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Nampa Agent
hally wilson
Phene 488-W.
Phaiw 6-R-4, Balte
Oaldwell Agent
Rndn 462R or SB
Pprty Buhl Families Have Al
ready Occupied Tracts, Pay
ing $J00 to $175 an Acre;
Farmers Show Interest.
Emmett, March 17.—Forty families
of Buhl, Idaho, it is stated here, have
fought land on ^the famous Emmett
bench and are now living there, this
movement being started last fall. The
estimate Is made that these 40 families
purchased approximately 2^)00 acres oC
bench land, at a total of about $300,000.
T he price paid ranges from $100 to
$175 per acre.
Buhl is nit the famous Twin Falls
tiact. It is reported'that a good many
Iowa and Illinois farmers are buying
hind in the Twin Falls district at prices
ranging from $250 to $400 per acre.
Ir» turn, many of the Twin Falls farm
ers, who sell out there, are locating in
thj iointory between Boise and Wei
ser, buying improved farms at from
$100 to $200 per acre.
The Emmett retail lumber yards re
port business as being brisk, more
than they expected t
in the season.
sec this curiy j
F. E. Madden purchased lots on East :
Second street and let the contract for
a modern six room bungalow to cost 1
MB00. J. II. Ellis has the building !
contract. *
l/ouis Larson started Inst week on
the modern bungalow he will bu.U for
Cî. W. Knowles, the county surveyor,
at a cost of $5000.
The Gem County garage, owncnl by
Berry. Phillips & Chambers, nr * mak
ing considerable improvements to their
piunt. The office and display room
have already beeil re -h trau:, d. Now
an addition 20x50 feet is to bo built
iiment is
at the rear lor use as a wt
present, workshop is to b
machine room, and' new c
to be installed.
Frank Chapin, for 15 ye,
in the Garage shop, now
this district for the Mutual Life In
surance company, is fitting up a suite
of office rooms on the second floor of
the Bank of Emmett building.
Emmett has u broom factory, owned
by G. A. Driscoll, who ltfh two broom
makers on the job. The factory turns
out five dozen brooms daily. Last Fri
day Mr. Driseoll shipped 15 dozen
brooms to retail stores in the towns
on the main line of the O. S. I *,
nt in |
Middleton. March 17.—Sergeant 1
Marion Kurtz, Sergeant Harold 1-1. I
Foote and Wagoner Frank Shaffer ar
rived Saturday morning. They were
with Company I», 116th engineers in
France nearly J4 months in a replace
ment division stationed at Angers,
France, most of the time.
Ernest K. Walker lms purchased the
K. 13. Allen tract in the Weiber addi
tion and will erect an up-to-date resi
dence at once.
The local Kebckuh lodgo gave a very
successful homo talent play entitled
"The Farmerette." at tho hall Friday
Ruddy Cheeks—Sparkling Eyes
—Most W omen Can Have I
Says Dr. Edward^ a Well-Known
Ohi o Physi cian
Dr. F. M. Edwards for 17 year« treated
scores of women for liver and bowel
ailments. During these years he gave to
l)is patients a prescription made of a few
well-known vegetable Ingredients mixed
with olive oil, naming them Dr. Edwardaf
Olive Tablets. You will know them by
their olive color.
These tablets are wonder-workers on the
Over and bowels, which cause a normal
action, carrying off the waste and poison
ous matter in one's 6ystcm.
. U you have a pale face, sallow look, dull
eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a
ess, no-good feeling, all out of sert*,
*ve bowels, you taise one of Dr,
' Olive Tablets nightly for a time
note the pleasing results.
' ousands of women as well as men
Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets—the suc
al substitute for calofnel—now and
jist to keep in the pink of condition
end 23c per box. All druggists.
l\ ff 7
others Thank Us
Keep your growing gi rl* iree front colds
apd weakening coughs and you are help
iadthem to healthy vigorous womanhood.
Thousands of mother* have written let
ter* of thanks, telling what
Foley's Honey and Tar
boa done for their daughters in ridding
them of coughs that "hung on" ana
weakened them {uit at the age when the
jroung girls required «II the physics)
strength they could command.
ToTey'a Honey and Tar i* noted for it*
4|niek effect oncough*. colds and croup.
Ada S*»der*, Cottantawa. Tens.,
- W# use Holes'* Hooey end Tee u
j/U a
J eed only cough remedy. _______
» oor two glrle wheu they have cold*'
night. The building was crowded to
capacity. The door receipts amount
ing to tto. The local Ukulele club
composed of t^e Misses Ona Hadsall,
Emile Spillman, Effie Stanley. Alma
Hall, Margaret Lemon and Bernice
Baugh gave some pleasing numbers.
The players, went to Star Saturday
night and put the play on there.
Hoy C. McConnell underwent an
operation at a Boise hospital Friday
•morning. .
Word has been received from Mr.
and Mrs. O. C. Robinson, who went to
California two weeks ago for Mrs.
Robinson's health, saying she is im
proving rapidly. They are living at
Long Beach.
tî. C. Painter, of the bank, attended
a bankers' convention and banquet in
Boise Saturday.
Miss Gertrude Garber, 14-ycar-oM
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Gar
ber, died at their "home early Friday
morning with typhoid. The funeral
was held at the church of God chapel
Sunday afternoon, interment at the
Star cemetery.
O. K. Nickerson, the local druggist,
has purchased the Charles 13. Stark
residence and will take possession at
John J. Plowhead, of Caldwell, trans
uded business In town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Xhomas left Sat
urday for Hot Lake, Ore., in hopes
that It will be a benefit for Mr.
Thomas' health.
The local campfire girls held a
cooked food sale at the Missouri com
missary Saturday afternoon.
A. J. Barney, of Caldwell, visited
Saturday with his son, E. D. Barney.
Jack Stanton from Bancroft, grrlVed
1 '' ril,a >' morning with his car of house
hold Kno<is and farming Implements,
Ee owns a ranch in the Black Canyon
a,uI " ni ,akf * charge of It.
Mrs. Evelyn Junes and little daugh
went to Emmett Saturday for
visit with relatives.
Andrew Ragsdale returned home last
week. He was an electrician in the
Nampa, March 17.—Mrs. George Du
val, Jr., of Silver City, is visiting in
the city.
J. A. Brunzell, of Brunzell, is trans
acting business here.
R. A. Edwards, of Blackfoot, is a
visitor in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kellj f , of Poea
tollo, are visiting in the city.
J. Tracy, of Weiser, transacted busi
ness here today.
Silas «Wilson, of the Wilson Orch
ards company, has returned from a
visit to Sioux City, la.
Thomas ^ McDonald, of Butte, is
transacting business in the city.
Samuel Rothehlld, of Boise, the rep
resentative of the Falk Wholesale Gro
cery company, spent today here in the
interest of his company.
John Walker, the well known live
Htock dFnler < )f Welser, was a busi
ness visitor in the city today. While
here Mr. Walker bought a carload of
hogs to ship to Weiser to feed. j
* Mr. and Mrs. True Neher visited in |
Boise today.
Mrs. G. 1). Woldberg and baby vis
ited In Boise today.
Caldwell, March 17.—The annual
meeting of the Missionary societies of
Caldwell will Jjc held at the Christian
church Wednesday, March 19, at 2:30
o'clock. Mrs. Hans Roan, of Boise,
will speak on missions in China and
Japan. All ladies are invited to bo
Patent Oxford with full breasted
celluloid covered heel, pluminum
heel plate; worth a dollar more;
eA ly buying on those stylos keeps
the price down; 0IN CA
per pair............ *9U
Same stylo In black OR BA
kid ................ ®l«tfU
Same style in brown 0PV BA
kid ..............., $7«dU
Hume style in ivory BO BA
kid ......... ® 0 « 9 U
At "The Store Ahead'
"Under the Big Ivory Shoe "
We shall endeavor to give our customers
as usual just that little helpful suggestion on
footwear buying that makes a style blend with
the costume; no wild-eyed patterns, for true
foot dress comes iri simple lines, careful fit
ting and modeling to the foot and sane col
Have you ever thought of buying fodtwear on a yearly
basis? Many of Boise's best dressers wouldn't think of
buying anywhere else than here. Ask us about it.
\ r
Tatent and dull ^0^0
Full breasted covered heels.
Beaver Calf Colonial pump, «S.50
Do You Wear Hosiery ?
Of course you do. When buying your next pair of shoes
ask to see our .Murshall Field line of Burlington Hosiery.
Children's hose in white, black and dark tan. *.
Pape'« Diapepsin at Onoe Ends
Sourness, Gas, Acidity,
Don't stay upset! When meals
don't fit and you belch gas, acids and
undigested food. When you feel lumps
of indigestion pain, flatuence, heart
burn or headache you can get Instant
. No waiting! Pape's Diapepsin will
put you on your feet. As soon as you
eat orih of these pleasant, harmless
tablets all the Indigestion, gases, acid
ity and stomach distress ends. Your
druggist sells them.—Adv.
New York, March 17—Prices were
fractionally higher with trading large- ]
ly restricted to professionals
stock market opening today. U. S.
Steel opened at 95%; Mexican Pe
troleum .186, up 1 Ta ; General Motors
165%, up %; Marine preferred 110%,*
up %; Tobacco products 87%, up % ;
Baldwin 87%, off %.
U. S. Steel closed at 95 %, off %;
Sinclair Oil 43%, up 4; Baldwin 88%.
up 1; Mexican Petroleum, 182. up 2%;
Marine preferred 108%, off 1%; Har
vester 127%, up 10%.
Chicago, March 17.—Hogs—Receipts,
42,000. Market steady: active. Butch
ors, 19,10®19.35; packing, [email protected];
light, [email protected]: pigs, 18.60 19.20 ;
roughs, [email protected]
Cattle—Receipts, 18,000. Market
the !
Sealed bids will be received until 10
a. ni„ March 20, 1919, by the Capitol
Commission at the State Treasurers
Office, State Capitol Building, Boise,
Idaho, for the construction of a rein
forced concrete stairway from the State
Treasurer's room to the basement.
Plans, specifications and Instructions
to bidders may be secured by applying
to Tourtellotte & Hummel, Architects.
215 Overland Building,-Boise, Idaho.
Boise, Idaho, March 16, 1919.
Adv M20 State Treasurer.
Notice is hereby given .that at a
meeting of the board of directors of
the Farmers' Union Ditch Co., Ltd.,
held on tho 11th day of March, 1919,
an assessment of ten (810.00) dollars
per share was levied upon the capital
stock of'~'the corporation, payable at
the office of the secretary on or before
Aprtl 24, 1919. Any stock upon which
this assessment remains unpaid will
then become delinquent and advertised
for sale at public auction, and unless
payment is made before, will bo sold on
the 24th day of May, 1919, to pay this
assessment and cost of Dale.
JAMES M. POTTER, Secretary,
Adv. M24 Eagle, Idaho.
Telia Rheumatism Sufferers to
Eat Less Meat-and Take
x Salts.
Rheumatism is easier to avoid tha
to cure, states a well-known authority, i
We are advised to dress warmly; keep)
the feet dry; avoid exposüro; eat less :
meat, but drink plenty of gbod water. !
• Rheumatism is a dircet result of i
eating too much meat and other rich j
foods that produce uric acid which is j*
absorbed Into the blood. It is the I
function of the kidneys to filter this
acid from the blood fitid cast it out in
the urine; the pores of the skin
also a means of freeing the blood of
this impurity. In damp and chilly
cold weather the skin pores are closed
thus forcing the kidneys to do double
work, they become weak and sluggish
and fall to eliminate the uric acid
which keeps accumulating and circu
lating through the system, eventually
settling in the joints and muscles
causing stiffness, soreness* and pain
called rheumatism.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of Jad Salts; put a tablespoon
ful in a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This Is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating tho kidneys to
normal action, thus ridding the blood j
of these impurities. !
Jad Salts ifc inexpensive, harmless j
and is mado from the acid of grapes j
and lemon juice, combined with lithia
and is used with excellent results lay !
] thousands of folks who are subject
! rheumatism. Hero you have a plea
snnt, effervescent Uthia-water drink
which helps overcome uric acid and is
beneficial to your kidneys as well.
steady and stronge»-. Beeves, 12®
20.35; butchers and stockers, 7.40®
15.25: canners and cutters, [email protected];
stockers and feeders, [email protected]; cows,
[email protected]; colves, [email protected]
Sheep—Receipts, 19,000. Market
steady. Wool lambs, 15®20.25; ewes,
[email protected]
South Omaha, March 17.—Cattle—
Receipts 6800. Market steady to
trong.' SteerS, [email protected]; cows and
fielfers, [email protected]; stockers and feeders,
[email protected]; calves, [email protected]; bulls and
stags, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts, 12,000. Market
steady to 10 higher. - Bulk of sale|,
[email protected]; top. 18.95.
Sheep—Receipts, 8300. Market
steady to [email protected] higher. Yearlings.
16.50 ® 17 ; wethers, [email protected]; lambs,
19®20; ewes, [email protected]
Kansas City, March 17.—Cattle—Re
ceipts, 12,000. Market strong; 15 high
er. Steers, 18 ® 19 ; cows and heifers,
[email protected],6r>; stockers and feeders, 12®
[email protected], [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts, 15,000. Market
All Issues Bought and Sold
Keep your Liberty Bonds if you
can. If you muet sell them, sell to
ue. We pay market price lees email
brokerage and transportation charge.
Register your Bonds to us. Checks
mailed to out of town customers the
day Bonds are" received.
High A Fritohman Company
9th A Main Ste. Boise, Idaho
Dlll4 tullulclI alc clcalcu uy
j* Sdence to be all that, soles should be—
ins ni sms
m is m
"I had Neolin Soles put on my
shoes—wore these shoes every day for
fifteen months, then had Neolin half
soles put on. They are still in good
condition," writes F. T. Evans, of
Seattle, Washington.
This is cutting shoe bills down to the
minimum through Neolin Soles. Any
one can do this if he will follow Mr.
Evans' example, and have his shoes
re-bottomed with Neolin Soles. These
tough, durable soles cost no more
than soles that give only ordinary
wear. And all good repair shops have
Neolin Soles come on new shoes,
too—in many styles for men, women
and children. They are created by
comfortable and waterproof, as well
as long-wearing. They are made by
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.,
Akron, Ohio, who also make Wing/oot
Heels—guaranteed to outwear any
other heels.
steady; 10 higher. Heavy, 18.35®
18.85; medium, 18.65®1S.95; lights,
[email protected]
Sheep—Receipts, 11,000. Market
steady. Lambs, 19.50® 19.75 ; ewes,
[email protected]; Stockers and feeders,
[email protected]
Portland, March 17.—Cattle—Re
ceipts, 1468. Tone of market, steady,
j Best steers, 13®14; good to choice,
! 11.50® 12.50; medium to guod, 10.50®
j 11.50; common to fair, 8.50®9.50;
j choice cows and heifers, [email protected];
good to choice, [email protected]; medium to good,
! 9<g)10.50; fair to medium, [email protected]; ean
j [email protected],
bulls, 3®5; calves, [email protected];
stockers and feeders, 9.50® 13.
Hogs—Receipts, 1417. Market high
er. Prime mixed. [email protected]; medium
mixed, [email protected]; rough, heavy,
[email protected]; bulk, [email protected]
Sheep—Receipts, 2278, Market
steady. Prime lambs, [email protected]; fair
to medium lambs, 13.50® 14.50; year
lings, [email protected]; wethers, 9® 10; «wes,
^ today. Prices mounted steadily after
J a sharply higher opening. Bad weath
Chicago, March 17.—A bullish senti
ment attributed to German statements
of food needs .prevailed in grain fu
tures on tho Chicago board of trade
er, making many roods impassable,
was a factor. Provisions were higher
in sympathy.
March corn, 2c up at a late opening.
$1.49%, continued to gain, and later
sold at $1.53. May corn, up 2%c at
$1.40%, the opening, subsequently
aatned. l%c. July corn, 3c higher at
$1.35%, the opening, was up in
later trading. September corn.'4c high
er Dn opening, $1.31%, subsequently
March oats, up 2%c at late open
ing, 63c, later was up %c. May oats,
up l%c at the opening, 63%o. later
gained %e. July oats, %c higher on
opening, 62%c, was lip %c in later
trading. September oats, up 1 %e at
late opening, 59%e, was unchanged.
New York,.March 17.—Liberty bonds
were quoted here today as follows:
3%s 98.74, up .04.
First 4s 94.63, unchanged.
Second 4s 93.74, off .04.
First 4%s 94.52, off .02.
Second 4%s 9V 4 - ° rf - 06 -
Third 4%s 95.14, off .06.
Fourth 4%s 93.88,-off .06.
New York, March 17.—Flour—Quiet
and firm.
Pork—Quiet. Mess, $50.50.
Lard—Dull. Middle west .spot, $27,55
Sugar—Dull. Centrifugal, 96 test.
$7.28; refined, dull; cut loaf, $10.50;
crushed. $10.25; powdered, $9.15; gran
ulated,"- $9.00. /
Coffee—Rio No. 7, on the spot. 16%c.
Tallow—Dull. City, 8%c; special, 9c.
Hay—Steady. Prime No. 1. $1.75;
No. 3, $1.35® 1.45; clover, [email protected]
Chicago, Starch 17.—Potatoes, 50
cars. Wisconsin and Minnesota, $1.50
Nampa, March 17—Another modern
theater for this city appears probable.
R. Johnson, a prominent theater
man of Halt Lake, is In the city ne
gotiating for a site for a building. It
is believed that Mr. Johnsoq will se
cure a satisfactory lot and that ho will
erect a building soon.
Nai pu, March 17—The convention
of the Rebekahs of th|s dtftrlct which
The Idaho Medical Company
Men, we. can without a doubt give you the very best of medical treat
ment if you are suffering with any Acute and .Chronic Private Disease,,
Blood and Skin troubfes, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Rheumatism, Piles,
Plstulae, Stricture, getting up at night, Unnutural Loss**, Extreme
nervousness, Lois of Amebltion. Wo are equipped with the latest In
struments and appliances to give you quick and lasting results. To
those that have been disappointed in getting well, we ask you to call
oil us. After a thorough examination we can tell you the facts. We
can by request refer you to many cases that we have gotten well, some
that had given up ail hopes of ever being well. What we have donö
for others we can do for you. We publish no testimonial* of satisfied
patients as everything is strictly confidential. All prescriptions are
filled from our own drug stock. Personal care and attention given to
eaôh and every case until they are well, S'ayments may. be arranged
to suit your convenience. Consultation and advice free.
OFFICE HOURS: 9 a. m. to 12 m. 1 p. m. to 5 p. m. 7 p. m. to 8 p. m.
SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS: 10 a. m. to 12 m.
5, 6, 7 and 8 Odd Fellows' Bldg., Ninth and Idaho Sts* Boise, Idaho.
includes Nampa, C&ldwall, Mlddbston,
Meridian and Parma will be held'here
Thursday. Extensive preparations are
being made for the event and a large
attendance is predicted.
15th Ave. and Front St.
Dealers In Hides, Tallow,
Pelts, Wool and Furs.
Price list mailed to you upon request
Try us with a shipment.
Title Notes
Sale Contracts
Unsecured Notes
Chattel Mortgages
Real Estate Mortgages
423-425 Overand Bldg.
Emmett Auto Stage
Office: 112 N. Twelfth.
Daily Schedule:
Leave Boise .............8:15 a. fn.
And .......................4:30 p. m.
Phone No. 2. Office: 112 N. 12th St.
Leading Hotel of Boise
European Plan.
In the center of everything.
Commercial and Stockbrokers
First-Class Dining Room
Rates, without bath, $1.00 up;
With bath, $1.50 up.
Boise's Popular Hotel.
New and Strictly Modern.
Commercial Men's Headquarters.
Most attractive lobby in the state.
Strictly Modern Popular Price*
Attractive Investment.
IN EFFECT DEC. 1. 1918
Interurban Time Table
Boite Valley Traction Company
Lv. Boise for Eagle, Star, Middleton
and Caldwell—7:00, 9:00, 11:00
a. m.; 1:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00.
9:00, 11:00 p. m.
Lv. Boise for Duncan—8:00 a< m. and
6:10 p. m.
Lv. Duncan for Bolt«—8:28 a. m.
. and 6:35 p. m.
Lv. Boise for Meridian, Nampa and
Caldwell—6:30, 8:00, lb:00, 12:00
a. m.; 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 0:00, 8:00,
10:00, *11:00 p. m.
* To Nampa only.
Lv. Boise . for McDermott— 0:80,
10:00 a. m. and 5:00 p. m.
Lv. McDermott for Boise—8:05,
10:86 a. m. and 5:55 p. m.
Schedule, subject to change with*
out potlce. ■
your bonds if you cap. If you must
sell, get all you can. Get my price.
Sell to me by mail through bank.
Write or cal! N. A. Ha nan, 848
Sonna block, Boise. * tl-tf
WANTED—To contract cement work.
Phone 1021. tlMlie
CALL that man Disk when sailing
furniture. He has a machine and
will «all promptly. Standard Ssi
change store/ 12th and Main. Phone
8»S. Utf
WHEN you want to gell your furni
ture call 745W. tl tt
AUTOMOBILE Mechanics Union will
meet Tuesday, March 18, S p. m..
Labor Hall, Sonna Bldg. UM17C
1918 MITCHELL, 7-passenger, six:
has been used for demonstrating
only; In line condition. Sims Co..
616 Main. tf
FOR SALE—Second band Ford cava
H. H. Bryant & Son. tt
SFECIAL PURCHASE of garden and
flower seeds; small sise pkgs. but
seed that will grow and glv« entire
satisfaction. Vegetable seed assort
ment consists of 27 varieties. Flow
er seed assortment consists of 88 va
rieties; price of either garden or
flower seeds, 2 for 6c; per dozen 25c.
The following are Some of the va
rieties in flower seeds: Aster, cos
mos, verbena, morning glory, pansy,
sweet peas, nasturtium, candy tuft,
sweet william, poppy, pinks, petunia,
balsam, forget-me-not, alyssum,.
larkspur, pastulaca, salvia phlox,
carnation, canterbury bell, etc. Veg
etable seeds; Beets, beans, cauli
flower, corn, peas, radish, lettuce,
salsify, spinach, parsley, poppers, cu
cumber, turnip, pumpkin carrot, eel
cry, tomato and others. Select your
seeds early.
1 311 No. 8th St. Opp. Post Office
! THREE experienced waitresses want
ed. Hotel Washington dining room.
] Write Mrs. V. E. Johnson, Box 247,
1 Weiser, Idaho. M30
; WRITE Los Angeles Y. M. C. A. Auto
school; get started. MSI
MAN just discharged from servlco
who can handle secretary or cashier
work, wishes position In Boise; ref
erences. Write to Box 2591, Capital
News. Ml 80
FINE modern house at Moscow, Ida.,
7 rooms and bath; stone foundation
and cellar; fine shrubbery nnd fruit
trees; barn, garage; clear title; £»
snap at $2600. Owner. A. S. Lacey,
116 Lake street, Oakland, Cal. M19c
EVERBEARING strawberry plants,
75c per 100. 1715 N. 26th St. M22o
FOR SALE—Wlllys-Knlght car, fine
'condition; new tires, % extras; sell
cheap or take good Ford car part
payment. See B. M. Price, Bristol
hotel before noon Tuesday. M17c
15 HEAD stock, 10 acres land, all
good, well located; improved; close
to car line; you can have possession.
Low price and good terms; clear.
See Grigson, 1013 Washington St.
__ M17e
FOR SALE OR TRADE—Several good
young horses; will trade for cattle or
hogs. W. H. Thompson, 523 Hays
St. Phone 1095-J. M25c
A REAL good 10 acres to trade for
Boise home; 6 good lots to trade for
small grocery business: all clear.
See Grigson, Pacific hotel. M17o
WANTED—A girl for general house
work. Apply 100 E. Idaho. M23
LOST—Early Sunday morning on the
road between Boise and Eagle. 37x5
mounted Sllvertown cord tire, finder
please notify Koll Bros., phone 4, and
receive reward. M20*
88 ACRES, "one mile from Weiser,
quite rolling. Very best of soil. All
under cultivation; fenced and cross
fenced; new five-room plastered
J'ouse. Price 84000, 81000 cash, bal
ance on time at 7 pot- cent. John
Kyle, route 3, Weiser. Inquire at
Weiser News Stand. M23o
FOR SALE—150 head of yearling and
two-year-old steers; Shorthorn and
white faces. 200 head of weaner
calves; good colors und good qual
ity. Union Stock 'Yards Company,
Caldwell, Id. tl M31
FOR HALE—Single Comb Buff Leg
horn eggs, utility $1.50 per 15; 3S per
100. Selected pen». 82.50 per 15. Efcd
Maw, Meridian, Idaho. M2.1
DOUR CYLINDER Cadillac car ex
cellent condition, bargain price.
Phono 155-J. M2So
8176 per acre buys a well improved SO,
located 1 mile from electric carline
and % mile from school, right in ,1
highly developed territory where tha
land is especially adapted to the pro
duction of early potatoes and 7 to s
ton hay crops. About 35 acres of
this fertile farm lu alfalfa, pgrt
ready for potatoes and grain this
year. Improved with a good„bunga
low, fine' well, outbuildings and
choice fruit. Its a mighty good buy.
Terms 85000 cash.
A, L. Mfirphy, Caldwell, Ida. M21
FOR RENT—Large modern apart
ment, unfurnished. Phone I869-J.
__ MU
Th« M«M Popular and Up-t«-Data
Oaf« in CaldwalL
First CIom Soda Fountain.
New, Bigger and Better Stör« In Our
New Location.
Right Across th« Street • From Our
' Former Btor«,

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