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Catholic Woman's League Plan
Entertainment at St. John's
Hall — Excellent Program
That "AH the wurruld la Olrlsh on
Saint Patrick's day," will be demon
strated at St. John's hall tonight when
men, women and children whose an
cestors came from the various cpun
tries of Europe, will appear In a St.
Patrick's day program under the aus
pices of the Catholic Woman's league
of Boise. Jess Hawley, whose grand
mother "haled from the county Hos
common," will act as chairman of the
evening. A small charge fur admis
sion will be made and the proceeds will
go to the cathedral fund of the Catho
lic Woman's league. The program fol
The Catholic Woman's league was
organized in 1911 to promote religious.
Intellectual, social and civic activity
among its members and to co-operate
with other organizations of like pur
pose for general community advance
ment. The work of the league is done
by ita committees on membership,
house, program,-press, boys and girls,
entertainment, social service, lied
Cross and reconstruction work. All
women who are members of St. John's
cathedrul congregation are eliglblo to
membership In the league. Regular
meetings are held in St. John's hull on
the second and fourth Wednesdays of
, the month.
The children's committee of the
league is composed of Mrs. D. J. Han
ley, chairman; Mrs. George. Cruzen,
Mrs. N. C. Villeneuve, Mrs. L. B. Urif
fin, Mrs. Stephen Parker, Mrs. Henry
Koll, and Mrs. W. J. Coughlin. Any
thing which concerns the welfare of
the children is dear to the heart of the
children's committee, and the good
will and assistance of every member
of the congregation is desired in this
The following is the program for to
night: •
Heading, "The Harp,"..............
.................... Catherine Rock
Plano, "Irish Airs,".................
.................. Miss Anna Tyler
Song, "An Irish Love Song,".......
..................Mrs. Roy L. Black
Heading, "Mrs Dugan's Discovery,"
.................... noberl Gardner
Dance, "Irish Lilt," ...............
Dolreta Cruzen and the Clover
leaves; Amoretta Meier, Laverta
Cluster, Doris Marshall, Antoinette
Bruce, Lèvera Cluster, Margaret
Dibble, Mary Helen Smith, Juanita
Voe.,1 „uio, "April Morn." (Battcnl
.............. Miss Lonoro Wagner.
(Miss Tyler, accompanist.)
Readings, (a) "Paddy, To Rascal,"
(b) "The Recruit...............
................ Miss Adele Trelonr
Song, "Aly Barney Lies Over the
Ocean," ...........• Nick Villeneuve
Violin, (a) "Gigue" (Jig,) Bachmann,
(b) "Como Back to Erin," Clarlbel,
......... .j .. Miss Mabel Woodcock
(Miss Stella Yarrington at the
Vocal Solo, "That's an Irish Lullaby,"
...................... Austin Moody
Dunce, "My Little Colleen,".'?'.......
Girls of the Holy Angels Society:
Beulah Scholes, Agnes Cruzen,
Prances Gallett, Tomasina Flet
cher, Lena Fasebender, Marie
Perry, Evelyn Jones, Nellie Smith,
AVinlfred Wardell.
Song, "An Open Secret,"...........
................ Miss Mary Leonard
(Piano accompaniment by Mr.
Robert E. Crossman. director of
music, Boise high school.
Reading ................ H. P. Ashby
Song and Dance. "The Kerry Dance."
(Molloy) : Winifred Wardell,
Fairy, Kathleen Turner, George
Smith, Francis Lynch, Thomas
Parker, Augustina Machos, Dick
Higgs. Rose Regan. Carroll Sellers.
Borne Overseas Experiences.........
............Sergt. Harry R. Hapley
Bong, •'America." ......The Audience
Dancing numbers arranged and di
rected by Mrs. George Cruzen.
Sonora Machines
At the NEW MUSIC HOUSE 819 Main St.
The truly remarkable growth of the
is due to three reasons:
FIRST— Because of ite undisputed and proven superiority in tone.
SECOND 1 Bocauso of ita wonderful quality throughout.
THIRD— Because every SONORA instrument has made a Sonora
ehampion and enthusiast, and each instrument in turn has developed
new friend* and enthusiasts, thus creating an endless chain of admirers
who have formed the greatest staff of salesmen we could every hope to
A critical comparison of all phonographs invariably rskults.in favor of
tho Sonora, and soma of th* fsaturesAwhich have helped to build up th*
onviabla reputation which tho Sonora has justly earned will be cheerfully
demonstrated by tho new musio house.
Prices are reasonable and will meet the requirements of your desires,
and ths rang* from 960 to 91000 surely will locate the instrument for your
1111am Krull
Rub Nerve Torture, Pain and
All Misery Right Out With
"St. Jacob's Liniment."
Tou are to bo pitied—but remember
that neuralgia torture and pain is the
easiest thing in the world to stop.
Please don't continue to suffer; it's so
needless. Get from your druggist the
small trial bottle of "St. Jacobs Lini
ment;" pour a little In your hand and
gently rub the "tender nerve" or sore
spot .and Instantly—yes, Immediately
—all pain, uoho and soreness Is gone.
"St. Jacobs Liniment" conquers pain
—It Is perfectly harmless and doesn't
burn or discolor the skin. Nothing else
gives relief so quickly. It never falls
to stop neuralgia pain Instantly,
whether in the face, head or any part
of the body. Don't suffer!—Adv.
AH the mother» of high school stu
dent» and those who are mothers of
children who have reached their
"'teens" are requested to meet at Car
negie hall Wednesday at 2:30 p. m.,
for the purpose of organizing a high
school mother»' circle. The federal
government and all leading educators
are sending out a plea to mothers to
.stand together in child welfare work,
and there is a work which mothers
and no one else can do.
Trained and efficient teachers are
battling to overcome the results of
uni rained, inefficient and disconnected
efforts of individual workers for the
improvement of social and civic con
ditions, which cannot he reached by
the schools. The specific purpose of
the organization will be explained at
the meeting.
K. A. Bryan will be present to speak
to ihe mothers and a good attendance
is desired.
The meeting Is called by Mrs. C. C.
Zumwalt, president of Boise Mothers'
congress, who is also organizer of
mothers' circles and Parent-Teacher
associations of the city. Many of the
high school mothers have expressed
a desire for some such an organization.
Former Governor Hawley Re
turns From Trip to South
eastern Town Which is Build
ing a Big Sugar Factory.
That the town of Rigby ami the rich
agricultural country surrounding are
experiencing wonderful growth and
that the beet sugar factory being built
there is about two-thirds completed,
was the statement made today by
Former Governor James H. Hawley,
who la Just home from a trip to the
southern east In the Interests of the
sugar company and who is now spend
ing a day at home recuperating from
an attack of lumbago with which he
was stricken on the trip.
The citizens of Rigby are alive to
their possibilities and tho citizens arc
generally behind tho sugar factory
company, which is building one of the
most modern factories In the north
west, stated the former governor. He
attended a big meeting at the Com
mercial club Saturday, on tho oc
casion the plant was opened for In
Enroute to Rigby Mr. Hawley met
Secretary of AVar Baker, and Chief of
Staff, General March, at Pocatello.
They were bound for Camp Lewis on
an inspection trip and also intended
visiting other western camps.
24 and 25 are tho telephone numbers
of The Capital Newt. tf
Boise Oun Club Cracks Knock
Down 123 Out of 125 Skim
mers Sunday Morning In
Ohampionship Match — Otto
M. Jones High Oun.
Due, no doubt, to a clear day and
the absence of rain or snow, the blue
rock artists of the Boise Gun club
Sunday morning In the Spokesman
Review telegraphic northwestern
championship match knocked down 123
out of 125 skimmers, and thus made a
score that will be hard to beat.
Otto M. Jones, A. L. Keister and
D. L. Addison starred when It came to
putting the chilled shot into the flying
targets; each man shooting a perfect
score of 25. R. R. Stafford, H. R.
Seckel, AV. D. Bush and A. E. Weaver
were not far behind when it came to
pulling down and "busting" the birds,
for each man of the quartet shot a
score of 24 out of 25. Jones was also
high gun of tho day, with a score of
48 out of 50; A. L. Keister and R. R.
Stafford running second with 47 each.
AV. D. Bush, H. R. Seckel and D. L.
Addison tied for third place with 46
rocks to each man's credit out of tho
50. In the doubles match, D. L. Addi
son plugged 17 out of 24, and was high.
The score for the day:
Otto ni. Jones .................... 48
A. L. Keister...................... 47
R. R. Stafford .................... 47
H. R. Seckel ..................... 46
D. !.. Addison .................... 46
AV. D. Bush ...................... 46
A. M. Rose........................ 45
H. P. Lomp ....................... 4S
A. E. Crooks ...................... 43
E. C. Grice ....................... 43
A. E. Weaver ..................... 41
E. T. Blwer ...................... 41
*J. A. Reed ....................... 41
H. L. Streeter .................... 39
George Bartlett ................... 38
F. AV. C'ritehfield ................. 37
Mrs. E. C. Grice................... 36
J. Robinnette ..................... 35
Mrs. Otto M. Jones................ 33
O. W. Allen ...............!....... 33
F. Carhart ....................... 27
D. DeVine ........................ 16
Mrs. J. A. Reed ................... 15
('. M. Eyman .................... 15
C. P. Rice................. i ....... 15
A. E. Tillotson .................... 15
O. Pierce ................ 11
H. Ijl Marcroft ................... 11
Mr. Langtree...................... 10
A. M. Abrams .................... 5
D. L. Addison ................. 17
H.' R. Seckol .............-......15
E. C. Grice ....................... 13
E. T. Biwer ..................... 12
A. E. Crooks...................... 11
Otto M. Jones..................... 11
OWYHEE—James Farmer. Bliss; B.
C. Bush, Moscow; Chas. E. Hinds,
Dewey; O. A. Availing, Salt Lake; L.
Messick, Seattle; Joseph McChesney,
Portland; F. H. Aekar, New York; J.
M. Johnson and wife. City; C. I.
AVadsworth, Portland; J. B. Summers,
Hammett; Don. C. Utely, Welser;
Oscar T. Utely, AVeiser; Austin E.
Utely, AVeiser; John Strand. Eugene,
Ore.; F. J. Fields, Lon Angeles; C. E.
Flowers, Boston; II. C. Pagenhotf,
Butte; J. H. Kurtzman, Batonin, N. Ÿ.;
Roy B. Herndon, May; H. J. Wallace.
Chicago; Hugh McGuire, Portland;
John, Thomas, Gooding; F. R. Good
ing, Gooding; Mildred Erickson, Chi
cago; Laura Curtis, Chicago; Mary
Parmley, Chicago; Emily Gerand,
Chicago; J. B. Smith, Boise; Mrs. Olive
Jennings. Portland: S. W. Jenter,
Portland; Miss Jenter, Portland; G. AV.
McKnlght, Vale; F. R. Fenton, Mo.;
|;P. D. Broxon, City; H. R. Lazenby,
Portland; A. J. Greene, Portland; S.
S. Cummings, Salt Lake; R. H. gan
ger, Portland; Mrs. AV. J. Papper,
Richfield; Fred Glenn, Portland; M. A.
Masey, Denver; G. E. Keeler, Denver:
Amber Hopkins, Lima; Irene Harreiff,
Lima; Sam Lewis, New Castle; Frank
Dohlstrom, Emmott; M. P. Kelly, Chi
cago: Floyd AVtlliams and wife, Seat
tle; P. F. Piokette, Seattle; O. F.
Bacon, City; John Flemming, Port
land; Strickland, Gillllan Baltimore;
A. N. Moss and wife, Caldwell.
IDANHA—H. A. Griffiths, Caldwell;
B. C. Burley and wife, Welser: Chas.
Borden. Parma; A. E. Michaelson,
Portland; P. Querry, Mountain Home:
L. AI. Tyocke, Fairfield; George Green,
and wife. Baker; J. W. Ash, Pocatello!
C. G. Pinney and Wife, Ontario; Mra.
Miles Cannon, city; J. N. Jensen and
wife. Crane, Ore.; Jess Blain, Ontario;
H. P. Hayes. Mountatln Home; John
Hutchinson. Payette; May Hutchinson,
Payette; Frances Hager, Ontario; R.
C. Evans, Notus; Guy Stroup, Payette;
L. Sloper, Eagle; Roy Tlctoort, Em
mett; J. J. Swan. Emmett; W. B.
Slinker, Wilder; L. W. Day. Wilder;
J. E. Mattingly, Wilder; J. J. McGin
nis. Glenns Fern" Mrs. G. H. Jacobs,
Hailey; J. AV. Roop. Hastings, Neb.
C. J. Cooper, Salt Lake; Clinton O.
Bay, Notus; Henry George. Harney,
Ore.: E. H. Kenneck, Crane, Ore.: John
H. Knap. Seattle; E. C. Doyle, Bt.
Louis: W. S. Spinning, Portland; W.
D. Coughanotir, San Francisco; G. A.
Feltwell. city; N. O. Smith, Detroit;
George Ramsey, Homedale; B. W. Dil
lon, Vale; O. A. Mathews. Vale; J. S.
Bennett, Mountain Home; Charles
Harding, Caldwell;.. A. W. Heltler,
Caldwell; H. J. Johnson, Denver; C.
H. Tull, San Francisco; H. B. Darling,
Han Francisco; F. E. George, Portland;
F. R. Ramsey, Portland; James L. Mc
Leod, Caldwell; Mrs. D. R. Parks and
Dan, Spokane; J, w. Pettinger, Melba;
F. E. Johnson, Mountain Home; J. E
Latlmore, Mountain Home; F. A.
Langston, Salt Lake,
GRAND—James J. ^wither, Bru
1 neuu; Mrs. Ida Stewart and daughter.
c«mg Events
fast Tfcw Shadows
Prepare Now to Withstand tho Crisis.
With a shuddering
V«,, bea «tiîul event of childbirth.
. avo *d discomfort during the
and st,ain at the crisis by pre
SfiV n ? JO V r system and putting your
time n sp cndltl condition to meet the
this purpose women all over
the land, In every walk of life, have used
for over half a century the time-honored
and famous remedy. Mother's Friend. It
*? Prepared to give the mother-to-be
that direct help she needs. The muscles,
nerves. tendons and cords are made and
kep î^^? ft a L ld ftla *tic. TJius strain is
avoided, and as a result nervousness,
nausea, bearing-down and stretching ,
pains are avoided.
The abdominal muscles expand easily !
and gently when l»aby is born. Natural
ly* pain, is less and the hours are few- j
er I 1 . e R yetcm is prepared and the
crisis is ong of much less danger. \
Write the Bradfield Regulator Com
pany, Dept. M. Lamar Building. Atlanta.
Georgia, for their helpful Motherhood
Book, and obtain a bottle of Mother's
Friend from the druggist today. It is*i
just as standard as anything you can
think of.
And remember, there is nothing to
take the place of MOTHER'S FRIEND.
Westfall, Ore.; Mr. and Airs. Ben Sca
weard, Ontario; AV. H. Monarch and
wife, Boise; James Fault, Horseshoe
Bend; Jack Foss, Gardena; C. M. Bug
lund, Boise; T. K. Jensen, Boise; F. R.
Fitzsimmons, Twin Falls; Joseph
Branson and wife, Boise; Glenn Wil
son, Emmett; Mr. and Mrs. F. F.
Thenlon, Gooding; George AV. Betrlan,
Ontario; Clara D. Groll, Buffalo, N. A'.;
Henry Nelson and wife, Victor; F.
Penfold and wife, Hagerman; Oliver
Purjul, Camp Lewis; H. W. Johnson,
Boise; J. Ateserole, Rupert; C. Dunifer,
Glenns Ferry; F T. Baker, Parma; W.
M. Monkers, Caldwell; Ida E. Redman,
Nampa; Buck Jones, Caldwell; SNIck
Do Court, lois Angeles; J. De Cordy,
Boise; A. Af. Simons, Emmett; J. C.
AVUson, Boise; Dr. J. E. Shields, Cald
well; J. G. Watts, Mountain Home;
J. L. Smith, U. S. N.; J. P. Scarpins,
Salt Lake: Pat Keenan, Richfield; Wil
liam Brannon, Richfield; Klaas Ten
sen, Nyssa; Dorothy Tuylor, Boise.
BRISTOL— G. K. Frovert, Salt Lake;
J. AV. Ash, Pocatello; A. H. Tooley,
Glenns Ferry; Anton llg, AVilllam
Sohsnian and wife, H. A. Johnson, city;
John J. Swan. Emmett; Ray Tutsort,
Emmett; Ollle, Calvert, city; A. M.
Minermin, H. AV. Joslyn, Glenns Ferry;
O. Robinson. Pocatello; B. Al. Price,
Wendell; Inez' P. Clark, Mountain
Home; F. A. Deno, Rupert; S. J. Ewen,
Boise; Frank Howard and wife, Doug
las Park, Seattle: F. AT. Rsordan,
Tuchen, Idaho; J. T. Carr, Phoenix,
Ariz. ; Lestetr H. Asbury, Denver;
George Johnson.. Airs. J. 'G. Richardson,
Airs. E. C. Richardson, J. AT. Burt,
city; John Roblnettct, Boise: A. S. Vel
aun, Vole: W. Vf Sherwood, Chicago;
Frank Suohan, Buhl: Air. and Mrs. H.
W. Mosinan, Boise; Archie Winter, Mr.
and Mrs. B. B. Garber, Nampa; Ruth
Murray, Salt Lake; J. F. Campbell,
Cambridge; F. L. Jones, Caldwell; A.
H. Tooley, Glenns Ferry; Carl E. Fuld
and wife, Ontario; AV. B. Jones and
wife, Ontario; J. H. Ross, Kuna; Anton
llg, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Wolf, Meridian;
William Bedel, Airs. George Carrico,
Parma; Mrs. R. J. Shenk, Nampa; C.
F. Cartwright. E. C. Morgan, Weiser;
R. G. Riehson, Alerldian: Sanford
Pease, Meridian; AV. C. AVatson, Salt
Lake; Violet Note, Guy Stroup, Pay
ette; H. P. Sweet, Boise.
Let us mount your head and tan
your hide. R. W. Limbert, Boise. Ida. tf
Plano moving rand» easy. Call 71.
Pesaley Transfer & Storage Co.—Adv.
Officers of' the Boise chapter of tho
Red CrosH are enjoying a visit and the
counsel of Miss Emma Grlttenger, di
rector of the bureau of public health
nursing of the northwest division of
the Red Cross, who is here from Seat
tle, making a survey of the Red Cross
nursing work in Idaho, a feature of
the Boise chapter, recently taken up as
a health measure.
Aliss Grittenger announces that pub
lic health nursing on the part of the
Red Cross chapters is a preventative
measure against sickness, the work
being taken up to give instruction in
general rules of health and to adminis
ter to the suffering where required,'
but more for tho purpose of teaching
those visited, how to prevent disease.
Ehe states It Is the plan of the Red
Cross to develop public Interest In
public health nursing activities and
co-operation is asked in the interest*
of a stronger and healthier people.
AA'hile In Idaho Miss Grlttenger will
visit several sections of the state in
the Interests of public nursing and will
outline her plan to the various chap
Dr. King's New Discovery
relieves them and keep
you going on the job
Fifty continuous years of almost
Unfailing checking and relieving coughs,
'colds end kindred sufferings is the
g rout! achi evement of Or. King's New
. Others, «others, ths
Idddies—all have used and arc using
it as the safest, surest, most pleasant
remedy they know of.
Sold by all druggist*. 60c and $1.20.
Keep Bowels On Schedule
Late, retarded functioning tbrowe
tho whole day'* duties out of gear.
Keep, the system cleansed, the appe
tite lively, the stomach staunch with
Dr. King's New Life Pille. MOd and
took in action. Sold everywhere. 25c.
Silks of Unusual Beauty and Special Value Are Offered
Tomorrow and All Week at $1.98
Est. 1868 — 8 tli and Main __
odxrt Corsets
Front Laced ;
will stand constant, laundering
This is just another point of the excellence and
economy of Modarl Corsets. Road the following
fuels; they will interest you:
Tho superior quality of Modart body cloths—
lapes hose supporters are not affected hv tubbing,
und the clock spring steel boning in MORA RTS is
protected by a rubbèr covering that makes it imper
vious to water.
Inferior quality corsets that are made from mate
rials loaded with starch lose their shape when laun
dered, and paper covered boning, which rubs off
when it becomes Avet, allows the steel underneath'
to rust. When well laundered and aired MODART
Corsets become Jike new. There is no impairment
to any part of the garment. Its shapely lines are un
They should be soaked in luke-Avarm Avaler ami
scrubbed with soap. Hot or boiling Avuter .should
not be used, as it impairs the rubber in the clastic. * "
All day—at Avlmtcver task you mu * 7 bo engaged—household duties, athletic
sports or social functions—a MODART Corset gives you a superb feeling of
comfort and contentment. Lot your next corset ho a MODART. Have a thor
ough trial fitting. You will look well and feel better.
Will Take On "Young K. 0."
Brown and Al Young Before
Pocatello Athletic Club Com
ing Week and Along April 1st
Word was received by th© sportinsr
editor of the News this morning stat
ing that Harry Alexander, tho fast lit
tle fightlng'maehine who went 10 fast
rounds with Lee Morrissey at Nampa
some weeks back, will box "Young K.
O. Brown of Butte, Mont., at the regu
lar weekly bout of the Pocatello Ath
letic club, and later—about April 1—
take on Al Young for 10 or 15 rounds
before the same club.
Brown is rated as a tough boy who
is two-fisted and makes them all go
before they can get a mortgage, lifter
over on him, He was with tho marines
for a long time, and won many a hard
fought battle while in the "Leather
Al Young is the boy whom Boise
fans saw fight two draws with Lee
Morrissey in 1917 at the Liberty Gar
dens, and is a boy who is a go-getter
from start to finish of any match he
gets tied up in. He is in fine shape,
and recently went the limit with one
of Hardy Downing's fastest boys be
fore the Manhattan club in Salt Lake.
Alexander is getting himself in fine
condition and will give both bouts a
hard battle, if not defeat both of them.
There are three kinds of Humorists: Those who
sweat-lt-out laboriously and cram It; those who
clip and memorize It; and Strick, who jess stands
up and talks by ear, while the Proletariats, Includ
ing you and me, laugh themselves silly.
For twenty years Strick Gillllan has talked In
American towns and eitles, from coast to coast and
no man has a cleaner, better record.
Single Season
Reservation. Reservation.
Lewer floor, V.'rst 11 rows .... 25e 75c
Lower floqr, last 6 rows .. .. 20c Me
Balcony, firet 3 row*......... 25c 75c
Baloony, rows 4 to 8 inaluaivo 15c BOc
' All Pnoaa Phi* 10 Par Cant War Tax.
Seat sale opens at Sampson's Music House at
9 o^m. today—at the Pinney, after 7 p. m.
To those not holding season tickets, prices for
each attraction will be 60c, 75c and 31,00.
Save lime and money ,by purchasing a season
: ■'* tleket.
SChippers' Forecast.
Frotect shipments during the next
36 hours against the following mini
mum temperatures: Going west to
Baker, 34 degrees; east to Pocatello,
30 degrees. Minimum temperature at
Boise tomorrow about 38 degrees.
Weather Conditions.
An extensive field of high barometric
pressure now covers the Rocky moun
tain and Plains states and generally
fair weather is the rule in those sec
tions. A disturbance off the British
Columbia coast is causing unsettled
weather and rain on the Oregon
Washington coast, with temperatures
about seasonable. The storm center
now crossing^ the middle Mississippi
valley has caused general precipitation
over an extensive area of tho Missis
sippi valley and I^akes region during
the past 24 hours. Tho weather from
the Mississippi eastward is somewhat
warm for the season.
Help Is Needed to Kestore
Strength and Vigor.
If you have been through a siege of
the flu, you know the severe strain
which this disease puts on the system.
The body Is left sore, the nervous sys
tem Is all out of gear, and it seems
that you will never get back your old
.tlrne health and strength.
Just because you have been fortu
nate enough to survive the ravages of
the flu, do not make the common mis
take of thinking that you are nut of
danger. You must guard your health
now more carefully than ever, and
lalye every precaution. First of nil,
Forecast for Boise and vicinity:
For Idaho: Tonight, cloudy, with
rain north portion: Tuesday, rain.
" Highest temperature yesterday, K*.
lowest temperature tins morning, 37;
mean temperature yesterday, 38.
PHONE 73 for Paggage wagon*.
Prompt service. Peasley Transfer &
Ktorago Co.-—Adv.
Western Optical Co.
Boise* Idaho
Office Hours: 9 to 12 a. m., 1:30 to
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Or Your Money Refunded.
you must build hack your strength.
In your prcsp.nt weakened condition,
any trifling ailment will likely prove
Right now a few bottles of K. S. S.
will prove of great value. This splen
did tonic and purifier so thoroughly
cleanses the blood of all Impurities,
that the appetite is Improved and new
life and vigor is added to the entire
system. Do not delay the important
work of getting back your strength,
hut get II bottle of S. S. S. from your
druggist today.
Free medical advice can be had hy
writing to Chief Medical Adviser, :M'i
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.—Adv.

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