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Weather Deals Kindly With
Orohardiets and Trees Are in
Excellent Condition ; Soon
Eeady to Start Spraying.
New Plymouth, March 20.—A spirit
et activity prevails throughout the
. length and breadth of the Payette val
ley. Orchardlsts in this section are
well along with their pruning and an
other week will see spraying opera
tions in full swing. The continued cold
of the past month with spring temper
atures below normal is looked upon by
the fruit growers as assuring one of
the largest apple crops ever known In
the valley. Fruit trees are as dormant
as in December, which means that the
blooming season will be retarded until
late when all danger of frosts will
probably be past. Every orchard is
well set with fruit buds and those in a
position to know state that the year
1919 should yield a crop equal to that
of 1917, which was the largest ever
known here.
Plowing is well under way, a larger
acreage than usual going into spring
wheat. Considerable corn will be plant
ed also, as last year it proved an ex
ceptionally profitable crop to raise.
Two hundred bushels to the acre was
the record for the Fruitland district,
with New Plymouth coming in second
with a little over 100 bushels to the
acre. Practically all of the 1918 crop
of hay is sold, most of it selling early
in the fall at llü per ton. It would
seem that "back to the farm" is the
thought in many people's minds just
now as more "would be" farmers are
either seeking places to buy or else
places to rent this spring than for many
Mrs. J. W. Lynch was the guest of
Mrs. P. S. Farrell last week.
Bernard Eastman of Payette, the
"live wire" secretary of the Payette
County Commercial club, was here on
Tuesday on business in connection with
the publicity work the club Is planning
to inaugurate at an early date.
Miss Charlotte Swatman spent Sun
day with Mrs. A. B. Sanderson of No
tus, who leaves soon to make her home
10 Ohio.
Friends of Archie AVeir were agree
ably surprised to hear of his marriage
to Miss Alma Noddle, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Noddle of Payette.
The marriage occurred in that city
Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Weir
will po to their sqnch 7 miles east of
Ontario, Ore., for the summet-,
Ex-Congressman Robert M. Mc
Cracken of Boise was here on business
Tuesday. Mr. McCracken has recently
been discharged from the army, having
served during the war in a gas and
flame unit at one of the eastern mili
tary camps.
Miss Nellie Wicr and Miss Zoe Hall
leave on the 24th for Ontario, Califor
nia, where the former goes in hope of
being benefited in health. A farewell
party for Miss Wler Is being arranged
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It is the pressure on the nerves by
the blood rushing .to the inflamed
muscle or joint that makes you ache.
So when Sloan's Liniment relieves the
■wollen blood vessels by setting up a
counter-irritant on the surface, the
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> Frl
by Mrs. H. F. Knight at liar
day evening.
A. R. Ingalls spent several day« In
Boise this week. '
Carlyle Smock, son of Mrs. Anna
Smock, arrived home Saturduy from
France, where he served with the over
seas forces 14 months. Toung Smock
was seriously wounded at Solssons and
carries eleven angry looking scars as
a result of that battle. He 1 b tne first
and only one of the New Plymouth
boys to be wounded. Mrs. J. L. Owen,
'Mr. Smock's only sister, came >n from
King Hill Thursday for a brief visit
with her mother and brother.;
A well attended drainage meeting
was held Tuesday evening m (he.high
school auditorium. W. G. Sloan, state
engineer, Mr. Lewis, his assistant, and
Mr. Hitchcock, soil expert for the state
university, were the principal speakers
of the evening. The sentiment of the
meeting was that a drainage district
should be formed in this section. Coun
ty Attorney R. E. Haynes spoke from
the legal standpoint on the praposed
Greenleaf, ftjarch 20.—Lester Gulley
has returned from St. Luke's hospital,
where he recently underwent an oper
ation for appendicitis.
The seminary baseball team played
the Roswell high school team Friday an
the Roswell diamond, Roswell winning.
Mrs. \tfill Bailey has been on the sick
list for several days.
Mrs. Eli Parisho was a Deer Flat
visitor Sunday.
Miss Whited is having her house
moved to her lots in front of the semi
nary. Fred Mobus of Caldwell bas the
contract for the work.
President Parisho went to Star Sun
day, where he had charge of services at
the Friends' church.
Miss Tessie Llttell and Kelly Cole
man were married at the Llttell home,
March 16. Mr. Coleman is on furlough
from Camp Lewis, Wash.
Miss Anna Spann had charge of the
evening service, Sunday evening. Her
subject was "Prophecy," and a large
crowd was in attendance.
Mrs. Anna Benson and daughter
Grace of Homedale were Greenleaf vis
itors Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. McAnineh were guests
at the S. D. Williams home Sunday.
C. S. Law has sold his farm west of
Greenleaf to Mr. Prater, recently from!
southern Oklahoma.
Miss Myrtle Mills and Miss Ruth
Crozer attended the teachers' meeting!
at Wilder, Saturday.
A very interesting meeting under the
management of the farm bureau was
held at the public school Tuesday eve
Miss Ruth Crozer was a guest at tbfl
Anson Cox home Sunday.
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slip, enclose with 5c and mail It to
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ailments; and Foley Cathartic Tab
lets, a wholesome and thorough ! >
cleansing cathartic, for constipation
biliousness, headache, and sluggish
bowels. 'Whitehead's Drug store.
Adv. T TH S.
IS. Room 312. Overland. Dr. D. E. Arm
strong. Adv. >i.
circulation is equalized, sympathetic
nerves all soothed, and soreness or
lameness disappears.
Sloan's Liniment is probably the
counter-irritant most widely used to
overcome painful inflammation in
cases of _ neuralgia, sore muscles,
wrenched joints, strains, bruises, gout.
Rubbing is not required. This clear,
dean liquid is easily applied as it docs
not stain the skin.
Generous size bottles at your
druggists. 30 c. 60c and $1.20.—Adv.
New Concern, Headed by Ex
perienced Auto Man, Will
Distribute Oldsmobile Cars
and Republic Trucks.
Boise welcomes to Its midst a new
automobile concern, the King Motor
company, headed by L. W. King, which
will handle the distribution of Oldsmo
btle ears and Republic trucks in south
ern Idaho and eastern Oregon, their
Salesroom, offices and repair parts de
partment being located in the north
room of the main floor of the Empire
building. The room is being remodeled
to suit the requirements of the new
firm, while a well equipped service sta
tion will be maintained on West Main
street. The new firm will be Incorpor
ated with a paid-in capital of approx
imately $50,000.
Until last July tyr. King owned and
operated a large automobile distribut
ing business at Sioux Falls, South Da
kota. But like many others, feeling a
patriotic duty to serve his country in
time of need, he sold out his holdings
and entered government service, just
recently receiving his honorable dis
icharge from Officers' Training School,
Camp Taylor, Ky. Mr. King hns had
long experience in the motor car busi
ness, having been engaged In the mar
keting of automobiles since 1910.
The dealers in surrounding towns
who already have Oldsmobile or Re
public contracts will continue under
thc new distributors. In towns whese
Best blue denim bib
overalls $1.25
The Marks Co.
We take Liberty
Bonds of any issue
letic I
Union Suits Si and $1.50
Let us show you the new and attractive suits at this price. We waited
till after the signing of the armistice to buy these suits for Spring and sum
mer, otherwise they would be more than $30. They have, just arrived, and
we are ready for your caH. ,

?*T*_! ln ** * r ® n °t already represented,
aeaiere will be appointed ae fast as
care and trucks can be obtained to fill
their requirements. A very large com
«fî 6 * tock of repair parts will be car
ried for the two lines, as there are
several hundred Oldsmobile cars and
Republic trucks In use already in this
territory, which will receive their serv
ice attention from the Boise distribut
In speaking of his lines, Mr. King
says: "The Oldsmolble needs no in
troduction. Its unusual merit as a
medium priced car Is known to every
motorist. The Olds motor works at
Lansing, Mich., is one of the large
production manufacturera, and are one
of the members of the General Motors
group, which is the world's largest
builders of automobiles. R. E. Olds is
a pioneer, and began building success
ful automobiles in quantities 21 years
"The Republic Motor Truck com
pany, at Alma, Mich., Is the largest
motor truck builders In the country,
and due to their long experience and
large production they have, succeeded
in building trucks that ore unsurpass
ed for value and service. The line
consists of seven different chassis and
a variety of bodies suitable for every
hauling requirement.".
"I want to say thnt Foley's Hon^f
and Tar is the best cough medicine I
ever tried," writes E. B. McDowel, R.
F. D. 1, Box 119, Arlington, Tenn.
"My son had Influenza. He had the
worst kind of a cough and I tried
everything, but nothing did any good.
God sent me a frl ;r,d with Foley's
Honey and Tar, and his cough, was
better the next day and in two days
he had no cough at all." Foley's Honey
and Tar stops harsh, racking coughs;
eases wheezy breathing. It is effec
tive, yet pleasant to take. White
head's Drug store.—Adv. T TH S
men to get employment and .is of the
opinion that the labor conditions can
Red Gross Worker Visits Boise
in Interests of Returned
Soldiers and Sailors.
"I have made somewhat of a sur
vey of Boise and vicinity to ascertain
the needs of returned soldiers and
sailors regarding employment-and the
outlook for the future. I am glad to
find soldiers and sailors here are be
ing given back the Jobs they left, that
there is a constructive program of
work outlined In this section and in
dications point to plenty of work on
the farms."
This statement was made by Burle
D. Bramhall, director of camp service
for the Red Cross in the northwest di
.vision, who is visiting points in Idaho
apd Oregon for the home service de
partment of the Red Cross.
Mr. Bramhall announces the Red
Cross proposes to continue its work
in looking after soldier boys mustered
out of the service, was searching out
the places where work was plentiful
and men limited and endeavoring to
even up conditions and seeing that re
turned men from service are given
preference of Jobs. He states the Red
Cross alms to co-operate with the
state council of defense and the
county councils of defense in aidin
be met with practically no difficulty
Incidentally Mr. Bramhall gave
boost to the refugee clothing drive
which opens In Boise March 24, say
ing the calls for clothing were the
most urgent now being received from
the war stricken Countries. He also
announced that at Camp Lewis and
Van Couver barracks, the Red Cross
has dedicated handsome buildings for
the returned men and that in the
northwest camps during the past year
700,000 articles had been given to men
In service through the camp service
Kuna, March 20.—Mr. and Mrs. Ja
cob Tindall of Spencer, Iowa, have ar
rived for a visit with their daughter
and husband, Dr. ahd Mrs. Coleman.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.'
C. B. Meyers, who arrived last week
from Missouri to visit Mrs. Myers' par
ents, Mr. anâ Mrs. L. R. Lawrence,
died Sunday from pneumonia following
Influenza. The little one was laid to
rest In the Kuna cemetery Monday.
L. A. Kalbus has purchased a lo$
of F. H. Teed adjoining his residence
property and Is erecting a barn there
A card received by Currie Teed from
Prof. B. F. Edgar stated the writer was
sailing March 8 on the steamer Lap
land for Archangel, Russia. Mrs. Ed
gar came to Boise for an extended vis
it with Her mother and sister, Mrs.
Thomas and Mrs. B. F. Oppenheim.
Mrs. Heath of Caldwell was a week
end visitor at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. \V. I. Stevens.
Gustav A. Frevert will speak on dairy
subjects Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Book, parents of Mrs.
George Reynolds, accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. Clifton, will arrivé Sunday
from Viola, Mo. They are looking for a
location and will doubtless settle in
Mrs. Adelaide Howell is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. George Buckley, at Ha
zelton, Ida.
Mrs. J. B. Furguson has purchased
a lot on the corner of Martelson avenue
and Noel street, and has broken ground
for a new home.
Keep Your
Hair Young
Do not allow premature grayness
to rob your hair of its soft, dark,
youthful lustre and beauty. Gray
or faded hair deadens the most
perfect complexion—makes you
look older than you really are.
Preserve its natural charm and
loveliness by means of a few sink'
pie, harmless treatments with
Hair Color Restorer
It brings beck the dark, natural shade to
hair that is gray, faded or streaked with
gray. Renews its lustre—revives and
stimulates growth—stops the hair from
falling out.
Absolutely not a dye, and will not stain
the scalp. Restores the color gradually
and uniformly by a perfectly natural
process. Docs not rub off or interfere
with shampooing or waving the hair.
For Hair Health anâ Deautÿ
Q-ban Toilet and Shampoo Soap $ .25
Q-ban Liquid Shampoo - - .50
Q-ban Hair Tonic - $ .50—1.00
Q-ban Hair Color Restorer - .75
Q-ban Depilatory ... .75
For sale at all drug stores and
wherever toilet goods are sold
Manufactured by
Heasig-EUis, Che mi«.. Memphis, Tenn.
IN EFFECT OEC. 1. 1918
Interurban Time Table
Boiee Valley Traction Company
Lv. Boise for Eagle, Star, Middleton
and Caldwell—7:00, 9:00, 11:00
a. m.; 1:00, 3:00, 4:00, 6:00, 7:00,
9:00, 11:00 p. m.
Lv. Boise for Duncan—8:00 a. m. and
6:10 p. m.
Lv. Duncan for Bdlss—8:26 a. m.
and 6:36 p. m.
Lv. Boise for Meridian, Nampa and
Caldwell—6:30, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00
a. m.; 2:00. 4:00, 6:00, 6:00. 6:00,
10:00, *11:00 p. m.
• To Nampa only.
Lv. Boise for McDermott—6:60,
10:00 a. m. and 6:00 p. m.
Lv. McDermott for Boise— 8 : 06 ,
10:66 a. m. and 6:56 p. m.
Schedule subject to change with
out notice.
15th Ave. and Front St.
Dealers In Hides, Tallow,
Pells, Wool and Furs.
Price list mailed to you upon request
Try us with a shipment.
Tille Noies
Sale Contracts
Unsecured Notes
Chattel Mortgages
Real Estate Mortgages
423-425 Ovirand Bldg.
Finest Undertaking Estab
lishment and Funeral
Chapel in the State
Private Ambulance,
jmkins Fumiiw • Co mp a ny
I ich and
ton flea.
Phene 559
Idaho Cleetrlo
Supply Co. -
911 Main (tmt
AM togethe r all the tints
—for everything eleotrieal
Beet equipped In the state; all ldnda
of clothes Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired and
Pressed., Phones 4i and 1S96.

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