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Maidens Selected for Their Beauty and Have Created Sensation
Over the Country—Program Also Contains Vaudeville, In*
eluding Williams and Miller—Feature Picture Is "Coming
of the Law," a Western Drama Starring Tom Mix.
The biggest show ever put on in a
Boise theater in point o£ sise, variety
and entertainment qualities will be
witnessed at the Majestic theater to
morrow and Tuesday.
The feature of the bill is represent
ad by the six bathing girls from the
famous Mack Sennett studio.
Mack Sennett is the best known
producer of movie comedies in the
United States and in his productions
he utilizes the most beautiful girls
They have been seen in movies all
over the country, and now the origi
nels, in any event the six bathing girls
famed for their beauty and forms are
on the road appearing in lending cities.
Manager B. W. Blckert was not slow
to engage them for their 35-minute
act at the Majestic tomorrow and
In addition the regular vaudeville
ahow will be put on, including Wil
liams and Miller In a comedy' singing
and talking act and the Mysteriös
Reno company in u mysterious enter
The feature picture of this extra big
bill wilt be "The Coming of the Law,"
a western drama of the screen starring
Tom Mix. It is a stirring story.
One day Kent is riding around his
ranch and comes upon Dunlavey's men
re-branding some of the cattle of the
Circle Bar ranch with the marking of
the Circle Cross ranch. The men see
him and give chase. As they are gain
ing on him he comes to a steep em
benkment and down this, without hes
itation, he rides his horse. This hill is
ao steep that even Dunleavy's gang
refuse to follow him. They ride around
in another direction and here again
Kent pulls a stunt that sends them
sprawling from their saddles. In one
of these scenes, where the men fire at
Kent a bullet goes through the knot
of Kent's tie. After Kent has urset
his pursuers he gallops along until he
comes to the home of Nellie Hazelton,
where he torrieB for some buttermilk.
Dunlavey goes to the "Kicker" office
and offers to buy both the ranch and
the newspaper. When Kent refuses
Big Bill tells him he will be run out
of town. Kent laughs at this threat.
Big BUI sends a henchman. Ten
Thought Big House on Hill Just
the Place to Look—Story
Presented Here in "Home
Dear Madge Evans, who has ap
peared with such tremendous success
as a star in a number of pictures. Is
scheduled to appear Monday and Tues
day at the Empress theater in her
newest production, "Home Wanted."
Madge appears in this new produc
tion In the role of an orphan. Madge
Dow, who longs to have a mother of
her own and who is under the belief
that she will find this greatly desired
moth'-r la the big house on the hill
which she is able to see from the or
phanage. But when Madge finally
'(P72£7T7'3770Ç77f "
At tli« Majestic Friday and Saturday
Spot, to kill Kent. Ten 3pot has al
ways "got" the men Big Bill sent him
to get. But in this Instance Kent
takes the gun away from Ten Spot and
gives him a good beating. Ten Spot,
who admires the way he has been han
dled, goes to Big Bill and tells him
he didn't shoot Kent and doesn't in
tend to.
Big Bill sees Kent riding out of
town and decides to give him the beat
ing of his life. He and hlB men ride
after Kent; one of the men throws a
lasso and pulls Kent front his horse,
and they herd-rido him—that is, they
drag him along the ground at the end
of a ropo between their galloping
horses. Later they beat him unmerci
Jlollis, in bad shape, makes his way
to Nellie's cabin and he convalesces
there—the pair meanwhile falling in
Kent, knowing the sheriff is in Dun
la vey's power, decides to run for
sheriff himself; and on the morning
of the election, being fully recovered,
ho goes to the election booth, disarms
Fig Bill and tells him the election is
to proceed according to the law. Big
Bill secretly sends Yuma Ed to Nel
lie's cabin, and when he finds that the
-lection is going against him he has
one of his men tell Kent where Y"uma
Ed is and that he Intends to kidnap
Nellie. Kent hurries to Nellie's cabin.
There is a terrific battle, but finally
Kent rescues Nellie. While Kent is
away the better element of Dry Bot
tom decides to elect him and go to the
election place and, led by Ten Spot,
throw Big Bill out. Big Bill gathers
remnant of his gang and goes out
get Kent. They meet him and the
girl on the way to town and give chase
Kent had been elected and a large
deputation ride out to inform him of
the fact. Big Bill and his men get
into a cabin and fire at the crowd from
there. Finally Kent gets an old wagon,
fills It with brush and sends the wagon
down hill. It crashes into the cabin
and sets the building on fire, forcing
the bad men into the open. Big Bill
and some of his crowd are killed and
the others are made prisoners. Kent
rides back to Nellie and tells her that
law and order have been established.'
She puts her hands in his. He takes
lier in his arms as the scene fades out.
manages to got to the big house she
finds there something entirely differ
ent from what she had expected. Does
she find a mother there? Is she made
happy by what she finds? You'll get
the answers to thes<) questions when
you see this pleasing picture.
Madg is supported by a splendid cast
of film favorites in this new picture,
Among them are Jack Drumier, who
has appeared with so much success in
a number of other pictures, Hugh
Thompson, who appeared as leading
jrr.an for Evelyn Greely in "Phil-for
Short" and a number of others.
"Home Wanted" is a picture that
will pleaso the whole family, from the
youngsters to the grandparents. It 's
absolutely clean, of course, and it is
gripping, interesting and thoroughly
entertaining. You will enjoy It And
be sure that your entire family sees it.
A young Boston artist, looking for
a model, found on the Common Just
the specimen of genus hobo she re
quired. In making arrangements with
him she said ,''You know, posing Is
not particularly easy to one not ac
customed to It—how long can you
stay In one position without moving?"
"Till the cops got busy, miss," was
the tramp's reply.
-- * s ÜÜ — * ~ v
D.W. GRIFFITH S 'True Heart Susie 1 "
.An AßTCßAFT Picftire
At the Strand Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Sells Butter, Eggs and Cow to
Help Student When Politician
Fails to Keep Promise.
Lillian Gish Is Star of Beautiful
Pastoral Story of Rare De
votion and Heart Interest.
Charming, indeed, is the story of
"True Heart Susie," David W. Grif
fith's new picture which will be shown
at the Strand theater next Thursday.
Friday and Saturday. It is one of
those pastoral themes which rise to
the dignity of screen classics by rea
son of the artistry of this master pro
ducer, and which invariably hold their
own against criticism.
In this fascinating story of a little
Hooster girl who loves a boy with rare
devotion the heart interest Is suprem j
and the suspense wonderfully eonj
ptlling. Susie May Trueheart lovfes
William Jenkins so well that when a
politician fails to keep his promise to
send William to school she sells but
ter and eggs and even her cow to raise
funds for tho purpose. So It happens
that William goes to college, but he is
ur.aware that his good angel is Susie,
to whom he writes desultory letters.
So it happens that when he leaves
college and is ordained a minister he
comes to his home as pastor of the
village church. Then tho tragedy of
poor Susie's life is born. William weds
a flighty beautiful girl who repays
his love by accepting the attentions of
less worthy men. But she is pun
ished by fate. Susie, although she
never has forgotten that she was the
bearer of flowers at the wedding of the
man she loved, protects the erring wife
and it is only after the latter's death
that William comes to a realization
of Susie's great love and both find
Sweet Lillian Gish plays the part of
Susie and Robert Harron Is William
Jenkins. Clarine Seymour plays the
role of Betty, the butterfly wife. The
support generally is of the finest
Jack Mulhall is cast In a coming
Metro melodrama.
Francis Morrison is to be the con
tinuity for "Pollyman," and receiving
$5,000 for it.
Thomas Melghan and Gloria Swan
son again appear in De Mille produc
tion. This time In "Why Change Your
There la to be a new glass stage at
Laaky's studio.
Houdtnl is expected to be on the
ooast only.
Bessie Barri8cale has been ill for the
last ten days.
A chance for a childless mouse
seems to have been discovered, accord
ing to this advertisement in the Chat
ham Standard; "Small mouse wanted
In Gillingham near dockyard. No
Today and tomorrow—"The Hove Call,'' starring Billy Rhoades, natural
color pictures, "Everywhere with Prizma,'' and a Lloyd Comedy.
Tuesday and Wednesday—"Other Men's Wives" and a comedy.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday—"True Heart Susie," a D. W. Griffith
production, starring Lillian Gish.
Today—"Sealed Envelope," starring Fritzi Brunette.
Tomorrow and Tuesday—Mack Sennett Bathing Girls, tho originals, in
a 35-mlnute act; regular vaudeville; "The Coming of the Law," starring
Tom Mix.
Wednesday and Thursday
of "Smashing Barriers."
Friday and Saturday—Vaudeville and "Pretty Smooth," starring Priscilla
"A Regular Fellow"
and the third episode
Today—Stock company in "Johnny Get Your Gun."
tomorrow and Tuesday—"Home Wanted," starring the little actress
Madge Evans, and the second episode of "Master Mystery."
Wednesday and Thursday—"The House of Intrigue."
Friday and Saturday (also Sunday)—Empress Stock company
Dorothy Dalton has an unusual part
as Cynthia In "Other Men's Wives,"
the latest Thomas H. Ince photoplay
which comes to the Strand theater
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Cynthia i£ forced by necessity to
agree for a stipulated sum to try to
compromise a married man, so that
bis wife may have evidence to get a
divorce, thus permitting her to marry
the man whom she loves.
The unsuspecting husband wins her
sympathy and then her love and she
is brought to a realization that she is
about to injure a noble man. She
wants to retract her agreement, but
the other man, he who would break
up the home, has the whip hand over
How to escape the predicament is
the trying situation with which she Is
confronted. Her womanly Courai e as
serts itself at the critical moment and
?he solves the problem. To tell how
would detract much from the interest
of the picture. The story was written
by C. Gardner Sullivan and directed
by Victor L. Kchertzlnger under the
supervision of Thomas H. Ince.
Lillian Gish
At the 8trand Thursday, Friday
and Saturday.
Miss Priscilla Dean Makes a
Study of Professional Under
world to Better Her Acting
Clever Photodrama Favorite to
Appear at Majestic Theater
Last of Week in "Pretty
Ail the tricks of the trade and even
the jargon used by professional crim
inals have been acquired by Miss
Priscilla Dean, famous as the portray
er of crook parts in photodrama, dur
ing her conscientious study of under
world methods which have made her
vork in past "crook" successes ring
true to the life they depict. Not that
Miss Dean ever experts to make any
Practical use of her knowledge except
for the purpose It is now serving, but
she goes on the theory that everything
must be well done, even if it is the
duty of picturing a notorious cracks
woman or a feminine yeggman. Miss
Dean will be seen at the Majestic
theater next Friday and Saturday in
'Trotty Smooth," as "The Chatterbox"
because of her habit of tnlking to her
self when excited.
Gertie Jones has a rare dramatic
gift of being able to Impersonate a
F*renrh maid and the ability helps her
In many nn escapade where the mis
tress of the house learns later that she
Is the loser by several costly Jewels.
In the last picture Miss Dean, as Ger
tie, has been hired as a French maid
In the home of Mrs. Harper, in Ran
Francisco. The girl is trying to ob
tain a diamond neek!| ce which repre
sents a good-sized fortune.
She attempts to open the safe dur
ing Mrs. Harper's absence, but bun
gles tile Job so badly that she Is com
pelled to create an alibi. She cuts a
hole through the window from the out
side, calls the police and tells them she
lias interrupted a burglar at his work,
but that he got away. In the mean
time Jimmy Hartigan. the dean of all
safe robbers, enters upon the scene
Just before the police arrive. After the
yegg has opened the safe and obtained
the diamonds, Gertie covers him with
his own blue steel.
The unfolding of the story has been
effected in a most absorbing way.
ii I'
Scenes of Tragedy, Pathos and Humor Appear in This Film at
the Strand—Properly Set Off With Striking scenes of the
Primitive Life of the Great Western Cattle Company_Cast
Includes Many Stars of the Screen Stage.
'The Love Call'' is the most uni
versal thing in tho world, and the most
insistent. "Tis love that makes the
world go 'round,'' and to the golden
voiced summons of love, rich and poor,
man and woman, old and young, re
spond. All else pales into .insignifi
cance, for where love is happiness is
found. It is the world-old quest of
mankind .a thirst which is never sated,
tho "desire of the moth for the star,
of the night for the morrow."
When mate first called to mate cre
ation began, and so the search for
affinity is the one dominating factor in
In "The Love Call," a photo-drama
starring Billie Rhodes, is told the story
of a whole-souled but illiterate girl of
Removes Key From Jailer's
Pocket With Bare Toes in
Second Episode "The Master
The second episode of "The Master
Mystery," the great Houdint serial, is
replete with astonishing feats of self
liberation by the handcuff king, feats
which are calculated to make even the
riost blase spectator gasp. It will be
teen at the Empress Monday and
At the beginning of tile episode
-loudinl, as Quentin Locke, is shown
freeing himself from a stralghtjaoket—
n strenuous trick that only Houdlni
has been able to accomplish. Hardly
has ho freed himself, however, when
he Is again in difficulty. Seized and
rendered senseless by the emissaries of
the giant Automaton, Locke is bound
at his wrists with ropo, the loops of
which are passed over nails in the
wall, leaving Locke hung suspended in
tho air. The Automaton puts an em
issary on guard. Locke recovers to
find his guard asleep and seizes the
opportunity to escape.
Encircling the emissary's throat
with his legs Locke throttles his
guard and while still hanging by his
hands In space wiggles off a shoe and
stocking, thrusts his bate foot in the
guardsman's pocket, draws forth a key
ring, selects the right key and Insert
ing It in the keyhole, turns the lock.
Opening the door Locke swings it
close enough to give him the leverage
he requires and by resting against it
hoists himself high enough to slip the
rope loops over the nallheads and.
lcavo him free.
Tho scene was photographed In an
uninterrupted close-up to prove the
genuineness of Houdinl's feat.
Harold Lloyd ,the comedian, who
was injured in a bomb explosion, is
mending nicely and the surgeon now
assure him of restoration to his bril
liant career. His loading woman,
Mildred Davis, is ready to rejoin him
in studio work at a moment's notice.
DOROTHY DALTON j'OUw_Men> 'tîvt»*
At the Strand Tuesday and Wednesday
the western country, who sacrificed
lier opportunity to become an educated
"lady" to make happy the man who
loi cd her.
A story of tragedy, pathos and hu
mor, daring iu conception and original
in its unfolding, with striking scenes
o r the primitive life of the cattle coun
Kid Allen, the heroine of the play,
answered "The Love Call," for her
heart was true and her mate wanted
The production was made by Wil
liam Louis Chaudet. The cast in
cludes William Dyer. Art Hoxen, T.
Lloyd Whitlock and Harry T. Devere.
'*The Love Call" will be at tho
Strand today and tomorrow, with the
natural color picture and a Lloyd com
"The Other Fellow," Holmes
Photoplay at Majestic, Has
Adventure Theroo and Clever
In "The Other Follow," foaturing
Taylor Holmos at the Majestic YVed
msday and Thursday, with the third
episode of "Smashing Barriers," Dalion
Pemberton is a rabid woman-hater. So
when his grandfather decides that
Dalion must marry one Virginia Chris
ty he runs away to Buenos Aires.
There he meets a beautiful girl and
immed'ately changes his opinion of
women by falling violently In love
with her. When she leaves for Amer
ica Dalion goes too—with the coal. He
endures the blows of a bullying sailor,
scrubs decks and fires the furnace, all
for the sake of sweet love.
Upon his arrival in New York Dalion
is arrested and taken to Jail. Shortly
afterward he is forced by two cell
mates to escape with them and to aid
in their plan to rob a wealthy home.
But they discover that already thieves
have entered the very house they had
picked. Then ensues a general mtx
up. In which Dalion receives and re
turns several hard blows.
But the belated arrival of police
men puts an end to the fight and tho
four crooks are taken back to Jail.
Dalion is dumbfoupnded to discover
that his efforts all have been for tho
mysterious lady of the boat, but he Is
rendered absolutely speechless when
the girl's mother returns from tna
opera and introduces his sweetheart as
Virginia Christy, the girl whom he had
fled to Buenos Aires to avoid marry
Clara Whipple Y'oung Is to he
groomed, it is reported ns a stellar
success of (Tara Kimball Y'oung. The
former is the wife of James Y'oung,
who succeeded the later in that rela
tion to him. Mr. Young is an able di
rector and thinks he can repeat the
success he had with his commmon

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