which may produce anarchy Is poli
tical; it will be a. large war bill from
the allies.
For the Germans have not been
told the truth by the new gov
ernment about the responsibility
of their former government for
the war. Neither have the Gorman
people been told that their army
was defeated, and that the terms
of the armistice were the terms
of the vietor to the vanquished.
And when the terms of the peaee
are broken to all Germany—high
and low alike—when it is known
that simple justice requires the
loss of Alsace and Lorraine and
the German colonies and per
haps the ceal areas of the Saar,
and on top of that a bill for war
damages on land and sea, the
Germans will feel that they were
lured into an armistice, then dis
armed and then robbed. In that
case, they will refuse to pay.
Now, when a nation, disarmed and
defenseless, refuses to pay a debt, what
can the debtor nation do? Send In an
army to collect the debt? Surely, but
from whom? How? In a letter to a
paper in Holland, a German professor
writing of the situation facing Ger
many, and realizing in spite of his
protests the Justice of the impending
bill which Germany will have to face,
declares that 'Germany cannot and
will not pay It. He says that If the
bill Is enforced Germany will go Bol
shevik. "For Germany," he writes,
"always has before her the classic ex
ample of Samson, who, In his agony
and shame, pulled down the temple
upon himself, but In so doing did, as
a matter of fact, destroy his enemies."
And the professor Intimates that the
victory which was denied to Germany
may be thus vouchsafed to her In
peace! For Bolshevism is a so
cial disease; If It attacks Germany
nothing can keep it out of the rest of
Europe. There can be no doubt that
Germany would prefer to take her
chances amid the wreck of European
civilization, rather than to find herself
so heavily handicapped by a Just war
debt she would - be 10 years behind the
rest of Europe In the race for the
world's markets. Thus will It be seen
that letting go the tall of the bear is
no easy Job.
It Is hard to realize how Europe Is
teetering on the edge of Bolshevism.
One finds roving bands of bandits liv
ing in old trenches and dugouts In
northern France and Belgium; for the
first time In a hundred years, one en
counters robbers in woods remote from
great cilles. Now and then a slow
train filled with food Is boarded by
natives nnd sacked. Red Cross wagon
trains of food have been pillaged, and
on docks and In railroad yards food
and cloth sometimes—not often, but
frequently—disappear. Strikes are
common all over Europe, serious
strikes, which tie up transportation and
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use this like you use cold cream. Re
move In morning with soap and water.
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less treatment report astonishing results.
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a wash lotion made by dissolving an
ounce of powdered saxollte In a half
pint of witch hazel will prove wonder
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various Important Industries. The coal
miners 'In England and Germany are
In a bad mood, and Europe Is shiver
ing. It Is true that shop windows are
full of food everywhere In Europe. But
It also is true that this food, while
It reaches the rich and gets to the
big hotels, Is barred from the poor.
The policeman who guards public
order In Belgium, for Instance, gets
four francs a day, and the street car
driver five francs—80 cents and $1
day. The common laborer In the
Rhineland gets 65 cents per day, and
butter is 92 per pound; and other
things accordingly. In Albania and
the near east where actual famine Is
found, they are selling yyoung Greek
Tills In the market place, and one
hears that prices are "very reason
able"! In the Balkans a kind of near
war rages, which amounts to semi
private killings, and the whole conten
tion, at base ,1s food. Fifty are killed
today, 70 yesterday^ 30 tomorrow.
And in Russia starvation is almost
the common lot. The Bolshevikl are
depending upon widening the area of
pillage to hold their adherents. The
workmen in Bolshevik factories have
fallen off 50 and 75 per cent In almost
every Industry, according to their own
Soviet reports. The workers either
go back to their villages or go to the
army, and the army is recruiting be
cause it assures them food—food
through plunder. All European con
ditions are bad for the workingmen,
some conditions are worse than oth
ers, but no condition is good.
Bonuses are being offered workmen
to remain in various continental
armies until Industrial conditions will
permit of the soldiers going Into
steady jobs. And in certain munition
factories the workers are kept on half
time or on no time and half pay be
cause industry cannot assimilate them
and they cannot be turned loose to
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starve. And as a matter of fact eon«
dlttons on one aide of the Rhine are
little better than on the other. But
as a matter of fact Germany, with her
factories Intact, her civilisation or
ganised, with her government func
tioning and lacking only peace and raw
materials to start from the jump in
the Industrial race, Is better off than
France. But all of Europe this winter
Is tiptoeing gingerly across the dread
field that leads to the dark tower.
Anarchy Is always Imminent.
All of which proves to the modern
world how futile and meaningless Is
the appeal to arms to settle interna
tional disputes In a world delicately
adjusted with thousands of economic
springs and checks and balances.
The victor at arms may easily be
the loser In business and the loser at
arms may become the victor In the
very things for which the war was
fought. Might at arms does not pro
duce right in any area of human liv
ing. War Is a maniac's court!
One must not immagine that the
Junker spirit Is dead in Germany. It
has received a body blow. But It still
has hopes. The present government Is
functioning in Germany under a cyni
cal Junker hope that the middle class
now In control will go down under
pressure of war Indemnities and prob
lems and that chaos will rule—work
ing class chaos—which will bring the
Junkers back to rule. The Junkers
feel that If they can throw Germany
into chaos Europe will go with Ger
many and that they can restore Ger
many quickly enough not merely to
put her in the economic lead of Eu
rope, but in political lead also. The
chaos into which they expect to throw
Europe and from which they expect
to revive Germany for the general
resurrection Is to be their opportunity
to re-organize Germany with a Rus
sian alliance and wltn leadership In
the Balkan states. Thus are the van
quished preparing to divide the spoils
of victory!
A11 of which Is digression. But It
seems a necessary digression for it is
before the mad court of war that Ger
many and France have come with their
claims. And It would seem that no
matter what finding the court may de
cide upon, France Is bound to lose. For
the Germans really can afford to pull
down the house of civilization in* Eu
rope In temporary chaos even though
Germany falls in the ruins, for the Ger
mans are a docile and obedient people,
and they respond quicker to leadership
than the other people In Europe, and
probably would come out of the chaos
more rapidly. Unless one has been In
Germany since the war It is difficult to
imagine a nation as docile as the Ger
mans now are. They have accepted
the three armies of occupation, Brlt
(Continued on page nine.)
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